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The Jim Piddock Handbook - Everything you need to know about Jim Piddock

The Jim Piddock Handbook - Everything you need to know about Jim Piddock

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James Anthony "Jim" Piddock (born 8 April 1956) is an English actor, writer, and producer who began his career on the stage in England, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1981.This book is your ultimate resource for Jim Piddock. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Jim Piddock's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Jim Piddock, A Different Loyalty, A Mighty Wind, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Best in Show (film), Blood Simple, Dead Space: Downfall, Epic Movie, Eric Idle, Family Tree (TV series), For Your Consideration (film), Mad About You, Present Laughter, See This Movie, She Creature, The Five-Year Engagement, The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure 73…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
James Anthony "Jim" Piddock (born 8 April 1956) is an English actor, writer, and producer who began his career on the stage in England, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1981.This book is your ultimate resource for Jim Piddock. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Jim Piddock's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Jim Piddock, A Different Loyalty, A Mighty Wind, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Best in Show (film), Blood Simple, Dead Space: Downfall, Epic Movie, Eric Idle, Family Tree (TV series), For Your Consideration (film), Mad About You, Present Laughter, See This Movie, She Creature, The Five-Year Engagement, The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure 73…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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Jim Piddock


Jim Piddock
Jim Piddock
Born James Anthony Piddock 8 April 1956 Rochester, Kent, England, United Kingdom Occupation Actor

Years active 1985–present

James Anthony "Jim" Piddock (born 8 April 1956) is an English actor, writer, and producer who began his career on the stage in England, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1981.

Personal life
Piddock was born in Rochester, Kent, the son of Celia Mary (née O'Callaghan) and Charles Frederick Piddock.[1] After completing his tertiary studies at Worth Abbey, a Benedictine boarding school in the south of England, Piddock attended London University, gaining an Honors degree in English literature. Piddock began his acting career on the stage in the UK, before emigrating to the U.S in his early twenties. He made his U.S theatrical debut in The Boy's Own Story in 1982. A number of film and television credits followed, most notably several Christopher Guest films, including Best in Show and For Your Consideration.

Stage career
Piddock made his theatrical debut in the U.S. in The Boy's Own Story, a one-man show about a football (soccer) goalkeeper, at the Julian Theatre in San Francisco. The show won Piddock the Bay Area Critics' Best Actor Award. The show was then produced Off-Broadway. That same year (1982), he was cast in Noël Coward's Present Laughter, and other Broadway and Off-Broadway shows followed, including the original US production of Noises Off, The Knack at the Roundabout Theatre, Make and Break, and Design For Living. "I spent the first few years of my career pretty much doing nothing but stage work. I started in rep companies in England then did a one-man show in the U.S which led very quickly to doing several Broadway shows. I got very lucky early on. They were fun shows to do. I was in the first ever production of ‘Noises off’ in America and my first ever job in New York was being directed by and appearing with George C. Scott", Piddock said.[2] In the '80s, Piddock moved to Los Angeles where he pursued work in Television. In November 2007, he was seen onstage at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, starring in a work-in-progress production of What About Dick? alongside an all British expat cast, including Billy Connolly, Tim [3] Curry, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Emily Mortimer and Tracey Ullman. When that play finally officially [4] premiered in 2012, he was again in the cast. He also appeared in 2009 at the Montalban Theatre and on Broadway in "An Evening Without Monty Python".

Jim Piddock


Television career
Following a successful stint as a stage performer, Piddock started successfully carving out a career for himself as a TV actor. "I’d always wanted to end up working in film and TV. I guess I could have stayed in New York and probably had a long and fruitful career in the theatre but in the mid-1980’s I felt like it was time to change gears and I’d certainly not been short-changed in terms of getting to perform live", Piddock said of his transition into television.[5] Piddock is well-known for his many, varied performances on a vast array of hit TV series. His most recognized character would be that of Paul and Jamie's neighbour, Hal Conway on Mad About You'. Piddock's other TV credits include The Tracey Ullman Show, Coach, Max Headroom, The Twilight Zone, Murder She Wrote, Angel, Yes Dear, ER, Friends, The Geena Davis Show, Crossing Jordan, The Drew Carey Show, Lost, Monk, Without A Trace, Dollhouse, Party Down, Childrens Hospital and Castle. He also starred in several TV film and mini-series, including From The Earth To The Moon, A Mom For Christmas, She Creature on HBO and The Women Of Windsor. He also created, wrote and produced the BBC series Too Much Sun.

Film career
Piddock made his film debut in director Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon 2, in 1989, as the South African consulate. Other film roles followed, including Independence Day, Traces Of Red, Multiplicity, Burn Hollywood Burn, Austin Powers 3, A Different Loyalty, Love For Rent, See This Movie, The Prestige, Epic Movie, Who's Your Caddy?, and The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. He has also appeared in the Christopher Guest comedies Best In Show (as the Dog Show commentator with Fred Willard), A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. He has also produced and/or wrote a number of films, including Traces Of Red, One Good Turn, A Different Loyalty, The Man and Tooth Fairy. Piddock's regularly asked if he'll hang up his actor skivvy to become a full-time screenwriter, but says loves both acting and writing equally so wants to continue to do both. Said Piddock, "Each satisfies a different creative and psychological side of whatever the hell it is that I do. But if you held a gun to my head and said you can only earn a living from only one of them? Well... I'd say acting. Because it's a hell of a lot easier! And, to be honest, I can do it a lot more effortlessly. But it's a tough call because there's also nothing more satisfying and gratifying than completing a new screenplay, or even a good day's writing."[6]

Voice work
"I started doing voice-over commercials when I was working in New York", Piddock has said.[7] "I was actually one of the first voices of Virgin airlines, believe it or not. Then when I came to L.A, I began doing more animation and video game stuff." As a voice actor, Piddock provided the voice of Major Zero in the English version of the video game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as well as Agent One in Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Xbox and PlayStation 2. Regarding films he provided the voice of Bolero the Bull in the film Garfield 2, and the fictional artistic director of Forever Young Films, Kenneth Loring, doing the commentary in the directors' cut of the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple. In The Disney games the voice of Zazu in Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games and The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure. In the DC Comics animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, he voiced the part of Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. He also voiced Chic" for the animated science fiction film Dead Space: Downfall (2008) based on the Video Game Dead Space.

jimpiddock. [8] Morris. Jim Piddock & Chris O’Dowd plant Family Tree" (http:/ / moviehole. External links • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www. Retrieved 4 September 2012. "Major Zero Speaks!" (http:/ / thegamingliberty. "MH : For Your Consideration Interview" (http://moviehole.com/articles/5238/ seeker-the-dark-is-rising-the-jim-piddock-interview.facebook. "Interview with The Tooth Fairy's Jim Piddock" (http:/ / www. "Web Wombat Interview #1" (http://www.com. and The Dictator with Sacha Baron Cohen.listentome.au/2010/11/interview-with-jim-piddock.webwombat. In August.legionsofgotham.com/2010/01/ interview-with-the-tooth-fairys-jim-piddock. "Web Wombat Interview #2" (http://www.php?t=45193& sid=1f4abaa7a92f7c5fb1710bd503b5e202). The Gaming Liberty.phtml). which starred Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. html). Facebook "Chortle Interview" (http://forums. The Cold Light of Day starring Henry Cavill. "Straight2DVD Interview" (http://maartenbouw. GeekWeek.com.Jim Piddock 3 Recent work Piddock appeared in 2012's The Five-Year Engagement.com/?m=201105). "GeekWeek Tooth Fairy Interview" (http://www.Family Tree News Item" (http://www.htm). The Gaming Liberty. "Christopher Guest. [3] http:/ / losangeles. broadwayworld. "LegionsOfGotham. .com/news/680990/ major-zero-speaks-an-interview-with-jim-piddock).php).chortle.webwombat. playing Blunt's father. "Dining with Strangers (Podcast)" (http://www.com/ jacki-weaver-jim-piddock-five-year-engagement-interview/148494/).org/ TOONSbraveBTSpiddockinterview. com/ index.blogspot.com/name/nm682063/) at the Internet Movie Database "Facebook Fanpage" (http://www.com/article/VR1118057909?refCatId=4076).geekweek. net/ 201256700christopher-guest-jim-piddock-chris-odowd-plant-family-tree). Shane. Retrieved 4 September 2012. com/ 2010/ 01/ interview-with-the-tooth-fairys-jim-piddock. . "Major Zero Speaks!" (http:/ / thegamingliberty.net/20069982exclusive-interview-jim-piddock-2).Com : Interview for Batman The Brave and the Bold" (http://www.com/JimPiddockFans). Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. com/ article/ Eric_Idle_Workshops_What_About_Dick_with_Izzard_Curry_20071012 [4] http:/ / www. .html).diningwithstrangers. php/ 2011/ 01/ 15/ major-zero-speaks-an-interview-with-jim-piddock/ ). geekweek.com) Jim Piddock (http://www. "NG4 Metal Gear Solid Interview" (http://n4g. playbill. html) [2] Willoughby.variety. . .htm). [6] Clint. [7] Willoughby. Clint. 2012 it was announced[8] that Piddock would be co-writing and producing a new TV comedy series for the BBC and HBO titled Family Tree. Shane.net/stuff25. Shane. com/ film/ 48/ Jim-Piddock.au/entertainment/movies/the-man-int. "Collider : The Five-Year Engagement Set Visit Interviews" (http://collider. The Gaming Liberty. "Listen to Me Podcast : Interview" (http://www.com. Moviehole. "Major Zero Speaks!" (http:/ / thegamingliberty. com/ news/ article/ 165295-What-About-Dick-With-Russell-Brand-Eddie-Izzard-Jane-Leeves-Tracey-Ullman-Offered-April-26-29-in-LA [5] Willloughby. Caffeinated.imdb. php/ 2011/ 01/ 15/ major-zero-speaks-an-interview-with-jim-piddock/ ). Podcast "Variety .html). com/ index. . filmreference. References [1] Jim Piddock Biography (1956-) (http:/ / www.co. com/ index. php/ 2011/ 01/ 15/ major-zero-speaks-an-interview-with-jim-piddock/ ).au/entertainment/movies/seeker-interview.uk/viewtopic. "Culture : The Seeker Interview" (http://culture. html).

The screenplay was written by Jim Piddock. published in 1967. The story takes place in the 1960s and stars Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett. In the film. the story is based on Eleanor Brewer Philby's 1967 book Kim Philby: The Spy I Loved. External links • A Different Loyalty [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Preview [2] References [1] http:/ / www. Though not credited. A Different Loyalty was not released theatrically in the United States. Vocke Jim Piddock Sharon Stone Rupert Everett Julian Wadham Normand Corbeil Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Jean Lépine Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Yvann Thibaudeau Lions Gate Entertainment 2004 96 min. com/ movie/ preview/ 1808503245 . Canada United Kingdom United States English Language A Different Loyalty is a 2004 drama film inspired by the story of British traitor Kim Philby's love affair and marriage to Eleanor Brewer in Beirut and his eventual defection to the Soviet Union. It was a Canada/UK/United States co-production. com/ title/ tt0326828/ [2] http:/ / movies. yahoo.A Different Loyalty 4 A Different Loyalty A Different Loyalty Directed by Produced by Marek Kanievska Michael Cowan Richard Lalonde Jason Piette Jan H. the characters have fictitious names. imdb.

Waiting for Guffman. Ed Begley. Michael McKean. Several characters in the film originated in a sketch written by Guest for Saturday Night Live in 1984.[2] Guest co-stars and utilizes his company of actors from previous films such as This Is Spinal Tap. Jennifer Coolidge. It was directed (and co-written) by Christopher Guest. John Michael Higgins. Don Lake. Paul Dooley. . A song composed for the film by McKean and wife Annette O'Toole was nominated for an Academy Award. and Best in Show for this film. Jane Lynch. Deborah Theaker.246 A Mighty Wind is a 2003 mockumentary about a folk music reunion concert in which three folk bands must reunite for a television performance for the first time in decades. Harry Shearer. They include Eugene Levy. Jim Piddock. Larry Miller. April 16. 2003 91 minutes United States English $6. Every song featured in the film (at least 13) was also written by the cast or Guest's long-term musical collaborator C J Vanston.000 [1] $18. Bob Balaban. and Parker Posey. Rachael Harris.000.. Fred Willard. Jr.750.A Mighty Wind 5 A Mighty Wind A Mighty Wind Original theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Christopher Guest Karen Murphy Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Catherine O'Hara Eugene Levy Christopher Guest Michael McKean Harry Shearer Jane Lynch Parker Posey Fred Willard Christopher Guest Music by Cinematography Arlene Nelson Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Robert Leighton Castle Rock Entertainment Warner Bros. The film is thought to reference the 2003 tribute concert to folk music producer Harold Leventhal that reunited several of the folk groups that Leventhal had managed. Michael Hitchcock. Catherine O'Hara.

his children organize a memorial concert featuring his three most famous acts: The Folksmen." Folksman Mark Shubb is living life as a transgender woman. a former juvenile delinquent and daughter of one of the original Main Street Singers. The Folksmen trio consists of Mark Shubb (Harry Shearer). Alan Barrows (Christopher Guest). Performers include Terry Bohner (John Michael Higgins) and his wife Laurie Bohner (Jane Lynch). Another member is Sissy Knox (Parker Posey). Their most famous song is "Kiss at the End of the Rainbow. Laurie is a former adult film star and with her husband is co-founder of Witches in Nature's Colors (WINC). a coven of modern-day witches that worships the power of color. while still singing in her famous bass voice. Mitch is writing poetry again. The Town Hall scenes were filmed at the restored Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. 2001 attacks meant she and husband Michael McKean had to drive from their home in Los Angeles to Vancouver. and Mitch & Mickey. Movie review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 88% of critics gave the movie a positive review. Mike Maryama (played by Mark Nonisa). Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy noted that. with the consensus. Their most famous folk song was "Old Joe's Place. includes one Filipino American member. they begin rehearsals. A Mighty Wind is also more heartfelt. folk singers sharing a house by night. The group. everyone joins together to sing "A Mighty Wind. and Mitch temporarily disappears. He wants to call it "Supreme Folk" and have each play Supreme Court judges by day. Reception The film received mostly positive reviews. They are managed by Mike LaFontaine (Fred Willard). Annette O'Toole claimed that many of the songs were written when plane groundings in the aftermath of the September 11.A Mighty Wind 6 Plot When influential folk music producer Irving Steinbloom dies." giving the film two-and-a-half stars out of four. heartfelt and keenly observed. the sole survivor of the original group. Mitch Cohen (Eugene Levy) and Mickey Crabbe (Catherine O'Hara) are a romantic duo that released seven albums together until their traumatic break-up decades earlier. After the three groups agree to the reunion performance. in a scene cut from the finished movie." The New Main Street Singers are the second generation of the original Main Street Singers. claiming to be in a "prolific phase." Roger Ebert." Roger Moore called the film "mature. which is otherwise entirely white. he stained his shirt front and covered it up by holding a guitar for the performance. In the finale. whose fifteen minutes of fame came by way of a failed 1970s TV sitcom. Mickey is performing "The Sure-Flo Song" at her husband's trade show booth. The New Main Street Singers. to be held at The Town Hall in New York and televised live on PBN (a reference to PBS). it is explained that Menschell cannot play the guitar. However. where O'Toole's television series Smallville was being filmed. something he continued to do for all subsequent performances. LaFontaine is reviving an idea for a sitcom starring the New Main Street Singers. Menschell sings and holds a guitar he cannot play." during which the pair would actually kiss on stage. Wha' Happened?. and Jerry Palter (Michael McKean). on the other hand. Production In an interview about the film. "Though not as uproariously funny as Guest's previous movies. In the commentary for the DVD release. stated that "The edge is missing from Guest's usual style. which lasted less than one season. . just before a performance of the original Main Street Singers. The show itself goes off with only two hitches: two acts plan to play the same song." Six months after the reunion. formed by George Menschell (Paul Dooley).

. A Mighty Wind" (http:/ / www. September 20). "Mighty Wind' tour whipping up renewed excitement" (http:/ / articles. Glide Magazine. The Morning Call. September 22). php). imdb.140 in 133 theatres for an average of $15. It went on to gross $2. Television or Other Visual Media at the 46th Grammy Awards. Amazon. shtml) . Len (2003-09-18). "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song. com/ 2003-09-18/ entertainment/ 3483532_1_mighty-wig-wind). html). Nash Information Services.A Mighty Wind One of the songs from the movie.583.com/title/tt0310281/) at the Internet Movie Database A Mighty Wind (http://www.[4][5] References [1] "The Numbers" (http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0310281/ business).rottentomatoes. .imdb. Washington.931 in total. Promotional tour To promote the September 2003 release of the film on DVD. D. [3] "IMDb. 2003-09-08. mcall. . November 14). . Margalit (2005-10-06). nytimes.uk/feats/interviews/m/mighty_wind. the-numbers. com/ movies/ 2003/ MWIND.[3] With a domestic total of $17. External links • • • • A Mighty Wind (http://www. The tour dates were: Philadelphia (Tower Theater. San Francisco (Warfield Theater.co. New York City (Town Hall. 7 Box office The film had a moderate intake for its opening day in April 2003.com/movies/?id=mightywind.boxofficemojo. grossing $307. [2] Fox. Retrieved 27 April 2012. Boston (Orpheum Theater. New York Times. November 9) and Seattle (McCaw Hall. September 21). Retrieved 27 April 2012. [4] Righi. . September 19). LLC.112. The title song won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture. [5] "A Mighty Wind Cast Reunites For Tour" (http:/ / www.com.246 during its theatrical run.240. "Harold Leventhal. the cast of the film performed in character in a six-city tour in the fall of 2003.750. and was performed at the 76th Academy Awards by Levy and O'Hara (in character).C. glidemagazine.htm) at Box Office Mojo Christopher Guest interview for A Mighty Wind (http://www.iofilm. com/ articles/ 48285/ a-mighty-wind-cast-reunites-for-tour. html?res=9405E0D61130F935A35753C1A9639C8B63). Promoter of Folk Music.468 and a foreign total of $969.com/m/mighty_wind/) at Rotten Tomatoes A Mighty Wind (http://www. Dies at 86" (http:/ / query. (The 9:30 Club.880 per theatre. com/ gst/ fullpage. the film brought in a total of $18.

2003 DC Comics)..[7] The stories followed a simple formula with Alfred somehow managing to solve a crime and catch the culprits entirely by accident. William Austin. the Outsider Alfred Pennyworth is a fictional character who appears throughout the DC Universe. Alfred was also nominated for the Wizard Fan Award for Favorite Supporting Male Character in 1994. he was overweight and clean-shaven. The character has been consistently popular over the years. this has gone to the point where Alfred was Bruce's legal guardian following the death of his parents.A. where he slimmed down and grew a mustache. Alfred serves as Bruce Wayne’s tireless valet.C. when the 1943 Batman serial was released."[1][2] Alfred also provides comic relief. with the last story in Batman #36. confidant. . He was given a four-page feature of his own. Squiddy Award for Favorite Supporting Character in 1994 and for Best Character in 2001. Publication information Publisher First appearance Created by DC Comics Batman #16 (April–May 1943) Bob Kane Jerry Robinson In-story information Full name Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth Alfred J. Art by Brian Bolland. and appears in most other media adaptations of the character. Michael Gough.[5] Alfred was originally conceived as a comedic foil for Batman and Robin. however. After that. the Eagle. and was created by writer Bob Kane and artist Jerry Robinson. In most early tales. DC editors wanted the comic Alfred to resemble his cinematic counterpart. and surrogate father figure. Ian Abercrombie. Alfred is a vital part of the Batman mythos.Alfred Pennyworth 8 Alfred Pennyworth Alfred Pennyworth Cover of Batman: Gotham Knights 42 (Aug. Fictional character biography When Alfred first appeared. He has sometimes been called "Batman's batman. assistant. skipping Batman #35. In modern interpretations. Efrem Zimbalist.[3] In non-comics media. Pennyworth (The Dark Knight Rises) Supporting character of Batman Robin Notable aliases Thaddeus Crane. was trim and sported a thin moustache. even surviving his "death"[4] and resurrection. the comedic aspects of the character were downplayed. the actor who played Alfred.[6] and the feature lasted thirteen issues. Alfred vacationed at a health resort. Thaddeus Middleton. and Sir Michael Caine. so in Detective Comics #83 (January 1944). This look has remained with the character ever since. the character has been portrayed by noted actors Alan Napier. he made bungling attempts to be a detective on a par with the young masters. having received a nomination for the R. as his sometimes sarcastic and cynical attitude often adds humor to dialogue occurring between himself and Batman. Jr. The character first appears in Batman #16 (April–May 1943).

