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The Scott Speedman Handbook - Everything you need to know about Scott Speedman

The Scott Speedman Handbook - Everything you need to know about Scott Speedman

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Robert Scott Speedman (born September 1, 1975), better known as Scott Speedman, is a Canadian film and television actor. He is best known for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama television series Felicity and Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in the gothic horror-action Underworld films.This book is your ultimate resource for Scott Speedman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Scott Speedman's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Scott Speedman, Adoration (film), Barney's Version (film), Chris O'Donnell, Dark Blue (film), Edwin Alonzo Boyd, Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster, Felicity (TV series), Giant Mine (film), Kate Beckinsale, Kitchen Party (film), Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Last Resort (U.S. TV series), Liv Tyler, Michael Corvin, My Life Without Me, The 24th Day, The Last Rites of Ransom Pride, The Strangers, The Vow (2012 film), Underworld (2003 film), Underworld (film series), Weirdsville 123…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Robert Scott Speedman (born September 1, 1975), better known as Scott Speedman, is a Canadian film and television actor. He is best known for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama television series Felicity and Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in the gothic horror-action Underworld films.This book is your ultimate resource for Scott Speedman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Scott Speedman's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Scott Speedman, Adoration (film), Barney's Version (film), Chris O'Donnell, Dark Blue (film), Edwin Alonzo Boyd, Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster, Felicity (TV series), Giant Mine (film), Kate Beckinsale, Kitchen Party (film), Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Last Resort (U.S. TV series), Liv Tyler, Michael Corvin, My Life Without Me, The 24th Day, The Last Rites of Ransom Pride, The Strangers, The Vow (2012 film), Underworld (2003 film), Underworld (film series), Weirdsville 123…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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Scott Speedman


Scott Speedman
Scott Speedman

Speedman at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival Born Robert Scott Speedman September 1, 1975 London, England, United Kingdom Canadian, British University of Toronto York University Actor 1995–present Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1 Saturn Award

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Robert Scott Speedman (born September 1, 1975), better known as Scott Speedman, is a Canadian film and television actor. He is best known for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama television series Felicity and Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in the gothic horror-action Underworld films.

Early life
Speedman was born in London, England, to Scottish parents Mary Campbell, an elementary school teacher and champion runner, and Roy Speedman, a department store buyer.[1][2] At the age of four, he and his family moved to Toronto, Ontario. He was a competitive swimmer who attended Earl Haig Secondary School's now defunct gifted athlete program. As a member of the Canadian Junior National Swim Team, Speedman placed ninth at the 1992 Olympic trials. Suffering a neck injury soon after, he was forced to leave the sport. To find a new focus outside of athletics, Speedman became interested in acting. He went on to attend the University of Toronto and York University to study his craft.

he went on to star alongside James Marsden in the thriller The 24th Day and opposite Ice Cube in XXX: State of the Union. Making an impression on audiences in the stylized vampire-werewolf film. Speedman received much acclaim on the popular series. Speedman currently stars as XO Sam Kendal in the ABC military drama series Last Resort. In 2000. which premiered on September 27. directed by Atom Egoyan. 2012. Speedman was honored with a Saturn Award in the category "Cinescape Face of the Future Award". Landing his first major starring role in a feature that same year. After appearing in several small TV roles. In 2003 he landed a role opposite Kurt Russell in the police drama Dark Blue. and filming took place in Rome. Portraying brooding college student Ben Covington opposite overnight star Keri Russell as Felicity. Speedman decided to go to New York City to study for a short time at the Neighborhood Playhouse before dropping out and returning home to Toronto. Speedman was given the role of Billy Hannan opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Duets. . Speedman appeared opposite Kate Beckinsale in the supernatural thriller Underworld. Speedman portrayed the husband of a terminally ill woman opposite fellow Canadian and high-school alumna Sarah Polley in the independent drama My Life Without Me. Archive footage of Speedman from the previous Underworld films was used in the 2012 sequel Underworld: Awakening. Then. Speedman reprised his role as Michael Corvin in the 2006 sequel Underworld: Evolution. detective caught in a web of corruption. Speedman won a "Golden Wave Award" for his work on the film. Speedman professed interest in auditioning for the role of Robin in the film Batman Forever. which was ultimately given to Chris O'Donnell. a viewer open-forum run by Toronto's Citytv. Speedman began to get offers for more prominent roles while working on the series. Soon after Felicity. After ending a four-year run on Felicity. portraying an inexperienced L. however. it was reported that Speedman was to star alongside Dustin Hoffman among others in the film adaption of Barney's Version. The audition did.Scott Speedman 2 Career Encouraged by a friend to appear on Speaker's Corner. Pre-production began in August 2009. Speedman also starred in the independent Western The Last Rites of Ransom Pride alongside Lizzy Caplan and Dwight Yoakum. Upon the success of the first Underworld film. Speedman appeared with Liv Tyler in the 2008 horror–thriller The Strangers. In July 2009. Speedman quickly found success in film. Next. His big Speedman at the premiere of Barney's Version in break came when he got a call from an American casting agent who January 2011 wanted him to audition for a new series called Felicity. Speedman was not cast in the role.A.P. New York and Canada. and his facial likeness was superimposed on a stand-in for his character's brief role in the film. which was being cast in Toronto at the time. Speedman's TV debut came in 1995 with the Canadian series Net Worth. Though the appearance earned him an audition. and also alongside Rachel Blanchard in Adoration.D. give Speedman the exposure he needed and he quickly arranged an agent and began auditioning for Canadian television and film roles.

Scott Speedman 3 Filmography Speedman at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival Year 1995 Net Worth Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Nancy Drew 1996 Goosebumps Title Rookie Cam Nillson Ned Nickerson Officer Madison Role Television film TV. 5 episodes TV. 84 episodes Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Breakout Performance Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor – Drama 1998–2002 Felicity 2000 2002 2003 Duets Dark Blue My Life Without Me Underworld Billy Detective Bobby Keough Don Michael Corvin Tom Agent Kyle Christopher Steele Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award – Male 2004 2005 The 24th Day xXx: State of the Union . 1 episode: "Goodbye Mr. Caine" TV. 1 episode: "Say Cheese and Die" Television film Notes A Brother's Promise: The Dan Jansen Andy Gables Story Can I Get a Witness? Giant Mine 1997 Ursa Major What Happened to Bobby Earl? Kitchen Party Every 9 Seconds 1998 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples Unknown Spanky Riggs Jason Steve Talbert Scott Greg Patrick Ben Covington Television film Television film Television film Television film TV.

main cast Archive footage Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – Horror/Thriller 4 References [1] (2004-01-23). External links • Scott Speedman (http://www. com. filmreference.com/movie/contributor/1800354116/bio) at Yahoo! Movies • Scott Speedman Project (http://www. FilmReference. au/ articles/ 2004/ 01/ 22/ 1074732547374. html). Davies Edwin Boyd Michael Corvin Jeremy XO Sam Kendal TV.com.yahoo.Scott Speedman 2006 2007 Underworld: Evolution Weirdsville Anamorph 2008 Adoration The Strangers 2009 2010 The Last Rites of Ransom Pride Barney's Version Good Neighbours 2011 The Moth Diaries Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster 2012 Underworld: Awakening The Vow Last Resort Michael Corvin Dexter Carl Uffner Tom James Hoyt Ransom Pride Boogie Spencer Mr. [2] "Scott Speedman Biography (1975–)" (http:/ / www. html). Retrieved 2011-07-03. "In the fast lane" (http:/ / www. TheAge.au. theage. Retrieved 2011-07-03. com/ film/ 13/ Scott-Speedman.com/scottspeedmanproject) .com.imdb.com/name/nm5454/) at the Internet Movie Database • Scott Speedman Biography (http://movies.youtube.

S. making Simon an orphan. her unborn child. it would have killed her. and many others. Scott Speedman and Devon Bostick. Simon. Egoyan based the story partly on the 1986 Hindawi affair. The film was first shown at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.[2] Adoration won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and was nominated for the Palme d'Or. and he was her unborn child. He does so. imagines that the news item is his own family's story: that his Palestinian father Sami was the terrorist. who lives with his uncle Tom. Sabine is fired for making . an accomplished violinist. It is Egoyan's first feature film since Where The Truth Lies. The film had its U. Plot High school French teacher Sabine reads to her class as a translation exercise a French newspaper report of a terrorist who planted a bomb in the airline luggage of his pregnant girlfriend. Simon has always feared that the crash was not an accident but intentional. release on May 8. 2009. It won "Best Canadian Feature Film – Special Jury Citation" at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. 2009 (Canada) 100 minutes Canada English $4 million [1] Adoration is a 2008 Canadian drama film directed by Atom Egoyan and starring Rachel Blanchard. Years ago. Sami crashed the family car. Sabine asks him to develop the story as a drama exercise. Influenced by his grandfather. and for dramatic effect to pretend that it really happened. but it was discovered in time by Israeli security personnel. theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Atom Egoyan Robert Lantos Jennifer Weiss Simone Urdl Atom Egoyan Rachel Blanchard Scott Speedman Devon Bostick Arsinée Khanjian Mychael Danna Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Paul Sarossy Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Susan Shipton Sony Pictures Classics (USA) • • May 22.S. to read it to the class.S.Adoration (film) 5 Adoration (film) Adoration U. who disliked Sami (the audience sees Simon filming him with his mobile phone when he talks to him). and discussions evolve on the Internet about the story. If the bomb had detonated.[3] In the course of translating. killing both himself and Rachel. 2008 (2008 Cannes Film Festival) April 24. premiere in April 2009 at the San Francisco International Film Festival and went into U. the woman was his mother Rachel.

Retrieved August 19. [6] "Adoration Reviews" (http:/ / www. 6 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rachel Blanchard as Rachel Scott Speedman as Tom Devon Bostick as Simon Arsinée Khanjian as Sabine Kenneth Welsh as Morris Noam Jenkins as Sami Katie Boland as Hannah Geraldine O'Rawe as Carole Louca Tassone as Young Simon Yuval Daniel as Security Officer Jeremy Wright as Delivery Guy Thomas Hauff as Nick Martin Roach as Car Owner Ieva Lucs as Berating Woman Hailee Sisera as Jennifer Production The Internet discussion sessions featured in the film were edited from a two to four hour improvised group discussion on the Internet by several of Egoyan's friends and fellow artists. com/ m/ adoration/ ). ca/ servlet/ ArticleNews/ story/ CTVNews/ 20080423/ Egoyan_cannes_080423/ 20080423?hub=Entertainment& s_name=). org/ 5j8mAcFSz). . and by mobile phone she offers him a meal in a restaurant. rottentomatoes. citytv.Adoration (film) Simon lie. Retrieved August 19. 2009. Archived (http:/ / web. [5] "Adoration (2009)" (http:/ / www. . World Socialist Web Site. As of December 7. International Committee of the Fourth International. Sabine follows him in a taxi. 2009. 2009. CTV Television Network. org/ web/ 20091129210032/ http:/ / www. who is a tow truck driver. Retrieved August 19. 2009. shtml) from the original on 29 November 2009.[6] References [1] (http:/ / www. with an average rating of 6. wsws. metacritic. [4] Ellis. [3] Walsh. 2008). wsws. Rotten Tomatoes. Metacritic. CityNews. Retrieved August 19.[4] Reception The film received mostly positive reviews. 2008. Later she reveals to him that she had been married to Sami for 5 years. webcitation. archive. Suzanne (August 26.1/10. com/ articles/ q_and_a/ q-and-a-with-writer-producer-director-atom-egoyan) [2] "Atom Egoyan's 'Adoration' to compete at Cannes" (http:/ / www. April 23. Tom. the film has a score of 65 out of 100. 2010. Retrieved 2009-11-08. . until Sami met Rachel. "Maury Chaykin A Man Of Many Parts" (http:/ / www. . 2009. based on 19 reviews. com/ toronto/ citynews/ news/ local/ article/ 4440--maury-chaykin-a-man-of-many-parts) on August 19. tows Sabine's car away. "Atom Egoyan’s Adoration: Also not very compelling" (http:/ / www. zamm. . com/ film/ titles/ adoration). shtml). David (29 July 2009). org/ articles/ 2009/ jul2009/ ador-j29. . Archived from the original (http:/ / www. ctv.[5] On Metacritic. org/ articles/ 2009/ jul2009/ ador-j29. 61% of 95 critics listed by review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes had given the film a positive review.

imdb.com/adoration/) at Sony Pictures Classics Adoration (http://www.com/m/adoration/) at Rotten Tomatoes Adoration (http://www.com/title/tt1074929/) at the Internet Movie Database Adoration (http://www.sonyclassics.com/movie/adoration) at Metacritic .rottentomatoes.Adoration (film) 7 External links • • • • Official website: Adoration (http://www.metacritic.

and he demands they separate. for a few days at Barney's lake house.454. . who is in the middle of detox therapy. Barney meets Miriam Grant (Pike). intervenes. An abusive detective (Mark Addy) tries to beat a confession out of Barney until Barney's father. Izzy (Hoffman). Clara commits suicide. At their lavish wedding.301 [1] Barney's Version is a 2010 Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Richard J. and a devastated Barney decides to return home to Montreal. Barney later picks up Boogie. based on the novel of the same name by Mordecai Richler. 2010 (Venice) December 24. He eventually finds Boogie in bed with his wife. The two argue. Barney sends Miriam flowers and gifts. Barney continues to believe that Boogie ran away and throughout the movie waits for him to reappear. Barney is let go when they cannot find a body. When Barney awakens. Lewis Michael Konyves Barney's Version by Mordecai Richler • • • • • • Paul Giamatti Rosamund Pike Minnie Driver Rachelle Lefevre Scott Speedman and Dustin Hoffman Cinematography Guy Dufaux Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Susan Shipton Entertainment One • • September 10.[2] The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.[3][4] Plot Barney Panofsky is living with his best friend Boogie (Speedman) in Rome. Barney soon gets a job back home and meets the woman who becomes his nameless second wife (Driver). it appears that he has shot Boogie. the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family. firing rounds from Barney's gun into the air before Barney collapses onto his dock and passes out. He tells Miriam his feelings for her that night but she rejects him. but questions Boogie's integrity. and a drunk Boogie falls back into the lake. Lewis. and immediately falls in love. Barney later finds out the child is not his. He marries the mentally disturbed and unfaithful Clara Charnofsky (Lefevre) after she tells him she is pregnant with his child. Barney is at first overjoyed that he has an excuse to divorce her and pursue Miriam. 2010 (Canada) 134 minutes Canada English $30 million $8.Barney's Version (film) 8 Barney's Version (film) Barney's Version Film poster Directed by Screenplay by Based on Starring Richard J. Despite his marriage.

the third wife Minnie Driver as the second wife Rachelle Lefevre as Clara Charnofsky. they observe a "water bomber" plane scoop up water from the lake. They marry and have two children as Barney gets a job producing a television series. begs Miriam to agree to be buried next to him. the daughter Jake Hoffman as Michael Panofsky. the first father in-law Harvey Atkin as the second father in-law Macha Grenon as Solange. Barney meets Blair (Bruce Greenwood). He realizes he is losing his memory and. Barney and Miriam live happily until. the soap opera actress There were also cameos by Canadian directors Atom Egoyan (early director of Barney's soap opera Constable O'Malley of the North). David Cronenberg (later director of Barney's soap). When she returns to the table. the maître d' at both of Barney & Miriam's luncheons beside the duck pond at Montreal's Ritz-Carlton). Both Blair and Miriam travel to the city to try and use Miriam's contacts. causing Barney to laugh and cry and call his father a "King". Years later. apparently dead from injuries suggestive of a sky diving accident. Denys Arcand (Jean. which causes his daughter to look after him. He travels to New York City to meet her. the first wife Anna Hopkins as Kate Panofsky. She finds him wandering. Barney is gone. and begins crying in the restroom. Miriam finds out about her husband's infidelity and the two divorce. Charnofsky. who is trying to get a job in Miriam's line of work. (He had been scooped up by a water bomber plane by accident and dropped in the mountains. which contributes to Barney's mental deterioration. Barney's condition worsens until his death.) The final scene shows Miriam visiting his grave. Miriam later marries Blair. whereupon he starts rambling about their life together. 9 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Giamatti as Barney Panofsky Dustin Hoffman as Israel 'Izzy' Panofsky. Barney asks Miriam out on a date. on another vacation to the lake house. and dump it on the mountain side fire—showing the children (and Barney) what had probably happened to Boogie. while they lunch at their favorite restaurant. the father Rosamund Pike as Miriam Grant. Barney gets drunk at a bar and ends up sleeping with a former actress on his show. leaving roses at a tombstone bearing both of their names. & Ted Kotcheff (train conductor). the son Bruce Greenwood as Blair Mark Addy as Detective O'Hearne Paula Jean Hixson as Grumpy's Bartender Scott Speedman as Bernard 'Boogie' Moscovitch Thomas Trabacchi as Leo Clé Bennett as Cedric Saul Rubinek as Mr. Boogie's body is discovered in the mountains near the lake house. and they finally begin a relationship. . While his children are helping settle some of his affairs at the lake house. Paul Gross (star in Barney's soap). She agrees to think about it. Barney continues his slide into progressive dementia. Izzy later dies in a brothel.Barney's Version (film) With his divorce finalized.

7/10.Barney's Version (film) 10 Production After being in development for 12 years. Special effects were produced by Modus FX in Montreal.Comedy/Musical Paul Giamatti Film Best British Actress Best British Supporting Actress Best Supporting Rosamund Pike Minnie Driver Rosamund Pike London Film Critics Circle [11] Awards Satellite Awards [12] . 2011 Category Best Makeup Recipient(s) Adrien Morot Result Nominated Nominated March 10.[5] Box office The film grossed $472. Rome and New York. 2011 Best Picture Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Director Art Direction/Production Design Costume Design Adapted Screenplay Original Score Make-Up Paul Giamatti Rosamund Pike Dustin Hoffman Minnie Driver Richard J. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 80% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 125 reviews. It was directed by Richard J. Most of the worldwide box office was in Italy[7] Accolades Award Academy Awards Genie Awards [9] [8] Date of ceremony February 27. Filming took place in Montreal. Lake Memphremagog. Lewis Claude Paré and Élise de Blois Nicoletta Massone Michael Konyves Pasquale Catalano Adrien Morot and Micheline Trépanier Won Nominated Won Won Nominated Won Won Nominated Won Won Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Golden Globes [10] January 16. 2011 December 19. 2010 Best Actor . the film had grossed $4.[6] As of April 17.892 in Canada over its first few weeks. the film was released in September 2010 with Paul Giamatti in the title role. 2011 February 10.337. Lewis and produced by Robert Lantos from a screenplay by Michael Konyves. 2011. Reception Critical reception Barney's Version has received mostly positive reviews.300 in the United States and a total of $8 million worldwide. with an average score of 6.

org/ web/ 20110125153005/ http:/ / www. Another Year Lead Nominations at London Critics' Circle Film Awards" (http:/ / www. "Barney's Version booming at the box office" (http:/ / communities. . htm [2] Lacey. org/ awards/ academyawards/ 83/ nominees. Philiana (December 20. Box Office Mojo. theglobeandmail. com/ montrealgazette/ blogs/ showbiz/ archive/ 2011/ 01/ 11/ barney-quot-s-version-booming-at-the-box-office. Retrieved January 25. July 29. org/ web/ 20100731054631/ http:/ / www. [8] "Nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards" (http:/ / www. . Archived (http:/ / web. com/ news/ kings-speech-year-lead-nominations-61748). 2010. org/ nominations/ year/ 2010/ ). 2011). . com/ winners2010. . rottentomatoes. 2011. [11] Ng. Retrieved January 25. 2011. archive.2010" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ arts/ movies/ barneys-version-world-premiere-to-take-place-in-italy/ article1655024/ ) from the original on 31 July 2010. labiennale. including best picture" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 28. org/ web/ 20100731054636/ http:/ / www. Retrieved July 29. Pictures" (http:/ / www. hollywoodreporter. oscars. Retrieved January 25. com/ news/ arts/ awards/ villeneuves-incendies-wins-eight-genies-including-best-picture/ article1937826/ ). 2011. Flixster. 2011. The Globe and Mail (Toronto). External links • Official website (http://www. 2011. "Barney's Version world premiere to take place in Italy" (http:/ / www. Archived (http:/ / web. Retrieved April 17. org/ awards/ academyawards/ 83/ nominees. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.barneysversionthemovie. International Press Academy. com/ m/ barneys-version/ ). theglobeandmail.com/title/tt1423894/) at the Internet Movie Database . March 10. 2010. 2011. . htm). [5] "Barney's Version Movie Reviews. com/ movies/ ?id=barneysversion. org/ web/ 20100801005005/ http:/ / www. The Globe and Mail. pressacademy. . Archived (http:/ / web. [6] Kelly. The Gazette. org/ en/ cinema/ festival/ lineup/ off-sel/ venezia67/ ) from the original on 1 August 2010. Retrieved July 31. 2010). html) from the original on 25 January 2011. oscars. . boxofficemojo. theglobeandmail. org/ en/ cinema/ festival/ lineup/ off-sel/ venezia67/ ). [7] "Barney's Version (2011)" (http:/ / www. "The King's Speech. 2010). com/ news/ arts/ tiff/ lantoss-version-13-years-later/ article1653577/ ). 2011. . pdf) (pdf). [4] MacDonald. com/ movies/ ?id=barneysversion. archive. theglobeandmail. 2010). "Lantos’s version. The Globe and Mail. canada. theglobeandmail. Brendan (January 11. . archive. 2010. goldenglobes. [10] "Nominations and Winners . Liam (July 28. Retrieved January 25.Barney's Version (film) 11 References [1] http:/ / boxofficemojo. com/ news/ arts/ tiff/ lantoss-version-13-years-later/ article1653577/ ) from the original on 31 July 2010. com/ news/ arts/ movies/ barneys-version-world-premiere-to-take-place-in-italy/ article1655024/ ). Retrieved January 25. 2010. [9] "Villeneuve’s Incendies wins eight Genies. Gayle (July 31. labiennale. [12] "2010 Nominations" (http:/ / www. 13 years later" (http:/ / www. aspx). [3] "Venezia 67" (http:/ / www.org. 2011.imdb. Hollywood Foreign Press Association. . Retrieved January 25. archive. Archived (http:/ / web. The Hollywood Reporter. html). labiennale.com/) • Barney's Version (http://www.

which he lost to Gene Hackman for Unforgiven). After the success of Blue Sky (1994) and Circle of Friends (1995). Illinois. Jude Law. Peter Garrett in Vertical Limit. Matt Damon. graduating in 1988. He was named one of the 12 Promising New Actors of 1992 in John Willis' Screen World. He played Robin in two Batman films. 44. and he won the role. Born Christopher Eugene O'Donnell June 26. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. He is the son of Julie Ann Rohs von Brecht and William Charles O'Donnell. Occupation Years active Spouse(s) Children Actor 1990–present Caroline Fentress 5 Christopher Eugene "Chris" O'Donnell (born June 26. School Ties (1992). October 13. was born in Winnetka. he was offered a chance to audition for a part in the movie Men Don't Leave. He reportedly was part of a field of candidates that included Leonardo DiCaprio. Callen on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles. His first television role was an appearance on the series Jack and Mike in 1986.Chris O'Donnell 12 Chris O'Donnell Chris O'Donnell Attending the premiere of Max Payne in Hollywood. Illinois. 1970) is an American actor.[1][2] O'Donnell is of paternal Irish and maternal German descent. Illinois. O'Donnell was a featured player in many successful movies such as Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). 2008. Career O'Donnell was discovered when he was cast in a McDonald's commercial. Charlie Simms in Scent of a Woman. the youngest of seven children (with four sisters and two brothers). In the early 1990s. 1970 Winnetka. with Jessica Lange. Sr. Jack McAuliffe in The Company. At the age of 17. O'Donnell attended Boston College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing.[5] including Loyola Academy in Willmette..S.[3][4] He was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family and attended Roman Catholic schools. . in which he served Michael Jordan. a CBS radio station. a general manager of WBBM-AM. O'Donnell began modeling at the age of thirteen and was featured in several commercials. Finn Dandridge in Grey's Anatomy. and Scent of a Woman (1992) with Al Pacino (receiving a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Early life O'Donnell. U. O'Donnell played Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever. for high school. Vol. and more recently. O'Donnell currently stars as NCIS Special Agent G.

Toby Stephens. in a performance that subtly portrayed his character's progression from spoon-fed Yale elitist to jaded. Tobey Maguire was ultimately cast. After the boys overwhelmingly declared O'Donnell the winner. he came back in 2004 with the widely praised Kinsey. Film projects for 2008 included Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and Max Payne. CBS describes Callen as "a chameleon who transforms himself into whomever he needs to be to infiltrate the criminal underworld. post-Cold War cynic. they asked a group of 11-year-old boys." O'Donnell took a lead role in the Fox Network television series Head Cases in 2005. the role went to Will Smith. and Scott Speedman. Corey Feldman. He was the producers' original choice for the role of James [7] Edwards in Men in Black (1997). which actor could win a fistfight. also featured former Bruce Wayne/Batman actor Michael Keaton. when the project was in development with James Cameron directing in 1996. He subsequently reprised his role in the Batman sequel. By coincidence. who didn't co-star with O'Donnell in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin) as fictional CIA case officer Jack McAuliffe. Corey Haim. O'Donnell followed with a starring role in 1996's The Chamber. O'Donnell appeared in the sequel to the 2001 movie Cats & Dogs. but DiCaprio ended up with the role. The Robert Altman film Cookie's Fortune. the target audience. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Although a box office success. and only two episodes were aired. after he turned it down. 13 . The Bachelor (1999) and Vertical Limit (2000) were only moderately successful. Batman & Robin. as G. He figured prominently in the TNT miniseries The Company (which incidentally. a four-year hiatus led some to believe Batman & Robin had damaged his career. O'Donnell also appeared in the 2004 episode of Two and a Half Men entitled "An Old Flame With A New Wick. However.[8] an NCIS Special Agent in charge of the Office of Special Projects Team stationed in Los Angeles. At a comic book convention. O'Donnell did not appear in another movie for two years. but. the movie was critically panned and O'Donnell himself has called it a low point in his career. Following Vertical Limit. O'Donnell was said to be 20th Century Fox's favorite choice to play Jack Dawson in Titanic. Callen. He was subsequently cast as veterinarian Finn Dandridge on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. he was ultimately given the role. based on the John Grisham novel. in 1997. Since 2009. a spin-off of NCIS. Producers narrowed their choices to DiCaprio and O'Donnell.[6] He was considered for the lead role in Spider-Man."[9] In 2010.Chris O'Donnell Ewan McGregor. O'Donnell stars in NCIS: Los Angeles. The show was the first show of the fall 2005 season to be canceled.

Filmography Year 1986 1990 1991 1992 Jack and Mike Men Don't Leave Fried Green Tomatoes School Ties Scent of a Woman 1993 1994 1995 The Three Musketeers Blue Sky Circle of Friends Mad Love Batman Forever 1996 The Chamber In Love and War 1997 Batman & Robin Title Evan Chris Macauley Buddy Threadgoode Chris Reece Charlie Simms D'Artagnan Glenn Johnson Jack Foley Matt Leland Dick Grayson/Robin Adam Hall Ernest 'Ernie' Hemingway Dick Grayson/Robin Nominated – Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor Nominated – Razzie Award for Worst Screen Couple (with George Clooney) Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated – Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor Role TV series – 1 episode Notes 1999 Cookie's Fortune The Bachelor Jason Brown Jimmie Shannon Peter Garrett The Hitman Brad Stanfield TV series – 4 episodes 2000 2002 2003 Vertical Limit 29 Palms The Practice . The couple have five children.Chris O'Donnell 14 Personal life O'Donnell is married to Caroline Fentress. The book is described as a meditation on fame and celebrity in Hollywood.[10] Writing In 2012 Random House will release O'Donnell's autobiography I Never Hosted Saturday Night Live. O'Donnell filming with Mark Harmon the two-episode backdoor pilot "Legend" for NCIS: Los Angeles in 2009.

newsbank. com/ title/ tt0119654/ trivia). Callen Episode: "Legend (Parts 1 & 2)" TV series – all episodes starring alongside LL Cool J and Daniela Ruah Shane Bob G.com/person. com/ movie/ contributor/ 1800019490/ bio).mensvogue.Chris O'Donnell 2004 Kinsey Two And A Half Men 2005 The Sisters Head Cases 2007 Grey's Anatomy The Company 2008 Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Max Payne 2009 NCIS Wardell Pomeroy Jill/Bill David Turzin Jason Payne Dr. com/ primetime/ ncis_los_angeles/ about/ ). Retrieved October 21. com/ article/ televisionNews/ idUSTRRRE51Q13620090227). Nellie (February 27. [5] Chris O'Donnell's Personal High : Rolling Stone (http:/ / www. Reuters. Chris O'Donnell" (http:/ / www. 2007. "Chris O'Donnell and Wife Have Fifth Baby – Babies. rollingstone. O'Donnell dies at 88 — Winnetka & Northfield news. Movies. Retrieved 2013-01-18. 2009). 2007).com. Retrieved May 26. Retrieved August 11.ibdb. html). theinsider. [4] "Actor's roles range from the birds & the bees to just a bird – Robin. Triblocal. 2011. Bob. .asp?ID=87916) at the Internet Broadway Database • Feature article on O'Donnell in June 2008 issue of Men's Vogue (http://www.imdb. April 13. 2011. Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. Mike (2010-12-08). photos and events —" (http:/ / triblocal. [3] Polunsky. [8] Andreeva. 2009. [9] "NCIS Los Angeles" (http:/ / www. .com. People. Alexis (December 18. Retrieved May 26. Callen Episode: "Pa Make Loa" TV miniseries TV series – 2 episodes TV series – 9 episodes TV series – 1 episode 15 2009–present NCIS: Los Angeles 2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore A Little Help 2012 Hawaii Five-0 References [1] "Chris O'Donnell Biography – Yahoo! Movies" (http:/ / movies. com/ coms2/ summary_0286-6330360_ITM). people. External links • Chris O'Donnell (http://www.(Originated from The Virginian-Pilot)" (http:/ / www. 1995.com/clothing/ articles/2008/06/odonnell) . 2009. com/ people/ article/ 0. Finn "McVet" Dandridge Jack McAuliffe Jack Kittredge Jason Colvin G. at the Internet Movie Database. [2] Kessler. "O'Donnell nabs lead role in "NCIS" spin-off" (http:/ / www. . com/ winnetka-northfield/ community/ stories/ 2010/ 12/ william-c-odonnell-dies-at-88/ ).00. CBS. accessmylibrary. yahoo. com/ nl-search/ we/ Archives?p_product=SAEC& p_theme=saec& p_action=search& p_maxdocs=200& p_topdoc=1& p_text_direct-0=0EAFE753A9C74029& p_field_direct-0=document_id& p_perpage=10& p_sort=YMD_date:D& s_trackval=GooglePM).yahoo. .com" (http:/ / nl. . . com/ news/ 3363538_Chris_O_Donnell_Agrees_with_George_Clooney_Batman_Robin_Didn_t_Turn_Out_Well) [7] "Trivia for Men in Black" (http:/ / www. cbs.20167075. [10] Chiu. com/ news/ story/ 5932797/ chris_odonnells_personal_high/ ) [6] (http:/ / www. imdb.. . "Express-News Archives : MySA. .com/name/nm563/) at the Internet Movie Database • Chris O'Donnell (http://www. "William C. reuters. Retrieved February 27.

