Complete the following tasks in your home learning odd book.

Home Learning Sheet = T1 – Wk 5

The home-learning requirement is that you spend 4 x 30minutes on the following tasks. You have seven days to complete this sheet. Leisure Reading Home Learning Award You are already accomplished Allocate at least 1 night per week working on this readers and implement a award. Remember that many of the tasks are variety of effective activities you may already be completing. strategies to understand material. Write a brief reflectionvv of what you did for this home-learning award this week.

Your home-learning task is to practice your reading skills. Remember that you can read any material you like from chapter books, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines… Read for a minimum of 4 nights (4 x 15mins) and keep a log of this weekly material.

Mathematics Basic Facts: In your book you have the current skills sheet you are working towards. These provide your next learning steps. Complete the associated practice sheets that have been assigned to you. This coming week you will have access to this web site. Re-familiarise yourself with this resource and spend time practicing your basic facts on the mathletics live component. Aim to complete at least 1 night’s home learning on this activity. Write the unit you completed in your reflection comment.

Reading task Describe one of the characters from the story. Interests, personality, physical traits …
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Home - School Communication - Each week you will share your class work with home. This can include taking books home, published work, classroom assessment… Term 1 Week 5 = Share your home-learning award folder.

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