It was revealed in Detective #356 (October 1966) that he had been revived by a scientist named Brandon Crawford. As it turned out. while fighting a burglar in Batman #16 (Alfred's first appearance). bound and gagged by a criminal gang. Her mother was the DC war heroine Mademoiselle Marie. Meanwhile another version of Alfred's Post-Crisis life was slightly more closely linked to his pre-Crisis counterpart. Bruce manages to take care of his bully problem. and Tim Drake. Alfred discovered their identities by accident. However. especially since they did not want to jeopardize their secret identities with a servant in the house. Alfred would later aid Bruce in raising Dick Grayson. Ironically. and a desire to destroy Batman and Robin. creating assorted versions. His attempt at regeneration resulted in a dramatic change: Alfred awoke from his apparent death with pasty white skin with circular markings. whom Alfred had met while working as an intelligence agent in occupied France during World War II. Alfred was seemingly killed in Detective #328 (June 1964). he indirectly battled the Dynamic Duo on a number of occasions. At the time he begins working for the Waynes. Jarvis. using others as his puppets – the Grasshopper Gang in Detective #334. Alfred has been the Wayne family valet all of Bruce's life. He did not physically appear in the comics until Detective #356. all of whom would be adopted by Bruce Wayne and become his partner Robin. when he is bathed again in the rays of the regeneration machine during a struggle with Batman. the wounds were actually insignificant. Jason Todd. and had helped his master establish his superhero career from the beginning. Alfred introduced himself to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson at Wayne Manor and insisted on becoming their valet. and Alfred agrees without a second thought. Alfred's loyalty would lead him to become a member of Batman's rogue's gallery. and he virtually raised Bruce after they were murdered. Bruce is but a young child. and returns to normal. This was revised in Batman #110 (September 1957). Alfred awoke to moaning and followed the sound to the secret passage to the staircase leading to the Batcave and met his would-be employers in their superhero identities. Alfred teaches Bruce to handle the bully strategically. In addition he was Bruce's legal guardian following the deaths of his parents. though this element was not included in Post-Crisis comics. Calling himself The Outsider. To that end. and a grandfather to . Following Alfred's advice. In this version Alfred was an actor on the English stage. Alfred often acts as a father-figure to Bruce. after getting into a fight with a school bully. Alfred raises Bruce. Upon returning home. Alfred was later reunited with his long-lost daughter. to carry on the tradition of serving the Wayne family. After several months. Initially. including telekinesis. but Alfred's care convinced the residents that their butler could be trusted. Alfred included the support staff duties of the Dynamic Duo on top of his regular tasks. and even the Batmobile itself in Detective #340 – and generally only appeared as a mocking voice over the radio. Alfred's history has been modified several times over the years. Since then. Alfred voices the desire to quit and return home to continue his life as an actor. with no memory of his time as a supervillain. superhuman powers. He also had close friendships with other members of the Bat-Clan including Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain. following them to a theatre where they are captured. only so as to honor the dying wish of his father.Alfred Pennyworth 9 Pre-Crisis The Pre-Crisis comics (the comics that were published by DC Comics between 1938 and 1986) established Alfred as a retired actor and intelligence agent who followed the deathbed wish of his dying father. He is helpful to the Duo. he accidentally hit a switch and opened a sliding-panel leading to the Batcave. rather than using brute force. these plans are momentarily forgotten when young Bruce returns home. they did not have the heart to reject Alfred. during his first night at Wayne Manor. Post-Crisis In the Post-Crisis comics' continuity. While pushing Batman and Robin out of the way of a falling boulder. and rescues them after Batman attracts his attention by knocking a rope down before the crooks return. In one such version Alfred was hired away from the British Royal Family by Bruce's parents. Zatanna in Detective #336. After the Waynes' murders. who agreed to become the Waynes' butler. Although the pair did not want one. Bruce requests that Alfred stays. His time as the Outsider is collected in Showcase Presents: Batman Volumes 1 and 2. Julia Remarque.

Alfred later denies the entire story. His resourcefulness came to the fore in the No Man's Land storyline. tendering his resignation. Jarvis attempted to resign from his services and write a letter to his son. Alfred even uses hand-to-hand combat in a rare one-panel fight sequence between him and a pair of slavers that ends with his rescue by Batman. Despite declining. Bruce finds his way to the present. particularly after she apparently allowed Stephanie Brown to die from neglect. agents of Batman's mysterious enemy the Black Glove attack and beat Alfred in front of Bruce and Jezebel Jet. was the butler of the Wayne family prior him when Bruce was still a child. Bruce assumes full responsibly as a father and Alfred assists him in raising Damian. He is also highly respected by those heroes who are aware of his existence.Alfred Pennyworth Dick. After discovering that the original Batman was actually lost in time after his battle with Darkseid. This was the culmination of several weeks of Wayne's self-destructive behavior. especially in Legends of the Dark Knight #118. he wants nothing more for Alfred than to not begin his service under the Wayne family. commenting more than once that. In the same issue. Alfred immediately seeks clues of his whereabout. Alfred is seen apologizing at the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the loss of Bruce. Batman: Battle for the Cowl sees Alfred allowing Damian Wayne to take on his first mission as Robin. Leslie Thompkins. medic. Dick Grayson tracks him down several months later and convinces him to return to Wayne Manor. leaving Alfred alone to watch his city for him. a reporter from The Gotham Gazette suggests to Commissioner Gordon that Alfred may be Bruce's biological father.. who went missing hunting down Jason Todd. it was revealed he had walked out of his own wedding years earlier. Batman is missing for weeks. and that this may be a reason for the murder of Martha Wayne. However. and also gives him an emotional goodbye. Alfred is left emotionally shattered. Bruce leaves his one final task. . in a deeper sense he actually was Bruce Wayne's father. though his relationship with her never came to anything. Alfred finds himself with the task of raising Bruce's biological son Damian with Grayson. and Tim. but again. Later. Alfred remains in England. and when Wayne returns to Gotham City. Eventually. During the events of Knightquest. and becomes enraged when Wayne insists on endangering his own health while paraplegic. even if his biological fatherhood is a fabrication. and the original Teen Titans. After the event of Final Crisis. Wonder Woman. it is revealed that Alfred's father. nothing came of it. Alfred has also been romantically linked to Dr. in which he describes the manor as a cursed place. storyteller. and spy to survive and collect information on the recently destroyed society. Green Lantern. In that story. Jarvis was blackmailed by the Court of Owls to set a trap for the pregnant Martha Wayne. agreeing with Bruce that it was a fabrication. He uses his skills as an actor. including Superman. 10 The New 52 In the new continuity. regarding Bruce as his son. when Batman was apparently killed in action. After Batman successfully expands his mission globally with Batman Inc. He also developed feelings for Tim Drake's stepmother. Jason. In Batman and the Outsiders Special. In Batman #677. giving Damian a Robin tunic and calling on Squire to assist the new Boy Wonder in finding Tim Drake. and despite his initial wishes. he was unable to send it as he was murdered that night. telling Alfred he considered him as a father. commenting that he grieves as a parent. the Court managed to cause a car accident that caused the child to be born prematurely and eventually to have died. He spends some time vacationing in Antarctica and The Bahamas before returning to England. having watched over him for years and feeling to have failed him in the last moments. a secret panel in Alfred's room opens. Alfred also assists Grayson in his role as Gotham's new Dark Knight. Alfred accompanies Wayne to England. Jarvis Pennyworth. the result of a failsafe planted by Bruce in the event of his death. severely injuring him.

Later that night. Unsure of himself. who are readying to beat and probably kill the pre-Robin Dick Grayson. giving his old master the strength to save Gordon and Gotham itself one last time before he allows himself to die to end the threat that he has become. Alfred reluctantly took on the role of confidante and advisor. applying a tourniquet and generally taking control of the situation. Alfred received a gift from Thomas in the form of an otherwise very expensive prosthetic leg. he discovered that Thomas and Martha had named him Bruce's legal guardian some time ago. Following Batman's assault on the corrupt Gotham City police. Alfred later saved Bruce's life by shooting Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. He manages to convince Dick to pass over. but Thomas refused to allow threats to keep him from enjoying his weekly movie night with Martha and Bruce. During a battle. The boxouts in the frame describe him as having been a medic in the RAF and as ex-British Secret Service. Alfred is seen. When Bruce took on his costumed persona of Batman and began his war on crime. brilliant. Alfred was called to the police station. Alfred saved Thomas' life but lost his right leg in the process. In Generations 2. but his spirit remains around to give Bruce advice. again with a muscular physique. He later traveled to Gotham City to visit his friend and found himself arriving on the night of a campaign party for Thomas' bid at the mayoral office. Discharged back to his home in London. Afraid for his friend after hearing of the death threats on his life.[8] In Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. Alfred met Thomas Wayne during a tour of duty in the Middle East and the two became good friends. Alfred still made it his mission to look out for Bruce as he grew up. Later in the series he is seen working out with a punching bag. Alfred and Vicki Vale are caught in the devastating car wreckage Batman creates (not aware of their presence) and Vale is badly hurt. shirtless and muscled.[9] Alfred appears in the Elseworlds series Superman & Batman: Generations. he makes his final appearance in 1975. He is also a skilled martial artist. In this incarnation. Alfred sacrifices his life to allow Batman to drink his blood.Alfred Pennyworth 11 Other versions Alfred appears as a main character in Geoff Johns' and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One. willful ANGEL". Alfred plays a prominent role in the "Vampire Batman" trilogy where Batman is turned into a vampire to fight Dracula. meaning he cannot come back. and trains Bruce the combat skills he would eventually utilize as Batman. Though Alfred introduced himself to the eight-year-old Bruce as his butler. At the conclusion of the trilogy. when he convinces the ghost of Dick Grayson not to kill the Joker. it is obvious he was never serves as a manservant in the story otherwise as Bruce's guardian and mentor. [10] . but in the process his own soul crosses over. Thomas and Martha had been killed by a mugger outside the theatre and Bruce had been orphaned. brooding about Bruce as "my DEMON — my black-eyed. Alfred is a tougher individual with a different back-story. forging Batman's weapons to use against the remaining members of Dracula's 'family' and subsequently working with Commissioner Gordon after Batman succumbs to his vampiric instincts and begins to kill his old enemies. Alfred was a member of the Royal Marines. He serves the Wayne family before dying in 1967. with Gordon being hunted by Two-Face and Killer Croc in the remains of the Batcave. Alfred tried to talk Thomas out of going to the movies with his wife and son. often telling Bruce to simply carry a gun instead of a belt full of untested gadgets. To Alfred's shock.

Ra's al Ghul's musclebound bodyguard. Ubu.[14] In the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.[12] Alfred has also used the alias “Thaddeus Crane”. continuity). Family Jarvis: Alfred's father in both pre-Crisis and New 52 continuity.[11] This name was subsequently given to an alternative version of the character from the world of Earth-Two.Alfred Pennyworth 12 Name Alfred introduced himself as the son of a butler named Jarvis in one of his early appearances. however. Whether by coincidence or not. and the convention being that British butlers are known by their surnames. Daphne briefly appeared in the late 1960s/early 1970s. the latter case which would have made Alfred's name Alfred Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis. Pennyworth".[13] His full name of Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth was depicted on his tombstone in Superman/Batman: Generations. Mademoiselle Marie: A war heroine with whom Alfred has a daughter in pre-Crisis continuity. listing him in the will as "Alfred J. and is even capable of impersonating Bruce Wayne on the telephone convincingly. . and not within the standard DCU [16] During Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul. • • • • Skills. attempts to use Alfred as a hostage. While not as skilled at martial arts as Bruce Wayne. Alfred's name was later given officially as Alfred Beagle. it was unclear whether Jarvis was his father's first or last name. and Pennyworth became Alfred's accepted surname in the mainstream continuity. that these events take place in the Gotham Adventures comics. the need for hospital medical treatment even in the face of grievous injuries. based on a comment from his handler that his life was not even worth a penny (in reference to a cyanide pill concealed within a fake penny). It was later mentioned that he had been kidnapped unsuccessfully 27 times (it should be noted. The Beagle surname was brought back into continuity (post-Crisis on Infinite Earths but pre-Infinite Crisis) as Alfred's original name as an actor and Cold War spy. Alfred admits that his own skills are inadequate for such medical procedures. A former actor. based on the animated adventures of Batman. • Daphne Pennyworth: Niece of Alfred Pennyworth and daughter of Wilfred Pennyworth. Wilfred Pennyworth: Alfred's brother. Wilfred is referenced in the late 1960s and early 1970s[15] and is mentioned in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. He adopted the "Pennyworth" surname after his brief intelligence career. On these occasions. Alfred is still nearly as resourceful. thus limiting. Batman still requires professional medical treatment when Bane breaks his back (Batman: Knightfall) and Hush's machinations result in his suffering a skull fracture (Batman: Hush). He has also provided first aid up to and including suturing wounds and removing bullets. In one story in which he is kidnapped. • Barbara Wilson: daughter of Margaret Wilson née Pennyworth in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. Bruce Wayne leaves the residue of his estate to Alfred. a character with many similarities to Alfred. He is also able to perform arthroscopy and other advanced medical procedures. which is derived from his middle names. and abilities A highly intelligent and resourceful man. as well as occasional tactical support. Julia Remarque: Alfred's daughter by Mademoiselle Marie. Alfred runs the day-to-day operations of Wayne Manor and maintains much of the equipment of the Batcave beneath it. resources. only to be disabled by a well timed sucker punch from Alfred. Nevertheless. he can use his acting and disguise skills to help Batman in the field when necessary. he readily escapes and overcomes his captors without disturbing the cut of his suit. Grant Morrison's run has referred to the Beagle surname as a possible stage name. if not eliminating. the name "Jarvis" was later used for the Avengers' butler.

• Ian Abercrombie portrayed Alfred in the short-lived live-action TV series Birds of Prey. Alfred is portrayed as skilled in swordsmanship and archery. the advanced combat training Bruce's other associates have. computer engineering. voiced by James Arnold Taylor. He also impersonates Batman in scenes where Batman and Bruce Wayne have to be seen together. Alfred is the only member of the "Batman Family" that Bruce does not mind using a firearm. 13 In other media Television Live action • Alan Napier portrayed Alfred in the live-action TV series Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward. or even his disappearance. computer programming. voiced by Andre Stojka. In "Invasion of the Secret Santas". • Alastair Duncan voiced Alfred in the animated TV series The Batman. • William Callaway voice-played Alfred in the Challenge of the Super Friends episode "Wanted: The Superfriends". the "Pennyworth Blue"). • Alfred Pennyworth is featured in Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by James Garrett. Alfred appears in a non-speaking cameo in Batman's flashbacks. Alfred's ultimate fate in the DC animated universe. He serves as the robotic butler of the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Efrem Zimbalist. Current issues of the various Batman comics seem to indicate that Alfred is a pioneer in and has also mastered several fields of rose breeding (even creating his own. Alfred is a veteran of the British Army's elite Special Air Service. Jr. He is also seen briefly in the episode "Failsafe". This version of Alfred combines elements from pre-Crisis and post-Crisis continuities. Alfred appears again in a non-speaking cameo in "Chill of the Night!". • Clive Revill voice-played Alfred in the first three episodes (in production order) of Batman: The Animated Series. Oman. • Alfred Pennyworth appears in the Young Justice episode "Downtime". Alfred works on a book about the events depicted in the episode when Batman enters and mentions that Catwoman is on a crime spree. A robot likeness of Alfred Pennyworth named Alpha-Red appears in "The Super-Batman of Planet X". in his case favoring a shotgun when dealing with direct attacks on his person. In the 1960s TV series Batman. In this incarnation.[17] In the Christopher Nolan film series. programs. In "The Knights of Tomorrow". having served in the Malayan Emergency. He is among the male humans that get turned into a Bizarro. and biotechnology as he singlehandedly builds. taking refuge underground with many other civilians. However. He comes out to check up on Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. electrical engineering. was never made clear. Alfred's grandfather served Penguin's obnoxious family in England.Alfred Pennyworth Presumably due to his lack of superpowers. Aden. nanotechnology. chemical engineering. Burma and Northern Ireland. as Bruce never spoke in detail about it. . Alfred has been serving the Wayne family since before Thomas Wayne's death and helped his young charge assume the Batman identity. mechanical engineering. • Alfred appears in Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. who are playing a game of basketball. the surname Pennyworth was never used. and maintains much of Batman's next-generational technology such as the Batcomputer. before he had to leave due to a previous commitment. Animation • Olan Soule voice-played Alfred in the cartoon The Batman/Superman Hour. and Alfred's age. but was also revealed to be a former agent for the British intelligence agency MI-6. • The television series Batman Beyond takes place some time after Alfred had died. but was mistreated and then fired. Alfred comments that Catwoman may one day be a good match for Batman. voice-played Alfred throughout the rest of Batman: The Animated Series as well as for the character's appearances in the various other series of the DC animated universe. voiced by Jeff Bennett.

