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The Shane West Handbook - Everything you need to know about Shane West

The Shane West Handbook - Everything you need to know about Shane West


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Shane West (born Shannon Bruce Snaith; June 10, 1978) is an American actor, punk rock musician and songwriter. West is best known for portraying Eli Sammler in Once and Again, Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember, Darby Crash in What We Do Is Secret, and Dr. Ray Barnett in ER. He is currently portraying the role of Michael in The CW action drama television series Nikita. Aside from acting, West has performed with punk rock band The Germs.This book is your ultimate resource for Shane West. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Shane West's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Shane West, 2002 in film, A Time for Dancing, A Walk to Remember, Cry (Mandy Moore song), Darby Crash, ER (TV series), Echelon Conspiracy, Germs (band), Get Over It (film), Get a Clue (1997 film), Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Kerosene Cowboys, Liberty Heights, Mandy Moore, Michael (Nikita character), Nikita (TV series), Ocean's Eleven (2001 film), Once and Again, Pat Smear, Ray Barnett, Red Sands, The Elder Son, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film), The Lodger (2009 film), The Presence (film), What We Do Is Secret (film), Whatever It Takes (2000 film) 139…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Shane West (born Shannon Bruce Snaith; June 10, 1978) is an American actor, punk rock musician and songwriter. West is best known for portraying Eli Sammler in Once and Again, Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember, Darby Crash in What We Do Is Secret, and Dr. Ray Barnett in ER. He is currently portraying the role of Michael in The CW action drama television series Nikita. Aside from acting, West has performed with punk rock band The Germs.This book is your ultimate resource for Shane West. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Shane West's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Shane West, 2002 in film, A Time for Dancing, A Walk to Remember, Cry (Mandy Moore song), Darby Crash, ER (TV series), Echelon Conspiracy, Germs (band), Get Over It (film), Get a Clue (1997 film), Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Kerosene Cowboys, Liberty Heights, Mandy Moore, Michael (Nikita character), Nikita (TV series), Ocean's Eleven (2001 film), Once and Again, Pat Smear, Ray Barnett, Red Sands, The Elder Son, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film), The Lodger (2009 film), The Presence (film), What We Do Is Secret (film), Whatever It Takes (2000 film) 139…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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[2][3] Both parents were musicians and had their own punk bands. producer. His mother is a lawyer. Darby Crash in What We Do Is Secret. musician.S. Aside from acting.Shane West 1 Shane West Shane West West at CBS Summer Press Tour Party. punk rock musician and songwriter. West is best known for portraying Eli Sammler in Once and Again. . West moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career where he struggled for two years and lived at his manager's house. singer. 2010 Born Shannon Bruce Snaith June 10.[1] June 10. Louisiana.[4] He revealed: "I always thought I would be doing music rather than acting. Other names Shannon Snaith. Louisiana. He is currently portraying the role of Michael in The CW action drama television series Nikita. Elvis Costello. who was born in Jamaica is a drugstore owner. Early life Shane West was born in Baton Rouge. Blondie."[4] At the age of 10.[6] Influenced by his parents. writer 1995–present Shane West (born Shannon Bruce Snaith.[5] He has a younger sister Simone and a much younger half-sister Marli Ann. the son of Leah Catherine (née Launey) and Don Snaith.[6][7] When he was 15-16. California. Shane Wreck Occupation Years active Actor. his father. Picket Fences.[8][7] West made his acting debut in 1995 with television series. West has performed with punk rock band The Germs. His parents divorced in 1982 when he was 4. 1978 Baton Rouge. The Jam. he grew up listening to The Clash. U. Ray Barnett in ER. and The Kinks. 1978) is an American actor. Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember. California with Simone and his mother because she was looking for a better job and they then moved to Norwalk. and Dr. West moved to Compton. songwriter.[4] He is of Cajun French descent through his mother. July 28.

[29] However.[15][16] West helped to finance it. West received positive reviews for his portrayal. West won the Young Hollywood Award Male Superstar of Tomorrow. on tour. The film was a commercial success. That year. while What We Do Is Secret was still in West performing with The Germs in Madrid in production.Shane West 2 Career In 1998.[26] He performed with the band for nearly five years. West's film debut was in Liberty Heights.[14] During the hiatus between seasons of ER. Gould.[4] which was previously known as Average Joe. more Greenday-ish".[27] . which was a modest box office success.[17][18] In the film.[25] The band contributed to the A Walk to Remember soundtrack but appears under the names of "West. and played Mark Tapper in the stage production of The Cider House Rules[9] before landing his first major role in 1999 in the television series. it was announced that West would be fronting The Germs December 2009. West then left at the end of the 2007 season for Supreme Courtships. Once and Again.[27][28] He described the experience as "more exciting" than acting.[4] In November 2005. Members of the band were impressed by West's performance and re-formed the band with West taking the deceased Crash's place. West worked on shooting the independent film What We Do Is Secret. He also appeared in the Mandy Moore music video "Cry". the Seattle Times wrote that his impersonation was "worth saluting" while TV Guide called it "pretty impressive".[12] A year later. he received the Rising Star Award in Philadelphia Film Festival for his work in What We Do is Secret. which premiered at the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival after much delay. West got less time to play with the band. He also co-starred in the teen comedies Whatever It Takes (2000) and Get Over It (2001). In 2003. West guest-starred in several series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. a film about a Jewish family in Baltimore directed by Barry Levinson's film . earning over $179 million worldwide from a production budget of $78 million.[20][21] In 2008.[10] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times found him "quietly convincing". ER as resident Ray Barnett. he portrays Darby Crash.[25] He described their style as "a pop-punk type band. doing an American tour (including the 2006 Warped Tour) and a European Tour.[13] but the series was not picked up by the Fox Network. In music He was the lead singer of the punk rock band Jonny Was[24] for "seven or eight years". he joined the cast of NBC's long running medical television series. after booking a leading role in Nikita. The band had to change their name for legal matters.[22][23] West currently stars in the CW series Nikita.[19] Similarly. His last performance was in December 2009. and Fitzgerald" because they had not decided yet the new name. the San Francisco Chronicle stated that he is the one who "lifts the entire film to a whole other level". a member of the 1970s punk band The Germs. West starred in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen alongside Sean Connery.[11] His performance in the film earned him a Teen Choice Award for Choice Chemistry with Moore. West returned to ER for three episodes during its 15th and final season. grossing over $41 million in the United States. In 2008-2009. playing Eli Sammler for three seasons. West was subsequently cast as Landon Carter opposite singer/actress Mandy Moore in 2002's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk to Remember.

Rhodes Get a Clue Meego Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sliders To Have & to Hold The Cider House Rules 1999 Liberty Heights Title Role Dave Lattimore Doug Store Manager Nick Mick Chris Theodorakis Guy with Big Hat Sean Kirk Mitch Maloney Mark Taper Ted Eli Sammler Paul. Jeff Keller Max Peterson Carter Troy Jack Wilder Ghost Tom Craig Michael Series regular Teen Choice Awards: TV Choice Actor for Action Short film Miniseries Philadelphia Film Festival Rising Star Award 2009 The Lodger Red Sands Echelon Conspiracy 2010 The Love Affair El alex The Presence Kerosene Cowboys Nikita . Ray Barnett Cameo Teen Choice Awards for Chemistry with Mandy Moore Nominated—Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award for Best Male Performance Series regular (2004–2007. the DJ Ryan Woodman JT Bentley "Striker" Scrumfeld Himself Landon Carter Tom Sawyer Dr. 2008.Shane West 3 Filmography Year 1995 Picket Fences California Dreams 1996 The Crew Boy Meets World 1997 Mr. 2009) 70 episodes Main Cast (Seasons 11–13) Special Guest Cast (Season 15) Series regular – 54 episodes Nominated—Teen Choice Awards: TV Choice Actor for Drama Note TV series – "Heart of Saturday Night" TV series – "Community Service" (voice) TV series – "Retail Slut" TV series – "A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss" TV series – "The Valentine Show" TV movie of the book The Westing Game TV series – "Morality Bites" TV series – "Go Fish" TV series – "California Reich" TV series – "Tangled Up in You" 1999–2002 Once and Again 2000 A Time for Dancing Whatever It Takes Dracula 2000 2001 Get Over It! Ocean's Eleven 2002 2003 2004 A Walk to Remember The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ER 2006 2007 The Elder Son Supreme Courtships What We Do Is Secret Bo TV pilot Darby Crash Street Wilkenson Spc.

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2003 9th Screen Actors Guild Awards March 9. Amélie also became the highest-grossing French-language film in the United States ever. Awards Category/Organization 8th Critics' Choice Awards January 17. Seven films grossed more than $400 million. 2003 The Hours Chicago Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York The Pianist Roman Polanski The Pianist Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York Chicago (cast) — Chicago Roman Polanski The Pianist Adrien Brody The Pianist Best Actor Jack Nicholson About Schmidt Nicole Kidman The Hours Richard Gere Chicago Renée Zellweger Chicago Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York Best Actress Nicole Kidman Renée The Hours Zellweger Chicago Christopher Walken Catch Me If You Can Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago Christopher Walken Catch Me If You Can Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago — Nicole Kidman The Hours Chris Cooper Adaptation. and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Charlie Meryl Streep Adaptation. Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago The Pianist Ronald Harwood Best Screenplay.Spider-Man is the first film to make $100+ million during its opening weekend in the US unadjusted to inflation. • Amélie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet wins the 2002 César Award for Best Film. 7 Events • May . 2003 60th Golden Globe Awards January 19. it is the only Star Wars episode not to be the highest grosser of the year. • May 16 . and Best Art Direction. About Schmidt Alexander Payne and Jim Charlie and Donald Taylor Kaufman Talk to Her Pedro Almodóvar Best Screenplay. Original — Talk to Her Pedro Almodóvar . Best Director. 2003 Drama Best Film Best Director Chicago Steven Spielberg Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report Jack Nicholson About Schmidt Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York Julianne Moore Far from Heaven Chris Cooper Adaptation. Best Supporting Actor Chris Cooper Adaptation. Adapted Adaptation. 2003 75th Academy Awards March 23.2002 in film 2002 produced fifty-one films that have grossed more than $100 million. Musical or Comedy 56th BAFTA Awards February 23. Best Music.The Pianist directed by Roman Polanski wins the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Film Festival. • May 3–5 . • Another French-language film Brotherhood of the Wolf also became the second-highest-grossing French-language film in the United States in the last two decades.Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones opens in theater. Although a huge success. Best Supporting Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago Adaptation.

directed by Peter Mullan. directed by Roman Polanski.K. / Ireland Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival): Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi). 19 21 Peggy Lee Roy Conrad 81 61 USA USA Singer.. U. Poland Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival): The Magdalene Sisters. Producer Actress Chitty Chitty Bang Bang • Carry On Regardless • Press for Time • Inn for Trouble Girls • Snitch Blow • Rounders • Life • The Ref • Beautiful Mary Poppins • Alice in Wonderland • One 6 7 Mario Nascimbene Avery Schreiber Bill McCutcheon 88 66 Italy USA Composer Actor 9 77 USA Actor Hundred and One Dalmatians • My Fair Lady • Hatari! • And Then There Were None • Doctor Dolittle • The Uninvited Patch Adams • Casino • The Wizard • Pink Cadillac • The Fan • Titan A. and the Dixie Dancekings 12 13 17 Stanley Unwin Ted Demme Queenie Leonard 90 38 96 UK USA UK Actor. Japan Bloody Sunday.E. directed by Paul Greengrass.W.K. / Ireland Notable deaths Month January Date 1 Name Julia Phillips Age 57 Country USA Profession Producer Notable films Taxi Driver • Close Encounters of the Third Kind • The Sting • Steelyard Blues • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead The Vikings • Room at the Top •The Barefoot Contessa Robin Hood: Men in Tights • Dracula: Dead and Loving It • Galaxina • The Concorde . Airport '79 Steel Magnolias • Family Business • Tune in Tomorrow • Vibes • W..2002 in film Best Score Catch Me If You Can John Williams 'And Your Mother Too' (Y Tu Mamá También) Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) Frida Elliot Goldenthal Talk to Her (Hable con ella) The Hours Philip Glass — Frida Elliot Goldenthal Nowhere in Africa (Nirgendwo in Afrika) Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) 8 Best Foreign Language Film Talk to Her — (Hable con ella) Best Animated Film — — — Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival): The Pianist. Actress Actor Lady and the Tramp • Pete Kelly's Blues • The Jazz Singer . Soundtrack Director. directed by Hayao Miyazaki. U.

Louis • Avanti! • One. Part I The Little Mermaid • Moonstruck • Saturday Night Fever • The Hudsucker Proxy • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three • The French Connection • The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi • The Elephant Man • The Return of the Pink Panther Empire of the Sun • Safari 3000 Reds • Tommy • Hope and Glory • Enigma • FairyTale: A True Story The Princess Bride • GoldenEye • Bridget Jones's Diary • The Jackal • Entrapment • Anna and the King • The Saint • Rob Roy The Mask • Cliffhanger • Eraser Chinatown • The Graduate • Rosemary's Baby • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? • Dick Tracy • My Best Friend's Wedding • Carlito's Way • The Manchurian Candidate • Mobsters • The Bonfire of the Vanities • Mulholland Falls It's a Mad. Mad World • The Muppet Movie • Where Angels Go.2002 in film February 1 Hildegard Knef 76 Germany Actress The Snows of Kilimanjaro • Fedora • Murderers Among Us • Decision Before Dawn • The Dirty Dozen 11 13 Barry Foster Waylon Jennings 18 20 Byrne Piven Fredric Steinkamp 72 73 USA USA Actor Film Editor 74 64 UK USA Actor Singer. The Apartment • Some Like Spirit of St. Trouble Follows • Journey Back to Oz Arthur • 10 • Santa Claus: The Movie • Bedazzled • Derek and Clive Get the Horn • Like Father Like Son • Cяazy People 27 March 1 83 87 India USA Actor Actor 4 4 4 11 Claire Davenport Eric Flynn Shirley Russell David John 68 62 66 56 UK China UK Actress Actor Costume Designer Sound Mixer 18 23 Denis Forest Richard Sylbert 41 73 Canada USA Actor Production Designer 27 Milton Berle 93 USA Actor.J. Mad. Being John Malkovich • Miracle on 34th Street • Very Bad Things • Trojan War Tootsie • Out of Africa • Scrooged • The Firm • Sabrina • Adventures in Babysitting • They Shoot Horses. Two. Three . Actor Frenzy • Ryan's Daughter • Maurice • Rancid Aluminum Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird • Moonrunners • Nashville Rebel • Mackintosh and T. Mad. Don't They? • The Unsinkable Molly Brown 82 USA Actor 9 26 Lawrence Tierney Spike Milligan Robert Weil Reservoir Dogs • The Naked Gun • Junior • The Greatest Show on Earth • Prizzi's Honor • Armageddon • Tough Guys Don't Dance Life of Brian • The Big Freeze • History of the World. Comedian 27 Dudley Moore 66 UK Actor 27 Billy Wilder 95 Poland Screenwriter It Hot • Sunset Boulevard • The Fortune Cookie • Stalag 17 • Sabrina • The Director.

Mr. Mendelsohn Rosemary Clooney 41 78 68 74 USA USA USA USA The Rock • The Doors • Airheads • Blue City THX 1138 Se7en • The Onion Field • Barb Wire White Christmas • Radioland Murders • Deep in My Heart • Red Garters .2002 in film April 4 15 19 21 Harry O'Connor Robert Urich Reginald Rose Terry Walsh 44 55 81 ?? USA USA USA UK Stuntman Actor Screenwriter Stuntman. Actress June 3 9 28 29 Sam Whipple James Wheaton Robert S. Chips • The Miracle Maker 28 82 Sound Mixer Platoon • Breakfast at Tiffany's • Wall Street • 10 Marathon Man • The Bad News Bears Director Screenwriter Viva Las Vegas • Showboat • Anchors Aweigh • Bye Bye Birdie Dumbo • Peter Pan • Fantasia • Alice in Wonderland • The Sword and the Stone • Cinderella • One Hundred and One Dalmatians Brazil • Three Men and a Little Lady • Jabberwocky May 5 11 George Sidney Bill Peet 85 87 USA USA 15 25 Pat Coombs Bryan Pringle 75 67 UK USA Actress Actor Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory • Carry On Doctor • Carry On Again Doctor • Dad's Army • On the Buses Actor Actor Production Manager Singer. Actor The Perfect Storm • XXX • Charlie's Angels • K-PAX • Air Force One • The Animal Magnum Force • Endangered Species 12 Angry Men • The Wild Geese • The Sea Wolves • Whose Life Is It Anyway? Who Framed Roger Rabbit • Superman • Willow • The Spy Who Loved Me • Ever After • An American Werewolf in London • First Knight • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels • Never Say Never Again 25 Michael Bryant John Wilkinson 74 UK Actor Gandhi • Hamlet • Goodbye.

Moreau • Birdman of Alcatraz • The General's Daughter 9 Rod Steiger 77 USA Actor In the Heat of the Night • Mars Attacks! • On the Waterfront • Doctor Zhivago • The Amityville Horror • The Hurricane • The Longest Day • 11 Oklahoma! • End of Days • Lion of the Desert • The Specialist 9 Gerald Campion Philip Roth 81 France Actor Chitty Chitty Bang Bang • Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines • School for Scoundrels • Carry On Sergeant • The Sorcerers One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest • Harry and Tonto • What's Up. Doc? • The Baltimore Bullet • Linda Lovelace for President 26 August Buddy Baker 5 14 84 Josh Ryan Evans Peter R.2002 in film July 4 5 Ivan Moffat Katy Jurado 84 78 Cuba Mexico Screenwriter Actress Giant • Black Sunday • Bhowani Junction • They Came to Cordura • Hitler: The Last Ten Days High Noon • One-Eyed Jacks • Under the Volcano • Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid • The Hi-Lo Country 6 John Frankenheimer 72 USA Director.S. Lee Thompson Dennis Fimple 88 78 UK USA Director Actor The Guns of Navarone • Cape Fear • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes • Death Wish 4: The Crackdown • Huckleberry Finn . Hunt USA 20 77 Composer USA USA The Fox and the Hound • The Apple Dumpling Gang Actor Editor.M. No • From Russia with Love • The Ipcress File • Sink the Bismarck! • H. Defiant The Past-Master • Gerlovo Event • A Peasant on a Bicycle • Farsighted for Two Diopters Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid • True Grit • Little Big Man • Beethoven's 2nd • Conan the Destroyer • Color of Night Maverick • House of 1000 Corpses • King Kong • Stay Hungry • Down Periscope 15 72 USA Actor 15 16 Yuriy Yakovlev Jeff Corey 71 88 Bulgaria USA Actor Actor 23 30 J. Producer. Actor The Manchurian Candidate • Ronin • Reindeer Games • French Connection II • The Island of Dr. Director How the Grinch Stole Christmas Goldfinger • Dr.

Brown • From the Hip Bridget Jones's Diary • The Dawning • Highlander: Endgame • Paper Mask Unforgiven • Gladiator • Camelot • The Guns of Navarone • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone • The Count of Monte Cristo • Mutiny on the Bounty • Patriot Games • The Cassandra Crossing • The Wild Geese • The Bible: In the Beginning • Caprice • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets House of Wax • The Gunfighter • Play Dirty • The Indian Fighter • Crime Wave Ones • Johnny Yuma Patton • The Ten Commandments • The Defiant The Godfather Part III • El Cid • The Italian Job • The Other Side of Midnight • Lion of the Desert The Rock • Air Force One • The Princess 22 October 3 Carmen Phillips Tad Horino 65 81 USA USA Actress Actor 4 13 18 21 24 25 Buddy Lester Dennis Patrick Chuck Domanico George Hall Charmian May Richard Harris 85 84 58 85 94 72 USA USA USA Canada UK UK Actor Actor Musician Actor Actress Actor 27 28 31 André de Toth Lawrence Dobkin Raf Vallone 90 83 86 Hungary USA Italy Director. Jane • Cradle 2 the Grave • Wayne's World 2 Toy Story 2 • A Bug's Life • Lost in Space Showtime The Miracle of Morgan's Creek • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York • Vacation • Oscar • Baby's Day Out 3 9 14 Jonathan Harris Merlin Santana Eddie Bracken 87 26 87 USA USA USA Actor Actor Actor . Screenwriter Actor. Director. Screenwriter Actor November 1 Keith A.2002 in film September 3 7 7 Ted Ross Katrin Cartlidge Michael Elphick 68 41 55 UK USA UK Actor Actress Actor The Fisher King • Police Academy • Arthur • The Wiz From Hell • Breaking the Waves • Topsy-Turvy Cry of the Banshee • O Lucky Man! • The First Great Train Robbery • The Elephant Man • Krull • Gorky Park • Withnail and I • Little Dorrit David Copperfield 79 USA Actress 12 11 Kim Hunter A Streetcar Named Desire • Planet of the Apes • Storm Center • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil • The Seventh Victim The Manchurian Candidate • The Flight of 16 James Gregory 90 USA Actor Dragons • The Love God? • Beneath the Planet of the Apes Easy Rider • Please Don't Eat the Daisies Mulholland Drive • Red Sonja • Kung Pow! Enter the Fist • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Ocean's 11 • The Nutty Professor Joe • House of Dark Shadows Midnight Run • The Truth About Cats & Dogs • The Edge • The Big Kahuna Big Daddy • Mrs. Wester 62 USA Sound Engineer Diaries • Armageddon • Waterworld • The Perfect Storm • Orange County • G.I.

March Opening Title Studio Cast & Crew . Run Deep Dirty Harry • Sister Act • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Silverado • Private Benjamin • The China Syndrome • The Shootist • Dragnet Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid • The Sting • Slap Shot • Hawaii • The Great Waldo Pepper 13 14 15 27 Ruth Kobart Arthur Jeph Parker George Roy Hill 78 79 81 USA USA USA Actress Set Decorator Director Wide-release films In the film industry. a wide-release film is a film that studios believe will appeal to a broad spectrum of the public and that shows in at least 600 theatres in North America. • Eraser • Maverick • Snow Dogs • Young Guns II • Hudson Hawk • The Muppet Movie • Our Man Flint • Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit 22 24 27 Parley Baer Noel Davis Billie Bird 88 75 94 USA UK USA Actor Casting Director Actress Dave • Space Case • The Young Lions • Last of the Dogmen Reds • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves • Ishtar • Jane Eyre • Incognito Home Alone • Dennis the Menace • Sixteen Candles • Ernest Saves Christmas • Jury Duty • Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 27 December 12 Roger Kemp Brad Dexter 71 85 UK USA Actor Actor Superman II • Pink Floyd—The Wall • Dragonslayer The Magnificent Seven • The Asphalt Jungle • Shampoo • The Las Vegas Story • Run Silent. Inc. Films released in North America in 2002 include: • • • • W: wide release (600 or more theaters) L: limited release in select cities (fewer than 600 theaters) R: re-release of previously released film ‡: films that achieved wide-release status after initial release January .2002 in film 18 James Coburn 74 USA Actor The Great Escape • Affliction • Monsters. The following films meet these criteria: Dates given are North American release dates.

Marcel Iureş Denzel Washington. Debra Messing. Tommy Flanagan. Jennifer Tung. Mike Maronna. Terrence Howard. John Leguizamo. Amanda Detmer. Shannyn Sossamon.. Omero Mumba Ray Romano. Donald Faison Dir: Andrew Davis. Cole Hauser. Paulo Costanzo Mel Gibson. Bret Harrison. Erik Stolhanske. Keri Russell Ice Cube. Chris Klein. Eddie Griffin. Devon Sawa. Richard Harris. Laura Linney. Phyllida Law. Britney Spears. Paul Soter. Mike Epps. Sienna Guillory. Elias Koteas. Mike White Dir: Brian Levant. Kyle Howard.2002 in film 14 J A N U A R Y 4 W Impostor Miramax Films Paramount Pictures MTV Films Walt Disney Pictures Touchstone Pictures Gary Sinise. Cuba Gooding. Kath Soucie. Kim Cattrall. Steve Lemme. Jim Cummings. Paul McGann. James Coburn. Vincent Pérez. Stuart Townsend. Jason Segel. Linda Hunt. Laura Prepon Dir: Shawn Levy. Sisqo James Caviezel. M A R C H 1 W 40 Days and 40 Nights We Were Soldiers Miramax Films Paramount Pictures New Line Cinema DreamWorks 20th Century Fox Screen Gems Warner Bros. John Turturro Dir: John McTiernan. Carmen Chaplin. Paul Giamatti. Chris Klein. Eric Mabius. Kathy Bates Aaliyah. Jean Reno. Jeff Bennett. Michelle Rodriguez. Jr. Dan Castellaneta Jay Chandrasekhar. Kevin Heffernan. Dagmara Dominczyk Steve Oedekerk. Naveen Andrews Dir: Tamra Davis. Francesca Neri. John Leguizamo. Guy Pearce. Valarie Rae Miller Guy Pearce. Josh Hartnett. Madeleine Stowe. Amanda Bynes. Jack Black. Jaime King. Rene Russo. Sam Elliott. Frankie Muniz. James Woods. Robert Duvall. Joanna Bacalso. Nichelle Nichols. Roger Rees. Catherine O'Hara. Vincent D'Onofrio Colin Hanks. Colin Farrell. Eva Mendes. Harriet Owen. Clive Revill. Dir: Michael Lehmann. Shane West Jason Schwartzman. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Paramount Pictures Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer New Line Cinema Walt Disney Pictures 8 15 W Crossroads Hart's War John Q Return to Never Land Super Troopers 22 W Dragonfly Queen of the Damned Fox Searchlight Pictures Universal Studios Warner Bros. Samantha Mumba. Robert De Niro. Corey Burton. Eddie Murphy. Greg Kinnear. F E B R U A R Y 1 W Slackers W Big Fat Liar Collateral Damage Rollerball Screen Gems Universal Studios Warner Bros. Kimberly Elise Blayne Weaver. Alan Young. Zoe Saldana. Lena Olin 11 W Orange County 18 W Snow Dogs 25 W The Count of Monte Cristo Kung Pow! Enter the 20th Century Fox Fist The Mothman Prophecies Screen Gems A Walk to Remember Warner Bros. Don Duong. Joe Morton. LL Cool J. Arnold Schwarzenegger. James Purefoy. Ron Rifkin. Colin Salmon Dir: Tom Dey. Spencer Breslin. Lucinda Jenney Mandy Moore. Will Patton. Taryn Manning. Brian Cox Kevin Costner. Martin Crewes. Bradley Pierce. Rebecca Romijn. Dan Aykroyd Bruce Willis. Mark Addy. Anne Heche. William Shatner 8 W All About the Benjamins The Time Machine 15 W Ice Age Resident Evil Showtime . Schuyler Fisk. Denis Leary Milla Jovovich. Leo Lee Richard Gere. Madeleine Stowe. Marguerite Moreau. Anson Mount. Lung Fei.

Johnny Knoxville Ashley Judd. Amanda Peet Bill Paxton. Melyssa Ade Dir: Stephen Herek. Tom Bower Dir: Walt Becker. Chuck Campbell. Grant Heslov. Catherine Keener. Matt O'Leary. Drew Barrymore. Harland Williams. Bruce Davison. Danny John-Jules Sacha Baron Cohen. Universal Studios Cast & Crew Dir: Barry Sonnenfeld. Lainie Kazan.June Opening Title Studio Touchstone Pictures 20th Century Fox Artisan Entertainment Paramount Pictures Lions Gate Entertainment Columbia Pictures Warner Bros. Brian Cox 15 April . Stockard Channing. Tim Allen. Sydney Pollack. Edward Burns. Ralf Möller Nia Vardalos. Parker Posey Dir: Barbet Schroeder. Martin Freeman. Christina Applegate. Kal Penn Ben Affleck. Jeremy Sumpter Cameron Diaz. Steven Brand. William Hurt. Paula Garcés. Amanda Peet. John Corbett. Angelina Jolie. Michael Pitt Dwayne Johnson. Jackson. Jason Bateman. Columbia Pictures Walt Disney Pictures Wesley Snipes. Lisa Ryder. Christian Kane. Michael Rosenbaum. Jon Stewart Dir: David Fincher. Adam Scott. James Caviezel. Jared Leto Dennis Quaid. Dee Wallace. Bernard Hill. Samuel L. Ian Gomez Kane Hodder. Henry Thomas Jesse Bradford. Danny DeVito. Thomas Kretschmann. Tony Shalhoub A P R I L 5 W Big Trouble High Crimes National Lampoon's Van Wilder 12 W Changing Lanes Frailty The Sweetest Thing 19 W Murder by Numbers The Scorpion King ‡ My Big Fat Greek Wedding IFC Films 26 W Jason X Life. Lexa Doig. Michael Gambon Barry Watson. Ryan Gosling. Morgan Freeman. Ron Perlman.: 20th Anniversary Edition 29 W Clockstoppers Death to Smoochy Panic Room The Rookie New Line Cinema Universal Studios Touchstone Pictures Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures Warner Bros. Stanley Tucci. Kristen Stewart. Powers Boothe. Kelly Hu. Jodie Foster. Melissa Sagemiller. Forest Whitaker. or Something Like It New Line Cinema 20th Century Fox . Ben Chaplin. Dwight Yoakam. Leonor Varela. Peter Facinelli.T. Toni Collette. Jonathan Potts. Rachel Griffiths. Peter Mensah. Kris Kristofferson.2002 in film 22 W Blade II Ali G Indahouse Sorority Boys R E. Rene Russo. Matthew McConaughey. Tara Reid. Michael Constantine. Thomas Jane. Sandra Bullock. Selma Blair. Robin Williams. Peter Coyote. Heather Matarazzo Dir: Steven Spielberg. Jay Hernandez. Edward Norton. French Stewart Dir: Danny DeVito. Ryan Reynolds. Tom Sizemore.

Brad Renfro. Tessa Allen Dir: Christopher Nolan. Francesca Smith. Martin Donovan Matt Damon. Frank Oz. Samuel L. John Turturro M A Y 3 W Deuces Wild Hollywood Ending Spider-Man 8 W Unfaithful 10 W The New Guy 16 W Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 17 W About a Boy 24 W Enough Insomnia Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 31 W The Sum of All Fears Undercover Brother J U N E 7 W Bad Company Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Warner Bros. Kevin Pollak. Téa Leoni. Juliette Lewis.2002 in film 16 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer DreamWorks Columbia Pictures 20th Century Fox Columbia Pictures 20th Century Fox Universal Studios Columbia Pictures Warner Bros. Rosemary Harris Dir: Adrian Lyne. Fairuza Balk. George Hamilton. Jamil Walker Smith. Allen Covert.. Chris Rock Sandra Bullock. Anthony Hopkins. Tom Cruise. Chris Cooper. Chris Sanders. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Warner Bros. Ciarán Hinds. Ginuwine Daveigh Chase. Mark Rydell. Ashley Judd. Winona Ryder. Max von Sydow. Sisterhood 14 W The Bourne Identity Scooby-Doo Windtalkers 21 W Juwanna Mann Lilo & Stitch Minority Report 28 W Hey Arnold!: The Movie Mr. Deeds Universal Studios Warner Bros. Hayden Christensen. Liev Schreiber. Kirsten Dunst. David Ogden Stiers. Tommy Davidson. Julia Stiles. Vivica A. Daniel Studi Ben Affleck. DreamWorks Animation Paramount Pictures Universal Studios Touchstone Pictures Stephen Dorff. Debra Messing. Fred Ward. Jackson. Cliff Robertson. Tia Carrere. Dave Chappelle. Aunjanue Ellis. Norman Reedus. Natalie Portman. Kim Wayans. James Garner Matt Damon. Tobey Maguire. Billy Campbell. Walt Disney Pictures 20th Century Fox Dreamworks Pictures Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon Movies Columbia Pictures . Kevin McDonald. James Cromwell. Richard Gere. Clive Owen Dir: Raja Gosnell. Peter Gallagher. Rachel Weisz. Adam Sandler. Nicholas Hoult. Erik Per Sullivan DJ Qualls. Christopher Lee Dir: Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. Dan Futterman. Treat Williams. Jr. Al Pacino. Colin Farrell. Diane Lane. Toni Collette. Hugh Grant. Hilary Swank. Jennifer Lopez. Fox. Denise Richards. Freddie Prinze. Rowan Atkinson Nicolas Cage. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Adam Beach Miguel A. Willem Dafoe. Sharon Small Dir: Michael Apted. Tress MacNeille Dir: Steven Brill. Ving Rhames Dir: Steven Spielberg. Franka Potente. Robin Williams. Max Perlich Woody Allen. Morgan Freeman. Bridget Moynahan Eddie Griffin. Brian Cox. Olivier Martinez. Neil Patrick Harris Dir: Joel Schumacher. Núñez. Ewan McGregor. Neal McDonough Spencer Klein. Dan Castellaneta. Christian Slater. James Franco. Zooey Deschanel Dir: George Lucas. Peter Gerety Dir: Sam Raimi. James Cromwell. Matthew Lillard. Chris Kattan. Eliza Dushku. Steve Harris.. Jared Harris. Maura Tierney. Jr.

Verne Troyer Don Henley. Jennifer Hale J U L Y 3 W Like Mike Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Steve Irwin. Mika Boorem Robin Williams. Kari Wührer. Jay Mohr. Alice Krige Dir: Sam Mendes. Jude Law. Lachy Hulme. Gary Cole. Tom Hanks. Thomas Ian Nicholas. Columbia Pictures Warner Bros. Brenda Song. Sanoe Lake. Jennifer Esposito. Haley Joel Osment. Stephen Rea A U G U S T 2 W Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat The Master of Disguise Signs 7 W Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams W Blood Work xXx 9 16 W The Adventures of Pluto Nash Blue Crush 21 ‡ One Hour Photo 23 W Serving Sara S1m0ne Undisputed 30 W FeardotCom . Wes Studi. Morris Chestnut. Elizabeth Daily. Asia Argento. Gerard Butler. Daryl Sabara. Rosario Dawson. Liam Neeson Michael J. Paramount Pictures Columbia Pictures New Line Cinema Walt Disney Pictures Paramount Pictures Columbia Pictures Touchstone Pictures Dimension Films Warner Bros. Michelle Rodriguez. Samuel L. Eddie Murphy. Natascha McElhone. Beyoncé Knowles. Melanie Griffith. Michael York. Dylan Smith. Jackson. Burt Young Kate Bosworth. Magda Szubanski. Jeff Daniels. Busta Rhymes. Mindy Sterling. Doug E. Queen Latifah. Nathan Lane. Abigail Breslin Dir: Robert Rodriguez. Michael Vartan. Jon Seda. Rip Torn. Daisy McCrackin. Bo Derek Dir: M. Matthew Davis. Anjelica Huston. Elizabeth Hurley. Connie Nielsen. Rachel Roberts Wesley Snipes. Robert Wagner. Carla Gugino Clint Eastwood. Brent Spiner. Doug Dir: Kathryn Bigelow. Harrison Ford. Bruce Campbell Al Pacino. Mel Gibson. Paul Newman. James Woods Dir: Jay Roach. Mike Myers. Michael Caine. Fox. Catherine Keener. Neil Fanning. Night Shyamalan. Randy Quaid. Will Smith. Jonathan Lipnicki. Rory Culkin. Michael Rooker. James Brolin. Jonathan Lipnicki Dir: Barry Sonnenfeld. Lara Flynn Boyle. Eriq La Salle Matthew Perry. Diedrich Bader. James Rebhorn. Universal Studios Fox Searchlight Pictures Paramount Pictures New Line Cinema Miramax Films Warner Bros. Bianca Kajlich. Christopher Walken Martin Lawrence Dana Carvey. Hugh Laurie. Antonio Banderas. Jackson Dir: Ron Underwood. Roger L. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Katee Sackhoff Christian Bale. Peter Falk. Johnny Knoxville. Rosario Dawson Cathy Cavadini. Luis Guzmán. Tom Kenny. Daniel Craig David Arquette. Scarlett Johansson. David Wenham. Terri Irwin.September Opening Title Men in Black II The Powerpuff Girls Movie 12 W The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course Halloween: Resurrection Reign of Fire Road to Perdition 17 W Eight Legged Freaks 19 W K-19: The Widowmaker Stuart Little 2 26 W Austin Powers in Goldmember The Country Bears Studio 20th Century Fox Columbia Pictures Warner Bros. Alexa Vega. Elton John. Fisher Stevens Stephen Dorff. Aden Young Dimension Films Touchstone Pictures DreamWorks Warner Bros. Matthew McConaughey. Joe Pantoliano. Tara Strong. Emily Osment. Wanda De Jesus Vin Diesel. Marton Csokas. Geena Davis. Pam Grier. Ving Rhames. Izabella Scorupco. Joaquin Phoenix. Seth Green. Tom Kane. Harold Gould. Cast & Crew Bow Wow.2002 in film 17 July . Tommy Lee Jones. Ryan Merriman.