588 (USA) Dark Blue is an 2002 film directed by Ron Shelton and starring Kurt Russell. Perry. Jack Van Meter is Keough and Perry's superior and a man of poor moral character—he often has his . Perry.Dark Blue (film) 16 Dark Blue (film) Dark Blue Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Ron Shelton David Blocker Caldecot Chubb Sean Daniel James Jacks David Ayer James Ellroy Kurt Russell Scott Speedman Michael Michele Brendan Gleeson Ving Rhames Dash Mihok Kurupt Khandi Alexander Kaila Yu Terence Blanchard Written by Starring Music by Distributed by United Artists Release date(s) • • December 21. 2003 Running time Country Language Budget Box office 118 minutes United States English $15 million $9. The movie begins with some of the footage of the Rodney King beatings and then switches to a scene showing Sergeant Eldon Perry (Kurt Russell) pacing around in a motel room. following a few officers in the Los Angeles Police Department in April 1992. and the two leave. The film is based on a story written for film by crime novelist James Ellroy and takes place during the days leading to and including the Rodney King trial verdict. and Jack Van Meter (Brendan Gleeson) are all sitting in a room when they find out that Keough is exonerated. and one severely wounded. His partner. and then the movie cuts to a scene with two men in a car (Buick Riviera). Dark Blue takes place from a few days before to during the acquittal of four officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King and the subsequent L. four people are murdered. He grabs a shotgun and pistol. defends him. riots. In the process. The story then shifts to Detective Bobby Keough (Scott Speedman). Keough. 2002 (Noir in Festival) February 21. appear to be robbing a convenience store. Plot Set in Los Angeles.059. five days earlier. when they are actually after a safe in the room above the store.A. who is in a Gun Board hearing in relation to an application of deadly force. Darryl Orchard (Kurupt) and Gary Sidwell (Dash Mihok). The two men.

indicating that the two work for him. and leaves. That night Keough is shown having sex with a woman who is also a police officer (Michael Michele). Perry tells her that she can keep the house. saying she hopes he will burn in Hell. Assistant Chief Arthur Holland (Ving Rhames) finds Perry's actions suspicious and also does not believe Keough killed the man he was charged with killing at the Gun Board hearing. Later on. and asks Holland to help him avoid the rougher prisons. he tells them to pin it on someone else and provides a false alibi for Orchard and Sidwell. who has a mutual fling with Keough. but is chased by Perry and Keough. perhaps to kill Orchard and Sidwell. It is later discovered that Perry killed the man that the Gun Board thinks Keough killed. after obtaining a search warrant with underhanded techniques. He asks his assistant Sergeant Beth Williamson. During this time. but ultimately fails as Perry volunteers himself to be arrested. goes to Williamson's house and confesses to her that he killed the man under Perry's orders. the relationship is casual. hesitating briefly before stating his intention of pursuing Orchard and Sidwell. The next morning Van Meter tells Perry and Keough to investigate the convenience store murder-robbery. Perry then runs the address 12657 Juliet with the department. Sidwell is dragged out of his car and beaten to death by rioters while Orchard is captured by Perry. Shocked at this revelation. Before dying. still distraught after shooting an unarmed man begging for his life. The film ends with Perry gazing at a burning skyline of downtown Los Angeles. After the ceremony is adjourned. 17 . Later in the night. to help him. however. and they do not reveal their surnames to one another. His wife informs him that she is leaving him for another man. Williamson blames Perry for what happened. Turning a corner near Orchard and Sidwell's house. This pause is only broken as Keough is killed by Orchard and Sidwell firing from the rooftop. when this is brought to Van Meter. Infuriated. Perry calls in the incident. As they are driving through what are the LA riots. When Williamson is pulling files on Perry and Keough. Believing that Perry was sent by Van Meter to Orchard and Sidwell (as they are unaware of Van Meter's ambush for Perry). When they catch up. Keough and Williamson also drive to 12657 Juliet. Keough tells Perry that he has ratted him out. Perry initially balks at this proposal. Perry sees Keough and Williamson and all three stop. It is while driving there that they learn that the officers involved in the Rodney King beating were found not guilty and the city begins to break down. Ultimately. citing the fact that this "witness" was not directly involved. Meanwhile. Their investigation ends with them finding Orchard and Sidwell as lead suspects. Perry then heads to the police academy promotions ceremony (he is promoted to Lieutenant). Later that night Van Meter goes to Orchard and Sidwell's house and takes the money the two stole from the safe. Van Meter decides he wants Perry killed and calls Orchard and Sidwell to do the job. Perry is well aware he will be incarcerated. Van Meter calls Perry and tells him that there is a witness at the address 12657 Juliet.Dark Blue (film) subordinates fabricate stories and evidence. Perry ultimately decides to arm himself and head out to the address anyway. Keough. Perry and Holland chat briefly. a SWAT team raids the house of the ex-cons who are to be the fall guys. and it is uncovered to be the address of Orchard and Sidwell. He finally accepts. Perry arrives at home mid-day and sees a moving truck outside of his house. and that this suggested murder would be far different. Keough does kill the innocent man and is visibly shaken. and Holland orders an officer to do so. meaning Perry and Keough perjured themselves earlier. Van Meter attempts to discredit Perry. where he confesses about the corruption and implicates Van Meter. and the call ends. but Keough has trouble pulling the trigger. Holland says he will see what he can do. One of the ex-cons escapes and goes into a back alley. Perry tells Keough to kill the man. This links back to the start of the film. and the latter subsequently flee. she discovers the identity of her lover to be Keough.

com/movies/?id=darkblue.com/m/dark_blue/) at Rotten Tomatoes Dark Blue (http://www.. php). seattlepi. Weekly: Dark Blue is stuffed to the gills with blithely improbable coincidence and subsidiary story line. indicating "mixed or average reviews". but it's not at all clear he has the chops to take on an action movie. com/ movie/ dark-blue/ critic-reviews). com/ 2003-02-27/ film-tv/ our-dark-blue-places/ ). . References [1] "Critic Reviews for Dark Blue" (http:/ / www. about which he had more imaginative things to say in White Men Can't Jump. LA Weekly.Page 1 . the film also received myriad bad reviews.com/title/tt0279331/) at the Internet Movie Database Dark Blue (http://www. The movie is also a change of pace and big [2] comeback for director Shelton. . [3] Ella Taylor (2003-02-20).[1] William Arnold of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer gave the film a positive review: “ “ Ron Shelton's Dark Blue is another harrowingly cynical dirty-cop movie in the recent tradition of Training Day and Narc. Retrieved 2012-05-22. ” ” However. From Ellroy via Shelton of L. William (2003-02-20).. Retrieved 2012-05-22. laweekly.imdb. [2] Arnold.. Retrieved 2012-05-22.com. "Down-and-dirty 'Dark Blue' weaves a thoroughly engrossing tale" (http:/ / www. Yet it's so much more complex.. . best known for his sports comedies (Bull Durham.Film+TV . Tin Cup) and long off the A-list.Dark Blue (film) 18 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kurt Russell as Sergeant (later promoted to Lieutenant) Eldon Perry Scott Speedman as Detective Bobby Keough Michael Michele as Sergeant Beth Williamson Brendan Gleeson as Commander Jack Van Meter Ving Rhames as Assistant Chief Arthur Holland Kurupt as Darryl Orchard Dash Mihok as Gary Sidwell Jonathan Banks as James Barcomb Lolita Davidovich as Sally Perry Khandi Alexander as Janelle Holland Dana Lee as Henry Kim Master P as Maniac Kaila Yu as Asian Stripper Critical reception The film received a normalized score of 57 out of 100 from reviewer website Metacritic. metacritic.htm) at Box Office Mojo . Metacritic.Los Angeles" (http:/ / www.mgm.boxofficemojo. External links • • • • Official site (http://www. Shelton is a likable. "Our Dark Blue Places .com/view/Movie/1534/Dark-Blue/) Dark Blue (http://www. generous director who's made two pretty good films (Blaze and Bull Durham). let alone the [3] intricacies of police politics — let alone the politics of race. seattlepi. engrossing and satisfying than those films that the comparison is not entirely fair.rottentomatoes.A. com/ ae/ movies/ article/ Down-and-dirty-Dark-Blue-weaves-a-thoroughly-1107951.

[17] Soon after this Dorreen discovered that she was pregnant again and this time they had twins on December 21. this time to Glebemount Avenue.[12] It was when his regiment was posted to Reigate that Boyd met his future wife. Early life Edwin Alonzo Boyd was born on April 2. In September 1923 Glover moved the family a few blocks north and Ed switched to Secord Public school for a brief period of time before being transferred back to Gledhill Public school.[16] Boyd was transferred to the Provosts Corps on July 27. Edwin Alonzo Boyd. of which Canada was part. 1949 Boyd robbed a North York branch of the Bank of Montreal.[13] On August 20. His father Glover Boyd joined the army in August 1915.[22] . Jr. It was with the YMCA that Boyd mastered the mouth organ and he also accompanied the YMCA band as they won a world championship at the Canadian National Exhibition. 1914. First division and in June 1940 his regiment crossed the channel to France. 1945 which was two-weeks after the war ended in Europe. went to war with Germany.[14] The baby was two days old when the air raid sirens sounded and it was discovered afterwards that their child had died from cerebral haemorrhage and so he was buried on August 30 in a York cemetery. Dorreen Mary Frances Thompson.[6] The Boyds soon moved again.[15] In early 1941 Dorreen went to York and joined the Army Territorial Service. It was here that he became a soccer player on the school team. but she was too short to be a truck driver and thus she became a motorcycle driver to join her husband in the war.Edwin Alonzo Boyd 19 Edwin Alonzo Boyd Edwin Alonzo Boyd (April 2. The apartment the family lived in was now too small so they soon moved to a duplex on Bee Street in Todmorden. 1942 because he was displeased with the army.[21] Between September 1949 and October 1951. 2002) was a Canadian criminal and leader of the Boyd Gang.[7] With this move came the transfer to yet another new school. in East York. Boyd pulled at least six bank heists.[2] It would be a few years before Glover would return home from the war.[4] Edwin was enrolled in school in the 1921-22 year.[3] Soon after Eleanor (Edwin’s mother) became pregnant again so Glover Boyd took a job at the Toronto Police Department. 1941.[9] In early 1930 Gord and Norm Boyd contracted scarlet fever.[8] It was also at this time that Edwin Alonzo Boyd joined the YMCA marching band. 1914—May 17. His career made him a notorious Canadian folk hero.[5] At this time he switched to Gledhill Public school to finish out the semester.[11] A few years later he joined the Royal Canadian Regiment. an area beyond the Don Valley.[10] In 1933 he had his first brush with the law when he was picked up for vagrancy by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. and for years his picture hung in the hall of the school. After he was discharged Boyd failed to find adequate permanent employment and so he turned to crime to provide for his war time wife and three children. almost nine months to the day after Ed and Dorreen married. and while taking care of them Eleanor Boyd became sick herself and died from the disease. this time to Earl Beatty Public School and it was here that Ed became more of his own person.[20] On September 9.[1] Four months after Ed was born.[18] Boyd was officially discharged [19] from the war effort on May 24. she gave birth to a son. the British Empire. but due to an incident at school he did not remain there for very long and before his first year of schooling had ended his family had moved again. 1943.

was caught at the same time as Eddie. Payne then watched. Detective Adolphus 'Dolph' Payne had kept Boyd's brother Norman under surveillance and discovered that he had rented a flat on Heath Street. They met a friend. Eddie went into hiding with his wife Dorreen. he changed his name to Steve Suchan and became a bank robber. Willie Jackson was arrested and sent to the Don Jail. got caught and told all. Canadian newspaper wars were fierce in 1952. They soon pulled off a series of robberies.” seeing Eddie as the brains behind the operation. Wanting to avoid a shootout. he waited until he was sure everyone was asleep. Lennie Jackson had lost a foot in a railway accident and had a wooden foot in which he had stored several hacksaw blades. The car contained Steve Suchan and Lennie Jackson working on their own. Valent Lesso from Cochrane. on Sept 8. old Howard Gault. including the biggest one in Toronto history. from a neighbour's house. His partner. moving quickly. Arrest and release They received numerous calls from residents in West Ferris and Powassan. 1952 they escaped the Don for a second time. 1952 Detective Sergeant Edmund Tong aka 'The Chinaman' and his partner pulled over a suspicious car at a Toronto intersection. charged with murder. with a large reward — to be specific. and the Boyd Gang was captured without incident. At the crack of dawn the police crept inside the house and captured Boyd and his wife while they were still in bed. . and the four became a team. an impression was left in his hand and in short order they fashioned a key for the cell door and slipped out briefly. was also apprehended. They both went to the Don Jail in Toronto. On March 6. The newspapers dubbed the new group “the Boyd Gang. and from a druggist in North Bay. They were later wounded and captured in a gun fight and ended up again in the Don Jail.000 — offered for information leading to their capture. as Boyd moved into the flat.Edwin Alonzo Boyd 20 The Gang is born Eddie joined up with another robber and carried out several other bold bank robberies. Lesso was a talented musician who couldn’t find work. men were seen at a barn in the Don Valley 24 km[23] from the jail. Just before Suchan and Jackson were to stand trial. Canada’s Public Enemy Number One. Over the wall On November 4. and carrying a gun. a member of this gang. they all went on a diet. surrendered meekly with his henchmen to two suburban detectives.The Toronto Nugget reported the event by stating “Edwin Alonzo Boyd. When he let go of the key. When the guards were not around they hack-sawed a window in preparation for escape. There were reports of sighting across Ontario and Quebec. aka "The Clown". who was sleeping in another room. He had a reputation for jumping over counters. and Suchan killed Detective Tong. He secured a key to the back door from the owner. A gun fight ensued. To be able to fit out the small opening. Several jail staff were fired and a Royal Commission was set up to review the circumstances of their escape. and every detail of the Boyd Gang’s activity and attempts at their capture were reported in headlines across the country. Now Boyd was the only gang member left to be captured. and five loaded pistols. Eddie Boyd was tracked down and caught in bed beside an attaché case full of money. Ontario. 1951. After ten days. Eddie was put in a jail cell with his two buddies. a then-perhaps overindulgent CAD$26. None of them panned out. and they soon began to swap notes. The biggest manhunt in Canadian history ensued. Eddie and the Jacksons hacksawed the bars and went over the wall and escaped. another more violent gang was also doing the same thing. but had not moved in yet. one of the violent members of Lennie Jackson’s original gang. While Eddie and his partner were robbing banks. Lennie Jackson. They became friendly with one of the older guards. Boyd's brother. Willie Jackson. As the pretence of a joke. Soon another experienced bank robber. one of the gang members grabbed the guard's key ring and gripped it tightly while kibbitzing and joking with the guard. (no relation to Lennie) arrived at the Don awaiting transfer to the Kingston Penitentiary for a seven-year sentence. Local police officers travelled in pairs and were well armed.

was based on the story of the Boyd gang. He set up housekeeping in a west-central house for himself and his children. To their surprise.to arrest his wife and her companion. the executioner came at midnight. 3 after serving 10 years in Kingston penitentiary for bank robbery. wherein he admitted that he had committed many more robberies than he had been charged with. Another highly fictionalized film on Boyd's life. 1952 Steve Suchan. 1962 Eddie. Eddie got eight life sentences and Willie Jackson got thirty years. went to Victoria. She was returned to the cells until she could raise the money. Willie Jackson and Eddie Boyd were both released in 1962. It debuted in 1987 at Toronto's and won a Dora Mavor Moore award for best musical. The crime fits the September 11. and a phone call from his former war bride and the mother of his three children. On December 16. Scott Speedman plays the part of Boyd. Ex Bandit Boyd Calls For Police. under the name John. Boyd was paroled Oct. until they went into a home.[25] . In 1998 Boyd was profiled in a documentary on CBC Television's Life and Times. —Toronto Star . Toronto years before his notoriety as a bank robber. a musical written by Raymond Storey and Jon Roby. Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster. and Lennie Jackson with his wife. asked for their assistance last night. Booked on charges of being drunk were Doreen Boyd and Kenneth Caustan. received the last rites and waited for their 8 am execution. station when a man and woman arrived at his home and battered down the front door. hanged back to back. He took care of her for the next 35 years. 40.” One of these officers was Kenneth Craven. 21 Death Two months prior to his death. British Columbia. Edwin Alonzo Boyd died at age 88. on May 17.[24] Before a formal investigation into his confession could commence. The woman said she wanted to pick up clothing. Last night Boyd sent a hurried call for help to Markham St. 2002. 1947 murders of Iris Scott and George Vigus. and by 12:14 am they were both dead. where he drove a bus for disabled people and married a disabled woman whom he met on the bus. after a brief visit with his mother. December 14. was released in 2011. In court today she pleaded guilty and was fined $5. Steve Suchan and Lennie Jackson were sentenced to death for killing Detective Tong.Edwin Alonzo Boyd ending the greatest criminal man hunt in the Dominion’s history. Edwin Alonzo Boyd. after a visit from his wife and his son. and one was made into a successful movie. who has spent much of his life dodging police. "Girls in the Gang". Legacy Two books have been written on the Boyd Gang. Boyd told a CBC producer that he had once killed a couple and left their bodies in the trunk of a car in High Park.

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Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster 23 Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster Film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Nathan Morlando Daniel Bekerman Nathan Morlando • • • • Scott Speedman Kelly Reilly Kevin Durand Joseph Cross Music by Max Richter Cinematography Steve Cosens Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Richard Comeau • 10 September 2011 (TIFF) 105 minutes Canada English Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster is a Canadian drama film. but was retitled Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster in general release. He discovers a way to do both. but his dream leads him down a path of danger and tragedy. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Scott Speedman as Edwin Boyd Kelly Reilly as Doreen Boyd Kevin Durand as Lenny Jackson Joseph Cross as Val Kozak Brendan Fletcher as Willie 'The Clown' Jackson Charlotte Sullivan as Mary Mitchell Melanie Scrofano as Ann Roberts Brian Cox as Glover William Mapother as Detective David Rhys Christian Martyn as Billy Boyd . released in 2011. The film originally premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival under the title Edwin Boyd.[1] Written and directed by Nathan Morlando. the film stars Scott Speedman as Canadian gangster and folk hero Edwin Alonzo Boyd. Plot WWII vet Eddie Boyd is torn between providing for his young family and an unfulfilled dream of becoming a Hollywood star.

Ian Hayden (2012). Best Supporting Actor (Durand) and Best Supporting Actress (Sullivan).com/title/tt1709654/) at the Internet Movie Database • Citizen Gangster (http://www. ‘A Dangerous Method’ lead Genie Awards race" (http:/ / www.com/m/citizen_gangster/) at Rotten Tomatoes . January 17. 2011. p.[2] References [1] Smith. ISBN 978-1908215017. External links • Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster (http://www. International Film Guide 2012. Toronto Star. [2] "‘Café de Flore’. 85.imdb.rottentomatoes. including Best Actor (Speedman). toronto. com/ article/ 710366?bn=1).Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster 24 Reception The film garnered numerous Genie Award nominations at the 2012 Genie Awards.

G. Abrams Matt Reeves Starring Keri Russell Scott Speedman Scott Foley Amy Jo Johnson Tangi Miller Greg Grunberg Amanda Foreman Ian Gomez Narrated by Janeane Garofalo Keri Russell Theme music composer Judith Owen J. Abrams Brian Grazer Tony Krantz Matt Reeves Jennifer Levin Ron Howard John Eisendrath Laurie McCarthy Location(s) New York City Los Angeles University of Southern California Cinematography Robert Primes Michael Bonvillain Marshall Adams Single-camera setup Composer(s) Country of origin Language(s) No. J. Abrams Andrew Jarecki Opening theme "Felicity Theme" "New Version of You" W. of episodes Camera setup . J. of seasons No. J. Snuffy Walden Joseph Williams Danny Pelfrey Jon Huck John Zuker United States English 4 84 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) J.Felicity (TV series) 25 Felicity (TV series) Felicity Season 1 title screen Genre Created by College drama J.

across the country from her home in Palo Alto."[3] Plot The story of the series begins at Felicity's high school graduation where she asks Ben Covington." based on New York University. romance ensues. but soon realizes that she came. The show ran for four seasons from 1998 to 2002. as she attends the "University of New York. come to New York to try to convince her to return home and "get back on track. In 2007."[2] In June 2010. Felicity Porter. Felicity also has male friends. with each season corresponding to the traditional freshman. she changes her education plans completely. Her roommate for the first two years is Meghan Rotundi. This occasionally provides a method for Felicity to narrate an entire episode. who is always trying to produce new off-kilter inventions. who manages the coffee house Dean & DeLuca where Felicity works for most of her college career. Moved by his comment that he wished he had gotten to know her.Felicity (TV series) Running time 42–45 minutes 26 Production company(s) Touchstone Television Imagine Television Distributor Buena Vista International Broadcast Original channel Picture format Audio format First shown in Original run The WB Television Network NTSC (480i) Stereophonic United States September 29."[1] AOL TV named Felicity one of the "Best School Shows of All Time. Julie Emrick is one of Felicity's best friends. Entertainment Weekly named Felicity Porter one of the "100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years. as is Elena Tyler. A number of other characters appear and play large roles in Felicity's life. and Javier Clemente Quintata. a classmate whom she has a crush on. to sign her yearbook. concerned about Felicity's seemingly rash decision. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard were executive producers through Imagine Entertainment." Felicity has second thoughts about her decision. portrayed by Keri Russell. Eventually. sophomore. . 1998 – May 22. Abrams and Matt Reeves. she meets the resident advisor Noel Crane. junior and senior years students attend at universities. but to discover her true inner self. 2002 Felicity is an American primetime television drama series that was produced by Touchstone Television and Imagine Television for the WB Television Network. recalling events in order to make a cassette tape to send to an old friend named Sally Reardon (voiced by Janeane Garofalo). Felicity's overbearing parents. and the relationships between Felicity. Felicity is often shown to be listening to a tape that Sally has sent in reply. who often takes classes with Felicity. There. and Noel form the basic dramatic conflicts in the show throughout the series. she continues the basic motions of student life and moves into her dorm. The series was created by J. not only to follow Ben. a goth Wiccan who occasionally "casts spells" on Felicity and others. While Felicity works to sort out her emotions. A recurring episode opener of the show is a stark camera shot of Felicity sitting in a dorm room or apartment holding a tape recorder. At the end of episodes like this. Ben. California. it was listed as one of TIME magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME. J. including Sean Blumberg. deciding to follow Ben to New York rather than attend Stanford University for pre-med. The series revolves around the fictional college experiences of the title character.

Both of them remained with the show through the rest of its time on the air. appeared intermittently to complement storylines that generally revolved around this core group. Amy Jo Johnson. Guest. an original series regular. Both Grunberg and Foreman appeared in 61 episodes. Ian Gomez and Rob Benedict. keeping most of its characters for its entire four season run. Although like other universities. based on New York University (NYU). Johnson appeared in a total of 50 episodes. Scott Foley and Tangi Miller were the only four original series regular cast members who remained with the show throughout all four seasons. were the final cast members to be added as series regulars during the last half of the show's run. left the show early in the third season for personal reasons relating to a death in her family. Scott Speedman. Name Portrayed by Seasons 1 2 3 4 Felicity Porter Ben Covington Noel Crane Elena Tyler Julie Emrick Sean Blumberg Meghan Rotundi Keri Russell Scott Speedman Scott Foley Tangi Miller Amy Jo Johnson Greg Grunberg Amanda Foreman Javier Clemente Quintata Ian Gomez Richard Coad Rob Benedict Key: Main cast. Keri Russell. Production Setting Felicity was filmed in part in New York City. both originally recurring guest stars as early as the first season. and the school is an unusually important part of the show. Like NYU. in this case the university refused permission to use its name. It is set at the fictional University of New York (UNY). Keri Russell. Recurring cast.Felicity (TV series) 27 Cast Felicity maintained an ensemble cast. Numerous secondary characters. Gomez appeared in a total of 39 episodes and Benedict appeared in 36. she later reprised the role of Julie during the show's final season in a guest starring capacity. Tangi Miller made appearances in 65 episodes. NYU normally welcomes being mentioned in film or on television as free product placement. However. including friends and love interests for these characters. Greg Grunberg and Amanda Foreman. stating that "[t]he negatives kind of outweighed the positives. Scott Speedman and Scott Foley are the only three cast members who appeared in all 84 episodes of the show. UNY is located in Greenwich Village near Washington Square Park."[4] . were major recurring characters throughout the show's first season and were later promoted to series regular cast members during the show's second season.

" animosity over an exposé she had written prompts Sabrina to ask. They panicked before learning that it was a joke. I'm Felicity without the hair issues. both comedic and dramatic. "[W]hy is everyone looking at me like I'm the girl who told Felicity to cut her hair?" In the Gilmore Girls episode "Here Comes the Son. she was offered a half-million dollar screenwriting deal with Disney. a publicly hyped young writer for the show.Felicity (TV series) 28 Writer's age In 1999. 19 on their list of "25 Biggest TV Blunders. Chris declares he went through a rough time when Felicity cut her hair." the character Xander remarks. Hailed as a child prodigy and "wunderkind." In the Happy Endings episode "The Code War. After the negative reaction Russell rejected wearing extensions or a wig while her hair grew back. "But if I make the wrong choice." When a girl cuts off her hair due to supernatural forces in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Where the Wild Things Are. Felicity. and her deal with Disney fell through. Soon after.[9] . says." Max perms Dave's hair while the latter is sleeping. Felicity.1 million viewers. I could end up like Keri Russell." while in the One Tree Hill episode "The Desperate Kingdom of Love. to which her mother replies. was disclosed as a fraud for claiming to be much younger than she truly was." In the 2001 sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode "Making the Grade." the character Paris. In the 30 Rock episode "The Bubble. Six Feet Under tells her mother that she wants to cut off all her hair like Felicity. season 2. passing off her husband as her older brother. she began marketing herself to television studios as a recent high school graduate. Ratings The series debut garnered 7.[5] in the summer of 1999 Russell sent the show's producers a photo wearing a short-haired wig. Riley Weston.[7] The haircut incident went on to become a popular-culture reference within other television shows. Although storytelling and timeslot changes also likely contributed to the ratings decline. Hairstyle change The show's ratings declined in the 1999–2000 season. At the age of 32. a network executive said WB actors' future hair changes would "be given more thought at the network than it previously would have"." with several commentators arguing that it was the reason that the ratings of the show dropped. Penny quips. TV Guide Network listed the hairstyle change at No. "Yeah.[6] Known for what The New York Times described as "[t]hat glorious head of voluminous golden backlit hair". Her real identity and age were exposed after a Felicity producer checked her social security number." which described her as an up-and-coming 19-year-old. Upon seeing his new do." referring to his new shorter haircut. The popular press[5] and network executives blamed this partly on a new hairstyle for Felicity's star. She was soon hired by the WB Network as a writer for Felicity. "Nice job. she came over for dinner once." she was featured on Entertainment Weekly's October 1998 list of the "100 Most Creative People in Entertainment.[6] In 2010. Teen-aged Claire of the drama series."[8]In the Family Guy episode "Friends without benefith". "You look like Keri Russell after she ruined Felicity. "People are going all Felicity with their hair." when Lucas walks up to Keith at the beach. his uncle says. as he used to have that same brown and curly haircut. "Suddenly. Shortly thereafter." Jenna discusses how to get her hair cut and says. "Do I know her?" — Claire replies sarcastically. debating whether to follow her boyfriend to Princeton instead of going to Harvard. her contract with WB expired and was not renewed. but then suggested to the actress that a new hairstyle would be appropriate.

2000 October 10. 2002 2001–2002 [13] #123 [14] #129 Accolades Felicity has been nominated for 29 awards during its run from 1998 to 2002. 1999 1998–1999 [10] #124 September 26.G.4 [12] 2.2 [13] 2.Felicity (TV series) 29 Season Episodes Original airing Season premiere Season finale TV season Rank Viewers (in millions) [11] 4. including Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Series (Robert Primes) and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama (Keri Russell). and won several. Dramatic Pilot 1999 Primetime Emmy Awards 2000 Outstanding Cinematography for a Series Outstanding Music Composition for a Series for the Lovelorn") 1999 Golden Globe Awards Best Actress – Television Series Drama Best Television Series – Drama 2002 NAACP Image Awards 2005 Satellite Awards Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Tangi Miller Keri Russell Danny Pelfrey W. 1998 May 25.[16] Year Group Category Special Achievement Award Best Edited One-Hour Series for Television Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Regular Series Ian Gomez Stan Salfas Warren Bowman (For the pilot episode) Robert Primes (For episode "Todd Mulcahy Part II") Marcia Shulman Robert Primes (For episode "Todd Mulcahy Part II") Recipient Result Won Nominated Nominated Won Won 2000 ALMA Awards 1999 American Cinema Editors Awards 2000 American Society of Cinematographers Awards 1999 Casting Society of America Awards Best Casting for TV. 2001 May 23. 2001 2000–2001 May 22.2 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 22 23 17 22 September 29.8 [15] 3. 2000 1999–2000 #135[12] October 4. Snuffy Walden (For episode "Help Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated edition III) Best DVD Release of TV Shows (For . 1999 May 24.

many of the songs from the original broadcast episodes were replaced with songs by artists from the independent label Rescue Records. Some episodes did not have proper telecine encoding and when viewed on an HDTV some interlacing artifacts are visible. it was announced that Lionsgate Home Entertainment had acquired the rights to the series and plan on re-releasing it. All four seasons were re-released on DVD by ABC Studios on April 7. Lovely"). 2012.[24] . 2012. On February 9. 2013. 2009 in "slimmer" packaging.[21][22][23] Seasons 3 & 4 will be re-released on May 7.[17][18][19][20] The region 1 releases have been discontinued and are now out of print. Because of high music licensing costs.Felicity (TV series) 1999 Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Breakout Performance Choice TV Breakout Performance Choice TV Breakout Performance Choice TV Actor Choice TV Actress Choice TV – Drama Series 2000 Choice TV Actor Choice TV Actor Choice TV Actress Choice TV – Drama Series Choice TV Sidekick Choice TV Sidekick 2001 Choice TV Actress Choice TV – Drama Series 2002 Choice TV Actor – Drama Choice TV Actor – Drama Choice TV Actress – Drama Choice TV – Drama/Action Adventure Series 1999 Television Critics Association Awards Outstanding New Program Scott Speedman Scott Foley Keri Russell Amy Jo Johnson Ian Gomez Keri Russell Scott Speedman Scott Foley Keri Russell Keri Russell Scott Speedman Scott Foley Scott Foley Keri Russell Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated 30 Home media The DVDs were released over a period of four years by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Mike Schmidt ("Just Wave Goodbye") and Beth Thornley ("Mr. Seasons 1 and 2 were re-released on May 1. Among them were Blaire Reinhard ("Over and Over" and "Can't Let Go").