After Bruce returns from his training in the League of Shadows. Alfred and Bruce have moved to a downtown penthouse and the Batcave has been relocated to the Gotham Docks. Alfred assists Bruce in finding out information about the mercenary. in the BBC radio-drama presentation of the "Knightfall" story arc from the Batman comics. However. he has a niece named Barbara Wilson who becomes Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone). When Bruce (Christian Bale) vanishes for seven years. . He later burns the letter. • Michael Gough portrayed Alfred in the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batman film series.Alfred Pennyworth • Alfred Pennyworth will be portrayed as an ex-secret agent and Batman's butler in Cartoon Network's upcoming CGI series Beware the Batman. the two become distanced from one another when Alfred tells Bruce the truth about Rachel. Alfred acts as a source of wisdom to not only Bruce. When Bruce travels to Hong Kong to capture a Mafia accountant. While reflecting on the actions of the Joker (Heath Ledger). he tells Alfred that his goal is to become a symbol to frighten the criminals of Gotham City. and in a series of OnStar commercials featuring Batman. • Alan Napier portrayed Alfred in the 1966 live-action film Batman. Alfred becomes Bruce Wayne's legal guardian after the boy's parents are murdered by Joe Chill (Richard Brake). Alfred has grown concerned for Bruce. 14 Film Live action • William Austin portrayed Alfred in the 1943 serial Batman. B. In The Dark Knight Rises. Alfred only returns after Batman apparently sacrifices himself to save Gotham. he frequently visited a restaurant in Florence in the hope that he would see Bruce there. Alfred invents an alibi for Bruce. Batman & Robin. he looks across to see Bruce dining with Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway). Gough also portrayed Alfred in a 1989 Diet Coke commercial. who eight years later has not moved on from Rachel or Batman. In Batman Begins. Alfred reads the latter and discovers that she was going to marry Dent. and go their separate ways. Alfred saves Bruce when he is trapped under a beam and rallies him to resume his fight to save Gotham." After Rachel's death. Austin's appearance influenced the change of Alfred's design from the original fat. Alfred tearfully apologizes to Bruce's parents for having failed to protect their son. • Michael Caine portrayed Alfred in Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. angry and hurt. Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). when Alfred returns to the Florentine restaurant. but Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and on a more casual level. just as the people of Gotham would need to believe in Harvey Dent. Bane (Tom Hardy). settled down and happy. but this plan is thwarted because Bruce left everything to Alfred. reflecting that. They exchange knowing smiles. and attends Bruce's funeral with Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman). Alfred reveals that during Bruce's seven-year absence. Rachel gives him the task of giving Bruce a letter "when the time is right. Alfred offers some suggestions about updating the Batcave. Bruce orders Alfred to leave. Alfred recalls a tale from his army career about a thrill-seeking bandit in order to explain to Bruce that some men "just want to watch the world burn". Bruce needed to believe that Rachel loved him. He will be voiced by J. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Blanc. In The Dark Knight. In the aftermath. and encourages him to feign a social life to deflect attention from the idea that he could be Batman. Over Bruce's grave. based on the 1960s TV series. Alfred helps Bruce arrange the order of the tools necessary for Bruce to become Batman. he is declared dead by Wayne Enterprises' CEO William Earle (Rutger Hauer) in order to claim his shares. • Eric Wilton portrayed Alfred in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin. However. clean shaven Alfred. In the fourth film. When the League of Shadows attack Wayne Manor.

Pennyworth offers his services. 15 Video games • He appears in LEGO Batman for the PlayStation 3. ca/ Movies/ Artists/ C/ Caine_Michael/ 2005/ 06/ 13/ 1084190.S. • Alastair Duncan voiced Alfred in the animated film The Batman vs. His first duty is to airdrop Batman's costume to him in Arkham. • David McCallum voiced Alfred in Batman: Gotham Knight. voiced Alfred in the animated films Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. co. . and was the metal used to make the original U.P. • Alfred is referenced consistently in Batman: Arkham City voiced by Martin Jarvis. Dustin Nguyen (p).[18] • An Easter egg in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King shows a character named Alfred Copperworth. [3] "Comic Book Awards Almanac" (http:/ / users.com. In a rare act of defiance. "Ace. • Jeff Bennett reprises his role as Alfred in Batman: Year One. CANOE (Edmonton Sun). DC Comics [5] Gardner Fox (w). "Gotham Gang Line-Up!" Detective Comics 328 (June 1964). "Inside Story of the Outsider!" Detective Comics 328 (October 1964)Detective Comics #356 in 1966 [6] Mort Weisinger (w). The Guardian. Joe Giella (i). guardian. Derek Fridolfs (i). • Alan Oppenheimer voiced Alfred in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. html). Retrieved 2007-02-20. Dick Giordano (i). [2] Tilley. Private Detective" Detective Comics 96 (February 1945) [12] Frank Robbins (w).I. Kelley Jones (p). Rob (2005-10-21).or Devil!" Batman 216 (November 1969) [13] Bill Finger (w). Users. DC Comics .: Batman in the Underworld" Batman 677 (July 2008) [15] Alan Burnett (w). References [1] Mackie. Jr. The player must scan a plaque describing one of Bruce Wayne's donations to the Arkham Medical Center. equivalent almost to a penny. he blatantly refuses Batman's request to help him find Talia.rcn. Sheldon Moldoff (p). it is Alfred who urges him to make the right decision. Xbox 360. and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. After Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by Tyger Security. Sandu Florea (i). com/ aardy/ comics/ awards/ ). Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991). "Angel-. html). "Elusive London Eddie" Batman 36 (August–September 1946) [8] Batman: Earth One [9] All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #6 [10] Doug Moench (w). Joe Giella (i). Batman & Mr. insisting that Batman must always be there to save Gotham. based on Batman: The Animated Series. Retrieved 2010-12-25. • Jim Piddock voiced Alfred in Batman: Under the Red Hood. and Wii as a playable character. "Conversational Clue" Batman 22 (April–May 1944). Irv Novick (p). Retrieved 2007-02-20.1596464. Malcolm Jones (i). "Michael Caine one tough butler" (http:/ / jam. "Alfred.Alfred Pennyworth Animation • Efrem Zimbalist. and taken to Arkham City. DC Comics [11] Don Cameron (w). • Robin Atkin Downes voiced Alfred in Justice League: Doom. . which the butler accomplishes with ease. • Alfred's biography can be unlocked in Batman: Arkham Asylum. he remains in constant radio contact with the players as the game's storyline progresses. the Bat-Hound!" Batman 92 (June 1955) [14] Grant Morrison (w). Sheldon Moldoff (p). DC Comics [7] Jerry Robinson (a). [4] Bill Finger (w). "Torment" Superman/Batman 37-42 (Late August 2007 . Stan Kaye (i). "Batman R. canoe. When the Dark Knight is torn between pursuing his love Talia al Ghul (who has been captured by the Joker) or saving the city-prison's population from missile strikes launched by Hugo Strange on the city. While the character does not make an actual appearance. Throughout the campaign. Dracula. based on The Batman. rcn. Sheldon Moldoff (p). • Michael Jackson voiced Alfred in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. located in the Purple Parlor in the city of Dalaran (a copper is the lowest form of currency in the game. "Batman Begins review" (http:/ / arts. penny). an homage to Alfred Pennyworth. Tony Daniel (p). Freeze: SubZero.00. Jerry Robinson (a). he serves as Batman's primary information source. a private paramilitary unit hired by Hugo Strange. Steve (2005-06-13).Early January 2008). . • Alfred Pennyworth appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes voiced by Steven Blum.. Dick Sprang (a). uk/ filmandmusic/ story/ 0.

16 Plot summary citations External links • Alfred Pennyworth (http://www.imdb. Animation Warner Premiere DC Comics [1] The Answerstudio Co. Denys Cowan (p). Craig Rousseau (p). Terry Beatty (i). DC Comics [18] Game Informer features a two-page gallery of the many heroes and villains who appear in the game with a picture for each character and a descriptive paragraph.com/character/ch0000204/) at the Internet Movie Database • . Written by Based on Starring Music by Studio Distributed by Warner Home Video Release date(s) • Running time Language Box office July 27. John Floyd (i). DC Comics [17] Michael Green (w). The film is the eighth in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies . "Captive Audience" Batman: Gotham Adventures 16 (September 1999). Ltd.085 [2] Batman: Under the Red Hood is a 2010 direct-to-video animated superhero film based on the Batman storylines "A Death in the Family" and "Under the Hood". a DC Comics wiki Batman: Under the Red Hood Batman: Under The Red Hood Two-Disc Special Edition DVD cover art Directed by Produced by Brandon Vietti Bruce Timm Bobbi Page Alan Burnett Sam Register Benjamin Melniker Michael Uslan Judd Winick Characters by Bob Kane Bill Finger Bruce Greenwood Jensen Ackles John DiMaggio Neil Patrick Harris Jason Isaacs Wade Williams Christopher Drake Warner Bros. See "LEGO Batman: Character Gallery. "Lovers & Madmen. Part Two: Peace in Arms" Batman Confidential 8 (October 2007).953. 2010 75 minutes English $6.Alfred Pennyworth [16] Scott Peterson (w)." Game Informer 186 (October 2008): 92..

Ra's reveals that five years previous he commissioned the Joker to distract the Dynamic Duo during their investigation of one of Ra's' terrorist plots. and together they incapacitate three while Red Hood kills one. he visits Ra's al Ghul for the truth. He stalls them to lure Batman out. who promptly hijacks another weapon shipment. and they get into a fight that culminates with Jason holding Batman at gunpoint and demanding to know why he has not killed the Joker. which yielded disastrous results: Jason was driven over the edge by the chemicals in the pit. and John DiMaggio as the Joker. saving Black Mask and his underlings. Batman gives chase and eventually ends up at the chemical plant that created the Joker. Red Hood takes the Joker to an abandoned apartment and savagely beats him with a crowbar. Back at the Batcave. but Red Hood gets away with a captured Joker in tow. Batman intercepts a stolen truck carrying Amazo. Black Mask puts out a hit on Red Hood. During a chase over the city rooftops. defeated. drops the gun. and fled. Jensen Ackles as the Red Hood/Jason Todd. It was released on July 27. Batman and Nightwing interrogate the Joker at Arkham Asylum about Red Hood. Red Hood displays physical skills similar to Batman and Nightwing's. Red Hood is attacked by the Fearsome Hand of Four. and that he became violent and impulsive as he grew older. Angered over his stolen android.[3][4] 17 Plot At a manor in Sarajevo. the Joker brutally beats Jason with a crowbar while Batman races there. Jason gives Batman a gun and an ultimatum: Either Jason will shoot the Joker. assuring eight prominent drug lords protection from Batman and crime boss Black Mask in return. Five years later in Gotham City. When Batman confronts him about it. In a warehouse. Batman later uses a blood sample from the battle to confirm that Red Hood is in fact Jason Todd. The screenplay was written by Judd Winick. while his assistant informs him that the Joker has captured Jason Todd. the clown merely taunts them with Jason's death and denies involvement. an android weapon. Batman offers to help Red Hood. Meanwhile. Jason activates a bomb. Enraged. The drivers reveal they were under Red Hood’s orders before being assassinated by their employer. To make amends. with Batman and Nightwing interrupting. Batman sends Nightwing home and then discovers Red Hood knows his secret identity. who also wrote the "Under the Hood" run in the monthly Batman comic. which Ra's saw as unnecessary. Bruce discovers the body in Jason’s coffin is a fake. Red Hood then eludes them at a train station. Angry and hurt. who refuses and leaves. He then meets Batman in Crime Alley. where a planted bomb explodes and injures Nightwing's leg. Batman says that although he’s thought every day about killing the Joker. Meanwhile. a group of four assassins working for Black Mask. Ra's al Ghul ruefully realizes his mistake in allying himself with the Joker. Ra's attempted to revive Jason in the Lazarus Pit. Jason aims his gun at his former mentor before Batman disables it with a batarang. Batman also recalls that Jason once used such escape maneuvers. Batman silently declines participation. the second Robin. the Joker abducts Black Mask and his associates and tries to burn them alive in a bid for Red Hood’s attention. a masked criminal known as Red Hood takes command of the drug trade. and slumps to the ground. and walks away. Elsewhere. he can’t bring himself to do it — he knows if he starts killing. Pushed to his breaking point. nearly killing the crime lord. a planted explosive destroys the building before Batman can rescue Jason. Batman intervenes. where they first met. The film stars Bruce Greenwood as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Red Hood insists that he doing what the Dark Knight is unwilling to do: killing criminals who step out of line.Batman: Under the Red Hood line released by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Afterward. back from the dead. Red Hood fires a rocket-propelled grenade into Black Mask's office. and Nightwing arrives to help take it down. Black Mask cuts a deal with the Joker: He will be released from Arkham in exchange for killing Red Hood. Batman tries . 2010. where Red Hood confronts him and comments before escaping that it is the site of Batman's first great failure. Red Hood reveals his plan the whole time was to intimidate Black Mask into freeing the Joker so he could arrange a meeting. The two-disc special edition and Blu-ray also includes an animated short featuring Jonah Hex. Joker then leaves the warehouse and traps a half-dead Jason inside. he’ll never stop. Meanwhile. or Batman has to shoot Jason to stop him. but the clown kidnapped and murdered Jason. Animation. Although Jason attempts to escape.

[6] Amazo (uncredited). Guard (uncredited) Keri Tombazian as Reporter #2. but the Joker stands in the way. 2010 WaterTower Music 1. a news report reveals that the Joker was returned to Arkham and Black Mask is back on the streets after paying a million dollars bail. 3.[6] Fearsome Hand Leader (uncredited) Bruce Timm as Edward Nygma / The Riddler[6] Michael Villani as Reporter #3[6] Talia al Ghul also appears in a non-speaking role in the film as well once again alongside her father. In the aftermath of the incident. Shot (uncredited). Batman knocks the Joker aside to try and save Jason as the explosive goes off. 5. Additional Voices Neil Patrick Harris as Dick Grayson / Nightwing Jason Isaacs as Ra's al Ghul Wade Williams as Roman Sionis / Black Mask[5] Carlos Alazraqui as Chi Chi.[6] Drug Dealer Fred Tatasciore as Mercenary #1. 4. Baton (uncredited) Robert Clotworthy as Leon[6] Gary Cole as Bobo. "A Death in the Family" (4:51) "Main Titles" (2:43) "Mob Boss Meeting" (1:47) "Amazo" (4:21) "Batwing" (3:15) . the Joker and Batman are revealed to have survived.[6] Additional Voices Andrea Romano as Reporter #1[6] Dwight Schultz as Freddie. 2. Guard #2 (uncredited) Brian George as Ra's Assistant[6] Kelly Hu as Ms. The film ends with a flashback of Jason’s first day as Robin. At the Batcave. 18 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bruce Greenwood as Bruce Wayne / Batman Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd / Red Hood John DiMaggio as The Joker.Batman: Under the Red Hood to defuse the bomb. determined to see that they all die together. Alfred Pennyworth asks Batman if he should take down the memorial holding Jason’s old Robin costume. When the smoke clears.[6] Commissioner James Gordon (uncredited). Li[6] Phil LaMarr as Rick[6][7] Vincent Martella as Jason Todd / Robin (teen)[7] Alexander Martella as Jason Todd / Robin (young) Jim Piddock as Alfred Pennyworth[6] Kevin Michael Richardson as Tyler Bramford. Soundtrack Batman: Under the Red Hood (Soundtrack from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie) Soundtrack album (Digital download) by Christopher Drake Released Label July 27. Batman refuses. in which the boy declares that it is the best day of his life.[6] Thug #1 (uncredited). saying nothing has changed. but Jason is nowhere to be found.

Worldsfinestonline. "Flashback" (2:19) 10. jp/ html/ w_all/ e_works_others. . The first review appeared on The World's Finest website which gave the film a generally favorable response. Worldsfinestonline. ign. "Final Confrontation" (4:44) 17. Retrieved 2010-06-20. "Batman: Under the Red Hood Blu-ray Review" (http:/ / bluray. References [1] The Answerstudio (http:/ / www. "Batmobile to Arkham" (0:50) 7. Batman: Under the Red Hood received a rare 'Extremely Fresh' score with an average of a 7. . "Break Out" (2:14) 13.ComicMix news" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-01-02. . .New Cast Details For Upcoming "Batman: Under The Red Hood"" (http:/ / www. "Interrogation" (1:19) 8. "Complete Cast And Crew. com/ articles/ 110/ 1104930p1. php). James (July 9. com/ index. Retrieved 2011-01-02.New Cast Details For Upcoming "Batman: Under The Red Hood" Animated Feature" (http:/ / www. the-numbers. Comic Book Resources. "Ra's Story" (5:47) 15.com. The movie also holds a 7. Nash Information Service.com. com/ news. comicmix. wfdvdreport. "Techno Ninjas" (5:41) 12. . [4] "Warner Premiere Formally Announces 'Batman: Under the Red Hood' .9/10 on IMDB: it was the highest rated direct-to-video Batman films until the release of The Dark Knight Returns which is rated 8. php?action=fullnews& id=1395/ ). html) from the original on 12 July 2010. worldsfinestonline.Batman: Under the Red Hood 6. Retrieved 2010-06-20. 2010-03-11. php/ news. worldsfinestonline. 2010. com/ news.3 approval rating. . IGN. ign. [9] White. Retrieved 2010-07-09.com. Cindy (2010-07-08). com/ news/ 2010/ 04/ 27/ warner-premiere-formally-announces-batman-under-the-red-hood/ ). co."[8] The World's Finest website also labeled its advice as "Recommended". The Numbers. comicmix. 2010-04-27. php?action=fullnews& id=695). 2010-04-27. [5] "The World's Finest . archive. answerstudio. "I have to say this really was a damn good film.com. . [6] Harvey. org/ web/ 20100629222127/ http:/ / www.0/10 as of October 20. Wfdvdreport. . . php?action=fullnews& id=791). html). archive. org/ web/ 20100712064239/ http:/ / bluray. php/ news. 2012. com/ movies/ 2010/ 0BMUR-DVD. com/ articles/ 110/ 1104930p1. stating. Archived (http:/ / web. [8] "1st Published Review (The World's Finest)" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 2010/ 04/ 27/ warner-premiere-formally-announces-batman-under-the-red-hood/ ) from the original on 29 June 2010.com. Comicmix. "The Choice" (2:16) 18. "Black Mask Strikes Back" (1:17) 11. "End Titles" (3:34) 19 Critical reception "Batman: Under the Red Hood" received critical acclaim. Archived (http:/ / web. 2010)."[9] Based on seven reviews collected on Rotten Tomatoes. worldsfinestonline. "The Bridge" (5:12) 16. Retrieved 2012-03-21. comicbookresources.DVD Sales" (http:/ / www. htm) [2] "Batman: Under the Red Hood . php/ news. Retrieved July 11. [3] ""Batman: Under the Red Hood" Trailer" (http:/ / www. [7] "The World's Finest . php?action=fullnews& id=704). "Rooftop Chase" (4:21) 9.[8] IGN gave the movie an 8 out of 10. com/ news. com/ ?page=article& id=25972). calling it "An interesting peek inside the psyche of Batman and the fine line between good and evil. Features Details For "Batman: Under The Red Hood"" (http:/ / www. It holds 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. worldsfinestonline. "Deal with the Devil" (0:48) 14. Retrieved 2010-12-29.

net • Batman: Under The Red Hood review (http://thatguywiththeglasses.net/article.com/batmanredhood/) • Batman: Under the Red Hood (http://www.animationinsider.Batman: Under the Red Hood 20 External links • Official website (http://warnervideo.com/m/batman_under_the_red_hood/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Batman: Under the Red Hood @ The World's Finest (http://worldsfinestonline.com/WF/dcuam/redhood/) • Red Hood Director on First Timer Jensen Ackles (http://sfuniverse.imdb.php?articleID=2505) at AnimationInsider.com/blogs/latest/entry/ ani-movies-batman-under-the-red-hood) at Ani-Movies .net/2010/06/03/ red-hood-director-on-first-timer-jensen-ackles) SFUniverse.com/title/tt1569923/) at the Internet Movie Database • Batman: Under the Red Hood (http://www.rottentomatoes.net • Review (http://www.

September 29. Waiting for Guffman (1996).789.Best in Show (film) 21 Best in Show (film) Best in Show Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Christopher Guest Gordon Mark Karen Murphy Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Catherine O'Hara John Michael Higgins Michael McKean Michael Hitchcock Parker Posey Jennifer Coolidge Jane Lynch Jeffrey CJ Vanston Music by Cinematography Roberto Schaefer Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Robert Leighton Castle Rock Entertainment Warner Bros. The film focuses on the slightly surreal interactions among the various owners and handlers as they travel to the show and compete. A Mighty Wind (2003). and For Your Consideration (2006). 2000 90 minutes United States English $10 million [1] [2] $20. Many in the cast and crew were also involved in the films This Is Spinal Tap (1984). . and after the show. Christopher Guest directed.556 Best in Show is a 2000 improvisational comedy film that follows five entrants in a prestigious dog show. Much of the dialogue was improvised. he also co-wrote the script with Eugene Levy.

