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Presented To : Dr. Raju.M.

Rathod Prepared by : Bhavesh Patel (11M51) Ankit Rathva (11M48)

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The Important of Creativity in Advertising

Planning Creative Strategy

The Creative Process

Creative Strategy Development

1. The Importance of Creativity in Advertising
• Survive or Die • Building brand image

• Improving brand image

The Importance of Creativity in Advertising Creative Strategy Creative Tactics • Determining what the advertising message will say or communicate • Determining how the message strategy will be executed .1.

(such as product manager. brand manager. Planning Creative Strategy Different Perspective on Advertising Creativity Production side : ads as promotional tools to communicate to the marketplace. copywriter. account executives) Creativity side : ads as a communication vehicle for promoting their own aesthetic viewpoints and personal career objective . (such as art director.2. commercial director and producer ) To Breakthrough the clutter and make an impression on the target audience & an ad often must be unique and entertaining .

Planning Creative Strategy Creativity Challenge Input .2.Communication objective .Make the ads memorable .Engaged the audience’s interest .Communicate the central theme .Information.Strategy statement .Creative briefs .other .Write copy .Illustrations .Design layouts . research Transform .

Not all companies or agencies agree that advertising has to be risky to be effective Goal Sell The Product . The agency can develop great advertising partly because clients willing to take risks.2. Planning Creative Strategy Taking Creative Risk Clients takes some risks if they want breakthrough advertising that get noticed.


2. Planning Creative Strategy The Perpetual Debate Creative Advertising should move people and product Advertising should sell the product and service Hard sell Advertising Poet Suit Really creative in Advertising means solving problems and building interesting brands that customer want to buy .

2. Planning Creative Strategy Creative Personnel Less Structured Organized Conventional the problem Intuition more than Logic .

Preparation Incubation 3. 4. Immersion Digestion Incubation Illumination Reality/verification Graham Wallas’s Model 1. 2. 3.3. 4. 2. 5. The Creative Process Young’s Model of the creative process 1. Illumination Verification .

brand . The Creative Process Account Planning A process that involves conducting research and gathering all relevant information about a client’s product or service . and consumers in the target audience .3.

Incubation. Illumination Background Research Read anything related to the product or market! Work in and learn about the client’s business! Ask everyone involved for information! Getting Creative Input Listen to what people are talking about! Use the product to become familiar with it! . The Creative Process Inputs to the Creative Process: Preparation.3.

The Creative Process Product/ServiceSpecific Research Product/ServiceSpecific Preplanning Input Problem detection Qualitative Research Input Focus groups Ethnographic research .3.

3. The Creative Process Inputs to the Creative Process: Verification. Revision Evaluate Ideas Generated Evaluate Ideas Generated Objective Reject Inappropriate Ideas Reject Inappropriate Ideas Refine Remaining Ideas Refine RemainingIdeas Give Them Final Expression Give Them Final Expression Directed Focus Groups Directed FocusGroups Message Communication Studies Message Communication Studies Portfolio Tests Portfolio Tests Viewer Reaction Profiles Techniques .

Testing a Commercial Marketers can gain insight into consumers’ reactions to a commercial by showing them a storyboard. .3. It contains a series of sketches of key frames or scenes along with the copy of audio portion for each scene. The Creative Process Storyboard is a series of drawings used to present the visual plan or layout of a proposed commercial.

as it is the central message that will be communicated in all the advertising and other promotional activities .4. Creative Strategy Development Advertising Campaigns Set of interrelated and coordinated marketing communication activities that center on a single theme or idea that appears in different media across a specified time period Campaigns Theme Strong idea .

Top 10 Advertising Slogans of the Century Campaign or Theme Company or Brand 1. 9. DeBeers Diamonds are forever 2. 8. 4. 6. Nike Coca-Cola Miller Lite Avis Maxwell House Wheaties Clairol Morton Salt Just do it The pause that refreshes Tastes great. 5. less filling We try harder Good to the last drop Breakfast of champions Does she …. 3. 7. Wendy’s . or doesn’t she When it rains it pours Where’s the beef? 10.

and execution technique to be used) Supporting information and requirements . Maybe called. 5. creative brief. appeal. 3. 6. 2. Basic problem or issue the advertising must address Advertising and communication objectives Target audience Major selling idea or key benefits to communicate Creative strategy statement (campaign them. creative blueprint. creative platform.4. 4. or creative contract. Creative Strategy Development Copy Platform Specifies the basic elements of the creative strategy. work plan. Copy Platform Outline 1.

Creative Strategy Development Model of Marketing Info Flow (From the Marketing Manager to the Creative Staff) Knowledge of Vital Marketing Info Client Gatekeepers (Brand Manager) Client / Agency Client .4.Agency Communication Agency Gatekeepers (Account Manager) Internal Agency Communication Creative Staff Internal Client Decision on How Much Info Should be Shared with the Agency Agency Gatekeeper’s Decision on How Much Client Info to Share with Creative Staff Art is Created .

.4. Creative Strategy Development Major Selling Idea Should emerge as the strongest singular thing you can say about product or service. it stands strong enough. This should be the claim with the broadest and most meaningful appeal to target audience. Be certain you can live with it.

4. Creative Strategy Development Best.Known Major Major Selling Idea Approaches Using a unique selling proposition Creating a brand image Finding the inherent drama Positioning .

Each ad must say “Buy this product and you will get this benefit. Sustainable competitive advantage.4. 2. 3.” The proposition must be unique one that the competition either cannot easily copy or does not offer. 4. "You get younger-looking skin" "You get stimulation of body and mind" . pull over new customers to your brand. Creative Strategy Development Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 1. The proposition must be strong enough to move the mass millions. Each advertisement must make a proposition to the consumer.

Commercials are not limited by time. film .Very few rules or restrictions . print  Modern = Online advertising Traditional media advertising + online elements Why must be online element  The web is where the people are spending more time  More opportunities available through online advertising .No censor  Consumer opportunity to interact with or even create the message . Creative Strategy Development Many Creative Campaigns Now Involve the Internet  Traditional = Advertising for mass media channels such as TV.4. radio.

4. Perfume/Colognes. Cars. Cigarettes. Airlines. Creative Strategy Development Creating a Brand Image  Development of a strong. Financial services. memorable identity for the brand through image advertising.  Particularly important when brands are similar. Clothing .  Soft drinks. Liquor.

Image Advertising .

4. emotional way . Creative Strategy Development Finding the Inherent Drama “ Is often hard to find but it is always there. and once found it is the most interesting and believable of all advertising appeals ” Focus on consumer benefits with an emphasis on the dramatic element in expressing them  Messages generally presented in a warm.

YouTube. Surf Exel .FLV .Daag Acche Hai .

4. use or application. type of user. Creative Strategy Development Positioning  Advertising is used to establish or “ position” the product or service in a particular place in the consumer’s mind  Market leaders have established and maintained a strong position or identity in the minds of customers  Based on product attributes /benefits. problem solved . price/quality.

IBM as a Provider of Business Consulting Services .

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