2004 (United States) • • • • • 17 episodes 5-disc set 1. J.33:1 Aspect Ratio Subtitles: English Languages: • English (Dolby Digital 2. Abrams and Matt Reeves (Co-creators and executive (United States) (Australia) November 4.1 Surround) Spanish • • • • • Audio commentaries "The Lost Elena Scenes" – This exclusive.0 Surround) Spanish • • • Audio commentaries "Docuventary: A Look Back at Season 3 with Greg Grunberg" [26] Mad TV Parody • Felicity: Senior Year • Collection March 8. it was shown worldwide. Keri Russell.33:1 Aspect Ratio Subtitles: English Languages: • English (Dolby Digital 2. 2002 Details • • • • • 22 episodes 6-disc set 1.0 Surround) Spanish • • • • 5 audio commentaries Never-before-seen Network Pilot episode Keri Russell's audition Felicity "Emmy Parody" spoof (Produced for the Emmy [25] broadcast) • Felicity: Junior Year • Collection September 21.Felicity (TV series) 31 Title Felicity: Freshman Year Collection Release • • November 5. J. 2005 (United States) • • • • • 22 episodes 6-disc set 1. 2003 (United States) • • • • • 23 episodes 6-disc set 1. 2003 producers) Felicity: Sophomore Year Collection • July 22. never-before-seen footage provides the long-awaited answer to Felicity fans' Biggest Question! "Fade Out" – Behind-the-scenes reflections with Keri Russell and the show's creators Creating characters – Q&A with J.0 Surround) Special features • Audio commentary on "Pilot" • J.33:1 Aspect Ratio Subtitles: English Languages: • English (Dolby Digital 2. .33:1 Aspect Ratio Subtitles: English Languages: • English (Dolby Digital 5. and Jennifer Garner Worldwide viewing Although Felicity was filmed and aired in the United States. Abrams. [27] Matt Reeves.

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com/ title/ tt0116411/ . in a sketch called "Tiny Mine" External links • Giant Mine [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.Giant Mine (film) 34 Parody • The Canadian parody show This Hour has 22 Minutes poked fun at the film. imdb.

Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

Beckinsale at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con Born Kathrin Romary Beckinsale 26 July 1973 Finsbury Park, London, England Actress 1991–present Len Wiseman (2004–present) Michael Sheen (1995–2003) 1 Richard Beckinsale Judy Loe

Occupation Years active Spouse(s) Partner(s) Children Parents

Kathrin Romary "Kate" Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973) is an English actress. After some minor television roles, she made her film debut in Much Ado About Nothing (1993) while still a student at Oxford University. She then appeared in British costume dramas such as Prince of Jutland (1994), Cold Comfort Farm (1995), Emma (1996), and The Golden Bowl (2000), in addition to various stage and radio productions. She began to seek film work in the United States in the late 1990s and, after appearing in small-scale dramas The Last Days of Disco (1998) and Brokedown Palace (1999), she had a break-out year in 2001 with starring roles in the war film Pearl Harbor and the romantic comedy Serendipity. She built on this success with appearances in the biopic The Aviator (2004) and the comedy Click (2006). Beckinsale became known as an action star following an appearance in 2003's Underworld and has since starred in many action films, including Van Helsing (2004), Underworld: Evolution (2006), Whiteout (2009), as well as Contraband, Underworld: Awakening, and Total Recall (all in 2012). She also makes occasional appearances in smaller dramatic projects such as Snow Angels (2007), Winged Creatures (2008), Nothing but the Truth (for which she earned a Critic's Choice Award nomination in 2008), and Everybody's Fine (2009). She will next appear in the legal drama The Trials of Cate McCall. Born and raised in London, Beckinsale's parents are actor Richard Beckinsale (1947–1979) and actress Judy Loe. She had an eight-year relationship with Welsh actor Michael Sheen from 1995 until 2003; they have one daughter.

Kate Beckinsale She married American film director Len Wiseman in 2004 and relocated to Brentwood, Los Angeles. Publications such as Esquire and People have repeatedly included Beckinsale in their annual rankings of the world's sexiest and most beautiful women. She has worked occasionally as a model in television and print campaigns to promote Gap denim, Diet Coke, Absolut Vodka, and Lux shampoo.


Early life
Kathrin Romary Beckinsale[1][2] was born in London. She is one of two children of actor Richard Beckinsale and actress Judy Loe.[3] Her father was of one-quarter Burmese descent, and she has said that she was "very oriental-looking" as a child.[4] She made her first television appearance at the age of four, in an episode of This is Your Life dedicated to her father.[5][6] When she was five years old, her 31-year-old father died suddenly of a heart attack. Beckinsale was deeply traumatised by the loss and "started expecting bad things to happen".[7] While she has seen her father "more on television than I have in life", "there are certainly enough memories for me not to feel that it's somebody I didn't know."[3] Her widowed mother moved in with director Roy Battersby when Beckinsale was nine and she was brought up alongside his four sons and daughter.[8] She has a close relationship with her step-father: "I couldn't have knitted a better one ... He wasn't pushy, he let me come to him."[3] She has a paternal half-sister, actress Samantha Beckinsale, but they have not had regular contact.[3] Beckinsale was educated at the [9] fee-paying Godolphin and Latymer School in West London and was involved with the Orange Tree Youth Theatre.[10] She has described herself as a "late bloomer": "All of my friends were kissing boys and drinking cider way before me. I found it really depressing that we weren't making camp fires and everyone was doing grown-up stuff."[11] "I loathed being a teenager."[12] She had a nervous breakdown and developed anorexia at the age of 15 and underwent Freudian psychoanalysis for four years.[3] Beckinsale read French and Russian literature at New College, Oxford and was later described by a contemporary, journalist Victoria Coren, as "whip-clever, slightly nuts, and very charming".[13] She was involved with the Oxford University Dramatic Society, most notably being directed by fellow student Tom Hooper in a production of A View from the Bridge at the Oxford Playhouse.[14] She spent her third year in Paris as required of all Modern Language students at Oxford, after which she decided to leave university to concentrate on her burgeoning acting career: "It was getting to the point where I wasn't enjoying either thing enough because both were very high pressure. I was burning out and I knew I had to make a decision."[3]

Acting career
Early roles (1991–1997)
Beckinsale decided at a young age that she wanted to be an actress: "I grew up immersed in film. My family were in the business. I quickly realised that my parents seemed to have much more fun in their work than any of my friends’ parents."[15] She was inspired by the performances of Jeanne Moreau.[16] She made her television debut in 1991 with a small part in an ITV adaptation of P. D. James’ Devices and Desires.[17] Also that year, she appeared as a young woman engaging in a forbidden affair with a Nazi officer in the Hallmark film One Against The Wind.[18] In 1992 she starred alongside Christopher Eccleston in Rachel’s Dream, a 30‑minute Channel 4 short,[19] and in 1993, she appeared in the pilot of the ITV detective series, Anna Lee, starring Imogen Stubbs.[20] In 1993, Beckinsale landed the role of Hero in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. It was filmed in Tuscany, Italy, during a summer holiday from Oxford University.[21] She attended the film's Cannes Film Festival premiere and later remembered it as an overwhelming experience. "Nobody even told me I could bring a friend!"[11] "I had Doc Martens boots on, and I think I put the flower from the breakfast tray in my hair".[22] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone was won over by her "lovely" performance[23] while Vincent Canby of the New York Times noted that she and Robert Sean Leonard "look right and behave with a certain naive sincerity, although they often seem numb with surprise at hearing the complex locutions they speak".[24] The film earned over $22 million at the box office.[25] She

Kate Beckinsale made three other films while at university. In 1994, she appeared as Christian Bale's love interest in Prince of Jutland, a film based on the Danish legend which inspired Shakespeare's Hamlet,[26] and starred in the murder mystery Uncovered.[27] In 1995, while studying in Paris, she filmed the French language Marie-Louise Ou La Permission.[28] Shortly after leaving Oxford University in 1995, Beckinsale starred in Cold Comfort Farm as Flora Poste, a newly orphaned 1930s socialite sent to live with distant family members in rural England. The John Schlesinger-directed film was an adaptation of Stella Gibbons's novel and also featured Joanna Lumley, Eileen Atkins, Ian McKellen, Rufus Sewell, and Stephen Fry. Beckinsale was initially considered too young, but was cast after she wrote a pleading letter to the director.[29] Emanuel Levy of Variety was reminded of "the strength of a young Glenda Jackson and the charm of a young Julie Christie".[30] Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times classed the actress as "yet another of those effortlessly skilled British beauties who light up the screen".[31] Janet Maslin of the New York Times felt she played the role "with the perfect snippy aplomb".[32] The film grossed over $5 million at the US box office.[33] Also in 1995, she appeared in Haunted, a ghost story in which Derek Elley of Variety felt she "holds the screen, with both physical looks and verbal poise".[34] 1995 also saw Beckinsale's first professional stage appearance as Nina in The Seagull at Theatre Royal, Bath. She became romantically involved with co-star Michael Sheen after meeting during play rehearsals.[35] "He was the young lion of the theatre".[36] "I was all revved up to feel very intimidated. It was my first-ever play and my mother had cut out reviews of him in previous productions. And then he walked in ... It was almost like, 'God, well, I'm finished now. That's it, then.'... He's the most outrageously talented [37] Irving Wardle of The Independent felt that "the casting, including Michael Sheen's volcanic person I've ever met." Kostya and Kate Beckinsale's steadily freezing Nina, is mainly spot-on."[38] In early 1996, she starred in two further plays; Sweetheart at the Royal Court Theatre[39] and Clocks and Whistles at the Bush Theatre.[40] Beckinsale next starred in an ITV adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, playing Emma to Mark Strong's Mr Knightley and Samantha Morton's Harriet Smith. "You shouldn't necessarily like Emma," Beckinsale has said of her character. "You do love her, but in the way the family of a teenage girl could be exasperated by her outrageous behaviour and still love her."[29] The programme was aired in autumn 1996, just months after Gwyneth Paltrow had starred in a film adaptation of the same story.[29] Caryn James of the New York Times felt that while "Ms. Beckinsale's Emma is plainer looking than Ms. Paltrow's", she is "altogether more believable and funnier".[41] Jonathan Brown of The Independent has described Beckinsale's interpretation as "the most enduring modern performance" as Emma.[42] In 1997, Beckinsale appeared opposite Stuart Townsend in the comedy Shooting Fish, one of the most commercially successful British films of that year.[43][44] "I'd just had my wisdom teeth out", Beckinsale later recalled of the initial audition. "I was also on very strong painkillers, so it was not the most conventional of meetings."[45] Elley wrote of "an incredibly laid-back performance"[46] while Thomas felt she "just glows as an aristocrat facing disaster with considerable aplomb".[47] She narrated Austen's Emma for Hodder & Stoughton AudioBooks[48] and Diana Hendry's The Proposal for BBC Radio 4.[49] Also in 1997, she played Juliet to Michael Sheen's Romeo in a radio production of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Sheen.[50]


Move to Hollywood (1998–2002)
At this point in her career, Beckinsale began to seek work in the United States, something she has said wasn't "a conscious decision...My boyfriend was in a play on Broadway so that's why we ended up in New York, and my auditions happened to be for American films".[51] She starred opposite Chloë Sevigny in 1998's The Last Days of Disco. The Whit Stillman film focused on a group of Ivy League graduates socialising in the Manhattan disco scene of the early 1980s. Beckinsale's attempt at an American accent was widely praised.[52][53][54] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times felt her role as the bossy Charlotte was "beautifully played".[55] Todd McCarthy of Variety was unimpressed by the film but noted that "compensations include Beckinsale, looking incredible in a succession of black dresses, whose character can get on your nerves even if the actress doesn't".[56] Her performance earned her a London Critics' Circle Film Award.[57] The film grossed $3 million worldwide.[58] Also that year, she starred as Alice in a Channel 4 production of Through the Looking-Glass.[59] In 1999, Beckinsale appeared opposite Claire

and The Last Days of Disco" after "recovering nicely" from her appearance in the much-maligned Pearl Harbor."[71] Director Michael Bay initially had doubts about casting the actress: "I wasn't sure about her at first. Northam. Ebert described her as "a good actress. Not morals... Michael Sheen.You just never get the chance to do that. The Merchant/Ivory production was based on the novel by Henry James and also starred Uma Thurman and Jeremy Northam. sweeping epic .[64] The film was a box office failure. A then-26-year old Beckinsale played a teenager.. Beckinsale do what they can with their lines."[76] She felt grateful that she had not had to deal with such criticism at a younger age: "If I had come on to a movie set at [a younger] age and someone had said.[67] Thomas felt her performance would take her to "a new career level".[86] The film has grossed over $77 million at the worldwide box office. It was filmed directly after Pearl Harbor and Beckinsale found it "a real relief to return to something slightly more familiar". Beckinsale and Mr. a drama about two teenage Americans forced to deal with the Thai justice system on a post-graduation trip abroad.[66] Holden noted that "the most satisfying of the four-lead performances belong to the British cast members. grossing $449 million worldwide.[74] In a 2004 interview.[65] 2000's The Golden Bowl marked Beckinsale's first role following the birth of her daughter. who are better than their American counterparts at layers of emotional concealment". Women feel disturbed when they see someone’s too pretty".[79] However..[70] Beckinsale rose to fame in 2001 with a leading role in the war film Pearl Harbor as a nurse torn between two pilots.she wore black leather trousers in her screen test and I thought she was a little nasty.[87] In 2002 Beckinsale starred in Lisa Cholodenko's Laurel Canyon as a strait-laced academic who finds herself increasingly attracted to her free-spirited future mother-in-law. she said she was "very fond" of Bay. despite the obvious fact that no movie can capture the elegant copiousness of James’ prose". The independent film was another opportunity for Beckinsale to 38 . and glow with the satiny shine of real movie stars".[69] The film grossed over $5 million worldwide. 'You're a bit funny-looking. can you go on a diet?' – I might have jumped off a building. adding that Beckinsale "reinforces the strong impression she made in Cold Comfort Farm."[78] A. but "unfortunately. said Thomas. but not good enough to play this dumb". The Golden Bowl..it was easy to think of this woman as a slut". the rare actress whose intelligence gives her a sensual bloom.[83] McCarthy found her "energetic and appealing"[84] while Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times described her as "luminous but determined".[61] McCarthy said the leads "confirm their status as two of the young actresses on the scene today most worth watching".[81] Beckinsale's second film appearance of 2001 was in the romantic comedy Serendipity as the love interest of John Cusack. played by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett.[51] Turan praised the "appealing and believable" leads. speaking in 2011."[62] "Danes and Beckinsale are exceptionally talented young actresses". the actress noted that his comments were "upsetting"[75] and said she wore leather trousers because "it was snowing out."[72] However. Scott of the New York Times noted that "Mr.[72] He eventually decided to hire her because she wasn't "too beautiful.[60] Danes had hoped to become friends with Beckinsale during the shoot but found her "complicated" and "prickly". finding Beckinsale "very effective at getting across layered character traits and emotions.[85] In an uncomplimentary review of the film. I just didn't have the confidence to put that into perspective at the time."[80] The film was a commercial success. ruby lipped Kate Beckinsale. Ms. but movie values. It wasn't exactly like I had my nipple rings in. It's a big.[82] Claudia Puig of USA Today felt that "Beckinsale's talents haven't been mined as effectively in any other film since Cold Comfort Farm". She was drawn to the project by the script: "It's so unusual these days to read a script that has those old-fashioned values to it. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly praised "the avid eyed.[77] Pearl Harbor received negative reviews.[68] Andrew Sarris of The New York Observer asserted that she "comes close to capturing the sublimity of Maggie. she's like Parker Posey without irony. O. the script's seriously underdeveloped context defeats their considerable efforts at every turn". adding that each beat of Beckinsale's performance "registers precisely".Kate Beckinsale Danes in Brokedown Palace. Affleck and Ms. Mike Clark of USA Today felt that the "usually appealing Kate Beckinsale" is "inexplicably submerged — like her hospital colleagues — under heaps of tarty makeup that even actresses of the era didn't wear. Beckinsale's partner. hit Northam on the film set after he followed Beckinsale to her trailer to scold her for forgetting a line.[63] Stephen Holden of The New York Times felt that Beckinsale's character "never comes into focus"..[73] He asked her to lose weight during filming.

"[102] Beckinsale's performance received mixed reviews.Kate Beckinsale work with Christian Bale. with the exception of Ms.[95] In 2004 Beckinsale starred in the action horror film Van Helsing.[106] The film grossed over $213 million worldwide. grossing $111 million worldwide. "I’ve always liked her. Beckinsale. Scorsese decided to cast Beckinsale because. whose tense.[104] However."[93] The film received negative to mixed reviews but was a surprise box-office hit and has gained a cult following.[90] The film has grossed over $4 million worldwide.[94] Also that year. She found their sex scene awkward because she knew Bale well: "If it was a stranger. Holden found the film "superbly acted.[109] Her daughter had a small role as the younger Selene.[92] "It was quite a challenge for me to play an action heroine and pull off all that training when [in real life] I can’t catch a ball if it’s coming my way. voluptuous sexiness is completely absent as Beckinsale sleepwalks through the role as if she was advertising perfume"."[97] The film grossed over $120 million at the United States box office and over $300 million worldwide.[112] . it would have been easier.[101] Also in 2004. It was markedly different from her previous work and Beckinsale has said she was grateful for the change of pace after appearing in "a bunch of period stuff and then a bunch of romantic comedies".[107] In 2006."[88] While Frances McDormand's performance as Bale's mother was widely praised.[91] 39 Action heroine roles (2003–2006) Beckinsale became known as an action star following an appearance as a vampire in 2003's Underworld. "It just seemed like a very good role. she starred in the little-seen Tiptoes with Gary Oldman and Matthew McConaughey. vainly trying to craft a feminist statement from a filmmaker's whimsy"[100] while Rex Reed of The New York Observer felt she was "desperately in need of a new agent".[111] It was highly profitable.[108] It was the first time she had "been involved with a movie from the moment it’s a germ of an idea right through the whole editing process"."[96] Beckinsale had just separated from her long-term partner Michael Sheen at the Beckinsale at the San Sebastián Film time of filming and appreciated the warm atmosphere created on set by director Festival in 2006 Stephen Sommers and co‑star Hugh Jackman: "I really did find that working with people like Stephen and Hugh made it possible to get through what I was going through.[98][99] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle described her as "a pretty actress doing her best to maintain dignity. Clark described it as "the one performance that doesn't come off (though Beckinsale has the requisite beauty)"[105] while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian stated that "Gardner's rich. directed by her husband. The opportunity to play a mother "was one of the things that was attractive to me" about the part. but it was not well-reviewed. I’ve seen all her work. and I was glad that she agreed to audition.[110] Beckinsale's second film appearance of 2006 was opposite Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken in Click. Beckinsale received negative reviews. Ken Tucker of New York Magazine said she played the part "in full va-va-voom blossom"[103] while LaSalle felt that she manages "to convince us that Ava was one of the great broads of all time".[109] The film was a box office success. colourless Alex conveys no inner life".5 million. Beckinsale portrayed Ava Gardner in Martin Scorsese's Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator. Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene in the successful vampire sequel Underworld: Evolution. a comedy about an overworked family man who discovers a magical remote control that allows him to control time.[89] Schwarzbaum was unimpressed by the "tedious" characters and criticised "the fussy performances of Bale and Beckinsale" in particular. She was "so surprised" to be appearing in her second action film in two years. grossing $237 million worldwide from a production budget of $82. her Prince of Jutland co‑star.

Jennifer Hudson."[123] However. Times with some female reporters. and Kate Beckinsale. The film. and I spoke to Judith Miller about her experience. and Forest Whitaker. each working at the top of her game". "I did have my kid. Manohla Dargis of the New York Times was unimpressed. Beckinsale appeared in Winged Creatures. but dropped out before filming began. a thriller set in an isolated motel. was inspired by the case of Judith Miller.Kate Beckinsale 40 Focus on small-scale drama (2007–2011) Beckinsale then made a return to smaller-scale projects: "My experience is that I sort of stepped away from the independent movies and did a couple of big movies."[133] In 2009 Beckinsale starred in the comic-book adaption Whiteout as a U." said Beckinsale.404 worldwide."[114] Puig felt "Beckinsale gives her best performance in years"[117] while Richard Corliss of Time described it as "her sharpest work yet". "Usually it's the ones you're most embarrassed about that are on the side of every bus."[119] The film grossed just $414."[114] She explained that she had originally decided to appear in Underworld because she felt typecast in classical roles — it was "assumed that I use a chamber pot and wear bloomers"[115] – but that her action career "kind of took off a little too much". The harrowing film.[125] In 2008.[116] She found the action scenes less physically demanding . "I spent some time at The L.[116] In 2007. Scott felt that "her skill and discipline cannot overcome the sense that she is an exotic species transplanted into this grim ecosystem. which I do understand. in which she played an overwhelmed single mother.[118] However.[124] The film was profitable." played "two of the most fascinating female movie characters to hit screens in a long while. "I just felt a bit like I was shot through a cannon. Dargis felt that Beckinsale and her cast mates have a "tough time filling out characters that are at best abstractions of grief and often just clichés". Hard as she works to convince us otherwise.[128] Also in 2008. As part of her research for the role. my husband and. brilliant experience.A.[120] Also in 2007.[132] "I have prayed – prayed – for film companies to go bankrupt on films I've made.0 Nothing but the Truth as a journalist who refuses to reveal her source.[121] Bradshaw felt that "Wilson and Beckinsale have the chops for scary movies"[122] while Gleiberman noted that "Luke Wilson. grossing $35 million worldwide from a production budget of $19 million. with his hangdog defensive mopiness. my ex was around a lot. Sarah Jessica Parker was originally cast in the part..S. It was filmed in Manitoba. But that's not necessarily how it's perceived by everybody else. really nice experience but it was quick".[129] Beckinsale received a Critic's Choice Award nomination for her performance.702 worldwide. Marshal tasked with investigating a murder in Antarctica. are ideally matched as a couple who hate each other. all sexy severity. a film about how six different witnesses cope with the aftermath of a shooting."[114] Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times felt she played the role "with a white trash verve" and found that her character's "raw ache for that someone with money and respectability is palpable". so it was very nice to come home to my people whom I love.I really researched the hell out of that one and it was an amazingly [114] Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post asserted that Beckinsale and Farmiga fulfilling.[126] However. it was released simultaneously on DVD. London premiere in 2007 co‑starring Vera Farmiga and Matt Dillon. Beckinsale played a waitressing single mother in an ensemble cast which included Dakota Fanning. Canada. based on the novel by Stewart O'Nan. Beckinsale starred opposite Sam Rockwell in the independent drama Snow Angels. in fact. and then this happens on the one I love. Beckinsale starred in Beckinsale at the Die Hard 4. "It was a really. and they've been brought to life by two gifted actresses. put Beckinsale "in kind of a tough place". it’s a stretch to believe that a woman with the kind of poised confidence in her own beauty she manifests would wind up with an underachieving mouth breather like Glenn. Beckinsale appeared alongside Luke Wilson in Vacancy. said Beckinsale of the filming process.. referring to Beckinsale as "the reigning queen of the bland B's".[130] The film never received a full theatrical release after the distributor filed for bankruptcy[131] and the film has grossed just $186.[127] The film received a very limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles."[113] "I enjoy an action movie as much as the next person [but] it’s not something that I would like to do solely.

her Snow Angels co-star.[155] The film has grossed $183 million from a production budget of over $200 million.[151] Variety found her performance "one-note" while The Hollywood Reporter described her as "one-dimensional".[141] Entertainment Weekly felt that the "woman-in-peril stuff is second-rate. her performance consists of little more than striding purposefully toward or away from the camera". though blandly. Drew Barrymore.[152][153] USA Today remarked that she "spends much of the movie strutting down hallways and looking relentlessly. The film was directed by Baltasar Kormákur. eventually.[159] She was drawn to the "great character" and found the director Karen Moncrieff "very clever and interesting".Kate Beckinsale than those in Underworld because "three pairs of trousers and a parka gives you a bit more protection than the latex suit". failing to recoup its budget.[143] The film had a production budget of $25 million and has grossed over $96 million worldwide. her innate classiness calibrated down a few notches.[137] Unable to find a script she felt passionate about. I was in New York because Michael [Sheen] was doing Amadeus".[135] The franchise was initially conceived of as a trilogy and Beckinsale was not "intending to do another one" but was convinced by the quality of the script. opting to spend time with her daughter. who also starred in the Icelandic language version of the film. Beckinsale sat on the nine-member 2010 Cannes Film Festival jury. Beckinsale otherwise kept a low profile in 2010 and 2011. failing to recoup its production budget.[146] The Los Angeles Times remarked that she "finally manages to perfect the monotone delivery she'd been honing for the series' first two entries".[139] The San Francisco Chronicle felt Beckinsale was "stuck in a bit of a thankless role as the victimised wife. but she does try to infuse a harder edge to the character".[144] Beckinsale next reprised her role as Selene in the fourth instalment of the vampire franchise Underworld: Awakening.[156][157] Beckinsale has filmed The Trials of Cate McCall opposite Nick Nolte and James Cromwell. Beckinsale first appeared in the action thriller Contraband.[140] The Hollywood Reporter stated that "Beckinsale.[135] Also in 2009.[134] She also made a brief cameo in the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. and Rockwell. a former criminal who gets forced back into a life of crime after his family are threatened.[116] The film was critically panned and a box office failure.[148] With adjustments for inflation.[154] The New York Post asserted that Beckinsale "vastly overstays her welcome".[113] Everybody's Fine was a box office failure. besieged". she appeared in flashforwards composed of footage from 2003's Underworld. Underworld:Awakening is the lowest grossing Beckinsale-led film in the franchise. Beckinsale appeared as the villainess in the sci-fi action remake Total Recall."[138] The film received mainly negative reviews. Reykjavík-Rotterdam.[145] The Hollywood Reporter noted that "when she’s not actually fighting.[136] In May 2010. has little to do but be supportive. worried and. Beckinsale was excited for the opportunity to work with De Niro whom she had first encountered "years and years ago when I just had Lily and he was putting together a reading of The Good Shepherd.[158] She plays a recovering alcoholic lawyer who becomes convinced that a woman was framed for murder.[138] 41 Return to action films (2012) Beckinsale returned to work in 2012 with appearances in three action films.[149] Also in 2012. She had a supporting role as the wife of Mark Wahlberg's character.[147] The film had a production budget of $70 million and has grossed over $160 million worldwide. nasty". chaired by director Tim Burton.[150] She has said that Wiseman joined the project because he was unable to receive studio financing for an original sci-fi idea: "You’re constantly finding yourself having to defend doing a remake when you didn’t really want to make one in the first place. directed by her husband Len Wiseman. Beckinsale starred in the family drama Everybody's Fine alongside Robert De Niro. giving off a whiff of exploitation"[142] while Variety found the repeated violence towards Beckinsale's character disturbing.[16] .

[57] She starred opposite Orlando Bloom in a 2002 Gap television advert directed by Cameron Crowe."[188] Sheen has said that Beckinsale "will always be one of the most important people in my life. you feel it's yours.[161][162] She advertised Absolut Vodka in a 2009 print campaign photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.[179] In 1997."[194] Legal actions In July 2003. they appeared in a radio production of Romeo and Juliet. The actress has said she was "embarrassed" that Sheen never proposed[37][180] but felt as though she were married: "If you keep a library book out long enough. I have real love for her and a lot of affection for Len.[172] She has frequently appeared in AskMen."[189] Beckinsale moved with her daughter Lily from London to Brentwood.[175] at number 10 in 2009[175] and at number 3 in 2008. Beckinsale had claimed that the Daily Mail invaded her and her daughter's privacy by publishing photographs of the actress embracing and kissing her new partner Len Wiseman. while on set.[176] Personal life Relationships Beckinsale had an eight-year relationship with actor Michael Sheen from 1995 until 2003.[163][164] She has also promoted Lux shampoo in a Japanese television advert.[177] She has said it was "love at first sight"[178] and that he saved her from "a hospital for the criminally insane".[186] "He's absolutely one of my most favourite people ever.Kate Beckinsale 42 Modelling career Beckinsale has worked occasionally as a model. All parties. was born in London in 1999.[183] Beckinsale and Wiseman both remain friends with Sheen.. she has said it was "very nice to be asked [to get married].[195] The Commission found that "the photographs had been taken in a public place and did not . Esquire named her the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2009.[168] She was at number 22 in Maxim's Hot 100 2009 list.[183] but.[191] choosing a passage from Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass as their first reading. Beckinsale has said.. Wiseman has directed her in two further films: an Underworld sequel and Total Recall. In 1997 she appeared in the music video for George Michael's Waltz Away Dreaming. They met when cast in a touring production of The Seagull in early 1995 and moved in together shortly afterwards.[190] The couple married in 2004 at the Hotel Bel-Air in California.[195] The article was headlined "Mummy's latest love scene leaves Lily unimpressed" and included a picture in which her four-year-old daughter appeared to be ignoring her mother's romantic actions.[170] having previously appeared at number 15 in their 2009 list[171] and at number 12 in their 2008 list.I am my mum and dad’s only child so I don’t really have the mindset for more children."[187] "I love him dearly—I would miss him dreadfully if he wasn't in my life. She has no plans for more children: "Maybe I will at some point but I feel I have everything I want.[185] "We were very lucky in that we didn't have an acrimonious split". Lily is the perfect child. "We are still very close and [our daughter] sees us around each other".[184] have maintained that there was no infidelity. "it's hard to know what's homesickness. the Press Complaints Commission dismissed a complaint filed by Beckinsale.[174] at number 3 in 2010.[193] Since their marriage. aside from Wiseman's first wife.[169] She came in at number 41 on FHM's Sexiest Women of 2010 list.[165] Beckinsale was named "England's Number One Beauty" by Hello! in 2002[166] and appeared at number 41 in People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People list in 2008. after the filming of Underworld. which I wasn't in my previous relationship". she and Wiseman (who was married) fell in love. and what's nostalgia for a different period of your life". directed by Michael Gondry.[160] She appeared in a Diet Coke television advert in 2004.[167] Many publications have included her in their rankings of the world's sexiest women. in 2003 to live with Wiseman.com's annual list of the 99 Most Desired Women: she was at number 22 in 2012.[192] While Beckinsale is not religious. While she sometimes feels "really homesick". Lily Mo Sheen.[173] at number 14 in 2011.[182] Beckinsale had persuaded director Len Wiseman to cast Sheen in the film.[50] Their daughter. Los Angeles."[181] Their relationship ended in early 2003.

