Phenomena Related to Refraction

If you try to “spear” a fish that you could see in a lake, where should you aim your spear?


We know that light travels in straight lines.

Therefore, _______________________________


Our eyes extend the refracted light rays backwards, forming a ______________________
of the chest.



Mirages are caused by ____________________________________________________

E.g. when you see “puddles” ahead on a hot highway

The road ____________ up the air above it, while the air higher up remains ___________.

Since the air molecules are farther apart in hot air, the ________________ is lower. This
makes ________________________________________________________________.

The farther away from the road, ____________________________________________

Rays of light coming toward the road gradually refracts further from the normal, bending
away from the road.

Once a ray is incident at an angle that is ______________ than the critical angle it will

The light will then travel away from the road, eventually entering your eye.

Our brains interpret the light that enters our eye as _____________________________

The image of the “pool of water” is therefore an _________________________________

the colors appear when light refracts through a medium such as glass. • Each drop disperses a full spectrum of light. • This occurs because ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Why are rainbows typically seen as a storm is leaving. 2. we are seeing the refraction of light ______________________ __________________________ ___________ .DISPERSION OF LIGHT and RAINBOWS • Since ______________ light is a mixture of all colors (ROYGBIV). producing a ______________________ image. • Our eyes project the rays that enter our eyes behind the raindrop. if you look in the direction of the departing rain with the sun at your back? 1. 3. but _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ • When we see a rainbow.

It’s always _______________ in the sky.What makes a double Rainbow? The secondary bow arises from _____________ _________________________. ... and the colors are ___________________________...