Explain this word in one minute PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

Go to the nearest classroom and ask for a pen in english don’t forget to be polite =)

Tell us 5 things you will never do. Start with I WILL NEVER….

Describe one person in your group

Tell us 5 best things about city you live

What are the worst 5 features of your character?

Your friend wants to commit a suicide, how will you make him change his mind?

Describe this word in 3 words FRIENDSHIP DON’T USE ‘FRIEND, HELP, TRUST’

You have these words ‘TEACHER, CREATURE, BAD, MAD’- write a short poem

When was the last time you cried and why?

Describe this word to a person in front of you . You will describe how to draw and he/she will do. ‘SNAIL ’ for example-‘first you should draw a line, then two eyes, it is big, round and etc.’

Say to a 4th person on your right all you think about him/her Tell 1 adjective about each person in your group. Sing a song in English .

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