Gerry and Cookie returned home to Florida and were overcome with attention after the victory. Cookie dislocates her knee and insists that Gerry take over for her. who run into monetary problems and are forced to sleep in the hotel's storage room when they finally arrive. Michael McKean) and their Shih Tzu Miss Agnes A campy gay couple. Throughout the film. entertaining sparse crowds with a honky tonk song and dance number. and prepare backstage before their dog takes the show. Howard Marshall II. • Meg and Hamilton Swan (Parker Posey. Butch) A two-time past winner of the show. held in Philadelphia. the Swans believe that Beatrice will become unnerved without her favorite toy. Sherri Ann is a luscious big-breasted blonde. • Harlan Pepper (Christopher Guest) and his Bloodhound Hubert Pepper's family has raised a variety of hounds for generations.Best in Show (film) 22 Plot Best in Show is presented as a documentary of five dogs and their owners destined to show in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. trainer Christy Cummings (Jane Lynch) makes sure the dog is truly ready for the show. for some reason. however. Patrick Cranshaw) with their Standard Poodle Rhapsody in White (a. and frantically search for a replacement for it before the show. with appropriate costume.k. The documentary jumps among owners as they prepare to leave for the show. Sherri Ann and Leslie's fake couplehood crumples. the film explores what each character is doing after the competition. Michael Hitchcock). going as far as taking her to a therapist after she sees Meg and Hamilton have sex. Stefan and Scott are in the process of designing a calendar featuring Shih Tzu dogs appearing in scenes. with their Weimaraner Beatrice An upper-class. • Scott Donlan and Stefan Vanderhoof (John Michael Higgins. Sherri Ann and Christy have entered into a partnership (It is unknown if either Leslie has passed away or if he has gotten divorced from Sherri Ann. from famous classic films. Beatrice is disqualified when Hamilton cannot control her. and Harlan continues the tradition by raising bloodhounds (though he has aspirations of becoming a ventriloquist). Their relationship is reminiscent of the marriage between Anna Nicole Smith and J. Afterwards. they think they are taking great care of Beatrice (although really they are just confusing and upsetting her with their neurotic behavior). Catherine O'Hara). Though the audience is initially awed by seeing Gerry's "two left feet" (the result of a birth defect). • Sherri Ann and Leslie Ward Cabot (Jennifer Coolidge. The owners and their dogs include: • Gerry and Cookie Fleck (Eugene Levy. stereotypical yuppie couple from Chicago.) Hamilton and Meg Swan seem to have given Beatrice away. The owners and their dogs all arrive in time for the show. and oblivious "color" commentator Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard).a. They go on to record. they encounter men whom Cookie slept with during her youth. more loving partnership as well as a new dog (a pug) that they claim enjoys . arrive at the hotel. At the show. Harlan fulfills his dreams and becomes a ventriloquist. they take great pride in their dog. with their Norwich Terrier Winky A middle-class couple from Florida. which is hosted by dog expert Trevor Beckwith (Jim Piddock). while Leslie remains utterly oblivious and apathetic. Sherri Ann is primarily worried about giving Rhapsody a makeover. allowing them to enjoy a calmer. ultimately Winky takes Best in Show. in amusingly bad style. but the other four dogs advance to the final round. called American Bitch. such as Gone with the Wind and Casablanca (and McMillan and Wife. while Sherri Ann and Christy's romantic involvement becomes apparent. During the first round. and are confident that she will win the competition.) and publish a magazine for lesbian owners of purebred dogs. the elderly Leslie is her sugar daddy. songs about terriers but discover to Gerry's frustration that the recording engineer is yet another of Cookie's ex-boyfriends (Steven Porter). Over the course of the film. the "Busy Bee". as well as post-show. Just before the finals.

After opening to a total of 497 theaters. Theodore W. and Canadian Comedy Awards. Urchin's Bryllo .Best in Show (film) watching them make love. Arokat's Echobar Take Me Dancing .556.Beatrice the Weimaraner Can Ch. With a foreign gross of $2. as Hotel Manager Lynda Boyd as Cabot Party Guest Teryl Rothery as Philly AM Host Patrick Cranshaw as Leslie Ward Cabot Will Sasso as Fishin' Hole Guy Bob Balaban as Dr. the film ended its run with a domestic total $18. British.392. The film is number 38 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies". Jr.[4] It won American.802 per theater.Hubert the Bloodhound Can Ch. Quiet Creek's Stand By Me .[5] . Exxel Dezi Duz It With Pizaz .Tyrone the Shih Tzu Can Ch. In 2012 Best in Show won a spot on Yahoo's list of the "100 Funniest Movies to See Before You Die".Rhapsody in White the Standard Poodle[3] Reception Best in Show has received high critical praise.Winky the Norwich Terrier Ch.074.164 it brought the total gross revenue to $20. Millbank III Don Lake as Graham Chissolm The dogs • • • • • • Can Ch.789. 23 Cast The actors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Christopher Guest as Harlan Pepper Eugene Levy as Gerry Fleck Catherine O'Hara as Cookie Fleck John Michael Higgins as Scott Donlan Michael McKean as Stefan Vanderhoof Michael Hitchcock as Hamilton Swan Parker Posey as Meg Swan Jennifer Coolidge as Sherri Ann Cabot Jane Lynch as Christy Cummings Larry Miller as Max Berman Jim Piddock as Trevor Beckwith Fred Willard as Buck Laughlin Ed Begley.436 to thirteen theatres with an average of $31. Symarun's Red Hot Kisses . it had a rating of 94% fresh on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes (based on 105 reviews).Miss Agnes the Shih Tzu Can Ch.715. As of February 2010. The film opened to a weekend gross of $413. Rapture's Classic .

1985 (USA) 99 minutes United States English Running time Country Language . com/ m/ best_in_show/ ). 1984 (New York Film Festival) January 18. Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Joel Coen Ethan Coen Joel Coen Ethan Coen John Getz Frances McDormand Dan Hedaya Samm-Art Williams M. IMDb.jsp?stid=411463) at the TCM Movie Database Best in Show (http://www. . boxofficemojo. rottentomatoes.com/title/tt0218839/) at the Internet Movie Database Best in Show (http://tcmdb. IMDb. com/ movies/ ?id=bestinshow. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).imdb. [3] Choron.com/) Best in Show (http://www.Best in Show (film) 24 References [1] "Box Office Mojo" (http:/ / www.com/title/title. Retrieved 2008-06-12. co. . p.com/movies/movie/v209859) at AllRovi Best in Show (http://www. Choron. Sandra. htm). . com/ movies/ ?id=bestinshow. [4] "Best In Show (2000)" (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo Best in Show (http://www. "Best In Show"" (http:/ / www. uk/ books?id=KuZnxSXErqUC& pg=PA47& lpg=PA47& dq=Arokat's+ Echobar+ Take+ Me+ Dancing#v=onepage& q=Arokat's Echobar Take Me Dancing& f=false). ISBN 978-0-618-51752-7. Emmet Walsh Carter Burwell Music by Cinematography Barry Sonnenfeld Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Roderick Jaynes Don Wiegmann Circle Films (1985) USA Films (2000) September 7. Planet Dog: A Doglopedia (http:/ / books. IMDb. Retrieved 27 April 2012. htm). com/ movies/ ?id=bestinshow. External links • • • • • • Official website (http://bestinshowonline. Retrieved 27 April 2012. Retrieved 27 April 2012. Rotten Tomatoes. 1984 (Toronto International Film Festival) October 12.boxofficemojo.rottentomatoes. .com/movies/?id=bestinshow. [5] "Box Office Mojo. Harry (2005).com/m/best_in_show/) at Rotten Tomatoes Blood Simple Blood Simple.warnerbros. htm).allrovi. . 47. google. [2] "Box Office Mojo" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. boxofficemojo.

100 Thrills.[1] In 2001. "I'm not afraid of you. Marty hires private detective Loren Visser (M. It ranked #98 on AFI's 100 Years. The morning after their tryst. fearful mindset of people after a prolonged immersion in violent situations. but realizes one is missing. punches through. The film also placed #73 on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments. but Abby slams it down on his wrist and drives a knife through his hand. ma'am. He throws Marty in the hole and buries him alive. Ray confronts Marty and quits his job. Abby knocks out the light.218. I'll sure give 'im the message. making it clear he is aware of their relationship. When Abby arrives home that night. They are interrupted by a telephone call from Visser. Visser. mortally wounded. Emmet Walsh) to take photos of Ray and Abby in bed at a local motel. She accuses him of this the next time they meet. finding Marty's body and Abby's gun. Marty. finding Visser's faked photo. Ray visits Abby and tells her "I cleaned up your mess". who says nothing. but was interrupted by Abby's arrival." . Visser shoots holes through the wall. Afterward. She hides in the bathroom just as Visser arrives. Abby retreats and waits behind the bathroom door. but discovers that Marty is still alive. shoots him dead. she fires through the door. Visser is on a nearby roof with a rifle and. suspects his wife Abby (Frances McDormand) is having an affair with one of his bartenders. It was the directorial debut of Joel Coen and the first major film of cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld. Confused by Ray's behavior. As Visser is about to emerge. Meanwhile. He tells Abby to turn off the light because someone is watching them from across the street.Blood Simple Budget Box office $1. he presents doctored photos of their corpses to Marty when collecting his $10. Ray returns once more to the bar and opens the safe. Marty makes a menacing phone call to them. Abby tells Ray it was Marty on the phone. if I see 'im. a "Director's cut" DVD was released.. but he misinterprets this as her gratitude for his role in Marty's murder. cleaning up the blood and disposing of evidence in a backyard incinerator. Ray (John Getz). and storms out. Visser burns the doctored photos of Abby and Ray. suddenly bursts into laughter. Observing the scene. Abby thinks Ray is threatening her. Later that evening." Abby says.000 fee. and they begin to argue. in which "blood simple" is a term to describe the addled. lying on the bathroom floor. But Ray assumes Abby is lying. Visser reaches for his cigarette lighter only to realize he left it in Marty's office. Plot Julian Marty (Dan Hedaya). Realizing Ray was right. The film's title derives from the Dashiell Hammett novel Red Harvest. Visser had been trying to break into the safe. He then shoots Marty with Abby's gun in a double cross. Visser goes to the bathroom to kill Abby. who is not there. Ray calls Abby and she thanks him for calling her in the morning. and leaves the light on.701 25 Blood Simple. seeing Ray in the window. Abby does not know what Ray is talking about. He decides to cover up the murder.5 million $4. Marty threatens Ray's life and advises him to not trust Abby. she turns on a light and finds Ray looking out the large window. who later became a noted director. He realizes he is being followed as he leaves for Abby's apartment. Marty hires Visser to kill the couple while Marty takes a fishing trip to Corpus Christi. Reaching out the window. and photographs the sleeping couple through the bedroom window. assumes Abby murdered her husband. and removes the knife. The following day. the owner of a Texas bar. but he explains that he found her gun at the bar and that he buried Marty alive. Later. is a 1984 neo-noir crime film. Abby goes to the bar to find it ransacked. Ray assumes Abby is being coy. hitting Visser. Annoyed. having been locked in the bar's safe by Marty. Abby now thinks that Ray killed Marty because of a money dispute. leaving the gun at the scene. Visser breaks into Ray's home. Ray returns to the bar and. steals Abby's gun. he opens the window to the next apartment. to frame her for Marty's murder.. He says: "Well. holding a gun. Ray drives to a remote field to dispose of Marty's body.

Unusual for such an exercise. billed as Blood Simple: Director's Cut with no commentary or extras. that the sweat on various actors is "movie sweat". he claims that the scene with Ray and Abby driving in the rain. . the "Director's Cut" is some three minutes shorter than the original 1985 theatrical release. "Director's Cut" and home media The film was released on VHS tape in 1995 with a 99-minute running time. they resolved long-standing rights issues with the music: the original theatrical version of the film made prominent use of The Four Tops' "It's the Same Old Song". and. "Loring" is voiced by actor Jim Piddock. this was also included in the theatrical release of the Director's Cut. This shorter version was released again on DVD in 2008 by MGM. talking about Marty. using a script written by the Coen brothers. The 2001 DVD release features several spoofs of DVD 'special features'. it had been replaced with Neil Diamond's "I'm a Believer" for the 1995 U. Emmet Walsh as Loren Visser Samm-Art Williams as Meurice Deborah Neumann as Debra Holly Hunter as Helene Trend (Voice Only. this version was released on DVD in 2001. he claims that. Elsewhere in the commentary. In addition. gathered from the flanks of Palomino horses. that Fred Astaire and Rosemary Clooney were at one time intended for the film. Loring offers several entirely spurious "facts": for example. to synch the headlights of passing the car just as certain lines were said (he claims that filming the scene backwards and upside down was the logical choice to get the timing right. The Coens reduced the running time with tighter editing. home video edition on VHS. who claims that the Director's Cut removes some of "the boring bits" and adds other parts. The 2008 MGM release is a barebones DVD edition of the 1998 theatrical version. It also includes an audio commentary by "Kenneth Loring". after the film had been re-released theatrically in 1998 (premiering at the Austin Film Festival on October 3) as a "Director's Cut" with a 93-minute running time. One is an introduction to the film by fictional film historian "Mortimer Young". shortening some shots and removing others altogether.S. and that the actors are wearing hair spray to keep their hair pointing "down").Blood Simple 26 Cast • • • • • • • John Getz as Ray Frances McDormand as Abby Dan Hedaya as Julian Marty M. Uncredited) Reception The film currently holds a 95% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. the actors simply mouth the words and record them in post-production. the fictional artistic director of the equally fictional "Forever Young Films". that Marty's dog is animatronic. The "director's cut" reinstated the Four Tops track as the Coens had always intended. in scenes with both dialogue and music. but the product of computer generated imagery. so they won't interfere with the music. and that a fly buzzing about is not real. was acted out in reverse as well as upside down.

2. 4. 7. the "Ramayana Monkey Chant" of Bali. "Crash and Burn" – (2:40) "Blood Simple" – (3:33) "Chain Gang" – (4:47) "The March" – (3:34) "Monkey Chant" – (1:04) "The Shooting" – (2:52) "Blood Simpler" – (1:22) The tracks from Blood Simple. 3. 5. he went on to write scores for all of their films. Blood Simple. (1984) Raising Arizona (1987) Professional ratings Review scores Source Allmusic Rating [2] The score to Blood Simple. Raising Arizona. "Monkey Chant" is based on "Kecak". 1. along with selections from the Coen's next film. was also the first feature film score for Burwell. Other songs not on the CD • • • • • • "It's the Same Old Song" performed by The Four Tops "Louie Louie" performed by Toots & the Maytals "The Lady in Red" performed by Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra "Rogaciano" "He'll Have to Go" performed by Joan Black "El Sueno" performed by Johnny Ventura . the first of his collaborations with the Coen Brothers. 6. One track. is written by Carter Burwell.Blood Simple 27 Soundtrack Original Motion Picture Soundtracks: Raising Arizona and Blood Simple Soundtrack album by Carter Burwell Released Genre Length Label 1987 Film score 39:26 Varèse Sarabande Coen Brothers film soundtracks chronology Blood Simple. and he became a much-in-demand composer in Hollywood. Selections from Burwell's score were released on an album in 1987. The score is a mix of solo piano and electronic ambient sounds. comprise the final seven tracks on a 17-track CD that also features selections from the Raising Arizona soundtrack.

"The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers". allmusic. Grand Rapids. a Gun and a Noodle Shop).com/m/blood_simple/) at Rotten Tomatoes .allrovi. Zondervan. . Variety.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Blood Simple (http://www.imdb.com/movies/movie/vblood-simple-6128) at AllRovi • Blood Simple (http://www.com/title/tt0086979/) at the Internet Movie Database • Blood Simple (http://www. Marc (28 July 2009).rottentomatoes. p. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). com/ article/ VR1118006606. Retrieved 30 November 2011. variety. is set in a Chinese noodle shop in a desert and revolves around the restaurant owner's plan to murder his adulterous wife and her lover. Cathleen. External links • Blood Simple (http://www. The film. 31 [2] Blood Simple (http:/ / www. titled A Simple Noodle Story (known internationally as A Woman.Blood Simple • "Anahi" performed by Maria Luisa Buchino and her Llameros • "Sweet Dreams" performed by Patsy Cline 28 Remake In December 2009. New York: Reed Business Information. MI: 2009.boxofficemojo.[3] References [1] Falsani.com/movies/?id=bloodsimple. "SPC to distribute Yimou's 'Blood': Chinese director remaking Coen brothers' pic" (http:/ / www. Zhang Yimou released a loose remake of the film as a comedy. com/ album/ r127956) at Allmusic [3] Graser.

While the Ishimura extracts a chunk of the planet to mine. while the other. Meanwhile. Head of Security Alissa Vincent (Nika Futterman) asks to investigate the colony. The Church of Unitology uses its influence to send the mining ship USG Ishimura to retrieve this holy relic. receiving evidence of a massacre. The Marker is brought aboard by order of Captain Mathius (Jim Cummings). identified as a possible "second Marker". they receive radio reports of an outbreak of violent behavior among the colonists. Barrow takes her body and flees the facility in a shuttle. two miners on Aegis VII check an outpost that has gone silent. He orders that the planet be quarantined and return to Earth. 2008. Barrow's shuttle crashes into the Ishimura's hangar. While the ship approaches. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 28. The . just as he is killed by his mutated wife. 2008 and broadcast on the Syfy Channel on December 2. a man in the ship's sick bay struggles against his restraints and resists sedation. The captain refuses to radio for help. Plot An alien artifact. The Ishimura re-establishes links with the colony.Dead Space: Downfall 29 Dead Space: Downfall Dead Space: Downfall Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Chuck Patton Joe Goyette Robert Weaver Justin Gray Jimmy Palmiotti Nika Futterman Jeff Bennett Bruce Boxleitner Hal Sparks Kelly Hu Kevin Michael Richardson Seth Podowitz Film Roman Electronic Arts Music by Studio Distributed by Electronic Arts Manga Entertainment Anchor Bay Entertainment Release date(s) October 28. 2008 Running time Country Language 75 minutes United States South Korea English Dead Space: Downfall is an animated horror film developed by Film Roman and EA. sees his wife Jen (Lia Sargent) commit suicide. One man vanishes during a blackout. as he would face a court martial for entering a restricted system. is discovered on the planet Aegis VII. while the Necromorphs invade the USG Ishimura after it receives the Red Marker. begging to be killed. unaware of an alien presence attached to the corpse. but Mathius believes nothing is amiss. It is a prequel to the video game Dead Space and takes place during the events of Dead Space: Extraction. Colin Barrow.