Nicole Ari Parker. 20th Century Fox Robert De Niro. Philip Seymour Hoffman Taye Diggs. Dennis Farina. Courtney Love. Ian Somerhalder. Sanaa Lathan. Paramount Pictures Screen Gems DreamWorks Warner Bros. Emily Watson. Dan Hedaya S E P T E M B E R 6 W City by the Sea Swimfan 13 W Barbershop Stealing Harvard Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Ice Cube. Jennifer Love Hewitt. David Morin. Mike Nawrocki Dir: Brett Ratner. Sever The Banger Sisters The Four Feathers Trapped 27 W Sweet Home Alabama The Tuxedo Warner Bros. Emily Mortimer. Clifton Collins. Shannyn Sossamon. Lisa Gay Hamilton Dir: Rich Christiano. Renée Zellweger Katie Holmes. Scott Bairstow. Fox Searchlight Pictures Paramount Pictures Columbia Pictures Touchstone Pictures DreamWorks October . Ron Eldard. Edward Norton. John Malkovich. Ryan Dunn. McGinley. Erika Christensen. Shiri Appleby. Stuart Townsend. Meat Loaf Dir: Gore Verbinski. Paul Rodriguez Cast & Crew O C T O B E R 4 W Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Red Dragon 11 W Brown Sugar Knockaround Guys The Rules of Attraction The Transporter Tuck Everlasting . Dakota Fanning Reese Witherspoon. Jason Acuña Dir: Jonathan Demme. Candice Bergen. John C. Jason Isaacs 20 W Ballistic: Ecks vs. David Dorfman. Djimon Hounsou. Seth Green. William Hurt. Robin Wright Penn. D. Ralph Fiennes. Bam Margera. François Berléand Alexis Bledel. Kevin Bacon. Fred Ward Samuel L. Karl Urban Johnny Knoxville. Gregg Henry. Dave England. Talisa Soto Goldie Hawn. James Franco Jesse Bradford. Kip Pardue. Shu Qi. Elizabeth Whitmere. Paramount Pictures Universal Studios Five & Two Pictures Phil Vischer. Isaiah Washington. Martin Henderson.2002 in film 18 Warner Bros. Lucy Liu. Geoffrey Rush Heath Ledger. Kate Bosworth Jason Statham. Chris Pontius. Kate Hudson Charlize Theron. Harvey Keitel. Jennifer O'Neill. Gavin MacLeod. Fred Ward. Hal Linden. Boris Kodjoe. Thandie Newton. Eliza Dushku. Benjamin Bratt. Zooey Deschanel. Daveigh Chase. Tim Robbins.December Opening Title Studio Artisan Entertainment Universal Studios Fox Searchlight Pictures New Line Cinema Lions Gate Entertainment 20th Century Fox Walt Disney Pictures Warner Bros. Jonathan Jackson. Ben Kingsley. Patrick Dempsey. Richard Jenkins. Anthony Hopkins. Desmond Harrington. Julianna Margulies. Jason Ritter. Jackson. Tom Green. Mos Def. Naomi Watts. Mary Kay Place Jackie Chan. Leslie Mann. Clayne Crawford. Sissy Spacek.. Ted Levine. Tammy Blanchard Antonio Banderas. Brian Cox Gabriel Byrne. Jr. Vin Diesel. Dennis Hopper James Van Der Beek. Victor Garber White Oleander 18 W Abandon The 51st State The Ring 25 W Ghost Ship Jackass: The Movie The Truth About Charlie Time Changer Alison Lohman. Josh Lucas. Susan Sarandon. Robert Carlyle. Mark Wahlberg. Matt Schulze. Wes Bentley. Steve-O. Michelle Pfeiffer. Cedric the Entertainer Columbia Pictures Jason Lee. Ray Park. Queen Latifah Barry Pepper.

Julie Walters. Ulrich Tukur Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Brittany Murphy. Orlando Jones. John Witherspoon. Elijah Wood. Danielle Harris. John Rhys-Davies Miramax Films Warner Bros. Zoe Saldana. Jason Weaver Rob Schneider. Hugh Grant Lacey Chabert. Leonardo DiCaprio. Richard Griffiths. Natasha Richardson Dir: Stuart Baird. Viggo Mortensen. David Krumholtz. Natascha McElhone. Rick Yune. Jim Broadbent Two Weeks Notice The Wild Thornberrys Movie Dir: Marc Lawrence. Anna Maria Horsford. Roberto Benigni. Martin Sheen Dir: Roberto Benigni. Gary Cole Tim Allen. Martin Short. Nicolas Cage. Henry Thomas. Marc Blucas. Eminem. Rebecca Romijn. Billy Crystal. Christopher Walken. Mike Epps. Emma Thompson Laura Regan. Famke Janssen. Chris Cooper Nick Cannon. Paul Dano Ice Cube. Carlo Giuffrè. Jon Abrahams Dir: Harold Ramis.2002 in film 19 W I Spy The Santa Clause 2 Columbia Pictures Walt Disney Pictures Warner Bros. Sean Astin.C. Hope Davis. Dir: Betty Thomas. Eric Christian Olsen. Reilly. Rachel McAdams. Rupert Graves. John C. Austin Stout. Peter Sarsgaard. Rob Schneider Devon Sawa. Don 'D. Eric Lloyd. Kenneth Branagh. Kathy Bates Dir: Peter Jackson. Harris Yulin.' Curry. Cameron Diaz. Embeth Davidtz. Steven Seagal. Jackie Titone. Viola Davis. Delilah Cotto. Alan Rickman. Will Yun Lee The Emperor's Club Friday After Next Universal Studios New Line Cinema Columbia Pictures Paramount Pictures 20th Century Fox Walt Disney Pictures Dimension Films Warner Bros. Lisa Kudrow. Sam Doumit Dir: Wayne Wang. Liv Tyler. Rob Morrow. Emile Hirsch. Owen Wilson. Judge Reinhold. Jason Isaacs. Mekhi Phifer Morris Chestnut. Ian McKellen. Emma Watson. Tom Kane. Clifton Powell Adam Sandler. Rufus Sewell Dir: Steven Soderbergh. Flea Dir: Steven Spielberg. Daniel Day-Lewis. Judi Dench. Brent Spiner. Elizabeth Mitchell. Dagmara Dominczyk. Maggie Smith. Jonathan Frakes. Wendy Crewson Dir: Brian De Palma. Leonard Roberts. Fichi d'India. Malcolm McDowell. Warwick Davis Pierce Brosnan. Fiona Shaw. Halle Berry. Edward Herrmann. Eddie Murphy. Amy Adams. David Hyde Pierce. Tom Hanks. Jeremy Davies. Toby Stephens. Jodi Carlisle. Universal Studios Screen Gems Warner Bros. Kim Rossi Stuart N O V E M B E R 1 6 8 W Femme Fatale W 8 Mile 15 W Half Past Dead Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 22 W Die Another Day Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 27 W Eight Crazy Nights Extreme Ops Solaris Treasure Planet They D E C E M B E R 6 W Analyze That Empire L Adaptation 13 W Drumline The Hot Chick Maid in Manhattan Star Trek: Nemesis L About Schmidt The Two Towers 20 W Gangs of New York 18 W The Lord of the Rings: New Line Cinema 25 W Catch Me If You Can Pinocchio . Robbie Coltrane. Rupert Grint. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. Kim Basinger. Kurupt Daniel Radcliffe. Rosamund Pike. Sandra Bullock. Gates McFadden Jack Nicholson. Patrick Stewart. LeVar Burton. Cate Blanchett. Antonio Banderas Dir: Curtis Hanson. Anna Faris. Jennifer Lopez. Universal Studios Columbia Pictures 20th Century Fox Touchstone Pictures Columbia Pictures Paramount Pictures New Line Cinema Kevin Kline. Ja Rule. Leonardo DiCaprio. Tim Curry. Matthew Lawrence. Lynn Redgrave. Nicoletta Braschi. Ralph Fiennes. Joe Viterelli. Cathy Moriarty John Leguizamo. George Clooney. Brian Murray. Ethan Embry. Robert De Niro. Denise Richards Dir: Spike Jonze. Meryl Streep. Richard Harris. Paramount Pictures DreamWorks Miramax Films Dir: Martin Scorsese.

directed by Mike Leigh.(USA) Avenging Angelo.(France) Ali G Indahouse starring Sacha Baron Cohen.(France) Australian Rules . Charles Dance. Sever.. Rosario Dawson.(Tajikistan) Antwone Fisher.(UK) Beneath Clouds .2002 in film 20 Notable limited-release films In addition to the wide-release films in the above list.(France) 13 Moons. starring Timothy Spall . starring Robert Carlyle and Charles Dance . starring Edward Norton. starring Daniel Auteuil .(South Korea) The Adversary (L'adversaire).(Australia) Auto Focus.(Australia) Blissfully Yours (Sud sanaeha).(USA) Balseros (Rafters) .(USA) Bend It Like Beckham. directed by and starring Denzel Washington .(Indonesia) Addicted (Jungdok).(Japan) 8 Women (8 Femmes).(USA) Ararat. and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers .(India) Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What's Up with Love?) .(USA) .)ﺍﻟﻌﻮﺩﺓ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺑﺎﺑﻞ‬Iraq) Bad Guy (Nabbeun namja) . starring Rodney Dangerfield .(USA) • 28 Days Later. Keira Knightley.(South Africa/USA) Amar te duele (Loving You Hurts) . Brian Cox . Isabelle Huppert.(Spain) Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Xiao cai feng or Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse Chinoise) (China/France) Bang Bang You're Dead . Barry Pepper. starring Audrey Tautou .(Spain) L'Auberge espagnole (aka Pot Luck). starring Cillian Murphy . starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu .(USA) Black and White. directed by Costa-Gavras .(Mexico) Amen. starring Amitabh Bachchan . starring Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Beals . starring Parminder Nagra.(UK) Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony .(Canada/France) Aro Tolbukhin.(Australia) The Best Day of My Life (Il più bel giorno della mia vita).(Germany/France/Romania) Angel on the Right (Farishtai kitfi rost) .(USA) Biggie & Tupac . directed by Spike Lee. starring Catherine Deneuve. starring Lee Byung-hun .(UK) All or Nothing.(UK) A-D • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • B • Baader . starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe .(UK) 25th Hour. directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul .(USA) Back to Babylon (‫( . starring Charles Aznavour and Christopher Plummer . the following films received a limited or regional release. Philip Seymour Hoffman.(Thailand) Aankhen (Eyes). Michael Gambon and Martin Freeman .(South Korea) Ballistic: Ecks vs.(Italy) Better Luck Tomorrow .(Germany) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Back by Midnight. starring Virna Lisi . starring Sylvester Stallone and Madeleine Stowe . starring Steve Coogan . En la mente del asesino (Aro Tolbukhin: in the Mind of a Killer) .(USA) 24 Hour Party People. directed by Danny Boyle. Emmanuelle Béart . # • • • • • 6 Angels .

(USA) Bowling for Columbine.(Hong Kong) Cinema Paradiso: The New Version .(Italy) . starring Tony Leung . Jr. Reilly . directed by and starring Matt Dillon . Drew Barrymore. starring Eriq LaSalle .(China) The Cuckoo (Kukushka) .(USA) The Courtesan (Ca-bau-kan) .(South Korea) Common Places (Lugares comunes) . directed by and starring Amber Benson . directed by George Clooney. starring Sam Rockwell.(Indonesia) Crackerjack .(South Korea) Chance. starring James Nesbitt .(Japan) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • D • The Dancer Upstairs. starring Cuba Gooding. starring Emile Hirsch and Kieran Culkin .(USA/Spain) • The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.(China) Chicago.(USA) The Crime of Father Amaro (El crimen del padre Amaro).(Mexico) Cry Woman (Ku qi de nü ren) .(USA) Chen Mo and Meiting (Chen Mo he Meiting) . starring Jerry O'Connell . Jeremy Irons.(Brazil) Buying the Cow.(Argentina/Chile/France/Netherlands) Book of Love .(USA/Canada) Bus 174 (Ônibus 174) .(Argentina) Company (कम्पनी) .(USA) The Burial Society .(Australia) Crazy As Hell.(USA) Champion . starring Renée Zellweger.(Turkey) Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. directed by John Malkovich.(Brazil) The Clay Bird (Matir Moina). Richard Gere.(Taiwan) Boat Trip.(Israel) Bubba Ho-tep. starring Javier Bardem . and Roger Moore .(USA) Bolívar Soy Yo (Bolivar is Me) .(Ireland) Blue Gate Crossing (Lan se da men) .(USA) The Box of Life (Sunduq al-dunyâ) .(USA) Chat Room .(India) The Confession (Itiraf) . the first Bangladeshi film to be nominated for an Oscar The Coast Guard (Haeanseon) .2002 in film • • • • • • • • • • • • • • C • Callas Forever. directed by Michael Moore . John C.(USA) 21 .(USA) The Blood Stained Route Map (Pimudun ryakpae) .(Colombia) El Bonaerense (The Locksmith) . Julia Roberts .(North Korea) Bloody Sunday.(Russia) Cypher.(director's cut re-release) City of Ghosts. starring Fanny Ardant.(USA) • The Cat Returns (Neko no Ongaeshi) .(USA) Academy Award winner for Best Picture Chinese Odyssey 2002 (Tianxia Wushuang)). starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu .(USA) City of God (Cidade de Deus) . Catherine Zeta-Jones. Joan Plowright (Italy/France/Spain/UK/Romania) • Carrie . Queen Latifah. starring Bruce Campbell . directed by Franco Zeffirelli. starring Gael García Bernal .(Syria) Broken Wings (Knafayim Shvurot) .

(USA) Glowing Eyes (La chatte à deux têtes) .(Austria) Emergency Act 19 (Gimgeubjochi 19ho) .(Hong Kong/Singapore) .(Canada) Facing the Truth (At kende sandheden) .(Canada) Frida. starring Jimi Mistry and Heather Graham .(Japan) Goebbels und Geduldig .(USA) Elsewhere . starring Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd .(South Korea) Enlightenment Guaranteed (Erleuchtung garantiert) .(UK/France/USA) FUBAR .(USA/Canada) Deathwatch.(Canada) Drunk on Women and Poetry (Chi-hwa-seon) .(South Korea) Durval Discos (Durval Records) .(France) God Forbid a Worse Thing Should Happen (Ne dao bog većeg zla) . starring David Duchovny and Catherine Keener . starring Jared Leto.(Brazil) 22 E-K • • • • • • F • • • • • • • • • G • • • • • • • H • • • • He Loves Me. directed by Zhang Yimou.(India) Dirty Deeds. directed by Neil Jordan.(USA) Evelyn. Tony Leung. John Goodman . starring Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal . Dennis Haysbert . starring Pierce Brosnan .(Japan) Doing Time (keimusho no naka) .(Japan) Darkness.. Toni Collette.(UK) Dolls (ド ー ル ズ )..(Ireland) The Eye (Gin gwai).(Palestine/France/Morocco/Germany) Dog Soldiers. directed by Hideo Nakata .(UK/Germany) Dekada '70 .. directed by Takeshi Kitano . Dennis Quaid. starring Audrey Tautou .(France) Hero (Ying xiong).(Philippines) Devdas . starring Salma Hayek . starring Adam Garcia and Rosario Dawson .(Denmark) Far from Heaven.(Croatia) Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Gojira tai Mekagojira) .(USA) Fat Choi Spirit (Lik goo lik goo san nin choi). pas du tout).(Germany) The Good Girl. starring Audrey Tautou and Chiwetel Ejiofor . starring Jet Li. Maggie Cheung . starring Jamie Bell . directed by the Pang brothers .2002 in film • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dark Water (Honogurai mizu no soko kara). Jake Gyllenhaal. starring Julianne Moore. starring Anna Paquin and Lena Olin .(UK) Divine Intervention (Yadon ilaheyya) . directed by Steven Soderbergh.(USA) Flower & Garnet . Selma Blair . starring Andy Lau .(China/Hong Kong) Highway.(UK/France/Ireland) The Guru. starring Nick Nolte .(Hong Kong) Fine Dead Girls (Fine mrtve djevojke) .(USA) Home Room .(Japan) Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary . starring Christian Bale and Emily Watson .. directed by Stephen Frears.(Mexico/USA/Canada) Full Frontal.(USA/Spain) Dead in a Heartbeat.(Germany) Equilibrium. He Loves Me Not (À la folie.(USA) The Good Thief.(Australia) Dirty Pretty Things. starring Judge Reinhold and Penelope Ann Miller . starring Bryan Brown.(Croatia) The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest.

starring Nicole Kidman.(USA) A Kind of America (Valami Amerika) . starring James Marsden. Amy Smart . directed by Andrei Konchalovsky .(Netherlands) Lovers' Concerto (Yeonae soseol) .(UK/USA) House of Fools (Dom Durakov).(USA) The Importance of Being Earnest.I. directed by Aki Kaurismäki .(Argentina) The Kid Stays in the Picture. Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep . starring Tony Leung and Andy Lau . documentary on Robert Evans . starring Kieran Culkin.(Slovakia) L-Q • • • • • • • • • M • • • • • • • • • Madame Satã .(Russia) Hukkle . starring Jason Alexander . directed by Michael Winterbottom . Claire Danes and Susan Sarandon .(South Korea) Marrying the Mafia (Gamuneui yeonggwang) .(USA) Intimate Stories (Historias mínimas) .(USA) Kamchatka . starring Nestor Carbonell and Christina Ricci .(Spain) In This World. starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth .(Finland) Marie-Jo and Her Two Lovers (Marie-Jo et ses deux amours) .(Argentina) InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (Eiga Inuyasha: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjō) (Japan) • Irréversible. directed by Peter Mullan .(France) K • • • • • • K-9: P.2002 in film • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • L'homme du train (The Man on the Train). Gary Oldman.(Hungary) 23 I-J I Am Dina (Jeg er Dina). starring Samantha Morton and Djimon Hounsou .(South Korea) .(UK) Infernal Affairs (Mou gaan dou).(UK) In America. directed by Jim Sheridan. starring Andy García and Mick Jagger .(USA) The Man Who Saved Christmas.(Ireland/UK) The Man from Elysian Fields. directed by Patrice Leconte .(USA) Kruté radosti (Cruel Joys) .(China) Light Drops (O Gotejar da Luz) .(USA) The Man Without a Past (Mies vailla menneisyyttä). starring Frances McDormand and Christian Bale . starring Gérard Depardieu and Maria Bonnevie .(USA) The Legend of Bhagat Singh .(France) The Hours. starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel .(Hong Kong) Interstate 60.(Norway/Sweden/France/Denmark) I Love You (Wo ai ni). starring Jeremy Irons.(Brazil/France) The Magdalene Sisters..(France) Marooned in Iraq (Gomgashtei dar Aragh) .(Sweden/Denmark) Loonies (Loenatik .(India) Life Show (Sheng huo ziu) . directed by Zhang Yuan .(Iran) Marriage is a Crazy Thing (Gyeolhoneun michinjishida) .(Mozambique) Lilya 4-ever .(South Korea) The Laramie Project.De moevie) .(USA/Canada) Laurel Canyon. Neve Campbell.(Hungary) Kiss the Bride .(China) Igby Goes Down. starring James Belushi .(USA) Last Call. Sissy Spacek .(Ireland/UK) In the City Without Limits (En la ciudad sin límites) .

(USA/Germany) .(Spain) Moonlight Mile. starring Aaron Eckhart and Gwyneth Paltrow . Téa Leoni and Ryan O'Neal . Jim Broadbent .(UK) Names in Marble (Nimed marmortahvlil) . starring Mia Kirshner and Taye Diggs .(South Korea) Personal Velocity: Three Portraits. starring Jake Gyllenhaal.(USA) Punch-Drunk Love. directed by Roman Polanski. starring Jason Patric and Ray Liotta .(USA) New Best Friend.(USA) The Pianist. starring Charlie Hunnam.(Denmark) On Line .(USA/UK) The Powerpuff Girls Movie .(USA) Pure.(UK) Mr. starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson .(Canada) The Missing Gun (Xun Qiang) .(South Korea) Pumpkin. Nathan Lane. and Mrs. starring Keira Knightley . starring Christina Ricci .(Italy) 24 P-Q • The Quiet American.(USA) Public Enemy (Gonggongui Jeog) .(USA) Philanthropy (Filantropica) .(USA) People I Know.2002 in film • • • • • • • • • • N • • • • • O • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Oasis (오아시스) . starring Adrian Brody .(UK/USA) Noora (The Kiss of Life) . Kim Basinger. starring Kyra Sedgwick .(Iran) Mekhong Full Moon Party (Sibha kham doan sib ed) .(India) My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (Ngo joh aan gin diy gwai) .(Romania) Ogu and Mampato in Rapa Nui .(Japan) Possession. starring Javier Bardem . Iyer .(Estonia) Narc.(chile) Old Men in New Cars (Gamle Mænd i Nye Biler) . starring Al Pacino. starring Brendan Fraser and Michael Caine .(Sweden) Over the Rainbow (오버 더 레인보우) . starring Colin Farrell and Forest Whitaker .(China) Mondays in the Sun (Los Lunes al Sol).(France/Poland/Germany/UK) Pokémon 4Ever (Gekijōban Poketto Monsutā Serebyi Toki o Koeta Deai) .(Hong Kong) My Mother's Smile (L'ora di religione) (Il sorriso di mia madre) .(Thailand) Melinda's World Men with Brooms . Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman .(South Korea) Occident . starring Samantha Morton .(USA) Morvern Callar.(Romania) Phone Booth.(USA) Nicholas Nickleby.(Denmark) Den osynlige (The Invisible) .(South Korea) Open Hearts (Elsker dig for evigt) .(USA) On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (Saenghwalui balgyeon) .

(Iran) Saathiya (Life Partner) .(USA/UK/Italy) Road Movie .(Canada/UK/France) Stevie . starring Edie Falco and Angela Bassett .(Taiwan) The Son (Le fils) .V.(South Korea) Rose Red. starring Valeria Golino .(Spain) Suicide Club (Jisatsu Sakuru) . starring Sigourney Weaver and Bebe Neuwirth . Ray Winstone .(USA) A Red Bear (Un oso rojo) . starring Ralph Fiennes.(Canada) Sex Is Zero (Saekjeuk shigong) .(Italy) Ripley's Game.(USA) Secret Things (Choses secrètes) .(USA) Russian Ark (Russkij Kovcheg).(Argentina) Respiro. directed by Pedro Almodóvar . starring Stephen Dorff and Natasha Henstridge .(USA) The Singles Ward .(USA) The Star (Zvezda) .(France) Séraphin: Heart of Stone (Séraphin: un homme et son péché) .(India) Salomé.(Russia) .(USA) Raaz (Secret) .(South Korea) R. starring Jason Schwartzman and Brittany Murphy . starring Val Kilmer and Vincent D'Onofrio .(USA) Saving My Hubby (Gudseura Geum-suna) .(USA) The Skywalk is Gone (Tian qiao bu jian le) .(Spain) • Ten (Dah).(South Korea) The Sea (Hafið) . starring Nancy Travis . .(Belgium/France) Spider.(North Korea) Spring Subway (Kaiwang Chuntian de Ditie) . starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal .(Spain) The Salton Sea. directed by Carlos Saura .(Spain) Secretary. starring Aidan Quinn . directed by Park Chan-wook .(Algeria) Real Women Have Curves . directed by Abbas Kiarostami .(India) Rabbit-Proof Fence. directed by Alexander Sokurov . Gabriel Byrne (Canada/UK) Spirit of Korean Celadon (Chongjaui noks) .(China) Spun.(Russia) Steal. directed by John Sayles.(Iceland/Norway) Second Name (El segundo nombre) .(South Korea) Showboy .(USA) Sympathy for Mr. directed by David Cronenberg.(Australia) Rachida . directed by Philip Noyce .(China) Springtime in a Small Town (Xiao cheng zhi chun) .2002 in film 25 R-Z • • • • • • • • • • • S • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • T • Tadpole.(USA) Stones (Piedras) . starring Wes Studi .P.S.(USA) • Talk to Her (Hable con ella).(Japan) Sunshine State.(USA) Stolen Summer. Miranda Richardson. Vengeance (Boksuneun naui geot). Dougray Scott. starring John Malkovich.(USA) Skinwalkers.

starring David Gulpilil . gdzie żyją Eskimosi) .(China) Tomorrow La Scala! .(Portugal) Unknown Pleasures (Ren xiao yao) . William H.(Lebanon) Where Eskimos Live (Tam.(Poland/U. directed by Chen Kaige . starring Isaiah Washington.(Lebanon/France) Timequest .(Turkey) 26 U-V • Valentín.(Czech Republic) Films released in 2002 by country • List of Argentine films of the 2000s References [1] http:/ / boxofficemojo.(Australia) The Trials of Henry Kissinger .(Japan) Two Men Went to War .(Australia) W • • • • • • • • • • Waiting for Happiness (Heremakono) .(USA) The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) .(Argentina/France/Italy/Spain) • The Visitor . com/ yearly/ chart/ ?view2=worldwide& yr=2002& p=. starring Carmen Maura .2002 in film • • • • • • • • • • • • Terra incognita ./UK) Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself .(South Korea) Welcome to Collinwood.(Japan) The Uncertainty Principle (O Princípio da Incerteza) .(New Zealand/Germany) When Maryam Spoke Out (Lamma hikyit maryam) . starring Keisha Castle-Hughes .(Russia) The Way Home (Jibeuro) . Macy .(UK) The Tracker.(USA) Whale Rider.S.(Japan) XYZ • Year of the Devil (Rok ďábla) .(Australia) War (Voyna) . htm .(UK) Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet (ウ ル ト ラ マ ン コ ス モ ス 2 THE BLUE PLANET) . Sam Rockwell.(Mauritania/France) Walking on Water .(Denmark/UK) Women in the Mirror (Kagami no onnatachi) .(USA) Together (He ni zai yi qi).A.(China) Uzak (Distant) .

Jules has a hard time dealing with it and still insists upon going for dance. as such. Sam dances. Duddleston Stuart H. and was nominated for [1] a Daytime Emmy in 2004. It was released on Showtime.with true passion towards it and views it as important as life itself. which leaves her very exhausted after each time. Not long after though. it became a blockbuster in Italy reaching the top position for several weeks. Jules lost the fight to cancer and died. but Jules is a true dancer. Even after the bad news has been confirmed. Sam Russell (Shiri Appleby) tells the story of her best friend Jules Michaels (Larisa Oleynik). Nonetheless. To decrease the rate of which the cancer is spreading. and directed by Peter Gilbert. her passion becomes impossible when it turns out she has cancer. The movie was based on the book " A Time for Dancing" by Davida Wills Hurwin. Over the years they had become best friends. It took a lot out of her but it paid off and she got accepted. The movie was not released theatrically in the United States or United Kingdom. However. Jules gradually has no choice but to start accepting the fact and that she has to stop dance because her body is always too lethargic. Unfortunately. Jules stops the chemo to dance once more and auditions for Juilliard in NYC as it has always been a dream of hers to get in. The movie is an adaptation based on the novel of the same title by Davida Wills Hurwin. . she started going for chemotherapy. Pappé StudioWorks Entertainment 2000 100 minutes United States English A Time for Dancing is a 2000 American drama film starring Larisa Oleynik and Shiri Appleby.A Time for Dancing 27 A Time for Dancing A Time for Dancing DVD cover Directed by Written by Starring Peter Gilbert Davida Wills Hurwin Larisa Oleynik Shiri Appleby Peter Coyote Shane West Lynn Whitfield Patricia Kalember Amy Madigan Laurence Rosenthal Music by Cinematography Alex Nepomniaschy Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Amy E. It also causes her hair to drop out. Sam opens the letter from Juilliard and replies: "Jules Michaels won't be attending Juilliard 'cause she died". They met at the age of 6 in a dance class.

A Time for Dancing 28 References [1] IMdB (http:/ / www. The film stars Shane West and Mandy Moore. When Landon has trouble learning his lines he asks Jamie for help. such as the drama club. and treats her coldly when his other friends are around. popular but rebellious Landon Carter (Shane West) is threatened with expulsion. 2002 102 minutes United States English $11 million $47. The novel is set in the 1950s while the film is set in 1998. com/ title/ tt0242953/ ) A Walk to Remember A Walk to Remember Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Adam Shankman Denise Di Novi Hunt Lowry (Novel) Nicholas Sparks Karen Janszen Starring Music by Shane West Mandy Moore Mervyn Warren Cinematography Julio Macat Editing by Studio Emma E.494. At first Landon is only using Jamie for her help with the play. Hickox Gaylord Films Di Novi Pictures Pandora Cinema Warner Bros. But as he spends more and more time with her. where he is forced to interact with quiet. kind and bookish Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). They begin practicing together at her house after school. His punishment is mandatory participation in various after-school activities. a girl he has known for many years but to whom he has rarely ever spoken. • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office January 25. he is surprised to find that she is far from the person he .916 A Walk to Remember is a 2002 American coming-of-age teen romantic drama film based on the 1999 romance novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. despite their close physical proximity. imdb. was directed by Adam Shankman. Their differing social statures leave them worlds apart. Plot When a prank on fellow high-school student Clay Gephardt goes wrong. and produced by Denise Di Novi and Hunt Lowry for Warner Bros.

Jamie's father tells him that she did in fact witness one: it was him. and begins to question who he really wants to impress. Landon narrates that they had a perfect summer together with more love than anybody could possibly know and that she died soon after. Landon himself becomes a better person through Jamie's memory. however. In the final stretch of the movie. Jamie's father tells him that both he and his mother are proud of him and that Jamie would be too. Afterwards. Landon angrily confronts his former friend. Landon gets upset at first. achieving the goals that he set out to do. He discovers that she has a wish list. Landon doesn't leave Jamie's side until her father practically has to pry him away. prior to falling in love with Jamie. Eric. Landon and Jamie begin a relationship in which Landon dedicates most of his time to her.A Walk to Remember thought she was. During the play. and sets out to make all her ambitions come true. The movie ends with Landon. Landon goes for a walk on the docks where he narrates saying that Jamie changed him forever and that while he misses her." Soon. but she repeatedly rejects him. Jamie's cancer gets worse. such as building her a telescope so she can see a comet. Landon shows up at his father's door and thanks him before breaking down in tears as his father hugs him. Landon reads 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 along with her. Jamie astounds Landon and the entire audience with her beauty and voice. He later learns that his estranged father is going to pay for private home care for Jamie. Landon visits Jamie's father and shows that he is still a better person because of Jamie by informing her father that he has been accepted into medical school. it's because I want to keep you longer. and Landon kisses her on the stage. Four years later. looking at the sunset. but will always feel it. Carrying that thought. thus. comes and tells him how sorry he is and that he did not understand. like she did. Landon's friends publicly humiliate Jamie by altering a photograph of her and placing her head on the body of a scantily clad woman. Through this process. Jamie gives Landon a book that was her mother's filled with quotes. Soon thereafter. and Jamie tells him the reason she did not tell him is that she was moving on with her life and using the time she had left but then Landon happened and she fell in love with him. Landon continues to fulfill various wishes on Jamie's list. Landon is finally able to grant Jamie's top wish by marrying her in the same chapel her parents got married in. he believes their love is like the wind: he can't see it. Jamie then tells Landon that she believes that God sent him to her to help her through her illness and that he is her angel. 29 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Shane West as Landon Rollins Carter Mandy Moore as Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan-Carter Peter Coyote as Reverend Hegbert Sullivan Daryl Hannah as Cynthia Carter Lauren German as Belinda Clayne Crawford as Dean Al Thompson as Eric Paz De La Huerta as Tracy David Lee Smith as Dr. he had no plans for his future after high school. Carter Jonathon Parks Jordan as Walker . punching him and publicly siding with Jamie. smiling. word gets out about Jamie's illness. Jamie's father sits with Jamie and tells her that "If I've kept you too close. Landon and Jamie learn more about the nature of love. Later. Jamie confesses to Landon that she is afflicted by terminal leukemia and has stopped responding to treatments. Other friends come and apologize too. her father rushes her to the hospital where he meets Landon. Landon's best friend. Landon tells him that he is sorry he never granted Jamie's wish to witness a miracle. be in two places at once. Afterwards. he tries to get closer to her. such as taking her to a state border so that she can stand on either side of the line and.

[2] Daryl Hannah. despite Mandy Moore being able to only work 10 hours a day because she was a minor. worrying that a film set in the 50s would fail to draw teens. It's a beautiful story and the characters are very believable. hospital and Landon's home. Danielle Sparks Lewis. he said. she said: "It was my first movie and I know people say it may be cliche and it's a tearjerker or it's cheesy. Sparks says that he had written the book knowing she would die.[4] Moore explained that she was moved by the book: "I had such a visceral reaction to it that I remember not being able to read because I was almost hyperventilating while I was crying.[4] Shankman arranged a meeting with Shane West after he saw him in a magazine. The plot was inspired by her life. that I hoped . adding that "because he is a good father and we didn't want that question to linger.[2] The total shooting time was only 39 days. Landon's pranks and behavior are worse than they are in the novel. he and the producer decided to update the setting from the 1950s to the 1990s.[4] Schankman said of Mandy Moore that she "has the voice and the face of an angel" and added that she is luminous. yet had "grown to love Jamie Sullivan". the author admits that "In many ways. "the things that teen boys did in the 1950s to be considered a little 'rough' are different than what teen boys in the 1990s do to be considered 'rough. the symptoms were less obvious. Sparks explains the decisions behind the differences.A Walk to Remember • Matt Lutz as Clay Gephardt 30 Background and production The inspiration for A Walk to Remember was Nicholas Sparks' sister. who would appear in almost every scene and had "to be either incredibly angry and self-hating or madly in love and heroic. but for me. it is ambiguous whether Jamie died. Many of the sets were from Dawson's Creek (1998) particularly the school. it's the thing I'm most proud of. Hegbert wrote a Christmas play that illustrated how he once struggled as a father. In a speech he gave after her death in Berlin. He described his choice as "an instinct" he had about West.[3] Casting Director Adam Shankman wanted the lead characters to be portrayed by young actors: "I wanted young actors with whom teenagers could connect". due to time constraints. For example. "we had to make the story more contemporary." Commenting on the film. many changes were made. "To interest them. "even when he knew she was sick."[5] Comparisons to novel While there are many similarities to the novel by Nicholas Sparks. By the end of filming. North Carolina at the same time that Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) and the TV show Dawson's Creek were being filmed there. who died of cancer in 2000.'" Sparks and the producer also changed the play in which Landon and Jamie appear. On his personal website. which went awry and caused noticeable swelling. we changed the play. had received a collagen injection in her lips. In the novel.[1] Both the book and film are dedicated to Danielle Sparks Lewis." [6] A significant difference is that at the end of the novel. even when he knew that she might not make it"." To make the update believable. unlike the film. I knew I couldn't wait to read the book so I could truly understand Nicholas Sparks' story and how he envisioned the character of Landon. which is what attracted me to the project. the sub-plot showing how he overcame his struggles could not be included in the film. and so opted for "the solution that best described the exact feeling I had with regard to my sister at that point: namely. however. It was filmed in Wilmington. but after reading the screenplay. who wore a brown wig as her character. However. He was looking for someone who could transition from being very dark to very light."[4] West said: "I don't generally read love stories. Jamie Sullivan was my younger sister". Danielle met a man who wanted to marry her." he writes. Sparks was concerned that "people who hadn't read the book would question whether Hegbert was a good father". as Sparks notes.

3 at the U. earning $41. the movie was praised by audiences. Accolades Year Ceremony 2002 MTV Movie Awards 2002 Teen Choice Awards 2002 Teen Choice Awards 2002 MYX Music Awards Category Result Best Breakthrough Female Performance Won (Mandy Moore) Choice Breakout Performance .[9] Metacritic. particularly in the Christian community due to the film's moral values. [8] Critical response The film was met with generally negative reviews from critics. it was a modest box office hit. calculated an average score of 35.281. The total revenue generated worldwide was $47. with an average rating of 4. but in the best melodramatic sense. "The main character is portrayed as a Christian without being psychopathic or holier-than-thou".S. box office raking in $12.1 out of 10. which indicates "generally unfavorable".916.A Walk to Remember she would live.[10] Entertainment Weekly retitled the film "A Walk to Forget".[13] Chicago Sun-Times' Roger Ebert praised Mandy Moore and Shane West for their "quietly convincing" acting performances.[12] A Walk to Remember found a warmer reception with the general public.488 in its opening weekend. based on 26 reviews.092 in the United States alone."[16] Us Weekly deemed it one of the 30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time. the Mandy Moore vehicle A Walk to Remember is also bland and oppressively syrupy. and holds a score of 7. Even though not a critical success.Actress Won (Mandy Moore) Choice Chemistry Song of the Year Won (Moore/West) Won ("Cry" by Mandy Moore) Nominated Nominated (Mandy Moore) 2011 Yahoo OMG Awards Philippines Best Foreign Romantic Film of 2000s 2011 Yahoo OMG Awards Philippines Favorite Actress of 2000s . The site's critical consensus is: "Though wholesome.[11] Time named it one of the top 10 worst chick flicks. as one reviewer from Christianity Today approvingly noted.2 on the Internet Movie Database.177."[7] 31 Release Box office The film opened at No.[17] Despite the bad reviews. has 79% score from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. and a sleeper hit in Asia. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 27% based on reviews from 102.[14] The Chicago Reader felt that the story "has a fair amount of nuance and charm. has over 10 million likes on its Facebook page.494. behind Snow Dogs and Black Hawk Down. another review aggregator which assigns a weighted mean rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics."[15] The San Francisco Chronicle reviewer Octavio Roca found the film "entertaining" and wrote: "The picture is shamelessly manipulative.

