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Money Buy Sleep

Money Buy Sleep

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Published by Karan Babbar
money can buy sleep
money can buy sleep

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Published by: Karan Babbar on Feb 25, 2013
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Money can now buy you some sound sleep

By India Today | Yahoo! Finance India – Wed 6 Feb, 2013 3:53 PM IST

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Sleep is more closely connected to a student's productivity than we realise. Spending all night pouring over your textbooks is detrimental to your overall learning process. "Sleep recharges both your body and your mind set. One's mind can only cope with an hour or two of intense learning at most. Overworking is extremely counter-productive and many students do not realise that," says Dr. Kamna Chibber, head of Clinical Psychology at Fortis Hospital, Delhi.

Just as the number of hours we sleep determines how much rest we get, the way we sleep determines how well rested we are when we wake up. According to sleep therapist Dr. Rubin Naiman the position we sleep in and the time we wake up at can help us feel more refreshed and energetic. Sleeping on four pillows with a textbook on your chest will leave you feeling drained no matter how many hours you rest. Luckily, there are many sleep gadgets available in the market today that can help you achieve a more balanced sleeping pattern so that you are wake up feeling completely refreshed.

Sleep Wrist Band Price: Rs 4700 Say goodbye to the days when your phone battery died while you were asleep and your alarm didn't wake you up in time for class. With the Lark Sleep Wrist Bands and Sleep Coach all you need to do is wear your wrist band, set the time you wish to wake up and then doze off peacefully. The band will analyse your sleep patterns and vibrations all night long. An hour before you wish to wake up the band will determine the ideal time to wake you up that is closest to the alarm time set.

Sleep Manager Price: Rs 10000

With two ultra-thin stereo speakers positioned deep within the pillow. So when you wish for some peace and quiet. The BodyMedia FIT activity and sleep monitor automatically captures over 5.Your own personal sleeping assistant will be watching over you as you sleep. words and movements as you rest. So if you are sitting down in one place for too long Larklife will ask you to get up and take a short stroll or a quick nap. The bracelet can be worn on the hands or feet and is so comfortable and light that you will soon forget you are even wearing it. In the morning you can check the quality and quantity of your sleep the night before. wealthy and wise without having to lift a finger. . Activity and Sleep Bracelet Price: Rs 8000 Larklife Bracelet has the power to turn your life around. you can now surround yourself with the soothing sound of the ocean or wind for enhanced sleep therapy and privacy. This includes calories burned. As you progress through the day the bracelet will send push notices to your phone regarding your activity levels. This unique device not only tracks your sleep pattern at night but also your activity levels throughout the day. This miracle pillow plays music that can help the user achieve optimal comfort. Once you understand where your sleep and activity levels are deficient. A personal sleep coaching programme will then give you a step-by-step guide on how to cut out various factors that might be preventing you from sleeping soundly. Body Media Price: Rs 7000 Now you can be healthy.000 readings every minute during your day. the pillow can still help you sleep soundly. you will then receive a detailed guide on how to make adjustments to improve them. activity intensity levels and sleep quality and quantity to give you a complete overview of the key factors impacting your health and overall productivity. Zeo's sleep manager not only records how you sleep but also suggests ways in which you can improve your sleep pattern. Filtered 'pink' noise comes automatically programmed with the pillow. Sleep Therapy Pillow Price: Rs 2700 The Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow is bound to become your favourite bedroom item. The device records all your actions.

Perfect for a quick nap or just to destress after a long study session. . For those who like some music to help them sleep. The headphones have been designed to be light so that you can wear it and rest in comfort at the same time. Simply connect a playlist of sleep therapy music and close your eyes.Sleep Headphone Price: Rs 3700 These wireless headphones from Elecom are a fantastic way to disconnect from your surroundings. the playlist can also include your favourite songs. Sleep therapy music can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Android app stores.

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