Irons buys time for Vincent and Ramirez to extract the scared crew members by using himself as bait. then is in turn killed by Ramirez (Hal Sparks). which then kill him. fearing that the Necromorphs will wipe out humanity on Earth. and Ramirez return to the bridge where they learn that the ship is almost entirely overrun.Walla/ADR 3 . Miner Jeff Bennett . Glenn Kelly Hu . Dr. adding that the Marker and the Ishimura must be destroyed.Walla/ADR 5 Kirk Baily . The escape pods are launched empty and the communications systems destroyed. On the way to the bridge.Dr.Ramirez Phil Morris . a Unitologist.Colin Barrow Lia Sargent .Dead Space: Downfall security team is dispatched to arrest and quarantine the people on the shuttle. with Irons joining them. Terrence Kyne Kevin Michael Richardson . Walla/ADR 2 Jim Piddock .Heather. Farum Hal Sparks .Cartusian. Walla/ADR 1 Maurice LaMarche .Leggio. Tensions flare as Unitologist crew members demand to see the Marker. but learns that the creatures cannot come into close proximity with the artifact. who flees the bridge. On their way to confront Kyne. The story ends as the USG Kellion arrives and prepares to dock on the Ishimura . Vincent finds herself surrounded by Necromorphs. Ramire sacrifices himself getting Vincent into the control room. Vincent and the Necromorphs are blown out into space.the beginning of Dead Space.Jen Barrow. Vincent. which kept them imprisoned on Aegis VII.White. The security team fight the infestation as it spreads through the ship.Hansen. Bavaro Bob Neill . to scuttle the ship on the planet to stop the Necromorphs from spreading. and Kyne escapes with her weapon.Shen Keith Szarabajka . She confronts Kyne. Jackson Grey DeLisle .Alissa Vincent Jim Cummings . She uploads the video log to a distress beacon. Vincent fails to restore the engines. Irons. who claims that his actions are necessary to stop the alien outbreak from leaving the system. 30 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nika Futterman . Vincent's teammate Hanson (Phil Morris) goes insane and kills teammate Shen (Kelly Hu). they then discover that Kyne is sabotaging the ship's engines. Vincent's body drifts in space as the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star plays. Pendleton. they are quickly calmed and dispersed by engineer Samuel Irons (Kevin Michael Richardson). The man in sickbay awakens to discover alien creatures mutating the corpses in the morgue. opens the airlock and launches the beacon from the downed shuttle.Samuel Irons. but the captain claims religious persecution and mutiny.Captain Mathius. Spurred on by a vision of Ramirez. Vincent leaves a video log that details the entire sequence of events. Terrence Kyne (Keith Szarabajka) tells Mathius that the Marker is responsible for the colonists going insane and causing the infestation and must not be taken to Earth.Walla/ADR 4 David Allen Kramer . Dobbs. and is killed. Donna Fawkes Bruce Boxleitner . Mathius is accidentally killed by Kyne in an attempt to sedate him.Chic Shelly O'Neill . but they find nothing aboard. the team finds survivors trapped by Necromorphs.

com/ movies/ 2008/ 0DSDW. alongside Dead Space 2. 2011. php . imdb. com [2] http:/ / www. Dead Space: Aftermath was released on January 25. deadspacethemovie. com/ title/ tt1267379/ [3] http:/ / www. External links • Official website [1] • Dead Space: Downfall [2] at the Internet Movie Database • Home market performance [3] listed on The Numbers References [1] http:/ / www.Dead Space: Downfall 31 Sequel A second film based on the Dead Space franchise has been released. the-numbers.

the Harry Potter films and Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. the Witch and the Wardrobe. . Friedberg and Seltzer's previous film. The song "Ms.Epic Movie 32 Epic Movie Epic Movie Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jason Friedberg Aaron Seltzer Paul Schiff Jason Friedberg Aaron Seltzer Jayma Mays Jennifer Coolidge Adam Campbell Faune A. 2007 Original theatrical version 85 minutes Unrated version 89 minutes United States Canada English $20 million $86. The film mostly references The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion. It was made in a similar style to Date Movie.865. Chambers Crispin Glover Darrell Hammond Kal Penn Fred Willard Tim Lockwood David Lehre Edward Shearmur Music by Cinematography Shawn Maurer Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Peck Prior Regency Enterprises 20th Century Fox (uncredited) January 26. New Booty" by Bubba Sparxxx gained commercial attention for being featured in Epic Movie.564 (Worldwide) Country Language Budget Box office Epic Movie is a 2007 American parody film directed and written by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer and produced by Paul Schiff.

Jack is then stabbed by the White Bitch as the crystal is lost in the ocean. On the other side. and that the White Bitch killed their parents. He asks Mystique (Carmen Electra) to come with him to the homecoming dance. Aslo agrees to help Edward in exchange for a foursome and a Dutch oven. He welcomes Lucy to Gnarnia. Lucy. Sr. Magneto (Jim Piddock). Edward (Kal Penn) lives at a Mexican monastery. the film introduces Susan (Faune Chambers). the four are then smashed to death by Jack's wheel. Moments later. and Peter train for the war against the White Bitch. Jack's wheel crushes her. Although the others attempt to kill her while frozen. Susan the Just. Aslo is slain by the White Bitch. As Magneto wills a locker door to open and knock Peter to the ground. Samuel L. he is still recovering from his battle with Silas. Feeling a burst of compassion. another student's "Golden Ticket" falls onto Peter's chest. and Peter head to the camp of Aslo (Fred Willard). but in the dream he gets shot in the eye and falls off a building. Next. finds that her adopted father (David Carradine). She convinces him to trap the other orphans and he can be the king of Gnarnia in her White Castle. Edward follows Lucy to Gnarnia and meets the White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge). Despite realizing she intends evil. . On the way Edward grabs a Monk's "Golden Ticket". with Borat following with "NOT!" before smacking his rump at the audience. They all help Lucy. It's soon revealed she plans to create a new continent for her followers via a magic crystal. Ignacio (Jareb Dauplaise) becomes enraged at Edward's displeasure at the living conditions and has him thrown out the window. Upon finishing their training.Epic Movie 33 Plot The film begins with a parody of The Da Vinci Code. Despite the presence of a revenge-craving Jack on a giant wooden wheel. and Lucy the Dumbshit. Lucy soon finds a wardrobe. the four now elderly rulers find the way home and stumble through. While this is occurring. they have a pre-battle party. Peter declares the White Bitch will receive a fair and just trial in the new Gnarnia. While she orders water. Susan gets drunk and vomits everywhere. during which Peter and Mystique (who. and the Headmaster. snakes come out and hijack the plane. she finds Mr. now young again. Susan falls on Paris Hilton and finds her "Golden Ticket" in Paris' purse. Before dying. he is then imprisoned. this so disgusts their new army that nobody shows up to help the orphans the next day. the White Bitch flashes Edward her breasts.) pops up and starts repeatedly saying "I have had it with these God damn snakes on this God damn plane!" and then throws Susan out of the plane so that she would be safe. Despite this. Wolverine (Vince Vieluf). All four main characters makes his or her way to Mr. The White Bitch sends Silas after the trio. in the middle of a wintry forest. They appear moments after they had left. The four are crowned the new rulers of the land: Peter the Heroic. Then the film introduces Peter (Adam Campbell). he manages to warn Lucy of the danger she is in. the four siblings are easily dispatched. they kill the army and erase the White Bitch's plot. Managing to kill Silas while breaking Edward out. Willy (Crispin Glover) reveals he plans to use them all as the 'special ingredient' in the treats (which is actual human parts). Borat congratulates them on a happy ending. Susan. she acknowledges this is the same plot as Superman Returns. where the orphans discover that they are all related to one another. Tumnus sacrifices himself to ensure their safety. She is going to Namibia to meet her new adoptive parents. putting the witch's plan in motion. along with the others who bullied Peter. Edward the Loyal. Susan. Tumnus' house. hypnotizing him into giving up the information on the orphans. Peter is bullied by Mystique's boyfriend. Decades later. had come to help the trio) make love. a mutant. Tumnus' life partner. Peter dreams that he is Superman. Peter is about to be slain when he finds the remote from the film Click (2006). he gives clues which lead her to a "Golden Ticket" in a vending machine candy bar. In an effort to hide from the maniacal Willy. They ally themselves with Harry Beaver (Katt Williams). using the device's reality altering powers to save his siblings. Tumnus (Héctor Jiménez). has been attacked by Silas (Kevin Hart). a museum curator. along with a balding Ron Weasley (George Alvarez). Edward sneaks off to the White Bitch's castle. Edward escapes with the assistance of Captain Jack Swallows. Jackson (James Walker. only to find out later that it was a ruse as the Captain tricks needed intelligence out of Edward. All four meet up at Willy's Chocolate Factory. They end up meeting a graying Harry Potter (Kevin McDonald). Lucy (Jayma Mays). and a pregnant Hermione Granger (Crista Flanagan) in Hogwarts. Tumnus then shows up.

and Mrs." Willy Wonka then goes in the wardrobe and puts out a "do not disturb" sign that refers to the girl in the wardrobe. Also. the girl who runs out is nude. The Oompa-Loompas come in and start singing the Willy Wonka theme song. Willy Wonka comes in and says: "I told you it was going to be an epic adventure. The four are then crushed by the wheel.Epic Movie 34 Extended Version The unrated. Cast Actor/Actress Kal Penn Adam Campbell Faune A. Jackson lookalike yells. Tumnus/Tony Fauntana Nacho Willy Captain Jack Swallows Parody of Edmund Pevensie/Kumar Patel/Esqueleto Peter Pevensie/Superman/Angel Susan Pevensie/Mercedes Lucy Pevensie/Sophie Neveu White Witch/Stifler's Mom/Davy Jones Ginarrbrik Himself/Tony Montana/Esqueleto Himself Willy Wonka Jack Sparrow/Captain Morgan Movie/TV The Chronicles of Narnia/Nacho Libre/Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle The Chronicles of Narnia/Superman Returns/X-Men The Chronicles of Narnia/Snakes on a Plane The Chronicles of Narnia/The Da Vinci Code The Chronicles of Narnia/American Pie/Pirates of the Caribbean The Chronicles of Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia/Scarface/MTV Cribs Nacho Libre Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pirates of the Caribbean/Captain Morgan Kevin McDonald Harry Potter George Alvarez Crista Flanagan Alla Petrou Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Paris Hilton . For example. he replaces "God damn" with "motherfuckin'". longer version (released in the UK as the "Rude & Crude Unseen Version") of the film features some scenes not shown in the theatrical version. In the Snakes on a Plane scene. when the Samuel L. during the scene where Lucy is crushed under the junk that falls out of the "Narnia" closet. Beaver Himself Unknown Himself Himself Himself Himself Herself Herself Punk'd Harry Potter series Harry Potter series Harry Potter series X-Men trilogy X-Men trilogy The Da Vinci Code The Chronicles of Narnia The Da Vinci Code The Chronicles of Narnia and Bell Canada reference in scene with PDA Borat The Chronicles of Narnia Role Edward Pervertski Peter Pervertski/Super Peter Susan Pervertski Lucy Pervertski The White Bitch of Gnarnia Bink Mr. as opposed to wearing a bikini. Chambers Jayma Mays Jennifer Coolidge Tony Cox Héctor Jiménez Jareb Dauplaise Crispin Glover Darrell Hammond Carmen Electra Jim Piddock Kevin Hart Fred Willard David Carradine Katt Williams Danny Jacobs Nick Steele Gregory Jbara David Lehre Mystique Magneto Silas Aslo The Curator Harry Beaver Borat Sagdiyev Lead Archer Mel Gibson Ashton Kutcher Herself Himself Himself/Rick James Aslan Jacques Saunière Mr.

dragging its satiric prey down to the lowest pop-cultural denominator" and added. Jennifer Coolidge and Fred Willard show up . Scott of The New York Times called the film "irreverent and also appreciative.. either. Critical reception Despite being a financial success. Alex Chun called the film "nothing more than a disjointed series of scenes and references cobbled together as a backdrop for sophomoric humor. is the only thing you might call witty. estimated at $20 million (the same as Date Movie). uh filmmakers.367 of that amount earned domestically.. he wondered." Describing it as "so bereft of anything resembling wit or inspiration"."[8] . . . the film received overwhelmingly negative reviews. with a rating of 2%.739. . despite negative reviews from critics. But happily. Jackson/Agent Neville Flynn Himself Herself Himself Herself Himself Snakes on a Plane Flavor of Love The Hills X-Men series X-Men trilogy Harry Potter series 35 Box office Epic Movie debuted at #1 at the box office with a gross of $18. It's mind-numbingly. . O. tediously unamusing and is so devoid of imagination it even parodies self-mocking films. Sr. with $39.564. The archly bombastic score ."[4] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle thought "only a complete idiot could think Epic Movie is remotely funny or worth making at all. 2007 the film has grossed $86. but then there's very little that's funny about it.[1] As of May 8. Abe Spigner Lauren Conrad Vince Vieluf Lindsey Kraft Scott L. Daddy Faun Himself Himself Himself Herself Chancho None None James Bond series Harry Potter series X-Men trilogy Nacho Libre Himself None X-Men trilogy Narrator None Samuel "God Damn"/"Motherfuckin'" Jackson Flavor Flav Herself Wolverine Rogue Hagrid Samuel L. to add some easy.Epic Movie James Walker.[2] The film was an economic success for its producers not least because it had a comparatively low budget. "What were the perpetrators.6 million over the opening weekend.[3] A. Schwartz Roscoe Lee Browne Tad Hilgenbrink Audra Lynn Anwar Burton Darko Belgrade Dane Farwell Kahshanna Evans Rico Rodriguez Heather Storm Shawn McDonald Cyclops Nude woman running out of wardrobe Michael Jackson James Bond Albus Dumbledore Storm Chanchito Aslo´s girl P. "The humor is coarse and occasionally funny."[7] The Radio Times said "There's very little that's epic about this senseless parody. thinking?"[5] In the Los Angeles Times.865. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film 21st in the 100 worst reviewed films of the 2000s."[6] and Ronnie Scheib of Variety said it was "epically unfunny" and "unlikely to join the list of blockbusters it lampoons. demented class.

com/ 2007/ 01/ 27/ movies/ 27epic. in an unrated version. Trailers. client. Retrieved 2011-05-07. Retrieved 2009-07-26. rtfilms.Where Edward gets punk'd American Pie . Harold and Kumar/Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle . php) [2] Epic Movie (2007) (http:/ / www. .Chewbacca and Stormtroopers cameo appearances. com/ m/ epic_movie/ ).Edward's tattoo on his back Awards and nominations Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer were nominated for the "Worst Screenplay" award at the 28th Golden Raspberry Awards. rottentomatoes. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Willy and the Oompa Loompas/The "Golden Tickets".Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www.DVD Sales" (http:/ / www. Casino Royale . simpleSearchServlet?frn=46577& searchTypeSelect=5) [9] "Epic Movie . Tumnus/Aslo/Harry Beaver/Lead Archer. Borat . As of late 2009. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) [8] Radio Times review (http:/ / www.The training at Hogwarts Rocky . com/ movies/ 2007/ EPICM-DVD.040. com/ printedition/ calendar/ cl-et-epic29jan29. story) [7] Variety review (http:/ / www. Pictures . nytimes. DTL) [6] Los Angeles Times review (http:/ / www. [4] New York Times review (http:/ / www. radiotimes.Epic Movie 36 Parodies • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Da Vinci Code-The beginning of the movie/ Lucy Pervertski/Silas/The Curator. in reference to the character Coolridge played in American Pie 50 Cent. Jackson The Chronicles of Narnia-Main Parody/The Pervertskis/The White Bitch of Gnarnia/Bink/Mr.The White Castle/Tony Cox's final revenge. Worst Remake or Rip-Off and Worst Supporting Actress for Carmen Electra. rottentomatoes. php). Pirates of the Caribbean . 1. calendarlive.Jack Swallows and Davy Jones mask. Nacho Libre/Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle-Edward Pervertski.0. boxofficemojo.[9] References [1] Epic Movie . 2007. The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift . bringing in $16.Training montage Punk'd . Rotten Tomatoes. the-numbers. .The remote control. com/ movies/ ?id=epicmovie. com/ servlet_film/ com. variety. com/ review/ VE1117932586.Movie Reviews. Snakes on a Plane-Susan Pervertski/the plane she's on/Samuel L. Star Wars .120 DVDs were sold. Superman Returns/X-Men-Peter Pervertski X-Men-Mystique/Magneto/Wolverine/Rogue/Cyclops/Storm Click . cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 2007/ 01/ 29/ DDGDKNPFJH1.Borat's brief cameo. htm) [3] "Epic Movie (2007)" (http:/ / www. Additionally.When Edward meets the White Bitch for the first time he calls her 'Stiffler's Mom'. sfgate. com/ m/ epic_movie/ numbers. the film garnered nominations in two other categories.388.The White Bitch's sled Harry Potter . html) [5] San Francisco Chronicle review (http:/ / www. The Numbers. com/ cgi-bin/ article. Home video The film was released on DVD on May 22.6642361. icl. .James Bond's final appearance. beeb. and a theatrical version as well.807.

com/title/tt0799949/) at the Internet Movie Database Epic Movie (http://www.metacritic.htm) at Box Office Mojo .boxofficemojo.com/movie/epic-movie) at Metacritic Epic Movie (http://www.com/movies/?id=epicmovie.com/m/epic_movie/) at Rotten Tomatoes Epic Movie (http://www.imdb.rottentomatoes.com/movies/movie/v376693) at AllRovi Epic Movie (http://tcmdb.Epic Movie 37 External links • • • • • • Epic Movie (http://www.jsp?stid=661365) at the TCM Movie Database Epic Movie (http://www.com/title/title.allrovi.

was a health visitor. in Harton village. Ernest Idle."[4] . singer. and the author of the Broadway musical Spamalot. 1973) Lily Idle (b. 1981) Carey Idle (b. author. a member of the Rutles on Saturday Night Live. Vermont.[1][2] served in the Royal Air Force during World War II. only to be killed in a hitch-hiking accident shortly after the war. County Durham. bullying.[4] Idle is quoted as saying: "It was a physically abusive. harsh environment for a kid to grow up in. writer 1967–present Nationality Alma mater Occupation Years active Notable work(s) Monty Python The Rutles Spamalot Spouse(s) Lyn Ashley (1969–1975) Tania Kosevich (m. England. Tyne and Wear. Perfect training for Python.Eric Idle 38 Eric Idle Eric Idle Idle after a show in Rutland. Nora Barron (née Sanderson). His mother. she enrolled him into the Royal Wolverhampton School as a boarder. 1990) Nora Barron Idle Ernest Idle Website http:/ / www. United States (2003) Born 29 March 1943 South Shields. writer and comedic composer. Idle was a member of the British surreal comedy group Monty Python. At this time the school was a charitable foundation dedicated to the education and maintenance of children who had lost one or both parents. ericidle. actor. comedian. and his father.[3] His mother had difficulty coping with a full-time job and bringing up a child. so when Idle was seven. com/ Children Parents Eric Idle (born 29 March 1943) is an English comedian. I got used to dealing with groups of boys and getting on with life in unpleasant circumstances and being smart and funny and subversive at the expense of authority. Early life and education Idle was born in South Shields. UK British Cambridge University Actor. singer-songwriter.