Before their involvement with A Walk to Remember.The Breeders (©2003 Special Expanded Edition Bonus Track) 14. "No One" . "You" . Rachael Lampa and many more. 2.Switchfoot "Only Hope" . The lead song "Cry" was originally released on Moore's second studio album Mandy Moore. 5.Mandy Moore 8.Switchfoot 9. "So What Does It All Mean?" . 8. 6. 5. & Fitzgerald 12. with a double platinum album. but have since gained mainstream recognition. 6. We Just Can't Get Enough" . with dialogue by Shane West as character Landon Carter – (Cover of Switchfoot) 7. Gould. "instantly wanted" Switchfoot's music to be a vital part of the film after hearing them. "Dare You To Move" . Jon Leshay. "Friday On My Mind" . "Only Hope" . 2. "Mother.West. 7. "If You Believe" . Mandy Moore's manager.CD includes multi-media track of Mandy Moore video "Cry. The soundtrack also includes two versions of Switchfoot's song "Only Hope" including the version Moore sang in the film. 4. 9. 3.Noogie (©2003 Special Expanded Edition Bonus Track) 15.A Walk to Remember 32 Home media A Walk to Remember was released on DVD on July 9. "Cannonball" . 4.Switchfoot "Cry" . He later became Switchfoot's manager.Rachael Lampa 10.[19] When they were approached to do the film. "Empty Spaces" . & Fitzgerald "Empty Spaces" — Fuel "Lighthouse" — Mandy Moore "Friday on My Mind" — Noogie "Anything You Want" — Skycopter 9 "Numb in Both Lips" — Soul Hooligan "Tapwater" — Onesidezero "If You Believe" — Rachael Lampa . "It's Gonna Be Love" .Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman – (Cover of New Radicals) "Dancin' In The Moonlight" . 3.New Radicals 13.Fuel (©2003 Special Expanded Edition Bonus Track) 16.Switchfoot . 2002.Mandy Moore as character Jamie Sullivan. Gould. the band was unfamiliar with Moore or her music (despite her status as a pop star with several hits on the charts).[18] Soundtrack The film's soundtrack features six songs by Mandy Moore and others by acts Switchfoot.Toploader – (Cover of King Harvest) "Learning To Breathe" . the musical supervisor for A Walk to Remember." Complete Listing of Music in the Movie 1. 2002 CD Soundtrack Tracklisting 1. Switchfoot was only recognized in their native San Diego and in Contemporary Christian music circles.Mandy Moore "Someday We'll Know" . [20] "Cannonball" — The Breeders "So What Does It All Mean?" — West.Cold 11. The Beautiful Letdown which included hits such as "Meant to Live" and "Dare You To Move".

about. nicholassparks. christianitytoday. References [1] Sparks. [12] Romero. Retrieved 2007-07-12. Chase has an on set relationship with Mandy Moore during the filming of A Walk to Remember. . [5] Kaufman. 17. com/ movie/ A_Walk_to_Remember/ 420885) from the original on 5 July 2007. "No Mercy" — Extra Fancy "No One" — Cold "Enough" — Matthew Hager "Mother. [4] "A Walk to Remember . Hollywood. Retrieved 2007-07-12.A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / entertainment. archive.com.305226. . ew. We Just Can't Get Enough" — New Radicals "Only Hope" — Mandy Moore "Get Ur Freak On" — Missy Elliott "Flood" — Jars of Clay "Dancin' In The Moonlight" — Toploader "Someday We'll Know" — Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman "Learning to Breathe" — Switchfoot "All Mixed Up" — 311 "Dare You To Move" — Switchfoot "You" — Switchfoot "It's Gonna Be Love" — Mandy Moore "Only Hope" — Switchfoot "Cry" — Mandy Moore 33 In other media In the HBO television series Entourage the character of Vincent Chase was credited as having a small supporting role in the film.About the film . "Nicholas Sparks on the Movie Adaptation of A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / web. 2010). Christianity Today. com/ Novels/ AWalkToRemember/ FAQ. com/ walktoremember/ about. Caroline (2002-07-12). [6] Sparks. . "Reviews — A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / www. 22. [3] Shankman. 2013. Retrieved 2007-07-12. 25.Did Jamie Die?" (http:/ / web. html). 19. rottentomatoes. 2010). A Walk to Remember (http:/ / web. . "Top 10 Worst Chick Flicks . org/ web/ 20070705021317/ http:/ / www. "Interview with Adam Shankman. Frances (May 26. Retrieved 2007-07-12. com/ library/ weekly/ aa010902c. . metacritic. nicholassparks. htm). 2002). [2] Adam Shankman (2002). com/ movies/ reviews/ walktoremember. [7] Sparks. 16. nicholassparks. Adam. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. [13] Overstreet. CBS Interactive. . archive. [8] "A Walk to Remember. html). hollywood. com/ movie/ A_Walk_to_Remember/ 420885). . . In the fictional Entourage universe. com/ 2010/ 05/ 26/ top-10-worst-chick-flicks/ ?slide=a-walk-to-remember#a-walk-to-remember). hollywood. com/ m/ walk_to_remember). Retrieved January 6. Rotten Tomatoes. html) on 2008-05-03." (http:/ / www. 20. latimes. christianitytoday. 2012. org/ web/ 20080416040410/ http:/ / www. . "A Walk to Remember" DVD Commentary. com/ movie/ a-walk-to-remember). "Nicholas Sparks is a master of romance" (http:/ / articles. Nicholas. Retrieved 2007-07-12. . Amy (February 4. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Retrieved January 6. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. org/ web/ 20080503054047/ http:/ / www. org/ web/ 20080417085418/ http:/ / www.00. com/ 2010/ feb/ 04/ entertainment/ la-et-sparks4-2010feb04). archive. [10] "A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / www. archive. com/ movies/ reviews/ walktoremember. time. 24. html#1) on 2008-04-16. 15. 18. html#1). 11. 2013. Los Angeles Times. "Background information on A Walk to Remember. Retrieved 2007-08-27..com. from a speech given in Berlin. asp?MovieID=8#). Director of "A Walk to Remember" by Rebecca Murray and Fred Topel" (http:/ / movies. com/ Novels/ AWalkToRemember/ FAQ. 21. Retrieved January 6. Retrieved 2007-07-12. html). nicholassparks. com/ ew/ article/ 0. [11] Kepnes. com/ Novels/ AWalkToRemember/ Movie. com/ Novels/ AWalkToRemember/ Movie. nicholassparks.A Walk to Remember 10. Retrieved March 28. Metacritic. Warnerbros. com/ LearnMore. "FAQ on 'A Walk to Remember' . warnerbros. html). Nicholas (2000).casting" (http:/ / www2. . 2013. Jeffrey (January 23. [9] "A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / www. 12. html) on 2008-04-17. Nicholas. 14. Archived (http:/ / web. Germany for Heyne Verlag" (http:/ / www. . 23. 13. Time.

Chicago Sun-Times. . Octavio (January 25. usmagazine. Retrieved January 6. com/ music/ interviews/ switchfootmovie-0102. com/ reviews/ 4166/ walk-to-remember-a/ ). Roger (2002-01-25). 2002 34 External links • • • • • Official website (http://www2. com/ music/ interviews/ switchfootmovie-0102. sfgate. Retrieved January 6. . San Francisco Chronicle. 2013. Chicago Reader. Us Weekly. [18] Tyner. archive.html) A Walk to Remember (http://www. html). 2013. 2013. 2002). [17] "30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time . christianitytoday. chicagoreader. com/ movies/ article/ FILM-CLIPS-Also-opening-today-2879460. christianitytoday.allrovi. DVD Talk. 2013. [15] "A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / www. [19] "Switchfoot Featured in 'A Walk To Remember'" (http:/ / web. "A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / rogerebert. Retrieved January 6. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. dvdtalk.com/movies/movie/v259132) at AllRovi A Walk to Remember (http://www. php#page-1). . html) on 2008-04-12. "FILM CLIPS / Also opening today" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs.A Walk to Remember" (http:/ / www. org/ web/ 20080412165632/ http:/ / www.com/movies/?id=walktoremember.imdb. [20] End Credits.A Walk to Remember [14] Ebert. suntimes. A Walk to Remember. 2002-01-21. com/ chicago/ a-walk-to-remember/ Film?oid=1068730). .boxofficemojo. Retrieved January 6.com/title/tt0281358/) at the Internet Movie Database A Walk to Remember (http://www.rottentomatoes.warnerbros. [16] Roca. .com/m/walk_to_remember/) at Rotten Tomatoes A Walk to Remember (http://www. Retrieved 2007-07-12. "A Walk To Remember" (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo . dll/ article?AID=/ 20020125/ REVIEWS/ 201250306/ 1023). Adam (July 3. Retrieved 2007-07-12. com/ entertainment/ pictures/ 30-most-romantic-movies-of-all-time-2012102/ 20646). 2002).com/walktoremember/main. .

. The movie featured the couple stargazing and Moore's character Jamie Sullivan believed that when she would look through a telescope at the stars she can see into heaven." The song was not a major hit in America until seeing the movie but was an MTV favorite and did well overseas.[1] Music video The music video was directed by Chris Applebaum. The main premise of the video was centered around the conclusion of the movie A Walk to Remember. The song is also one of Moore's favorite songs of the album. until one day she saw him cry. 2001. Moore stated on a Billboard interview that she carried around a copy of the song for over a year before she recorded it and that "It felt like my ace in the hole. "You were all by yourself. About the song.Cry (Mandy Moore song) 35 Cry (Mandy Moore song) "Cry" Single by Mandy Moore from the album Mandy Moore B-side Released Format "Someday We'll Know" November 4. I couldn't wait to get into the studio and sing it. 2001 CD single Recorded 2000 Genre Length Label Pop rock 3:43 Epic Writer(s) James Renald Producer James Renald Mandy Moore singles chronology "Crush" "Cry" "17" (2001) (2002) (2002) "Cry" is a song performed by American recording artist Mandy Moore on her self-titled third album. staring up at the dark gray sky. Landon Carter (West's character) looks through the telescope and can see a now passed Jamie in heaven. there is an . writer and producer of the song had to peel her out of the booth because she wanted to sing it over and over again. Moore felt that "Cry" would be perfect for the soundtrack since it would be released around the time of the movie and is remarkably close to the movie's story line. The song was also on the A Walk to Remember soundtrack in 2002. which she starred together with Shane West. Song information The song tells the story of a girl who first thought her lover to be insensitive. The song achieved minor success in the United States but was a number-one hit in the Philippines. It was used as a soundtrack of the 2002 movie A Walk to Remember. It showed Moore in Heaven and Shane West looking through a telescope at her." She also adds that James Renald.. It's such a beautiful song on every level. The song was written and produced by James Renald. As the video comes to a climax. I was changed. The song was released by Epic Records as the third single on November 4.

com/ #/ news/ mandy-moore-s-cry-heralds-soundtrack-1275907. Format German/Austrian/Swiss/Philippines CD single 1. 2009.Cry (Mandy Moore song) explosion and stars shoot from behind Moore. However. 6. "Someday We'll Know" German maxi single (limited edition) . the single was successful in Canada and Asia. 3. 5. billboard. 36 Chart success The single never centered the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. story .scarce release 1. 4. The video also shows West looking at random video clips of him and Moore. The single also performed well in Germany. The home video was the summer that Moore and West's characters spent together before she died. 2. "Cry" (Album Version) "Cry" (Instrumental) "Cry" (Club Mix) "Cry" (Radio Mix) "Someday We'll Know" "Cry" (Music Video) Promo CD single 1. The video was not a huge success on MTV like her prior video "Crush". "Cry" Chart (2002) Peak position 51 Germany References [1] http:/ / www. "Cry" 2. where a limited 6-track maxi-CD was released. the video has received 10 million views on YouTube. The music video is included on A Walk to Remember DVD as an extra content. As of September 7.

The accounts given of her in Mullen's Lexicon Devil portray her as having a mental illness. which led to the dismissal of Beahm and Smear from the school in 1976. The film features a characteristically hectic and sloppy live show in which Crash. Beahm and Ruthenberg began trying to form a band. The two were accused of brainwashing the other students and causing them to behave subversively. 1980)[1][2] was an American[3] punk musician who. Before they settled on the Germs as a band name.[7] Though Beahm was charismatic and had intellectual potential. Beahm also changed his name to Darby Crash. When in his teens. Beahm and fellow student Georg Ruthenberg created a class for themselves called Fruit Eating in which they would go to a market. Beahm lived with his mother for much of his life. [9] Frequent users of LSD.[11] When the Germs initially began playing. eat fruit for an hour. but had to use a shorter name because they didn't have enough money to put this on a t-shirt. which caused her to behave erratically and be verbally abusive toward her son. along with long-time friend Pat Smear (born Georg Ruthenberg). [10] The Germs Not long after their dismissal from IPS. [8] As students in the IPS program were given the liberty to form their own classes. stumbles and crawls on the stage and slurs lyrics while members of . Darby Crash Band Darby Crash (born Jan Paul Beahm) (September 26.[12] After a short stint under the name Bobby Pyn. co-founded The Germs. Beahm and Smear developed a following of other IPS students who would also use the drug. directed by Penelope Spheeris.[5] Early life Beahm had a troubled childhood. He died of an intentional[4] heroin overdose. Darby Crash September 26. his sister revealed in an argument that his biological father was really a Swedish sailor named William Björklund. His older brother died of a drug overdose and he grew up believing that his biological father left the family. 1980 (aged 22) Punk rock Singer-songwriter Vocals Associated acts The Germs. a school within University High School in Los Angeles. The Germs can be seen in the 1981 film The Decline of Western Civilization. The IPS program combined elements of est large group awareness training and Scientology. he did not take the IPS program seriously. [6] Beahm attended IPS (Innovative Program School).Darby Crash 37 Darby Crash Darby Crash Background information Birth name Also known as Born Died Genres Occupations Instruments Jan Paul Beahm Bobby Pyn. they called themselves "Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens". but their relationship was tumultuous. the only member who was proficient with an instrument was Ruthenberg. heavily intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. then return to school. calls to the audience for beer. who went by his stage name Pat Smear. 1958 December 7. 1958 – December 7.

but with worse players". played only a few gigs before splitting up. Brendan (2000-12-27). 23. and Noah Segan as Bolles. Lexicon Devil. pp. Center for Health Statistics. Bijou Phillips as Lorna Doom. com/ watch?v=GzJfMdE6pII). The band. [5] Alternative rock (http:/ / books. USA: State of California Department of Health Services. 1980. pp. 391 [6] Mullen. Everything" (http:/ / www. 1940-1997. . a novel about a young contemporary of Darby Crash who is consumed by his memories of the singer. The Advocate. but not finishing. Brendan (2002). An oral history of the Germs and biography of Darby Crash was written by Brendan Mullen entitled 'Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs' and published by Feral House. CA. apocryphal lore has Crash attempting to write "Here lies Darby Crash" on the wall as he lay dying. Rick Gonzalez as Pat Smear. and a good book you can take while you bake—isn't that what summer's all about?" (http:/ / findarticles. 391 [12] Mullen. pp. Alonso. 1905-1995. On December 3. Feral House. Lexicon Devil. [2] State of California. an over-sold Starwood hosted a final live show of the reunited band. google. 18. google. . California Birth Index. The theatrical release was dated for August 8.Darby Crash the audience write on him with permanent markers. There is also a book by the same name. Center for Health Statistics. com/ books?id=ZHP-r9-eqdAC& pg=PA391& dq="Darby+ Crash"+ dead+ OR+ death+ OR+ died& lr=& cd=6#v=onepage& q="Darby Crash" dead OR death OR died& f=false) By Dave Thompson p. Hal Leonard Corporation. [4] Mullen. Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs. [3] Duralde. [13] "The Decline of Western Civilization" (https:/ / www. he wrote a short note to Darby Crash Band bassist David "Bosco" Danford that stated "My life. In reality. [9] Mullen.Wild reads: waves.[13] During an interview in the film. 40-41. com/ books?id=CBPlr55pgF4C& pg=PA306& dq="Darby+ Crash"+ dead+ OR+ death+ OR+ died& lr=& cd=1#v=onepage& q="Darby Crash"& f=false) By Scott Stanton p. Darby kicked out the drummer they'd rehearsed with and convinced Pat Smear to help out on guitar. LA Weekly. Circle Jerks drummer Lucky Lehrer joined the band on the eve of their first (sold-out) live performance. p. USA: State of California Department of Health Services. How Darby Crash lost control. . 1980. including drummer Don Bolles. Of Circle One. youtube. com/ general/ features/ annihilation-man/ 5159/ ?page=1). Darby went on to form the short-lived Darby Crash Band. Sacramento. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m1589/ is_2002_July_9/ ai_88583433). my leather. my love goes to Bosco. 2008. References [1] State of California. when during soundcheck. [7] Mullen. Lexicon Devil. Crash also discusses taking drugs onstage to avoid feeling injuries from fan violence and "creeps out there with grudges". by Kief Hilsbury. 19. 46. [11] Alternative rock (http:/ / books. Book and Biography Crash and the Germs are the subject of the 2007 biopic What We Do Is Secret which stars Shane West as Crash. who was killed in New York just one day after Crash's suicide. Lexicon Devil. Sacramento. CA. com/ books?id=ZHP-r9-eqdAC& pg=PA391& dq="Darby+ Crash"+ dead+ OR+ death+ OR+ died& lr=& cd=6#v=onepage& q="Darby Crash" dead OR death OR died& f=false) By Dave Thompson. pp.[14] According to SPIN magazine. pp."[15] His death was largely overshadowed by the death of John Lennon. 257. described by Smear as "like the Germs. Crash committed suicide by drug overdose on December 7.[16] What We Do Is Secret Movie. Lexicon Devil. pp. google. 38 Later life and suicide Shortly after the Germs split. [8] Mullen. 306 . "Annihilation Man. laweekly. winds. Retrieved 2007-05-23. "Biographies . California Death Index. [10] Mullen. Of the Germs. [14] The tombstone tourist: musicians (http:/ / books. Anne Stockwell (2002-07-09).

com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=1223) . 39 External links • Darby Crash's Gravesite (http://www. Lexicon Devil. pp.findagrave. ca/ books?id=EdRggHm3lkoC& pg=PA106& lpg=PA106& dq=suicide+ note+ darby+ crash& source=bl& ots=Psg5LG7WPW& sig=6FQfPyCebeD6mYSDPcYglRmOoT0& hl=en& sa=X& ei=-JC_UMWPIOaqywHQq4GoCg& ved=0CDgQ6AEwAjge#v=onepage& q=suicide note darby crash& f=false) [16] Mullen. 265. May 2001 (http:/ / books. google.Darby Crash [15] SPIN Magazine.

of seasons No. of episodes .ER (TV series) 40 ER (TV series) ER ER intertitle Format Created by Written by Medical drama Michael Crichton David Zabel Joe Sachs John Wells R. 2009 finale) Martin Davich (2006–2009) United States 15 331 (List of episodes) Production Camera setup Single Country of origin No. Scott Gemmill Jack Orman Lydia Woodward Directed by Christopher Chulack Jonathan Kaplan Richard Thorpe Starring Anthony Edwards George Clooney Sherry Stringfield Noah Wyle Eriq La Salle Julianna Margulies Gloria Reuben Laura Innes Maria Bello Alex Kingston Kellie Martin Paul McCrane Goran Visnjic Michael Michele Erik Palladino Ming-Na Maura Tierney Sharif Atkins Mekhi Phifer Parminder Nagra Linda Cardellini Shane West Scott Grimes John Stamos David Lyons Angela Bassett Opening theme James Newton Howard (1994–2006.

Television. ER follows the inner life of the emergency room (ER) of fictional County General Hospital in Chicago. but decided to film the story as a two-hour pilot for a television series rather than as a feature film. including the 1996 Outstanding Drama Series award. It was produced by Constant c Productions and Amblin Entertainment. studios in Burbank.[4] The screenplay went nowhere and Crichton focused on other topics. Television Broadcast Original channel Picture format NBC 480i 1080i (HDTV) September 19. The only substantive changes made by the producers in 1994 were that the Susan Lewis character became a woman and the Peter Benton character became an African-American.[5] Crichton and Spielberg then turned to ER.[3] Production Development In 1974. author Michael Crichton wrote a screenplay based on his own experiences as a resident physician in a busy hospital emergency room. was impressed by the series: "We were intrigued. 2009. Illinois. California. including the Peabody Award.[8] A set modeled after Los Angeles County General Hospital's emergency room was built soon afterward at the Warner Bros. NBC ordered six episodes. The script used to shoot the pilot was virtually unchanged from what Crichton had written in 1974.ER (TV series) Running time 60 minutes (including commercials) approx. which makes it the most nominated drama program in history. 1994 to April 2. Elsewhere. 2009 Chronology Related shows Third Watch Medical Investigation External links Website [1] Original run ER is an American medical drama television series created by novelist Michael Crichton that aired on NBC from September 19. in association with Warner Bros. It won 23 Emmy Awards. and received 124 Emmy nominations. and various critical issues faced by the room's physicians and staff.[2] ER won 116 awards in total. running NBC Entertainment at the time.[7] Due to a lack of the time and money necessary to build a set. the pilot episode of ER was filmed in the former Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. and in 1993 began a collaboration with director Steven Spielberg on the film adaptation of the book. becoming the longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history.[6] Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment provided John Wells as the show's executive producer. 1994 – April 2. In 1990. Then we moved it to Thursday and it just took off. while the cast earned four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series. an old facility that had ceased operating in 1990." commented ."[10] After Spielberg had joined as a producer. he published the novel Jurassic Park. and the running time was shortened by about 20 minutes in order for the pilot to air in a two-hour block on network TV. 45 minutes (without commercials) 41 Production company(s) Constant c Productions Amblin Television Warner Bros. but we were admittedly a bit spooked in attempting to go back into that territory a few years after St. The show ran for 15 seasons with a total of 331 episodes.[9] Warren Littlefield. "ER premiered opposite a Monday Night Football game on ABC and did surprisingly well. although the show makes extensive use of location shoots in Chicago. most notably the city's famous "L" train platforms.

Peter Benton. Abby Lockhart. Scott Gemmill. having made one critical decision with lasting effects: the Carol Hathaway character. but would return for two multiple episode appearances in the show's final seasons. began. R. Kelley's new medical drama Chicago Hope was expected to crush the new series. Orman was also a frequent writer and directed three episodes of the show. believed keeping a commitment to medical accuracy was extremely important: "We'd bend the rules but never break them.[10] Season eight saw the departure of La Salle and Edwards when Benton left County General and Mark Greene died from a brain tumor. the series' other initial executive producer. was retained. We compressed time. who died at the end of the original pilot episode script. Third Watch. that would see the entire original cast leave over time. The series' crew was recognized with awards for writing.[11] Spielberg left the show after one year as a producer. [12] respectively. She left her executive producer position at the end of the sixth season but continued to write episodes throughout the series' run. She took over as show runner for the fourth season while Wells focused on the development of other series.[10] Clooney departed the series in 1999 to pursue a film career. by the second season. who attempts suicide in the original pilot script. Wells.ER (TV series) Littlefield. and Janine Sherman Barrois. all joined the cast as the seasons went on. and Paul McCrane as Dr. David Zabel served as the series' head writer and executive producer in its later seasons. while Lisa Zwerling and Neal Baer had pediatrics backgrounds. A 12. reportedly upsetting producers who believed she wanted to negotiate for more money. as David E. and music. sound editing. Noah Wyle as medical student John Carter. Maura Tierney as Dr. Dee Johnson. Sherry Stringfield as Dr.[10] ER's success surprised the networks and critics alike. including Trinity. directing. He became an executive producer in the fourth season but occasionally scaled back his involvement in later years to focus on other projects. was made into a regular cast member. contributing to 41 episodes. Several of these writers and producers had extensive background in emergency medicine. Other executive producers include writers Carol Flint.[10] As the series continued. He was one of the show's most prolific writers and became a regular director in later years. Lydia Woodward was a part of the first season production team and became an executive producer for the third season. some key changes were made: Nurse Carol Hathaway. He held these roles for three seasons before leaving the series at the end of the ninth season. Elizabeth Corday. and The West Wing. and Eriq La Salle as Dr. George Clooney as Dr. Neal Baer. Joe Sachs was a regular emergency attending physician. who was a writer and producer of the series. Stringfield was the first to exit the series. Zabel was the series' most frequent writer. But we learned that being accurate was important for more reasons than just making real and responsible drama. Susan Lewis. He initially joined the crew for the eighth season and became an executive producer and show runner for the twelfth season onwards. served as showrunner for the first three seasons. producing. Alex Kingston as Dr. played by Julianna Margulies. Crichton remained executive producer until his death in November 2008. Robert Romano. while Gloria Reuben and Laura Innes would then join the series as Physician Assistant Jeanie Boulet and Dr.to 24-hour shift gets pushed into 48 minutes. He was promoted quickly and became an executive producer and show runner for the series' seventh season. Luka Kovač."[10] Woodward was replaced as show runner by Jack Orman. In the third season. Kerry Weaver. casting. film editing. Christopher Chulack was the series' most frequent director and worked as a producer on all 15 seasons.[12] In the much later seasons. He also made his directing debut on the series. but the actress did not particularly care for "fame. although he was still credited as one throughout that entire final season. and Margulies exited the following year. Joe Sachs. Joe Sachs. the first of a series of cast additions and departures. Mark Greene." [13] She would return to the series from 2001 until 2005. Doug Ross.[14] Goran Visnjic as Dr.[10] Wyle left the series in order to spend more time with his family. Orman was recruited as a writer-producer for the series in its fourth season after a successful stint working on CBS's JAG. Lisa Zwerling. 42 Cast and characters The original starring cast consisted of Anthony Edwards as Dr. the show would see the additions of Mekhi . A medication that would take 10 minutes to work might take 30 seconds instead.

” ER producer. DVD box set features the widescreen versions of the episodes. 1994. NBC announced that the series would return for its final season. As a result. and gay rights. after Law & Order.[15] On April 2. the longest-running American primetime medical drama of all time.”[11] The series also focused on social issues such as HIV and AIDS organ transplants. who typically portrayed one of the many patients required for each episode. ER also featured a significant roster of guest stars. racism. these actors frequently played significant roles in numerous episodes. many of whom were celebrities.S. 43 Broadcasting Following the broadcast of its two-hour pilot movie on September 19. later retitled Southland. it has appeared in letterbox format when in standard definition. One early storyline involved a road trip taken by Dr.[19] ER's final episode aired on April 2. Parminder Nagra as Dr. but if we can do that in an entertaining context. Kovac.[11] Other episodes used more creative formats. once for the east coast broadcast and again three hours later for the west coast. Luka Kovac.78:1 widescreen from the start. John Wells said. including those episodes originally broadcast in 1. Dr. the two-hour episode was preceded by a one-hour retrospective special. ER premiered Thursday. Dr. more than three times the season's rate of $135. and.000.ER (TV series) Phifer as Dr.[10] Episodes A typical episode centered on the ER. Linda Cardellini as nurse Samantha Taggart. though the first six seasons still run in full frame 1. Neela Rasgotra. Format ER was filmed in 1. The episodes also appear in 1080i widescreen when rerun on TNT HD. through the tragic events of one Christmas Eve shift and the Christmas party that preceded it. and doctors. . ER is NBC's second longest-running drama. ER featured a large number of recurring cast members. Greg Pratt. The most common of these roles were those of desk clerks. often outside of Chicago.[10] and 2002's "Hindsight" which ran in reverse time as it followed one character. “We turned some attention on the Congo and on Darfur when nobody else was.33:1 on the digital TNT network. and Angela Bassett as Dr. "Ambush" performed twice. 2009. “The show is not about telling people to eat their vegetables.[12] In addition to the main cast. featuring Dr. even though it was not broadcast in widescreen until the seventh season when it began appearing in the 1080i HD format. with most scenes set in the hospital or surrounding streets. Scott Grimes as Dr. storylines started to include the Democratic Republic of the Congo. nurses. John Stamos as intern Tony Gates.000 per 30-second ad spot. such as the 1997 live episode. Beginning in season nine. Catherine Banfield. In addition.[20] The series finale charged $425. Ross and Dr.[17][18] but NBC announced in January 2009 that it would extend the show by an additional three episodes to a full 22-episode order as part of a deal to launch a new series by John Wells titled Police. most seasons included at least one storyline located completely outside of the ER. It remained in the same Thursday time slot for its entire run. the U. Greene and Dr. human trafficking. Though not billed as starring. Only the live episode "Ambush" at the beginning of the fourth season and the title sequence for the first six seasons are in standard 4:3 aspect ratio. 2009. Archie Morris. 2008. making 25 to 30 million people aware of what was going on in Africa.33:1 (full frame) format.[16] The fifteenth season was originally scheduled to run for 19 episodes before retiring with a two-hour series finale to be broadcast on March 12. We had a bigger audience than a nightly newscast will ever see. Corday. Carter. and Dr. September 22 at 10:00. Pratt. then there’s nothing better. Greene to California and a season eight episode included a storyline in Hawaii featuring Dr. Since the sixth episode of season 7.

99 [25] 17. 22 on their list of "TV's Top 50 Shows". 2008 2007–2008 September 25. 1996 1995–1996 September 26. 2006 May 17. TV Guide ranked it No.[39] The show also placed No. which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. Episode 7) where "Doug Ross (George Clooney) saves a young boy from drowning during a flood.[36] The show's highest rating came during season 2 episode. 2006 2005–2006 September 21.56 [34] 9.04 [31] 15. 1998 1997–1998 September 24. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May.S. 19 on Entertainment Weekly's "New TV Classics" list.1 [29] 19. "Hell and High Water. 2002 May 15."[41] . 1998 May 20.06 [33] 11. 1994 May 18. 1995 1994–1995 September 21. 2005 May 18. making it the second highest ranked medical drama on the list (after St.4 [28] 22. 2001 2000–2001 [22] [23] #1 [24] #2 [25] #1 #4 #2 [26] [27] September 27. 2009 2008–2009 [28] #3 [29] #6 [30] #8 [31] #16 [32] #30 [33] #40 #54 [34] [35] #37 The series finale attracted 16. 1996 May 15.95 [27] 22. 2001 May 16. 2003 May 13.20 [35] 10. the season 1 episode "Love's Labor Lost" was ranked No. 2003 2002–2003 September 25. 1999 May 18." with 48 million viewers.08 [22] 21.[37] Critical reception In 2002. Elsewhere at #20). 2002 2001–2002 September 26.30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 September 19. Season Season premiere Season finale TV season Viewer rank (#) Households (in millions) #2 #1 [21] [21] 19.[38] Also. 2008 April 2. 6 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time list having earlier been ranked #3.69 [26] 24. All times mentioned in this section were in the Eastern and Pacific time zones.10 [23] 20. 1997 May 14. 2004 2003–2004 September 23. 2007 May 15. 1995 May 16.ER (TV series) 44 Impact Ratings US seasonal rankings based on average total viewers per episode of ER on NBC are tabulated below. 2000 May 17.4 million viewers. 2000 1999–2000 October 12. Each U.56 [24] 19.17 [32] 12. 2007 2006–2007 September 27. 29 in their list of the "50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time" and said the best episode was "Hell And High Water" (Season 2. 1999 1998–1999 September 30. 1997 1996–1997 September 25. 2005 2004–2005 September 22.[40] British magazine Empire ranked it No.99 [30] 19. 2004 May 19.

GLAAD Media Awards. 2009 January 12. 2008 September 6. 2006 April 3.[42] It also won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Television Dramatic Series" every year from 1995 to 2002. Davich scored all the subsequent episodes and wrote a new theme used from 2006–2009 until the final episode. 2011 September 18. selections from the weekly scores composed by Martin Davich (Howard scored the two-hour pilot. and won 22 of the 124 Emmy Awards for which it was nominated. 2009 April 29. featuring James Newton Howard's theme from the series in its on-air and full versions. 2010 September 21. 2010 January 11. 2005 November 15. 2008 June 17. 2007 January 22. 2006 October 24. 2008 May 18. 2008 November 3. and 4. 2006 December 20. 2006 May 15. 2005 December 19. 2008 October 1. 2. 2004 April 27. 2006 July 16. Only the live episode "Ambush" is not in the widescreen format. ER won the George Foster Peabody Award in 1995. Over the years. 2007 October 29. The fifteenth and final season was released in Region 1 on July 12. 2005 May 16. 2007 January 28. 2004 January 31. 2004 July 15. 2008 May 7. 2010 July 6. including Screen Actors Guild Awards. when Howard's original theme returned) and songs used on the series.[43] Distribution Home video Warner Home Video has released ER on DVD in Regions 1. 2009 October 12. Soundtrack In 1996 Atlantic Records released an album of music from the first two seasons. 2011. 1. All 15 seasons have been released in R1. 2011 July 12. 2004 December 16. 2005 May 5. 2008 March 3. 2009 July 14. among others. 2005 Region 4 (AUS) April 28. 4. 2010 The first six DVD box sets of ER are unusual in the fact that they are all in anamorphic widescreen even though the episodes were broadcast in a standard 4:3 format. 2006 October 3. 2004 July 26. 2005 July 11.[44] DVD Name Ep# Region 1 ER: The Complete First Season (1994–1995) ER: The Complete Second Season (1995–1996) ER: The Complete Third Season (1996–1997) ER: The Complete Fourth Season (1997–1998) ER: The Complete Fifth Season (1998–1999) ER: The Complete Sixth Season (1999–2000) ER: The Complete Seventh Season (2000–2001) ER: The Complete Eighth Season (2001–2002) ER: The Complete Ninth Season (2002–2003) ER: The Complete Tenth Season (2003–2004) ER: The Complete Eleventh Season (2004–2005) ER: The Complete Twelfth Season (2005–2006) ER: The Complete Thirteenth Season (2006–2007) ER: The Complete Fourteenth Season (2007–2008) ER: The Final Season (2008–2009) 25 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 23 19 22 August 26. 2008 April 21. and Golden Globe Awards. 2005 Release dates Region 2 (UK) February 23. 2008 September 15. 2009 April 28. 2007 May 7. 5. all 15 seasons in R2 and R4. Image Awards. 2003 April 27.ER (TV series) 45 Awards and nominations The series has been nominated for 375 industry awards and has won 116. 2007 October 31. Lewis And Renee (from "The Birthday Party") (1:57) Canine Blues (from "Make of Two Hearts") (2:27) Goodbye Baby Susie (from "Fever of Unknown Origin") (3:11) Doug & Carol (from "The Gift") – composed by James Newton Howard and Martin Davich (1:59) . 3. it has been nominated for and/or won numerous other awards. 2004 April 26. Dr. Theme From ER – James Newton Howard (3:02) 2.

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com/movies/movie/v179305) at AllRovi ER (http://www.com .com/shows/ER) ER's official NBC website (http://www.com/title/tt0108757/) at the Internet Movie Database ER (http://www. website (http://www.tv.imdb.com/shows/er/) at TV.nbc.warnertv.com/ER/) ER (http://www.allrovi.ER (TV series) 48 External links • • • • • ER's official Warner Bros.

He immediately asks her out for a drink. who outfits him with a text-to-voice earpiece to wirelessly receive his anonymous and lucrative text messages. 2009 105 minutes United States English $2. Max wakes up with the woman. He first wins one-hundred thousand Euro on a slot machine and then bets the entire amount on a hand of blackjack. Yuri (Sergey Gubanov). Both bets are made on the basis of further text messages he receives on his new phone. which he then learns increases by 313%.186. Edward Burns. which he wins. he is directed to a hotel/casino in Prague to gamble. His lucky streak continues when he hits the 3 million Euro jackpot on a slot machine but is forced to run away when casino security led by John Reed (Edward Burns) attempts to detain him. where he is knocked-out and his mysterious phone is apparently scanned. smiling above him. Then the messages direct him to buy a certain stock. First they encourage him to miss his flight which he then learns crashed soon after takeoff. Max then has an altercation with a beautiful woman (Tamara Feldman) and her jealous boyfriend in the hotel corridor.Echelon Conspiracy 49 Echelon Conspiracy Echelon Conspiracy Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by Greg Marcks Alexander Leyviman Steve Richards Roee Sharon Jonathan Tzachor Kevin Elders Michael Nitsberg Shane West Edward Burns Ving Rhames Jonathan Pryce Martin Sheen Bobby Tahouri Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Lorenzo Senatore Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office Joseph Gutowski James Herbert Dark Castle Entertainment After Dark Films • February 27. This chase is . and Ving Rhames. Plot A young American computer engineer (Shane West as Max Petersen) acquires a mobile phone that receives strange text messages. Next. Kamila.782 [1] Echelon Conspiracy (formerly titled The Gift) is a 2009 science fiction action thriller film directed by Greg Marcks and starring Shane West. Max enlists the aid of a Russian cabbie/apparent e-gadget enthusiast. To further his new-found career in gambling.

Echelon Conspiracy ended by the intervention of FBI Agent Dave Grant (Ving Rhames) who handcuffs Max and interrogates him for information about the phone. Max is frightened, but unable to provide any information. At this point Agent Grant contacts Raymond Burke (Martin Sheen) of the NSA, who is apparently monitoring Max because he is receiving messages from an omniscient communication surveillance computer system known as Echelon. These messages have been responsible for the deaths of several Americans, most recently an IT specialist working in the Pentagon. Burke recently lost a battle to pass a bill in Congress that would allow Echelon to be upgraded by being uploaded into personal computers worldwide. Burke eventually decides that Max knows too much and must be eliminated, however, Reed and the beautiful woman from the hotel – now revealed as Reed's associate – come to Max's aid and spirit him away to Moscow. There Max re-connects with the techie Yuri and tries to get his help in discovering who is sending the messages. Yuri believes that the messages are coming directly from the computer itself, and that the system has achieved some kind of autonomous self-awareness. Max and Reed object to his idea, but they are forced to flee when more armed men arrive at Yuri's apartment. A Moscow car chase ensues. The chase ends with Reed outmaneuvering and eventually blowing-up the chase cars, which happen to be led by Agent Grant. Grant escapes injury, but Max seizes the moment to inflict some payback for their previous encounter. Grant asks Max to help him stop Echelon, as he has now also begun to receive threatening texts. Max then receives another text, instructing him to return to Omaha, Nebraska, where he first worked as a computer security engineer. Max, Grant and Reed all fly home on a military aircraft. Arriving in Omaha, the group finds a sealed-up, bunker-like structure with a cache of servers and a high-end computer system that Max helped install years earlier. The property is revealed to belong to another victim of Echelon's messages, the same person whose credit card was used to send Max the phone. Max starts up the bunker's computer and is instructed via text to fire up the servers and connect them to the network. Echelon then begins downloading itself into the bunker's computers and begins a countdown to replicate itself across the world wide computer network. Agent Grant calls Burke at the NSA to inform him, but Burke is content to let the Echelon replicate itself worldwide, in the interests of US national security. Grant and Reed break ranks with Burke at this point and Burke sends back other FBI agents to detain them. Meanwhile, Max is failing to stop Echelon's replication countdown, until he takes an idea from the 1968 Star Trek episode The Ultimate Computer. Max asks the computer what its primary purpose is and it replies to defend the US, as defined by the Constitution. Max then asks the computer to search for threats to the US Constitution, and it comes back with a plethora of articles concerning the recent attempts to secure Congressional approval to upgrade Echelon, which is characterized as a grave threat to personal freedoms. At the point when the download is complete, Echelon "learns" that it is itself the threat and executes its own shutdown. The film ends with Agent Grant and Reed sending Max and Kamila off to Paris, while Burke is subpoenaed to appear before the Senate intelligence committee. The final cryptic scene is back in Moscow, where the techie Yuri is unveiled as a Captain in the Russian Security Service. In a conversation (in Russian) with his apparent commanding officer he is commended for his actions. Yuri replies that they will soon try to start it again but, for today, they have helped the Americans to make the right decision; "I would like to believe", he adds cryptically, and at that moment turns off his mobile phone.


