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Robert’s English Conversation Spring 2013 Syllabus
Robert Sack 1.

ONLY ENGLISH Check the Blog:

in class. If you don’t understand, ASK ME! I also expect you to speak English when you come to talk to me in my office. It’s OK to write some notes first! Check every week before you come to class. New handouts will be posted Sunday night by 10:00 p.m.



Respect me and other students, and I will respect you. Disrespect me, and you will have
problems. (it’s the best way to learn!) When you talk to me, ask me questions, write me a note, or anything else. But please try to make fewer mistakes on tests!


Make Mistakes!!!


Course Objectives and Description I will evaluate and help you improve your English.
Come to every class, do all of the work, and TRY, and I promise you will pass.


Every day you should bring these things to class :
A. File Folder B. Handouts C. Pen/Pencil To hold the papers we use. Download and print from the Blog: You need something to write with.

Bringing a dictionary is OK. You may use your phone as a dictionary 7. Course Grading i Attendance ii Midterm Exam iii Final Exam iv TOEIC v Projects (2 x 10%) vi Participation

20 % 20 % 20 % 10 % 20% 10%


Attendance: You will be penalized for being absent according to this chart: 1 2 -1% 3 -2% 4 -4% 5 -7% 6 -10% 7 -15% 8 -20%

absent hours penalty

Tardy: Late 2 times = 1 absent. More than 5 minutes late = absent. If you are late for class, you must talk to me at the end of that class. The next day or later, I will not change your absent. Rude: If you are rude in class, I will send you out, and you will be marked absent. 9. 10. Write your name (neatly, in Hangul), student # and class # on every paper you give to me! Important Dates: To Be Announced (IDK!)

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