.What is the definition of lymphadenopathy?? • Lymphadenopathy is defined as being an abnormal increase in size and/or an alteration in consistency of lymph nodes that presents as swollen or enlarged lymph nodes.

the lymph nodes produce larger amounts of lymphocytes → lymph nodes swell.How does lymphadenopathy occur? • Lymph nodes are a major part of the immune system as they produce antibodies & lymphocytes that play a role in combatting infection. • When an infection is present. become enlarged and painful .

So what is cervical lymphadenopathy? • Cervical lymphadenopathy is the enlargement of the lymph nodes present in the cervical area – enlargement of the cervical lymph nodes greater than 1cm in diameter (normal lymph nodes are < 1cm) • It is a common manifestation in the course of many diseases .


Sjogren’s syndrome . Immunological diseases  RA. SLE.Causes of cervical lymphadenopathy 1. Infections 2.

Miscellaneous  Sarcoidosis. Castleman’s disease . Thyroiditis 6. T-cell lymphoma Secondary: metastasis. Malignant diseases: Hematologic: Hodgkins/Non-Hodgkins. Kawasaki’s diseases. 3. Lipid storage diseases  Gauchers disease 5. Virchow’s node 4.Causes of cervical lymphadenopathy contd. Adrenal insufficiency. Endocrine diseases  Hyperthyroidism.

DDX of Cervical Lymphadenopathy  Viral • Infectious Mononucleosis – EBV • Cytomegalovirus • Initial stages of HIV infection • Measles • Rubella  Bacterial • Tuberculous lymphadenitis (Scrofula) • Tularemia • 2° Syphillis  Malignancies • Lymphoma  Miscellaneous • Cat-scratch disease • Pharyngitis due to Group A Streptococcus • Sarcoidosis .

EBV – Infectious Mononucleosis Tularemic cervical lymphadenopathy .

Cat-scratch disease Bilateral lymph node englargement .Nasopharyngeal carcinoma .


How do you manage cervical lymphadenopathy? • Treatment of cervical lymphadenopathy is dependent on the underlying etiological cause • Most physicians will treat children with cervical lymphadenopathy conservatively • Antibiotics should only be given if a bacterial infection is suspected • Patients should immediately consult a doctor if the nodes further increase in size • In the presence of lymphadenitis – aspirate may be necessary for culture and removal of the affected lymph node maybe indicated .



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