Echelon Conspiracy


• • • • • • • • • Shane West as Max Peterson Edward Burns as John Reed Ving Rhames as Agent Dave Grant Martin Sheen as Raymond Burke Jonathan Pryce as Mueller Tamara Feldman as Kamila Sergey Gubanov as Yuri Malinin Gosha Kutsenko, as Russian General Steven Elder as Charles

Echelon Conspiracy received overwhelmingly negative reviews. Review website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 0% of film critics gave it a positive review, based on 12 reviews. Audiences also disliked the film, with only 36% of viewers liking the film.[2]

[1] "Echelon Conspiracy (2009)" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ ?id=echelonconspiracy. htm). Box Office Mojo. . Retrieved November 28, 2009. [2] http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ echelon_conspiracy/

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Germs (band)


Germs (band)

The Germs performing in Madrid in 2009. Background information Also known as Origin Genres Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens Los Angeles, California, United States Punk rock [1][2][3] Hardcore punk 1977–1980, 2005–present Slash Records

Years active Labels

Associated acts Darby Crash Band, 45 Grave, The Go-Go's, Joan Jett, Nirvana, Foo Fighters Members Pat Smear Lorna Doom Don Bolles Past members Darby Crash Michelle Baer Dinky Dottie Danger Donna Rhia David Winogrond Cliff Hanger Don Bonebrake Nickey Beat Rob Henley

The Germs are an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, originally active from 1977 to 1980. The band's early lineup consisted of singer Darby Crash, guitarist Pat Smear, bassist Lorna Doom, and their most consistent drummer Don Bolles. They released only one album, 1979's (GI) (produced by Joan Jett) and were featured the following year in Penelope Spheeris' documentary film The Decline of Western Civilization, which chronicled the Los Angeles punk movement. The Germs disbanded following Crash's suicide on December 7, 1980. Their music was influential to many later punk rock acts. Pat Smear went on to greater notoriety performing with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. In 2005 actor Shane West was cast to play Crash in the Germs biographical film What We Do Is Secret named after a song by the Germs. He performed with Pat Smear, Doom, and Bolles at a production party for the film, after which the Germs re-formed with West as singer. The new lineup of the band has performed a number of tours in the United States, including performances on the 2006 and 2008 Warped Tours.

Forming. with many contemporary reviews citing collapses. and she was replaced by her friend Donna Rhia. This lineup never played in front of a live audience. with transitional member "Dottie Danger". In April 1977 the band added Lorna Doom (Teresa Ryan) on bass. The Runaways. with the music coming and going. It was a dare. and later as Darby Crash) on vocals. and indeed. owing to her being sidelined by a bout of mononucleosis for an extended period. The song was not used in the movie. later famous as Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go's. the band presented it as such. As a result. much to the band's displeasure. the only band not to receive a call-back to perform live for the film's "Battle of the Bands" sequence. Recordings The first single. delivering intense theatrical and increasingly musical performances. critics finally acknowledged his lyrics as poetic art. Ruthenberg (under the name Pat Smear) on guitar. on drums. the Ramones. but had to shorten the name as they could not afford that many letters on a t-shirt. full-on food fight. was recorded on a Sony 2-track in Pat's garage and arrived back from the pressing plant with the note. The other band members prided themselves on similar problems. and [4] Darby covered himself in red licorice. developed a sound that was highly influential: throughout their career. allegedly for using 'mind control' on fellow students. Early performances were usually marked by raucous crowds made up of the band's friends. "I was really disturbed by the heroin that was going on. after Crash's death. as she put it. we had no songs or anything! Lorna wore her pants inside out. Singer Darby Crash often arrived onstage nearly incoherent from drugs. Carlisle remained a friend and helper of the band throughout (she can be heard introducing the band on the Germicide: Live At The Whiskey recording. nor was the band. despite most expectations. Smear was revealed to be a remarkably talented and fluid player. was becoming popular and. singing everywhere but into the microphone and taunting the audience between songs. Fans saw this as part of the show. It featured a shambolic but serviceable performance on the A-side and a muddy live recording of Sexboy on the B side. The (initially hypothetical) band was with Beahm (then known as Bobby Pyn.we made noise for five minutes until they threw us off. an early member named "Dinky" (Diana Grant) on bass. of various noteworthy Los Angeles bands including The Weirdos. as produced by Kim Fowley). "Warning: This record causes ear cancer" printed on the sleeve by the plant staff. Crash's vocals had begun to mold themselves around the style of The . Smear was the only musically experienced member — Doom survived early performances by sliding a finger up and down the fretboard of her bass while Rhia generally kept a minimal beat on the bass drum. who played three gigs and recorded their first single. The band's first live performance was at the Orpheum Theater. much later. Sex Pistols and New York Dolls. Carlisle never actually played with the band. Their original name was "Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens". periodically bashing a cymbal. real name: Becky Barton. and Michelle Baer playing drums. perhaps due to the fact that the Germs' chaotic Roxy performance had featured an unscripted.. incoherence."[4] Nickey Beat.. Darby stuck the mic in a jar of peanut butter. Early on. even when breaking bottles and rolling in the glass. they would have a reputation as a chaotic live band. their gigs became notorious for being rowdy and usually verged on a riot. Up In Smoke. Pat Smear recalled: “ We made noise. also sat in on drums for a time. David Bowie. yet nevertheless. ” The Germs initially drew musical influences from the likes of Iggy Pop. the Go-Go's. recorded at the Roxy for the Cheech and Chong movie.Germs (band) 53 History Formation The band began when Jan Paul Beahm and Georg Ruthenberg decided they should start a band after being kicked out of University High for antisocial behavior. and drunken vomiting onstage. The Germs. only leaving because her new band.

Germs (band) Screamers' vocalist Tomata DuPlenty (The Screamers. an over-sold Starwood hosted a final live show of the reunited band. he wrote a short note to David "Bosco" Danford that stated "My life.) Another strong influence on the band's final sound was Zolar X. along with four tracks from their infamous last show at the Starwood. but with worse players. and Catholic Discipline. Black Flag. Shortly after the Germs split." was recorded live in the studio. described by Smear as "like the Germs. Crash contacted Smear about a Germs "reunion" show. The Germs recorded six original songs with legendary producer Jack Nitzsche for the soundtrack to the film. The Germs recorded two singles (with alternate tracks). news of Darby's death was largely overshadowed by the murder of John Lennon the next day. my leather. including drummer Don Bolles. Unreported at the time. who ended up surviving. nor did he change his mind at the last minute and intend for himself to live. a huge LA live attraction at the time. despite his erratic behavior. Crash and Smear were enthusiastic fans of the band from the pre-Germs days. You're not going to see it again". Darby kicked out the drummer they'd rehearsed with." ended up on the Columbia soundtrack LP: it was featured for about a minute in the movie. an album-length demo session. and Bolles had become a world-class rock ensemble by the recording of (GI). In reality. Darby told the amazed kids in the audience. . "We did this show so you new people could see what it was like when we were around. generally regarded as a brilliant lyricist (a contemporary critic described him as "ransacking the dictionary"). and the final lineup of Smear. 'Sex Boy. 1980. Since Darby had described this scenario many times in the past. She insists that he did not intend for her to live. Alice Bag Band. The Germs are featured in Penelope Spheeris's documentary film The Decline of Western Civilization along with X. during a video-booth murder scene in an S&M club.[4] On December 3. Crash was."[6] Outside the world of Germs' fans. Smear has said Crash told him privately he wanted to earn money for heroin with which to commit suicide. and one full-length LP. and has a near-mythic status among punk rock fans. Circle Jerks. A local news station mistakenly reported that Darby had died from taking too many sleeping pills. and the fast tempos and raw guitar tone of (the historically pre-punk) Zolar X [5] are very similar to the sound achieved on later Germs recordings.' at live shows. at age 22. starring Al Pacino. my love goes to Bosco." played only a few gigs to lukewarm reaction before splitting up. Crash became increasingly impatient with Don Bolles' antics and fired him. two-fisted piano).[4] Crash committed suicide December 7. claiming it was necessary to "put punk into perspective" for the punks on the scene. "Shut Down. According to SPIN magazine. Lorna wrote one of the songs. Other songs from this session did not appear until the 1988 bootleg Lion's Share. Only the song "Lion's Share. "This album leaves exit wounds. each more focused and powerful than the last. apocryphal lore has Crash attempting to write "Here lies Darby Crash" on the wall as he lay dying. (GI). However. but not finishing. never released a record. turning in a performance that spurred an LA Weekly reviewer to write. Some European copies of the album also credit Donny Rose on keyboards (the song. 1980. Shortly after that. Following the release of their only studio album. (GI). and features a melodic. a theatrical glitter rock band popular in the Los Angeles area circa 1972–1980. but covered the Germs song. Circle Jerks drummer Lucky Lehrer joined the band on the eve of their first (sold-out) live performance. The band. Doom. recordings of which are now widely available on bootleg. Fear. when during sound-check. Pat did not take him seriously. At one point. Cruising. Darby and Pat went on to form the short-lived Darby Crash Band. The album was produced by Joan Jett of The Runaways." 54 Dissolution and suicide of Darby Crash The end of the band came when Darby replaced Don Bolles with his friend Rob Henley on drums. Crash had overdosed on heroin in a suicide pact with close friend Casey "Cola" Hopkins." It is considered one of the first hardcore punk records. The Cruising sessions were finally released officially on the CD "(MIA): The Complete Recordings.

The Posies. 2005–present) Don Bolles – drums (1978–1980. and then with the Foo Fighters. 1980 on June 14. Two songs." were originally written by Darby Crash and Pat Smear prior to Crash's death. that dog. "Out of Time" and "Beyond Hurt – Beyond Help. Nervous Gender and 45 Grave. which Don hoped to release in 2010. 2010. and Bolles reactivated the Germs with West taking over the vocal spot.. The Melvins. The film stars Shane West in the role of Darby Crash. Along with the CD. Rhino Handmade officially released Live At The Starwood Dec. 3. L7.[8] The film was theatrically released on August 8. Vox Pop. and again in 2007.[9] The newly recorded songs are to be released through The Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan's new. with Mike Watt. Pat Smear went on to play with Nirvana in their last year and. In a July 2009 article drummer Don Bolles spoke about the band's plans to re-record old material for a planned box set entitled Lest We Forget: The Sounds Of The Germs. a possible play on Darby Crash. on the Vans Old School Stage. and others along with a version of "Circle One" performed by Pat Smear with Hole under the name "The Holez".[10] Members Current members • • • • Lorna Doom (aka Teresa Ryan) – bass (1977–1980. Gumball. The live set was previously unavailable in its entirety. was in production for several years. 2008. The songs are to be recorded with Shane West providing vocals. Smear. but were never recorded. They played on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour and toured club shows in the US later that summer. and currently unnamed. What We Do Is Secret. Live recordings. Some prominent members of the punk rock community such as Fat Mike and Jello Biafra have been critical of the band's decision to replace Darby Crash with an actor. The Germs film and reformation (2007–present) A movie about The Germs. bands. Meat Puppets. Flea. On MySpace Shane West has his display name as "Shane Wreck". both old and new would make up the rest of the box set. 2007 at the Los Angeles Film Festival. the release includes an 8½" × 11" replica of the original poster for the show. 2005–present) • Dottie Danger (aka Belinda Carlisle) – drums (1977) Donna Rhia – drums (1977) David Winogrond – drums (1977) Cliff Hanger – drums (1977-1978) Don Bonebrake – drums (1978) Nickey Beat (aka Nickey Alexander) – drums (1978) Rob Henley – drums (1980) . In 1993. after the death of Kurt Cobain. Free Kitten. they planned to record several Darby Crash Band songs as well. record label. They once again played on the 2008 edition of the tour.A.Germs (band) 55 After the end After the Germs ended Don Bolles played with several other L. a reproduction of the handwritten set list and a four-page fanzine with photos and liner notes by [7] Jonathan Gold. Celebrity Skin. mods and rockers web series Oblivion.[9] The band has re-arranged songs from the Germicide live album and songs from the Cruising sessions. Doom. including Steaming Coils. August 14–16. with liner notes by Pleasant Gehman. 2005–present) Shane West – vocals (2005–present) Former members Darby Crash (aka Jan Paul Beahm) – vocals (1977–1980) Michelle Baer – drums (1977) Dinky (aka Diana Grant) – bass (1977) • • • • • • • • • Pat Smear (aka Georg Ruthenberg) – guitar (1977–1980. and premiered June 23. In fall 2009 Bolles joined the cast of punks. NOFX. In 1996 a tribute album titled A Small Circle of Friends appeared that featured tracks by Mike Watt. Slash Records released The Germs: Complete Anthology (MIA).

. html). "Billy Corgan's Label Releasing New Germs. Xes Records Compilation Appearances • Tooth and Nail. lafilmfest. . Crispin (May 31. [9] Molloy. Slash Records Extended plays • Forming/Sexboy (live) 7". google. Matt (July 1. Strawberry Alarm Clock Material" (http:/ / www. com/ tixSYS/ 2007/ filmguide/ eventnote. Slash Records • What We Do Is Secret EP. 1981. 1986. Retrieved July 27. 1981. May 2001 (http:/ / books. 1993. "A Punk Legacy Takes New Form" (http:/ / www. [8] What We Do Is Secret (http:/ / filmguide. Slash Records References [1] Sartwell. alternativetentacles. 2009). hootpage. 2009). 2011. html). Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 27. First Show Ever).Music Review" (http:/ / www. Rhino. "The Germs" (http:/ / riotfest. [10] MacNeil. Soundtracks • The Decline of Western Civilization LP. . [5] Zolar X-Jet Star 19 (http:/ / www. (mp3) [6] SPIN Magazine. Retrieved July 27. [4] "watt and mascis on germs tribute" (http:/ / www. CHARTattack. 1979. com/ gyrobase/ Issue/ review?oid=oid:93942). The Washington Post. "Spreading Germs: No act: Shane West enjoys fronting veteran hardcore band" (http:/ / www. Upsetter Records • Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods. 1980. rhino. chartattack. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2006/ 08/ 03/ AR2006080300435. 2011. 2011. 1993. 1981. Slash/Rhino Records • Media Blitz. 1977. . com/ entertainment/ music/ general/ view. Mohawk/Bomp! Records/ROIR • Germs Rock 'N' Rule—Recorded Live At The Masque Christmas Party—Whisky A-Go-Go. 2002). .Germs (band) 56 Discography Studio albums • (GI) LP. com/ octopodes/ 865/ d0yYcqDhYGaeCkkj4EV/ Zolar_X-Jet_Star_19. org/ features/ germs/ ). "Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs . 2007 LA Film Festival. 2010). Retrieved July 27. Retrieved 2012-06-29. Slash Records Live albums • Germicide (aka Live At The Whisky. austinchronicle. bg?articleid=1182283).com. com/ hoot_germs-trib. Bill (July 15. December 1979. Riot Fest. mp3|recordings) on Alternative Tentacles. 1979. [2] Parish. Retrieved July 27. Richard (August 4. org/ 68mlAqDFG). Boston Herald. . Hollywood. . webcitation. ca/ books?id=EdRggHm3lkoC& pg=PA106& lpg=PA106& dq=suicide+ note+ darby+ crash& source=bl& ots=Psg5LG7WPW& sig=6FQfPyCebeD6mYSDPcYglRmOoT0& hl=en& sa=X& ei=-JC_UMWPIOaqywHQq4GoCg& ved=0CDgQ6AEwAjge#v=onepage& q=suicide note darby crash& f=false) [7] "The Germs | Live At The Starwood (12/3/1980)" (http:/ / www. [3] Harrington. php?notepg=1& EventNumber=5036& ). What? Records • Lexicon Devil 7" EP. 2011. Jason (January 7. Hootpage. 2011. New Underground Records Compilations of Germs Recordings • (MIA): The Complete Anthology CD. com/ shop/ product/ the-germs-live-at-the-starwood-12-3-1980). Circle Two. . 1978. The Austin Chronicle. Cleopatra Records • Lest We Forget: The Sounds Of The Germs Box set. bostonherald. washingtonpost. 2006). 2011. com/ news/ 2010/ 01/ 07/ billy-corgans-label-releasing-new-germs-strawberry-alarm-clock-material) on 2012-06-29. Retrieved July 27. forthcoming.

com/ flipsideissue02-5GermsandTheEnd.operationphoenixrecords. 1979 (http://www.html) • Germs interview from Flipside No.com/ flipsideissue15-5Germs.operationphoenixrecords. 1977 (http://www.pdf) at Punk Zine Archive • Germs interview from Flipside No.pdf) at Punk Zine Archive . 1981 (http://www. 15.Germs (band) 57 External links • Rekindling the Punk Flame.operationphoenixrecords.com/punk1.shanatinglipton.com/ flipsideissue26_2GermsInterview. 2. 26.pdf) at Punk Zine Archive • Germs interview from Flipside No. article (http://www.

and Martin Short. Zoe Saldana Mila Kunis Carmen Electra Martin Short Steve Bartek Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Maryse Alberti Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Jeff Betancourt Ignite Entertainment Miramax Films • March 9. Jr. but she breaks up with him immediately after the film begins.Get Over It (film) 58 Get Over It (film) Get Over It Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Tommy O'Haver Paul Feldsher Michael Burns Marc Butan R. 2001 87 minutes United States English $10 million $19. loosely based the screenplay on William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Kirsten Dunst. . Jr.900. a 'foreign' student who was once the lead singer of a boy band. Plot Berke Landers (Ben Foster) and his girlfriend Allison (Melissa Sagemiller) were the quintessential high-school couple. despite having no theatrical talent and having a busy schedule as a member of the basketball team. Kirsten Dunst Ben Foster Melissa Sagemiller Sisqó Shane West Colin Hanks Swoosie Kurtz Ed Begley.366 [1] Get Over It is a 2001 American romantic comedy film about a teenage boy whose girlfriend ends their relationship. She then begins a new relationship with Striker (Shane West). Berke's friends Felix (Colin Hanks) and Dennis (Sisqó) try to find a new girlfriend for him. Jr. Meanwhile. R. Sisqó. Shane West. Berke desperately tries to win Allison back by also auditioning for the play. Colin Hanks. When Allison and Striker audition for the school's upcoming musical. Lee Fleming. Melissa Sagemiller. Lee Fleming. The film stars Ben Foster. The film was directed by Tommy O'Haver for Miramax Films.

Kelly plays Helena. Felix gives the orchestra sheet music for a love ballad written by Kelly to replace Oates' unpopular tune. 59 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kirsten Dunst as Kelly Woods Ben Foster as Berke Landers Melissa Sagemiller as Allison McAllister Sisqó as Dennis Wallace Shane West as Bentley "Striker" Scrumfeld Colin Hanks as Felix Woods Martin Short as Dr. Meanwhile. Striker bribes two of the theater technicians to try and blow up Berke using stage pyrotechnics. but unwittingly signals the technicians to set off the explosion. During the intermission. and Felix. as Frank Landers Zoe Saldana as Maggie Mila Kunis as Basin Carmen Electra as Mistress Moira Christopher Jacot as Peter Wong Dov Tiefenbach as Little Steve Vitamin C as Herself . coming across the two. Striker protests this change. Oates blames Kelly's singing for his own poorly written song and rejects her suggestions to improve it. Dr. leaving him with a difficult choice between her and Kelly. Berke accepts. a modern musical version of Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream called A Midsummer Night's Rockin' Eve. As the fourth act begins. he abandons his lines from the script and makes up his own verse professing his character's love for Kelly's character Helena. After the curtain rises. But after Peter is injured in a freak accident. Jr. Berke and Allison catch Striker cheating on Allison with her best friend Maggie (Zoe Saldana). blowing him offstage. still intent on winning Allison back. The audience applauds as Berke and Kelly kiss. but he insists that a relationship between them could not work because she is Felix's sister. Berke wins a minor role in the play. Desmond Forrest Oates Swoosie Kurtz as Beverly Landers Ed Begley. Kelly and Berke leave the theater after the show. She leaves him.Get Over It (film) With the help of Felix's younger sister. but remains unaware of the growing attraction between the two of them. annoyed at his unwillingness to move on with his life. Desmond Oates (Martin Short). Allison confides to Berke that she wants to get back together with him. the first half of the performance goes smoothly except for some onstage scuffling between Berke and Striker. Before the play resumes. Striker nominates Berke to take over the role of Lysander. Kelly kisses Berke. Kelly (Kirsten Dunst). Allison plays Hermia. Peter Wong (Christopher Jacot). On the play's opening night. At a party at Berke's house. and. At the same party. Striker plays Demetrius. He gradually improves with continuing assistance from Kelly. looking forward to their future together as they discuss the next night's performance. punches Berke. and Lysander is to be played by the school's star actor. and so Allison breaks up with Striker. Kelly sings her song so beautifully that Berke is reminded of their time together and finally realizes he loves her. Meanwhile. written and directed by the school's domineering drama teacher. a talented songwriter and singer.

the film's critical consensus is.boxofficemojo. CBS Interactive. External links • • • • • Get Over It (http://www.0 out of 10. htm). Get Over It earned $19. Get Over It is entirely predictable.allrovi.imdb. it is not without its charms. Box Office Mojo. 2011. Flixter. the film has been called a 'lobotomised updating of A Midsummer Night's Dream'.metacritic. rottentomatoes. Retrieved March 21.[1] References [1] "Get Over It (2001)" (http:/ / www.com/m/get_over_it/) at Rotten Tomatoes Get Over It (http://www. Scores ranged from San Francisco Chronicle's generous 100 and LA Weekly's highly critical 20. [3] "Get Over It Movie" (http:/ / www. Metacritic.[3] Box office performance The film opened at #7 in the North American box office with $4. . Rotten Tomatoes. 2011.htm) at Box Office Mojo Get Over It (http://www.com/title/tt0192071/) at the Internet Movie Database Get Over It (http://www. holding an average score of 5.com/movie/get-over-it) at Metacritic . com/ movie/ get-over-it/ critic-reviews). "As with most teen movies."[2] The film scored a 52 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 14 reviews.com/movies/?id=getoverit. IMDb Retrieved February 6.366 worldwide.com/movies/movie/v237175) at AllRovi Get Over It (http://www.977 and closed after five weeks.134. . metacritic.Get Over It (film) 60 Release Get Over It was originally rated R due to more sexual dialogue by Mistress Moira and a more explicit view of the strip club. It was cut in order to achieve the teen audience the film was aimed for. Based on a $10 million budget. According to the website. and there's not enough plot to sustain the length of the movie. [2] "Get Over It" (http:/ / www. Critical response Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 44% of 63 critics have given the film a positive review. boxofficemojo. Retrieved March 21. However.rottentomatoes.900. com/ movies/ ?id=getoverit. com/ m/ get_over_it). 2011.

1997 95 minutes (approx. Angela Wexler. The live-action adventure stars Ashley Peldon.) Get a Clue is a 1997 film based on the Newbery Medal winning book The Westing Game. Ford Lewis Arquette as Otis Amber Diane Nadeau as Angela Wexler Billy Morrissette as Edgar Plum Jim Lau as James Shin Hoo Shane West as George Theodorakis Ernest Liu as Doug Hoo . Eastman Ashley Peldon as Tabitha Ruth 'Turtle' Wexler Diane Ladd as Berthe Erica Crow Sally Kirkland as Sydelle Pulaski Cliff De Young as Jake Wexler Sandy Faison as Grace Wexler June Christopher as Judge J. Winkless Julie Corman Ellen Raskin (original novel) Dylan Kelsey Hadley (adaptation) Ray Walston Ashley Peldon Diane Ladd Sally Kirkland Cliff De Young Parmer Fuller United States English Music by Country Language Original channel Showtime Release date Running time September 14. Turtle learns the house next door is the notoriously haunted Westing mansion. The film draws young viewers into the strange mysteries encountered by 13-year-old "Turtle" Wexler and her sister. Barney Northrup. Sally Kirkland. the spunky Turtle attempts to solve the case in hopes of receiving a $10 thousand reward. Cast Ray Walston as Sandy McSouthers. and Ray Walston. Diane Ladd. and Julian R. After moving into a new town.Get a Clue (1997 film) 61 Get a Clue (1997 film) Get a Clue Genre Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Family Mystery Terence H.J. Discovering the body of the dead millionaire.

but in the film she's marrying Edgar Plum. but in the film it's Samuel K. • Turtle won $22 for staying in the westing house. • Crow's full name is Berthe Erica Crow. but in the film it's made of bricks. Madame Hoo. and more. Deenton Deere. Westing. but in the film she didn't. • In the book Turtle took supplies when she went into the Westing house. Hoo hated the name Hoo's on First for his restaurant. com/ title/ tt0120495/ . but in the film he loved it. • Angela is marrying Dr. • Jake Wexler in the film isn't a doctor and had to work at a mini mart because he was suspended from the stock market for gambling. Flora Baumbach. • In the book Mr. imdb.Get a Clue (1997 film) 62 Differences from the Book • A lot of the characters from the book aren't in the film Theo Theodorakis. • In the book Sunset Towers is made of glass. but in the film it's Erica Berthe Crow. • Same Westing's full name is Samuel W. Westing. but in the film she only won $9. External links • Get a Clue [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 63 Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) "Go Fish" Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Episode no. the Scooby Gang is in research mode trying to determine what killed him. leaving only their skins. Cameron snaps at him and calls Xander a loser. Calendar and that she will need to continue filling in. Buffy comes to school with Cameron. as they are bullying Jonathan. but he accepts Cameron's version of events and worries only about Cameron's ability to compete after the minor injury to his nose. and he is killed by the swim-team sea monsters. The next day. alone and apart from the other partygoers. but Snyder also informs her that she must give Gage. which turns them into sea monsters. as does Coach Martin. Buffy sits on a rock watching the ocean. Cameron. Xander goes out for a drink and bumps into Cameron. special treatment because he is a member of the swim team. Later. Xander goes undercover on the Sunnydale swim team after two members are seemingly eaten. approaches Buffy and seems interested in her romantically. Their coach has been giving them steroids combined with fish DNA. Meanwhile. 1998 Directed by Written by Production code Original air date Guest actors • • • • • • • • Charles Cyphers as Coach Carl Martin Jeremy Vincent Garrett as Cameron Walker Wentworth Miller as Gage Petronzi Conchata Ferrell as Nurse Ruthie Greenleigh Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder Danny Strong as Jonathan Levinson Jake Patellis as Dodd McAlvy Shane West as Sean "Go Fish" is episode 20 of season two of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. but their exchange is interrupted when Buffy breaks up two other swim team members. The two bullies go down to the water's edge while Jonathan storms off. humiliated at being rescued by a girl. Giles informs Buffy that Dodd's remains were found on the beach. who is slacking off in her class. Principal Snyder informs Willow that there have been difficulties in finding a computer science teacher to replace Ms. he makes sexual advances that are unwelcome and Buffy put him off by slamming his head (nose-first) against the steering wheel. Dodd and Gage. Season 2 Episode 20 David Semel David Fury Elin Hampton 5V20 May 5. This pleases Willow. Xander then takes the opportunity . Snyder happens to be in the vicinity and witnesses the event. who had still been on school grounds in the steam room. Plot The Sunnydale High Swim Team is celebrating their latest victory with a bonfire party at the beach. Buffy confronts the coach. a member of the swim team. who is in charge of the swim team and tells Cameron to hit the steam room.

He. Xander himself emerges only a moment before the creature attacks Cordelia from the pool. Nurse Greenleigh tries to put an end to the situation. Gage grows suspicious of Buffy when she follows him around. Gage waves to Buffy. The following day. and the girls discover that Xander has joined the swim team in an effort to get information from places the girls wouldn't have access to. noting as she does that Angelus was spitting out Gage's blood rather than drinking it. after trying to cover and failing. literally biting the hand that feeds them. Marin is told that members of his team aren't being killed by the creatures. he knocks Xander's head in with a large wrench. Buffy discovers Nurse Greenleigh's body and is surrounded by several creatures. that he may be in danger. Then Coach Marin enters and the gill monsters flee (although Marin is alone and unarmed). in turn. At the Bronze that night. but Coach Marin forces her into an open grate that drops into the sewers. While Willow gleans nothing from her interrogation of Jonathan. only to encounter Angelus in the parking lot. Xander hears him scream and goes to investigate. Xander frets obsessively that his three exposures to the steam are already having an effect on him. While Xander and Cordelia try to round up the rest of the swim team. and a creature emerges which Cordelia believes to be Xander.who is twice his size . A moment later. Buffy fights Angelus off. she charges in only to find Gage transforming into one of the creatures and others in the locker room with him. she is fighting them off when Xander finds them. Buffy is wounded while fighting them off. the only swim team member they had yet to find. This is because Buffy has confronted Coach Marin about the transformations. Buffy. In the library. Willow and Cordelia sit in on swim practice. Cordelia tries to sketch the creature that Xander saw before running away. Buffy and Giles go hunting for the creatures in the sewers. Having little else to go on. Xander again hits the sauna and tries to find out what his team members are taking and how to get it. (Note this is the second time . Meanwhile. who hasn't returned yet from her part in the investigation. The creatures that used to be the swim team members attack and kill her. feeling friendlier to her for having saved his life. Cameron rubs his elite status due to his swim team membership in Xander's face and goes to the cafeteria for a snack. While Buffy is being treated for a bite from one of the monsters in Nurse Greenleigh's office. but misses Buffy and trips through the sewer grate. Buffy shadows Gage as the potential next target while Willow interrogates Jonathan. He finds out that what the boys are assuming are steroids is being pumped in with the sauna steam and that Xander is inhaling it as they speak. but are transforming into them. Gage confronts Buffy about her shadowing him. it is revealed that Xander and the other swim team members are undergoing plasmaphoresis to counteract the effects of the experimental drugs in the steam. Cameron's skin and humanoid sea creature.in one and the same episode . 64 . finding a ransacked cafeteria. after them was Gage. but fail to find any. of all people. He ducks into the locker room. The next day.Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to ridicule Cameron for trying to "mess with" Buffy. The creatures attack and kill him. they deduce that it was Shawn. Xander knocks out Coach Marin .long enough to pull Buffy out. forced her at gunpoint down the same sewer access grate that he'd forced Nurse Greenleigh through. Buffy and Willow return. The last scene of the episode shows the creatures have found their way out of the sewer and disappeared into the open ocean. Giles locks the others into the cage in the library while Xander decides to go after Buffy. Buffy waits for Gage to exit the boys' locker room later and hears him cry out in pain. having been informed that Cameron and Dodd were the two best swimmers on the boys' team. It is revealed that Nurse Greenleigh is a co-conspirator with Coach Marin. speculating on the meaning of Angelus' behavior. He does not believe her and leaves. she tells him.) Coach Marin revives and attacks them. from certain doom. they have been making experiments on the swim team with fish DNA that were originally made in Soviet Union in order to get a winning team.that someone has conveniently shown up at the last possible moment to rescue Buffy.

Go Fish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 65 Production Writing Marti Noxon has said in several interviews that this episode was written to show how athletes who use steroids ruin their bodies. a reference to Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" which aired two years prior. tv. imdb." a key line from the popular movie Jaws. Xander states that "this was no boating accident. the bully. Allusions • When discussing human remains found on the beach. He will quote another line from Jaws in "Graduation Day". com/ title/ tt0533431/ [2] http:/ / www. secretly a monster. com/ shows/ buffy-the-vampire-slayer/ go-fish-32/ . has a "Fighting Hellfish" tattoo. Buffy mocks the tattoo. External links • "Go Fish" [1] at the Internet Movie Database • "Go Fish" [2] at TV.com References [1] http:/ / www. • When Buffy saves a student from being hazed in ice water.

He still tries to investigate his old case. called "Rainmaker". and gives them a dishonorable discharge. gets stolen. supported by both Russian and American military forces. Navy intelligence offers Masters to clear his name by performing a secret off-records mission to Iran with a team of retired pilots. two American Navy pilots . The order appears to be false. designed for oil fields destruction. Masters goes to St.[1][2][3] Adam Prince wrote the screenplay based on a story by Nikolay Suslov[1][4] and Dave Riggs. At the same time. Masters is a grease monkey in a small airport. A secret chemical device.are ordered to bomb an abandoned plant.Butch Masters and Tom Craig . He manages a private pilot team. They plan to use Rainmaker to destroy oil fields there and make the territory uninteresting for Americans. After 7 years Craig is rich and famous. Chasez Jacob Vargas Jason Gray-Stanford Maria Guzeeva Sergey Murzin Vladimir Turchinsky Starring Cinematography Ron Hersey Running time Country Language 100 min United States English Kerosene Cowboys is a yet-to-be-released action/thriller film directed by Mario Van Peebles and starring Cam Gigandet. Petersburg. Shane West and Rachael Leigh Cook.Kerosene Cowboys 66 Kerosene Cowboys Kerosene Cowboys Directed by Produced by Written by Mario Van Peebles Nikolay Suslov. where he meets old friends and new problems. In order to get a license to fly Russian jets.[3] Plot In 2001 in Iraq. The film has been described as a "Top Gun-style pic" about pilots of an elite naval attack squadron. Dave Riggs Screenplay: Adam Prince Story: Nikolay Suslov Dave Riggs Characters (Novel): Randy Arrington Cam Gigandet Shane West Rachael Leigh Cook Bill Pullman Mario Van Peebles Troy Garity J. American experts get killed in the plant. working for Top Gun and for movies. and dreams of his own pilot's team. they have to bomb the base and destroy . The terrorists base is located in Northern Iran. Using unmarked planes. a Kurdish terrorist group plans to capture a part of Northern Iraq and found a new Kurdish state there. and cannot be reached by US military.C. Military court cannot prove the pilots intentions.[3] It is a Russian-American co-production (Svarog Films and Afterburner Films). who in turn based the story on characters from the novel Kerosene Cowboys: Manning the Spare by Randy Arrington.

left in the Syrian desert.[2] Jason Gray-Stanford plays a ragtag Navy fighter pilot.[1] Shane West plays Tom Craig. http:/ / www. External links • Red Sky (http://www.Threesome Joins Kerosene Cowboys (http:/ / www. [4] . Doomed to death.[2] Jacob Vargas plays a ragtag Navy fighter pilot. com/ news/ NENudUNWUXwDSQ) [3] Sharon Swart (2008-05-18). Heffner plays a shadowy government operative. net/ news/ movienews.com/title/tt1946381/) at the Internet Movie Database • Svarog Films official website (http://www.[2] J. variety. Russians and Americans go to the final battle side by side. asp?layout=festivals& jump=story& id=1061& articleid=VR1117986002& cs=1).com/) . Variety. Masters and his team finds unexpected support from a Russian Knights jet fighter aerobatic group. com/ hr/ content_display/ features/ columns/ sharper_picture/ e3i09f751dd163aa411355e7e0c5935ddc7. comingsoon.[2] References [1] comingsoon. a hot-shot pilot.3 Ride to Kerosene Cowboys (http:/ / www. php?id=48858) [2] MovieWeb .svarog-films. "Yari ingnites 'Kerosene Cowboys'" (http:/ / www.Kerosene Cowboys "Rainmaker". Chasez[2] Kyle T.C.net . hollywoodreporter. his one-time best friend-turned-nemesis.imdb. Retrieved 2009-04-15. 67 Cast • • • • • • • • Cam Gigandet plays Butch Masters. com/ index. movieweb. betrayed by friends.[1] Troy Garity plays a ragtag Navy fighter pilot.com/) • Official site of Dave Riggs' L-39 Albatross (http://n139ck.[1] Rachael Leigh Cook plays an investigative journalist and the love interest of Gigandet's character. .

'50s and '60s. Plot summary In the fall of 1954. His wife Ada stays home and takes care of the household. an African-American girl. Nate. which offends his parents greatly. one of the party-goers. November 17. the father. and engages in a community numbers racket. Van is attracted to a mysterious blonde woman. the older son. A fight between one of Van's buddies and a gentile erupts and Trey. Tin Men (1987). Ben dresses up as Adolf Hitler. who begins attending his school after the district has been integrated. the Kurtzmans. It is the fourth in Levinson's series of four "Baltimore Films" — Diner (1982). drunkenly crashes his car into the house. Van must leave the mystery woman. Trey discovers that the girl Van has fallen . runs a burlesque theatre. disapproves of their relationship and forbids them to see one another. Avalon (1990). a suburban neighborhood in the northwest section of Baltimore.Liberty Heights 68 Liberty Heights Liberty Heights Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Barry Levinson Barry Levinson Paula Weinstein Barry Levinson Adrien Brody Ben Foster Orlando Jones Joe Mantegna Justin Chambers Anthony Anderson Andrea Morricone Music by Cinematography Christopher Doyle Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Box office Stu Linder Warner Bros. At the beginning of the film. Trey goes to court for the car crash. gentile section of Baltimore. an affluent doctor. On Halloween. It is a semi-autobiographical account of his childhood growing up in Baltimore in the 1950s.868 Liberty Heights is a 1999 comedy-drama film by writer-director Barry Levinson. James Brown. Van. Van and his friends are there as witnesses. Van asks several of the other party attendants about the blonde woman he met. live in Forest Park. Ben meets Sylvia. attends the University of Baltimore. The two become close based on a mutual love for Little Richard. Van and his friends head over to a party in a predominantly bourgeois. and Liberty Heights (1999) — all set in his hometown during the 1940s. and black comedians. Ben immediately starts to develop feelings towards Sylvia. Sylvia's father. 1999 (USA) 127 minutes English $11 million $3. while Ben is finishing his final year in high school. a Jewish family. After the court session expires.736. and introduces himself. jazz musicians.