000 in damages by the British High Court after taking legal action against Express Newspapers. I'd be so boring". She has filmed a Funny or Die skit which satirises the Republican Party's "War on Women".[195] In August 2003.[203] She has since said: "I'd be insufferable if I didn't smoke.[211] In 2008 she hosted the 4th Annual Pink Party to raise funds for the Women’s Cancer Research Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center[212] and organised a screening of All About Eve for FilmAid International.[198] In 2007 she was treated for exhaustion at a Memphis hospital after experiencing numbness in her left arm and leg.[199] Beckinsale does not drink alcohol.[207][208] MediCinema. I just don't really like it": "If I drank a whole glass of red wine I would have Chekhovian despair the next day".[206] She has also donated film memorabilia to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.[214] Filmography Film Year 1993 1994 1994 1995 1995 1995 1997 1998 Title Much Ado About Nothing Uncovered Prince of Jutland Hero Julia Ethel Role Notes Marie-Louise Ou La Permission Marie-Louise Cold Comfort Farm Haunted Shooting Fish The Last Days of Disco Flora Poste Christina Mariell Georgie Charlotte Pingress 1998 Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice 1999 2001 Brokedown Palace Pearl Harbor Darlene Davis Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson .[213] In 2012 Beckinsale joined Nestlé's Share the Joy of Reading Programme to raise awareness about the importance of children's literacy.Kate Beckinsale reveal any private details about Lily—such as her health or schooling—but were restricted to general observations about her apparent reaction to her surroundings".[196] In 2009 Beckinsale was awarded £20.[197] The Daily Express had falsely reported that the actress was "facing heartbreak" after losing out on a part in a remake of Barbarella. Beckinsale received a published apology from the Daily Mail after the newspaper reported that she had "spent time in a clinic" following her split from partner Michael Sheen.[196] The apology was issued after the actress filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission. Beckinsale underwent emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to remove a burst appendix. "not because I'm an alcoholic.[204] Politics Beckinsale supports the pro‑choice movement.[209] Habitat For Humanity[210] and the Entertainment Industry Foundation.[202] but stopped for three years after becoming pregnant with her daughter.[200][201] She has smoked since the age of 16.[197] 43 Health In 2004. You'd have to push me off a balcony.[205] Charity work The British Heart Foundation has been Beckinsale's charity of choice "ever since I was six years old".

Kate Beckinsale 2001 2001 2002 2003 2003 2004 2004 2006 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2009 2012 2012 2012 2013 Serendipity The Golden Bowl Laurel Canyon Underworld Tiptoes The Aviator Van Helsing Click Underworld: Evolution Vacancy Snow Angels Nothing but the Truth Winged Creatures Whiteout Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Everybody's Fine Contraband Underworld: Awakening Total Recall The Trials of Cate McCall Sara Thomas Maggie Verver Alex Elliot Selene Carol Ava Gardner Anna Valerious Donna Newman Selene Amy Fox Annie Marchand Rachel Armstrong Carla Davenport Carrie Stetko Selene Amy Kate Farraday Selene Lori Cate Post-production Previously recorded flashforwards only 44 Television Year 1991 1991 1992 1993 1996 Title Devices and Desires One Against the Wind Rachel's Dream Anna Lee: Headcase Emma Role Young Alice Mair Barbe Lindell Rachel Thea Hahn Emma Woodhouse TV film TV film Notes Episode: "Episode #1.2" TV film 1998 Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice .

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com/participant/participant.com/people/kate_beckinsale) at People.com/name/nm295/) at the Internet Movie Database • Kate Beckinsale (http://tcmdb.com/name/p4911) at AllRovi • Kate Beckinsale (http://www.allrovi.com .people.jsp?participantId=12517) at the TCM Movie Database • Kate Beckinsale (http://www.imdb.Kate Beckinsale 53 External links • Kate Beckinsale (http://www.

including Scott Speedman. Unfortunately. including Scott's girlfriend. and was released on September 8. Wayne (Tygh Runyan). The festivities begin once the parents go off to a party of their own. there's a catch: Scott's parents happen to be particularly anal about the direction the carpet fibers lay and the distance from doily to table-edge. that is. drugs. . as Scott quickly discovers just how much can go wrong in one night of kitchen partying. Soon the girls are arriving. is the tiled kitchen. Tammy (Laura Harris) — whom he plans on bedding before the night is over — and alcohol. This includes calamity. 1997 1:32 English Kitchen Party is a 1997 film written and directed by Gary Burns (The Suburbanators).Kitchen Party (film) 54 Kitchen Party (film) Kitchen Party Kitchen Party theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Gary Burns Christine Haebler John Hazlett Gary Burns Scott Speedman Laura Harris Gillian Barber Schaun Tozer Music by Cinematography Robert Aschmann Release date(s) Running time Language September 8. Scott (Scott Speedman) decides to throw a celebratory get-together with friends in his parents' home. The movie cast a number of then-unknown young Canadian actors. music. Laura Harris. more people. Plot summary In the bored suburban atmosphere of a Canadian city. 1997 at the Toronto Film Festival. and Tygh Runyan. This means that the only part of the house that is safe. with a house that would be entirely empty but for Scott's mysterious brother lurking in the basement. the only part of the house with no carpeting and therefore no potential mess. leaving Scott and his buddy. and everything else that characterizes a stereotypical house party follows.

• Vancouver International Film Festival (1997): Gary Burns won for Best New Western Canadian Director." • Torino International Festival of Young Cinema (1997): Gary Burns won a Special Mention. • Torino International Festival of Young Cinema (1997): Kitchen Party nominated in Best Film category for the Prize of the City of Torino.Special Mention for the film’s "incisive and ironic portrayal of middle class family life in Western society. imdb. Jason Wiles as Steve Awards and nominations • Rotterdam International Film Festival (1998): Gary Burns nominated for Tiger Award. com/ title/ tt0125319/ . • Torino International Festival of Young Cinema (1997): Gary Burns won FIPRESCI Prize .J.Kitchen Party (film) 55 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Scott Speedman as Scott Laura Harris as Tammy Tygh Runyan as Wayne John Payne as Bill A. External links • Kitchen Party [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Bond as Tim James McBurney as Cal Jenafor Ryane as Marni (credited as Janafor Ryane) Joelle Thomas as Marie Kevin McNulty as Brent Gillian Barber as Barb Marie Stillin as Marge Sarah Strange as Cynthia Dave Cox as Lester Jr.

The show was canceled when its producer. Prime Time Entertainment Network (also known as PTEN). ceased operations and no other network opted to continue the series. Caine wandered and traveled. much as his grandfather had. .[3] Reruns of the show have been aired on TNT. 1993 – January 1. of seasons No. of episodes Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is a spin-off of the 1972-1975 television series Kung Fu. Canada.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 56 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Format Created by Starring Action/Drama Ed Spielman David Carradine Chris Potter Narrated by Country of origin Richard Anderson Canada United States 4 88 Production Executive producer(s) Michael Sloan Running time Distributor 44 minutes Warner Bros.Carradine playing a Shaolin monk. each believed the other had perished and went on their separate ways. Story Like his grandfather and namesake from the original TV series. Potter a police detective. After the destruction of the temple. Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is a Shaolin priest. until the temple was destroyed in a fire caused by a renegade priest who believed the priests would serve better as mercenaries. while Peter became a foster child and eventually a police officer. The series begins when Caine comes to the city's Chinatown section. from January 27. where his son Peter (Chris Potter) also lived and studied. David Carradine and Chris Potter starred as a father and son trained in kung fu . Caine was the head of a temple in Northern California. and they are reunited after being separated for 15 years. Filming took place in Toronto. 1997 No. and was broadcast in over 70 countries. where Peter's precinct is. 1997. Television Distribution Broadcast Original channel Audio format Original run PTEN Stereo January 27.[1][2] This series aired in syndication for four seasons. 1993 to January 1. Ontario.

During the series finale. Peter became a detective and eventually came to work at the 101st Precinct in a Chinatown district after being separated from his father as a child. appearing in places he should not have been able to reach.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 57 Characters Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) Kwai Chang Caine is the main character of the series. In the third season. He also begins to learn some of the tricks and "magical" abilities that his father uses. Peter has also become a good marksman and regularly demonstrates this skill in the performance of his duties as a cop." raised by a foster family. He is often seen playing the flute in his spare time . tough-guy cops who [3] always winds up in trouble at the same time he's getting his man. he turns the apartment over to Peter and leaves the city again. but returns six months later (in the second-season premiere) and moves into an apartment in Chinatown. wise. A running gag throughout the series has Caine quoting a piece of insight to another character (usually Peter). David Carradine appeared in all the episodes of the series. during the series finale. He closes it down and leaves the city at the end of the first season. who guesses that it is from an ancient Eastern philosopher. often a musician such as Frank Zappa or John Lennon. because "it pushes the lesson in" ("Rain's Only Friend"). the lead character from the original series[4] and highly intelligent. going without oxygen for extended periods of time. but stops just short of becoming a priest. Caine then reveals the source to be a celebrity. we find out that his extensive training and mastery of many various arts and skills allow him to perform impressive and often impossible superhuman feats. and honorable. average. and has become somewhat cynical and cold about life and the world in general and. then changes to a blue Dodge Stealth coupe for the other three. which greatly increases his ability. extinguishing flame with the wave of a hand. These include opening locked doors. He drives a black Chevrolet Corvette convertible during the first season. Both in the present and in flashbacks. setting himself up as an apothecary." initially to Caine's visible dislike (which lessens considerably as the series progresses). In the beginning of the series. Caine sets up a kwoon. He eventually found himself in the same city as his son Peter when he was looking for the boy who would inherit the Chinese throne. Peter was forced to grow up in the "real world. Peter addresses Caine as "Pop. a facility where he teaches the basics of kung fu to interested locals. big city police detective. Caine often reminds him of moments at the temple that prove to be helpful in his work. He is the grandson of Kwai Chang Caine. he becomes a Shambhala master. he frequently gives Peter a gentle slap to the cheek or the side of the head when reminding him about some piece of wisdom. Peter Caine (Chris Potter) The son of Kwai Chang Caine. continues to carry the pain of the loss of his father among other things. The character was described by critic Jonathan Storm as "one of those seat-of-the-pants. he turns in his badge and becomes a Shaolin priest in his own right. as well as physically defending himself. however. As the series progresses." The Ancient (Lo Si) / Ping Hai (Kim Chan) . this time to find out whether or not his wife is still alive. having forgotten and buried much of what he was taught as a child. and even using forms of pyrokinesis and psychokinesis. Believing his father to be dead and all he knew as a child destroyed and taken from him. Chris Potter also appeared in all the episodes of the series. Later in the series. but occasionally a bamboo instrument similar to that used by his grandfather. Throughout all four seasons. Peter undergoes the full Shaolin training regimen and completes it successfully. as well as a master of Kung-Fu. He also seems to have maintained some of the martial arts expertise which he learned in early childhood. obviously. he very much personifies the stereotypical. Early in the series.usually a modern metal one. a Shaolin priest and leader of a Shaolin temple located somewhere in California roughly 15 years before the series begins.

Captain of the 101st Precinct. but this is never confirmed or denied. He was first seen in the present time of the series in the Season 3 episode "The Sacred Chalice of I Ching. The Ancient also came to the city because of his daughter.A communications and surveillance expert. His video camera footage is usually very shaky. In the series finale. It's obvious that he's had an interesting and turbulent past. and is rarely seen without his dark green sunglasses. as well as a younger brother who had been a police officer until he was murdered. Adoptive father of Peter Caine." though the name "Lo Si" is sometimes used to denote him.Has extensive computer and technological skill as well as combat training and an enigmatic background as a mercenary. Gets nervous in the field and prefers assignments which keep him in the background.Chief of Detectives. He is a lot more open minded with all the mystical sides of Kung Fu than most of the cops.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues An old and mysterious "wise man" who has accumulated much ancient mystic. • Captain Karen Simms (Kate Trotter) .Takes command of the precinct after Blaisdell leaves at the end of the second season to deal with his personal problems. one of the monks who oversaw the California temple along with Caine. earning him some ridicule from other officers. He remains mysterious throughout the series and is a strong supporting character. even at one point witnessing Peter trying to and succeed in mastering his father's pyrokinetic gun melting technique." usually said after he has either witnessed or performed a significant feat. After that he kept his distance and watched her grow up and start a family of her own. • Detective Kermit Griffin (Scott Wentworth) . along with other members of his police precinct (Seasons 1 & 2). He and his wife Annie (who is blind) have two daughters. but without the latter's hair. An excellent police officer. with a son who is enrolled at a military academy. . beard/mustache. He used to be a mercenary. according to legend. although his short temper gets him into trouble occasionally. It is hinted at one point that he may have a son. before revealing himself as her father. carries a Desert Eagle pistol with optical scope and laser guides. An enigmatic and secretive man. He plays a significant supporting role throughout the series. • Chief Frank Strenlich (William Dunlop) . She and Kermit Griffin develop a very close friendship. Matthew Caine Grandfather of Peter Caine and father of Kwai Chang Caine. herbal. and he is very bad at mixing drinks. • Blake (Robert Nicholson) . and eyeglasses. He has one sister. given to Jesus during his wanderings as a gift from a Shaolin Temple.A county coroner who has little trouble establishing causes of death in unusual homicide cases. • Marvin Katz (Robert King) . His favorite phrase is "Bloody marvelous. he reveals that he is actually Ping Hai. as well as being quite capable of defending himself even in his old age. She is divorced. • Dr. helping to relocate her and her grandfather to the area. Most characters refer to him simply as "The Ancient. Matthew was a medic with the Allies in World War II and an amateur archaeologist. Drives a lime green Chevrolet Corvair. Nicholas J. Believed to be dead. and historical knowledge. Matthew was reunited with his surviving family in the same episode. but her working relationship with Peter gets off to a very rough start (Seasons 3 & 4).A desk sergeant. having lived for decades near the church where the chalice had been hidden. (Numerous flashbacks throughout the series depict Ping Hai as having the same voice and appearance as the Ancient.) The Ancient was also part of the Chinese council that protected the child who would inherit the Chinese throne. An ex-marine/soldier. She's a very strong and independent woman and a very efficient police captain. "Nicky" Elder (David Hewlett) . He discovered a chalice that was." though he appeared in occasional flashbacks before and after this episode. 58 101st Precinct Primary police officers • Captain Paul Blaisdell (Robert Lansing) .

21 Redemption: Part 1 1.19 Shaman 1.8 Challenge 1. Peter does not engage in a relationship with her and instead decides to just remain friends.A desk sergeant. Although it is strongly hinted that these things played a role in his past. Jody herself fell in love with Peter.22 Redemption: Part 2 . Often clashes with the main character police officers. As with the rest of the series.5 Sacred Trust 1. Episodes Kung Fu: The Legend Continues lasted four seasons with a total of 88 episodes. "Initiation. also becomes a love interest of Caine's as the series progresses. is sometimes not treated as an equal to the rest of the squad. and hates being called "T.An undercover agent.9 Disciple 1.14 The Lacquered Box 1. He deals in rare coins. It established the main characters and introduced many of the concepts that are seen throughout the series.18 Dragonswing 1. and a past member of the mercenary squad headed by Blaisdell. he is the son of the police commissioner and as a result. Season 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1.Another partner of Peter's. • Detective Janet Morgan • Detective Roger Chin (Oscar Hsu) . but for reasons unknown to viewers.17 Reunion 1. much of the storytelling was done through flashbacks.J.6 Force of Habit 1.Head of the SWAT team.3 Shadow Assassin 1.A partner of Peter's. • Detective Jody Powell (Belinda Metz) .2 Initiation: Part 2 1.10 Rain's Only Friend 1.4 Sunday at the Hotel with George 1. • Detective Thomas Jefferson Kincaid (Sandey Grinn) .16 Straitjacket 1.20 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 1. The pilot episode.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues • John Broderick (John Bourgeois) .13 Blind Eye 1. it is never revealed.1 Initiation: Part 1 1. 59 Other police officers • Captain Bartlett Stiles (Richard Anderson) .11 Secret Place 1. • Detective Mary Margaret Skalany (Victoria Snow).7 Pai Gow 1. and real estate on the side. she is the sister of a love interest of Peter's who died.15 Illusion 1.12 Dragon's Eye 1." He seems to have some interest and experience with the paranormal and supernatural.Another detective. stamps." was presented as a two-parter.

4 The Return of Sing Ling 3.14 Magic Trick 2.8 Target 3.2 Plague 3.14 Demons 3.12 Warlord 2.21 Brotherhood of the Bell 3.2 May I Ride with You 2.9 Citizen Caine 3.21 Enter the Tiger 2.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 60 Season 2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2.5 Manhunt 3.20 Kung Fu Blues 3.17 The Promise 3.17 The Gang of Three 2.16 Kundela 2.19 Dragonswing II 2.4 An Ancient Lottery 2.22 Retribution Season 3 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.8 Out of the Woods 2.13 Eye Witness 3.15 Aspects of the Soul 2.16 Cruise Missiles 3.13 The Innocent 2.1 Return of the Shadow Assassin 2.9 Tournament 2.7 A Chinatown Murder Mystery: The Case of the Poison Hand 3.5 Laurie's Friend 2. Caine 3.7 Only the Strong Survive 2.18 Sunday at the Museum with George 2.10 The Bardo 2.20 Sing Wah 2.22 Destiny .15 Deadly Fashion 3. Mr.18 Flying Fists of Fury II: Masters of Illusion 3.) 3.3 May I Walk with You 3.19 Banker's Hours 3.6 Temple 2.1 Rite of Passage 3.6 Gunfighters (featuring the original Caine and Cheyenne Bodie.12 The Sacred Chalice of I Ching 3.3 Dragon's Daughter 2.11 Goodbye.11 The Possessed 2.10 Quake! 3.

Paul Blaisdell Kate Trotter . Season 4) Richard Anderson .Narrator (uncredited) Rob Moses .17 Ancient Love 4.3 Circle of Light 4.7 Phoenix 4.16 Dark Side of the Chi 4.Master Khan Notable guest stars • • • • • • • • • • Dennis Akayama Lawrence Bayne Nigel Bennett Kirsten Bishop Paul Boretski Neve Campbell Robert Carradine George Cheung Ben Cooper Alex Cord .12 Escape 4.18 Blackout 4.Kwai Chang Caine.Lo Si (The Ancient) / Ping Hai Robert Lansing .15 A Shaolin Treasure 4. Matthew Caine Chris Potter .Younger Peter Caine (in flashbacks.10 Veil of Tears 4.19 Time Prisoners 4.4 Prism 4.11 Chill Ride 4.14 Storm Warning 4.22 May I Talk With You Cast • • • • • • • • • David Carradine .Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 61 Season 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 4.Capt.5 Black Widow 4. Karen Simms Nathaniel Moreau .1 Dark Vision 4.Det.21 A Shaolin Christmas 4.6 Shaolin Shot 4.Young Peter Caine (in flashbacks) Robert Bednarski .13 Who is Kwai Chang Caine? 4. Peter Caine Kim Chan .20 Requiem 4.9 Dragon's Lair 4.Capt.2 The First Temple 4.8 Special Forces 4.

Onge John Schneider 62 . Michael Rhoades Mickey Rooney Ron Rubin Guylaine St.Kung Fu: The Legend Continues • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Peter Cunningham Henry Czerny Norma Dell'Agnese Catherine Disher Deborah Drakeford James Drury Deborah Duchêne Karyn Dwyer Colm Feore Robert Fuller Victor Garber Doug Gilmour Ryan Gosling Katie Griffin James Hong David Huband Martin Kove George Lazenby Al Leong Stavroula Logothettis Kevin Lund Wendy Lyon Gene Mack Patrick Macnee Mako Kari Matchett Stephen McHattie Gerry Mendicino Lindsay Merrithew Anthony J. Mifsud (credited as Mif in a Co-Starring appearance) Colin Mochrie Stephanie Morgenstern Barry Morse Dustin Nguyen Ian Ogilvy Sandra Oh Soon-Tek Oh (credited as Soon-Teck Oh) Regis Philbin Glenn Plummer Alice Poon Natalie Radford Ernie Reyes Jr.

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Last Resort (U. of seasons No.S. 2012 – January 24. TV series) 64 Last Resort (U.S. TV series) Last Resort Genre • • • • Created by Drama Military Action Adventure Shawn Ryan Karl Gajdusek • • • • • • • • • • Andre Braugher Scott Speedman Daisy Betts Camille De Pazzis Dichen Lachman Daniel Lissing Sahr Ngaujah Autumn Reeser Jessy Schram Robert Patrick Starring Composer(s) Country of origin Language(s) No. of episodes Robert Duncan United States English 1 13 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) • • • • Martin Campbell Shawn Ryan Karl Gajdusek Marney Hochman Producer(s) Editor(s) Jean Higgins Angela M. Kathleen Gibson Oahu. Catanzaro J. Hawaii Rohn Schmidt Krishna Rao 42 minutes Location(s) Cinematography Running time Production company(s) MiddKid Productions Sony Pictures Television Big Sun Productions Broadcast Original channel Picture format Audio format Original run ABC 720p (HDTV) Dolby Digital 5.1 September 27. 2013 External links .

The B-1s turn away at the last minute. Two nuclear missile strikes are subsequently made on Pakistan by other U. the President assassinated and the full story made public when Kylie Sinclair arranges for proof of the President and his administration's traitorous activities to be handed over to the press. government has set them up so that they can finally return home. After confirming Washington's continued existence and refusing to fire the missiles until the command is sent through the proper system. TV series) [1] 65 Official website Last Resort is an American military drama television series. that aired on ABC from September 27. ending with the Colorado destroyed with Chaplin still on board.[6] As the series progresses. only to be used in the event that Washington. When Kendal also questions the orders and asks for confirmation. Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. from rebelling against him and while combating the schemes of the local drug lord Julian Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah). a female weapons designer back home who allies with Christine Kendal (Jessy Schram).C.C. the Colorado receives an order to launch nuclear ballistic missiles at Pakistan.S. D. the Colorado seeks refuge on the island of Sainte Marina (a fictional French island located in the Indian Ocean) and commandeer a NATO communications and missile warning facility.Last Resort (U. the wife of the Colorado's XO to find out the truth behind the nuclear attack on Pakistan and the Colorado's fugitive status. to impress upon the national leadership that he's serious. while trying to keep his own crew. Now the crew must find a way to prove their innocence and find out who in the U. has already been destroyed. 2013. and the Colorado's second in command. racked with guilt over his role in the events leading to the nuking of Pakistan. forces. the explosion clearly visible from both Washington and New York City. the USS Colorado (SSBN-753)[4] pick up a U. D. Realizing that they've been declared enemies of their own country. 2012 to January 24.S. Via a television feed to the media. Chaplin finds himself having to make reluctant allies with China. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher).[2] The series was created by Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek and produced by Sony Pictures Television. Chaplin is relieved of command by the then-Deputy Secretary of Defense William Curry. is given command instead. cultivates a romance with one of the island residents (Dichen Lachman) while surreptitiously aiding the XO. The series also follows the efforts of Kylie Sinclair (Autumn Reeser). An ongoing subplot involves a Navy SEAL named James King (Daniel Lissing) who. the surviving crew returning home to the United States.S. but Chaplin (who has altered the missile's final target coordinates) allows the missile to visibly overfly Washington. Colorado's Commanding Officer. The series concludes with a series of mutinies.C. 2012. ABC announced that the series would not be picked up for a full season but finished its original thirteen-episode run. . When a pair of B-1 bombers are sent to attack the submarine and island. On November 16. Chaplin launches a [5] Trident nuclear missile towards Washington. Navy SEAL team off Pakistan's coast. D. Lieutenant Commander Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman). asks for confirmation of the firing order because the orders were received through a legacy Cold War secondary communication channel. he then declares a 200-mile exclusion zone around Sainte Marina.S. the vessel is fired upon by the Virginia-class submarine USS Illinois (SSN-786). led by Chief of the Boat Joseph Prosser (Robert Patrick).[3] Plot When the crew of the fictional U.S. and explode 200 miles beyond in the open Atlantic.

Navy SEAL Michael Gaston as Bennett Sinclair. TV series) 66 Production ABC greenlit the pilot in January 2012. French leader of the NATO communications facility • Dichen Lachman as Tani Tumrenjack. then promoted to Secretary of Defense William Curry Omid Abtahi as NATO surveillance technician Nigel Daniel Bess as the Communications Officer. owner of Sainte Marina bar • Daniel Lissing as Petty Officer James King. the local despot • Autumn Reeser as Kylie Sinclair. Chief of the Boat (COB) of the USS Colorado Recurring characters • • • • • • • • • • • Jay Hernandez as Paul Wells Michael Ng as the senior sonar operator. Hawaii[8] and produced by Sony Pictures Television. initially introduced as Deputy Secretary of Defense.S. Kylie's industrialist father .[11] Cast Main characters • Andre Braugher as Captain Marcus Chaplin • Scott Speedman as the Executive Officer. ABC announced that they would not be taking on Last Resort for a full season. Thirteen episodes were ordered.[10] On November 16. the latter a long time friend of Captain Chaplin • Camille De Pazzis as Sophie Girard. but aired the thirteen episodes that were produced. D. boat's navigator and daughter of Rear Admiral Arthur Shepard. the producers revealed they had been given enough notice of the network's cancellation plans so they could "tweak" the final episode to function as a series finale and give the fans some closure. 2012. Lieutenant Grace Shepard's father Gideon Emery as CIA operative Booth Will Rothhaar as Petty Officer Josh Brannan Jay Karnes. and also passed on producing the two additional scripts that were ordered.Last Resort (U.[9] and on October 19. 2012.[3] On November 21. 2012. U. allowing filming to begin. Lieutenant Commander Sam Kendal • Daisy Betts as Lieutenant Grace Shepard. U.[7] The show was filmed in Oahu. Lieutenant Chris Cahill David Rees Snell as Petty Officer Barry Hopper. Navy SEAL • Sahr Ngaujah as Julian Serrat.S. Chief Petty Officer Cameron Pitts Jessica Camacho as Petty Officer First Class Pilar Cortez Bruce Davison as Rear Admiral Arthur Shepard.C.S. wife of Lieutenant Commander Sam Kendal • Robert Patrick as Command Master Chief Petty Officer Joseph Prosser. ABC ordered two additional scripts for the series. lobbyist for her family's weapons manufacturing company • Jessy Schram as Christine Kendal. a Washington.

he instead gives the grenade to Chaplin. As a false flag pretext for war. TV series) 67 Critical reception The initial episode was met with positive reviews from critics. In Washington.7/5 Chaplin and Kendal learn that the U. Chaplin activates the Perseus stealth device that makes the sub undetectable and launches an unarmed torpedo at the Illinois to warn them off.. Meanwhile. leading to a nuclear strike against Pakistan. so Chaplin tells them they can choose to stay with him or return to the US.3/4 Secretary of Defense Curry arrives at Sainte Marine to negotiate with Chaplin and Kendal. When he is put in contact with Secretary of Defense Curry and ordered to sink the sub. supposedly. Many of the crew are unhappy. . Kendal's wife has had her income cut off and is hounded by the press. Serrat is looking for valuable rare earths on the island. the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built. the local despot Serrat kidnaps two of the Colorado's crew. 4 "Voluntold" Steven DePaul Patrick Massett & John Zinman October 18. but returns late. 2013 Episodes No. Christine. so Serrat kills one of the men. Chaplin set it to fly over Washington and it detonated above the ocean. Sophie Girard decides to aid the Colorado during their mission.S.S. When ordered to fire four nuclear missiles at Pakistan.00 [14] 1. 3 "Eight Bells" Michael Offer Eileen Myers October 11. to prove his resolve.53 [17] 1. blames Pakistan for the attack. to help her uncover the government conspiracy.S. and the Colorado bottoms out and is left for dead. The presumed-dead crew of the Colorado take control of the island of Sainte Marina where there is a NATO radar installation. he defies protocol and demands confirmation. allowing vessels to approach undetected. including the U. Sinclair realizes that the stolen disk of Perseus data also contains the course of the Colorado prior to the attack on Pakistan. Admiral Shepard shoots Curry and kills his adviser to prevent the firing order. the USS Illinois fires on the Colorado..2/7 1 "Captain" Martin Campbell Karl Gajdusek & Shawn Ryan September 27.S. 2012 [15] 6.[12] Series overview Season Episodes Originally aired Series premiere 1 13 Series finale DVD release dates Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 TBA TBA TBA September 27. 2012 [17] 6. 5 "Skeleton Crew" Michael Offer David Wiener October 25. the U. 2012 [14] 8. Meanwhile. Serrat has captured them and demands Chaplin pick up cargo from a ship outside the perimeter for their release. Admiral Shepard asks Kylie Sinclair to find the source of the missile launch order. 2012 Marcus Chaplin is the Captain of the USS Colorado.S. One crewman attempts to shoot Chaplin. XO Sam Kendal intercepts a ground assault by Russian Spetsnaz while in the U. that attacks his ship.31 Rating/share (18–49) [13] 2.S. part of the sonar array protecting the island fails. with a score of 74 out of 100 based on 30 reviews from Metacritic. which causes her to miss her ride off the island. 2012 January 24.Last Resort (U. but in reality.S. Lieutenant Shepard is forced to pilot the submarine to repair the array with King and Girard's help. The Colorado makes the hazardous mission.. The only set of blueprints and all data relating to the Perseus stealth device are stolen from the safe in Sinclair's apartment. In the U. Sinclair finds herself cornered and seeks the alliance of Kendals's wife.. Joseph Prosser tells Chaplin and the crew that the recent death of his son is affecting his judgment. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U. and Petty Officer Brannan later uses a grenade to take the control room. his wife is pressured to make him surrender. he fires a missile. When navy subs have a chance to sink the Colorado.9/6 More than twenty American warships are approaching the perimeter around the island. 2 "Blue on Blue" Kevin Hooks Karl Gajdusek October 4.6/4 Prosser gives his parole and is released from the brig to help find three crew members. 2012 [16] 7.06 [16] 1. Consequently. Some crewmembers have been sent orders to kill Chaplin and seize the boat. Back in the U. Chaplin threatens to launch his missiles at any country. targeted at Washington D.S.89 [15] 1. government will charge them with treason. C. viewers (million) [13] 9.