At Pembroke. and the butcher who alternates between rudeness and politeness every time he speaks. Nudge" for Ronnie Barker. Tim Brooke-Taylor and Footlights Club member Bill Oddie. although he sometimes found it difficult in having to present material to the others and make it seem funny without the back-up support of a partner. which has grown to become a Python signature tune. Monty Python (1969–1983) Idle wrote for Python mostly by himself. to small-time crook Stig O'Tracy. from the David Frost-esque Timmy Williams.[4] Idle maintains that there was little to do at the school and boredom drove him to study hard. as he supported the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and had participated in the yearly Aldermaston March. Unlike Palin. which was great. and other "naughty" subject matter – most famously demonstrated in "Nudge Nudge. at his own pace. He became Footlights President in 1965 and was the first to allow women to join the club. often characterised by double entendre. A competent guitarist. Python sketches dealing most with contemporary obsessions like pop music. Other cast members of the show includes comic actors David Jason and Denise Coffey." Idle's work in Python is often characterised by an obsession with language and communication: many of his characters have verbal peculiarities. either. He was responsible for the "Galaxy Song" from The Meaning of Life and "Eric the Half-a-Bee"." Idle originally [6] wrote "Nudge. but it was rejected because there was 'no joke in the words'. "he only got one vote". and he would frequently spoof the unnatural language and speech patterns of television presenters. Idle starred in the children's television comedy series Do Not Adjust Your Set co-starring his future Python fellows Terry Jones and Michael Palin. the closing number of Life of Brian. Idle himself admitted this was sometimes difficult: "You had to convince five others. but says that Idle was an independent person and worked best on his own. even though by that time he was head boy. the man who says words in the wrong order. Idle was closest in spirit to the students and teenagers who made up much of Python's fanbase. Idle composed many of the group's most famous musical numbers. he was invited to join the prestigious Cambridge University Footlights Club by the President of the Footlights Club. but we had a tradition of college smoking-concerts. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Idle had already refused to be senior boy in the school cadet force. and I sent in some sketches parodying a play that had just been done. and that led to me discovering about [5] and getting into the Footlights. A number of his sketches involve extended monologues (for example the customer in the "Travel Agency" sketch who won't stop talking about his unpleasant experiences with holidays). ” Idle started at Cambridge only a year after his future Pythons fellows Graham Chapman and John Cleese. such as the man who speaks in anagrams. Cleese admitted that this was slightly unfair – when the Pythons voted on which sketches should appear in a show. “ I'd never heard of the Footlights when I got there. who tries to deny the fact that organised crime master Dinsdale Piranha nailed his head to the floor. Idle is said to be the master of insincere characters. Terry Gilliam provided animations for the show. most notably "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". sexual references. and consequently won a place at Cambridge University. As the second-youngest member of the Pythons. a . sexual permissiveness and recreational drugs are usually Idle's work. he disliked other sports and would sneak out of school every Thursday afternoon to the local cinema.[4] 39 Career Pre-Python career (1965–1969) Idle attended Pembroke College at Cambridge. And they were not the most un-egotistical of writers. Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie auditioned me for the Footlights smoker. where he studied English. Idle was eventually caught watching the X-rated film BUtterfield 8 and stripped of his prefecture. Despite this.Eric Idle Idle stated that the two things that made his life bearable were listening to Radio Luxembourg under the bedclothes and watching the local football team.

in Warner Bros. The film also stars Rick Moranis and other members of the cast of the 1989 feature film Honey. a sketch show on BBC2. Gwen Taylor and Terence Bayler and George Harrison made a guest appearance on one episode. To make the joke complete. Rutland had been England's smallest county. was aired on NBC television. I Shrunk the Kids. especially in the U. In 1986. Idle is also writer and star of the 3-D film Pirates – 4D for Busch Entertainment Corporation. alongside Robbie Coltrane in Nuns on the Run (1990) and in Casper (1995). a dragon.[8] In the 1985 film National Lampoon's European Vacation. Idle wrote and directed the Rutles comeback in 2008 for a live show Rutlemania! to celebrate the 30th anniversary. with music by Innes. In 1996. Radio Five (pre-dating the real Radio Five station by 18 years). In 1994. chairman of the Imagination Institute and host of an 'Inventor of the Year' awards show in the three-dimensional film Honey. The series lasted for six episodes as a summer replacement series.[7] The performances took place in Los Angeles and New York with a Beatles tribute band. The band became a popular phenomenon. as well as George Harrison and Mick Jagger. he took part in the English National Opera production of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera The Mikado. A legacy of RWT was the creation. about a ghost who haunts the family inhabiting his former home. the programme went out on a weekday. In 1987. Figment was reinstated into the ride. he played the part of the bike rider. but had recently been 'abolished' in an administrative shake-up. Idle provided the voice of Wreck-Gar. This ran for two seasons from 1973 to 1974 and involved Idle performing sketches and links to records. In 1995. Animated film Quest for Camelot and as Slyly the albino arctic fox in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. with himself playing nearly all the multi-tracked parts. all six members pursued solo projects. the leader of the Junkions (a race of robots built out of junk that can only speak in film catchphrases and advertising slogans) in The Transformers: The Movie. Henry Woolf. a collaboration between Python members and Saturday Night Live. That same year. The name was a parody of London Weekend Television. He also played Ratty in Terry Jones' version of The Wind in the Willows (1996). the Rutles' mockumentary film All You Need Is Cash. Other regular performers were David Battley. as well as the main commentator. and composed and sang its theme song. In 1998. written by himself. Idle appeared in the lead role in the poorly received film Burn Hollywood Burn (see Criticism).S. where Idle was appearing on Saturday Night Live – fans would send in Beatles LPs with their sleeves altered to show the Rutles. RWT was 'Britain's smallest television network'. he also provided the voice of Devon. of the Rutles. Nigel Channing. Due to an outcry from Disney fans. . In 1999. Actors appearing in the film included Saturday Night Live's John Belushi. replacing Figment and Dreamfinder as the host. he voiced Rincewind the "Wizzard" in a computer adventure game based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. he reprised his role as Rincewind for the game's sequel. Idle appeared in the film as "Dirk McQuickly" (the Paul McCartney-styled character of the group). Idle received good critical notices appearing in projects written and directed by others – such as Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1989).Eric Idle whimsical tune that first appeared on the Previous Record album. In 1978. On television. an affectionate parody of the Beatles. with Innes. he reprised the role in the second (and controversial) version of the Journey Into Imagination ride at Epcot. his own creative projects – such as the film Splitting Heirs (1993). Bill Murray and Gilda Radner. a comedy he wrote. I Shrunk the Audience!. he appeared in the U. However. which was an attraction at Walt Disney World's Epcot from 1994 until 2010 and at Disneyland from 1998 until 2010. in which he appeared in the role of the Lord High Executioner. In 1989. starred in and executive-produced – were mostly unsuccessful with critics and audiences. the independent television franchise that provided Londoners with their ITV services at weekends. comedy television series Nearly Departed. as written by Idle. with music by Neil Innes. 40 Post-Python career (1973–present) After the success of Python in the early 1970s. Idle's first solo work was his own BBC Radio One show. "That's Death". he appeared as Dr. Idle created Rutland Weekend Television (RWT).S.

[10] The play returned on 26–29 April 2012 in the Oprheum Theatre with most of the cast returning with the exception of Emily Mortimer who was replaced by Sophie Winkleman. so far the only appearance on the show by a Python. Longer & Uncut. a book detailing the things the cast and crew encountered during the three-month tour. The cast included Idle. In the spirit of the Olympic Games. he wrote the diaries that would be made into The Greedy Bastard Diary: A Comic Tour of America.[9] More recently. During his Greedy Bastard Tour of 2003. Tim Curry. say three times a day. It starts as follows: 'Where does an ant get its rocks off? How does the ant get it on? Do ants have it away. published in February 2005. both fiction and non-fiction. starring Willie Rushton. he produced a spin-off book to Rutland Weekend Television. It premiered in Chicago before moving to Broadway. 41 Other credits Writing Idle has written several books. Eric Idle was a popular addition to the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London on 12 August. In late 2003. Idle created Spamalot. An example of Idle's idiosyncratic writing is "Ants In Their Pants" – a poem about the sex life of ants. Idle sang his hit Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. In 2004. His novels are Hello Sailor and The Road to Mars. in which he voiced Dr. a musical comedy based on the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Eddie Izzard. Vosknocker. based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. such as Trey Parker and Matt Stone in South Park: Bigger. and choreography by Casey Nicholaw. From 1999 to 2000. Idle has worked with people who regard him as a huge inspiration. Idle released The Greedy Bastard Diary. The play was made available for digital download on 13 November 2012. he played Ian Maxtone-Graham on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan. Idle provided the voice of Merlin the magician in the DreamWorks animated film Shrek the Third (2007) with his former Python co-star John Cleese. Is it once a week sex. Jim Piddock and Tracey Ullman. The stage performances consisted largely of music from Monty Python episodes and films. along with some original post-Python material. Billy Connolly.Eric Idle In recent years. Spamalot features a book and lyrics by Eric Idle. Idle's play What About Dick? was given a staged reading at two public performances in Hollywood on 10–11 November 2007. Idle also wrote the book and co-wrote the music and lyrics for the musical Monty Python's Spamalot. Emily Mortimer. In a 2005 poll to find "The Comedians' Comedian" (UK). he was voted 21 in the top 50 greatest comedy acts ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. direction by Mike Nichols. In 1976. The medieval production tells the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they journey on their quest for the Holy Grail. Idle won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lyrics. entitled The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book. or p'raps none?' . who voiced King Harold. where it received the Tony Award for Best Musical of the 2004–05 season. He has also acted as Narrator to the AudioNovel version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and Waddlesworth the parrot in 102 Dalmatians and the video game of the same name. music by Idle and John Du Prez. In 1982. Russell Brand also joined the cast. he wrote a West End farce Pass the Butler. In 2005. He has also made three appearances on The Simpsons as famous documentarian Declan Desmond. Jane Leeves. Idle began a performing tour of several American and Canadian cities entitled The Greedy Bastard Tour.

New York) on 1 July 2007. including "Eric the Half-a-Bee". in which he lambastes the US Federal Communications Commission for fining him $5. get another song on now. Soloists were the same as in the Toronto performance. the musical comedy Spamalot debuted in Chicago and opened in New York's Shubert Theatre on 14 February 2005. 1982  ISBN 0-413-49990-1 The Quite Remarkable Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat. Jean Stilwell. Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical (Sara Ramirez).S. akin to the one used in the Monty Python title sequence. children's book. and Theodore Baerg sang the principal parts. The show was revised and expanded for a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2007. Idle performed the song at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on 12 August 2012.Eric Idle Bibliography • • • • • • • • • Hello Sailor. 1975  ISBN 0-297-76929-4 The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book. the short song contains 14 uses of that expletive. 2005  ISBN 0-06-075864-3 Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy). co-written. why don't you put on a nice Cliff Richard record?") and changed the line "life's a piece of shit" to "life's a piece of spit" in order to get daytime airplay on radio. the "FCC Song". along with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and members of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. journal. 2003 The Greedy Bastard Diary: A Comic Tour of America.[11] In 1990. Idle presented Mayo with a model human foot. "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". but the accompanying chorus was made up of members of New York City's Collegiate Chorale. Green street Press (U. John Du Prez. 1998  ISBN 0-7522-2414-X (hardcover). produced and performed the song "Really Nice Day" for the movie The Wild. novel. probably his most recognised hit. Idle's then neighbour Gary Lineker suggested Idle re-record and release the popular track. The original 2005 Broadway theatre production was nominated for 14 Tony Awards and won three: Best Musical.). Green street Press (U. The song can be downloaded in MP3 and OGG Vorbis format at the Internet Archive. Fittingly. Idle himself performed during this 50-minute oratorio. as a thank you gift for promoting the song. Idle. 1976  ISBN 0-413-36570-0 Pass the Butler. when "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" was adopted as a football chant in the late 1980s. With help from Radio 1 breakfast show host Simon Mayo. "The Philosophers' Song". and Best Direction of a Musical (Mike Nichols). The composer. reaching number 3 in the UK charts and landing Idle a set on Top of the Pops in October 1991. Idle wrote the lyrics and book for Spamalot. Christopher Sieber. "Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)". and sung from the crosses during the mass crucifixion. Bruce Cockburn. it became a hit. The American premiere was at Caramoor (Westchester County. having composed and performed many of the Pythons' most famous comic pieces.S. He recorded a special version of the song for Mayo's own use on air ("Come on Simon. and assorted family and friends performed the song at Graham Chapman's funeral. Art Garfunkel and Green Day. 2000 The Greedy Bastard Tour Souvenir Program. which was written for the closing scene of the Monty Python film Life of Brian. was also present. However. 1996  ISBN 0-7871-1042-6 The Road to Mars.000 for saying the word "fuck" on national radio. some 12 years after the song's original appearance in Life Of Brian. The song has since been covered by Harry Nilsson. ISBN 0-375-70312-8 (paperback) Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python Souvenir Program.). a comic oratorio by Idle and John Du Prez premiered at the inaugural Luminato arts festival in Toronto. "Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)" and. Idle sang and co-wrote the theme tune to the popular British sitcom One Foot in the Grave. novel. In 2004. "Galaxy Song". who gave the song regular airplay and also used the chorus within a jingle.[12] In 2004. The song was later released. He wrote. Shannon Mercer. including . Idle recorded a protest song of sorts. but did poorly in the charts. play script.[13] In June 2007. play/musical parody of Monty Python's Life of Brian 42 Songwriting Idle is an accomplished songwriter. collaborating with John Du Prez on much of the music. his fellow Pythons.

Eric Idle two sell-out nights at the Sydney Opera House.[15][16][17] Idle contributed a cover of Buddy Holly's "Raining in My Heart" for the tribute album Listen to Me: Buddy Holly. Idle appeared in the lead role in the film Burn Hollywood Burn.[18] • Idle was voted the 21st favourite comedian out of 50 in The Comedian's Comedian 2005 poll by comedians and comedy insiders. now we know it's only grandeur". Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Virginia. none of us would get together and write a ‘Python’ stage show. They have one daughter. They have one son. In 2000 The AV Club gave the album Eric Idle Sings Monty Python: Live In Concert the title of 'Least Essential Solo Album' of the year. his jokey 'exposure' of his own exploitation (he has called tours 'Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python' and 'The Greedy Bastard Tour') is more irritating than funny. Michael Palin observed: "It's a great show. an Australian. the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Tania Kosevich.. Criticism In recent years Idle has been criticised for commercialising the legacy of Monty Python. Lily. But then.. Neil Innes was more diplomatic on the same show.C. catch-phrase reaction' the members had all been forced to pander to in their previous writing jobs"."[21] Terry Gilliam had a mixed reaction to the show. It's not ‘Python’ as we would have written it. born in 1990. Wonder's of Life. Carey. John Cleese lent his support by voicing God in a recorded performance that was integrated into the musical.[20] Spamalot had mixed reactions from other Python members. Idle has resided in Los Angeles since the early 1990s. 43 Tributes • An asteroid. in 1969. Ashley occasionally appeared in small roles on Monty Python's Flying Circus. Eric Idle has his name on the Mars Curiosity Rover as revealed by himself on BBC2's Stargazing Live program 09/01/13. calling it "Python-like". In 1998. In Slate. born in 1973. On the Channel 4 programme What the Pythons Did Next. who reunited for the Archaeology album in the mid-1990s without him. an American. in 1981. released 6 September 2011. Idle married his current wife.[25] There has also been criticism of Idle from the other Rutles. where she was credited as "Mrs Idle". Rutles drummer John Halsey (aka "Barry Wom") said that he had to switch off Idle's The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch after ten minutes. 9620 Ericidle. Sam Anderson wrote in the article "And Now for Something Completely Deficient" that though Idle "has earned a spot in Comedy Heaven for his Python days. he also admitted to some errors on his famous Monty Python Galaxy song. Idle also wrote and sang a variant of the galaxy song for Professor Brian Cox's show. The film was nominated as 'Worst Picture of the Decade' in the Golden Raspberry Awards (known as the Razzies) – and was awarded five Razzies including 'Worst Picture of the Year'. They divorced in 1975. is named in his honour." Of Spamalot..[26] .[19] Family Eric Idle married Lyn Ashley. Anderson opined that "Python was formed in reaction to exactly the kind of lazy comedy represented by Spamalot – what Michael Palin once described as the 'easy. and Houston.[22] Terry Jones described it as "utterly [23][24] pointless and full of air".[14] A tour during the summer of 2008 included performances with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D. saying "we used to think he had delusions of grandeur.

Burn 1998 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie Secret of Nimh 2 Quest for Camelot Hercules: Zero to Hero 1999 Dudley Do-Right South Park: Bigger. Darling Dr. Vosnocker Waddlesworth Medoro Voice dubbing English version The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch The Scream Team 2003 Concert for George National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure Hollywood Homicide 2004 Ella Enchanted Narrator / Dirk McQuickly / Lady Beth Mouse-Peddler Also Writer/Producer/Director Coffin Ed Himself / Barber / Mountie Plane passenger The Celebrity Narrator Voice Voice Also Writer/Executive Producer Voice Also Writer/Director Also Writer Role Notes Also Writer 1971 And Now for Something Completely Different 1975 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1978 All You Need Is Cash 1979 Monty Python's Life of Brian 1982 Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1983 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Yellowbeard 1985 National Lampoon's European Vacation 1986 The Transformers: The Movie 1988 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1990 Nuns on the Run 1990 Too Much Sun 1992 Mom and Dad Save the World 1992 Missing Pieces 1993 Splitting Heirs 1995 Casper 1996 The Wind in the Willows 1997 Burn Hollywood.Eric Idle 44 Filmography Film Year Title Various characters Sir Robin/Various Dirk McQuickly Stan/Various Various Characters Gunther/Various Commander Clement The Bike Rider Wreck-Gar Berthold/Desmond Brian Hope/Sister Euphemia of the Five Wounds Sonny King Raff Wendel Tommy Patel/Thomas Henry Butterfly Rainbow Peace. Duke of Bournemouth Paul "Dibs" Plutzker Mr. Parentheses Prospector Kim J. Rat Alan Smithee Slyly Evil Martin Devon Mr. Longer & Uncut 2000 102 Dalmatians 2002 Pinocchio .

I Do" 2 episodes TV Miniseries 6 episodes Episode: "The Man in the Long Black Coat" Voice Episode: "High Crane Drifter" Voice 1 episode Voice 5 episodes Voice 2 episodes 1998 The Angry Beavers Voice Episode: "Open Wide for Zombies/Dumbwaiters" 1999-2000 Suddenly Susan 2000 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Ian Maxtone-Graham 22 episodes Guzelian Pluto Angel Zookeeper Declan Desmond Voice Episode: "War and Peace and War" 2001-2002 House of Mouse 2002 MADtv Voice 2 episodes Episode: "Episode #8.18" Voice Appeared in 4 episodes Voice 3 episodes 1 episode Notes 1967-1970 No – That's Me Over Here! 1967-1970 Do Not Adjust Your Set 1969-1974 Monty Python's Flying Circus 1975-1976 Rutland Weekend Television 1976-1986 Saturday Night Live 1981 Laverne & Shirley 1982-1985 Faerie Tale Theatre 1989 1989 1991 1996 1998 1998 Around the World in 80 Days Nearly Departed One Foot in the Grave Frasier Pinky and the Brain Hercules 1998-1999 Recess 2003-2012 The Simpsons 2004-2005 Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Scrapperton 2013 Stargazing Live Himself (guest) .Eric Idle 2005 The Aristocrats 2006 Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him) 2007 Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) Shrek the Third 2008 Delgo Merlin Spig Voice Himself 45 Television Year Title Role Various Characters Various Characters Various Characters Various Characters Himself Derek DeWoods Narrator The Pied Piper Jean Passepartout Grant Pritchard Mervyn Whale Chuck Pinky's Mom Pinky's Dad Mr. Parentheses Galileo Spanque Also Writer Also Writer Also Writer Also Writer 8 Episodes Episode: "I Do.