She is attending Spelman College. Nate and his associates at the nightclub are charged and booked with prostitution and racketeering. a historically black college in Atlanta. Sylvia and their friends from the concert in a payback to Nate's racket. As the film closes. In a voice-over of Ben's adult voice. he deduces that one of them must be Nate's son. Before leaving for prison. 69 Cast Actor Adrien Brody Ben Foster Orlando Jones Bebe Neuwirth Joe Mantegna Rebekah Johnson David Krumholtz Justin Chambers Carolyn Murphy Kevin Sussman Shane West Anthony Anderson Van Ben Little Melvin Ada Nate Sylvia Yussel Trey Dubbie Alan Ted Scribbles Role Elizabeth Ann Bennett Mary Carlton J Smith James Brown Liberty Heights marked the last appearance of Ralph Tabakin. defies expectations and hits the number. Melvin claims that Nate is trying to "Jew" him out of his money and a fight breaks out between their bodyguards. he is staying to attend the University of Maryland. Melvin abducts Ben. Van has word that Trey is in surgery after a car accident. He and Dubbie go see him in Virginia. Nate is forced to cut Melvin a 'slice of the pie'. Diner (1982). the scene shows Ben's family attending a Jewish ceremony as the father walks out of the synagogue and blows a kiss to his wife. an additional bonus number is added which will increase the pay-off. At the concert Ben and his friend are the only white patrons in the audience. Tabakin died in 2001. . a run of some fifteen films.Liberty Heights in love with is Dubbie. Little Melvin. Little Melvin then spots Nate's car off of Pennsylvania Avenue in the African American neighborhood where James Brown is in concert and after seeing Ben and his friend inside. and his bittersweet coming-of-age in 1950's Baltimore. who appeared in cameo roles in every Levinson movie since his first. In order to boost returns on the numbers game. a local drug dealer. Van and his friends head out to a gathering. When Nate offers Melvin the numbers business instead. he manages to attend Ben and Sylvia's high school graduation. his father. Meanwhile. Nate's burlesque theatre has problems. where he again runs into Dubbie and learns of her relationship with Trey. Unable to pay on such big win. makes a large bet. Sylvia gives Ben two tickets to see James Brown in concert. his own girlfriend. he reflects on his childhood with memories of his kiss with Sylvia. After the concert.

Liberty Heights 70 Soundtrack Two Liberty Heights soundtracks were released on January 4. com/ bl/ liberty [3] http:/ / www. levinson. 2000: one of the score by Andrea Morricone and one of the music appearing in the film. liberty-heights. rottentomatoes. com/ title/ tt0165859/ [4] http:/ / www. External links • • • • • • Official site [1] Barry Levinson official site [2] Liberty Heights [3] at the Internet Movie Database Liberty Heights [4] at Box Office Mojo Liberty Heights [5] at Rotten Tomatoes Roger Ebert's review [6] References [1] http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. imdb. com/ apps/ pbcs. com/ movies/ ?id=libertyheights. com/ m/ liberty_heights/ [6] http:/ / rogerebert. com [2] http:/ / www. dll/ article?AID=/ 19991210/ REVIEWS/ 912100303/ 1023 . suntimes. htm [5] http:/ / www.

went on to receive a Platinum certification from the RIAA. both of which have sold an estimated 100. Following the album's release. Moore first came to prominence with her 1999 debut single "Candy". . due to creative differences. titled the same.S. New Hampshire. "Walk Me Home" and "So Real". To date. EMI. receiving a Gold certification. February 27. featuring covers of classic 1970s songs. Raised in Florida. were released but failed to have the success of their predecessor. Two more singles.000 copies. In 2003. actress. The Firm Music. which peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. [1] [2] rock Origin Genres Occupations Singer-songwriter. which became her third Top 20 hit in Australia. Pop. which failed to have much success. RED Distribution www. actress and fashion designer. Moore's third album. peaking at number 24 on the Hot 100 chart. So Real. and failed to receive an RIAA certification. 2011 Background information Birth name Born Amanda Leigh Moore April 10. 1984 Nashua. Moore released her fourth studio album Coverage. the album has sold an estimated 200. After revealing her displeasure with her early works. The parent album. The split prompted the label to release the compilation albums The Best of Mandy Moore and Candy. simply titled Mandy Moore.mandymoore. was released that same year to generally mixed reviews. fashion designer Years active 1993–present Labels Website Epic. Moore parted ways with her record label. Storefront Recordings. became her first Top 40 hit in the US. The album spawned the single "In My Pocket".S.com [3] Amanda Leigh "Mandy" Moore (born April 10. Its subsequent album.Mandy Moore 71 Mandy Moore Mandy Moore Moore at the 83rd Academy Awards. featured a change of sound that drifted away from her "bubblegum pop" roots. Sire. 1984) is an American singer–songwriter. U. The album went on to achieve Gold certification. model. Florida. Moore didn't return to music until the release of her 2007 album Wild Hope. dance. Orlando. U. The album itself was her final album to be certified by the RIAA.000 copies to date. Her 2000 single "I Wanna Be with You".

The following year.[9][10] Her mother. according to Billboard. earning over $69 million worldwide at the box office.[22] Production director Konnie Kittrell said of Moore "She was a quiet. Moore has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide."[23] When Moore was thirteen. currently slated for a 2013 release. Moore and her family moved to Orlando. as one of her inspirations. is a pilot for American Airlines. is a former news reporter who once worked for the Orlando Sentinel. later sent this friend a copy of Moore's unfinished demo.[27] . In 2009.[16] and a younger brother Kyle. which peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200 and sold an estimated 100.000 copies. Moore appeared in various films. In 2012. Moore appeared in the romantic comedy Because I Said So.[24] who had a friend in A&R at Epic Records. Scott. But I stuck to it and begged then. and her mother is of half-English and half-Jewish ancestry. but was a financial success."[19] Moore began starring in numerous local productions.[25][26] The delivery man.[14][15] She has an older brother. she appeared as Lana in the comedy film The Princess Diaries.Mandy Moore Similarly. a dancer in the theater district of The West End of London. which was based on the Nicholas Sparks book. and cited her grandmother. both of the album's singles failed to chart worldwide. The film failed to make back its $17 million budget.[24] One day. to which she won a Grammy Best Song Written for Visual Media. which was both a critical and financial failure. in which she performed the song "I See the Light".[21] where other celebrities including actress Natalie Portman had once attended. she was overheard by a Fedex delivery man. She later appeared in the 2006 film American Dreamz.[4] In 2012. Moore portrayed Rapunzel in the animated film Tangled. named Victor. Amanda Leigh. Moore has also branched out into acting."[5] Aside from her musical career.[20] She was only 12 years old when she attended the Stagedoor Manor theater camp. In 2010. she began working on music by herself. New Hampshire. Florida due to her fathers job. and stated that even though she earned numerous solos "She wasn't a spotlight seeker. Moore confirmed that she was working on her seventh studio album.[15] Moore stated "My parents thought It was just a phase I'd grow out of. The film was negatively received by critics. and How to Deal. 72 Early life Amanda Leigh Moore was born on April 10. Between 2003 and 2006. for acting lessons. though it was only a minor voice role. and debuted at number 9 at the box office. and her father. alongside Diane Keaton. alongside Anne Hathaway. As of 2009.[18] Career 1993–1998: Career beginnings Moore became interested in acting and singing at a young age. Donald "Don" Moore. sweet girl". 1984[6][7][8] in Nashua. Moore released her sixth studio album. She had her first starring role in the 2002 romantic film A Walk to Remember. as well as performing the National Anthem at numerous Orlando based events. including Chasing Liberty. and Moore went on to sign with the label. Later that year. Dolittle 2. Saved!. for voice lessons.[17] When she was only two months old. She made her film debut in the 2001 film Dr. while working in the studio. Moore was ranked #96 on VH1's list of "100 Greatest Women in Music.[11][12][13] Moore's father is of Irish and Cherokee descent. Stacy (née Friedman).

her old songs.000 copies in the US. flashier.[49] It was also a minor success on the German Media Control Charts. So Real went on to receive a Platinum certification from the RIAA. In Australia. however. I Wanna Be with You served as Moore's debut album in numerous countries. Moore had to leave high school when she was only a freshman. for sales exceeding one million copies in the US alone. Moore also toured with the Backstreet Boys throughout the Summer of 1999.000 copies in its first week of release. on December 7. and continued to fuel similarities between Moore and other teen pop singers."[31] That same year. I really respect them and their music.[43] Moore released her second single. The song became her first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 since her debut single. [34] Moore often performs stripped down versions of The single would before reaching a peak of number 41 on the chart. the Backstreet Boys. on August 17.[46] Before promotion for So Real had even ended. The single was not released in the US. for sales exceeding [35] 500.5 million copies. I didn't expect them to be these big headed people! They were just so nice. where it peaked at number 11. was released exclusively in certain territories on June 13.[48] The single also became Moore's second Top 20 hit in Australia. It did.[44] The third and final single. Mandy Moore. Moore released the lead single from her upcoming project.[38] The album received a limited release in only a few countries. "Walk Me Home".[32][33] Moore released her debut single.[53][54] with Allmusic accusing its style of being "trashier. "Candy". The album eventually continued to climb the chart until peaking at number 31. Then again. Allmusic said of the album "Fifteen-year-old Mandy Moore's debut album sounded like it was inspired almost entirely by listening to recent hit albums by 'NSync. title track "So Real". So Real.[45] The single also peaked at number 18 in New Zealand.in their review.[40] So Real debuted at number 71 on the Billboard 200. failing to chart on any major charts. where it peaked at number 70. where it peaked at number 2 on the ARIA Charts[36] and received a Platinum certification. and altogether more disposable" than that of So . The album was criticized on the basis that it was a remix album and not a true follow-up. was a commercial success in numerous countries. The album featured the lead single as well as songs from Moore's previous album. I Wanna Be with You. on July 11."[51] while Allmusic chose the song as a highlight track from the album.[41][42] To date.[47] The song became her first Top 20 hit on the Pop Songs chart. Moore stated "It was so cool. 2000.[37] Moore released her debut album. The single failed to match the success of its predecessor. the single became her second Top 40 hit. peaking at number 21 on the ARIA Charts. and Britney Spears. So Real has sold an estimated 2. "Top 40 programmers and listeners alike will love Moore more with this track. and film debut After signing with Epic Records. The single. and went on to give it a C. later receive a Gold certification from the RIAA. It received mixed critical reviews upon its release. where it peaked at number 13.[50] Billboard praised the song and said. 2000. but was released in territories such as Japan. selling 30. on May 9.[28] In early 1999. While recording the album. peak at number 38 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart in the US. 1999 through Epic Records.[52] Moore released her second official studio album. Moore began touring with pop band 'NSync through North America on the fourth leg of their 'N Sync in Concert tour. "Candy". the same day as the album.Mandy Moore 73 1999–2002: Early musical releases. titled "I Wanna Be with You". 1999 in the United States. but I kinda went in and didn't necessarily expect really normal down to earth people. which immediately drew comparison to fellow teen pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. but continued receiving an education from tutors. Moore had already begun working on new material. It debuted at number 88 on the Billboard Hot 100. So Real."[39] Entertainment Weekly had a similar opinion about the album. Moore began working on her debut album.[29][30] On touring with the band. 2000. "I Wanna Be with You" spent 16 weeks on the chart and reached its peak of 24 during it's ninth week on the chart. The single was most successful in Australia. gaudier.

Moore began dating actor Wilmer Valderrama. The total revenue generated worldwide was $47. failed to have any chart success. "In My Pocket".[71] She portrayed the role of Lana Thomas. "Senses Working Overtime".000 copies in its first week alone. but did peak at number 2 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.[74] In 2002. Moore had her first starring role in the film A Walk to Remember. and highest peaking album to date.916.[58][59] By 2001.000."[23] The film opened in 2."[65] It received mixed reviews from other critics.[67] The album has sold an estimated 1. Mandy Moore. an antagonistic character to star Anne Hathaway's character. The film earned Moore numerous nominations and awards for her performance. was released shortly before the album.177.494.1 out of 10."[61] It failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.[63] Her third studio album. Moore had already begun working on her third studio album. 2001.197 in other territories. It went on to receive a Gold certification from the RIAA. Moore told In Style "I'm the crude popular girl who gets ice cream in her face. with the couple dating from 2000 until 2002.[72] Reviews for the film were mixed.[78] The album's lead single.Mandy Moore Real. titled "Crush". work on Moore's fourth studio album had begun.488 in its opening weekend.S.[66] The album debuted and peaked at number 35 on the Billboard 200."[76] 74 2003–06: Coverage and continued acting By 2003. was released on June 19.086.[80] The album debuted at number 14 on the Billboard 200. The film opened at No.537 theaters in North America and grossed $22.[81] Due to creative differences between Moore and her label.248. 3 at the U. Entertainment Weekly said the single contained "pumping. earning $41. she said: "It was my first movie and I know people say it may be cliche and it's a tearjerker or it's cheesy. Commenting on the film. no more singing to tracks. peaking at 19.[64] Allmusic described the album as a "lush. 2003. later revealed to be a cover album titled Coverage. During the Summer of 2001. it's the thing I'm most proud of.[62] The song became her third Top 20 hit in Australia. it was a modest box office hit. box office raking in $12.5 million copies worldwide. Moore's cover of "I Feel the Earth Move" appeared on Love Rocks. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 46% of 110 sampled critics gave the film positive reviews and that it got a rating average of 5.[60] The album's lead single. The song "Cry". a cover of the John Hiatt song "Have a Little Faith in Me". from Moore's third studio album. layered production.153 worldwide—$108. based on the book of the same name. Moore noted that "All of the music has started to look and sound the same"[60] and that she decided that it was time for her to move away from that.[57] In 2000. I got tired of that in a big way". her highest peak in the country to date. a compilation CD of songs from gay rights supporters. it is her lowest selling. was released on May 29.[73] For the film.[55] The album was a commercial success. with first week sales of 53. where it peaked at number 11 on the ARIA Charts. Allmusic characterized the album as a "leap to musical maturity"[79] while Entertainment Weekly referred to it as an "effort to shed her bubblegum-blond image". but failed to have an impact on any charts. It grossed $165.[68] The album also reached number 37 in Australia. was released as the album's third single to help promote the film. [69][70] Later that year.269 in its opening weekend. Moore parted ways with Epic. Moore performed the original song "Stupid Cupid" while at a party on the beach. was released on August 28.862.956 in North America and $57. On her role. Moore made her film debut as the voice of a Girl Bear Cub in the comedy film Dr.[75] and a sleeper hit in Asia. The second single.[56] The album led Moore to winning the Kids Choice Awards for Favorite Rising Star. This made it Moore's highest debut on the chart. She stated during an interview with Billboard magazine that she wanted "no more dancer.[82][83][84] The company released the hits compilation album The Best of Mandy Moore . but for me. starring Eddie Murphy. The album contained uptempo tracks and influences from Eastern music. behind Snow Dogs and Black Hawk Down. Moore earned a supporting role in the comedy film The Dolittle 2. It became her second single to chart on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. for sales exceeding 500. 2001.335. debuting at number 21 on the Billboard 200 with sales exceeding 70. Princess Diaries. and went on to receive a Gold certification from the RIAA. which was said to stray from her usual "bubblegum pop" sound she had come to be known for. 2001.000 copies in the US alone. Indian influenced Euro disco.281.[77] The album's covers consisted of songs released through the decade of 1970–1980. Coverage was released on October 21. The second single from Mandy Moore.092 in the United States alone. being her first album to fail to be certified by the RIAA. Even though not a critical success. released in August. Despite being her highest charting album.

in what ComingSoon. Candy. which failed to draw in teenage crowds in the U. a romantic comedy that grossed approximately $12 million. a proper and popular girl at a Christian school.[106] She was also originally cast to appear in that year's ensemble film Bobby.[104] while Variety's Robert Koehler said Moore's role was a "pitch-perfect study of a woman for whom a reality show is reality". In 2003.[107] 75 .[88] however. Director Paul Weitz stated that he had Moore in mind for the role before she was cast. with Michael Stipe. the heroine of the Disney animated sequel Brother Bear 2. which was released in April 2006. reached number 148 on the Billboard 200. Moore appeared in a lead role in the religion satire Saved! in which she played Hilary Faye.[93] though it did not receive a wide release. Moore lent her voice to the film Racing Stripes as Sandy the white horse and appeared on the television series Entourage. Havoc.[99] Moore has said that she enjoys playing mean-spirited characters but fears being typecast as a villain. In 2005. Moore received praise for her performance. followed in 2005. however. episodes of Scrubs: "My Half-Acre" and "Her Story II". The same year. Moore guest-starred in two of which were eventually released in 2005 without Moore's involvement.[105] Later that year.[98] Moore also appeared in the film American Dreamz. that bookended the movie. she was also originally scheduled to star in the films Cursed.Mandy Moore in November 2004 as a final obligation to Moore's contract."[90] Other critics described her as an "actress of limited range. it makes it all the more interesting to see her in a villainess role". but was replaced by Mary Elizabeth Winstead."[89] and adding in his Chasing Liberty review that she has "undeniable screen presence and inspires instant affection. explaining that "there's something inherently sweet about Mandy.[103] critic Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly. she played a deranged contestant on a television series modeled after American Idol. playing Tabitha Vixx in the episode "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play"."[92] Later in 2004.[102] and received mixed reviews.net's review described as a "surprisingly good performance".[96] She sang a cover version of The Beach Boys 1966 hit "God Only Knows"."[91] though one review of Chasing Liberty noted that she was the "most painless of former pop princesses.[87] Both films received negative reviews. In the film. noting in his review of How to Deal that Moore has "an unaffected natural charm" and "almost makes the movie worth seeing.[87] Her next film was 2004's Chasing Liberty. and The Upside of Anger. wrote that Moore and co-star Hugh Grant have a "wicked barbed chemistry" in their roles. all [97] In 2006.[101] eventually totaling barely $7 million.[85] The album.[100] American Dreamz opened at number nine at the U.S.S.[86] Another compilation. which was released directly-to-DVD on August 29. Moore starred in the romantic comedy film How to Deal. Ebert once again singled Moore's performances out. she lent her voice to The Simpsons. and grossed a total of $14 million domestically. The film was positively reviewed. which featured no new material.[94] with one critic calling her a "demented delight"[95] and another naming it her best performance to date. box office. Moore voiced Nita.

Moore returned to the small screen in an episode of How I Met Your Mother titled "Wait for It". Critical reaction to the film was overwhelmingly negative. Moore commented on her early albums. Wild Hope. It was at first expected to a be a duo album between the two."[110] Moore also said that she "would give a refund to everyone who bought my first two albums" if she could.[114] Moore's new album. she . which debuted at No. Moore's character describes in detail the feeling of an orgasm to her mother. Her album also reached No.[128] Metacritic. The Firm. 2007. 30. Rachael Yamagata.. it was revealed it would be a solo album with a collaboration with him.500 copies. which opened at the top spot.S. Variety described Moore's performance as "appealing. Wild Hope charted off the Billboard 200.3 million worldwide. the magazine's headline is "orgasms unlimited".com rated it 25 out of 100. Wild Hope has sold over 120. describing her new contract as "especially exciting. replaced instead by thoughtful musings on love and life. and subsequently toured with Ben Lee and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in Western Australia.[112] She signed with a new EMI Moore in 2007 Music-owned record company. however it returned on the chart. but she left the company in May 2006. 14.[127] Moore also appeared in the romantic comedy film License to Wed alongside Robin Williams and John Krasinski.[126] In her movie following this."[110] Moore had signed to Sire Records after her contract with Epic Records ended.[123] On February 23. according to Billboard. Lauren Graham and Diane Keaton.[116] Moore stayed alone in a house in Woodstock in Upstate New York while recording the album in late 2006.258 in its opening weekend opening at #4 at the U. filled with perplexing choices. citing her conservative upbringing. was released on June 19."[113] and adding that she left Sire Records because she did not want to "follow the mainstream. pianist and guitarist Mike Viola. Lori McKenna and The Weepies.[119] Wild Hope received generally mixed critical reviews." but rather have "complete control and freedom" over her work. along with singer-songwriter. Because I Said So. released on July 3. Box Office behind Live Free or Die Hard. 2007. selling 59.[121] It is Moore's third highest debuting album. but undeniable hooks.S. Moore released Wild Hope in Australia.[117] Moore performed the song at the Brick Awards on April 12. 2007. noting that although she believed that her first album was appropriate for her age at the time when she released it. the show's co-host—who had seen her comments—asked her for a refund on the first album. citing 21 generally negative reviews out of 30 for its rating.[115] and includes collaborations with artists Chantal Kreviazuk. Ratatouille. has expressed dissatisfaction with her appearance on a May 2006 cover of Cosmopolitan.000 worldwide." The film grossed $10. 2007 and received mixed reviews. when the album came back in at No. selling a mere 25.422. Moore stated that she missed her music career and that singing is what she was the "most passionate about..[122] After 5 weeks.[111] during a radio interview in April 2006. License to Wed had grossed $43. co-starring Gabriel Macht.an album full of subtle.000 copies the first week of release.Mandy Moore 76 2007–09: Wild Hope and Amanda Leigh In 2006. supporting Kelly Clarkson on her tour. To date.[129] It was reviewed in Variety as "an astonishingly flat romantic comedy. As of November 11.[15][108] she felt it "sucked"[109] and that her first albums were "just awful.[130] Nevertheless. and Transformers. 2008. Moore posted on her website blog live videos of three new songs she had been working on. selling 5. a request that Moore fulfilled. Gone is the sugary pop of Moore's early career. falling short of her 2003 album Coverage.[125] Moore.[109] In early 2006. 2007[118] and launched a tour in the summer of 2007. 118. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 7% rating and a critical consensus of "broad and formulaic"."[131][132][133] In 2007. slated for release in April 2009."[120] Wild Hope debuted on the U. but then in January 2009. 9 on The Top Internet albums.[124] In October 2008. Later that year.000 in the United States and 250.8 million domestically and $69. in July that year. Billboard 200 at No. It was released on February 2. which refers to an article unrelated to her. Billboard stated that "Wild Hope is the gratifying sound of a singer finally finding her comfort zone.000 copies.

and $389. Wedding. "I See the Light" at the 83rd Academy Awards where it was nominated for Best Original Song. Moore's sixth studio album.[167] In October 2011. performed the film's theme song.000 copies. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that the film received 41% positive reviews. on Yahoo! Music. not somebody else's choices. which assigns a weighted average score from 0–100 out of reviews from mainstream film critics.900. she performed her new songs at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. "Mandy (in the album). Time magazine said that the album was "impeccably recorded. The film received mixed reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes reports that 90% of critics have given the film a positive review based [161] Moore at the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards The site's on 183 reviews. which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.[136] The lead single from the project.[155] To date. the eighth highest-grossing film of 2010. Love. based on 44 reviews.[134] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 50 out of 100.821. Moore stated "The music is all a reflection of me now.[166] Moore.5/10.[164] Worldwide. Marriage. alongside Zachary Levi.000 in other countries. On May 26.[162] CinemaScore polls conducted during the opening weekend revealed the average grade cinemagoers gave Tangled was an "A+" on an A+ to F scale.[155] 77 2010–present: Further acting and seventh studio album After a break of almost two years from big screen roles."[147] An article on the album by Paper said.[163] Tangled earned $200.. failed to have much success on any charts. consensus is: "While far from Disney's greatest film. and the third highest-grossing 2010 animated film (behind Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After). with an average score of 7. Massachusetts. Tangled received positive reviews from critics."[161] Another review aggregator Metacritic. Tangled is a visually stunning.721. 2009. It is also the third Disney film appearing in the Top 10 films of 2010. was released on March 17."[138][139][140][141][142] Moore visited many talk shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show[143] and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno..[135] Moore began working on her sixth studio album in 2008. The music video premiered on Monday April 20. Amanda Leigh.936.[168] .[157][158] She was a guest star on the sixth season finale of Grey's Anatomy on May 20. together with Mike Viola.[145][146] The album was not released in some territories until 2010. slated for release the following year. 2009.[137] The single. Moore voiced Rapunzel in the CGI Disney animated film Tangled. On the album. it is the 17th highest-grossing animated film. it was announced that she was set to star in an ABC comedy titled Us and Them.[165] Finally. Moore filmed the romantic comedy Swinging with the Finkels in the United Kingdom in 2009 for a 2011 release. her first television role since 2007. thoroughly entertaining addition to the studio's classic animated canon. based on 19 reviews. the day her new album set to be released under her new label Storefront Records.[144] On both shows she performed her new single "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week". to promote the album. the album has sold an estimated 100. like Moore's previous efforts." Paper concluded that [148][149][150][151][152][153][154] It debuted at number "Moore is a far better musician than she's often given credit for. shows real thoughtful and emotional depth. 2009. 2009 for digital download. it is the second highest-grossing film worldwide produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. and wasn't released in Brazil until 2011." 25 on the Billboard 200. trailing only The Lion King. two years after its initial release. "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week". for a worldwide total of $590. calculated a score of 71 based on 34 reviews. 2010.[160] Also that year.[156] Moore also starred with actor Kellan Lutz in the 2010 film. and at number 4 on the Top Independent albums chart.936 in North America. was released on May 26.[159] She returned in a guest role for an episode of the show's seventh season. Recording sessions for the album took place around December 2008 in Boston.Mandy Moore appeared in the independent film Dedication.

held every January.78 m)). but that she hoped to reenter the fashion world again under different circumstances in the future.[169] Along with her voice role in the Tron: Uprising animated series.[179] She also serves as the spokesperson for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. continuing to distance herself from the scene that had launched her career one decade prior. She served as a spokesperson by helping young people be aware of the seriousness of leukemia and lymphoma. emotional record."[183] Moore has often been praised by music critics for her branching off and making her own music. she is also set to be the title character voice in the Disney Junior series Oki’s Oasis. I'm excited about it. I was like.Mandy Moore The series was eventually not picked up by ABC. and its subsidiary. She said. emotional". which Moore revealed was not the type of music she prefers. classy singer/songwriter whose charms are readily apparent.[175] In February 2009. Those albums are why I'm here today. and hopes it will be released by the end of 2012 or early in 2013.. I'm 14. Billboard stated "She has successfully dropped all the tacky accoutrements of her past and turned into a sweet."[185] . but goddamn. which addresses health crises facing children under the age of five and their families.[180] In addition.[177][178] Moore has served as the Honorary Chairperson of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's division on awareness for youth. "There's tremendous influence right now around the house—from the music I've been introduced to and being very happy and in a healthy.[170] In July 2012.[182] Artist Musical style At the start of career."[172] She added that she thinks the new album will be "intense. so I have been writing a lot and it's definitely going to be an intense.[181] Moore is the ambassador for the UN Foundations’s “Nothing But Nets” malaria prevention campaign. Moore was known for her bubblegum pop sound. Moore announced that she would be collaborating with her husband on her seventh studio album."[171] She later stated "There's a lot to say and a lot that's happened to me in the last three or so years since the last record's come out..."[184] Allmusic website claimed "Moore smoothly evolved from adolescent starlet to mature songwriter. One of her aims was to provide clothing for taller women (Moore is 5 feet 10 inches (1. The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF). to increase cervical cancer awareness. a brand of contemporary knitwear and cashmere. I'll do anything. Hi. happy relationship [. saying "[The record company] was like. and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Five & Alive. Moore teamed up with Dr. Moore announced that the line would be shutting down. Yvonne Collins.] I think that still garners a lot of material to write about.[176] Moore has worked with and highlighted nonprofit organization Population Services International (PSI). Here are your songs.[171][173][174] 78 Other endeavors Moore branched into the fashion world in 2005 with her own fashion line named Mblem. I should give a refund to anyone who bought my first record. I'm excited to get into the studio and start recording.

Dolittle 2 2002 A Walk to Remember . Janet Jackson. in Savannah. Georgia. Shania Twain and Tiffany. Blondie. Debbie Gibson. Madonna. Carole King. Mariah Carey. 2009.Mandy Moore 79 Influences Moore has said that she has been influenced by female singers such as Alanis Morissette.[187][188] Discography • • • • • • • So Real (1999) I Wanna Be with You (2000) Mandy Moore (2001) Coverage (2003) Wild Hope (2007) Amanda Leigh (2009) TBA (2013) Filmography Film Year Title Role Brittany Foster Lana Thomas Girl Bear Cub Jamie Sullivan Voice MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance – Female Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout Performance – Female Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Chemistry (Shared with Shane West) Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress – Drama/Action Adventure 2002 All I Want 2003 How to Deal 2004 Chasing Liberty 2004 Saved! 2005 Racing Stripes 2005 Romance & Cigarettes 2006 American Dreamz 2006 Brother Bear 2 2007 Because I Said So 2007 License to Wed 2007 Dedication Lisa Halley Martin Anna Foster Hilary Faye Sandy Baby Murder Sally Kendoo Nita Milly Wilder Sadie Jones Lucy Riley Voice Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress – Drama/Action Adventure Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Hissy Fit Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Sleazebage Voice Notes 2000 Magic Al and the Mind Factory 2001 The Princess Diaries 2001 Dr.[186] Personal life Moore married musician Ryan Adams on March 10.

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recovering in a hospital bed and emotionally destroyed by the loss of his family. with Cassandra) Nationality American Michael is a fictional character of the CW television series Nikita. unbeknownst to . deceased) Created by Portrayed by Spouse(s) Significant other(s) Nikita (fiancee) Children Hayley (daughter. He was also a dedicated family man. Hayley. and young daughter. was knocked out by the blast. Michael. and was on friendly terms with him. Elizabeth. No sooner had he regained consciousness after the incident. hoping Division will assist him in locating Kasim and Michael would get an opportunity to get revenge. with Elizabeth. supposedly filled with stolen documents. Michael plans to stab Tariq with a shiv in a public airport after assistance from Nikita.S. Instead. History Little is actually known about his past. Michael was running a "low-level snitch".Michael (Nikita character) 87 Michael (Nikita character) Michael Nikita character First appearance "Pilot" (episode 1. Kasim attempted to kill him with a car bomb placed in a suitcase. portrayed by Shane West. this cemented the relationship between Percy and Michael. Kasim Tariq. Michael stepped outside. Iraq. but Michael. Navy intelligence officer (although Season 1 episode "Covenant" depicts him in Marine uniform). Michael accepted and was given the position as second-in-command and head of agent [1] operations at Division. that was in Michael's car. who was feeding Michael information from inside Al-Qaeda. unharmed. leaving the suitcase in the car with his family. and realized too late Kasim had betrayed him – the bomb detonated and the car exploded. while in Yemen. Michael almost achieved this in "One Way". working primarily in the United Arab Emirates. deceased) Max Ovechkin (son. however. but flashbacks show Michael was originally a U. immediately attempted suicide with pain medication – Percy Rose. instantly killing Elizabeth and Hayley. He is the primary romantic interest to Nikita.01) Craig Silverstein Shane West Information Nickname(s) Aliases Mikey Daniel Pope Mike Royce Jonathan Gender Occupation Male Spy and Assassin Former Naval Intelligence officer Elizabeth (wife. In 2001. with a wife. enters and recruited him into Division.

" Shane West in an interview for KSiteTV [4] Michael is introverted in his relationships and is shown to have a closer circle of associates than the other agents. Both Amanda and Percy have mentioned this to him. In 2011. This reflects six years prior. processing them when they are first taken out of prison. Nikita foils this plan to save his own life.[2] Michael discovers that the death of his family was actually due to the man who saved his life (Percy). As a field agent. even Amanda and Percy. she finishes. The two have since become romantically involved. the man who saved his life. Alex. Upon learning this. Then. and telling them that they have been taken out of prison and been given a new life by Division. and was truly an NOC Division agent. it is learned that Michael fathered a son with Cassandra (played by Helena Mattsson). when Michael looks at her oddly. Michael finally joined Nikita and her cause after finding out the true reasons behind the death of his family – Kasim only posed as a snitch. He receives the job of greeting new recruits. Together. in Division know of Michael's implied affair with Nikita. the death of his family was actually due to Percy." He also has a platonic relationship with Alex.[1] to which Nikita retaliates with. He is." In the episode "Covenants". he continues with them on her mission to search of a way to bring down Division. but is stopped by Percy.. however. when he instructed Nikita of the same duties. he played a similar role to that of Amanda. "What I did I did out of. and he instructs her on the training she will receive. who were both high-ranking yet with some psychological leanings in their positions. Kasim was then killed by Nikita. telling her that the public now will believe her to have committed suicide in prison. but robotic with everyone else. Concerning his relationship with Nikita. It is ambiguous to Michael as to why Nikita acted the way she did in saving him from being killed by Kasim Tariq's bodyguards. who is first processed into Division by Michael in the pilot episode. Michael originally believes that they were killed by Tariq so that he could enter Al Qaeda. who had persuaded Kasim that Michael would be an ideal target to gain the approval from Al-Qaeda. He later finds out that she is Nikita's mole by matching the sounds of her phone calls to him to the echoes produced by Nikita's apartment. who instead persuades him to join him at Division.Michael (Nikita character) her.[2] He meets both Nikita and Alex this way. Michael was also in charge of processing new recruits. thus learning how to properly "serve her country". his faith in everything except his feelings for Nikita shattered. who persuaded Tariq that Michael would be an ideal target to gain the approval from Al-Qaeda. Michael. 88 Character storylines At the start of the story arc concerning Tariq. Michael leaves Division and joins Nikita. Percy rather more bluntly and Amanda stating that "Percy doesn't need to know everything that goes on here. He breaks the news to Alex in the first episode. In episode "Looking Glass". Michael joins Nikita in her search for Percy's secret-containing black boxes." before trailing off (the implication being that she was going to say she did it out of love). "not wanting to see you get hurt. Nikita and Michael work together to track down Percy's black boxes for a very brief length of time towards the end of the first season. and takes up the position of a high-ranking agent due to his military training. shown to be friends with the likes of Seymour Birkhoff and Alex. he questions her about it. Percy and Michael met as Michael was trying to commit suicide. . he seems to not completely understand her intentions (both past and present) when they work together.[1] by an overdose of morphine. In the episode "Alexandra". having been told so by Percy.[3] Relationships and personality "It seems like he felt human with her. claiming that had she never acted he could have gained revenge and expresses anger that she did so. Michael then agrees.. Alex's similarity to Nikita leads Michael to be more protective of her.[5] This is how he is able to track Nikita down. It is also heavily implied that everyone. Upon learning this. joins Nikita's growing anti-Division team – they also succumb to their feelings and become lovers.

West stated that. "Echoes". . Season 1. Episode 16. Nikita. yet not as well received by fans of Roy Dupuis' Michael in La Femme Nikita. "Covenants". he "always actually liked his work" as well as having also [6] been a fan of the original USA Network La Femme Nikita television series. Season 1. "'Shane West Interview with Daemon's TV" (http:/ / www. com/ 3196/ exclusive-interview-shane-west-of-the-cws-nikita/ ). the character was generally well received. Episode 17. . 89 Reception As was the character of Nikita as portrayed by Maggie Q. Nikita. and West was even more praised for his performance as the first season continued. Nikita. The character was well received by critics in his own right. Regardless of this. Nikita. ksitetv. . Season 1. Episode 1. Season 1. the character of Michael was highly anticipated by fans who had previously watched La Femme Nikita. West won the Teen Choice Award for "Choice TV Actor Action" in 2011. concerning Dupuis.Michael (Nikita character) Nikita often in this time asking Michael to help Alex out of sticky situations at Divisions that may compromise his cover by doing so. "Shane West Interview with KSiteTv" (http:/ / www. Part of this anticipation balanced on the idea of Michael and Nikita's romantic relationship (as had been portrayed in most former incarnations of the tale) and if West and Q possessed a good enough chemistry to play the two. com/ 2010/ 09/ 03/ exclusive-shane-west-interview-on-nikita-cw/ ). References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] "One Way". Episode 9. "Pilot". daemonstv.