S.0/3 Kendal and King leave the island to try to rescue Kendal's wife.0/3 A battle of alliances ensues as Chaplin receives news from Admiral Shepard about the planned coup in the U.44 [21] 1.2/3 When Prosser's mutiny is co-opted by those planning to sell the Colorado to the Chinese. Sinclair learns that her father is supporting the President in his treachery. they are released. Serrat makes a deal with the Chinese to exploit the island's rare earth elements. but only if Chaplin is removed from command.S. the Captain succumbs to sleep. inside Prosser's mutiny team. with serious consequences for Prosser. Meanwhile. Meanwhile. a growing concern with the Chinese intentions. King and Hopper are forced to kill two innocent men before Hopper is shot.2/4 When a ship containing the family members of the crew is captured by Pakistani commandos. the local organized crime leader.S. It is revealed that Chaplin has a man. 7 "Nuke It Out" Michael Offer Nick Antosca & Ned Vizzini November 15. Seeing hallucinations of his son. Serrat is seen working with the unknown attackers who are intent on kidnapping one of the SEALs. 8 "Big Chicken Dinner" Gwyneth Horder-Payton Julie Siege November 29. Conflict is also renewed with Serrat. followed seconds later by his suicide and the uncovering of most of the conspirators. and he protects her from being named a conspirator in exchange for her joining the President's efforts. regarding the false evidence of briefcase nukes in Pakistan. Chaplin decides that he can't afford to keep crewmen in the brig. then reveals the proof of the President's treachery before assassinating him.20 [20] 1. TV series) 6 "Another Fine Navy Day" Christopher Misiano Ron Fitzgerald November 8.98 [18] 1. Kendal awakens and partners with King to thwart the attackers while Chaplin and his crew are imperiled when a fire breaks out on board and they are disoriented by the BZ. Kendal and the captured SEAL search for the mole's hidden communication system. that shortly renders most of the island's population and the sub's crew unconscious. Christine. Meanwhile. The morning after the feast. forcing Chaplin to act. Sinclair plays along with her father and the President while she arranges for Kendall's wife to be returned to the US. 2012 [22] 4. Chaplin and Lieutenant Shepard must make a decision to use the sub's weapons to destroy an Indian invasion force that is threatening to attack Pakistan or watch their families die. Prosser returns and tries to keep his injury and addiction a secret from everyone. 2012 [21] 5. with a promise of amnesty for the crew. the surviving SEAL from the BZ attack tells Kendal that there is a faction in Washington that wants to see the Colorado crew become a symbol of resistance against the current administration. .. However he is revived by an unknown individual who had also restored the sub's oxygen levels and stole Chaplin's launch key. 2012 [18] 5. The Speaker announces to the House that he had been planning to join the coup. 2013 [23] 5. Back in the U. 2012 [20] 5.2/4 Chaplin investigates his crew to find out who sabotaged the sub and stole his launch key.Last Resort (U.07 [24] 1. Navy sends a destroyer to intercept the Chinese supply ship. increasing tensions. leading to the events of the pilot.81 [23] 1. Prosser's mutiny team covertly sinks a Chinese supply ship as it approaches shore. as we learn that Hopper was ordered by the Secretary of Defense to plant evidence that Pakistan was building weapons of mass destruction. 10 "Blue Water" Billy Gierhart Eileen Myers & Julie Siege December 13. 13 "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" Michael Offer Karl Gajdusek & David Wiener January 24. Cortez reveals to Chaplin that she had been drawing a second paycheck from the CIA since college. the mission of the Navy SEALs is revealed. a man representing China offers much needed aid and supplies to the crew. Meanwhile. Christine Kendal and Sinclair work together to expose the truth of what is happening to the Colorado in the national media. Jeffrey as a young boy.0/3 Chaplin organizes a feast for the crew and the islanders in celebration of the two cultures. to the Speaker of the House.4/4 68 The island's water supply is dosed with a hallucinogen. 11 "Damn the Torpedoes" Clark Johnson Patrick Massett & John Zinman January 10. Sinclair reveals the President's treachery.48 [25] 1. Still reeling from the belief that his wife is dead. as he assisted in the BZ attack. but two men are flogged as an example.S. 12 "The Pointy End of the Spear" Paris Barclay Ron Fitzgerald January 17.68 [19] 1. fear that the coup d'etat is not the way to move forward. BZ. 2013 [24] 5. and now refuses to carry out an order to kill him. things go bad when an essential crew member is accused of raping one of the island's women. 2013 [25] 5.2/3 The U.94 [22] 1. Kendal is torn between his loyalty to Chaplin. Brannan. 9 "Cinderella Liberty" Lesli Linka Glatter Morenike Balogun December 6. Chaplin makes one final stand as he retakes the conn and makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the boat does not become anybody's tool in the complicated world situation. as Admiral Shepard and a small group of leaders plan a coup d'etat. and also because his men have been dealing drugs to the crew. 2012 [19] 5.

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TV series) 71 References External links • Official website (http://www.com/shows/last-resort) • Last Resort (http://www.com/shows/last-resort/) at TV.tv.S.Last Resort (U.com .com/title/tt2172103/) at the Internet Movie Database • Last Resort (http://www.imdb.abc.

the drama Reign Over Me (2007) and big-budget studio films such as Armageddon (1998). Steven Tyler. Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of 14. including the 2004 comedy Jersey Girl. The Strangers (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008). U. 1 child) Milo William Langdon Steven Tyler (biological father) Todd Rundgren (adoptive father) Bebe Buell (mother) Occupation Years active Spouse(s) Children Parents Liv Rundgren Tyler[1] (born Liv Rundgren. . New York.S. 1977) is an American actress and model. and Bebe Buell. July 1. and as a spokesperson for Givenchy's line of perfume and cosmetics. She is the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer. Tyler later achieved critical recognition in the leading role in Stealing Beauty (1996). Tyler achieved international recognition as a result of her portrayal of Elf maiden Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. She followed this by starring in supporting roles including Inventing the Abbotts (1997) and Cookie's Fortune (1999). but after less than a year she decided to focus on acting. She has appeared in an eclectic range of films. April 2012 Born Liv Rundgren July 1. model and singer. Tyler has served as a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador for the United States since 2003. Actress 1994–present Royston Langdon (2003–2008.Liv Tyler 72 Liv Tyler Liv Tyler Tyler at 7th Annual Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner. She made her film debut in the 1994 film Silent Fall. Heavy (1996) and That Thing You Do! (1996). 1977 New York City. She then appeared in supporting roles in Empire Records (1995). the indie film Lonesome Jim (2005).

.[2][4] She is of Italian. But that also kept me out of trouble. singer. after seeing Ullmann on the cover of the March 5. where she played the older sister of an autistic boy.[7] Her maternal grandmother.[8] At Liv's birth. The film received favorable reviews..[18] Tyler has described Empire Records as "one of the best experiences" she has ever had. founded the Protocol School of Washington. she starred in the comedy drama Empire Records.[1][4] She. she was put on Ritalin for it. was Tyler's biological father. I was at work on a movie in Tuscany . became bored with her modeling career less than a year after it started. she also meditates to deal better with the disorder. although[4] she never took acting lessons. Tyler . the secret was revealed.. however. and left to continue her acting career. gives a charmingly ingenuous performance. I didn’t get much of a childhood in my teen years because I’ve been working since I was 14.[14] Along with her medication.[1][4] She went to York Preparatory in New York City for junior high and high school after her mother researched the school to accommodate Tyler's ADHD.[5] Tyler has three half-siblings: Mia Tyler (born 1978). Liv Ullmann. a naive young waitress."[16] Career Early work Tyler received her first modeling job at age 14 with the assistance of Paulina Porizkova who took pictures of her that ended up in Interview magazine. 1977 issue of TV Guide.[3] Since learning the truth about her paternity. Breakwater School and Waynflete School in Portland.[13] At the age of 14.[2] She is the first-born daughter of Bebe Buell.[6] Chelsea Anna Tallarico (born 1989).[1][9] The truth about Tyler's paternity did not become public until five years later in 1991. betraying no self-consciousness about her lush good looks.[19] Soon after. Russian and English ancestry on her father's side. once when she appeared in Aerosmith's music video for "Crazy" in 1993. [15] She graduated in 1995.[1] Tyler made her feature film debut in Silent Fall in 1994.[1] At age eight Tyler discovered that she was Steven Tyler's daughter after meeting him and noticing a resemblance she shared with his other daughter..[1][4][9] When she asked her mother about the similarity. and Steven Tyler. Mia. with whom Buell had been living since 1972. I love the way my life has gone.[1] They also have worked together professionally.[10][11][12] before returning to New York City with her mother at age 12."[21] . and former Playboy Playmate (Miss November 1974).[3] Her mother named her after Norwegian actress.[20] critic Janet Maslin noted: "Ms. the lead singer of Aerosmith. Liv and Steven have developed a close relationship. she landed a supporting role in James Mangold's 1996 drama Heavy as Callie. German. When everybody was doing acid and partying like crazy.[3] Tyler first became known to television audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith's 1993 song "Crazy". and Taj Monroe Tallarico (born 1992).[1][4] She later starred in television commercials. but it was a different kind of thing. and decided to go into acting.[17] In 1995. and again when Aerosmith performed many of the songs in the film Armageddon (1998) in which Liv Tyler starred. a model.[1] Tyler attended the Congressional Schools of Virginia. of course. when she changed her name from Rundgren to Tyler. Tyler said: "For me.[1][4] When asked about the way she spent her early life. Maine. Dorothea Johnson. having my own fun.[1][3] but kept the former as a middle name. Buell's stated reason for the initial decision was that Steven was too heavily addicted to drugs at the time of her birth. I have no regrets. Polish. Buell claimed that rock star Todd Rundgren. which she still takes as an adult.Liv Tyler 73 Early life Tyler was born Liv Rundgren[1] at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

[28] The movie included the songs "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and the Rings: The Return of the King in "What Kind of Love Are You On" by Aerosmith. I wanted to try it for that very reason. silly snap. T & the Women (2000).[37] The film was critically and financially unsuccessful. creating a rich sense of what Lucy is about that often is not explicit in the dialogue.[31] Entertainment Weekly declared Tyler's performance as "lovely and pliant".[27] It grossed over $25 million worldwide. but the biggest reason I changed my mind was because I was scared of it.[22] but Tyler's performance was favored by the critics. she played Marilyn. a film based on the 19th century Russian novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin. the actress appears to respond effortlessly and intuitively to the camera. Dr.[39][40] She later appeared in two films directed by Robert Altman. Tyler was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People.[41] Her performance well received among critics.[1][36] In Cookie's Fortune. Bertolucci claimed "there was something missing in all of them". their plunge back to obscurity. at others composed and serene.[34] but was a box office success earning $553 million Tyler at the premiere of The Lord of worldwide. and just as quickly. she appeared in Inventing the Abbotts in 1997.[25] During promotion of the film. an innocent. in which she portrayed Tatyana Larina and co-starred with Ralph Fiennes. "Liv Tyler (here radiantly resembling a ganglier young Ava Gardner) with a rare opportunity to enamour. T & the Women."[23] Empire noted. but a relaxed. she appeared in the historical comedy film Plunkett & Macleane. following their whirlwind rise to [26] the top of the pop charts. a break she capitalizes on with composure. "I really didn't want to do it at first and I turned it down a couple of times.Liv Tyler 74 Popular success Tyler had her breakthrough role in Stealing Beauty (1996). in which she played Lucy Harmon.[25] He later admitted that what he saw in Tyler was a gravitas he described as "a New York aura".[36] Tyler was required to master an English accent. though Stephen Holden of the New York Times felt that her approximation of an English accent was "inert". The film was written and directed by Tom Hanks.I just want it to be special when I make a movie. The film received generally mixed reviews.[29] The following year. she admitted that she turned down the role in Armageddon. romantic teenager who travels to Tuscany. as in the cartoon sound she makes when she takes a midday swig of bourbon. including Tyler's music video co-star Alicia Silverstone. Chris O'Donnell.[32] That same year. I mean. who chose Tyler for the role after meeting with a number of young girls in Los Angeles. Cookie's Fortune (1999) and Dr.[30] The movie is based on a short story by Sue Miller."[11] She was then cast in the drama Onegin (1999). a gynecological patient . At times sweetly awkward. "I tried my damnedest not to think of my own situation. Salon. I just started to cry and cry. Italy. I'm not really in this to do amazing things in my career . The lazy geniality of the movie is summed up by the way Emma [Tyler's character] saunters off to take a swim with her cowboy hat and pint of Wild Turkey.com wrote: "This is the first time in which Tyler's acting is a match for her beauty (she's always been a bit forlorn).[33] Tyler next appeared in Armageddon (1998). But at one point.[28] and was met with favorable reviews. she was part of an ensemble cast that included Glenn Close."[25] She later appeared in That Thing You Do! (1996). The film generated mixed reviews. Tyler admitted she wanted to separate herself from the character during production. intent on losing her virginity.[35] In a 2001 interview with 2003 The Guardian. Julianne Moore. Variety wrote: "Tyler is the perfect accomplice."[24] The film was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.[43] In the romantic comedy. and Patricia Neal. I remembered when I found out about my dad and how we just stared at each other from head to toe taking in every nook and cranny.[28][38] That same year. after a take. a movie about a fictional one-hit wonder rock band called The Oneders. where she played the daughter of Bruce Willis' character and love interest of Ben Affleck's character. in which she played the daughter of Will Patton and Barbara Williams' characters."[42] Entertainment Weekly also noted that Tyler is "sweetly gruff as the tomboy troublemaker". Altman helps her find some snap.

who is the lesbian lover of his daughter.Liv Tyler of Richard Gere's character. Tyler featured in the third and last installment of the series. The filmmakers approached Tyler after seeing her performance in Plunkett & Macleane. she noted that The Strangers was the most challenging role of her career. Betty Ross.[54] out-grossing its predecessor. she starred in the feature film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. the second installment of the series. played by Kate Hudson. played by Affleck. but this was tough. Tyler confessed that she felt "scared and vulnerable" while filming Jersey Girl. gives the role a valiant try. emotionally. she starred in the horror-thriller The Strangers with Scott Speedman. Tyler again starred as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.[61][62] Although the film garnered a mixed reception among critics. the love interest of the title character. John Goodman and Paul Reiser) in the black comedy One Night at McCool's. as a single mother and nurse who reconnects with an old fling who has returned to their small town of Indiana after a failed run as a novelist in New York. a film about a young couple who are terrorized one night by three masked assailants in their remote country house.[50] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle noted that Tyler's performance was "lovely and earnest". she appeared in Steve Buscemi's independent drama Lonesome Jim. Tyler played the object of infatuation for three men (Matt Dillon."[47] In 2001. June 2008 heart to love. she appeared opposite her Armageddon co-star Ben Affleck in writer-director Kevin Smith's romantic comedy Jersey Girl (2004).[59][60] In 2008.[57] The film was screened at a special presentation at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize."[19] She appeared in The Incredible Hulk (2008).[53] The film was an enormous box office success. she said: "This was definitely the first part where I had to be so physically aware and have people so aware of me physically.[52] Tyler spent months before filming learning swordfighting. and was a fan of the television show.[64] Tyler was attracted to the love story in the script.[55] Following the success of The Lord of the Rings. whereas this was really just about me and Ben sitting there. Maybe it's not hard for anybody else. which earned over $871 million. directed by Peter Jackson. a lot of things were done in post-production.[66] and compared her performance . in which she played Dr. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.[51] A year later.[53] though her scenes from the battle were removed after the script was changed. earning over $926 million worldwide. she reiterated that doing Jersey Girl was what she wanted to do.[28] In an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The film received favorable reviews. "It was as far as I could push myself in every way: physically. a true beauty. playing a woman who re-opens a widowed father's Tyler at The Incredible Hulk premiere. to be used during the concluding battle scenes in The Two Towers.[58] Tyler's next appearance in film was in a supporting role as an insightful therapist who tries to help a once-successful dentist (Adam Sandler) cope with the loss of his family during the events of the September 11th attacks in Reign Over Me (2007).[63] it was a box office success. but it is a bit for me. She played the Elf maiden Arwen Undómiel.[46][48] The film is based on the first volume of J.[28] In 2003. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. R.[49] She learned to speak the fictitious Elvish language that was created by Tolkien. but her range is too limited to play this amalgam of female perfection. just shooting off dialogue. which was fun".[56] In an interview with MTV News. where she was cast alongside Casey Affleck. On The Lord of the Rings. R.[45] In discussion of the role. mentally.[65] She said filming the part was "very physical."[57] However.[57] In 2005.[44] 75 From 2001 In 2001."[46] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: "Tyler. adding "I was so used to those other elements of the character [Arwen]. played by Edward Norton. I mean I love my body and I feel very comfortable in my skin.

Chloë Sevigny and Gwyneth Paltrow.[86] In the video released on February 7.[73] On December 14. and outreach directed at the development of more effective approaches to the early diagnosis.[69] In 2013 she will appear in Space Station 76. She was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United States in 2003.[76] On December 8. she gave birth to a son. 2011.[1] She and Langdon became engaged in February 2001. in support of UNICEF's Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) campaign."[77] Tyler dated actor Joaquin Phoenix for three years. helped launch the Emergen-C Pink energy drink. Tyler began dating British musician Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog. which was used in one of its fragrances. adding "I fall in love once in a blue moon. treatment and prevention of all women's cancers.[81] She is good friends with designer Stella McCartney.[1][71] In 1998. Liv Tyler covered INXS song "Need You Tonight". Tyler revealed that her separation from Langdon led her to move to Los Angeles. in which the event was in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. she became the spokesperson for Givenchy perfume and cosmetics. an etiquette expert. Givenchy announced a collaboration between Givenchy perfumes and Sony Music. education. Bebe Buell and her grandmother. In April 2011.[76] In June 2010.[28] The Washington Post. along with her mother.[74] On May 8. 2004. Tyler stated she was "far too sensitive" for casual dates.. 2012. the couple confirmed through representatives that they would be separating but remain friends.[79] Since 2004. Tyler. Dorothea Johnson.[87] Filmography .[6][19] Tyler was formerly a vegan.[83][84] in 2005 the brand named a rose after her. she hosted the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflake in New York City. 2003. a movie directed by Jack Plotnick. in review of the film. Milo William Langdon.[67] The Incredible Hulk was a box office success. explaining that it was hard to be in the Manhattan home that they had shared.[82] In 2003. she has donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund to support innovative research. starring also Matt Bomer and Patrick Wilson.[85] In 2009." Rodale plans to release the book in May 2012.[79] Tyler also served as spokesperson for the 2004 Givenchy Mother's Day promotion.[80] In October 2007. wrote: "Tyler gives Betty an appropriately angelic nimbus of ethereal gentleness as the one Beauty who can tame the Beast . during their most pivotal encounters.[78][79] In November 2004. have written a book called "Modern Manners."[68] Tyler appeared in two films released in 2011: Super and The Ledge..[70] Tyler in 2010 76 Personal life on March 25.Liv Tyler to "a deer caught in the headlights". earning over $262 million worldwide.[72] and married in Barbados Tyler is an active supporter of the charitable United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). 2008. but has since begun to eat meat. Tyler signed on for two more years as Givenchy spokesperson.[75] In an interview with the Australian Daily Telegraph.[6] model Helena Christensen and actresses Kate Hudson. publishing house Rodale announced that Tyler and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson.

Liv Tyler 77 Year 1994 Silent Fall 1995 Heavy Empire Records 1996 Stealing Beauty Film Role Sylvie Warden Callie Corey Mason Lucy Harmon Faye Dolan Pamela Abbott Girl in Bus Station Cameo appearance Grace Stamper Notes Nominated – Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Drama Film That Thing You Do! 1997 Inventing the Abbotts U Turn 1998 Armageddon Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo Shared with Ben Affleck Nominated – Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress -Science Fiction 1999 Plunkett & Macleane Cookie's Fortune Onegin 2000 Dr. T & the Women 2001 One Night at McCool's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lady Rebecca Gibson Emma Duvall Tatyana Larina Marilyn Jewel Arwen Undómiel Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast National Board of Review Award for Best Cast Nominated – Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Maya Anika Dr. Angela Oakhurst Kristen McKay Scream Awards for Best Horror Actress Russian Guild of Film Critics Award for Best Foreign Actress 2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2004 Jersey Girl 2005 Lonesome Jim 2007 Reign Over Me 2008 The Strangers Nominated – Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller The Incredible Hulk Smother 2011 Super The Ledge 2012 Robot & Frank 2013 Space Station 76 Betty Ross Clare Cooper Sarah Shana Madison Jessica Marlowe [88] Post-production .

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deceased) William Corvinus (distant granduncle.[1] He also appears in the novelizations of these films. deceased) Unnamed Corvinus (distant grandfather. He is the first Vampire/Lycan Hybrid from the mythos and the secondary protagonist. deceased) Selene (lover) Children Eve (daughter. In Underworld: Endless War.Michael Corvin 82 Michael Corvin Michael Corvin Underworld character Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin First appearance Underworld Last appearance Underworld: Awakening Created by Kevin Grevioux Len Wiseman & Danny McBride Portrayed by Scott Speedman Information Aliases Species Subject 0 Human (formerly) Lycan (formerly) Lycan/Vampire Hybrid Male Unemployed fugitive Former medical intern Alexander Corvinus (forefather. . deceased) Marcus Corvinus (distant granduncle. deceased) Unnamed father Unnamed mother Unnamed grandfather Spouse(s) Samantha (fiancée. with Selene) Hungarian American Gender Occupation Family Nationality Michael Corvin (in Hungarian: Corvin Mihály) is a fictional character from the Underworld series.[2][3] He is portrayed by Scott Speedman in the films. his voice was provided by Mark Oliver.

"He comes in. decided to take-off and relocate to Budapest. Michael would focus his efforts into specialising in trauma surgery and. We talked to our agent.[4] Character Little is mentioned in the first installment about Michael's immediate family history. Michael seems to be living a very stale and routine life. he insists that he has no doubt in his mind that if he had known back then what he knew now that he could have saved her. past and background. how weird. about how his "personal lack of gun knowledge worked in his favor". the actor who portrays Michael in the franchise. When I was watching it I was like. said. Interns pretty much work round the clock. mainly mystery and thrillers. Michael obtained his medical degree. He does his job. "You'd think that the concept of vampires and werewolves mixing it up had been done more than a few times on film. and Danny McBride. One of his fellow interns and fellow American at the hospital. Michael had been engaged to a woman. .Michael Corvin 83 Creation Michael Corvin was created by Kevin Grevioux. Len Wiseman. and that was appropriate. According to the writer and directors commentary on the original theatrical release. I'm glad I didn't have to know what I was doing with guns. It's true. Alexander Corvinus. I really don't know what to tell you. We don't have much of a life". Michael began studying medicine around the age of 20-years-old. Described in the novelizations as "compassionate" and a "born healer". Michael read fiction. Adam. it just hasn't been done. named Samantha. When we decided let's do vampires and werewolves. I'm screaming in terror. Of course it's been done. "I get to carry a gun once in the movie and I didn't know what I was doing. At the beginning of the events of the first film. in his spare time. and outside of the 50s. According to Scott Speedman." I'm fine with it. According to the novelizations. He was an aspiring young 28-year-old doctor and trauma surgeon by the events of the first film. plays more of a crucial plot device in the franchise. Hungary. "It's funny because a lot of the talk has been that it's a simple concept and why hasn't this been done before. Michael had only been in Budapest for a matter of months before the events in the first film. as he had not had the kind of medical training to treat her for her injuries before help could arrive. but his ancient family history. the legacy of his ancient ancestor. we thought that concept's been done. But according to Wiseman. we looked at everything. (when she searched his apartment. Michael Corvin's role as a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid was the first character they created in the franchise when they were first writing out the script. the mix hadn't really been done in decades. According to director Len Wiseman. I'm the "girlfriend". remembering the summer he had once spent there with his grandfather. That was easy for me". According to the novelization. In the first installment. Every time I've got this shocked look on my face and she throws me to the ground.[5] Personality Michael is a less complicated person than Selene. Selene saw a fiction book amongst his medical texts and an English–Hungarian dictionary). "Wow. when asked about Michael. after a few years after the crash. After the tragedy. leaving Michael devastated. And then he goes home: Other than that. A few years before the events of the first film. before she dies in a tragic car crash. It was kind of shocking to us". we went on the Internet.

after obtaining his Medical degree. Michael is interrupted by Marcus. According to the novelizations. he "didn't see a reason to stick around". saving his life by transforming Michael into the first Hybrid. he is bitten by the Lycan leader Lucian. Marcus Corvinus. According to the novelization. who later died after a car accident. Hungary. but Selene bites Michael. In the novelizations. Kraven. who impales Michael on a steel beam beneath a nearby dock. Selene interferes and kills Viktor. Michael manages to kill William by ripping his head apart and Selene kills Marcus. and understand Michael's significance to the conflict. before they migrated to America in the 1940s. He also seems to have had some prior experience with mechanics. decided to take-off and relocate to Budapest. after the events of World War II. in his own words. he took up medicine at around the age of 20. and narrowly manage to escape him. Michael once had a summer job as a lifeguard at Coney Island. as his blood might hold a rare genetic trait needed by the Lycans for a hybrid experiment. Selene and Michael work together to evade the Lycans. They encounter the vampire historian Andreas Tanis. After the tragedy. The duo confronts the last Vampire Elder. Michael learns to master his power. a few years before the events of the first film. Michael focuses his efforts into specializing in a field the Trauma surgery and. in which they have sexual intercourse.Michael Corvin 84 Fictional biography Both of Michael's paternal grandparents originally came from Hungary. as the training saved his and Selene's lives after they'd crashed into the Danube River. having been against the creation of a hybrid. prior to moving to Hungary. he was engaged to a woman called Samantha. he is described as a "born healer". he had lived in Long Island and still had friends there. but eventually his powers heal him and he joins the fight against Marcus and William. Underworld In the events of the first film. (alluding that his parents and grandparents are all dead). Selene and Michael are on the run from both Lycan and Vampire. Michael originally appears to die. Michael is finally able to understand what motivates Lucian in the war. After the accident. He is eventually captured by the Lycans. after remembering the summer he had once spent there with his grandfather. and through him Michael learns more of his familial connections with the Vampire and Lycan races. At some point. Alexander Corvinus. He took up residency as a interning trauma surgeon at the Saint Istvan hospital in Budapest. his grandfather had once taken him on a summer vacation to Hungary. They investigate a cargo ship where Michael encounters his forefather. to forget". Underworld: Evolution In the second film. Viktor fights Michael. as he was able to get an old SUV working in the second installment. "to move on. As a kid. Despite the help of Selene. and in the commotion Michael is shot with a lethal amount of silver nitrate bullets by Selene's jealous suitor. and allows Lucian to gain a blood sample to confirm that Michael has a rare genetic trait for immortality. who take him to Lucian. in part because Lucian's memories were passed on to Michael when he bit him. Michael himself was born sometime in 1975. Michael is repeatedly caught in the middle of a conflict between vampire Death Dealers and Lycans. and had only been in Budapest for a matter of months before the events in the first film. According to the Underworld novelization. This would normally kill a Lycan. he decided to relocated to Hungary in an effort to start-over. they encounter a warehouse. the hospital Michael's residency was at was the Karolyi Hospital. a few years after the crash. after Selene passed out from heavy blood loss. Selene and the death dealers interrupt the meeting. This sets him on the path to become a Lycan. .

and most importantly.com/wiki/Michael_Corvin).ramcigar. Eventually Selene escapes and rescues Eve. com/ cs/ underworld/ a/ speedmancomic.wikia.com/character/ch0005063/) at the Internet Movie Database Michael Corvin (http://underworld. com/ books?id=8BjEyGVLaMoC& pg=PA158& dq="Michael+ Corvin"& ei=A9A2ScmHIpbAM8G7gKUM). google.entertheunderworld. 158 (http:/ / books. Sex and the Cinema (Wallflower Press. when attacked by werewolves and vampires. 64 (http:/ / books. When Selene and Eve return.com External links • • • • Underworld Official Website (http://www. Nault describes the Michael Corvin as "Romeo" in this story. com/ cs/ underworld/ a/ speedmancomic. he does not turn into one. google. google. Underworld: Book 1 (Simon and Schuster. Michael and Selene are captured and held captive for twelve years while Selene gives birth to their daughter Eve (presumably conceived just before capture). Scott Speedman notes that he did not know what he was doing with firearms. [3] Greg Cox. He's not a gunfighter. Michael Corvin (played by Scott Speedman). [7] media.com/movies/underworld/site/main. Michael has escaped and they are unable to find him. Underworld Wiki . about. Danny McBride. htm Len Wiseman Talks About "Underworld". htm Scott Speedman Talks About "Underworld". 2006). Len Wiseman. [2] Greg Cox.www.[6] Reception Kevin L. [6] http:/ / movies. about.sonypictures. com/ books?id=UzDhQ9G-CJsC& pg=PA64& dq="Michael+ Corvin"& ei=A9A2ScmHIpbAM8G7gKUM)."[7] References [1] Tanya Krzywinska. she finds Michael trapped in a cryo-chamber and shoots the glass to weaken it. com/ books?id=nRbs0_-ONLIC& pg=PA86& dq="Michael+ Corvin"& ei=A9A2ScmHIpbAM8G7gKUM). 2003).Michael Corvin 85 Underworld: Awakening In Underworld: Awakening. Production As an actor. 2006). nor a ninja. [5] http:/ / movies. com/ cs/ underworld/ a/ wisemancomic.imdb. is a medical intern. Kevin Grevioux.html) Underworld Evolution Official Website (http://www. During the rescue. htm Scott Speedman Talks About "Underworld". and that his hardest task was enduring the werewolf make-up. about. Underworld: Evolution (Simon and Schuster.com) Michael Corvin (http://www. [4] http:/ / movies. 86 (http:/ / books.

She then leaves all tapes she has recorded to the doctor who had to tell her she was dying asking him to deliver them after her death. with a husband and two daughters. She ends their relationship and never tells him that she is dying. and Leonor Watling. she is diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer and told she has only two months to live. and a jailed father whom she has not seen in ten years. She meets with a man named Lee. The film was produced by Pedro Almodóvar's production company. He meets with her one last time and says that he will do anything to make her happy. El Deseo.My Life Without Me 86 My Life Without Me My Life Without Me U. it tells a story of a 23-year-old woman. Mark Ruffalo. using the cover of anemia. theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Based on Starring Isabel Coixet Esther García Gordon McLennan Isabel Coixet Pretending the Bed Is a Raft by Nanci Kincaid Sarah Polley Scott Speedman Mark Ruffalo Amanda Plummer Deborah Harry Alfonso Vilallonga Music by Cinematography Jean-Claude Larrieu Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office Lisa Robison Sony Pictures Classics December 17. who finds out she is going to die soon. who ends up madly in love with her and is left heartbroken when Ann breaks up.S. a mother (Deborah Harry) who sees her life as a failure. Deciding not to tell anyone of her condition. Her life changes dramatically when. At the end of the film Ann records a message to her husband telling him that she loves him and another one to Lee telling him the same. Plot Ann (Sarah Polley) is a hard-working 23-year-old mother with two small daughters. try setup her husband with another woman and have an affair to get to know what it's like to have sex with another man. Based on the book Pretending the Bed Is a Raft by Nanci Kincaid. an unemployed husband (Scott Speedman). record birthday messages for the girls for every year until they're 18. . during a medical checkup following a collapse.726. taking care of her daughters and even finding her husband a job. Scott Speedman. 2003 106 minutes Spain Canada English $9.[2] She decides to change her hair. Ann makes a list of things to do before she dies.954 (INT) [1] My Life Without Me is a 2003 Spanish/Canadian drama film directed by Isabel Coixet and starring Sarah Polley.

com/mylifewithoutme/) at Sony Pictures Classics • My Life Without Me (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes. Ann's daughter Kenya Jo Kennedy as Patsy. 2003 and ran for 12 weeks. Ann's friend Leonor Watling as Ann.[3] The film won many international and festival awards. boxofficemojo. rottentomatoes.326. review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has scored a 64% rating. sonyclassics. The film was released on September 26. Deborah Harry as Ann's Mother Jessica Amlee as Penny.boxofficemojo. Retrieved December 29. Thompson Alfred Molina as Ann's Father Reception My Life Without Me received generally positive reviews from film critics. a man with whom Ann has an affair.954. It grossed $400.006 from the foreign markets for a worldwide total of $9.com/title/tt0314412/) at the Internet Movie Database • My Life Without Me (http://www. based on 98 reviews. 2011. including the Genie Award for Best Actress (Polley) and the Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay (Coixet) and Best Song ("Humans Like You" by Chop Suey). com/ movies/ ?id=mylifewithoutme. com/ m/ my_life_without_me/ ).3 out of 10. Ann's husband Mark Ruffalo as Lee. htm) at Box Office Mojo [2] Official website: My Life Without Me (http:/ / www.imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo .My Life Without Me 87 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Sarah Polley as Ann Scott Speedman as Don. As of December 2011.948 domestically and $9.726.sonyclassics.com/movies/?id=mylifewithoutme. the Neighbor Maria de Medeiros as The Hairdresser Julian Richings as Dr. com/ mylifewithoutme/ ) at Sony Pictures Classics [3] "My Life Without Me (2003)" (http:/ / www. with an average rating of 6. . External links • Official website: My Life Without Me (http://www. Ann's daughter Amanda Plummer as Laurie.[1] References [1] My Life Without Me (http:/ / www.

