“It is well established that a lien is lost if the steps required to perfect it are not taken in the same manner and within the time prescribed by law.”1

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

John Doe has a Valid Claim Issued against him by IRS, with: Form 23C Authentication - 26 C.F.R. § 301.6203-1 Certification under oath under Penalty of Perjury - ORS 87.8112 Notice of Claim and Response Time Given to Debtor – Title 15 § 1692 CITIZEN CLASS – Title 26 6331(a)


6. 7.

File 26 USC 6331(a) - NOFTL If ORS 205.455 (5)(8) Challenge

IRS Must File a Court Action Jury Trial If Court Warrant Issues

If Un-Challenged it takes on the character of a Consensual Lien 8. 9. Un-Contested NOFTL Recorded

ORS 87.811 Federal Tax Lien (FTL) Recorded

Recorded Debt Becomes A Security Result: Constitutional Due Process, “Reasonable” Seizure of Property


Strickland v. General Building and Masonry Contractors, Inc., 22N.C. App. 729,731, 207 S.E. 2d 399, 400 (1974) citing Priddy v. Lumber Co., 258 N.C. 653,129 S.E. 2d 256 (1963).

ORS 87.811 authorizes NOFTL filings only if certified under oath, as Federal Policy and regulations require. NOFTL DIAGRAM Page 1 of 3

5. O' Dell 160 F2d 304. 4. § 301. c. e. d.F. c. Name of Taxpayer. Sealed. e.R. 7. (1947)3 Record a 26 USC § 6331(a) . DOE Gov.6203-1 Requiring: a. b. d.DETAILED DUE PROCESS OF LAW DIAGRAM “Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Steps 1. Proof of delegation of authority Proof of Lawful Certification Validate OMB Number Thumb print of agent Sworn affidavit before Recorder If ORS 205. Signature of Assessment Officer g. b. 3. Employee? File NOFTL? or File Court Action for a Warrant? United States v.non gov. Certification under oath Notice Sent Out & Response Time Given for Reply – Title 15 § 1692 DETERMINE CITIZEN CLASS or b) John Doe . Signed & Recorded the Debt Now Becomes a Bona fide Security TRIAL BY JURY If Court Order Issues Federal Tax Lien (FTL) Recorded (It’s no longer a Notice) Result: Constitutionally “Reasonable” Seizure of Property NOFTL DIAGRAM Page 2 of 3 . ID Number.NOFTL Required before filing NOFTL: a.455 Challenge 8. employee? deemed required in a) J. 2. 6. IRS Presumes JOHN DOE or John Doe has a Federal Tax Debt Verification of IRS Claim Authentication Form 23C Summary Record of Assessment . Verification under penalty of Perjury (or Seal). Assessment Amount f.26 C. Year of Assessment. Character of Liability Assessed.

4. Negotiable Security and Administratively Usurps the Justice Department’s Required Role Note: This Stamping Procedure becomes an Act of Unlawful Conversion Result: a.6203-1 NO Certification under Penalty of Perjury per ORS 87.R. 5. Presumption: John Doe has a Valid NOFTL issued by IRS Recorded NO VERIFICATION NO Form 23C Authentication . e. 3. Page 3 of 3 NOFTL DIAGRAM .26 C. PREDITORY TAX COLLECTION ACTION “Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent” Steps 1.811 “Non-Authenticated” Notice of Claim & Grace Period Sent to Debtor – Title 15 § 1692 NO DETERMINATION OF CITIZEN CLASS Per 26 USC § 6331(a) Counterfeit Assessment NOFTL Filed as valid with County Recorder4 Absent: Warrant of Distraint or any: a. c. Stamp/Signature Creates a Fraudulent. § 301.DIAGRAM OF UNLAWFUL. Recorder’s Seal. 7. 8.F. Multiple Violations of Constitutional Due Process 3 4 A proper levy against amounts held as due and owing must issue from a warrant of distraint (Court Order) and not by mere notice. Constitutionally Unreasonable Seizure of Property under Title 18 b. b. Proof of delegation of authority Proof of Lawful Certification under Oath Penalty of Perjury Valid Office of Management and Budget Number Thumb print of agent Sworn affidavit in front of Recorder 6. County Recorder ignores the due process evidence required before sealing the NOFTL. 2. d.

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