Russo Country of origin Language(s) No. of episodes United States English 3 55 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Craig Silverstein Danny Cannon McG Peter Johnson David Levinson .Nikita (TV series) 90 Nikita (TV series) Nikita Genre Action Espionage Thriller Drama Format Developed by Starring Serial drama Craig Silverstein Maggie Q Shane West Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford Melinda Clarke Xander Berkeley Ashton Holmes Tiffany Hines Dillon Casey Noah Bean Devon Sawa Theme music composer David E. of seasons No.

a woman who escaped from a secret . the remake Point of No Return (1993). and a previous series La Femme Nikita (1997-2001). Ontario David Stockton Glen Keenan Rene Ohashi Single-camera 43 minutes (approx. the series focuses on Nikita (Maggie Q). 2010 in the United States.1 September 9.Nikita (TV series) Producer(s) Marc David Alpert Albert Kim 91 Co-executive producer David Solomon (season 1) Co-producers Andrew Colville Kalinda Vazquez James Hilton Associate producer Consulting producer Juan Carlos Coto Amanda Segel Editor(s) Mark C. Ontario.) Supervising producer Cinematography Camera setup Running time Production company(s) Wonderland Sound and Vision Sesfonstein Productions Warner Bros. Television Distribution CBS Television Distribution Broadcast Original channel Picture format The CW HDTV 1080i 480i (SDTV) 720p (HDTV) Stereo Dolby Digital 5. Baldwin Chris Peppe David Lebowitz Scott Boyd John Peter Bernardo Location(s) Pinewood Toronto Studios Cambridge. Canada Toronto.[3][4] Based on the French film Nikita (1990). 2010 – present Chronology Related shows La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) External links Website [1] [2] Audio format Original run Production website Nikita is an American television series that has aired on The CW Television Network since September 9. Television Distributor Warner Bros.

is back to bring down the organization. hurting their country if need be. an agent in the CIA. portrayed by Melinda Clarke. Having broken away from the government. has gone rogue after her civilian fiancé is killed by Division. She was placed in charge after Percy was locked away for his actions in season one. sometimes directly from prison. their feelings for each other remain both deep and constant. However. . In season two. Nikita gradually brings her old allies and teammates back together to actively fight Division which is now under Amanda's control. Nikita. On the outside. Shane West. Other recruits include Jaden (Tiffany Hines) and Thom (Ashton Holmes) but their characters are later killed off by Nathan (Thad Luckinbill) and Alex respectively. At the end of Season one. is portrayed by Aaron Stanford. The head of Division is Percy. The recruits generally do not have the freedom to leave the agency. She makes it her mission to bring down Division. In the ever-changing landscape of events it is seen that. is ordered by his boss and Division's leader. Cast and characters The series borrows many characters. from the 1997 television series La Femme Nikita. despite many turns and personal discoveries. Noah Bean portrays Ryan Fletcher. working as a mole for her mentor. in the new series. Percy. Division's psychologist. Aaron Stanford.Nikita (TV series) government-funded organization known as Division and.[5] Having trained Nikita. as well as Gogol—a Russian security department and established enemy of Division—on many occasions. the protagonist and a former spy and assassin who has gone rogue and now plans to bring down Division. played by Alberta Watson. who then becomes a recruit inside Division. Recruiting young people with troubled backgrounds. after a three-year hiding period. He sees Division and its recruits as a kind of family to him. and a master manipulator. who also played the part of Madeline in the former La Femme Nikita series (Madeline was that series' counterpart to Amanda). Nikita and Michael set off on their own without Alex. 92 Premise The show centers on a secret government-funded organization known as Division. The main cast also includes Lyndsy Fonseca. she trains a woman named Alex. a Division operative who trained Nikita. or at least their names. Melinda Clarke. a Division agent. seeking to destroy the group. Division now performs operations for their own gain. Lyndsy Fonseca portrays Alexandra "Alex" Udinov. Nikita goes up against Division.[5] Over the course of Season one. Nikita and Michael press their efforts against Oversight. having turned on Nikita after learning of her role in her father's death. In the meantime. She is also a mole that Nikita is using to destroy Division from the inside. In the season one finale. Division also implants in them tracking devices along with kill chips. the audience is introduced to a Senator Madeline Pierce. played by Xander Berkeley. While in the previous season. Noah Bean. Division erases all evidence of their past lives and molds them into efficient spies and assassins. She is consistently supported by Alex's intelligence from inside and she slowly brings other allies to her side including Michael when he realizes the true extent of Percy's corruption as well as his own feelings for Nikita.[6] Shane West plays Michael. the complete opposite of Amanda. recruits are warned they may be "cancelled" (killed) if their progress is deemed unsatisfactory. Dillon Casey portrays the role of Sean Pierce. Division continues training its recruits and performing operations unaware of Nikita's mole. Dillon Casey and Devon Sawa. Maggie Q portrays Nikita. a former Navy Seal sent to Division directly from Oversight. which will also cripple Division at the same time. a Division operative. Division's computer genius and head technician. Q also performs her own stunts. Alex is exposed and left at the mercy of Division and Oversight—the government group that controls Division. to deal with his former student. a former sex slave and drug addict who was arrested after a robbery and later became Division's newest recruit. interrogator. Seymour Birkhoff. Michael.

• Lyndie Greenwood as Sonya (Season 2–present): The head technician at Division since Birkhoff's leave.Nikita (TV series) 93 Main cast • Maggie Q as Nikita Mears:[7] The shows protagonist and titular character. Series overview Season 1: 2010–2011 At the beginning of season one. • Devon Sawa as Owen Elliot (Recurring seasons 1–2. When this robber hesitates in shooting the owner of the store. Division recruits young and susceptible criminals into their training program and forces them to carry out their missions under penalty of death. sean's current love interest. which seeks to rival and topple Division. Recurring regular season 3):[11] The shows main antagonist. their partner doubles back to shoot him before quickly running off. episodes 1–20): A Division assassin who regularly clashed with Alex. Series regular season 3): A CIA agent and analyst who is an ally of Nikita and the current Head of Division as of the season 2 finale. Former Cast • Ashton Holmes as Thom (season 1. • Aaron Stanford as Seymour Birkhoff:[10] A computer genius and nonconformist. interrogator. and psychologist as well as a former Head of Division. killed by Nikita. He later processses her into Division. they pull off the individual's mask and discover that the robber is a young female who is revealed to be Alex. two people break into a drug store and attempt to rob it. she does not know that Michael. Amanda is a master manipulator. • Noah Bean as Ryan Fletcher (Recurring seasons 1–2. As she is being brought into prison. • Michelle Nolden as Kathleen Spencer: the Vice President of the United States. is watching. Notable guest stars • Cameron Daddo as Charles Grayson: the President of the United States. a covert unit of the government that has gone rogue. romantic interest of Birkhoff. killed by Alex and framed as Nikita's mole. • Melinda Clarke as Amanda (Series regular seasons 1–2. a Division operative. • Shane West as Michael:[9] An ex-Division agent who has fallen in love and joined forces with Nikita in order to take down his former employers. killed by Nathan after trying to kill Alex. Series regular season 3): A former Division cleaner and Guardian who worked with Nikita and partly Gogol to get the Black Boxes. succeeded by Spencer in Season 3. as well to seek revenge. since Division carried out the massacre of the Udinov family. Recurring cast • Peter Outerbridge as Ari Tasarov/Bill Clay: The leader of the Russian criminal organization Gogol. • Tiffany Hines as Jaden (season 1. • Xander Berkeley as Percival "Percy" Rose (season 1–2):[12] Former Head of Division. leaving the remaining individual to be arrested when the police show up. The higher-up members of . the owner challenges one of the robbers. later succeeded Charles Grayson as President in Season 3. who lied to him. episodes 1–12): A Division assassin. Nikita is a spy and assassin who has vowed to destroy the secret agency that trained her. she fights the prison guards with good strength. Once the police arrive. • Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex Udinov:[8] The young woman Nikita rescued and trained to take down Division. • Dillon Casey as Sean Pierce (Series regular season 2–present): A former Navy Seal hired by Oversight to keep an eye on Division and Alex's current love interest. While stealing the drugs and trying to make a get-away.

tasked with hunting down rogue agents. But leading the hunt for the black box this time is Alex who knows all of Nikita's tricks. He tells her a story of how he had once found the perfect home for his now-deceased wife and daughter. Now. Nikita routinely sabotages missions that would have been major successes for Division and also saves the lives of recruits such as Sarah. and it is revealed that Alex was sold into sex trafficking by a man who had been close to her oligarch father before his murder at the hands of Division. This revelation turns Alex against Nikita. The two communicate through a chat program Nikita created while still at Division called the shellbox program. Tariq took that away from him when he killed both of them. and Jaden's implant recorded Alex calling Nikita shortly after she killed Jaden. while Nikita and Michael's relationship was restored. Michael escapes courtesy of Birkhoff (Division's head technician) and joins Nikita who had just escaped from the CIA headquarters. meaning that she is targeting Division from the outside. Michael is locked away in Division as well after attempting to help Alex escape. Michael and Nikita try not to worry about the future as they drive off into the oncoming storm. after Nathan (Alex's neighbor and love interest) accidentally reveals in front of her that Alex has told him of her true occupation as an assassin. As the series progresses. it is revealed that this mole is in fact Alex. Season 3: 2012–2013 Division is now officially under government control and under the leadership of Ryan Fletcher. It is at this time that Alex is found out as the mole inside Division and is thus interrogated. 94 Season 2: 2011–2012 At the end of season one. who refused the recall order. Halfway through the season it is revealed that the second robber in the drug store was Nikita and that the robbery was set-up specifically to attract Division's attention so that they would recruit Alex. Nikita and Alex's relationship had been shattered. Episodes . as well discover the mysterious group Percy was seeking to join. it is shown that Amanda has disabled Alex's killchip. What is worse is that she has a mole inside. however at this point in the show no one in Division is aware of it. Eventually. Back at Division Amanda tells Alex that Division now operates with new cochlear implants that are virtually undetectable by even the wearers. As the season ends. It is revealed that Alex's family was killed by a Division strike team. Together. nicknamed the "Dirty Thirty". one mission at a time. they plan to right the wrongs that Division has committed over the years. and that Nikita was the agent who killed her father. Nikita and Michael are on the run with a hard drive called "the black box" containing the Division's darkest secrets and conspiracies which include 6 agents of the government dirty secrets. Jaden. More light is shed on the lives of the main characters through flashbacks. Alex is forced to kill her rival. Michael joins Nikita's cause after she helps him find Kasim Tariq.Nikita (TV series) Division are worried because Nikita has come back online. By the end of the first episode. and wants to recruit her into Oversight (Division's leadership and funding stream).

[25] The series is a mix of a weekly mission/counter-mission. beginning Fall 2011. 'it's been done. pairing it with Supernatural. she begins to find her own identity through that.[26][27] In October 2010. The CW officially confirmed the pick-up of the series and announced its intention to air Nikita after The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights.[25] While presenting its 2010–11 season schedule on May 21. a new character. from the previous television series. drink that. 2011. "No one's told her story after the fact. 2012. It's just a great story. It's like Alice in Wonderland. 2012 May 2013 Region 1 DVD release date Region 2 Region 4 1 2 3 22 23 22 [18] September 9. Alex.[32] It was later announced that they would move the show to Friday nights at 8:00pm. 2010 September 23. 2012 N/A N/A N/A Production Conception "It's a dark fairytale. including a new character and potential love interest for Nikita. 2010. two major changes have been made."[24] In addition. her identity is erased. The CW renewed the series for a full third season.[18] . the series does borrow many characters. 'Eat this.' Could it be done fresh? Could we have a take where you didn't know where this story would end?"[23] As a result.[21] The 2010 television series is more closely tied to Luc Besson's 1990 French film Nikita than the 1997 television series. the network promised the core of the show would remain the same. "My first thought was I love Nikita. She's told. September 23. which would total 22 episodes. and a story arc running through the first season that explores Nikita's relationships with Alex and Michael. steal this. My second thought was. 2011 N/A N/A [17] October 1. is introduced who has an unexpected backstory. she's put in another life and she's transformed.[23] Silverstein said. who owned the rights. kill that. or at least character names."[31] On May 17. 2010. No one knows where she is going. 2011 October 19.[28] Later that month. 2011 October 26.[29][30] The CW have admitted they took gambles this year but said they were "thrilled that [it] paid off for us. Development During the 2010 Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles on July 29. Maggie Q stated. one of which is the decision to have the story take place after Nikita has escaped. the show was picked up for a full season. However. executive producer Craig Silverstein said he was approached by Warner Bros. This girl [Nikita] is taken from one life. And.[6] On January 27.[22] However. 2011 Nikita was renewed for a second season by The CW in the 2011–12 fall season.' and she's not told why. La Femme Nikita. Entertainment Weekly announced that the series would receive some tweaking to attract more of a female audience. executive producer [20] The CW had long been interested in an action-adventure series centered on a strong female character." —Craig Silverstein.[33][34] The second season premiered on Friday. 2011 September 19. The CW ordered a pilot episode of Nikita. 2012 [19] [13] [14] [15] August 30.Nikita (TV series) 95 Season Episodes Air date Season premiere Season finale May 12. 2011 [16] May 18.[35] On May 11. 2010.

with a large fanbase forming early in the first season. Navy Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU.9 18–49 rating in live + same day DVR viewing per episode.57 million viewers on its initial broadcast.[44][45] Filming locations Although the show is set in and around New Jersey. but noted that the dialogue needed some humor. based on average total estimated viewers per episode. formerly Seal Team Six) officer contracted to monitor Amanda's work at Division and recover the stolen black boxes. . which drew approximately 2. Lyndsy Fonseca was given the role of Alex.[48] The CW broadcast an encore of the pilot the following day.[50] The first season averaged 2. such as the White House.[41] Casting for second season started on July 2011 when Dillon Casey was cast as Sean Pierce. Noah Bean and Devon Sawa were made series regulars for the third season.[42] Casey was later promoted as a series regular.6 million viewers. solid action sequences. Maggie Q was cast as Nikita. and she was perfect. Many landmark locations used on the show. Nikita is primarily filmed in Canada—specifically.S.[38] Silvertein commented the casting of Fonseca. in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario.[37] In March.94 million viewers. are actually doubles meant to represent various places in North America.[49] The finale was seen by 1. but studio shooting is also used for sets such as 'Division' and the penthouse. "Rank" refers to how Nikita rated compared to the other television series that aired during prime time hours.[47] Comparisons were made to Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Ratings U.[43] After being recurring cast members for two seasons. Noah Bean gained a recurring role as Ryan Fletcher. of Nikita on The CW. and an intriguing twist at the end.[20] Later that month. Metacritic reports that the average review score for the pilot episode was 66 out of 100. saying she came in at the last moment but was cast because they liked her intensity. a CIA case officer and analyst.5 18-49 rating using Nielsen Live + Same Day DVR data.[20] Later that month. and who you could believe holding a gun at the same time.[52] The following is a table for the seasonal rankings. the look of the show.Nikita (TV series) 96 Casting In February 2010. Nielsen ratings The pilot episode drew 3.40 million viewers and a 0. because they wanted someone who was beautiful. Much of the show is filmed on location.[51] Season 2 averaged a 0. a former U. a reception which it ranks as "Generally favourable".[46] Reception Critical response The general reception of Nikita has been positive. Tiffany Hines was cast as Jaden[39] and Xander Berkeley was added to the cast as Percy. Shane West was cast as Michael.[36] Executive producer Silverstein said casting Q was a simple and quick process. and could fight.S.[40] In October 2010. Critics had praise for Maggie Q in the lead role.

it had a market share of 10. the show has been the most watched show for Sky Living every week that its autumn episodes aired. The show obtained an audience share of 22. 2011 October 19.32 [56] 1.95 Date Ended Finale Viewers (in millions) [50] 1.[59] In France the series premiered with high ratings in its 11:20 p.3%.42 Rank Viewers Live+SD (in millions) Season 1 Thursday 9:00 pm 22 September 9. Premiered Date Premiere Viewers (in millions) [48] 3. 2011 May 18. 2012 TBA #135 [53] 2.[65] Awards and recognition Year Award Category Recipients Result Ref 2010 American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Cinematography in Episodic TV Series David Stockton ("Pilot") Nominated [62] 2011 People's Choice Awards Primetime Emmy Awards Teen Choice Awards Favorite New TV Drama Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series Choice TV Show: Action Choice TV Actor: Action Choice TV Actress: Action Shane West Maggie Q Lyndsy Fonseca 2012 Choice TV Show: Action Choice TV Actor: Action Choice TV Actress: Action Shane West Maggie Q Lyndsy Fonseca Nominated [63] Nominated [65] Nominated [64] Won Nominated Nominated Nominated [66] Nominated Nominated Nominated . The second episode was broadcast right after the first episode and drew 757.[58] When it returned from hiatus in the summer in a new Wednesday 9:00 PM slot.[60] In Bulgaria the series averaged 663.[62] the People's Choice Awards. in awards such as the American Society of Cinematographers.[58] In the Netherlands the series premiered with solid ratings.4 million viewers.Nikita (TV series) 97 Season Timeslot (ET/PT) # Ep. 2010 September 23. With these numbers Nikita was the 4th most watched channel of the evening.[63] the Teen Choice Awards[64] and the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.94 [55] 1. it was able to increase again in the following weeks.000 viewers.85 [57] 0. However.6% of France's population which is an extremely high rating despite its timeslot. it finished fourth in the week. the first episode drew an audience of 640. 2012 May 12.77 Season 2 Friday 8:00 pm 23 #182 Season 3 Friday 9:00 pm Friday 8:00 pm 22 N/A N/A N/A International ratings In the UK.57 [54] 1.000 viewers.m. the first episode drew an audience of 2.000 viewers and was placed at number 12 in the ratings for July.[61] Accolades The series has earned numerous award nominations. timeslot.

Inside Division. most action-packed drama of the season with an amazingly strong female lead that we know will excite and engage Living's audiences this autumn. on Friday nights at 9/8 central. Deleted Scenes. It also includes deleted scenes. Part 1: The New Nikita. "Inside Division. Part 1: The New Nikita". 2011 Audio Commentary. Percy & Michael. Gag Reel. the show airs on FOX8. on DVD and Blu-ray. Division Tracker (Blu-ray [70] exclusive) Gag Reel. it airs on CTV Two and started airing the same day as in the U.[69] DVD releases Complete Season Region 1 1 August 30. 2011 in Europe and October 26. Alex. Deleted Scenes. Part 2: Executing an Episode". Alex. Chase will follow in 2011. the first season aired on Sub on January 3. 2011 Region 4 October 26. The box-set has been released on August 30. features all 22 episodes. Merchandise Home releases of the series are distributed through Warner Bros. Profiling Nikita. Part 2: Executing an Episode. 2012 TBA TBA TBA 5 . In New Zealand Nikita is shown on TV2 at 10:30 pm on Wednesdays. and Craig Silverstein at the San Diego Comic-Con. providing a new favorite show for all of our procedural fans. In Canada. "Profiling Nikita. Maggie Q. Living's head of acquisitions Amy Barham said "Nikita is the hottest.S. 2011 Release dates Region 2 September 19. "Inside Division. Audio Commentary (featuring Craig Silverstein and Carlos Coto). July 2010 International broadcasts Sky Living secured the rights to air Nikita in the United Kingdom as the centerpiece of the channel's autumn schedule. 2011 in North America."[68] In Australia. 2013. Lyndsy Fonseca." 5 DVD Extras and Bonus Features # of Discs 2 October 2. We're thrilled to be able to bring it exclusively to the channel. distributed by Warner Bros. audio commentaries and a gag reel as bonus features.[67] Broadcast In the United States the show airs on The CW. Home Video. Media release The first season of Nikita. 2011 Region 3 December 8.Nikita (TV series) 98 Promotion The show has been promoted through pop-culture conventions such as Comic-Con. Percy & Michael". and two featurettes: "What if? Writing [71] the Fate of Division" and "Living the Life: Maggie Q. 2011 in Australia. In Finland. Inside Division. on September 19.

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Is Gonna Knock You Out. March 15" (http:/ / www. metacritic. October 20" (http:/ / www. Michael (October 22. ew. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer on Tuesdays" (http:/ / tv. com/ 2011/ 05/ fall-tv-preview-cw-schedule/ ). 2010). 2010. "Nikita: TV's Hottest New Star. "Breaking: The CW's new fall schedule" (http:/ / ausiellofiles. Metacritic. 2010. 2010). Retrieved May 17. thefutoncritic. . [33] Goldman. [31] Littleton. 100 . [41] "Development Update: Wednesday. "Nikita Promotes Noah Bean to Series Regular in Season 3" (http:/ / tvline. "The CW Network Announces Fall 2011 Premiere Dates" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers.No. 2010). [29] Ausiello. The Futon Critic. The Hollywood Reporter . "TVLine Items: Nikita Newbie Promoted. Retrieved July 30. Retrieved 2012-07-14. "Rules". 2010. . Retrieved April 14. Credits. com/ news/ 2010/ 10/ 20/ development-update-wednesday-october-20-352110/ 8934/ ). 2010). Retrieved December 4. 2010. 2010. html). Ratings. E! 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who owns all three casinos. The two go to Las Vegas to pitch the plan to wealthy friend and former casino owner Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould). Johnson Jack Golden Russell George Clooney Matt Damon Andy García Brad Pitt Julia Roberts David Holmes Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Steven Soderbergh Editing by Studio Stephen Mirrione Village Roadshow Pictures JW Productions Warner Bros. The plan consists of simultaneously robbing the Bellagio. Don Cheadle.150 Ocean's Eleven is a 2001 American comedy-crime caper film and remake of the 1960 Rat Pack film of the same name. resulting in the term the Ocean's Trilogy. Matt Damon. Brad Pitt.Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) 102 Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) Ocean's Eleven Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Steven Soderbergh Jerry Weintraub Ted Griffin 1960 Screenplay: Harry Brown Charles Lederer George C. and the MGM Grand casinos. Reuben's familiarity with casino security makes him very reluctant to get involved. 2001 117 minutes United States English $85 million $450. Plot Following release from prison. Reuben agrees to finance the operation. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) breaks the terms of his parole and travels to Los Angeles to meet his partner-in-crime and friend Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) to propose a caper. The film was a success at the box office and with critics. Soderbergh directed two sequels. but when he begins to think of it as a good way to get back at his rival. Ocean's Twelve in 2004 and Ocean's Thirteen in 2007. The 2001 film was directed by Steven Soderbergh and features an ensemble cast including George Clooney. It is the fifth highest-grossing film of 2001. Andy García.717. and Julia Roberts. Because the casinos are required by the Nevada Gaming Commission to have enough cash on hand to cover all their patrons' . The Mirage. • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office December 7. Terry Benedict (Andy García).

is Benedict's girlfriend. is a friend of Ocean's. a pair of gifted mechanics. which had only recently been installed. Ramon Escalante. Frank Catton (Bernie Mac).T. and the building itself. Ocean goes to the Bellagio in order to be seen by Benedict.A. Yen is smuggled into the vault by the Malloy brothers to assist in triggering the explosive from the inside. Ryan anonymously calls him on a cell phone that Ocean had earlier planted in Tess's coat. leaving him with no way to connect Ocean to the theft. the routines and behaviors of the casino staff.A.T. Tess leaves Benedict. and "The Amazing" Yen (Shaobo Qin).T. During this planning phase. and that. and he allows Ocean to leave through a ventilation shaft. Several of the team members carry out reconnaissance at the Bellagio to learn as much as possible about the security. The team activates a stolen "pinch" device to temporarily disrupt the casino's electrical power. Ryan urges Ocean to give up on the plan.W. an accomplished acrobat. Saul Bloom (Carl Reiner). as expected. Linus Caldwell poses as a gaming commission agent. Bruiser. Benedict's men following the van discover that it is being driven by remote control. 103 . orders his men to escort Ocean off the premises and inform the police that Ocean is violating his parole by being in Las Vegas. and reveals to Benedict that one of his employees. believing Ocean incapable of sound judgement while Tess is involved. We were in the joint together.A. Give me 72 hours. a young and talented pickpocket. instead of money. Saul Bloom sneaks explosives into the casino vault by posing as a wealthy international arms dealer who needs especially secure safekeeping for his valuables. Benedict then returns to the room where he left Ocean and finds him still there. has him locked in a storeroom to be beaten by a bouncer called Bruiser. he knows about it. apparently still being worked over by Bruiser. Virgil and Turk Malloy (Casey Affleck and Scott Caan). Ryan tells him that the vaults are being raided. team's arrival results in a shootout which causes the incineration of the half of the money left in the vault. Benedict. Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison) an electronics and surveillance expert. is actually Frank Catton. however. the team discovers that Ocean's ex-wife. and exits the hotel just in time to see Ocean arrested. but orders his men to follow the van after it departs. Benedict realizes that the vault video feed he'd been watching was faked. the rest of the team posed as S. Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle). the officers depart at Benedict's insistence. Anybody pulls a job in the western US. the three predict that. it contains duffel bags full of flyers advertising prostitutes. officers. the Bellagio vault will contain more than $150 million. and complies in moving the money. As Tess watches via security surveillance. When the plan is put in motion. Caldwell and Catton stage a faux confrontation in Benedict's presence so that Linus can steal the vault access codes written on a piece of paper in Benedict's jacket. As Benedict attempts to restore order following the power outage. who. closely followed by Benedict's bodyguards. an explosives expert. Benedict observes video footage of the vault that confirms Ryan's claims. Ocean then says. and then stages a heart attack that is treated by Ryan posing as a doctor. an elderly con man. I know a guy. "Alright. on the upcoming night of a highly anticipated boxing match. allowing them to breach the vault undetected.Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) bets. and the three drive off. The S.W. an ex-con. A flashback reveals that Ocean had used the vault replica to create the fake video Benedict had seen. and calls a S. as the vault floor in the footage lacked the Bellagio logo. humiliated. When he is released after serving 'three to six months' for his parole violation. and took all of the money in the vault when responding to Benedict's call for police assistance. Ocean and Ryan recruit eight former colleagues and criminal specialists: Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon). Ocean tricks Benedict into saying he would give up Tess in exchange for the money. he is met by Rusty and Tess. and that all the money will be destroyed if Benedict does not cooperate in loading half the money into a van waiting outside. a casino worker and con man.W. I'll find out who took your money". to meet with his team in the vault. Tess (Julia Roberts). but Ocean refuses. team to secure the vault and the other half of the money. After assuring Benedict that the casino is secure. Others create a precise replica of the vault with which to practice maneuvering through its formidable security systems.

. Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan 4. Julia Roberts. Bernie Mac as Frank Catton 3.. saying it "doesn't offer much. Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr 9. Empire magazine called Ocean's Eleven the 500th best film .this carefree caper movie is nothing to sneeze at. and Steven Soderbergh in December 2001 Other main cast members • Andy García as Terry Benedict • Julia Roberts as Tess Ocean Cameo roles • Five television actors make cameos as themselves. being taught how to play poker by Rusty: • Holly Marie Combs • Topher Grace • Joshua Jackson • Barry Watson • Shane West Steven Soderbergh as one of the bank robbers with Basher Angie Dickinson as herself – appeared in the original film Henry Silva as himself – appeared in the original film Siegfried and Roy as themselves Wayne Newton as himself Wladimir Klitschko as himself Lennox Lewis as himself Jerry Weintraub as a high-roller gamblera[›] • • • • • • • • Reception Critical The film holds an 82% "Certified Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Scott Caan as Turk Malloy 7. Carl Reiner as Saul Bloom 11. Matt Damon. Matt Damon as Linus Caldwell Brad Pitt. Shaobo Qin as "The Amazing" Yen 10. Andy García. Eddie Jemison as Livingston Dell 8.Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) 104 Cast Ocean's Eleven In order of recruitment: 1.[3] Newsweek said Ocean's Eleven "bounces along with finger-snapping high spirits." and said that while Soderbergh has "made deeper films.[1] People magazine called the film "pure fun from start to finish."[4] Time magazine's reviewer Richard Corliss criticized the film. Elliott Gould as Reuben Tishkoff 5."[2] and included it in its end-of-year Best of Screen list. George Clooney.. George Clooney as Danny Ocean 2." In a poll during November 2008. Casey Affleck as Virgil Malloy 6.

"[7] 105 Commercial Ocean's Eleven had a budget of about $85 million.[11] Music • Cha Cha Cha written by James D'Angelo.Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) on The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time. You know something.[8][9] The film grossed $183. performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra. my agent said it was fine. Darren Morris.417. Leo Johns. Went to London. Phil Mossman. Dream written by Jimmy McHugh. tell me [it's] a truly terrible London accent in Ocean's 13. For Don Cheadle's role in this film. performed by Perry Como • Take My Breath Away written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock. "Featuring three impregnable Vegas casinos and 11 ring-a-ding criminals. saying. it grossed an estimate of $38 million and was the top box office draw for the weekend. performed by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring De La Soul (as Trugoy (De La Soul)) and Del (as Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) • Papa Loves Mambo written by Al Hoffman. Marc Lanjean. Dream. Jean Pierre Mottier. performed by Liberace • Theme From A Summer Place written by Max Steiner • Theme For Young Lovers written and performed by Percy Faith and His Orchestra • 69 Police written by David Holmes. performed by Jimmy Luxury and The Tommy Rome Orchestra • The Projects (P Jays) written by Dan Nakamura. Tokyo Takarazuka Theater). Jimmy Kelleher. spoke to people. performed by Arthur Lyman • A Little Less Conversation written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis.. So I sacked her. Tarin Jones and Trugoy The Dove (as David Jolicoeur). Stanley Walden and Giovanni Smeraldi.[5] Don Cheadle commented on his accent. The production was performed by Star Troupe and the cast included Reon Yuzuki as Danny Ocean. performed by Powerpack Orchestra • Misty composed by Erroll Garner.150 in the United States and grossed $267. On its opening weekend. Paul Huston. saying "My British friends. performed by Quincy Jones • Caravan written by Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol.. Nene Yumesaki as Tess Ocean and Shio Suzumi as Rusty Ryan. got to know it. performed by Berlin • Spirit in the Sky written and performed by Norman Greenbaum • Blues in the Night written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer.529. performed by David Holmes • Clair de Lune written by Claude Debussy and arranged by Lucien Cailliet. Italo Salizzato.728. conducted by Eugene Ormandy . I really worked on that accent. Mitchell Parish and Jeannine Melle... so I'm stuck with this thing.379 overseas leaving a worldwide gross of $450. he needed to learn to speak with a cockney accent. which was slaughtered by critics and is recognised as being one of the worst accents in film. performed by Percy Faith and His Orchestra • Moon River written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. "best-of" list.[10] Adaptions • Takarazuka Revue adapted the movie as a musical in 2011–2012 in Japan (Takarazuka Grand Theater. performed by Elvis Presley • Gritty Shaker written and performed by David Holmes • Spanish Flea written by Julius Wechter. Steven Soderbergh's 2001 roll of the dice provided the most winning robbery sequence of the decade.311. Aldo Tagliapietra.[6] Entertainment Weekly put "The Ocean's Eleven heist scene" on its end-of-the-decade. performed by Liberace • Dream. Dick Manning and Bickley Reichner. Henri Salvador and Marcel Stellman. Even though everyone laughs at me. of course".

Monsters and Critics (http:/ / www. Rotten Tomatoes. the-numbers. com/ title/ tt0240772/ business).com/movies/?id=oceanseleven.aspx?s=&Movie=62133) at the American Film Institute Catalog • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. Nashawaty. People: 56.empireonline. com/ movies/ 2001/ OCEAN. .1 Million" (http:/ / www. imdb. Snierson. php).boxofficemojo. Josh. Dresses. Michael.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. asp) [7] Geier. Margaret. 2001. Newsweek: 138. jp/ oceans11/ ) External links • Official website (http://oceans11. Entertainment Weekly.com/m/oceans_eleven/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. Books. [10] "Ocean's Eleven" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-02-07. Jordan. "The 100 Greatest Movies. monstersandcritics. Thom.. Tina. Slezak. com/ features/ worst-british-movie-accents/ 3.imdb. Kate (December 11. Pastorek. Music Videos.afi. "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun". com/ m/ oceans_eleven/ ). [5] Don Cheadle's terrible accent . Tim. Stroup. Ward. com/ news/ ni0085188/ ). Internet Movie Database.Ocean's Eleven (2001 film) 106 References [1] "Ocean's Eleven" (http:/ / www.the-numbers. December 11.com/) • Ocean's Eleven (http://www.com/members/catalog/DetailView. Episodes. Chris. The Numbers. [11] 宝 塚 歌 劇 星 組 公 演 『 オ ー シ ャ ン ズ 11』 (http:/ / kageki. . empireonline. Adam B. [9] "Ocean's Eleven (2001) – Box office/business" (http:/ / www. Retrieved December 31. Kate. php/ Don_Cheadle_s_terrible_accent) [6] The Worst British Accents Ever | Empire | www.rottentomatoes. Dan. 2010. Rottenberg. TV Shows. And Trends That Entertained Us Over The Past 10 Years". . Lynette. Characters.com (http:/ / www. Missy. Lyons. Tucker. Vozick-Levinson.allrovi. Markovitz. Jeff. 2010.com/movies/2001/OCEAN. Retrieved December 31. Schwartz. [2] Leah Rozen (2001-12-10). [3] "Best of Screen". Jensen. 2009).com/title/tt0240772/) at the Internet Movie Database • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. Retrieved December 31. Rice. Vary. Internet Movie Database. Simon. co. Whitney. Scenes. com/ people/ news/ article_1286422. rottentomatoes.php) at The Numbers . People: 56. . Songs. hankyu. 2010. "Picks & Pans: Screen".com/movies/movie/v255992) at AllRovi • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. imdb. (1079/1080):74-84 [8] "Ocean's $38. [4] David Ansen (2001-12-17). Adam. Stack. Ken.warnerbros. 2001-12-31. Albums.

One of the show's unique aspects was the "interview" sequences filmed in black and white and interspersed throughout each episode. of episodes 3 63 Production Running time 60 minutes Broadcast Original channel Original run ABC September 21. It depicts the family of a single mother and her romance with a single father. 1999 – April 15.G. 2002. the same team that created thirtysomething and produced My So-Called Life. of seasons No. Snuffy Walden Joey Newman Country of origin USA No.Once and Again 107 Once and Again Once and Again Once and Again Format Created by Family Drama Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz Starring Sela Ward Billy Campbell Jeffrey Nordling Susanna Thompson Shane West Julia Whelan Evan Rachel Wood Meredith Deane Todd Field Marin Hinkle Jennifer Crystal Foley David Clennon Ever Carradine Steven Weber Composer(s) W. 2002 Chronology Related shows thirtysomething Once and Again is an American television series that aired on ABC from September 21. It was created by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick. . where the characters would reveal their innermost thoughts and memories to the camera. 1999 to April 15.

. which is located in downtown Chicago. is worried about the toll Rick's new relationship would take on their children.Once and Again 108 Premise Lily Manning (Sela Ward) is a suburban soccer mom in her forties. and begins to address her problems with the help of a therapist (played by show producer Edward Zwick). with whom she works at their bookstore called My Sister's Bookstore (renamed Booklovers later in the series). However. Recently separated from her philandering husband Jake (Jeffrey Nordling). and Lily and Rick get married. For support. a 16-year-old basketball player at Sinclair High who suffers from a learning disability. Karen. Things become difficult for Lily when Rick's project runs into legal difficulties and his ex-wife Karen is hired to represent the opposition. who longs for the days before her family's disintegration. particularly Jessie. At the end of season two. Lily's life changes when. Grace and Eli become close when she becomes his tutor. However. and their own struggles to move on in a post-divorce environment. and precocious 9-year-old Zoe (Meredith Deane). Rick has been divorced from his uptight ex-wife Karen (Susanna Thompson) for three years and has two children. Jake's girlfriend Tiffany announces she is pregnant. Illinois. a public interest attorney at the downtown law firm of Harris. Upton Sinclair High School. Riegert. and sensitive 12-year-old Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood). anxiety-ridden 14-year-old Grace (Julia Whelan). Rick has to dissolve his architectural firm. She meets and is instantly attracted to divorced architect Rick Sammler. Sammler/Cassili Associates. In addition to Lily and Rick's relationship. Jake and Karen. who lives in Deerfield. insecure. Eli (Shane West). the show also focused to a lesser degree on their exes. and Sammler. she meets Rick Sammler (Billy Campbell) in the principal's office of Grace's school. Rick becomes sidetracked by difficulties at work and has to begin working with unscrupulous developer Miles Drentell (David Clennon. She is reluctant to begin dating again due to the sensitivities of her daughters. and she hopes to spend more time with Rick. Judy (Marin Hinkle). Their budding relationship causes problems in both of their respective families. their new relationship is complicated by Lily's many remaining emotional and financial issues with Jake. who are still emotional about the divorce. reprising his role from the series thirtysomething). Plot summary Season One Lily is in the process of divorcing her restaurateur husband. Lily is raising her two daughters. Season Two Lily and Jake's divorce is finalized. who is shy and emotionally fragile. during the pilot episode. She is also working through her own feelings of jealousy that Rick is moving on to a new relationship. Grace strongly objects to Lily and Rick's relationship as she still hopes to see her parents get back together. Lily and Rick share an immediate mutual attraction and begin dating. she turns to her more free-spirited younger sister. Jake. Judy has a relationship with Rick's partner. Sam Blue (Steven Weber) before discovering Sam is married. Rick is a single father and co-head of an architectural firm. Jessie flirts with an eating disorder.