While there. He holds Dan hostage. Five years earlier. ultimately. Tom agrees to release Dan unharmed. Tom devises a plan to exact revenge. Plot Tom (Scott Speedman) and Dan (James Marsden) meet in a bar and then proceed to Tom's apartment together. medical tests reveal that Tom is also HIV positive.The 24th Day 88 The 24th Day The 24th Day DVD release cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Tony Piccirillo Nick Stagliano Liliana Lovell Tony Piccirillo (play) James Marsden Scott Speedman Sofía Vergara Kevin Manthei Music by Cinematography J. Dan realizes that he had been in that same apartment before. keeping him bound and gagged to a chair in his apartment. and Tom resigned to his fate. Reasoning that Dan. Some years later. He decided to let Dan go because he realized that his positive status was the result of his choices which he couldn't blame on anyone else. Tom's wife is found to be HIV positive. Alan Hostetter Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Aaron Mackof Warner Bros. Tom returns to the apartment and lets Dan go. that encounter with Dan was his first and only homosexual experience. in shock. Tom blames himself for passing HIV on to his wife and. Tom asks him when he had last been tested. Tom vows to kill Dan. Despondent after receiving this diagnosis from her doctor. • 6 May 2004 96 minutes United States English The 24th Day is a 2004 film starring Scott Speedman and James Marsden. Dan and Tom had a one night stand there. Subsequent to these events. According to Tom. who also directed the film. The film is based on a play of the same name. The screen fades with Dan standing in Tom's doorway. written by Tony Piccirillo. In the end. A few moments later. he reveals that Dan's test was. is to blame for his wife's death. If Dan's test results are positive for HIV. he blames Dan for passing the virus on to him. If the results are negative. in fact. He draws blood from Dan in order to conduct a test to determine Dan's HIV status. . in turn. As Dan is leaving. positive. Tom's wife drives through a red traffic light and is killed in an ensuing collision.

Lerner Charlie Corrado as Officer #1 Jarvis W.The 24th Day 89 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • James Marsden as Dan Scott Speedman as Tom Sofía Vergara as Isabella Barry Papick as Mr.com/movies/movie/v307029) at AllRovi .imdb. References External links • The 24th Day (http://www.com/title/tt0246404/) at the Internet Movie Database • The 24th Day (http://www. George as Officer #2 Scott Roman as Bartender Jeffrey Frost as Dan's Assistant Jona Harvey as Marla Thea Chaloner as Wife Brian Campbell as Blondie Home media The region 1 DVD was released August 31 2004.allrovi.

2010 (United States) United States English $8 million The Last Rites of Ransom Pride is a 2010 action-western film starring Lizzy Caplan and Scott Speedman in the title role. Cast • • • • • • • • • Lizzy Caplan as Juliette Flowers Dwight Yoakam as Reverend Early Pride Jon Foster as Champ Pride Jason Priestley as John W. Plot Juliette Flowers (Lizzy Caplan) is on a mission: to find the remains of her outlaw lover. an old man (Kris Kristofferson). In the mix is a dying dwarf (Peter Dinklage). Ransom Pride (Scott Speedman). and Ransom's brother (Jon Foster) and father (Dwight Yoakam).The Last Rites of Ransom Pride 90 The Last Rites of Ransom Pride The Last Rites of Ransom Pride Directed by Produced by Tiller Russell Michael Frisley Chad Oakes Duncan Montgomery Ray Wylie Hubbard Tiller Russell Lizzy Caplan Dwight Yoakum Jon Foster Jason Priestly Scott Speedman Peter Dinklage Kris Kristofferson Jeff Danna Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Roger Vernon Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Budget Joel Plotch Screen Media Films • • June 17. Earl Brown as Matthew Peter Dinklage as Dwarf Scott Speedman as Ransom Pride Kris Kristofferson as Shepherd Graves Cote de Pablo as Bruja . 2010 (EIFF) September 10.

on a budget of $8.000. References • The Last Rites of Ransom Pride [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Last Rites of Ransom Pride [2] References [1] http:/ / www.000. imdb. com/ title/ tt1268970/ [2] http:/ / www. com/ . lastritesfilm. Canada.The Last Rites of Ransom Pride • Morris Birdyellowhead as Gallo Medico 91 Production The Last Rites of Ransom Pride was filmed in September 2009 in Calgary and Vancouver.

Glenn Howerton. was released theatrically on May 30. who break into the remote summer home in which they are staying and damage all means of escape. Gemma Ward. Laura Margolis and Kip Weeks. The Strangers was made on a budget of $9 million and after two postponements. The film revolves around a young couple who are terrorized by three masked assailants. 2008 86 min. as well as some incidents that occurred during the Manson killings. United States English $9 million $82.3 million at the box office worldwide.798 The Strangers is a 2008 American horror film written and directed by Bryan Bertino and starring Liv Tyler.[1] Critical reaction to the film was mixed.[2] .344. and grossed $82. Scott Speedman. Although it was ambiguously marketed as being "inspired by true events".The Strangers 92 The Strangers The Strangers Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Bryan Bertino Doug Davison Roy Lee Nathan Kahane Bryan Bertino Liv Tyler Scott Speedman tomandandy Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Peter Sova Editing by Studio Kevin Greutert Vertigo Entertainment Mandate Pictures Rogue Pictures Intrepid Pictures • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office May 30. writer and director Bryan Bertino stated that the film was inspired by a series of break-ins that occurred in his neighborhood as a child. 2008 in North America.

which she uses to try and contact someone for help. The couple decide to hole up in a closet. The Man in the Mask enters the hallway. After she smashes the truck into the couples' car. As she walks down the hall. Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman) arrive to a remote summer vacation home owned by James's parents after attending a friend's wedding reception. a rock crashes through his windshield. it goes straight to voicemail. Kristen peers out of the . Mike (Glenn Howerton). which turn out to be from James. James's friend. the couple block the door with a piano. the power is switched off and then she hears a few keys being played on the piano." the noises eventually stop. revealing another woman. he looks up and sees Dollface. There. and the woman returns and begins to pound harshly on the front door. After she runs off. and kills Mike by shooting him in the face. Pin-Up Girl appears and smashes the radio. Kristen refuses to open up. but when she raises her voice. but does not notice Kristen. When Mike steps in front of the closet. Kristen screams and trips over a record player. She grabs a large kitchen knife and opens the curtains. They decide to run for it. She returns to the fireplace to retrieve her cell phone. James remembers an old radio in the shed and says it is their only hope. James leaves to get Kristen a pack of cigarettes. and heard loud banging noises. Kristen then hears a noise coming from the back door. and one of the intruders puts on a country record. After yelling "go away. and asks her to leave. She slams and locks the door before going to hide in the bedroom. The front door then opens slightly. he tries to calm her down. she finds the radio. He goes outside to his car. As he searches the car. but she refused. and tries to call James on her cell phone. at which point she hears footsteps coming from the hallway. but it has disappeared. as he is looking in the other direction. James searches for and finds his father's shotgun and shells. and James attempts to shoot him. She plugs it into the wall to charge near the fireplace and calls James on the house phone briefly before the line goes dead.The Strangers 93 Plot The movie starts with a recorded 911 distress call from a boy who is screaming that he and his friend found two bodies lying in blood in an old vacation home. James leaves the house. someone touches his back. and Kristen peeks outside. As she explains what happened while he was gone. He sits down at the table a few feet away from the closet before leaving the room. where they find the word "hello" written all over the window and wall in the bedroom. but leaves after James and Kristen tell her she is at the wrong house. whose face is obscured by low lighting. Kristen hides in the kitchen pantry while the man searches the hallway. As the couple approach the front door armed with the gun. James persuades Kristen that they need to escape in their car. As Mike walks down the hallway. arrives at the house in his car. But while he is leaving a message. A short while later. Kristen returns to the house to look for James. and leaves to go to the shed in the backyard. only to see the blonde woman in a Dollface mask. After James and Kristen realize they killed Mike. holding up the axe. but Kristen decides not to wait for him to return. followed by footsteps. when she discovers that the phone battery is running dead. promising Kristen that he will return in a few minutes. knocks on the front door asking for Tamara. Terrified. locks all the doors. facing the open doorway with the shotgun armed and ready. whose tires have been slashed and its windshield smashed in. He had just proposed to her there. James and Kristen run back into the house. When they are backing out of the driveway. the Man in the Mask appears behind him. Once he turns back to the car. but runs away before he is able to turn around and see who it was. He steps onto the porch and fails to notice Dollface hiding in the shadows there before entering the house. thinking it is one of the masked killers. this one wearing a Pin-up mask. a young blonde woman (Gemma Ward). She frantically explains to James that she saw a man in a mask. James fires the shotgun. Shortly after arriving in the middle of the night. the Man in the Mask begins breaking down the door with an axe. but misses. When he tries to call James's cell phone. whom James contacted earlier. a large truck pulls up behind them with its floodlights on. and it begins to play The Mamas & The Papas' Creeque Alley repeatedly. seeing a man wearing a sack mask over his head. prompting him to jump out of the car. They hear footsteps in the house.

shortly after the strangers stab her.The Strangers closet. "Sometimes". I lived in a house on a street in the middle of nowhere. and as he is about to touch her. prompting them to stop.[1] the film was inspired by true events from director Bryan Bertino's childhood: a stranger came to his home asking for someone who was not there. she is dragged down the hallway. noting how one can connect to an audience by scaring them. only to find Pin-Up girl blocking her way. Kristen asks. "It'll be easier next time. but suddenly stops. The trio leaves in an old pick-up truck and spot two young boys (Alex Fisher and Peter Clayton-Luce). When James tells Kristen to run. who now has the gun.[1] According to production notes. finding the car windows crashed and the door open. breaking into the houses". Pin-Up Girl walks into the kitchen and returns with a large knife." The trio leaves and the boys arrive at the house." Each of the strangers then takes turns stabbing James and Kristen seemingly to death. At the door were some people asking for somebody who didn't live there. she grabs his arm and screams in terror as the scene blacks out. Barely conscious. "Because you were home. Kristen exits the closet to find the woman waiting for her with a knife. she sprints for the front door. Dollface takes one of the fliers that they are handing out and one of the boys asks her if she is a sinner. She runs into a bedroom and slams the door before attempting to escape through the window. "Why are you doing this to us?" and Dollface answers. We later found out that these people were knocking on doors on the area and. Kristen opens a kitchen drawer to arm herself as well when James is pushed into the house by the masked man. somebody knocked on the front door and my little sister answered it. but then the man wearing the sack mask comes and picks up the phone and breaks it leaving Kristen there. masked woman staring back at her.[1][3] Bertino took a particular interest in the horror genre. only to find the blond. Then. As they drive away.[1] In interviews. One night. but said his main inspiration was from the true crime book Helter . Kristen hears Mike's phone ringing near his body and crawls toward it. if no one was home. and Bertino later found out that empty homes in the neighborhood had been broken into that night:[4] As a kid. while our parents were out. He also stated that he was significantly inspired by thriller films of the 1970s while writing the film. Bertino stated he was "very impressed" with some of the theories circulating on the Internet about the "true events" the movie is allegedly based on. Before removing their masks. The woman breaks the pantry door in. Kristen walks back toward the hall to see who opened the door. 94 Cast • • • • • • • • Liv Tyler as Kristen McKay Scott Speedman as James Hoyt Gemma Ward as Dollface Kip Weeks as Man in the Mask Glenn Howerton as Mike Laura Margolis as Pin-Up Girl Alex Fisher as Mormon Boy #1 Peter Clayton-Luce as Mormon Boy #2 Production Screenplay and inspiration Director Bryan Bertino also wrote the film's script. One of the boys goes up to Kristen. to which she replies. which was originally titled The Faces. when the Man in the Mask grabs her and throws her into the wall. James and Kristen wake up the next day and find themselves tied to chairs in the living room while the three strangers stand over them. and suddenly the lights come back on and the door swings open. The boys head in the house in curiosity only to find James and Kristen lying unmoving in the living room. Pin-Up Girl tells her.

and as of September 21. 2008.467 theaters. and can be found on YouTube. had grossed £4.[5][6][7] 95 Casting When casting the two leads in the film. South Carolina. who had not worked for several years due to the birth of her son. Ward read Helter Skelter for inspiration.The Strangers Skelter.[1] Marketing and promotion In late July 2007. The film opened in the United Kingdom later that summer on August 29.[15] In April 2008. feeling she had the exact "look" he had imagined. Release The producers originally planned for a summer release in 2007. The movie received a rating of R from the MPAA.997. But Bryan doesn't write like that.3 million at the box office worldwide. Tyler. he said.[13] The trailer originally began running in theaters attached to Rogue Pictures' sci-fi film Doomsday (2008) in March 2008. he writes how normal people communicate—with questions lingering. Bertino sought Liv Tyler for the part of Kristen.000-square-foot (190 m2) house interior was constructed by a set crew.[9] During production. and the dialogue is very explanatory. and officially opened in the United States and Canada on May 30.[8] "I especially liked Bryan's way of saying a lot.[14] and the other displaying a wounded Liv Tyler. Kip Weeks was then cast as the looming Man in the Mask. Speedman was also riveted by the script: "The audience actually gets time to breathe with the characters before things get scary as hell. read the script out of a stack of others she had been offered. one showing the three masked Strangers. which was her first major acting part. 2008. but not saying everything. 2006 and finished in early 2007 – the movie was filmed on location roughly ten miles outside of Florence.[19] The overall box office return was highly successful for a horror film earning an outstanding $82. In preparing for the role. alone exceeding industry estimates.514 per theater. in its opening weekend.[1] Despite some weather complications. It was pushed back yet one more time. roughly two months before the film's official theatrical debut.985 in 2. it's all spelled out for you. 2008 the film has grossed $52.[1] In casting the three masked intruders. was cast in the part of Pin-Up Girl. official one-sheet for the film was released. and television actress Laura Margolis.025. it was reported that star Liv Tyler came down with tonsillitis due to screaming so much. all three were present for a questions-and-answers panel session.[17] As of June 23.[11] this trailer was released on the internet several weeks later. I knew it would be interesting to act that.[18] and is considered a large box office success considering the production budget was a mere $9 million. filming for The Strangers began on October 10.610 in the U. who found the script to be a real "page turner". 2008."[1] Canadian actor Scott Speedman was cast as James. the final. as well as a screening of the film's official teaser trailer. . That got me interested from the first pages". Often in movies. and the 2. the film grossed $20. Two one-sheet posters for the film were released in August 2007. some have said that the film was also inspired by the Keddie Cabin Murders of 1981 that occurred in a small vacation community in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.916. "It spoke to me".597. Bertino chose Australian fashion model Gemma Ward for the part of Dollface. the house itself was deliberately constructed with an architecture reminiscent of 1970s ranch homes and dressed in furnishings applicable to the era. director Bertino and stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman attended San Diego's annual Comic-Con event to promote the film.[10] Though the film takes place in 2005. which was eventually postponed to November 2007.[12] It was not until March 2008 that a full-length trailer for the film was released. the film was largely shot in chronological order.[16] featuring Liv Tyler standing in a darkened kitchen with a masked man looming behind her in the shadows. ranking #3 at the box office and averaging $8. she said. Kristen's longtime boyfriend.[1][9] Filming On a $9 million budget.S. which can be found on Apple's QuickTime trailer gallery. and television advertisements began airing on networks in early-mid April 2008 to promote the film's May release.

2009. ."[29] Empire Magazine remarked on the film's retro-style. who praised director Bertino for "building the tension nicely. 2008. use of songs and a sharp eye behind the camera."[22] James Berardinelli of ReelViews said. calling it "a fraud from start to finish. The soundtrack was distributed by Lakeshore Records.[2] Metacritic reported an average score of 47 out of 100. scary emotional work-out. Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times said The Strangers is "suspenseful. with more than usual skill. "This is one of those rare horror movies that concentrates on suspense and terror rather than on gore and a high body count. Bonus materials include two deleted scenes and a making-of featurette."[26] Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post panned the film. The album was received with generally positive reviews by critics."[24] Among the moderate to negative reviews.com reviewer Berge Garabedian." says Zach Freeman. Both the Blu-ray and DVD feature rated and unrated versions of the film." but criticized the "undeveloped protagonists" for being "colossally stupid and frustratingly passive. 2008 through March 31. but all the craft in the world can't redeem its story. grading it with an A. 2008."[27] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle. "Like much recent horror."[28] Additional positive feedback for the film came from Joblo. from the homages of the Grindhouse gang through flat multiplex remakes of drive-in classics." but admitted that "it does it well.V. saying. based on 27 reviews. 2008. The DVD was released in the UK on December 26." and "smartly maintain[s] its commitment to tingling creepiness over bludgeoning horror."[21] Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter called the film a "creepily atmospheric psychological thriller with a death grip on the psychological aspect. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one-and-a-half stars out of four and said.[33] Soundtrack The soundtrack of this film was released on the May 27. The film was available on Universal VOD (Video on Demand) from November 19. said the film "uses cinema to ends that are objectionable and vile. as well as plenty of Steadicam give it all more of a voyeuristic feel. The album consists completely of 19 scores composed by score producer tomandandy. "It's a creepy score for what appears to be a movie that will make you jump as well as make sure that the doors are locked at night. Club said that "as an exercise in controlled mayhem. the film was ranked #13 on "Bravo's 13 Scarier Movie Moments" television piece. Swindoll. The Strangers looks to the '70s.". and ultimately branded the film as "an effective. horror movies don't get much scarier. "The movie deserves more stars for its bottom-line craft."[23] Scott Tobias of The Onion's A."[30] Slant Magazine's Nick Schager listed The Strangers as the 9th best film of 2008. jump scares. based on 146 reviews." writes reviewer Jeff [34] "This is an impressive score and adds a tremendous chill-factor to the film."[25] Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News said that "Bertino does an excellent job building dread" and that the film is "more frightening than the graphic torture scenes in movies like Hostel and Saw.[32] Home media The Strangers was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States on October 21." "highly effective.[31] Also.[20] Among the positive reviews. with lots of silences. with the unrated edition running approximately two minutes longer.The Strangers 96 Critical reception The film received mixed reviews from critics. It holds a rating of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. creepy voices.

com/ movies/ ?page=weekend& id=strangers.com . impawards. "Interview: The Strangers' Bryan Bertino (Pt. apple. ShockTillYouDrop. com/ movies/ strangers/ notes. Scott (29 May 2008).[38][39] It is not known whether the sequel will receive a theatrical or a straight-to-DVD release. suntimes. Rotten Tomatoes. com/ movies/ ?id=strangers. . shocktillyoudrop.com [17] "The Strangers (2008) – Weekend Box Office Results" (http:/ / www. "The Strangers Review" (http:/ / movies. asp?prodid=4764). TruTV. imdb. The (2008): Reviews" (http:/ / www. Elizabeth (29 May 2008). [3] "Trivia for The Strangers" (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo. "The Strangers" (http:/ / www. . and 'Doomsday'" (http:/ / www.[40] Liv Tyler will return as Kristen McKay while the original three masked villains are also set to return. Cinema Review. review" (http:/ / www. Universal Studios. Retrieved 29 December 2009. Ryan (2007-08-01). Retrieved 2010-03-20. Retrieved 2008-05-30. Retrieved 2008-08-20. "The Strangers review" (http:/ / www. htm). html) impawards. com/ 2007/ 07/ 29/ comic-con-balls-of-fury-the-strangers-and-doomsday-th/ ). com/ title/ tt0482606/ business) [20] "Strangers. com/ apps/ pbcs. .[40][41][42] References [2] "The Strangers Movie Reviews. Chicago Sun-Times. "EXCL: Never Talk to Strangers" (http:/ / www. Michael (29 May 2008). com/ news/ topnews. Roger (29 May 2008). cinematical. "Liv in the moment" (http:/ / www. . . Calif.com. [15] The Strangers Poster – Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery (http:/ / www. com/ content/ cinema/ the_strangers).com/Crime Library. however. net/ movies/ s/ strangers. 2)" (http:/ / www. metacritic. [22] Rechtshaffen. ." (http:/ / www. html). com/ 2008/ strangers. "Top Ten Haunted Places: Keddie Resort.com [1] "The Strangers Production Notes provided by Universal Pictures" (http:/ / hollywoodjesus. dll/ article?AID=/ 20080529/ REVIEWS/ 805290303). com/ trailers/ universal/ thestrangers/ ) apple. pdf). php?id=6242). Rogue Pictures. 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[3] It is the final film by Spyglass Entertainment.[3] Kim is still deeply in love with his wife. their faith in Jesus and their wedding vows before God kept them together.114. Background The Vow is based on the actual relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.[3][4] Ten weeks after their wedding on 18 September 1993.[3][4][5] . becoming the sixth highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time.[3][4] According to the couple. although she views him as a stranger after the accident.570 The Vow is a 2012 romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy. The Vow was a box office success. starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. who wrote a book about their marriage. which erased memories of her romance with Kim as well as their marriage.The Vow (2012 film) 99 The Vow (2012 film) The Vow Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Michael Sucsy Roger Birnbaum Gary Barber Jonathan Glickman Paul Taublieb Abby Kohn Marc Silverstein Jason Katims Stuart Sender Rachel McAdams Channing Tatum Sam Neill Scott Speedman Wendy Crewson Jessica Lange Rachel Portman Michael Brook Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Rogier Stoffers Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Nancy Richardson Melissa Kent Spyglass Entertainment Screen Gems • February 10. also known as The Vow. the couple was in an automobile accident in which Krickitt suffered brain trauma. 2012 104 minutes United States English $30 million [1] [1] $196.[2] The film is based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.

Leo discusses his philosophy about "Moments of impact". Her doctor advises her to fill the holes in her memory rather than be afraid of her past. He persists in his attempts to help her regain her memory.. eventually returning to sculpting and drawing. Jeremy. at a stop sign. starts sketching. Paige decides to go back with Leo. Sending some particles crashing together. Just as she's about to leave. proposed and married at the Art Institute of Chicago are interwoven with the present. Paige rejoins law school and Leo signs divorce papers. Her parents insist on taking her home with them and Paige agrees. Paige then asks Leo why he never told her. Rita tells her that she decided to stay with Bill for all the things he had done right instead of leaving him for one wrong act. Paige does not understand why she left law school. Though Jeremy confesses he broke up with his present girlfriend. At the dinner and in the bar later. During the course of one encounter with Jeremy. but as she is not able to remember any of them. Paige finds the menu card on which she had written her wedding vows and is deeply moved. When she confronts her mother about this. assuming she might have married Leo for some mutual benefit and seeks evidence for the marriage. broke her engagement with her previous fiancé. While sending others. Paige. Though Leo asks her out on a date and spends a night with her. The movie ends with Paige finding Leo at their regular Cafe Mnemonic and going with him to try a new place instead of their regular alternative. Paige unbuckles her seatbelt to lean over and kiss Leo. spinning off into great ventures. . while in class. The next day Paige ventures out to her regular cafe but does not remember having been there and loses her way back. she turns him down stating she needs to know what life would be like without him. As seasons change. With her sister Gwen's wedding approaching. the relationship is further strained when Paige's dad tries to persuade Leo to divorce his daughter. Bill and Rita Thornton. thus depicting how she first left law school. thus alerting Paige as to why she had left her family. a truck rams their car from behind and Paige crashes through the windshield.The Vow (2012 film) 100 Plot Paige Collins (Rachel McAdams) and her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) come out of a movie theater. in a voice-over talks about how "moments of impact help in finding who we are" the movie cuts to how Paige and Leo first met. she meets an old friend who. At that very moment. landing where you never thought you’d find them. She continues her interest in art. and why she has not been in touch with her family and friends. "A moment of impact whose potential for change has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict. When her parents. it is the first time that Leo meets them.. but Paige is more driven to learning why she left law school and broke her engagement to Jeremy. making them closer than before. hoping to be back with her. When Paige regains consciousness. Paige is welcomed home with a surprise party by her friends. she thinks Leo is her doctor. and he replies he wanted to earn her love instead of driving her away from her parents. That evening Leo and Paige are invited for dinner by her parents. having lost all memories of the past few years. Leo does not fit in with her family and friends. She calls her mother because she does not know or remember Leo's number. and by Leo punching Jeremy for talking about chances to bed his wife. unaware of her amnesia." Back in her room. Both of them are rushed to the emergency room. and as Leo. On their way home. she kisses him. learn about this and visit her. hoping it will help her regain her lost memory. At a store. she finds it overwhelming and bursts out in anger. The scenes of how they courted. Leo comes running to play her a voice message in which she sounds very happy and romantic. apologizes for having had a relationship with Paige's dad. Paige decides to stay with her parents until the wedding.

The Vow (2012 film) 101 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rachel McAdams as Paige Collins Channing Tatum as Leo Collins Jessica Lange as Rita Thornton. 2012. Filming took place from August until November 2010 in Toronto and Chicago. 2012 through Madison Gate Records. Paige's mother[6] Sam Neill as Bill Thornton. was released digitally on a separate album on February 7.[10] Track listing . written and composed by Rachel Portman and Michael Brooks.[9] The film score.[8] Music The Vow: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack album by Various Artists Released Recorded Genre Label February 7. 2012 2011 Soundtrack Rhino Records The soundtrack was released on February 7. Paige's sister[7] Wendy Crewson as Dr. Fishman Tatiana Maslany as Lily Lucas Bryant as Kyle Scott Speedman as Jeremy Sarah Carter as Diane Dillon Casey as Ryan Rachel Skarsten as Rose Kristina Pesic as Lizbet Brittney Irvin as Lena Jeananne Goossen as Sonjia Kim Roberts as Barbara Production Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum's casting was announced by Variety in June 2010. through Rhino Records. Paige's father[6] Jessica McNamee as Gwen.

"[15] Giving the film a 2. with an average rating of 4.[12] Emma Dibdin from Total Film gave the film a three stars rating out of five. thanks partly to McAdams and partly to an unusually chaste love story that ultimately keeps melodrama at bay."[14] The Washington Post's Stephanie Merry wrote "It's a shame things are so black and white."[17] Betsy Sharkey. [this film] offers almost no redeeming characteristics. to cry more. this is a movie that leaves you wanting more.[19] . "Leaving on the 5th" 4. based on 23 reviews. To care more. "Come On.9/10. Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times found it "pleasant enough as a date movie. maudlin tale. "Neon Blue" 11. "Problems of Our Own" 10. [. He concluded describing the film as a "heartless. She found McAdams "excellent" and Tatum "surprisingly heartbreaking" and concluded "The few weaknesses in the plot can be overlooked as The Vow makes for a wonderful – if a bit teary – romance that is brilliantly acted. to love more. He and McAdams also have chemistry. Title Performer(s) Length 1."[16] USA Today wrote that "It may appeal to the most rabid fans of tearjerk romances like The Notebook. "with its would-be crowd-pleasing contrivances and rote adherence to formula. "This Too Shall Pass" 5.[11] At Metacritic. She added "Tatum."[13] Empire critic Helen O'Hara gave the film a three stars rating out of five. but it's a hard-to-swallow. soulless product". which indicates "mixed or average reviews". which assigns a weighted mean rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics.] This is for young women what Transformers is for young men. the film received an average score of 44. "Get Some" 6. "Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)" 7. "Play My Way" 9.The Vow (2012 film) 102 No.. commenting. "Pictures of You" Matt Pond PA Voxhaul Broadcast OK Go Lykke Li Phosphorescent Scott Hardkiss feat. but that's all.. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 29% based on 124 reviews. film critic from the Los Angeles Times wrote. "there’s an essential sweetness at work here. also.5 stars out of 4."[18] ReelViews' James Berardinelli was very negative about the film. He wrote. "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" Meat Loaf 2. Britta Phillips Maya von Doll Light FM Still Life Still The Cure The digital version of the soundtrack also contains "England" by The National. Come On" 8. because the movie has more promise – and more laughs – than trailers suggest". "Despite the sweet story. while a bit deficient in the dramatic acting department. Release Critical response The film received negative reviews from critics. delivers some memorable quips. "Specks" 3.

7 million.[21] It also earned around US$9. Lond (2010-06-18). Gilbert (3:00 P. IMDb. 2012 with a rating of PG-13.030 in North America and $71. Channing Tatum Team on 'The Vow'" (http:/ / blog. debuted Feb. and the third film to cross the US$100 million mark worldwide behind Underworld: Awakening and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. breaking Hitch's record US$7. Retrieved 2010-11-03.4 million on opening day and US$41. The Moviefone Blog. .[1] It is the sixth highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time. making $41. aspx?c=lwL4KnN1LtH& b=5259669& ct=11626967). "Rachel McAdams. While he was still madly in love with her.[22] The film grossed $125. On the weekend lasting from February 24–26.6 million.The Vow (2012 film) 103 Box office The Vow debuted at #1 with strong results on its opening weekend. She was transferred to the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix. "The Vow: A real love story of faith" (http:/ / www. The United Methodist Church. "The Vow. Box Office Mojo. . the romantic movie is not even close to telling the true story of faith and commitment that has kept the Carpenters devoted to each other for 20 years. [2] Harley W.com.M. 18. he was a stranger she wanted nothing to do with.014.100. moviefone.[29] References [1] "The Vow (2012) > Summary > Production Budget > Domestic Total Gross + Foreign" (http:/ / www. 10 and was the top movie of the weekend. org/ site/ apps/ nlnet/ content3.2 million over the weekend. boxofficemojo. com/ 2010/ 06/ 18/ rachel-mcadams-channing-tatum-team-on-the-vow).114.[20] On the 2012 Valentine's Day the film grossed US$11.5 million for the highest-grossing mid-week Valentine’s Day. Retrieved 2012-08-31. a movie based on Kim and Krickitt Carpenter’s story. Their saga began 10 weeks after their wedding on Sept. dated and married. boxofficemojo.570. The glue that kept them together was their faith in Christ and the promise they . 1993. with US$15. htm). 2012). [3] Kathy L. com/ movies/ ?id=vow. The Vow became the first film of 2012 in North America to cross the US$100 million mark. AZ for treatment.[23] Accolades List of awards and nominations Award Category Rachel Portman Recipient(s) Result Won Nominated "Forever" Channing Tatum Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Channing Tatum Rachel McAdams Nominated Nominated Nominated Channing Tatum (also for Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street) Nominated Channing Tatum (also for Magic Mike) Nominated Nominated [24] Film Music Award BMI Film & TV Awards [25] Golden Trailer Awards [26] Best Romance Best Romance TV Spot MTV Movie Awards Best Male Performance Best Kiss Teen Choice Awards [27] Choice Movie: Drama Choice Movie Actor: Drama Choice Movie Actress: Drama People's Choice Awards [28] Favorite Dramatic Movie Favorite Movie Actor Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress Rachel McAdams Home media The DVD and Blu-ray Disc were released on May 8. However. and was found to have suffered a severe brain trauma that wiped out 18 months of her life – the entire time she and Kim met. ET February 13. They were in a serious automobile accident that left Krickitt with no memories of her husband or their new marriage.7 million internationally this weekend. umc.540 in other countries for a worldwide total of $196.