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[3] . Karen Murphy.[2] Guest. and Chris Sussman serve as the show's executive producers. Piddock. The series will premiere in spring 2013 on the American pay television network HBO and the British network BBC Two.Family Tree (TV series) 48 Family Tree (TV series) Family Tree Genre Sitcom Mockumentary Christopher Guest Jim Piddock Christopher Guest Jim Piddock Christopher Guest Chris O'Dowd Tom Bennett Nina Conti United Kingdom United States English Production Executive producer(s) Christopher Guest Jim Piddock Karen Murphy Chris Sussman Camera setup Running time Single camera 30 minutes Created by Written by Directed by Starring Country of origin Language(s) Production company(s) HBO Lucky Giant NBCUniversal BBC Broadcast Original channel HBO BBC Two Spring 2013 Original airing External links Official website [1] Family Tree is an upcoming mockumentary television series created by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock.

External links • Official website (http://www. Ed Begley. 2013). Jim Piddock. com/ 2013/ 01/ 04/ new-hbo-comedy-family-tree-created-by-christopher-guest-and-jim-starring-chris-odowd-will-premiere-this-spring/ 163954/ ). html) (Press release). Tom's best friend[3] • Nina Conti as Bea. 2012.. . 2013.[4] Filming took place in the United Kingdom and Los Angeles. a new comedy series from Christopher Guest for BBC Two and HBO" (http:/ / www. Tom's sister[3] Other appearances include Carrie Aizley. Jr. Michael McKean. uk/ mediacentre/ latestnews/ 2012/ family-tree. Ashley Walters and Fred Willard. Retrieved January 4. Bob Balaban. Kevin Pollak. co. Don Lake.com/family-tree) • Family Tree (TV series) (http://www.[3] References [1] http:/ / www.hbo.[2] The show's first season will consist of 8 episodes. Bob Odenkirk. 2012). The New York Times. com/ 2012/ 08/ 16/ hbo-orders-comedy-series-family-tree-from-christopher-guest/ ). nytimes. "HBO Orders Comedy Series ‘Family Tree’ From Christopher Guest" (http:/ / artsbeat. Retrieved January 5. TV by the Numbers. [3] "Family Tree.com/title/tt2340036/) at the Internet Movie Database . blogs. November 21. 2013. Lisa Palfrey. zap2it. Meera Syal. BBC. a young man investigating his lineage. .Family Tree (TV series) 49 Cast • Chris O'Dowd as Tom Chadwick. Matt Griesser. "New HBO Comedy 'Family Tree' Created by Christopher Guest and Jim & Starring Chris O'Dowd Will Premiere This Spring" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. com/ family-tree [2] Bibel. [4] Itzkoff. Amy Seimetz.[2] • Tom Bennett as Pete. hbo. Christopher Guest.imdb. Retrieved January 4. bbc. Sara (January 4. . 2013. Maria Blasucci.[2] Production The series is written by Guest and Piddock and directed by Guest. Dave (August 16.[2] The dialogue is improvised by the actors.

O'Hara. John Michael Higgins and Jim Piddock.000 [1] For Your Consideration is a 2006 comedy film directed by Christopher Guest. Michael Hitchcock. Shearer.[2] It was produced by Warner Independent Pictures in association with Castle Rock Entertainment and Shangri-La . Waiting for Guffman. 2006.000. Jennifer Coolidge. Ed Begley. The title is a phrase used in trade advertisements to promote films for honors such as the Academy Awards. Best in Show. including Levy. Ricky Gervais. It was co-written by Guest and Eugene Levy. Fred Willard. Posey. also appears. and both also star in the film. Michael McKean. Jr. a drama set in the mid-1940s American South. Jane Lynch. Though the dialogue is largely improvised by the actors as in Guest's earlier films. the co-creator of the British television series The Office. are supposedly generating a great deal of award-season buzz.For Your Consideration (film) 50 For Your Consideration (film) For Your Consideration Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Christopher Guest Karen Murphy Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Bob Balaban Jennifer Coolidge Christopher Guest John Michael Higgins Eugene Levy Jane Lynch Michael McKean Catherine O'Hara Parker Posey Harry Shearer Fred Willard CJ Vanston Music by Cinematography Roberto Schaefer Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Robert Leighton Castle Rock Entertainment Shangri-La Entertainment Warner Independent Pictures November 17. and Harry Shearer) who learn that their performances in the film they haven't even completed yet. 2006 86 mintutes United States English $12. Scott Adsit. The film received its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10. and Sandra Oh make brief cameos. and A Mighty Wind. Many of the cast return from This Is Spinal Tap. The plot revolves around three actors (played by Catherine O'Hara. while John Krasinski. Bob Balaban. Parker Posey.. Richard Kind. Home for Purim. the format is a departure from the mockumentary style.

He is virtually left in the dark. and Webb are convinced they will be nominated for Academy Awards. (He sleeps in on the morning of the announcement of the nominations. who has come home along with her girlfriend (Rachael Harris). shock-jock radio show. The producer. . dresses flamboyantly but doesn't seem to know much about managing a film beyond paying for expenses. Together they are cast in a new film called Home for Purim as the patriarch and dying matriarch of a Southern U. Miller appears on a hip-hop teen show called Chillaxin' in youthful attire with capped teeth. Miller begins to demand a higher salary and more dignified work. plays their lesbian daughter. studio executives butt in and force the writers to make script changes. Despite the changes.For Your Consideration (film) Entertainment. Jewish family in the 1940s. A newcomer ingenue. Webb revives her failed one-woman show. Hack pretends not to care while secretly pining for the award. a diaper service heir. The two writers are at odds with the director. is best known for playing a blind prostitute in a film from the late 1980s. Rounding out the cast is Brian Chubb (Christopher Moynihan). and dyed blonde hair. No Penis Intended. Callie goes on an L. Callie Webb (Posey). explosive rant on Hollywood Now) becomes an acting teacher and seems uncomfortably at peace with her mediocre career. playing Webb's brother who has returned home from the Navy. Each begins obsessing about the award potential in his or her own way. despite having been in the industry for 30 years. Because of an off-hand remark that turns into a full-blown rumor. The family reunites in time to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. The director (Guest) is constantly adding bizarre camera shots and acting notes. Victor Allen Miller (Shearer) is also an acting veteran who is known to the public as the hot-dog wearing mascot for a kosher line of frankfurters.S. 51 Plot Character actress Marilyn Hack (O'Hara). At this point. These are often embarrassing. Ultimately the only person nominated for an award is Chubb. seeing their script mash together Southern genteel with out-of-place Jewish references and words. They all begin to do major press appearances for the film. as well as revealing other contenders for the top prizes. the Oscar buzz intensifies to the point where Hack. the one person for whom there was no buzz at all. The film-within-a-film's plot centers around the daughter's confession of her lesbianism as her mother gets nearer to death and the family celebrates an awkward Purim. claiming he is not being supportive. Oscar buzz begins around all of the cast (with the exception of Chubb). only to field questions about topless scenes rather than her performance.) Miller goes back to auditioning for food commercials and other infomercials for useless products. Home for Purim's cast and crew are in the process of making what appears to be a low-budget melodrama. Hack gets breast implants and extensive plastic surgery to the point where her face is comically ecstatic. Miller. a tan. The obnoxious entertainment news program Hollywood Now and its hosts (Fred Willard and Jane Lynch) fuel the awards-season buzz. both for the actors and the movie audience. Hack (after a drunken." It is retitled Home for Thanksgiving. feeling the film is "too Jewish.A. Webb breaks up with Chubb (her boyfriend).

[6] . spurring for a short time rumors that. Jr.For Your Consideration (film) 52 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Catherine O'Hara as Marilyn Hack Ed Begley. in an ironic twist.8/10.[3] Leonard Maltin gave the film three stars. as Sandy Lane Eugene Levy as Morley Orfkin Harry Shearer as Victor Allan Miller Christopher Guest as Jay Berman John Michael Higgins as Corey Taft Jim Piddock as Simon Whitset Jennifer Coolidge as Whitney Taylor Brown Parker Posey as Callie Webb Rachael Harris as Debbie Gilchrist Christopher Moynihan as Brian Chubb Paul Dooley as Paper Badge Sgt.[5] O'Hara's performance earned many good reviews. John Krasinski as Paper Badge Officer Don Lake as "Love It" critic Ben Lilly Michael Hitchcock as "Hate It" critic David van Zyverdan Sandra Oh as Marketing Person Richard Kind as Marketing Person Bob Balaban as Philip Koontz Michael McKean as Lane Iverson Ari Graynor as Young PA Fred Willard as Chuck Jane Lynch as Cindy Mary McCormack as Pilgrim Woman Shawn Christian as Pilgrim Man Deborah Theaker as Liz Fenneman Ricky Gervais as Martin Gibb Larry Miller as Syd Finkleman Craig Bierko as Talk Show Host Loudon Wainwright as Nominee Ben Connelly Claire Forlani as Herself Hart Bochner as Himself Casey Wilson as Young Actress Derek Waters as Young Actor Scott Adsit as First AD Reception Based on 158 reviews collected by the film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. with an average rating of 5.[4] Catherine O'Hara won the National Board of Review's Best Supporting Actress award and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Female Lead. 50% of critics gave For Your Consideration a positive review. she could be nominated for an Academy Award. describing it as "uncanny in its dead-on parodies of TV and radio talk shows and other follies of show business”.

retrieved 2009-12-02 [3] "For Your Consideration (2006)" (http:/ / www.com (http://www. Amazon. Retrieved 27 April 2012. 2012. . imdb. Leonard (2009). For Your Consideration" (http:/ / www. For Your Consideration premiere at TIFF (http:/ / www. 2012 [5] "IMDb. . com/ id/ 15718112/ ns/ today-entertainment/ t/ face-it-ohara-worth-your-consideration/ #.com/movies/movie/v331949) at AllRovi • For Your Consideration (http://www. External links • For Your Consideration (http://www. com/ galleries/ 23/ 388/ ).com.com/movies/?id=foryourconsideration. [2] Evans.htm) at Box Office Mojo • For Your Consideration (http://www.For Your Consideration (film) 53 References [1] "IMDb. imdb.boxofficemojo. Accessed May 8. . msnbc. T5yWSe19n9I). .rottentomatoes. [6] "Face It: O'Hara is worth your 'Consideration'" (http:/ / today. MSNBC. Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. com/ name/ nm0001573/ awards). Retrieved 27 April 2012. p. Retrieved May 09. msn. Rotten Tomatoes. ISBN 1-101-10660-3. [4] Maltin. rottentomatoes. 486. com/ title/ tt0470765/ business).com/title/tt0470765/) at the Internet Movie Database • For Your Consideration (http://www. Ian (2006). com/ m/ 1159169-for_your_consideration/ ). Catherine O'Hara Awards" (http:/ / www.metacritic.imdb. . Retrieved 27 April 2012.php) .com.com/m/1159169-for_your_consideration/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Review by Seamus Sweeney at www.nthposition. digitalhit.nthposition.com/movie/foryourconsideration) at Metacritic • For Your Consideration (http://www. Amazon.allrovi. Signet Books.com/foryourconsiderati.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser were paid $1 million per episode for the last season (with their contracts calling for them to be paid equally). whom they named Mabel.Mad About You 54 Mad About You Mad About You Mad About You title screen Format Created by Sitcom Paul Reiser Danny Jacobson Starring Paul Reiser Helen Hunt Anne Ramsay Leila Kenzle John Pankow Richard Kind Country of origin United States Language(s) No. another NBC comedy about thirty-somethings in New York City. a public relations specialist. 1992 – May 24. 22 minutes Broadcast Original channel Original run NBC September 23. of seasons No. The show stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a newly married couple in New York City. the couple had a baby daughter. Hunt played Jamie Stemple Buchman. a documentary film maker. ratings fell sharply that year as the series was shuffled away from its Tuesday slot to prop up a fledgling Monday night line-up of comedies on NBC. Reiser played Paul Buchman. Near the end of the show's run. The show's willingness to find comedy in realistic situations and observational dialogue garnered it comparisons to Seinfeld. The final episode of the series was "The Final . The series focuses mainly on the newlyweds while they dealt with everything from humorous daily minutiae to major struggles. However. 1992 to May 24. of episodes English 7 164 (List of episodes) Production Producer(s) In Front Productions Nuance Productions TriStar Television (1992–1999) Columbia TriStar Television (1999) Running time approx. 1999 Mad About You is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 23. 1999.

and ends up banging his head against something. Jamie is referred to as "Stella" in a book written by Lisa's therapist: "It was Stella's overprotectiveness that suffocated her ability to relate to others. usually with unfortunate results. He sometimes chases an invisible mouse. she does her laundry at Paul and Jamie's apartment while scavenging through her sister's clothes and food. The show's theme song. was the regional vice president at Farrer-Gantz Public Relations who hired Jamie as her assistant. and daughter reside with him in Union Square. she met Paul Buchman at a New York newsstand by stealing his copy of The New York Times with an implausible excuse. Maui weighed 58 pounds and was also primarily trained by Betty Linn."[1] Fran Devanow Jamie's best friend. Baker's version was used for the rest of the show's run and appears on the show's soundtrack album. Every visit from her parents triggers her eating disorder. He was a puppy when Paul found him. In a later episode. she blamed Jamie for all of her problems in an interview with her shrink that became a chapter of a book called "Manics. After attending the New York University Film School. was composed by Reiser and Don Was.Mad About You Frontier". The Devanows eventually reconciled. albeit thick-skulled. "Final Frontier". In between bouts of weirdness. Lisa has unfathomable psychological issues. Gold's version is available on the collection Thank You for Being a Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold. His first assignments came in TV commercials and as the backup for the top dog in the feature film "Bingo. 1962) was conceived on the table on which his mother served "mushed" potatoes. Murray was played by "Maui. The Final Frontier. and their separation shocked Jamie and Paul." With no place else to go. Murray is generally portrayed as loyal and affectionate. 1963) was the younger daughter of Gus and Theresa Stemple. Fran quit Farrer-Gantz to spend time with her five-year-old son and husband. His wife. and tethered her to a lifetime of insecurity and neurosis. Lisa Stemple Three years older than her sister Jamie. Near 1989. he struggled for recognition before finally succeeding in filmmaking in New York City. and Paul met Jamie while walking him. Jamie Buchman Jamie Buchman (née Stemple. she still cares deeply for Paul and Jamie and is often trusted to house sit for them. born February 19. After seven boyfriends at Yale University. The theme was originally performed by Andrew Gold. animal shelter by noted Hollywood animal trainer Boone Narr. adult Mabel says that Murray died when she was six. but a version performed by Anita Baker made its debut midway through the 1997 season. Jamie was then promoted to Fran's position." Originally found in a Castaic. In the two-part series finale. California. Mark. Fran Devanow. Her full maiden name is James Eunice Stemple. Jamie does discover the "real" mouse that Murray has been chasing." After an envious rage. Murray Murray is the Buchmans' border collie mix dog and a fan favorite. 55 Main characters Paul Buchman Buchman (born April 19. dog. Her difficult relationship with her mother-in-law is an ongoing source of jokes on the show. . but she was not told until she was twelve. Fran and Mark's relationship lasted 10 years.

His signature line in the show occurs whenever he visits Paul and Jamie's apartment. Burt Buchman Burt ran a sporting goods store until he passed it onto Ira upon retirement. Burt! Burt Buchman. Ira is from the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn. from the beginning of season six when Mabel was brought home from the hospital ("Coming Home"). They continued to play the role of Mabel for numerous episodes. After returning to New York. She was finally named when Jamie's overbearing mother proclaimed that "Mothers Always Bring Extra Love. and an adult Mabel was played by Janeane Garofalo. but their hidden rivalry came out when Ira took ownership of Buchman's Sporting Goods upon Burt's retirement. with whom she is on good terms. at Buchman's Sporting Goods. your father!" Mabel Buchman The arrival of Paul and Jamie's daughter was a turning point in the show. Sylvia almost always gives Jamie a hard time. Carter and Madison Gayle played the role of Mabel at a later time. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Reiser (Paul Buchman) Helen Hunt (Jamie Stemple Buchman) Anne Ramsay (Lisa Stemple) Leila Kenzle (Fran Devanow) Richard Kind (Dr. In the series finale. He eventually was able to win Fran back. Mark Devanow) John Pankow (Ira Buchman) Maui (Murray the Dog) Cynthia Harris (Sylvia Buchman) Louis Zorich (Burt Buchman) Robin Bartlett (Debbie Buchman) Alyssa and Justin Baric in Season Six. A former obstetrician." The twins Alyssa and Justin Baric played the original role of Mabel. Mark Devanow Fran's ex-husband. In Season 6 Episode 2. a teen Mabel was played by Cara DeLizia.Mad About You 56 Ira Buchman A "ubiquitous" individual. Mark left Fran and their young son because he felt smothered and wanted to see the world. Paul's college friend who was a constant visitor at the Buchman apartment in the first episodes and was soon written out) . Burt. he frequently appears as loving and supportive towards Paul and Jamie. but occasionally does show kindness towards her daughter-in-law. "It's me. Sylvia Buchman Paul's mother. later Carter and Madison Gayle (Mabel Buchman) Tommy Hinkley (Jay Selby. He worked for Paul's father. Paul's cousin Ira first appeared in Mad About You in "The Wedding Affair" episode. Even so. exclaiming at the door. an 18-year-old Mabel was played by Meredith Bishop. he converted to Buddhism and worked for a grocery store. Paul and Ira have a close friendship.

Jamie's scheming office underling) Jeff Garlin (Marvin. Petrie (Sid. Wicker. British neighbor across the hall) George O. Paul Buchman's boss. Ira's on and off girlfriend/ex-wife) Guest stars • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andre Agassi Ed Asner John Astin Kevin Bacon Christie Brinkley Garth Brooks Mel Brooks (won 3 Emmys) Steve Buscemi Sid Caesar James Cameron Dan Castellaneta William Christopher Ellen DeGeneres Lisa Edelstein Patrick Ewing Jamie Farr Barbara Feldon as Diane "Spy Girl" Caldwell Janeane Garofalo as Mabel Buchman in adult-hood John Gegenhuber as Dr. Jamie and Paul's dog walker) Mo Gaffney (Dr. Jamie's father 1992) Carroll O'Connor (Gus Stemple. Jamie's mother 1992) Penny Fuller (Theresa Stemple. Jamie's mother 1996-1999) Paul Dooley (Gus Stemple. Joan Golfinos. Jamie and Paul's therapist) Nancy Dussault (Theresa Stemple. Paul's uncle) Cyndi Lauper (Marianne Lugasso. Jamie's mother 1993-1996) Carol Burnett (Theresa Stemple. waitress at Riff's who frequently forgets orders) Suzie Plakson (Dr. Paul's film editor colleague) Paxton Whitehead (Maggie's first and third husband Hal) Jim Piddock (Maggie's second husband Hal) Lisa Kudrow (Ursula Buffay. Jamie's father 1996-1999) Patrick Bristow (Troy. Debbie Buchman's life partner) Hank Azaria (Nat Ostertag. the apartment building superintendent) Judy Geeson (Maggie Conway. Ben in "The Birth" Al Gore Seth Green Billy Joel [2] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lisa Kudrow (continuing as Phoebe Buffay's twin in Friends) Nathan Lane Cyndi Lauper (won an Emmy) Eugene Levy Jerry Lewis Lyle Lovett Gates McFadden as Allison Rourke. Mayor of New York City as himself • .Mad About You 57 Regular guests • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jerry Adler (Mr. Mark McGwire Larry Miller Yoko Ono Paul Parducci as (Dante) Regis Philbin Carl Reiner (as Alan Brady) Michael Richards (as Cosmo Kramer from the sitcom Seinfeld) Al Roker Alan Ruck Jerry Seinfeld Eric Stoltz (as Jamie's ex-boyfriend) Patrick Warburton Bruce Willis Steven Wright Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani. Sheila Kleinman. Ira's employee and semi-pro wrestler) Mel Brooks (Uncle Phil.