Grace develops a crush on her English teacher. Dimitri to leave the school. but in the last moments of the series finale. Sweeney (Graham Rympalski) Lily and Christie's co-worker at PagesAlive. Mr. although their relationship never became sexual.com Marco Gould (Spencer Lewicki) Grace's boyfriend Eric Stoltz (August Dimitri) Grace's English teacher/acting coach/romantic interest Paul Dooley (Les Creswell) Lily's boss at WIPX Mischa Barton (Katie Singer) Jessie's friend/girlfriend Christina Chang (Amanda) One of Rick's employees Natasha Gaty (Alexa) class play stage manager who later cracks the Dimitri story . Dimitri (Eric Stoltz). divorced from Karen Jeffrey Nordling (Jake Manning) Lily's estranged husband. Lily reveals she is pregnant. By the end of the season. Katie (Mischa Barton).Once and Again 109 Season Three Rick resumes his partnership with Sam Blue. she is hit by a car. an investigation eventually forces Mr. Sam and Judy try to be friends but eventually resume their relationship. and she is offered a nationally syndicated radio show. Jake and Tiffany have a baby girl and eventually decide to marry. to design a hotel for a new client.com David Clennon (Miles Drentell) [2nd season 23-43] Rick and David's primary client Steven Weber (Samuel Blue) [3rd season. Eli and Jessie's mother Shane West (Eli Sammler) Rick's son Julia Whelan (Grace Manning) Lily's elder daughter Evan Rachel Wood (Jessie Sammler) Rick's daughter Meredith Deane (Zoe Manning) Lily's younger daughter Marin Hinkle (Judy Brooks) Lily's younger sister Todd Field (David Cassilli) [2nd season 23-35. who is schizophrenic. leading to months of painful rehabilitation where she meets physical therapist Henry Higgins (DB Woodside). wants to move in with his girlfriend. Their decisions are never shown. recurring in 1st season] Rick's friend and Judy's lover Recurring characters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kimberly McCullough (Jennifer) Eli's girlfriend before Cassidy and before Carla Kelly Coffield (Naomi Porter) Lily and Karen's mutual friend James Eckhouse (Lloyd Lloyd) Karen's ill-fated date Paul Mazursky (Phil Brooks) Lily and Judy's father Bonnie Bartlett (Barbara Brooks) Lily and Judy's mother Mark Feuerstein (Leo Fisher) Karen's younger boyfriend Alexandra Holden (Cassidy) Eli's girlfriend after Jennifer Patrick Dempsey (Aaron Brooks) Lily and Judy's schizophrenic brother Audrey Marie Anderson (Carla Aldrich) Eli's girlfriend Mark Valley (Will Gluck) Handyman and Judy's lover D. recurring previously] Rick's business partner and friend Ever Carradine (Tiffany Porter) [2nd season 36-44 & 3rd season. Jessie discovers she is attracted to another girl. Grace and Zoe's father Susanna Thompson (Karen Sammler) Rick's ex-wife. B. Rick and Lily face big decisions when he is offered a job in Australia. separated from Jake Billy Campbell (Richard 'Rick' Sammler) Eli and Jessie's father. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sela Ward (Elizabeth 'Lily' Manning) Grace and Zoe's mother. just as she is starting to make progress. Lily faces domestic struggles when her mother begins to show signs of Alzheimer's Disease and her brother Aaron (Patrick Dempsey). Karen deals with her depression. now divorced. recurring previously] Jake's mistress/girlfriend Jennifer Crystal Foley (Christie Parker) [2nd season] Lily's boss at PagesAlive.

Ozymandias 2. A Door. 1999 13.February 7.January 10. Armageddon . 2000 16. Scribbling Rivalry . 2000 22.April 4. Where There's Smoke . 1999 8. 2001 40. 2000 26. Suspicion . Forgive Us Our Trespasses .December 7.February 14.November 28. Cat-in-Hat .November 23.March 6. Unfinished Business .February 7. A Dream Deferred .January 24. 2000 28. Thanksgiving . Feast or Famine . Thieves Like Us . 2000 20. The Scarlet Letter Jacket . 1999 12. 2001 38. 1999 11.October 19. Liars and Other Strangers . Strangers and Brothers . Booklovers .November 2. The Past Is Prologue -November 9. 2000 18. 1999 4. 2000 17.January 17. Life Out of Balance . Aaron's Getting Better . Daddy's Girl . The Other End of the Telescope . 2001 42.October 26.November 21. Standing Room Only . 2000 25. The Mystery Dance .April 17. 2000 15.November 16.October 12. 2001 35.February 14. 2000 21.January 31. about to Open . 2001 33.Once and Again 110 Episodes[1] Season 1: 1999-2000 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1.0 .October 31.April 18. Outside Hearts . 2001 34. 2001 31.December 19.October 24. Love's Laborers Lost .April 3. 2000 30.September 21. 2001 . 1999 10.April 11. Edifice Wrecked . 2000 29. 1999 7. 2000 24. Pilot (Boy Meets Girl) . 2001 37. Food for Thought .December 21. Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight .September 28. I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down . 1999 5. 1999 6. There Be Dragons . 2000 19. 2001 36.January 24.March 28.March 14.March 21. Wake Up Little Susie .March 13. Let's Spend the Night Together .April 10. 1999 9.March 7. Learner's Permit . 2001 32.January 31. 2000 14. Mediation . My Brilliant Career . Letting Go .November 14. The Ex-Files . The Gingerbread House . Sneaky Feelings . 2000 27.December 5. 1999 2. 2001 41. 1999 3. Best of Enemies .October 5. 2000 Season 2: 2000-2001 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 23.April 24. 2001 39.

Falling in Place . One Step (Parent) Backward . 2002 58. but by October 2005 the title was delayed and has been ever since. 2005. it was reported that Buena Vista's license on the program was soon to expire and. Once and Again was seen on Sky One and the now-defunct ABC1 in the United Kingdom (in both cases only the first season was shown) and the Seven Network in Australia.March 4. 2002 63. Chance of a Lifetime . 2001 55. The Awful Truth .April 15. Busted . with no explanation. the show was seen on the W Network until late 2007 or early 2008.April 8.December 7.May 2. 2001 54.November 30. which was slated to occur on January 10. 2002 59.January 11. It was almost two years before another official word was uttered on the subject and in July 2007. California. The Gay-Straight Alliance . it took three more years and numerous petition drives for season two to be released.April 1. Gardenia . DVD releases Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (formerly Buena Vista Home Entertainment) released Season 1 on November 5.October 5.December 14. 2001 47. 2002.March 25. Chaos Theory . Acting Out . Jake and the Women .September 28. 2002 60. 2002 61.S it was in syndication on Lifetime Real Women the spinoff channel from Lifetime Television. 2001 50.November 2. 2001 48. 2001 111 Season 3: 2001-2002 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 45.January 4. which occurred on August 23. as a result. on September 30. Moving On . 2002 57. Destiny Turns on the Radio . Aaron's List of Dreams . 2005.October 19. could lead to a new company acquiring the distribution rights to the title and thus a potential third . and also on location in the Los Angeles area.November 23. The Second Time Around . In Canada. In the U. W Network will be broadcasting the series at 3 am beginning September 2008 (from their network schedule). 2001 49. Kind of Blue . A little over a month later. and no American outlet presently carries the show.March 18. news broke about the release of the third and final season. 2002 (Series Finale) Broadcasts It originally aired on ABC from 1999 to 2002. 2006.Once and Again • 43. However. The Sex Show . 2002 56. 2001 46.March 11. Pictures . 2002 62.November 9. It was expected that the remaining two seasons would be released soon afterward.October 12. Losing You . 2001 • 44. Tough Love . Taking Sides . 2001 51. 2001 52. Experience Is the Teacher .April 25. The channel stopped running O&A in April 2005. 2001 53. Production The series was filmed at the Century Studio Corporation sound stages in Culver City. mere months after the series finale.

com/ shows/ / 3155#). (September 21-December 21.7 N/A External links • Once and Again [7] at the Internet Movie Database • Once and Again [8] at TV. tv.M. 1999) Monday 10:00 P. epguides. tv. Retrieved on 30 October 2011.com. 2002) Monday 10:00 P. 2002) September 28.M. com/ life/ television/ 2002/ 2002-05-28-year-end-chart. News at TVShowsOnDVD. USA Today. 30 May 2002.com. 2005 TBA 112 Ratings Season [3] Timeslot (EDT) Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Rank Viewers 18-49 Average (in millions) 10. (March 4-April 15.com References [1] "Once and Again: a Titles & Air Dates Guide" (http:/ / epguides.M. 28 May 2002.Once and Again season release. [6] "How did your favorite show rate?" (http:/ / www. [7] http:/ / www. Retrieved on 30 October 2011.com" (http:/ / www. TV.00.93 7. 2002 August 23. Retrieved on 30 October 2011. 2001 April 15. (January 10-May 2.com. 2001 2000-2001 #84[5] 8. EW. de/ cms/ ?p1=n& p2=9946& p3=). [3] "Once and Again . Retrieved on 30 October 2011.M. com/ OnceandAgain/ ). htm). 2001-January 11.TV.com" (http:/ / www. quotenmeter. TVShowsOnDVD.9/13 1 Tuesday 10:00 P.M. 2001) October 24. 2002 2001-2002 #107[6] 6. Retrieved on 30 October 2011. com/ title/ tt0202198/ [8] http:/ / www.256435. 2000) Wednesday 10:00 P. 2000 1999-2000 #51[4] 2 Tuesday 10:00 P.com. 1999 April 24. 1 June 2001. (October 24-December 19. com/ shows/ once-and-again/ . com/ shows/ once-and-again/ ). 2000) September 21.. Release Info. (January 24-April 24. Retrieved on 30 October 2011. 2000 May 2. DVD Name Ep # Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 22 22 19 Release Date November 5. ew. [2] "Once and Again on DVD. [4] "US-Jahrescharts 1999/2000" (http:/ / www. com/ ew/ article/ 0. Quotenmeter.5 N/A 3 Friday 10:00 P.M.[2] Lionsgate announced the re-release of all three seasons of Once and Again on DVD. [5] "The Bitter End" (http:/ / www. (September 28. html). usatoday.de. imdb. tvshowsondvd.

vocals. Geffen. hardcore punk. Nirvana. piano. August 5. Foo Fighters. Belinda Carlisle Notable instruments various Hagstrom models Gibson SG Pat Smear (born Georg Ruthenberg. He appeared regularly on the MTV fashion show House of Style with Cindy Crawford.Pat Smear 113 Pat Smear Pat Smear Smear performing with the Foo Fighters in Pensacola. 1959) is a rock guitarist who has played in the Germs. punk rock. and Foo Fighters. Slash. The Death Folk. bass guitar 1976–present What?. 1959 Los Angeles. grunge Musician. FL (2008) Background information Birth name Born Georg Ruthenberg August 5. California Alternative rock. . songwriter Guitar. Capitol Genres Occupations Instruments Years active Labels Associated acts Germs. The Adolescents. Nirvana.

he began teaching himself to play guitar. Breakin' and Howard the Duck. Solo work (1980–1993) Following the demise of the Germs. Smear accepted immediately and played his first show with Nirvana on Saturday Night Live on September 25. Foo Fighters (1995–1997) Following Cobain's suicide. Carlisle was soon replaced by Don Bolles and. Later that year.. The Germs endured for one more year before finally disbanding in 1980 after which Crash committed suicide. He toured with Nirvana for about six months.Pat Smear 114 Early life Georg Ruthenberg was born and raised in West Los Angeles. Smear became friends with Courtney Love.[1] Although short-lived. Produced by Joan Jett. Smear quit the band: he announced his departure during a live performance atop Radio City Music Hall (introducing his replacement Franz Stahl). and appears on their live albums MTV Unplugged in New York and From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.. Carlos "Cake" Nunez. Smear would go on to play with Nina Hagen and make two solo albums of his own. as well as on material for the compilations Nirvana and With the Lights Out. His parents forced him to take piano lessons at a young age. the band was the toast of the Hollywood punk scene. and in the films Blade Runner. he received a call from Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain. came to an end with Cobain's suicide in April 1994. He lists his influences as Joan Jett. (GI). in 1979. who went on to front The Go-Go's). Brian May. Smear at first thought that it was his friend. right before that year's MTV Video Music Awards. Brian James. but because the band's first album was a collection of demos recorded solely by Grohl. asking him to join the band as a second guitarist for an upcoming tour. Nirvana (1993–1994) In 1993. M. the record is now defined as a milestone in the history of punk rock. Smear did not appear on a Foo Fighters album until 1997's The Colour and the Shape. Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl formed a band to support his self-titled album. and Steve Jones. to an African-American/Native American mother and a German immigrant father. . Smear and Darby Crash formed the Germs with bassist Lorna Doom and drummer Dottie Danger (the pseudonym of Belinda Carlisle. Smear played in 1981 with ex-Screamers keyboardist Paul Roessler and his sister Kira in a band called Twisted Roots. During this time.E. After the Germs. and a few years later. however. which brought him his first mass audience exposure. 1993. he also appeared as an extra in the television show Quincy. Germs (1977–1980) As a teenager in 1977. Smear's time with Nirvana. the first effort from the band which would become known as Foo Fighters. Smear had a brief stint as a member of punk band The Adolescents. Courtney Love had told Smear a few days prior that Cobain was going to call him. the band released their first album. Smear joined the group from its inception. playing a joke on him. Ruthensmear and So You Fell in Love with a Musician. While working on Breakin'..

producing the band Harlow's debut album and making scattered television appearances. 2008. This also occurred at several concerts with Pat playing basically in the dark. On October 13. 2008. In 2005. In August 2007. On February 10. In addition he is a featured musician on the Foo Fighters live album Skin and Bones. On March 6. 2007. Meadowbank Stadium. Smear joined the Foo Fighters for all portions (acoustic/plugged) of their show at the Forum in Inglewood. On October 21 and 22. on the first show for the Foo Fighters' Echoes. 2008. he performed several songs with the band. and on February 20. which also featured special appearances by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. hosted by Neil Young. 2008. at the LA Center Studios complex. Smear kept a fairly low profile. Smear was then added to the band as a touring guitarist for their supporting tour of the album Echoes. 2007. but the producers replaced it due to rights issues. On March 3. which is on Smear's 1988 SST album Ruthensmear. confirming his return to the band as a full member. though. Illinois (a Chicago suburb). These concerts provide video for the Foo Fighters Live at Wembley Stadium DVD and Blu-ray. entitled What We Do Is Secret. he appeared on stage with the Foo Fighters at the UK's V Festival. he is depicted by actor Rick Gonzalez. Smear did not play a guitar solo during band introductions. On September 9. 2008. he appeared on stage (with the whole touring band) when Foo Fighters played "The Pretender" on the Late Show with David Letterman. It was announced Smear would be one of the touring musicians aiding the band during the shows. Smear joined the Foo Fighters for their MTV Music Video Awards party room show. Smear performed live with Foo Fighters at the 2008 Hurricane Festival in Germany. Smear joined the Foo Fighters for the acoustic portion of their show at Cox Arena in San Diego. after one of the band's best-known songs. Silence. with actor Shane West (who portrays Darby Crash in the film) filling in as lead vocalist. On January 23. While Pat did participate in the concert. originally appeared on the soundtrack of an early cut of the 2007 film Cthulhu. It is now available on DVD.Pat Smear 115 Hiatus from the Foo Fighters (1997–2005) During his absence from Foo Fighters. Patience and Grace tour in Dallas. the Foo Fighters announced they would play limited acoustic dates across North America. Smear also is credited with playing guitar on the song "Let It Die" off the same album. then played both Foo Fighters dates at the O2 Arena. Urged by Grohl. Edinburgh and Marlay Park. Dublin. 2006 he also joined the band for both days of the Bridge School Benefit Concert. He also played at the two concerts at Wembley Stadium on June 6–7. California. Ireland. he began performing reunion shows with the Germs. Since then. He also appeared recently at the Foo Fighters' private gig for Bethesda's Fallout 3 game launch party in Los Angeles on October 16. He also appeared with them on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in September 2006 and on the same stage as Bob Dylan and The Eagles at Genentech's 30th Anniversary party. Smear did play a guitar solo (eight notes) during band introductions. 2008. he has played a solo whenever asked to by Grohl. and had a limited theatrical release in 2008. "Golden Boys". Silence. it was only for certain songs and the stage lights were not on him. he performed for approximately half of the set list for the Foo Fighters at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont. He was employed as a creative consultant in a motion picture about the Germs and Darby Crash. Despite urging by Grohl. Rejoining the Foo Fighters (2006–present) In May 2006. On June 21. 2008. 2007. 2008. He appeared with the band on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on November 9. London on November 17 and 18. Smear joined the Foo Fighters for an appearance on Saturday Night Live and also joined the Foo Fighters on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Smear also performed live with Foo Fighters at the 2008 Grammy Awards broadcast on CBS from a stage outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. On February 25. 2007. The film was released at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 23. . California. Patience & Grace. The previously unrecorded Germs song. In the film.

Sometimes Smear used a blue Mosrite guitar that Cobain gave him as well. Slash Records (GI) LP. 1978. 2008. Guitars Smear almost exclusively uses Hagstrom guitars. as his signature model. Discography With Germs • • • • • • • • Forming/Sexboy (live) 7". the first track from the film soundtrack for Sound City On December 15. he stated he had 3 of each Strat and had to scratch them to tell the difference. made in the 90s. and more recently at President Obama's 2009 White House Fourth of July celebration. This concert was recorded for a documentary.. 2008. Album artwork from the album depicts Smear along with the band's other members. For amplifiers. "On A Plain". ROIR Germs (MIA) . he has performed with Foo Fighters on all live performances. Washington. they were fronted by Paul McCartney. they performed "Cut Me Some Slack" on Saturday Night Live. the remaining members of Nirvana played together for the first time since the death of Cobain at a last-minute Foo Fighters show at Paladino's in Tarzana. Slash Records What We Do Is Secret (EP) 1981. 1977. Slash Records The Decline of Western Civilization Soundtrack (live tracks) LP. 2012.Pat Smear Smear once again joined the Foo Fighters on their tour which kicked off in Seattle. Smear sometimes used Fender Stratocaster models that Kurt Cobain bought for him. Smear. 2008.. 2012. California. What? Records Lexicon Devil 7" EP. Smear appeared on The Daily Show to promote Wasting Light on April 11. Smear has used Peavey 5150 and 6505 heads. but currently uses Laney Lionheart L20H or L50H heads. with Jools Holland music show on BBC Two in the UK. Smear appeared alongside Foo Fighters on the November 3. On December 12. Wasting Light. 116 Surviving Nirvana reunions On December 22. Maryland on August 9. "Heart-Shaped Box". In 2013 Hagstrom built the exact same guitar. Slash Records Live At The Whisky. In an interview.The Complete Anthology LP. Smear was fully integrated back into the band. recorded with producer Butch Vig. Smear's most used guitar since 2008 is a custom made black Hagstrom. he recorded and developed many guitar parts in the new songs. Smear performed with the Foo Fighters. First Show Ever LP. 1981. on Comedy Central. and "All Apologies". At the Virgin Mobile Festival at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore. They performed "Cut Me Some Slack". 2010. During album sessions for the Foo Fighters' 2011 release. 1980. Novoselic and Grohl reunited again for a televised Live Aid Hurricane Sandy benefit. live broadcast of the Later. on July 9. 1993. Since then. This time. As photographic evidence and video snippets posted on the Foo Fighters' Twitter page confirmed. 1985. 2011. Mohawk/Bomp Records Germicide LP. even being introduced by Dave Grohl. During his time in Nirvana. Slash/Rhino Records . 2009. once again fronted by McCartney. Smear also performed with the Foo Fighters at the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee. 1979. These guitars were normally used on the songs "Scentless Apprentice". Wisconsin on August 29.

New Alliance • Deathfolk II 1992.Pat Smear 117 Solo • Ruthensmear 1987. SST • So You Fell in Love with a Musician.. com/ music/ reviews/ t/ twistedroots-st.com/name/nm0806733/) at the Internet Movie Database . New Alliance With Nirvana • • • • MTV Unplugged in New York (1994) 5× Platinum From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (1996) Platinum Nirvana (2002) Platinum With the Lights Out (2004) Platinum With Mike Watt • Ball-Hog or Tugboat? (1995) With Foo Fighters • • • • The Colour and the Shape (1997) Double Platinum Skin and Bones (2006) Gold Echoes. Patience & Grace (2007) Platinum . 1992.imdb.. SST With Deathfolk • Deathfolk 1989. Silence. popmatters.Guitar on "Let It Die" Wasting Light (2011) Gold References [1] "The Twisted Roots of the Punk Rock Family Tree" by Hunter Felt. shtml) External links • Pat Smear (http://www. 21 May 2004. PopMatters (http:/ / www.

he is taken to another hospital where. due to extensive crush injuries. In the episode "If Not Now. he attempts to become closer to her. only to be shocked and distraught at what has happened to him. Dr. arrives to take Ray home to Baton Rouge to recover. At Luka Kovač and Abby Lockhart's wedding. who is serving in the Army Medical Corps in Iraq. 2004 (Season 11.Ray Barnett 118 Ray Barnett Ray Barnett First appearance September 23. He is thrown out of the party and heads out drinking on his own. and he is given an ultimatum by Doctor Weaver—the hospital or the band. especially his Attending. Neela receives a call from Ray and she travels to see him. In season 11. Ray's request for time off is denied. But. He is a talented doctor but has struggled with conflicting commitments to the medical profession and his life as a rock musician. Ray Barnett is a fictional doctor portrayed by actor Shane West on the television show ER. Despite Ray's obvious deep feelings towards Neela. It is clear that Ray is psychologically scarred by the accident and his injuries and he reveals to Neela that he has fallen in love with her. His feelings for her create tension between the two." Ray's band receive an offer to go on tour. he seems to be a laidback and manipulative personality. Hospital and Personal Life In his first year at County General Hospital. Ray picks the band. "One for the Road") Last appearance March 26. It is clear that he has a lot to learn. but his band members reject him because they feel he is too committed to his job at the hospital. Weaver states that the entire conversation had occurred while she was on drugs after a heavy fall and didn't really happen. In season 12. drunk and torn up by jealousy. The character first appeared in fall 2004 at the start of the 11th season. "I Feel Good") Portrayed by Shane West Information Occupation Title Physician Intern (2004-2005) Resident (2005-2008) Family Jacey Barnett (mother) Dr. because Neela at the time is married to Dr. their relationship proves complicated and is affected by Neela's infatuation with a new character Tony Gates. only to find himself in the path of an oncoming truck. has a fight with Tony Gates after seeing him with Neela. Ray returns to County General and when questioned by Dr. trying repeatedly to win her affections only to become a victim of Neela's inability to decide on the course of her life. Barnett's final appearance as a series regular is in the season 13 finale "The Honeymoon is Over". . 2009 (Season 15. Ray and Neela remain friends and after Gallant's death. as he leaves a bar late into the night he receives a call from Neela. His mother. Ray does not keep his feelings for Neela a secret. Ray's cowboy personality gets him into trouble with his superiors. Jacy. Angry and drunk. his character becomes romantically involved with roommate and colleague Neela Rasgotra. Ray. played by John Stamos. he ignores it but then decides to check the message she leaves him. John Carter. Owing to the ER's temporary closure. both his legs are amputated below the knee. Michael Gallant.

He briefly meets Dr. The Book of Abby. which was announced in season 15's 8th episode "Age of Innocence". He makes a cameo along with Neela in episode 21. the tag "Barnett" can be seen. Barnett later races Neela when they go jogging on the shoreline of the Chicago River. Ray Barnett returns to the ER in the Season 15 episode "Haunted". Amongst them. Neela and Ray are finally reunited. episode 20. it is revealed that Ray has a girlfriend he met at the gym. we learn that he has been writing to Neela. Some time later. The two spend the evening at Neela's apartment and appear to express the same strong feelings for each other as before. Neela leaves County and. helping amputees. and he says hello to everyone at County. In the season 15 episode. which made Neela extremely jealous. she flies to the hospital where Ray is working and surprises him. though many thought she was headed immediately to a position at Duke University's Hospital. He is in much better spirits and reveals to the staff that he has left emergency medicine and now works in the disability and physical rehabilitation field. In the final moments of the episode. walking on his own and appearing in no way disabled. surprising Neela in a Frankenstein outfit during Halloween. His ex-girlfriend Katey and Neela have another altercation and Neela tells her that she will not take the blame for what happened to Ray. Simon Brenner and but the two find themselves at odds after Brenner comes on to Neela right in front of him. In season 15. long-serving nurse Haleh Adams shows the the departing Abby Lockhart a closet wall where all the past doctors and employees have put their locker name tags. .Ray Barnett 119 After County After Ray's departure. She also reveals that Ray himself doesn't blame her for the accident. stroke victims and injured veterans in a clinic in Baton Rouge. He shows off his cutting edge prosthetic legs to everyone. where he is seen on Neela's webcam moving her things into her office. "Shifting Equilibrium".

who mysteriously survived the slaughter of his troops during a mission.Red Sands 120 Red Sands Red Sands Promotional poster Directed by Written by Starring Alex Turner Simon Barrett Shane West Leonard Roberts Aldis Hodge Theo Rossi Noel Gugliemi Callum Blue Brendan Miller Mercedes Masöhn J. However. A sandstorm comes up and the group catches an unnamed Afghan woman running in. While there a series of bizarre events unfold. leaving Keller for dead. they keep her in case there are more. though dubious to her arrival. 2009 88 minutes United States English Red Sands is a 2009 horror film set in Afghanistan in 2002. but with little more in store for them. in 2004. Unable to speak her language they are unable to understand what she is saying. Wilcox goes missing. the group interpreter Wilcox believes that it was a shrine to a Djinn. Meanwhile Howston and Wilcox are being haunted by gruesome images of people they had killed in the past. Their mission is to monitor a road as a sting to catch militants using it to transfer supplies. fires a few rounds at a stone idol.K. a powerful deity made from a smokeless flame. The story unfolds two weeks prior when the crew gets their mission and is set out to an isolated farmhouse where a family had been slaughtered days before. A bored member of their group. and after a series of vivid and bizarre dreams Tino grabs another member Trevor . whose previous effort was Dead Birds. the Staff Sergeant Howston is unable to reach any of their allies by radio. and the only witness seems to be team member Tino Hull who sees another member Jorge Wardell giving off a terrifying roar before him. Paranoia begins to get the better of them when Howston receives word that they missed a car on the road which they cannot see.[1][2] Plot The movie opens with a debriefing of Jeff Keller. the facts gathered they had been ambushed by Al Qaeda militants who killed them all. Chard Davies. Wilcox's body is found slain and his eyes removed in a frozen expression of terror. seeking shelter. causing it to shatter. they return to their caravan and go to the farmhouse. The film is directed by Alex Turner. which in mythology matched the legend of a genie. That night. The following days begin to mount tension in the group. and their truck's ignition system is destroyed in one night. Simmons Luke Rothschild and String Theory Music by Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Release date(s) • Running time Country Language February 24. he hears a strange distress call stating that their sergeant has gone AWOL which Howston cannot hear. after an unintended stop at a mysterious shrine. when Wilcox attempts.

Simmons as Lt. and the next morning. meanwhile Anderson is confronted by the dead Wilcox who reveals himself to be a hideous creature. While they are gone. he leaves. disappearing under the desert. dvdtalk. The first scene then recaps.K. Keller then encounters the Afghan girl who turns out to be a Djinni and manages to escape by throwing a grenade into the ammo-filled farmhouse. and in a heated moment calls Howston a "fucking nigger".rottentomatoes.allrovi. The following morning. slowly losing his grip on his sanity orders Keller and Anderson to keep guard outside while he himself watches to make sure nothing else goes missing. com/ reviews/ red-sands-dvd) External links • Red Sands (http://www. and after the commanding officer tells him that he will be returned to the United States. Keller manages to gain the upperhand and slit the Sergeant's throat.Red Sands Anderson and holds him at gunpoint as he accuses Jorge of killing Wilcox. In anger. Chard Davies Theo Rossi as Pfc. Howston. Davies attempts to attack Howston.com/title/tt1103256/) at the Internet Movie Database • Red Sands (http://www. com/ reviews/ 36378/ red-sands/ ) [2] Dread Central (http:/ / www. As the screen pans out to the desert again it is revealed to the audience that Keller is dead. but the girl appears briefly in the house and Keller goes to find her. Keller then looks toward the camera. killing Tino.com/m/1206992/) at Rotten Tomatoes . The pair plan to make a break for the rest of their group. however he is killed by a shot to the head from the stalking Howston.com/movies/movie/v474239) at AllRovi • Red Sands (http://www. Howston orders them to take the bodies outside. The screen then goes dark. Marcus Howston Aldis Hodge as Trevor Anderson Callum Blue as Gregory Wilcox Brendan Miller as Pfc. and Howston finally slips. Howston prowls the farm looking for Keller and is shocked when he comes across the same creature that Anderson had seen. Afterward. Jeff Keller Leonard Roberts as SSgt. prompting a punch to be thrown. Before Anderson can react. Keller realizes that the voice he heard on the radio was that of Anderson when he makes the same radio call he had heard days prior. killing Davies and ordering Anderson and Keller to stash his body outside. as does the girl as the remaining two attempt to make radio contact. half buried in the sand. His defenses lowered after running. the group is shocked to find that they are missing.imdb. his eyes turning black revealing he is in fact the Djinni. Keller is grabbed by something from underneath the sand and pulled down. Tino opens fire on Jorge and Davies is forced to retaliate. 121 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Shane West as Spc. dreadcentral. his eyes removed and his mouth open wide in terror. Howston goes missing. Col. Davies attempts to rape the Afghan girl. Arson Govinda Touzene as Afghan Child References [1] DVD Talk (http:/ / www. and the credits roll. Jorge Wardell (as Noel G) Mercedes Masöhn as Afgan Woman J. Tino Hull Noel Gugliemi as Pfc.

2006 87 minutes United States English The Elder Son (2006) is a comedy-drama film directed by Marius Balchunas and written by Marius Balchunas and Scott Sturgeon. But things get worse when a small time car thief Bo (Shane West) looking for a hideout from the police tells Maxim that he is his son from Maxim's old girlfriend towards whom he still has feelings. Plot Maxim Sarafanov (Rade Šerbedžija) has just been fired from the orchestra he played clarinet in.The Elder Son 122 The Elder Son The Elder Son Directed by Produced by Written by Marius Balchunas Eric Koskin Damon Martin Alexander Vampilov Marius Balchunas Scott Sturgeon Shane West Leelee Sobieski Rade Šerbedžija Eric Balfour Regina Hall Reiley McClendon Yagmur Kaplan Mladen Milićević Starring Music by Cinematography Andrew Huebscher Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language David Dodson 2 Loop Films October 31. . his son Nikita (Reiley McClendon) is in love with his schoolteacher Susan (Regina Hall) and his daughter Lolita (Leelee Sobieski) is getting married to a US pilot Greg (Brian Geraghty) and leaving home to go to Texas.

Cast • • • • • • • Shane West as Bo Leelee Sobieski as Lolita Sarafanov Rade Šerbedžija as Maxim Sarafanov Eric Balfour as Skip Regina Hall as Susan Reiley McClendon as Nikita Sarafanov Brian Geraghty as Greg References External links • The Elder Son (http://www.The Elder Son 123 Production notes The film is based on the screenplay The Elder Son written in 1968 by Russian writer Alexander Vampilov.imdb.com/title/tt0455988/) at the Internet Movie Database .

Naseeruddin Shah. Shane West. . It was released on July 11.204 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a 2003 superhero film adaptation loosely based on characters from the comic book limited series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore. Tony Curran. Jason Flemyng. 2003.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) 124 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Stephen Norrington Trevor Albert Rick Benattar Sean Connery Mark Gordon Don Murphy Michael Nelson James Dale Robinson The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore Kevin O'Neill Sean Connery Naseeruddin Shah Peta Wilson Tony Curran Stuart Townsend Shane West Jason Flemyng Richard Roxburgh Trevor Jones Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Dan Laustsen Editing by Studio Paul Rubell 20th Century Fox Angry Films International Production Company JD Productions 20th Century Fox July 11.265. and distributed by 20th Century Fox. V for Vendetta. and Richard Roxburgh. who is also famous for Watchmen. 2003 110 minutes Germany [1] United States English $78 million $179. in the United States. and From Hell. Peta Wilson. It was directed by Stephen Norrington and starred Sean Connery. Stuart Townsend.

in Captain Nemo’s ship. On the way to Venice. but refuses to join the team. Hyde agrees. Dorian once was infatuated with Mina. To combat the Fantom. revealing him to be none other than M. Reed’s employer.000.[3] Though not popular with critics. particularly within the Victorian steampunk community. A phonograph record made by M is found. Arriving in Venice. who stowed away on Dorian’s pod. led by their leader the “Fantom”. It was intended to spawn a film franchise based on further titles in the original comic book series. 125 Plot In 1899. Quatermain has no interest in helping. Shortly after. the league are shocked when bombs planted beneath the city begin to destroy building in a domino effect but Nemo concludes they can stop the chain reaction by destroying a building out of sequence using one of the Nautilus’ missiles. The plot and general atmosphere are very far from those of the original comic book. who escape in an exploration pod. but Hyde drains the flooding water from the Nautilus’ engine rooms. Jekyll. rental revenue of $48. with both attacks marked by highly advanced weaponry (for the time) such as tanks and machine guns. Mina is revealed to be a vampire when a surviving assassin tries to take her hostage. Rider Haggard. with Dorian revealing bombs are hidden on the ship. Jekyll’s transformation formulas goes missing. Quatermain spots the Fantom and confronts him. Herman Melville. the Nautilus. the movie has a cult following. Skinner.000. who explains the Fantom plans to destroy Venice to prevent a meeting between the leaders of the world. and DVD sales as of 2003 at $36. revealing he is the traitor. albeit all adapted for the film. the men dressed as British officers kidnap German scientists and destroy a factory. Quatermain. Edgar Allan Poe. H. After capturing Hyde in Paris. and Mark Twain. and invisible thief Rodney Skinner. In London. the assassins are defeated although the Fantom escapes. Mina and Dorian take Nemo’s automobile to outrun the chain reaction with Dorian and Mina leaping out to fight the Fantom’s men. It draws on the works of Jules Verne. H. but there was little enthusiasm for a sequel due to various reasons. men dressed as German soldiers attack the Bank of England and steal Leonardo da Vinci’s layouts of Venice’s foundations. Secret Service Agent Tom Sawyer. Skinner is quickly accused of being the saboteur. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. having retired and mourns the loss of his son after his last adventure. Sawyer manages to signal for the missile to be launched and Venice is saved. damaging the ship. The Fantom and his assassins attack. Bram Stoker. only for a bomb to destroy the club. Mr.640. turning into his harmless self. Dorian and Sawyer join the team and set off to recruit their final member. and Nemo's technology. featuring an assortment of fictional literary characters appropriate to the period. Captain Nemo. Assassins arrive to kill Quatermain but he defeats them. with worldwide revenue of $179. but thanks to the presence of U. Jekyll's Hyde formula. Dr. visiting a gentlemen’s club to recruit world-renowned hunter and adventurer Allan Quatermain. Wells. The film was a box-office financial success. Mina's blood. Oscar Wilde. M sends the group to recruit their fifth member. Dorian returns to the ship and kills Nemo’s first mate Ishmael.S. Robert Louis Stevenson. The league learns of M and Dorian’s treachery. who act as Victorian Era superheroes.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) It is an action and fantasy film[2] set in the late 19th century.265. Sawyer. messages the group to follow his lead. Sanderson Reed of the British Empire ventures to Kenya. M explaining his true goal was to gather physical elements of the team (Skinner's invisible skin. his ultimate goal being to start a world war and arms race to profit from sale of his weapons. forcing Quatermain to agree to work with Reed. while he only needed Quatermain to capture Hyde) to make superhuman formulas to sell to the highest paying countries.400. but he disappears. chemist Mina Harker. Quatermain meets “M”. immortal Dorian Gray. a team of unique individuals known as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is being formed – consisting of Quatermain himself. who remains youthful while a currently missing portrait of himself ages. G. causing tension between England and Germany which could lead to war. who snuck in. Hyde.204. It eventually becomes clear there is a traitor on board when a camera’s flash powder is found in the ship’s wheelhouse and one of Dr. Quatermain bonds with Sawyer and teaches him to be a better marksman. The bombs detonate. Quatermain negotiates with him into joining the team by offering amnesty for his past crimes. Gaston Leroux. Ian Fleming. .

implying the hunter is to be resurrected as promised. "Check the local asylum. Eva had appeared in two scenes: One ended up on the cutting room floor. the witch doctor appears and uses a ritual to summon a bolt of lightning which strikes Quatermain’s grave. After Sawyer. The deleted scenes which feature Draper appear on the DVD. 126 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain Naseeruddin Shah as Captain Nemo Peta Wilson as Mina Harker Tony Curran as Rodney Skinner Stuart Townsend as Dorian Gray Shane West as Tom Sawyer Jason Flemyng as Dr. Quatermain dies but tells Sawyer to enjoy the new century. and when Connery was asked where the director could be. Skinner reveals M runs a factory where the kidnapped scientists are forced to make the superhuman formulas and weaponized versions of the Nautilus are being constructed. but is then stabbed by Moriarty who escapes out of a window with the collection of formulas. and the Czech Republic." Norrington reportedly did not like the studio supervision and is "uncomfortable" with large crews. who was believed to have died in his battle with Sherlock Holmes. A Fu Manchu character was also dropped from the script.[4] Malta. Quatermain fights Moriarty who points out Sawyer has been taken captive by an invisible Reed." Producer Don Murphy. who is revealed to be Professor James Moriarty. who described the request as a "stupid studio note. He did not attend the opening party. Quatermain shoots Reed."[7] . but the other league members recall how he said that a witch doctor would never let him die as long as he was in Africa. he is said to have replied. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde Richard Roxburgh as The Fantom / "M" / Professor James Moriarty Max Ryan as Dante Tom Goodman-Hill as Sanderson Reed David Hemmings as Nigel Terry O'Neill as Ishmael Production This movie was filmed in Hungary. Skinner and Dr. and in order that they do so.[5] A character named Eva Draper (Winter Ave Zoli). Mina goes to kill Dorian. was removed during editing but remained in some of the promotional material. the character of Tom Sawyer was added for American audiences and to give the movie some "youth appeal. Jekyll depart." later stated that the move to add Sawyer was "brilliant. the character "The Invisible Man" was changed to "An Invisible Man" since Fox was unable to obtain the rights to that character.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) The Nautilus travels to the Arctic where the league reunites with Skinner. [6] Sean Connery reportedly had many disputes with director Stephen Norrington. and Quatermain and Sawyer go after M. the formulas sinking into the icy waters below. The league break into the factory and split up to stop M – Nemo and Hyde free the scientists and their families. and she was digitally replaced with a different character in the other. Sawyer manages to use Quatermain’s teachings to shoot Moriarty dead from afar. Mina. At Fox's request. A brief fight scene featuring Tom Sawyer and the replacement character was rotoscoped into the movie. M has held the scientists' families as hostages.[7] For the script. Quatermain is buried in Kenya beside his son. Nemo. Skinner sets bombs to destroy the factory. Mina confronts Dorian and kills him by exposing his portrait to him. the daughter of German scientist Karl Draper.