Helen." [4] Jo Piazza (February 16. and ultimately it was their love of God that saved their marriage. Associated Press. . htm) [23] "Romantic Drama Movies at the Box Office" (http:/ / www. Retrieved December 7. 2012). Throughout the book. 2012. strips the tale of its overt religious themes. Prometheus Global Media. HollywoodTrailers. ReelViews. html). washingtonpost. 2012. "The Vow" (http:/ / www. Their attraction to one another as well as their relationship was built around their faith. asp?FID=137494). 2012. ew. 2012). Just 10 weeks into their marriage. 2012. billboard.1176062/ critic-review. [21] "'The Vow' earns $11. 2012. 2012). Fox News. Upon waking. 2012. Retrieved February 11. the couple survived a terrible car wreck that left Krickitt in a coma with severe head trauma. usatoday. Krickitt experienced amnesia and was essentially married to a stranger. [11] "The Vow" (http:/ / www.net. "McAdams.”" [5] Emma Koonse (February 17. Dave (June 17. 2012. Retrieved February 7. The Cure & More" (http:/ / blogs. [10] "‘The Vow’ Score Album Announced" (http:/ / filmmusicreporter. Retrieved February 4. com/ news/ ?id=3379& p=. Claudia (February 10. "Devout Christians. Retrieved August 29. Total Film. Betsy (February 10. foxnews. com/ 2012/ 04/ 30/ hunger-games-bridesmaids-top-mtv-movie-award-nominees/ ). 2012). [28] "People's Choice Awards 2013 Nominees" (http:/ / www. htm).M. . [17] Pig. com/ 2012/ 05/ 18/ teen-choice-awards-nominees-2012_n_1528233. 2012. Tatum promised 'Vow'" (http:/ / www. php?identifier=2421). [18] Sharkey. 2012). indiewire. February 5. Procter & Gamble. . Retrieved January 10. Variety. com/ news/ ?id=3368& p=. FilmoFilia. com/ 2010/ 09/ 12/ jessica-mcnamee-joins-rachel-mcadams-and-channing-tatum-in-the-vow). 2012. . [24] Gallo. . com/ apps/ pbcs. empireonline. Metacritic. [25] "The 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards" (http:/ / www. Emma (January 7. InsideMovies. EW. . peopleschoice. com/ 2012/ 02/ 05/ the-vow-score-album-announced). com/ pca/ awards/ nominees/ index. . variety. goldentrailer. which has some Christian reviewers concerned. dll/ article?AID=/ 20120208/ REVIEWS/ 120209977). [7] "Jessica McNamee Joins Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in 'The Vow'" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2012-02-23. suntimes. com/ theplaylist/ the-vow-soundtrack-features-the-national-lykke-li-ok-go-the-cure-more). who met and fell in love over a long distance phone call in 1992. Retrieved February 7. James (February 9. .The Vow (2012 film) had made before god. and were married a very short time later. Film Music Reporter. Box Office Mojo. Box Office Mojo. [19] Berardinelli. OK Go.0.com. com/ entertainment/ 2012/ 02/ 16/ real-life-couple-from-vow-says-it-would-have-been-nice-to-see-christian/ ?intcmp=features#ixzz1mbDBye8g). [27] "Teen Choice Award Nominees 2012" (http:/ / www. The Christian Post. . [26] "'Hunger Games. ew. Retrieved May 19.com. boxofficemojo. christianpost. “You have to take that seriously. 2012. the movie version of "The Vow. “You make a 104 promise before God with your wedding vows. 2012. metacritic. com/ gog/ movies/ the-vow. . 2012). Phil (May 17. net/ php_review_template. [8] McNary. [13] Dibdin. Retrieved 2013-01-10. Kevin (January 27. hollywoodtrailers. 2012. . com/ genres/ chart/ ?id=romanticdrama. "'The Vow': You'll swear you've seen this before" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2012-02-23. filmofilia. Flixster. 2012. 2012. it is the couple’s religious belief in the unbreakable vow of marriage that keeps them together. 2012. . 2012).com.” Krickitt Carpenter told Fox411. com/ article/ VR1118020769?refCatId=1237). . com/ 2012/ 02/ 15/ the-vow-valentines-day). Retrieved December 9. [14] O'Hara.' 'Bridesmaids' top MTV Movie Award nominees" (http:/ / insidemovies. . Retrieved February 10. "Based on the love story of two devout Christians. rottentomatoes. 2012. IMDb. gta13. com/ entertainment/ news/ movies/ la-et-the-vow-20120210. The Huffington Post.6 million on Valentine's Day" (http:/ / insidemovies. "'The Vow' Soundtrack Features The National. Chicago Sun-Times. . [12] "The Vow" (http:/ / www. USA Today. Retrieved 2010-11-03. . Goldentrailer. 2012. htm). bonded over their Christian faith. . php). [16] "Reviews: The Vow" (http:/ / rogerebert.’ Check In to ‘Safe House’" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. "'The Vow' leaves you wanting more" (http:/ / www. 2012). Retrieved February 10. jsp?year=2013). Retrieved May 2. com/ reviews/ cinema/ the-vow). April 30. reelviews. Stephanie (February 10." Kim Carpenter told United Methodist News Service. People's Choice Awards. . latimes. Los Angeles Times. CBS Interactive. Lykke Li.4999213." [6] "Jessica Lange and Sam Neill Join The Vow" (http:/ / www.com. February 8. story). com/ m/ the_vow_2012). EW. "Receives Career Achievement Honor at BMI Film and TV Awards" (http:/ / www. "Empire's The Vow Movie Review" (http:/ / www. Billboard. [20] "Weekend Report: Moviegoers Say “I Do” to ‘The Vow. net/ 2010/ 10/ jessica-lange-and-sam-neill-join-the-vow). html). totalfilm. ." starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. com/ awards. May 18. . Retrieved August 29. [15] Merry.com. Kim and Krickitt Carpenter were wed after a long and careful courting process involving prayer and church. com/ life/ movies/ reviews/ story/ 2012-02-10/ the-vow-channing-tatum-rachel-mcadams/ 53032860/ 1). 2013. 2010). . com/ news/ the-vow-real-couple-hoped-for-more-faith-in-film-69743/ ). 2013. . IMDb. AOL. Empire. com/ movie/ the-vow). Retrieved February 10. The Washington Post. 2012. com/ reviews/ reviewcomplete. N. Retrieved February 10. IndieWire. Rotten Tomatoes. huffingtonpost. "The Vow review" (http:/ / www. forgetting the last 18 months of her life. "Both of us know unconditionally we would not have made it through this ordeal without the Lord being in the center of it all. "Real-life couple from 'The Vow' says it 'would have been nice' to see Christian references in film" (http:/ / www. The book tells the story of Kim and Krickitt. Retrieved January 5. Retrieved February 10. [22] Weekend Report: 'Act of Valor' Gets SEAL of Approval (http:/ / boxofficemojo. 2012. story). The Carpenters attend First United Methodist Church in Farmington. [9] Jagernauth. "'The Vow' Real Couple Hoped for More Faith in Film" (http:/ / www. "Critic review for The Vow" (http:/ / www. 2012). biz/ bbbiz/ industry/ tv-film/ backbeat-rolfe-kent-receives-career-achievement-1007087752. Retrieved 2010-11-03.

boxofficemojo. 105 External links • The Vow (http://www. . who is being targeted by the Lycans. Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman). html). com/ dvd-info/ B005LAIGSM/ The-Vow. completeseasondvds.htm) at Box Office Mojo • The Vow (http://www. a vampire who is a Death Dealer hunting Lycans.com/m/the_vow_2012/) at Rotten Tomatoes Underworld (2003 film) Underworld Teaser poster Directed by Produced by Len Wiseman Tom Rosenberg Gary Lucchesi Richard Wright Screenplay by Danny McBride Story by Kevin Grevioux Len Wiseman Danny McBride Kate Beckinsale Scott Speedman Michael Sheen Shane Brolly Erwin Leder Bill Nighy Paul Haslinger Lakeshore Entertainment Starring Music by Studio Distributed by Screen Gems Release date(s) • Running time Country September 19. 2003 121 minutes United Kingdom Germany Hungary United States English $22. . Retrieved May 7.000 $95. 2012. Complete Season DVDs. She finds herself attracted to a human. the second) installment in the Underworld series.com/title/tt1606389/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Vow (http://www. After Michael is bitten by a Lycan. Selene must decide whether to do her duty and kill him or go against her clan and save him.708.rottentomatoes. It is the first (chronologically.com/movies/?id=Vow. The main plot revolves around Selene (Kate Beckinsale).imdb.000.457 Language Budget Box office Underworld is a 2003 action/horror film directed by Len Wiseman about the secret history of Vampires and Lycans (an abbreviated form of lycanthrope).The Vow (2012 film) [29] "The Vow" (http:/ / www.

Sonja. Selene helps Michael escape and the two become attracted to each other. Viktor and the hybrid Michael fight. and the extensively worked-out vampire–werewolf mythology that serves as the film's backstory. but tells Selene that he gave her more than her human family ever could have: immortality. The vampires believe they defeated the werewolves many centuries ago and killed their leader. and that he would have killed her if she had not reminded him of Sonja. When Selene arrives at the vampire coven's mansion. who has been hibernating. Viktor. known as Death Dealers. as it was Markus' turn to rule. He also reveals the truth of his love for Sonja and that his choice to have her killed was to protect the vampires also stating that he would not have killed Michael if he could have avoided it. Selene hears loud howling and learns that the Lycans have developed a new high-tech bullet to kill the vampires. Nathaniel is slain by a Lycan named Raze after being ambushed. Upon reaching the Lycan den. but he is shot by Kraven. he points his gun at Michael to finish him off. the "icy English composure" in Kate Beckinsale's performance. Selene and Rigel. Selene's motivation goes beyond duty. Two vampires specialized in assassinating Lycans. After Lucian bites Michael. Selene complies and Kraven flees after killing Lucian. news arrives that Amelia. she wakes a powerful elder vampire. but Kraven shoots him with a newly designed bullet intended to kill by poisoning a Lycan's bloodstream. Kraven has secretly planned to kill the vampire elder. and Lucian became lovers. and that they must kill off the survivors. Selene returns to the mansion with Singe. who was coming to awaken Markus.Underworld (2003 film) While reviewers generally received the film negatively. about 600 years ago. Viktor is angered by his early awakening. Kraven tells Selene it was Viktor who killed her family. and her companions. As the vampires follow the Lycans into a subway station. including Lucian. Nathaniel. Lucian. a secret war has raged between vampires and Lycans. fearing that he will kill innocent people after he changes at the full moon. In an underground Lycan lair. She then handcuffs him to a chair. trying to find a pure source of the ancient and powerful Corvinus bloodline. a smaller number of reviewers praised elements such as the film's stylish Gothic visuals. who admits to Viktor that the Lycans are trying to combine the bloodlines of the two species with the Corvinus Strain to create a powerful hybrid. the pair is attacked by six Lycans. she also wants revenge because. and continues her investigation. When Selene still refuses to join Kraven. After the Lycans retreat from Selene's return fire and the arrival of a third Death Dealer. Kraven. Selene determines that the Lycans may have been following a human. but . Kraven was the only witness. Selene discovers that when Lucian was supposedly killed. Selene rescues Michael as her allies battle the Lycans. an ancient species of werewolf. a scientist named Singe tests blood from kidnapped descendants of the ancient Corvinus family. Selene arrives with a group of Death Dealers to bring an end to the Lycans and kill Kraven for his treachery. she recounts the evening's events and urges an attack on the Lycans. he killed her to prevent any crossing of the species. a pack of Lycans slaughtered her family when she was a child. Amelia. Lucian emerges. Viktor arrives and throws Selene against a wall and then throws Michael through a wall and into a pond below. has been killed by Lycans. Viktor admits that Kraven told the truth. Viktor kills Singe in rage and gives Selene the chance to redeem herself by killing Michael. Selene captures Singe while Michael is captured by two Lycans. he learns that Viktor's daughter. When Viktor learned that his daughter had been impregnated by a Lycan. Soon after Selene finds Michael. While Michael is being held captive. Sensing a conspiracy. criticizing the overacting and lack of character development. 106 Plot For generations. the werewolves open fire with submachine guns and Rigel is killed. Viktor believes Kraven and orders Selene to acquiesce to the vampire hierarchy. Michael Corvin. but that he must do it to protect his people. not his. with Lucian's help. but the vampire regent. tells her to drop the matter. Selene tells Michael about the feud and her past. Lucian prepares to fight. injuring Kraven and telling Selene to bite Michael to transmit the vampire virus into his bloodstream. she tracks them to their den. track a pair of Lycans who are in their human form. After Kraven flees the mansion because Singe has revealed that Kraven and Lucian are working together. which led to the war.

White Wolf filed 17 counts of copyright infringement. and claimed over 80 points of unique similarity between White Wolf's game systems and the movie. Selene and Michael leave the Lycan lair. cologne-commercial design and sexy cat suits — sucks".[5] However. Inc.[4] Critical reception The film showed positive reception from audiences. it has a 31% overall approval rating on film-critics' aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes based on 157 reviews. but critics generally gave Underworld negative reviews. Selene grabs Viktor's sword and kills him with it.690 domestically. "This is a movie so paltry in its characters and shallow in its story that the war seems to exist primarily to provide graphic visuals".708.970.457 worldwide.[3] Box office The film grossed $51. and Nancy A. White Wolf. stating. "[B]y any reasonable standard. some critics were more favorable: the New York Daily News praised it as being "stylish and cruel. Inc. Collins claiming the setting was too similar to the Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse games. a carrier of the original Corvinus Strain. Roger Ebert said. they are vampire blue but then turn pitch black.[1][2] In September 2003. a judge granted White Wolf an expedited hearing. and mightily entertaining for certain covens out there". Selene takes Sonja's pendant and keeps it to symbolize her and Michael's love as it did for Sonja and Lucian. The lawsuit ended in a confidential settlement. now enemies of both species. this dark vampire epic — all massive overacting. Collins. At the mansion. both set in the World of Darkness setting. As of January 2012. But O'Hehir also . Markus. the eyes of a hybrid. and $95. When his eyes open. 107 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kate Beckinsale as Selene Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin Shane Brolly as Kraven Bill Nighy as Viktor Michael Sheen as Lucian Erwin Leder as Singe Sophia Myles as Erika Robbie Gee as Kahn Kevin Grevioux as Raze Zita Görög as Amelia Scott McElroy as Soren Wentworth Miller as Adam Lockwood Dennis Kozeluh as Dmitri Hank Amos as Nathaniel Sandor Bolla as Rigel Todd Schneider as Trix Jázmin Dammak as Sonja Legal controversy The film was the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by White Wolf. Singe's blood seeps into the sarcophagus of the remaining Elder.[6] Salon reviewer Andrew O'Hehir gave mixed criticism and praise. and the Sonja Blue vampire novels. also claimed the script was very similar to a story entitled The Love of Monsters (1994) which they published and was written by Nancy A.Underworld (2003 film) Viktor gets the upper hand and attempts to strangle Michael.

a song by The Icarus Line. 2012. The prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. was released January 20.Underworld (2003 film) remarks that. hard rock. contributed several songs to the soundtrack under the pseudonym Renholdër. A second sequel.at least it gives a crap". titled Underworld: Awakening.. a bass guitarist. a Canadian industrial band. post-hardcore. Music critic Bill Aicher notes that the "soundtrack follow[s] in a similar gothic vein" as the visuals and states that it "does an excellent job setting the dark mood" by using "a veritable who's who in the genre" with an "impressive array of metal. ". and guitarist John Frusciante (of The Red Hot Chili Peppers). Lohner also included a song by The Dillinger Escape Plan. was released on January 20."[9] He states that the "album's highest point" is the song with Maynard James Keenan (from Tool and A Perfect Circle). and Lisa Germano. guitarist and keyboardist who has recorded with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. or featuring Lohner. 2009. technical style of hardcore punk called mathcore. conceding that despite the movie's flaws. in which Markus awakens. which is entitled "Bring Me the Disco King (Loner .. produced. a US band which performs an aggressive. was released January 23. a band known for its abrasive form of rock music. and otherwise gothic-themed tracks". Music Soundtrack Underworld Soundtrack Soundtrack album Released 2003 Genre Length Label Industrial rock.[9] Aicher notes that since "a majority of the selections [are] written.[7] 108 Sequels and Prequel A sequel. Lohner (born 1970). alternative rock. which gives more detail as to the creation of the lycan species and Lucian's hatred. titled Underworld: Evolution. industrial. 2006. Lohner continued included a song by Skinny Puppy. the album retains a sense of cohesion throughout. David Bowie. a song by US alternative rock/post-hardcore band Finch entitled "Worms of the Earth". alternative metal 1:07:07 Lakeshore Producer Danny Lohner Underworld film series soundtrack chronology Underworld (2003) Underworld: Evolution (2006) Professional ratings Review scores Source Allmusic Rating [8] The film's soundtrack was produced by Danny Lohner and distributed via Roadrunner Records. an American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in alternative rock and dream pop. making it much more a complete product than has generally been the case with similarly-themed products. the complex vampire-werewolf mythology back-story "has been meticulously worked out".

brooding. "Worms of the Earth" 16. 2003 52:20 Lakeshore Records Paul Haslinger and Lustmord Underworld film series score album chronology Underworld (2003) Underworld: Evolution (2006) . "Death Dealer's Descent" 18. and twitchy". "Down In the Lab" 9. "Hover (Quiet Mix)" 13. "Optimissed" 8.[9] Track listing Track # 1. "All of This Past" Skinny Puppy Renholdër & Amy Lee A Perfect Circle Johnette Napolitano The Dillinger Escape Plan Trust Company Renholdër A Perfect Circle Finch Lisa Germano Renholdër & Amy Lee The Icarus Line Sarah Bettens 3:49 1:46 4:23 5:26 4:01 3:10 1:01 3:02 2:35 2:57 0:55 4:04 4:28 Song Artist(s) Length 109 The Damning Well (featuring Wes Borland. "Bring Me the Disco King (Danny Lohner Mix)" 7. "Awakening" 2. "From a Shell" 17. "Weak and Powerless" (Tilling My Grave Mix) 15. "Suicide Note" 11. sad. "Rev. "Rocket Collecting" 5. he calls the song "[d]ark. Richard Patrick. "Throwing Punches" 4. 22:20" 3.Underworld (2003 film) Mix)". "Judith (Renholdër Mix)" 10. "Falling Through the Sky" 14. "Now I Know" 6. Josh Freese & Danny Lohner) Puscifer (featuring Danny Lohner) Page Hamilton Milla Jovovich & Danny Lohner Renholdër & Amy Lee David Bowie (featuring Maynard James Keenan & John Frusciante) 4:15 4:39 3:42 5:42 0:57 6:06 Score Underworld (Original Score) Film score by Paul Haslinger Released Length Label Producer October 14. "On the Lash" 19. "Baby's First Coffin" 12.

"Introduction" 2. com/ movies/ ?id=underworld. COLLINS sue SONY PICTURES. "Suspended Memories" 8. googleusercontent. white-wolf. Sony Pictures" (http:/ / www. [5] (http:/ / rogerebert. [4] "Underworld (2003)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. INC. html) [8] "Underworld [Original Soundtrack] . avvo. "Transformation" 6. "The Last Stand" 18. htm). "Subterrania" 15. com/ News/ underworldrelease2. html) on 2008-01-20. "Eternity and a Day" 19. com/ case/ view/ collins-and-white-wolf-v--sony-pictures-11181). html). "Metamorphosis" 11. . SCREEN GEMS and LAKESHORE ENTERTAINMENT for "Underworld" copyright infringement" (http:/ / web. "The End of an Era (Opening)" 3. "The Crypt" 9. allmusic. salon. "Bloodlines" 10. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. "Miserere" 17. com/ 2003-09-19/ entertainment/ 18246668_1_bill-nighy-vampire-underworld) [7] "Underworld" . "Darkness Deep Within" 5. org/ web/ 20080120183303/ http:/ / www. white-wolf. music-critic. Allmusic. [9] "Maynard and Borland and Bowie. com/ News/ underworldrelease2. com/ sdtrks/ underworld. "Corvinus" 14. "Fire Falling from the Sky" 16. com/ album/ r654653). and author NANCY A. "Red Tape (performed by Agent Provocateur)" 7. suntimes. nydailynews. Oh My!". [3] "Collins and White Wolf v. . COLLINS in "Underworld" Suit" (http:/ / web. html). htm . [2] "Court Awards Expedited Injunction Hearing to WHITE WOLF and NANCY A.Underworld (2003 film) 110 Underworld (Original Score) No. "Keep Watch Over the Night" Total length: Length 0:53 1:31 2:17 1:19 1:27 4:57 1:59 0:56 5:11 2:24 2:33 3:49 3:53 0:58 2:56 2:49 2:33 4:04 5:38 52:20 References [1] "WHITE WOLF. Music review by Bill Aicher http:/ / www. "Anger and Retribution" 13.Various Artists" (http:/ / www. com/ News/ underworldrelease. . archive. white-wolf. com/ search?q=cache:NxKzXC83ZasJ:articles. archive. Box Office Mojo.com (http:/ / dir. white-wolf. Title 1. html) on 2008-02-12. . . com/ story/ ent/ movies/ review/ 2003/ 09/ 19/ underworld/ index. dll/ article?AID=/ 20030919/ REVIEWS/ 309190308/ 1023) [6] (http:/ / webcache. com/ News/ underworldrelease. "Death Dealers Deploy" 4. com/ apps/ pbcs. org/ web/ 20080212032144/ http:/ / www. "The End of an Era (Reprise)" 12.Salon.

Underworld (2003 film) 111 External links • • • • Official website (http://www.com/m/underworld/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/homevideo/underworld/) Underworld (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320691/) at the Internet Movie Database Underworld (http://www.allrovi.sonypictures.rottentomatoes.com/movies/movie/v284680) at AllRovi Underworld (http://www.

Len Wiseman.Underworld (film series) 112 Underworld (film series) UNDERWORLD Official logo of the series Directed by (Underworld and Underworld: Evolution) Len Wiseman Patrick Tatopoulos Måns Mårlind Björn Stein Produced by Written by Starring (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans) (Underworld: Awakening) Tom Rosenberg. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. was released in 2003. David Coatsworth Danny McBride. Len Wiseman. Nicholas De Toth. The fourth film. and the second film. Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. Underworld: Awakening. 2012. Ross Emery. Dirk Blackman. Howard McCain. Peter Amunson. in 2006.000. Marco Beltrami Music by Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts. Scott Kevan Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Country Martin Hunter. Simon Duggan. The first film. Underworld. . a sequel to the second film. J. Underworld: Evolution. Allison Burnett. 2009. Kevin Grevioux. a prequel to the first film. Richard Wright.247. John Hlavin Kate Beckinsale Scott Speedman Michael Sheen Rhona Mitra Bill Nighy Paul Haslinger. Gary Lucchesi. Jeff McEvoy Screen Gems (2003–2012) 2003–present United States United Kingdom Canada Hungary English $177. Skip Williamson.000 $458. Michael Straczwinski. The third film. was released on January 20. Patrick Tatopoulos.092 Language Budget Box office Underworld is a series of action horror films directed by Len Wiseman. was released on January 23.

that fell through due to mistrust and duplicity by both men. a Death Dealer bent on destroying the Lycans who allegedly killed her family. Kraven would strike an arrangement with Lucian. in which Lucian would fake his death to permit Kraven to advance. also carried the Corvinus Strain as an exact duplicate of the original virus. However. Lucian. one by bat and one by wolf. werewolves. Underworld: Awakening (2012) A fourth film. Viktor. according to Singe. Viktor's daughter.Underworld (film series) 113 Films Underworld (2003) Underworld tells the story of Selene (Kate Beckinsale). William. Selene not only discovers a mutinous plot to destroy the Vampire Elders. depicted in the previous films Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. He was the only survivor of a plague that wiped out his village. The vampires. was directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein and released on January 20. This child carried a mutation of the original virus. However. are not supernatural creatures. Before she can return. He had three sons. Selene takes Michael to a vampire safehouse and plans to return to Viktor's estate to awaken Marcus.[1] Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as Selene[2] and screenwriter John Hlavin stated prior to the film's release that it will not be like any of the previous films. but also a shocking revelation about her father figure Elder. She discovers that the Lycans are pursuing a human. As shown in the film. Underworld: Awakening. and Lycans (Lycans are the ones able to transition between human and wolf form). It is the third installment (chronologically the first) in the Underworld series. Later on. for experimentation. there was a single werewolf who gave birth to a human-looking child. Underworld: Evolution (2006) In Underworld: Evolution. after he was killed. with the goal being the death of the vampire elders and the end of the war. creating the vampire and werewolf lines. the original werewolves were uncontrollable beasts. the first and most savage werewolf. It is revealed in the film that Alexander Corvinus is the first of the vampire and Lycan lines.[3] Production began in March 2011 in Vancouver with Tom Rosenberg. He was Lucian. is the key to creating a hybrid. hidden away in his genetic code and passed along to his human descendants through the centuries. Gary Lucchesi. dubbed by Viktor as "the first of the Lycans". who did not inherit immortality. Michael Corvin. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a 2009 American film directed by Patrick Tatopoulos. While on the run from Marcus. led a revolt after Viktor killed Sonja to prevent the blending of the species. The vampires used the Lycans as slaves to be the guardians of their lairs during the daylight hours and labor during the night. Marcus confronts her. and Len Wiseman producing. On April 4. unable to retake human form once bitten. mold it to his own benefit. but rather the product of a virus. Selene and Michael discover that Marcus is the first vampire. However. and that he plans to free his imprisoned brother. Corvinus' third son. permitting him to alternate between human and werewolf form. Marcus does not seem keen to help Selene and wishes to steal her memories for information. This. the Lycan leader. his body was able to mutate the virus. Selene captures Michael herself to find out what the Lycans are up to. Singe. 2011. the title of the film was announced and the following plot synopsis was given: . Somehow. 2012. two of whom inherited their father's immortality and were bitten. the last Vampire Elder. Sonja. focusing primarily on the origins of some characters and the events leading to the vampire–Lycan war. having been awakened by the blood of the Lycan scientist. shot in 3-D. Along the way. and Lucian fell in love and she became pregnant.

a hybrid Child was born. Three hundred years later. 114 Characters Vampires Their transformation is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counterparts.I. holy water. David David is a character from the 2012 movie Underworld: Awakening. their eyes turn a shade of electric blue or bright gold. Biologically immortal transgenics. When they transform. He is portrayed by Theo James. Eve. in fact. true. allowing Lucian to work deals with Tanis for weapons to kill Vampires. it turned people into werewolves or killed all in its path. Amelia had supported locking William within a coffin-like prison. As explained by Selene in the first Underworld film. Andreas Tanis Andreas Tanis is a character in the 2006 movie Underworld: Evolution and in the 2009 movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. he brought her back to the vampire coven with her hybrid daughter. She too has the ability to see through the childs eyes and uses this technique to find her daughter several times in the movie. He is portrayed by Steven Mackintosh. The same goes for Selene. This child has the ability to see through her parents eyes. etc. Amelia Amelia is one of the three Vampire Elders in the Underworld series. alongside Marcus and Viktor. She was turned in order to help control the chaos created by Marcus's brother William. At all times. Amelia was likely bitten by the first vampire Marcus. she allied with Viktor who sought to undermine Marcus' authority. the vampires of Underworld display most of the prominent superhuman physical prowess commonly seen in popular culture. As the werewolf virus spread across the land. Although never trained as a Death Dealer. In the post-production of the film. The capture of William would not have happened without Amelia's help. Selene would learn the truth about Viktor and realize that what Tanis had recorded years earlier was. star of the first two films. he had been accused of recording "malicious lies" about Viktor. but Michael's bloodline allows him to survive and become a combination of both species. in a remote place where Marcus could not find him. Tanis is a vampire of considerable age and is the official Coven Historian. For his trouble. David died and was revived by Selene using her Immortal blood. William's rage could not be controlled. the lateral incisors on all Vampires are elongated and come to a sharp point. . in hope she would teach some of the members so that they could become what she used to be. the first werewolf. the pale pallor of the vampires was achieved via D. However.Underworld (film series) Kate Beckinsale. however. and in contrast with his father. They do not possess any of the mystical weaknesses of mythological vampires (crosses. while their canine teeth lengthen to become pointed fangs. and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.[4] Selene also learns that she has a daughter. 300 years prior to the events that occurred in the first Underworld movie. as there are not any left within the coven.. they are highly vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene.). She did not keep control during her last reign. Fascinated by Selene's past as a Death Dealer. She appeared briefly in Underworld and appeared in a flashback sequence in Underworld: Evolution. one of the Coven Elders. David is not a coward and would fight when situations demanded it. a bite from both a Lycan and a Vampire is lethal. As one of the three Vampire Elders. he was exiled by Selene to an abandoned monastery. who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans. While she was imprisoned. stakes. garlic. She is portrayed by Zita Görög. William's inability to change back into human form caused trouble amongst humans.

and became pregnant with his child. Viktor accepted and became one of the Vampire Elders. inherited the immortality strain in its active form from their father. Kraven once shot Michael multiple times with silver nitrate. and together they now have a daughter. Selene was created by Kevin Grevioux. in Underworld. the more he wanted her. and her husband was forced to watch. The name Kraven is a derivation of the English word "craven" meaning coward. nearly killing him. Kraven almost murders Marcus in slumber. although Sonja's death haunted him for the rest of his life. Lucian took that pendant as a keepsake of his beloved wife. Kraven is a long-time suitor of Selene. According to Kevin Grevioux. a reference to Kraven's spineless nature. to utilize his military genius and army (who became the Death Dealers) in exchange for immortality.Underworld (film series) Erika [5] Erika is a character in the Underworld film series as well as in the novelization of the film. Lucian. Selene is based loosely off of the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Underworld: Evolution and Underworld: Awakening. In Underworld: Endless War. Selene is voiced by Canadian voice actress. Kraven fancies himself to a relationship with Selene. (his twin. he was the twin brother of William Corvinus. and Alicia Vela-Bailey in Awakening. Viktor executed her and her unborn child by exposure to sunlight. Her stunt double for the first two movies was Nicole Randall. thereby killing Kraven. Sonja wore a pendant. Selene Selene is a fictional character from the Underworld series. Marcus Corvinus Marcus Corvinus is the first vampire in the Underworld series. and is played by Rhona Mitra. She appears in the films Underworld. which was given to her by her father. from the slaughter of the rest of her family. 115 Kraven Kraven is portrayed by actor Shane Brolly. introduced by flashback. He viewed the child as an abomination and was acting to protect the vampire line's purity. Selene is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale. was bitten by a wolf). She is a low ranking maid who most recently began seeking the attentions of Kraven. Marcus stopped before Kraven dies of blood loss. along with William. William. Marcus was later bitten by a bat. After her death. This pendant proved to be vitally important to the events that unfolded in Underworld: Evolution. Kraven was so obsessed with Selene that the more she refused. Marcus ignores Kraven's request to assist him. His guilt over this led him to spare Selene. and Danny McBride. Laura Harris. thus making him the progenitor of what would become the Vampire species. a social-climbing courtier in Viktor's mansion. Marcus and William both shared a bond as twins that Alexander never truly saw. Without Viktor's knowledge or blessing. Her death started the war between vampires and Lycans that lasted for centuries afterward. Marcus bit Kraven and obtained his memories. Lily Mo Sheen. a Death Dealer.[6] Born sometime in the 5th century.[9] She fell in love with the lycan slave. the first immortal. In order to combat the growing werewolf threat Marcus approached Viktor. He. obsessed with rising through the ranks of the vampire aristocracy. in Underworld: Evolution[7] in flashback scenes as a child. named Eve. Marcus wakes and attacks Kraven and his men. infecting the populace with his highly infectious lycanthropy virus.[8] Sonja Sonja is the daughter of the vampire elder Viktor. who bore an uncanny resemblance to Sonja. She is a vampire seductress. . but surprisingly. despite knowing her father would disapprove. even though she has fallen for Michael Corvin. Marcus was one of three sons of Helena and Alexander Corvinus. Together. but. and William went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary. The character is heavily featured in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. For breaking the Covenant. instead beheading him. and by Beckinsale's daughter. she eventually married Lucian in secret. Selene bites Michael. He is portrayed by Tony Curran. a dying warlord. Len Wiseman. Her lover is Michael Corvin. Marcus also appears in the novelization of the sequel.

