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New titles for your fall 2013 classes

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Unless otherwise noted, the ISBN listed is a package that includes both the textbook and the corresponding MyLab product.

Abnormal Psychology
Beidel, Bulik & Stanley Abnormal Psychology, 3/e o
2014, TBD

Careers in Psychology
Landrum & Davis The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success, 5/e
2013, 9780205829651 (book only)

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Shiraev & Levy Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications, 5/e
2013, 9780205844678

Butcher, Mineka & Hooley Abnormal Psychology, 16/e o

2014, 9780205944286 (book only)

Morgan & Korschgen Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates, 5/e o
2014, 9780205829583 (book only)

Meyer & Weaver Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior, 9/e

2013, 9780205036998 (book only)

Child Development (Chronological Approach)

Arnett & Maynard Child Development
2013, 9780205949724

Drugs and Behavior / Psychopharmacology

Levinthal Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, 8/e o
2014, 9780205959334 (book only)

Nevid, Rathus & Greene Abnormal Psychology, 9/e o

2014, 9780205965014

Abnormal Child Psychology / Child Psychopathology

Wicks-Nelson & Israel Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, 8/e
2013, 9780205901128

Arnett & Maynard Child Development through Middle Childhood

2013, 9780205945986

McKim & Hancock Drugs and Behavior: Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology, 7/e
2013, 9780205900909

Cook & Cook The World of Children, 3/e

2014, 9780205953738

Engineering Psychology
Wickens, Hollands, Parasuraman & Banbury Engineering Psychology and Human Performance, 4/e
2013, 9780205896196

Adjustment / Human Relations

Atwater, Kirsh & Duffy Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth and Behavior Today, 11/e o
2014, 9780205961627

Child Development (Topical Approach)

Berk Child Development, 9/e
2013, 9780205950874

Gender / Psychology of Woman

Etaugh & Bridges Womens Lives: A Psychological Exploration, 3/e
2013, 9780205860579

Feldman Child Development: A Topical Approach o

2014, 9780205959884

Ford & Arter Human Relations: A Game Plan for Improving Personal Adjustment, 5/e
2013, 9780205865482

Clinical Psychology
Baird Internship, Practicum, and Field Placement Handbook, 7/e o
2014, 9780205959655 (book only)

History of Psychology
Leahey A History of Psychology: From Antiquity to Modernity, 7/e
2013, 9780205868629

Adolescent Development
Arnett Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: A Cultural Approach, 5/e
2013, 9780205911851

Kramer, Bernstein & Phares Introduction to Clinical Psychology, 8/e o

2014, 9780205961078

Human Sexuality
Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity, 9/e o
2014, 9780205961399

Biopsychology / Behavioral Neuroscience

Carlson Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience, 9/e o
2014, 9780205962099

Cognitive Psychology/Cognition
Ashcraft & Radvansky Cognition, 6/e o
2014, TBD

Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology

Lawson, Anderson & Rudiger Psychology and Systems at Work
2013, 9780205953769

Carlson Physiology of Behavior, 11/e

2013, 9780205889785

Community Psychology
Moritsugu, Wong, Duffy & Vera Community Psychology, 5/e o
2014, 9780205961085

Pinel Biopsychology, 9/e o

2014, TBD

Riggio Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 6/e

2013, 9780205901135

o Indicates new title publishing between 1/1/13 and 8/1/13

Introductory Psychology
Comprehensive Texts Davis, Palladino & Christopherson Psychology, 7/e
2013, 9780205911790

Lifespan Development (Chronological)

Berk Development Through the Life Span, 6/e o
2014, 9780205957606 (book only)

Research Methods / Experimental Methods

Beins Research Methods: A Tool for Life, 3/e
2013, 9780205903870

Gerrig Psychology and Life, 20/e

2013, 9780205843374

Berk Exploring Lifespan Development, 3/e o

2014, 9780205957385 (book only)

Graziano & Raulin Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry, 8/e

2013, 9780205900923

Lilienfeld, Lynn & Namy Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 3/e o

2014, 9780205961672

Dunn & Craig Understanding Human Development, 3/e

2013, 9780205953745

Rosnow & Rosenthal Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Primer, 7/e

2013, 9780205871896

Marin & Hock Psychology o

2014, 9780205949588

Feldman Development Across the Life Span, 7/e o

2014, 9780205940745

Wade, Tavris & Garry Psychology, 11/e o

2014, 9780205949595

Lifespan Development (Topical)

Feldman Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach, 2/e o
2014, 9780205946464

Smith & Davis The Psychologist as Detective: An Introduction to Conducting Research in Psychology, 6/e
2013, 9780205861798

Brief Texts Ciccarelli & White Psychology: An Exploration, 2/e

2013, 9780205249664

Social Psychology
Aronson Wilson & Akert Social Psychology, 8/e
2013, 9780205912018

Morris & Maisto Understanding Psychology, 10/e

2013, 9780205843381

Deckers Motivation: Biological, Psychological and Environmental, 4/e o
2014, 9780205961092

Aron, Aron & Coups Statistics for Psychology, 6/e
2013, 9780205924172

Wood, Wood & Boyd Mastering the World of Psychology, 5/e o

2014, TBD

Personality Psychology
Cloninger Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons, 6/e
2013, 9780205860869

Tabachnick & Fidell Using Multivariate Statistics, 6/e

2013, 9780205885664

Levy Adaptive Learning and the Human Condition
2013, 9780205950775

Frager & Fadiman Personality and Personal Growth, 7/e

2013, 9780205953752

Statistics SPSS
Green & Salkind Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh, 7/e o
2014, 9780205958603 (book only)

Mazur Learning & Behavior, 7/e

2013, 9780205864812

Olson & Hergenhahn An Introduction to the Theories of Learning, 9/e

2013, 9780205923823

Psychology of Law
Pozzulo Bennell & Forth Forensic Psychology
2013, 9780205949939

Supplemental Texts
Hock Forty Studies that Changed Psychology, 7/e
2013, 9780205918393 (book only)

Stanovich How to Think Straight About Psychology, 10/e

2013, 9780205914128 (book only)

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