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Log Reader Based Code Analyzer

Our project deals with developing a tool, which help in enhancing the activities at different stages in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Developers can automatically inspect their Java source code and its control flow, so that they can improve their Java programming skills as they write their programs. We aim at developing two tools, (a) Code Analyzer and (b) Log Reader. The Code Analyzer would be a tool that would help the user track control flow between java classes via method calls. Given a starting point, this tool tracks the entire path within a particular location spotting various method calls under different scenarios. We aim at building this tool as an effective tool to understand the control flow while reengineering and reverse engineering and as a testing tool which would identify the broken links between the java classes.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor Clock Speed RAM Hard Disk : Intel Pentium IV : 700 MHZ : 128 MB : 20GB

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Operating System Tools Technologies : Windows 98,2000,xp : jdk1.5.0 : Java Swings, JDBC, Servlets