Viktor Viktor is a Vampire Elder. endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most vampires. He is played by Scott McElroy. He is portrayed by Charles Dance. They also have equal or greater physical abilities to Vampires in their human forms. but is also referenced in the novelization of the sequel and also appearing in the comic book prequel. Viktor was a Hungarian general and warlord born sometime in the 4th or early 5th century. As he was nearing the end of his life. whom he was charged to protect. and. Underworld: Blood Enemy. like their vampire-counterparts. When Marcus converted Viktor. the first true Vampire. . Viktor blamed Soren for not protecting her. The Death Dealers were created from Viktor's army. leaving David as de facto leader because of his demonstration of courage and intelligence. agility. despite Thomas' status as an Elder.Underworld (film series) Soren Soren. but Michael's heritage allows him to survive and become a combination of both species. Soren informed Viktor. into submission. alone during an ambush by mortals who were hateful of vampires. he served as the head torturer in Viktor's employ. reflexes. He proved to be very skilled in taming Lycan slaves with silver-edged whips. Marcus Corvinus. until she used her blood to revive David from the critical injuries he received from Lycans. a bite from both a Lycan and a Vampire is lethal. rumors surrounding him say that he is almost as old as Viktor himself (and was probably bitten by the Vampire Elder). While in their Lycan form. experience. and cunning far surpassed the other Elders. which can aggressively overtake a normal human's physiology. Soren lost his position in Viktor's good graces after he left Viktor's daughter Sonja. William. Soren appears [10] predominantly in the first film installment of Underworld. Thomas Thomas is one of the surviving Vampire Elders in Underworld: Awakening and the father of David. being two of a kind. was Kraven's janissary. the general became a Vampire Elder. they are biologically immortal transgenics. and are able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed. 116 Lycans In the Underworld films. he was the rival/vampire counterpart of Raze before their deaths. He does not trust Selene and openly discriminates against her daughter. Later. causing them to become a Lycan as well. spawn of Marcus' own twin brother. He is portrayed by Bill Nighy. Viktor was the most powerful Vampire ever to have lived mostly because his manipulation. who then executed his daughter. Viktor is a ruthless Vampire Elder. who is a Hybrid. speed. Soren was originally Viktor's bodyguard. His arrogance made him fail to realize the necessity of Selene's presence or what she has become. As explained by Selene in the first Underworld film though. Thomas is a coward and ordered the coven to flee rather than fight. He also remained ignorant of the fact that Sonja was in love with the Lycan Lucian until he was informed by a Lycan woman who had been obsessed with Lucian and resented him falling for Sonja. overpowering the original Vampire. a position he may have held since before either were vampires.[11] Not much is revealed about Soren's past. In the non-cannon novel. and even used them on Lucian at Viktor's request prior to Sonja's execution. offered immortality in exchange for Viktor's military expertise and army in fighting against the Werewolves. Their bite releases the Lycan virus. coordination. Eve. Marcus. Lycans display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. having a surprising lack of personal ambition for a vampire. they possess enhanced strength. In contrast with his son.

Unlike most later Lycans. Marcus. the first immortal. and the twin brother of Marcus Corvinus. Amelia & Viktor. but prior to his being a werewolf. his father faked his death in order to continue his experiments upon him. Being born of two werewolves. Marcus. He was the leader of the Lycan horde in the movie Underworld and appears in its prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. was bitten by a bat). making their child a Lycan–Vampire Hybrid. who is as corrupt as his father. nor is he ever shown in human form in any of the films. He is played by Kevin Grevioux. whose full name is Razahir Khemse. (his twin. Jacob Lane Dr. Raze was the son of a powerful Sultan but his family's lands were taken during a period of wars that spread into Africa. Lucian was born the son of a captured female werewolf. preventing the birth of the child. but. His relationship with Sonja began when they grew up and it was eventually revealed later that Sonja was pregnant with his child. William went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary. He is portrayed by Kris Holden-Ried. He. was born in Sudan in East Africa during the 14th century. Sonja was executed. thus making him the progenitor of what would become the Lycan species. William was unable to transform back into human form and had little more than ferocious savagery. larger and stronger and has the ability to rapidly heal and is immune to silver. he betrayed his own coven and reveals the existences of both Vampire and Lycan races so he can covertly experiment on both in order to create a new and powerful Lycan race by heading the research company Antigen. In order to combat the growing lycan threat Marcus approached Viktor. he is played by Brian Steele. Quint Lane Quint Lane is the son of Dr. inherited the immortality strain in its active form from their father. Born sometime in the 5th century. vampire. and is sometimes called a 'super-lycan'. in hope of domination over human. William was one of three sons of Helena and Alexander Corvinus. along with Marcus. his fur was white. he would have been identical in looks to his brother. [13] older Lycan who is the right hand man of the Lycan leader Lucian. 117 William Corvinus William Corvinus is the first and only Lycan Elder in the Underworld series. . He was the very first of the second-generation Lycans. Portrayed only in his transformed state. William was later bitten by a wolf. even allowing dead victims to transform. he was a pure-blood Lycan. Marcus and William both shared a bond as twins that Alexander never truly saw.Underworld (film series) Lucian Lucian is a fictional character from Underworld and the novelization of the film. Dr. Lucian was once a Lycan servant to Viktor's clan. After the public discovered him as a werewolf. Jacob Lane. He is portrayed by actor Michael Sheen. Later. a dying warlord. His lycanthropy virus was much more potent than Marcus' vampire virus. He is portrayed by Stephen Rea. He was branded with Viktor's mark signifying that he was put into slavery under one of Viktor's early reigns. to utilize his military genius and army (who became the Death Dealers) in exchange for immortality. infecting the populace with his highly infectious lycanthropy virus. He was forced into slavery and taken to Hungary to be given as payment to Viktor the Vampire Elder. William was successfully captured and contained by the combined forces of Marcus. Raze [12] He is an Razahir "Raze" Khemse is a fictional character from Underworld and the novelization of the film. He becomes a fearsome and powerful Lycan. Jacob Lane is a ruthless and amoral Lycan. and werewolf races. Raze. who was killed when Lucian was a newborn.

obliterating it in the harbor. Alexander was operating under the alias of Lorenz Macaro. Years later. he was labeled "Subject 0". Being pursued by both humans and Lycans because of her unique origin. will make her "the future" and is her only hope of being strong enough to destroy the Corvinus brothers. Eve/Subject Two Eve is the three-way hybrid daughter of Selene and Michael Corvin. She is portrayed by India Eisley. Selene discovers that she had given birth to Eve during her unconscious state. and through some unknown means consequently made him immortal. Marcus was bitten by a bat and became the first vampire. Michael became a Lycan-dominant Lycan/Vampire Hybrid. and ran his operation from the ship "Sancta Helena". He meets with Selene and Michael. for they are his own sons. He reveals that no matter what they have become. After Selene and Michael leave. Alexander detonates a case of explosives on his ship. William was bitten by a wolf and became the first werewolf. who is a descendant of Corvinus's third and mortal son. His body had adapted to the virus. with his wife Helena. She was born without her parents' knowledge during their 12-year captivity in Antigen. He is portrayed by Derek Jacobi. Alexander was the only survivor of the plague. William Corvinus. When Viktor ordered his vampire daughter executed for becoming pregnant by a Lycan. as well as an ancestor of Michael Corvin. Only Alexander's third son (who inherited the immortal strain in its inactive form) remained a mortal human. who beg his help to destroy Marcus and William. At the time of Underworld: Evolution. the credits listed India Eisley's character as "Eve" rather than "Subject 2. he cannot help Selene and Michael against them. William became a savage beast that was unable to ever assume human form again. two of whom inherited the immortal strain in its active form: twin brothers Marcus and William. something Alexander attributed to his uncontrollable rage. Michael Corvin Michael Corvin (in Hungarian: Corvin Mihály) is a fictional character from the Underworld series.Underworld (film series) 118 House of Corvinus Alexander Corvinus Alexander Corvinus (Hungarian: Corvin Sándor) is a fictional character from the film and novel Underworld: [14] He is the first true Immortal in the Underworld movies and is the father of Marcus Corvinus and Evolution. He ascended to power just in time to watch his village ravaged by an unknown plague. In Underworld: Awakening. Michael is the second Lycan/Vampire Hybrid from the mythos. takes Viktor's half of the key and leaves him for dead. through whom she is a descendant of Alexander Corvinus. he calls Selene to him to drink some of his pure immortal blood. the location of which was kept from Marcus. she tells Selene that her name is Subject 2. Alexander chose to keep the war contained from ever spilling into the mortal realm. and that the world is not theirs to conquer but belongs to the humans. Bitten first by Lucian.[15] Alexander was a Hungarian warlord who lived in the early 5th century." . he inadvertently touched off a centuries long war between lycans and vampires. Marcus and his vampire army (led by Viktor) captured his brother William and locked him in a secret prison for over 800 years. and later by Selene. The blood. Counting the unborn child of Lucian & Sonja. As Alexander lay dying. Alexander is visited by Marcus. After her escape. Although never referred to as "Eve" in the film. Alexander states in Underworld: Evolution that he believes he and his sons were oddities of nature. He hired humans to clean up after the battles and to help conceal their existence from the normal human population. who impales him with his wing talon. he tells her. he fathered three children. and despite Selene's attempts to shield her from the dangers around them. In Underworld: Awakening. Alexander has come into possession of Viktor's body (and Viktor's half of the prison key that holds William Corvinus). The scientists in the facility told her that her mother was dead and never heard anything about her father.

Underworld (film series) 119 Appearances Underworld Underworld: Evolution Kate Beckinsale Bill Nighy Michael Sheen Michael Sheen (archive footage only) Shane Brolly Scott Speedman Sophia Myles Kevin Grevioux Zita Görög Scott McElroy Jázmin Dammak Robbie Gee Erwin Leder Steven Mackintosh Tony Curran Derek Jacobi Brian Steele Mentioned Tony Curran (archive footage only) Mentioned Brian Steele (archive footage only) Sandrine Holt Michael Ealy India Eisley Charles Dance Theo James Rhona Mitra Mentioned Scott McElroy (archive footage only) Kevin Grevioux Michael Sheen Shane Brolly (voice only) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Kate Beckinsale (voice and archive footage) Underworld: Awakening Kate Beckinsale Bill Nighy (archive footage only) Michael Sheen (archive footage only) Shane Brolly (archive footage only) Scott Speedman (archive footage only) Selene Viktor Lucian Kraven Michael Corvin Erika Raze Amelia Soren Sonja Kahn Singe Andreas Tanis Marcus Corvinus Mentioned Alexander Corvinus William Corvinus Mentioned Lida Detective Sebastian Eve/Subject Two Thomas David .

Len Wiseman would produce. North Carolina. I won't be directing Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. nor would Kate Beckinsale reprise her lead role of Selene nor would Scott Speedman reprise his role of Michael. Wiseman said: "We sort of mapped out an entire history and story. but would not direct. "It will be in the time period before. a lot of the writing has been done. or putting your school uniform on. "The third film is going to be a prequel. who portrays Lucian in the film series.[16] In December 2005. Outlander scribes Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain were brought on board and delivered a draft on November 3. We've been developing Underworld 3 for a while. actor Michael Sheen. which would be released the following month. In late September 2007. who designed the creature effects for all three Underworld films. [21] The prequel film was shot in Auckland.. Underworld: Evolution. I'm just going to be producing and writing.." —Kate Beckinsale. mere days before the Writers Strike of 2007. Underworld: Awakening is the first movie to be shot using RED EPIC digital cameras in 3D."[18] The following October. New Zealand and in Roxboro. expressed interest in reprising her role for the sequel and the prequel. British Columbia.[19] The Hollywood Reporter announced that the film would be written by Danny McBride and mark the directorial début of Patrick Tatopoulos.[20] Pre-production began shortly thereafter. expressed interest in being part of the prequel. Underworld: Evolution director Len Wiseman explained that the Underworld franchise was originally conceived as a trilogy." The director also shared. The movie will also focus for the first time through the Lycans' point of view. shortly after the release of Underworld. "In terms of the writing. but it will overlap into the creation of her as well." When asked if Kate Beckinsale would reprise her role as Selene in the prequel. "It's like putting your wedding dress on. a massive collection of ideas and stories that we're putting out at certain times. Kate Beckinsale." Wiseman anticipated creating a third installment for the franchise based on the audiences' reception of Underworld: Evolution.[17] In a June 2006 interview.[21] Reception Box office performance . about her return as Selene. It will be the origin story and we find out things we didn't know about Lucian. Filming for Underworld: Awakening began in March 2011 at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. It will be a period piece. he'll have a much bigger part in it. There is a brief pickup shot of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park as well.Underworld (film series) 120 Development In September 2003. production companies Screen Gems and Lakeshore planned to release a prequel as the third film following Underworld's sequel. Wiseman said. We're in the process of seeing how far we go with that. and contribute to the writing of this film. who portrayed Selene in Underworld. Wiseman said. It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war. it's like a time-warp feeling.

net/ news/ movienews. Retrieved 2011-07-03. com/ name/ nm2091852). IDW Publishing has published a number of Underworld comics.092 $177. Underworld: Evolution (Simon and Schuster.Underworld (film series) 121 Film Release date Box office revenue Domestic (U. [5] Greg Cox. [3] "Underworld 4" (http:/ / www.848 $97. google. Amazon. [2] "Kate Beckinsale Returns for 'Underworld 4'" (http:/ / www. imdb. com/ books?id=nRbs0_-ONLIC& pg=PA61& dq=Erika+ (Underworld)& ei=e6kMSdqgLIqEywTbxNnzCA). [8] "Kevin Grevioux talks about Selene" (http:/ / moviesstock1.282. 2012 $160.com. com/ 2009/ 06/ exclusive-kevin-grevioux-talks. 2003).708. comingsoon. 2003 $51.net.791.000. The Hollywood Reporter. hollywoodreporter. . Retrieved 2012-01-28.926 $45.000 Total gross revenue $235. and Len Wiseman. 2006). Which has been published and released since 2009.039 $222. net/ films. 61 (http:/ / books.[35] An action video game based on the first film entitled Underworld: The Eternal War was scheduled for release on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles in 2004.767 $49. php?id=57859). most recently announcing that Kevin Grevioux would write the adaptation of Rise of the Lycans. and was cancelled in all other regions.247. comingsoon. IMDb.690 January 20. Danny McBride.163 $35.457 Budget Reference Underworld Underworld: Evolution September 19. php?id=70090).970. Sony contracted with Black Widow Games for the production of Underworld: Bloodline (a Half Life mod). titled Underworld: Blood Enemy.000. 121 (http:/ / books. google. "EXCLUSIVE: 'Underworld 4' Latches on to Swedish Directing Team" (http:/ / www. 2009 Underworld: Awakening January 20. ComingSoon. Kevin Grevioux. Retrieved 2011-07-03. published by Pocket Star Books in 2004. ComingSoon. net/ news/ movienews.000. html). php?id=75970).net.315 $62. [4] "Underworld 4 Start of Production Release" (http:/ / www. 2006 $62.737.632 $22.S.000 [22] [23] [24] [25] $111. there is an original novel written by Greg Cox. [6] Greg Cox.000 Critical reaction Film Underworld Underworld: Evolution Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic [26] [27] 31% (157 reviews) 42 (34 reviews) [28] [29] 16% (101 reviews) 36 (21 reviews) [31] 44 (14 reviews) [33] 39 (17 reviews) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 30% (77 reviews)[30] Underworld: Awakening [32] 27% (66 reviews) In other media There have been various spin-offs and tie-ins in a range of other media.801 $50.875 $45.[36] References [1] Borys Kit. ComingSoon. com/ blogs/ heat-vision/ underworld-4-latches-swedish-directing-44944).318.085.000.321.112. In September 2003.[34] In addition to the novelizations of Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. comingsoon. .671 $70. Borys (2010-12-11). & Canada) International Worldwide $95.834. com/ books?id=UzDhQ9G-CJsC& pg=PA121& dq="Marcus+ Corvinus"+ Underworld& ei=hNw2SYb1KYqEywS5u6SlDA).412.340.000 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans January 23.919 $43.net.000. blogspot.000 $91.802. [7] "Lily Mo Sheen" (http:/ / www.021. but it only saw release for the PlayStation 2 in Europe. Retrieved 2011-07-03. Underworld: Book 1 (Simon and Schuster.175 $458.

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and expanded to 2 more theaters (in Atlanta and Portland) two weeks later.[3] The film was released on November 16. 2007 at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival. and Brantford Ontario. Ontario. Tabarrok Perry Zimel Willem Wennekers Scott Speedman Wes Bentley Taryn Manning John Rowley Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Adam Swica Editing by Distributed by Michael Doherty Brigitte Rabazo Magnolia Pictures THINKFilm Equinoxe Films Shoreline Entertainment • Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office January 18. Stivala Nicholas D. Canada.[2] The film opened in limited release in the United States on October 5. Texas.[2] The film takes place in Northern Ontario and was filmed in Hamilton. Canada. The film premiered January 18.[4] . 2007 in 1 theater in Austin. among many. 2007 (Slamdance Film Festival) 90 minutes United States Canada English $9. the Toronto International Film Festival. and the Raindance Film Festival. 2007 in the United Kingdom.[2] The film has also been shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.700 [1] Weirdsville is a black comedy directed by Allan Moyle and written by Willem Wennekers.Weirdsville 123 Weirdsville Weirdsville Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Allan Moyle Michael Baker Hartley Gorenstein Morris Ruskin Jennifer L.

Thinking her dead and knowing that calling the cops would only land them in jail the pair decide to bury her in the boiler room of the closed drive-in theater where Royce used to work. gagged and duct-taped and Mattie’s corpse is discovered. such as running into. when Dexter walks in mid-sacrifice. Taylor gives Dexter and Royce the okay to hand off the safe with all of his money to clear their debt to Omar.[5] Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Wes Bentley as Royce Scott Speedman as Dexter Taryn Manning as Matilda Joey Beck as Sheldon Raoul Bhaneja as Omar Greg Bryk as Abel Randy Butcher as Hockey Goalie Maggie Castle as Treena Joe Dinicol as Jeremy Taylor Matt Frewer as Jason Taylor Derek Gilroy as Squinty . Royce and Dexter get to her first. Their plan is to resurrect Jason Taylor (hippie turned reluctant but rich Internet entrepreneur and Abel’s unwitting hero) out of his coma. En route back to Dexter’s apartment to grab Mattie. The two set off to deal with Mattie’s dead body. Meanwhile at the New Age Resource Centre. Omar shows up looking to collect his debt and he brought Gary — and his gun — with him. In hot pursuit of Abel and his cult.Weirdsville 124 Plot Nothing much happens in the lives of 20-something pals Dexter and Royce except for getting high and hanging out with Royce’s girlfriend. A classic car chase causes our boys to seek refuge in a mall where they encounter a midget security guard named Martin. They happily flee the scene with Mattie in tow. who knows the combination to Taylor's safe. who deliver a few swings of a curling stone and an ultimatum — debt (plus interest) paid by last call or he will severely injure the pair. a Satanic cult led by another former employee and (former classmate of Dexter and Royce) Abel enters the supposedly abandoned drive-in and begins a ritual involving pentagrams and human bloodletting in the upstairs concession stand. After winning his trust (Martin has unresolved issues with cults himself) he lets them leave without further trouble. Dexter and Royce successfully manage to steal the safe. This all changes one evening in Northern Ontario town Weedsville when Mattie overdoses on a stash of Dexter and Royce’s drugs — drugs fronted by local drug kingpin and tough-guy Omar to sell in order to cover their previous drug debt. propelling the safe from the trunk into the New Age Centre. Mattie (having been kidnapped by Abel) has been tied to an upside-down cross along with an unconscious Jason Taylor. While the boys begin to dig a grave downstairs. However. Dexter and Royce are captured. and the trio escapes. Dexter and Royce arrive to try and stop the ritual and rescue Mattie. Abel's plan is to offer Lucifer Mattie’s life in exchange for Jason’s. a plan previously mentioned by Mattie. But when some of the sacrificed follower’s blood unexpectedly 'awakens' Matilda an all out chase ensues. the boys run into Omar and his beefy sidekick Garry. With a few unexpected bumps along the way. they run into Abel. Martin and his (physically) diminutive friends arrive only to crash into Dex's car. Knowing that millionaire Jason Taylor has a safe full of money at his place. After safely stowing Mattie in Dexter’s apartment. accidentally knocking out and then getting high the nephew of Taylor. crushing Abel. everything goes awry. Matilda ('Mattie'). With Abel plan’s ruined and his life saved. who was housesitting. Dexter and Royce take off to break in and steal it.

. Retox/Requiem . the plot gets a bit strained. and also said "Manning.Blackie And The Rodeo Kings 3. Farber said "the cast is generally better than the material". this Canadian-produced potential sleeper could command an even larger cult following than the helmer's enduringly popular "Pump Up the Volume.Weirdsville • • • • • • James McQuade as Garry Mark Parr as Anthony Jordan Prentice as Martin Dax Ravina as Seamus Allan Redford as Theo Shayne Wyler as Todd 125 Reception Joe Leydon of Variety said the following: "Deconstructionists will delight in divining the influences that inform "Weirdsville." Farber said "plotting is far too haphazard to hold the audience's attention" and wrote "some of it is funny-weird." a cleverly constructed."[7] Rich Cline gave the film 4 out of 5 stars and said "this absurd crime odyssey has so much gonzo enthusiasm that it's impossible not to enjoy watching these crazed characters bounce off of each other" and said "the actors are hilariously charming. Chicken Soup For the F**K You Too . and perhaps too farcical.is wasted here." Farber said that some of the incidents in the script "are bizarrely funny" but "[Allan Moyle] fails to provide the energy necessary to keep us involved.The Lovely Feathers .[6]" Stephen Farber of The Hollywood Reporter wrote "Director Allan Moyle has described Weirdsville as a Canadian Trainspotting. capably crafted and often uproarious shaggy-dog black comedy that riffs on everything from "Trainspotting" and Quentin Tarantino to "Race With the Devil" and Elmore Leonard." Farber described the film as "frenetic and convoluted rather than pleasingly impudent.The Dears 9.. Orchids . but too much is pointlessly weird. But we stick with it because of the amiable cast". lively performances as a bunch of knuckleheads trying desperately to get out of a mess that gets more and more tangled.. saying "it lacks the inventiveness and biting edge of Danny Boyle's landmark movie" and while the film "has some quirky pleasures. 5th Night's Hallucination .Perfume Tree 5. Falling Apart .theCreep 7. Stoned . Uneasy . it seems unlikely to achieve either major cult status or boxoffice success. Bandits .John Rowley 8. Nimbly directed by Allan Moyle.Taryn Manning 10. It's Not My Fault ." Savvy marketing and a shrewd release strategymight help it make at least a minor splash with mainstream auds as well." Speaking of the cast.demonstrate more charm incarnating these grungy characters than they have sometimes shown in blander heroic parts". which is a bit of wishful thinking".[8] Awards • In 2007 Weirdsville was nominated for the Directors Guild of Canada's "DGC Craft Award" [9] • In 2009 Weirdsville was nominated for the Motion Picture Sound Editors.The Weber Brothers 2.Buck 65 6.Shout Out Out Out 4. "Speedman and Bentley. delivering scruffy." Cline also said "as it progresses.". Pinned Together. USA's "Golden Reel Award" [9] Soundtrack 1.. Struggle Struggle Struggle .

co. imdb. doc) Retrieved 2009-11-04 [6] Joe Leydon (2007-01-19). .com. [9] IMDb.Weirdsville 11. variety.com (http:/ / boxofficemojo.com (http:/ / www.uk. doc) (DOC) at magpictures.com (http:/ / www.allrovi.Kate Maki Sign Says .org/movie. com/ movies/ ?id=weirdsville.Danny Michel WinRock Song . shadowsonthewall. com/ title/ tt0758798/ awards) Retrieved 2009-11-04 External links • • • • • Weirdsville (http://www. hollywoodreporter. imdb.Danko Jones To Get Across . com/ title/ tt0758798/ locations) Retrieved 2007-11-04 [5] MagPictures.com/movies/?id=weirdsville. 13.com • Weirdsville (http://imcdb.php?id=758798) at the IMCDb .htm) at Box Office Mojo Weirdsville (http://www. jsp?& rid=9763). 14. 16. Retrieved 2007-09-13. co.com/title/tt0758798/) at the Internet Movie Database Weirdsville (http://www. htm). Archived from the original (http:/ / www. . com/ review/ VE1117932470.com (http:/ / www.magpictures. org/ web/ 20071021095737/ http:/ / hollywoodreporter. Retrieved 2007-09-13. imdb.John Rowley/Taryn Manning (Acoustic) 126 References [1] BoxOfficeMojo.imdb. .rottentomatoes.Matt Mays & El Torpedo We Sweat Blood .These Three Cities It's Not My Fault . com/ dates. The Hollywood Reporter.com/films/weirdsville/weirdsvillepressnotesfinal.boxofficemojo.com (http:/ / www. com/ hr/ film/ reviews/ article_display. magpictures.com/m/weirdsville/) at Rotten Tomatoes Weirdsville (http://www. com/ title/ tt0758798/ releaseinfo) Retrieved 2007-11-04 [3] MagPictures. magpictures. shadowsonthewall. 12.Canary Mine It Don't Matter . Retrieved 2007-10-01. "Variety" (http:/ / www. uk/ 07/ weirdsvi. Beautiful Nothing . 15. com/ hr/ film/ reviews/ article_display.com (http:/ / www. com/ films/ weirdsville/ weirdsvillepressnotesfinal. [8] Rich Cline (2007-06-13). html?categoryid=1270& cs=1& query=Weirdsville). htm) Retrieved 2011-07-22 [2] IMDb. 17. [7] Stephen Farber (2007-09-10). "Weirdsville" (http:/ / web.com/movies/movie/v349930) at AllRovi Weirdsville Production Notes (http://www. aspx?id=39011e04-cfd3-4fa2-931b-7aeca565cce7) Retrieved 2007-09-13 [4] IMDb. archive. jsp?& rid=9763) on 2007-10-21. "Shadows on the Wall" (http:/ / www. variety.

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com/photos/caroline_bonarde/ File:Liv Tyler 4.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.0  Contributors: gdcgraphics File:Chris_ODonnell_Max_Payne_2008. Juan Pablo Arancibia Medina.org/w/index. Dantadd.php?title=File:Star_empty.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia. Bluedenim.org/w/index. Simonxag.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia. Keraunoscopia. Rocket000. USA File:Kate Beckinsale 2011 Comic-Con (truer color)._2012.wikipedia. FlickreviewR.jpg  Source: http://en.Image Sources. Sarang.svg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: FlickreviewR.org/w/index.com/photos/jaredpurdy/ File:ScottSpeedmanJan2011.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia.5  Contributors: User:Conti File:Star empty.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.php?title=File:LivTylerJune08.svg  Source: http://en. 1 anonymous edits File:Kate Beckinsale.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5  Contributors: Conti.jpg  Source: http://en. Kyro.wikipedia.wikipedia.0  Contributors: Jared Purdy at http://www. 1 anonymous edits Image:KateBeckinsaleJune07.php?title=File:Kate_Beckinsale_2011_Comic-Con_(truer_color).jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.org/w/index.flickr.com/photos/bedpanjohn/ File:LivTylerJune08.php?title=File:Chris_ODonnell_Max_Payne_2008.wikipedia.php?title=File:Star_half.php?title=File:Liv_Tyler_2010. MB-one.org/w/index.0  Contributors: sheksays File:Star full. Magasjukur2.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Bill Wheatley from Los Angeles.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.com/photos/danieldormann/ File:Liv Tyler 2010.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Daniel Dormann at http://flickr.php?title=File:Liv_Tyler_4. Juiced lemon.org/w/index.php?title=File:LivTylerLOTR03.php?title=File:Mark_Harmon_and_Chris_ODonnell_(8_March_2009)_6. The Edge. CA.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:ScottSpeedmanJan2011.org/w/index.flickr.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0  Contributors: lichtmaedel2 at http://www.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors File:ScottSpeedman00TIFF.php?title=File:Kate_Beckinsale.0  Contributors: Abu badali.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia. Frank C.wikipedia.0  Contributors: Justin Hoch photographing for Hudson Union Society File:ScottSpeedmanTIFFSept2010.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3. Müller.php?title=File:ScottSpeedman00TIFF.php?title=File:KateBeckinsaleJune07. Pacostein.php?title=File:ScottSpeedmanTIFFSept2010. Tony Wills.jpg  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors 130 Image Sources.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. 2012. Kjetil r.svg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Toglenn File:Mark Harmon and Chris ODonnell (8 March 2009) 6.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Star_full.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Conti from the original images by User:RedHotHeat File:Star half. Tiptoety. 7 anonymous edits .0  Contributors: Joella Marano Uploaded by MyCanon Image:LivTylerLOTR03.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Caroline Bonarde Ucci at http://flickr.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.

org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 Unported //creativecommons.0/ .License 131 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.

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