the lawsuit alleged "that Mr Cohen and Mr Poll pitched the idea to Fox several times between 1993 and 1996. Anderson and released shortly before the movie. $12.[16] A 30% approval rating on Metacritic is based on 36 reviews. Some people at Fox wanted it to be released in the fall.. forcing the filmmakers to have to quickly look for another effects shop."[9][10][11] and that Fox had solicited the comics series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as a smoke screen. He also said that Norrington and Connery did not get along.000 from video rentals and $33. box office. and then.[20] DVD sales meanwhile gathered revenue of $36.S.037 in the United Kingdom. London. as an especially bitter blow. claiming the company had intentionally plagiarized their script Cast of Characters. plunges into ..033.[15] Critical reaction to the film was negative. Finally. British Film Institute. saying it 'flirts dangerously close with one-star ignominy'.000 in rentals with $14. According to the BBC.[8] 127 Lawsuit In 2003 Larry Cohen and Martin Poll filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox.465. O'Neill said that the comic book version of Allan Quatermain was a lot better than the movie version. and general lunacy. and $12. inexplicable motivations. uk/ sift/ title/ 738940). The soundtrack album was also released internationally but not in the United States. He did not recognize the characters when reading the screenplay. but according to the Los Angeles Times. References [1] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / ftvdb.[20] Other media A novelization of the movie was written by Kevin J.[7] In an interview with The Times. org. . 2012.[12] Although Fox denied the allegations as "absurd nonsense". Worldwide. which left the filmmakers little money to attract other big-name stars for the ensemble cast."[13] Reception The film did well at the U.000. bfi.[11] the case was settled out of court. under the name Cast of Characters. Fox already had Master and Commander lined up for the fall.[18] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one star out of a possible four stating "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen assembles a splendid team of heroes to battle a plan for world domination. . causes without effects.400.640."[19] Home media The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen earned a total of $48. a decision Alan Moore.[17] Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 17% based on 177 reviews.[9][10][11] It noted that the films shared public domain characters who did not appear in the comic book series.810.830.603.. according to the New York Times "took . just when it seems about to become a real corker of an adventure movie.204.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) The studio put pressure on the filmmakers for a summer release. The production ran into some trouble when a special effects set did not pan out as intended. Kevin O'Neill said he believed the film failed because it was not respectful of the source material.204 in Canada and the United States..265.033 in Spain. believing that [he] had been denied the chance to exonerate [himself].000 from DVD rentals.[14] The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen grossed an estimated $66. Retrieved November 10. effects without causes. the film took $179. with Empire magazine giving it two stars out of five whilst criticizing the film's exposition and lack of character depth.[7] Connery was paid $17 million USD for his role. opening at #2 behind Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

nytimes. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m0EIN/ is_2003_Sept_25/ ai_108157075)". [3] The Numbers: Box Office Data (http:/ / www. .corona. [16] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / www. dll/ article?AID=/ 20030711/ REVIEWS/ 307110304/ 1023). E. empireonline. 2012. [11] "Studio sued over superhero movie" (http:/ / news. Los Angeles Times.corona. htm). rottentomatoes. 2003. com/ movies/ ?page=intl& id=leagueofextraordinarygentlemen. Hungary plans huge studio. com/ reviews/ ReviewComplete. Box Office Mojo. . Retrieved 2008-05-16. Sean Connery. .' :[HOME EDITION]. Nicholas. September 25.archive. Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved 2011-05-17. webcitation.bc.com/articles/358/358223p1.allrovi. com/ 2006/ 03/ 12/ movies/ 12itzk. George Lazenby. com/ movie/ the-league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen). metacritic. [18] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / www. . bbc. 2009).org/index.13.1. Retrieved 2008-05-16. php). " The Daily Mirror [London (UK)] 30 September 2004. Business Wire.Box Office Data. com/ movies/ 2003/ TLOEG. Cast Information" (http:/ / www.imdb. 26 September 2003. Archived (http:/ / www. allmovie. boxofficemojo. . org/ 5Y9nrwowO) on 2008-05-28. [12] Barber. co. " Los Angeles Times. Allmovie. timesonline. luring film world :[HOME EDITION]. [19] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / rogerebert.ign. Archived (http:/ / www. The Numbers.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (film) [2] Tobey. [17] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / www. Los Angeles Times. uk/ tol/ arts_and_entertainment/ books/ fiction/ article5767132. [15] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen . asp?FID=9460). boxofficemojo. Calcutta Telegraph.php/The_League_of_Extraordinary_Gentlemen) . suntimes. . 17 November 2002. html). Archived from the original (http://www.ca/films/directorscut/ 001006) on 2000-12-14. [14] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / www. stm). htm). Retrieved 2011-01-31. "Interview: Kevin O'Neill reveals the secrets of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Marshal Law" (http:/ / entertainment. James Bonds. " Los Angeles Times. BBC." [9] "Gentlemen lands Fox in $100m lawsuit". ece). October 26.com/articles/317/317027p1. Retrieved 2011-05-17.6. com/ m/ league_of_extraordinary_gentlemen/ ). 2003. php) [4] "Movies. " Los Angeles Times [Los Angeles. Retrieved 2011-05-17. September 27. [7] John Horn.imfdb.com/title/tt0311429/) at the Internet Movie Database • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (http://www. Los Angeles Times [8] Owen Vaughan (February 25. Movie News. 2004. com/ apps/ pbcs. Calif. Box Office Mojo.E. the-numbers. [10] " Producer and Writer File $100 Million Lawsuit Against 20th Century-Fox (http:/ / findarticles.org/web/20001214100900/http://www.html) • "Early review of the "LXG" script" (http://web. co. 39 [13] Itzkoff. Retrieved 2011-05-17. .ign.com/movies/movie/v281053) at AllRovi • Article at FilmForce about the film (http://filmforce. "Movies. p. 14 July 2003. "Notices: Cinema opening this week". Saturday.9.Foreign Gross" (http:/ / www. Roger Moore. 2003. 128 External links • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (http://www. Metacritic. New York Times. . David (March 12. "Heroic effort?. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ film/ 3141720. . ca/films/directorscut/001006). Flixster. Retrieved 2011-05-17. webcitation. Rotten Tomatoes. Matthew. com/ movies/ 2003/ TLOEG. Retrieved November 10. "HAS SEAN MADE HIS LAST MOVIE? .E. . Empire magazine. Times Online. • Stax's review at IGN of a revised version of the script (http://movies. . Mystery as 007 legend quits film role :[SCOTS Edition]. 2006). "The Vendetta Behind 'V for Vendetta'" (http:/ / www. Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan: 007s who've saved the world in her majesty's service :[HOME EDITION]. The Independent on Sunday (London).bc. "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (http:/ / www. [5] Bill Desowitz. Audiences are the last hurdle for a beleaguered 'League. com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=leagueofextraordinarygentlemen. [20] "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen .html) • Internet Movie Firearms Database: Description of firearms used in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (http://www. [6] STUART CAMERON. Retrieved 2011-05-17. the-numbers. Bonds.] June 4. org/ 5XrcV3T8s) on 2008-05-16. com/ movie/ the-league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen-v281053). "They changed the whole balance by marginalising Mina and making her a vampire.

[1][2] Cast Storyline 1: • • • • • • Alfred Molina as Chandler Manning. by John Brahm in 1944. the troubled detective[1][2] Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda. filmed previously by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927. by Maurice Elvey in 1932. her husband[1] . Plot The film follows two parallel storylines. one being about a troubled detective (Molina) who plays a cat-and-mouse game with an unknown killer. his rookie partner[1] Philip Baker Hall as the Police Chief Lancer Dean Shull as the Internal Affairs Officer who suspends Chandler Manning from his duties.The Lodger (2009 film) 129 The Lodger (2009 film) The Lodger Directed by Produced by Written by David Ondaatje David Ondaatje Michael Mailer Marie Belloc Lowndes (novel) David Ondaatje Alfred Molina Rachael Leigh Cook Hope Davis Simon Baker John Frizzell Starring Music by Cinematography David A. Armstrong Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language William Flicker Stage 6 Films • January 23. his daughter[1] Mel Harris as Margaret. It is based on the novel The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes. Storyline 2: • Hope Davis as Ellen Bunting. 2009 95 minutes United States English The Lodger is a 2009 mystery/thriller film directed by David Ondaatje and starring Alfred Molina. and as Man in the Attic (1953) directed by Hugo Fregonese. Hope Davis and Simon Baker. and the other being about an emotionally disturbed landlady and her relationship with her enigmatic "lodger" (Simon Baker). the emotionally disturbed landlady[1][2] • Donal Logue as Joe Bunting. his wife[1] Shane West as Street Wilkenson.

Retrieved 2008-10-21. Davis join 'Lodger' redo" (http:/ / www. php?id=7305). [3] Turek. com/ news/ topnews.metacritic.com. Retrieved 2012-08-06. variety. 2009 in limited release in New York and Los Angeles. shocktillyoudrop. External links • The Lodger (http://www. Ryan. [2] Tatiana Siegel (2007-10-25). "Lodger Goes Theatrical in January" (http:/ / shocktillyoudrop. the mysterious stranger who becomes their "lodger"[1] 130 Release The film premiered on January 23.com. 2009. Shocktillyoudrop. php?id=8991).imdb. "The Lodger Redo Goes to DVD" (http:/ / www.[1] References [1] Turek.com/title/tt0851530/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Lodger (http://www. html?categoryid=13& cs=1& query=the+ lodger). com/ news/ topnews. . Retrieved 2012-08-06.com/movie/lodger) at Metacritic . com/ article/ VR1117974769. Ryan (2008-12-23). . .The Lodger (2009 film) • Simon Baker as Malcolm Slaight. Shocktillyoudrop.[3] and was released on DVD on February 10. "Molina. Variety.

Soon the woman begins to exhibit weirdly irrational behavior as the thin line between sanity and possession begins to unravel. 'Weeds'). Cast • • • • • • Tony Curran as The Man In Black Justin Kirk as The Man Deobia Oparei as Woodsman Mira Sorvino as The Woman Muse Watson as Mr. This film is the directorial debut for Tom Provost. a woman (Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino) travels to an isolated cabin where she finds herself stalked by an apparition (Shane West) who has come to inhabit her space as his own. the dark spirit's haunting grows more obsessive.[1] Plot In this darkly romantic ghost story. Browman Shane West as Ghost .The Presence (film) 131 The Presence (film) The Presence "Don't Believe Everything You Hear" Directed by Produced by Tom Provost Brandon Blake Dan Myrick Tom Rice Tom Provost Marcus Randall Harrell Wells Conrad Pope Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Collin Brink Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Cecily Rhett Lionsgate • • August 2010 (Rhode Island) Film Festival 87 Mins United States English The Presence is a 2010 horror thriller film written and directed by Tom Provost. With the unexpected arrival of the woman's boyfriend (Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk.

net.com/title/tt1298594/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Presence (http://www. Shane West stars as Crash. . culminating in his December 1980 suicide. focusing on Crash's mysterious "five-year plan".776 [1] What We Do Is Secret is a 2007 American biographical film about Darby Crash. Red Rover Films and King Records as well as being independently produced and . while Rick Gonzalez. and Don Bolles.” and the time to come across the film’s lead. The film is titled after the lead track on the Germs' (GI) album. Shane West. his homosexual relationship with Rob Henley (played by Ashton Holmes). singer of the late-1970s Los Angeles punk rock band the Germs. Lorna Doom. "Film Review: The Presence (2010)" (http:/ / horrornews.”[2] The film was produced by Rhino Films.com/m/the_presence_2010/) at Rotten Tomatoes What We Do Is Secret (film) What We Do Is Secret Directed by Produced by Rodger Grossman Stephen Nemeth Matthew Perniciaro Todd Traina Kevin Mann Screenplay by Rodger Grossman Story by Starring Michelle Baer Ghaffari Shane West Bijou Phillips Rick Gonzalez Noah Segan Distributed by Peace Arch Entertainment Release date(s) • • June 23.The Presence (film) 132 References [1] Bruce Kooken (2011-02-20). and Noah Segan respectively portray Germs members Pat Smear. External links • Official website (http://www. Rodger Grossman directed the film and wrote the screenplay. The film follows the formation and career of the Germs.imdb. 2008 (United States) Running time Country Language Box office 92 minutes United States English $58. Bijou Phillips. Grossman stated that the extended process was "actually a blessing in disguise". net/ 31025/ film-review-the-presence-2010/ ).thepresencemovie.com) • The Presence (http://www. Retrieved 2011-11-05. based on a story he had written with Michelle Baer Ghaffari. it provided him the chance to conduct “thousands of hours of original interviews. and his experimentation with heroin. There was almost a decade of production of the film. 2007 (Los Angeles Film Festival) August 8. considering how it was beset by changes in production staff and adjustments in casting. Picture Machine. an actor he feels “did a masterful job capturing Crash on film.rottentomatoes. HorrorNews. a friend of Crash's and co-producer of the film.

then organizes a Germs "farwell show" at the Starwood Club in December 1980 with Pat. and Darby and Rob begin experimenting with heroin. while Belinda bows out of the band. Darby returns to Los Angeles with an Adam Ant-inspired fashion and a tall mohawk. as well as the "Germs burn". Terri becomes Lorna Doom. (GI). The Germs build an audience at The Masque and advance to larger venues. 133 Plot Jan Paul Beahm (Shane West) grows up in Los Angeles through a troubled childhood: He does not know his biological father. a symbolic circular cigarette burn on the wrist. In December 1975.What We Do Is Secret (film) financed. The band plays at the Whisky a Go Go on December 23. Jan Paul comes up with the name Germs. Chris Ashford (Keir O'Donnell) becomes their manager and presses their "Forming" single. Belinda Carlisle (Lauren German). . Pat receives the news as he is watching reports of the assassination of John Lennon. with Pat reading a poem titled "Astrid" that Darby had written near the band's outset. and when a woman named Amber (Missy Doty) begins doting on Darby and declares herself his manager. Penelope Spheeris (Michele Hicks) features the Germs in her film The Decline of Western Civilization. 2007. he enters into a suicide pact with Casey Cola (Azura Skye): The two intentionally overdose on heroin. Finding Rob having sex with Gerber (Randi Newton). They recruit Terri Ryan (Bijou Phillips). the first punk rock single from Los Angeles. 1977: As they are heckling The Damned outside the Whisky a Go Go. and when Don is late Darby replaces him with Rob. who becomes their new drummer.P. for "Germs Incognito". The Germs play their first gig April 16. you're not gonna see this again. and Becky Barton (Amy Halloran) for the group and con money for instruments. Jan Paul renames himself Bobby Pyn. as does violence at the Germs' shows. The Germs give an impropmtu performance of their song "Sex Boy". showing him potential lyrics and claiming to have a "five-year plan" inspired by the David Bowie song "Five Years". and his older brother dies from a heroin overdose. 1979 under the name GI. with Darby telling the crowd "This is for the people who wanted to know what it was like when we were around. and Don. but soon changes this to Darby Crash. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 23." Alone and despondent after the show. where his antisocial behavior leads the administration to give him straight A's if he agrees not to return. Darby's heroin use increases. Lorna. He is an avid reader and develops into a "frighteningly intelligent" student at University High School. But this is the only one. Claude "Kickboy Face" Bessy (Sebastian Roché) of Slash magazine suggests that they perform at an open mic across the street. playing a chaotic show at the Roosevelt Hotel on October 31. Darby's funeral is sparsely attended. the band is thrown out but excited by the experience. his mother is an alcoholic. At The Masque the Germs meet Don Bolles (Noah Segan). representing the germination of an idea.[3] and is being distributed theatrically and on video by Peace Arch Entertainment beginning August 2008. and Becky plays drums. Tensions mount between Don and Rob over the band's direction. at age 17. Jan Paul comes up with pseudonyms for the members: Georg becomes Pat Smear. The show goes well. and the two begin a homosexual relationship. Tensions rise as Rob convinces Darby that Don's drumming is not fast enough. Jan Paul responds by throwing flour at them and dipping the microphone in peanut butter. The Germs appear on Rodney Bingenheimer (J. He sings while Georg plays guitar. but do not know how to play their instruments and are heckled by the audience. 1978. Darby effectively breaks up the Germs by taking off with Amber to London for several months. Rob does not know how to play. Becky is soon kicked out and the band goes through a series of replacements. Darby comes up with the Germs' logo. and they are banned from most clubs in Los Angeles. he proposes to his friend Georg Ruthenberg (Rick Gonzalez) that they start a band. Darby is upset to learn that Don has started a side project. however. Darby also meets Rob Henley (Ashton Holmes). Terri plays bass guitar. where he becomes a fan of Adam and the Ants. and the show is aborted when the crowd riots. and Becky becomes Donna Rhia. Manoux)'s radio program and convince Slash to fund their album. He enlists Pat for his Darby Crash Band. a blue circle. Casey survives while Darby does not.

a KROQ-FM disc jockey who features the Germs on his program "Rodney on the ROQ". The film focuses on Darby and his mysterious "five-year plan". a middle-aged woman who dotes on Darby and becomes his manager. Manoux as Rodney Bingenheimer. • Tina Majorino as Michelle Baer Ghaffari. James Tweedy. who takes Darby in after his return from London and enters into a suicide pact with him. helping to get their debut single "Forming" pressed and negotiating gigs for them at The Masque. and Jorma Vik respectively play the roles of Black Flag members Dez Cadena. Sensible and Vanian are heckled by the Germs outside The Whisky and are present for their first live performance. and John Westernoff as Nickey Beat. using the pseudonym Dottie Danger. about which he gives only cryptic answers. playing a cover version of the Germs' "Sex Boy" with Rich Moreno playing the role of Tomata du Plenty. German had previously worked with West in the 2002 film A Walk to Remember. The Bronx perform as Black Flag. • Ray Park as Brendan Mullen. Two Los Angeles punk rock bands of the 2000s perform in the film as bands of the late 1970s. the Germs' original drummer. • Rick Gonzalez as Pat Smear. • J. Darby's homosexual partner who longs to be the Germs' drummer and thus vies with Don for Darby's approval. He reads Darby's lyrics while working at the record store Licorice Pizza and is impressed enough to manage the band. and Robo. to the detestment of the other band members. • Amy Halloran as Becky Barton/Donna Rhia. Joby J. • Keir O'Donnell as Chris Ashford. • Lauren German as Belinda Carlisle. In reality Carlisle was briefly instated as the Germs' drummer. • Missy Doty as Amber. and played on the "Forming" single. He and Darby found the Germs together as high school friends. a close friend of Darby and the band. Chris Pontius as Black Randy. • Azura Skye as Casey Cola. singer for The Damned. manager of The Masque who allows the Germs to play there and later books them at the Roosevelt Hotel. He is accepted into the band after driving all the way from Arizona to join them and demonstrating considerable musical skill. The Bronx members Matt Caughthran. bassist for The Damned. • Noah Segan as Don Bolles. Additional minor roles were played by Kylan James as The Damned's drummer Rat Scabies. the Germs' manager. • Bijou Phillips as Lorna Doom. a documentary film director who features the Germs in The Decline of Western Civilization. • Ozzy Benn as Captain Sensible. Ford. and co-wrote the story for What We Do Is Secret with director Rodger Grossman. the Germs' bassist and a close friend of Darby's. • Michele Hicks as Penelope Spheeris. The Mae Shi perform as The Screamers in The Masque scene. the leader and singer of the Germs. but never actually played with the band due to a bout of mononucleosis. Chuck Dukowski. the Germs' most consistent drummer.What We Do Is Secret (film) 134 Cast • Shane West as Darby Crash. opening for the Darby Crash Band by performing "Police Story".P. and he later also joins the short-lived Darby Crash Band. The real Baer Ghaffari was briefly the Germs' drummer. . Anna Waronker as Joan Jett. though she survives the attempt. the Germs' guitarist. played three shows with the Germs. • Christopher Boyd as Dave Vanian. a music journalist for Slash who becomes an avid supporter of the Germs. who is briefly a formative member of the Germs but bows out due to a fear of performing. Giddle Partridge as Dinah Cancer of Vox Pop and 45 Grave. Randi Newton as Germs fan Gerber. • Ashton Holmes as Rob Henley. • Sebastian Roché as Claude "Kickboy Face" Bessy. The young Darby in the film's opening scenes is played by Jonathan Milliken. She was replaced by Becky Barton and went on to front The Go-Go's and become a solo artist. In reality Barton replaced the ill Belinda Carlisle. Greg Ginn.

[2] The financing of the film came from personal investments. The new band of actors slowly came together. to ensure authenticity.[4] West's strong connection to the material. used by the cast as synch tracks during production.[4] The film was shot on location in Silver Lake. Filming Filming began in 2005. AFI Film School graduate and LA native Rodger Grossman. the Foo Fighters and many other bands. a friend of Darby’s.[5][6] After a stressful false start in production. The Baby Germs handed their instruments over to the original Germs. none of the other cast members had ever played musical instruments. Pat Smear also produced the recordings of the other bands that perform in the movie—the Mae Shi performed as The Screamers. Grossman stayed committed to the film. was chosen and played the role of Darby's mother who was briefly discussed during one of the more documentary sequences during the start of the movie. set out to create an authentic story about the formative years of The Germs. The film was shot guerrilla-style in a total of twenty-one days and in three production periods over a two-year period. primarily at Occidental Studios. . who was seventeen years old at the time.[4] Casting David Arquette was initially considered for the role of Darby Crash. who ultimately became a member of Nirvana. For example. who auditioned with his own pop-punk band Jonny Was.[4] Shane West. illustrating the control Darby had over his audience. who were in attendance. Smear rehearsed with the band and produced all the pre-recordings that were used in the movie. and West. to play Lorna Doom." The music in the film was recorded during pre-production. Although The Germs project experienced several setbacks and false starts over a nine-year period. a personal friend of Mr. Then the original Germs. who played guitar (but not bass guitar). California. At the party the actors who portrayed the band (the Baby Germs) entertained the crew by playing a few of The Germs’ tracks on stage. suggesting the lackluster effect that the band had on the audience. Intent on making the music in his film sound authentic. With the exception of Phillips. West worked on the film and on getting more financing for it." Smear went on to affectionately refer to the cast as the "Baby Germs. West had tooth veneers applied in order to make his teeth look like Crash's. Grossman asked Smear to help his actors learn to play their instruments.[7] During the hiatus between seasons of ER. convinced Grossman to choose West over many other contenders. As the film progresses. who continued to jam with West on vocals. was the music producer for the film. joined the Baby Germs on stage. in a scene depicting one of the band’s first shows.[4] including Shane West himself. was ultimately chosen as Darby Crash. utilizing the other original members of the Germs. Grossman used multiple camera positions to convey the significance of the band in relation to the audience. Los Angeles. Phillips stayed committed to the project for the entire time it took to bring the film into production. the cast and crew held a wrap party to celebrate the un-shot film. where Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford once made movies. West and the other actors who portrayed the Germs' members trained for 3 months for the concert scenes with the help of the Germs' real members. The result was an unexpected Germs reunion with Shane West as front man. along with his own experience as the lead singer of a pop-punk band.[8] Grossman cast Bjiou Phillips. Grossman. Grossman changes the camera’s position to make the stage higher relative to the audience. Pat Smear (the original guitar player in the band). All wardrobe and makeup was supervised by Michelle Baer-Ghaffari.What We Do Is Secret (film) 135 Development and production Inspired by Penelope Spheeris' The Decline of Western Civilization and the punk rock scene of Los Angeles. and The Bronx performed as Black Flag. who had experience as a singer.[4] Heather Mallow. Bolles and Doom. Pat Smear said: "These kids will be as good as we were when we were bad…which is good enough. which were recorded on-set. the camera looks down on Darby. but he moved on to other projects. and finally married with West’s live vocals.

"[16] Eric Campos from Film Threat said that "These actors and many more make What We Do Is Secret an absolute blast to watch and they do an undeniably perfect job of recreating this notorious scene. many critics praised Shane West's performance as Darby Crash many have even noted that West bears a strong resemblance to Crash. are very strong. unwavering perspective on Crash that should entice curiosity seekers and old punks." Sara Cardance of New York Magazine said "The amateur vibe suits the subject matter."[13] Phil Gallo from Variety praised both West and Grossman saying they both "have a clear.[17] Music Soundtrack album .2 out of 10 making the film a "certified rotten" on the website's rating system. Ken Fink from TV Guide said "Shane West does a pretty impressive impersonation of the on-stage antics of Darby Crash".I. This was seen with Jim Emerson from the Chicago Sun-Times review with him saying "Where What We Do Is Secret succeeds is in the performances which sometimes expose a stilted."[14] Pauline Pechin from Premiere thought that West played Darby Crash to a tee and kept on saying in fact.[11] Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer said that West had a "terrific performance" and noted he also "bears an uncanny resemblance to Darby Crash. amateurish strain that's oddly in tune with the characters' D. Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 43% of critics gave the film a positive review based on 47 reviews.Y. it is Shane West "who lifts the film to a whole other level" as he brings "multiple layers of insight and nuance". David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle spoke highly of West saying that even though some of the supporting performances such a Bijou Phillips and Rick Gonzalez.[15] Some critics also praised some of the supporting actors' performances as well as the cast performances as a whole." Home media What We Do Is Secret was released on DVD on November 4.What We Do Is Secret (film) 136 Release Critical response What We Do is Secret received mixed reviews. it's an impersonation worth saluting.[10] Although the film received mixed critical reviews. and the young cast rises to the challenge. his performance was so believable that he's currently on tour with the reformed Germs as the lead singer.[9] On Metacritic it has a weighted score of 54 out of 100. which it ranks as "Mixed to Average Reviews". aesthetic. with an average score of 5. based on 18 critics. The site's consensus is: "Despite its dynamic subject and reckless anti-glamor. 2008." John Hartl from the Seattle Times said that "While What We Do Is Secret may not be remembered for much more than West's performance."[12] Nora Lee Mandel from Film-Forward.com said that "West is magnetic trying to fill the gaps in the pop psychology insight into how the Germs' brief candle burned out so fast. this biopic about the legendary punk rocker Darby Crash fails to translate the excitement its subject generated.

written by Darby Crash and Pat Smear "Queen Bitch". 1977) 6. written by Don Bolles "New Dawn Fades" by Joy Division. and Michael LeBlanc Alice Cooper Shane West. Stephen Morris. "Lexicon Devil" (originally performed by the Germs) Crash. and Bernard Sumner . Patricia Rainone Crash. and Pat Smear The Weirdos Germs with Shane West X Germs with Shane West Germs with Shane West David Bowie Length 4:43 3:08 2:25 2:12 2:39 2:04 2:47 1:46 2:20 2:41 3:39 5:21 3:08 2:57 Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Bijou Phillips. which appears on the soundtrack album. written and performed by David Bowie "Neat Neat Neat" by The Damned. Smear Bowie Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. glam rock Lakeshore Pat Smear No. "Manimal" 11. Smear Cliff Roman Crash. written by John Doe and Exene Cervenka "Righteous Dub" by Mad Professor. John Doe Crash. Penelope Houston Crash. Bob Ezrin Performer David Bowie Shane West. Additional songs used in the film that do not appear on the soundtrack album include: • • • • • • • • • "We Must Bleed" and "What We Do Is Secret" by the Germs. "Shut Down (Annihilation Man)". 1979) 8. "Sex Boy" (originally performed by the Germs) 7. Smear Alice Armendariz. Smear Exene Cervenka. "Richie Dagger's Crime". "My Tunnel" 14. "Lexicon Devil". "Survive" (from "Survive". written by Ian Curtis. written by William Ranson and Richard Whitney "Adult Books" by X. Bijou Phillips. 2008 Punk rock. Alice Cooper. Bijou Phillips. "We Are the One" (from We Are the One. Lukas Haas. "Five Years" (from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Writer(s) David Bowie Darby Crash. written and performed by Paul Roessler "Gidget Goes to Hell" by Suburban Lawns. Pat Smear Michael Bruce.What We Do Is Secret (film) 137 What We Do Is Secret: Origial Motion Picture Soundtrack Soundtrack album by Lakeshore Records Released Genre Label Producer September 30. the team of Shane West. Bijou Phillips. "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide" (from The Rise and Fall of Daniel O'Brien. Lukas Haas. 1972) In addition to "Forming". Greg Ingraham. Lukas Haas. "You Drive Me Nervous" (from Killer. The Bronx also performs the Black Flag song "Police Story". "Life of Crime" (from Destroy All Music. "We Must Bleed" 13. 1972) 2. and "Lion's Share" in the film. "Circle One" (originally performed by the Germs) 9. 1980) 12. Smear 5. 1971) 4. Smear Crash. Peter Hook. "Nausea" (from Los Angeles. 1977) 10. "Forming" (originally performed by the Germs) 3. Lukas Haas. Title 1. written by Neil Fraser "Just Like You" by Vox Pop. James Wisley. and Michael LeBlanc also perform the Germs songs "Circle One". written by Brian James "Taliban". and Pat Smear Avengers The Mae Shi with Paul Roessler The Bags Shane West.

com/movies/germ_warfare/ Content?oid=815948) • • • • . .What We Do Is Secret (film) • "Bloodstains" by Agent Orange.Movie Review and Showtimes" (http:/ / nymag. External links • What We Do Is Secret (http://www. 2007). . August (December 27. . . "Movie review: Germs' toxic 'Secret'" (http:/ / www. 'new' Germs spreading" (http:/ / www. variety. "With Shane West. 2013. the-numbers. com/ movie/ what-we-do-is-secret). "While You Were Sleeping. San Francisco Chronicle. [10] "What We Do is Secret" (http:/ / www.allrovi. Retrieved January 7. TV Guide. . [17] "DVD Releases for November 4. 2013. com/ 2007/ 06/ while-you-were-sleeping-shane-west. [4] Spitz. com/ html/ movies/ 2008245197_mr10secret. . The Numbers. New York Magazine. .filmthreat. Metacritic. 2013. [7] Brown. .com. [15] Fox. com/ 2008-08-29/ entertainment/ 24991221_1_time-line-rodger-grossman-punk-scene). Fred (June 22. 2007). Retrieved January 7. Los Angeles Times. com/ movies/ ?id=whatwedoissecret. com/ listings/ movie/ what-we-do-is-secret/ ). boston. . . rottentomatoes.com/arts/art_article.com/movies/movie/v336139) at AllRovi Reviews FilmJerk.php?id_rev=1225) Film Threat Review (http://www.eastbayexpress. 2008). Retrieved January 7. 2007). Retrieved January 7. Retrieved January 7. Marc (August 3. written by Mike Palm 138 References [1] "What We Do Is Secret" (http:/ / www. November 3. com/ ae/ movies/ articles/ 2008/ 08/ 29/ after_15_years_his_secret_is_out/ ?page=2). 2007). Retrieved 2010-05-03. "Shane West Exclusive Interview NIKITA" (http:/ / collider. Shane West Somehow Got Cast As Darby Crash" (http:/ / theplaylist. [13] Hartl. . 2008" (http:/ / www. Sara. [5] Yao. 2013. Philadelphia Inquirer. 2013. latimes. com/ interactive/ newsStory. com/ 2007/ jun/ 22/ entertainment/ et-secret22). Retrieved January 7. . Retrieved January 7. com/ review/ VE1117934264/ ). Phil (July 25. latimes. . 2008). html). com/ bbcom/ news/ article_display. [2] Billboard Article About the Film (http:/ / www. Seattle Times.php?sec=film& article=543) • Germ Warfare . 2013. Carrie (August 29. Boston. The Playlist. Variety. com/ 2007/ dec/ 27/ entertainment/ gd-music27). 2013. 2013. 2013. philly. blogspot. Christina (September 7.com/reviews/article. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved January 7. 2011. 2008). tvguide. Blogspot. php?newsID=3802). David (August 29. Collider. Retrieved January 7. htm). [11] Wiegand.com. [14] Gallo. "A Phoenix of a Film Exhumes a Punk Prince" (http:/ / www. [6] Perez. 2013. 2013. [12] Rickey. boxofficemojo. html). 2008. Retrieved January 7. 2008). 2013.The Bay Area Reporter (http://ebar. com/ movies/ article/ Movie-review-Germs-toxic-Secret-3197486.filmjerk. Retrieved January 7.com/index. 2010). Retrieved October 13. "What We Do Is Secret . The New York Times. Rodrigo (June 25. Flixster. "No secrets. "After 15 years. Box Office Mojo. Laura Yao (August 28. . html). billboard. [9] "What We Do is Secret" (http:/ / www. 2008).popmatters. jsp?vnu_content_id=1001017612) [3] Schruers. Retrieved January 7. his 'Secret' is out" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0384683/) at the Internet Movie Database • What We Do Is Secret (http://www. Ken. articles. sfgate. Los Angeles Times. [8] Radish. nytimes. metacritic. php). com/ m/ what_we_do_is_secret/ ). com/ secret/ review/ 294907). . "Resurrecting legacy of doomed punker Darby Crash" (http:/ / articles. ""What We Do Is Secret": A standout bad-boy performance in conventional punk-and-drugs biopic" (http:/ / seattletimes. "What We Do Is Secret: Review" (http:/ / movies.com/pm/review/62678/what-we-do-is-secret/) Gay Punk-Rocker Tragedy . simply a time line" (http:/ / articles. 2013. . John (October 9. [16] Cardace.com Review (http://www. Retrieved January 7. Retrieved January 7.php?section=reviews&Id=10130) Photo gallery from the movie (http://www.imdb. com/ shane-west-interview-nikita/ 47692/ ).Easy Bay Express (http://www. "What We Do Is Secret" (http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 08/ 03/ movies/ 03spit. 2013.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. but then realizes Ryan has a change of heart. Marla Sokoloff. He realizes Ashley is not meant for him. Plot Ryan (Shane West) is a bit of a geek with eyes for the school sex bomb. and tries to convince Maggie about Chris's affection for her. The film is based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac. and Chris advises Ryan to treat Ashley like dirt. and James Franco. a cute intellectual girl. So begins a two-headed variation on Cyrano de Bergerac. Ashley (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe). which seems to be the only way to get her attention. Chris comes on too strong. Ryan composes soulful e-mails for Chris. and he offers to help Ryan win Ashley if Ryan will help Chris with Maggie. But as they start to succeed. and Ryan is too nervous to be a jerk. Ryan begins to see Maggie in a new light and wonders if he's pursuing the right girl. Maggie (Marla Sokoloff). Maggie is reluctant to take him "back" at first. At first. which induces cringing in his neighbor and best friend. It was first released in America on 31 March 2000. 2000 Running time Country Language 94 minutes United States English Whatever It Takes is a teen comedy starring Shane West.Whatever It Takes (2000 film) 139 Whatever It Takes (2000 film) Whatever It Takes Promotional poster Directed by Produced by David Raynr Matt Berenson Bill Brown Victoria Dee Paul Schiff Mark Schwahn Mark Schwahn Shane West Marla Sokoloff Jodi Lyn O'Keefe James Franco Aaron Paul Julia Sweeney Colin Hanks Kip Pardue Written by Starring Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date(s) March 31. neither finds it easy to change their ways. But popular jock Chris (James Franco) has his eye on Maggie. .

It was released in Australia later that year.Whatever It Takes (2000 film) 140 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Shane West as Ryan Woodman James Franco as Chris Campbell Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Ashley Grant Marla Sokoloff as Maggie Carter Julia Sweeney as Kate Woodman Aaron Paul as Floyd Colin Hanks as Cosmo Kip Pardue as Harris Manu Intiraymi as Dunleavy Richard Schiff as P. nytimes.E Teacher Scott Vickaryous as Stu Nick Cannon as Chess Club Kid DVD Whatever It Takes was first released on DVD in North America in August 2000. com/ title/ tt0202402/ [2] http:/ / query. then released in the UK in 2001. com/ gst/ fullpage. imdb. html?res=9C06E5DA143DF937A15750C0A9669C8B63& scp=9& sq=Whatever+ It+ Takes+ franco . External links • Whatever It Takes [1] at the Internet Movie Database • New York Times review [2] References [1] http:/ / www.

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php?title=File:MandyMoore1.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index. Licenses and Contributors 145 Image Sources.png  License: Trademarked  Contributors: User:Xeworlebi File:LyndsyFonescaMaggieQCraigSilversteinSDCCJuly10.org/w/index.0  Contributors: mirwav File:Flag of the United Kingdom.wikipedia.wikipedia. 2011.wikipedia.php?title=File:Ocean's11Cast.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index._2011.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_States.php?title=File:Once_and_Again_logo.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie File:Mandy_Moore_2011.wikipedia.com/photos/ygx/ Image:Ocean's11Cast.svg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Shane_West_2010.Image Sources.org/w/index.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie.flickr.php?title=File:LyndsyFonescaMaggieQCraigSilversteinSDCCJuly10.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: ABC File:Patsmear.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.jpg  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors File:Shane West 2010.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Cameron Yee at http://www.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index. Good Olfactory.0  Contributors: Susie Jay File:Mandy Moore.php?title=File:Amanda_Moore.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.wikipedia .0  Contributors: aphrodite-in-nyc from new york city File:MandyMoore1.0  Contributors: Mingle MediaTV at http://www.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Nikita_2010_Intertitle.org/w/index.flickr. Mifter File:Flag of the United States. USAF File:Once and Again logo.com/photos/minglemediatv File:Amanda Moore.org/w/index.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Original uploader was Andrewbootlegger at en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Mandy_Moore.php?title=File:Mandy_Moore_2011.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Tanaya M.php?title=File:Patsmear.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia. Harms.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:The_Germs_at_Sala_Boite_Madrid_12-18-09.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0  Contributors: Greg Hernandez File:The Germs at Sala Boite Madrid 12-18-09.wikipedia.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.0  Contributors: MingleMediaTVNetwork File:Nikita 2010 Intertitle.

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