“Strictly Adhering, Of Tradition Caring” By María Camp Riding in a covered wagon Going along pot-holed roads Passengers

the only cargo To see some Amish abodes School is just out so we see Children walk down the street They look up as we look down Neither a smile nor frown They do not mingle It is not their way Beware the English They are not plain Little stores many have Near their houses Put money in the box If nobody is around If someone is there Of business only talk No pictures are allowed No vanity should be sought No electricity have they Hard work every day No running water Or too much fun Simplicity is their guide Shun thoughts of pride To God, always be true Keep faith in all you do Do not question the way Change endangers faith Work hard and simply do To tradition, hold true Simplicity can be good Though change can be, too Resisting modification Is not the only way to be true Electric lights and motor cars Do not faith in God disavow Learning of other people Of what they do and how

Running water and Other things need not scare However, it is their way And they fear they must not dare Copyright 2013 María Camp Written: Saturday, January 12, 2013 Sunday, January 13, 2013

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