0 rating[4]) 1997–98: #32 (13. with Reiser on keyboard. and was chosen Best Quality Comedy by the Viewers for Quality Television. "Baby Girl" – The Tony Rich Project 20. "The Things We've Handed Down" – Marc Cohn 15. "Ice Cream" – Sarah McLachlan 8. The 21 tracks are as follows: 1. a Genesis Award. and on other stations across the globe. 2.8 rating) 1996–97: #24 (11. "I Love the Way You Love Me" – Eric Martin 9. "A Talk in the Park" – Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt 12. The album is bookended by the two versions of Paul Reiser's song "Final Frontier"—the first track is the classic version used in the show's opening.4 million viewers[5]) 1998–99: #85 (9. 5. The tracks are organized chronologically marking the milestones of the couple's relationship.2 rating[3]) 1995–96: #37 (10. It is currently shown on channel 7Two in Australia. Helen Hunt won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress – Comedy Series four years in a row (1996–1999). a Peabody Award. "My First Child" – Nil Lara 18. Soundtrack In 1997. "Sneaky Feelings" – Elvis Costello 11. 3.18 rating) 1993–94: #31 (12. Nielsen ratings • • • • • • • 1992–93: #54 (10. "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" – John Lennon 19.S.Mad About You 58 Other It is being released on DVD and syndicated for reruns on Oxygen in the U. "She Crawls Away" – Hootie & the Blowfish 17. "Love and Forgiveness" – Julia Fordham 13. "A Magic Moment" – Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt 14. "Final Frontier (TV Theme)" – Andrew Gold "Who I Am" – Faith Hill "No Pressure" – Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt "I've Been Lonely Too Long" – The Young Rascals "At Last" – Etta James 6. "Lullaby for You" – BeBe Winans 16. It now airs on WGN America. 4. received five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series.69 rating) 1994–95: #11 (15. Atlantic Records released a Mad About You soundtrack. The soundtrack from and inspired by the sitcom. "Nobody Knows Me" – Lyle Lovett 10. "Unconditional Love" – Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt . and the last track is Anita Baker's jazzy.1 million viewers[6]) Awards Mad About You won a Golden Globe Award. full-length rendition. "That's Marriage?" – Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt 7. It aired on Antenna TV. is composed of fun and sentimental songs and clips from the show.

Jamie and Fran walk into Central Perk and mistake Phoebe for Ursula. . no subsequent seasons were released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. playing the also somewhat flaky character of Phoebe Buffay. Hunt and Kenzle were not identified on screen as Jamie and Fran. the characters of Ursula and Phoebe were later found to be identical twin sisters. and there was also a blackout in the episode "Birthday in the Big House" of the short-lived NBC sitcom Madman of the People. alongside a Seinfeld episode which did not incorporate the blackout premise. Jamie causes a city-wide power blackout in New York City. The first two seasons were also released in Region 2. They have subsequently released seasons 4 and 5 on DVD.Mad About You 21. which leaves open the possibility that the characters from this program may exist in the same universe as the characters of Mad About You also. All 3 episodes originally aired during the evening of November 3. While not originally intended. 2003 February 6. Shout! Factory announced that they had acquired the rights to release the remaining seasons of Mad About You on DVD. Television). as well as various other programs. Friends (owned by Warner Bros. "The One with the Blackout". 2002 April 22. Possibly for legal reasons (Mad About You was produced by TriStar Television. 1994. 2005 Crossovers Mad About You has had numerous connections to other NBC sitcoms set in New York City. In a Friends episode ("The One With The Two Parts". and for a time both series shared the same Thursday night line-up. 2007 June 29. 2010 November 2. 2010.[7][8] Season releases DVD Name The Complete 1st Season The Complete 2nd Season The Complete 3rd Season The Complete 4th Season The Complete 5th Season Ep# 22 25 24 24 24 Release Date October 22. 2010 Best-of releases DVD Name Release Date Ep # 22 • • • • • Additional Information Blooper Reel: The Seven Warning Signs of Madness Audio commentaries: Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt on "The Final Frontier" and "The Pilot" Featurette: Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt Are Mad About the Theme Featurette: Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt Are Mad About the Guest Stars Paul and Helen introduce and discuss each episode Mad About You Collection February 8. a flaky waitress at Riff's Bar. Due to poor sales. On February 22. and the effects of the blackout are seen in the Friends episode. Kudrow went on to star in the NBC sitcom Friends. as part of a night of NBC sitcom crossovers. In the 3rd season episode "Pandora's Box". 1st Season). "Mad About You – The Final Frontier" – Anita Baker 59 DVD releases Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released the first three seasons of Mad About You on DVD in Region 1 and 4. a local restaurant that Paul and Jamie frequented. Television): Lisa Kudrow played the recurring role of Ursula. Friends by Warner Bros.

however. Retrieved 2012-03-21. tvshowsondvd. At this point in Seinfeld's chronology. ThePoop. 2009-10-29. com/ Hollywood/ 4616/ ew0604. . classictvhits. The Dick Van Dyke Show: Carl Reiner reprised the role of Alan Brady from the 1960s sitcom (a series acknowledged as an inspiration for Mad About You). I'm Dick Van Dyke. html). com/ tvratings/ 1994. htm). com/ mediahounds/ madaboutyou/ default.faqs.com/title/tt0103484/) at the Internet Movie Database • Mad About You (http://www.a signature move by Mary Tyler Moore's character Laura Petrie. Retrieved 2012-03-21. Paul almost trips over a box and says. [6] "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" (http:/ / web. This tenant is revealed to be Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld. com/ tvratings/ 1996. imdb. classictvhits.com. Retrieved 2012-03-21. 1st Season).The Complete 5th Season (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2012-03-21. "Get me. Ten episodes earlier.com . [7] Mad About You Season 4 . org/ web/ 20091029011819/ http:/ / geocities. pressured by Jamie.org/faqs/tv/mad-about-you/faq/) • Mad About You (http://www.org.com. archive. Retrieved on 2010-10-25. ew.00. [5] May 29. tvshowsondvd.imdb.283382. Paul!" . .com. EW.org site (http://www.com. "The Final Countdown" (http:/ / www.com.. com/ news/ Mad-Season-4/ 13372) [8] Mad About You DVD news: Announcement for Mad About You . Retrieved on 2010-10-25. In the Mad About You seventh season episode "Season Opener". thepoop. htm).archive. ran into Jerry Seinfeld in the street. asp). Seinfeld. Paul. . The episode made several references to the older show. under the effects of Viagra.tv. once even featuring a running joke about George's distaste for his fiancee Susan's fondness for watching Mad About You. TVShowsOnDVD. Jerry Seinfeld was supposed to be in prison. 1998 (1998-05-29). External links • Mad About You at faqs. Web. decides to sign over the lease of his old "bachelor pad" to the current tenant who is subleasing. ClassicTVHits. twice contradicted this connection. com/ ew/ article/ 0. .TV Shows on DVD (http:/ / www. Paul. who tells Paul to go away.com/shows/mad-about-you/) at TV. [4] "TV Ratings > 1990's" (http:/ / www. such as Jamie at one point crying and whining "Oh. com/ name/ nm0001973/ ) [3] "TV Ratings > 1990's" (http:/ / www. ClassicTVHits." 60 References [1] Media Hounds: Murray on Mad About You (http:/ / www. html). com/ news/ Mad-Season-5/ 14154).Mad About You Seinfeld: In one episode ("The Apartment". [2] Christie Brinkley filmography at IMDb (http:/ / www.

and so the word present in the title should be pronounced as the adjective /ˈprɛzənt/. acted and sang indefatigably in Europe. Hay Fever and Blithe Spirit. admire. before the outbreak of World War II. Albert Finney. and enjoy wholeheartedly. during Coward's wartime tour of Britain after he returned to the theatre. The plot follows a few days in the life of the successful and self-obsessed light comedy actor Garry Essendine as he prepares to travel for a touring commitment in Africa.[13] The play is published in Methuen's Noël Coward: Collected Plays Volume Four."[12] Coward also played in a French translation. tour in 1958 with Coward reprising the Essendine role. Later Coward's new play Blithe Spirit was added to the repertory for the tour. where the main characters tiptoe out as the curtain falls – a device that he also used in Private Lives. Amid a series of events bordering on farce. not the verb /prɪˈzɛnt/.one of those rare occasions when the critic must claim the privilege of his fellow-playgoers. and yet self-scrutinising and self-amused matinee idol.[2] He completed the playscript (as well as the one for This Happy Breed) in 1939. the egocentric actor Garry Essendine. Joyeux Chagrins. London.[1] Coward starred as Garry Essendine in Present Laughter during the original run.S. Asia and America. Given the hero's repeated laments over his own ageing and mortality. Coward acknowledged that the central character. that Present Laughter is likely to be future mirth for as long as Mr Coward cares to run it."[10] The Manchester Guardian added: "One is tempted to cast discretion to the winds and predict that this will be remembered as the best comedy of its kind and generation. Coward had served the British government in intelligence work in the early years of the war. posturing. Africa.. Coward followed this advice. in Paris in 1948. but did not produce the plays until 1942."[11] Coward brought the play to the Haymarket Theatre.. Simon Callow and Ian McKellen in the lead role. simply to marvel. with The Observer writing: "Mr Coward’s production is so inventive. and his own performance so adroit in its mockery of the vain. which urges carpe diem ("present mirth hath present laughter"). and overcome his impending mid-life crisis (since he has recently turned forty).[4] Winston Churchill advised Coward that he could do more for the war effort by entertaining the troops and the home front than by attempts at intelligence work: "Go and sing to them when the guns are firing – that's your job!"[5] Though disappointed. History Coward wrote: "Present Laughter is a very light comedy and was written with the sensible object of providing me with a bravura part".Present Laughter 61 Present Laughter Present Laughter is a comic play written by Noël Coward in 1939 and first staged in 1942 on tour. in April 1947.[3] Coward repeats one of his signature theatrical devices at the end of the play. The play has enjoyed numerous revivals in Europe and North America – including a U. Later productions have featured actors such as Nigel Patrick. was a self-caricature. The story was described by Coward as "a series of semi-autobiographical pyrotechnics". Peter O'Toole. alternating with his lower middle-class domestic drama This Happy Breed.[7][8] Sets and costumes were designed by Gladys Calthrop. the title can be seen as ironic. where The Times praised it as "a wittily impudent and neatly invented burlesque of a French farce. The play's title comes from a song in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.[9] The notices were excellent. He toured. placate both his long-suffering secretary and his estranged wife. Garry has to deal with women who want to seduce him. cope with a crazed young playwright. .[6] The play was first produced in Blackpool in September 1942.

This also ran for 175 performances. presented by the Roundabout Theatre Company.Present Laughter 62 Original cast • • • • • • • • • • • Daphne Stillington – Jennifer Gray Miss Erikson – Molly Johnson Fred – Billy Thatcher Monica Reed – Beryl Measor Garry Essendine – Noël Coward Liz Essendine – Joyce Carey Roland Maule – James Donald Henry Lyppiatt – Gerald Case Morris Dixon – Dennis Price Joanna Lyppiatt – Judy Campbell Lady Saltburn – Gwen Floyd UK revivals The play has been regularly revived. Donald Sinden (1981). It ran for 175 performances. and is concerned that this might break up the family. Garry is still asleep.[16] Plot All three acts of the play are set in Garry Essendine's London flat. Simon Callow (2006). Garry finally wakes and with practised smoothness ushers Daphne out. It featured Clifton Webb as Garry. Peter Bowles (1996). with Nigel Patrick as Garry. who left Garry years ago. and secretary (Monica). and Allison Janney played Liz.[15] In 1982 George C. U. In 1996 Frank Langella starred as Garry. Act I Daphne Stillington. Scott directed and starred in a revival at Circle in the Square Theatre. The Royal National Theatre revived the play in 2007 and 2008 with Alex Jennings as Garry. valet (Fred). Lisa Banes as Liz and Harriet Harris as Monica. has inveigled herself into the flat and has spent the night there. None of them displays any surprise at her presence. It closed in March 1947 after 158 performances. at the Walter Kerr Theatre. A further Broadway revival opened on 21 January 2010 at the American Airlines Theatre. Ian McKellen (1998). housekeeper (Miss Erikson). featuring Victor Garber as Garry. San Francisco and Los Angeles as Garry with Eva Gabor as Joanna."[14] Notable successors in the role of Garry include Albert Finney (1977). The first major West End revival was in 1965.S. Peter O'Toole (1978). In 1958 Coward appeared in New York. Christine Lahti as Joanna and Jim Piddock as Fred. Their discussion is . Tom Conti (1993). Rik Mayall (2003). Daphne encounters in turn three employees of Garry. Liz Essendine. It also featured Kate Burton as Daphne. nevertheless remains part of his tightly-knit 'family' along with Monica and his manager. productions Present Laughter was first staged in the United States on 29 October 1946 at the Plymouth Theatre on Broadway. and Robert Bathurst (2009). Morris Dixon. The Times wrote: "plays as funny as this are no longer being written in England. Henry Lyppiatt. the text has sometimes been changed to refer to his recent fiftieth birthday. which featured the Broadway début of Nathan Lane as Roland Maule. and while waiting for him to wake. and producer. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival presented the play in 2003 with Brent Harris as Garry and Kim Rhodes in the role of Daphne. As many of the star actors have been significantly older than the fortyish Garry when they played the part. a young admirer of the actor Garry Essendine. Liz tells Garry that she suspects that Morris is having an affair with Henry's glamorous wife Joanna.

whose niece Garry has promised an audition. She too encounters Miss Erikson. it is business as usual and Henry and Morris leave in good humour. The new caller is Roland. Monica leads him to an adjacent room to wait for Garry. answers the doorbell to find Joanna. and Garry privately interrogates Morris. on the eve of Garry's departure on tour in Africa. who gets him off the premises as quickly as he can. who denies that he is having an affair with Joanna. Her departure goes unnoticed because Garry. who has also bought a ticket for the Africa voyage and has written a letter to Henry and Morris telling them everything.Present Laughter interrupted by the arrival of Roland Maule. Garry telephones Liz to reassure her. but as the doorbell rings a third time Roland bolts into the spare room and locks the door. Joanna retreats to the spare room when the doorbell rings. Morris and Henry arrive and discuss theatrical business with Garry. Roland is entranced. who is horrified at her presence in such compromising circumstances. The third caller is Joanna. but the caller is not Morris but Roland Maule. Henry and Morris arrive and berate Garry for his night with Joanna. The doorbell rings again. and Henry's extramarital adventures. Liz arrives and saves the tottering situation. Scene 2. Liz leaves. Joanna angrily slaps Garry's face and leaves for good. Roland's pursuit of Garry. The doorbell rings and Daphne enters saying she has a ticket to sail with him to Africa. he is once more alone in the flat. the next morning. and Garry is apoplectic. Garry suddenly remembers Daphne and Roland lurking in the adjoining rooms and tells Liz: "You're not coming back to me. who announces that he too has a ticket for the voyage to Africa. three days later. Garry tries to get him to leave. The niece turns out to be Daphne Stillington. Liz arrives and puts pressure on Joanna by threatening to tell Morris that Joanna has spent the night with Garry. who says he has an appointment with Garry. I'm coming back to you". with the flustered arrivals and departures of Morris and Henry. Henry leaves for a business trip abroad."[17] When that row has blown itself out. Joanna emerges from the spare room wearing Garry's pyjamas just as Daphne did in Act I. .[18] and they tiptoe out. Joanna flounces out from the spare room. Act III A week later. Daphne faints with horror. who recites the same Shelley poem with which he bade her farewell in Act I. Garry fights back by revealing the details of Morris and Joanna's affair. but after much skirmishing allows himself to be seduced. Garry objects: "I will not play a light French comedy to an auditorium that looks like a Gothic edition of Wembley Stadium. Fred. She claims (like Daphne in Act I) to have forgotten her own doorkey and asks Garry to accommodate her in his spare room. Henry and Morris have become embroiled in what for them is a much more serious row when it emerges that Henry and Morris have committed Garry to appear at what he considers a shockingly unsuitable theatre. and Daphne retreats to an adjoining room.. alone in the flat. and the arrival of a Lady Saltburn. Garry. He correctly suspects her motives. midnight. announcing that she too is travelling to Africa. whose play Garry has rashly agreed to critique. and Roland rapidly becomes obsessively fascinated by Garry. 63 Act II Scene 1. an aspiring young playwright from Uckfield. Liz pours Garry a brandy and tells him she is not only going to Africa with him but is coming back to him for good. Frantic comings and goings follow. and then Monica..

London. 177-78 [16] "Present Laughter Cast Information" (http:/ / broadwayworld. accessed 4 January 2009 [5] Morley. 1983. 21 October 1942. 1974. Noël. 293 [21] Hoare. 6 [12] The Times. 294 References • • • • • • • Coward. Sinclair-Stevenson 1995. 2007. ISBN 0-224-01288-6. html). 1982. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. BroadwayWorld. com/ 2008/ 04/ 13/ books/ review/ Koch-t. accessed 4 January 2009 [8] The Observer. London. (http:/ / www. Methuen. p. nytimes. Who's Who in the Theatre. Morris has been seen as Coward's agent and sometime lover Jack Wilson. p. p. Methuen. html) TIME magazine. accessed 4 January 2009 [7] Koch. Lahr. The play nevertheless contains many references to Coward's own life. 22 April 1965. who was a member of Coward's inner circle. Sheridan. com/ 2008/ 04/ 13/ books/ review/ Koch-t. Plays: Four. 34 [4] Koch. Hamish Hamilton. 13 April 2008.00. Noël Coward. 13 April 2008. ISBN 0-14-003863-9 . p. Peter: Diaries 1972-1980. Cape 1976. ISBN 0-413-48050-X Lesley. 20 September 1942. accessed 25 January 2010 [17] Coward. html?_r=1& em& ex=1208059200& en=0bfd56b56c6f4c5b& ei=5087 & oref=slogin). com/ shows/ cast. 23 June 1947. The Observer.[19] Whether or not Coward would have agreed. The New York Times. 19 July 1954. p. Coward the Playwright. 6 [13] Chronology (http:/ / www.[20] Coward's long-serving and much-loved secretary. Barry (ed). Philip. Heinemann 1969/Penguin Books. played originally by Joyce Carey. p. A Biography. and Henry as Binkie Beaumont. in the 1940s the transformation of real-life gay relationships into onstage straight ones was essential. pp. The New York Times. 10th edition (1947). London. 1979. html?_r=1& em& ex=1208059200& en=0bfd56b56c6f4c5b& ei=5087 & oref=slogin). London. 246 [19] Hall.com. p. net/ html/ chronology.[21] Liz. 293-94 [22] Hoare. p. Stephen. p. noelcoward. p. Ivor. 246 [6] "Light Entertainment". pp. A Talent to Amuse. ISBN 978-0-7136-8578-7 Hall.[22] Notes [1] Day. is thought to be based partly on the actress herself. Morley. "The Playboy was a Spy" (http:/ / www. ISBN 0-413-46120-3 Day. Stephen. The Life of Noël Coward.857528-1. 245 [18] Coward. The Letters of Noël Coward. 16 [15] Lesley. 19 April 1976 [20] Hoare. nytimes. time. Noël Coward Society [14] The Times. unnumbered introductory page [3] Lahr. p. Cole. John.9171. Methuen. ISBN 0-241-11285-0 Hoare.Present Laughter 64 Autobiographical references In the 1970s Peter Hall wrote "what a wonderful play it would be if – as Coward must have wanted – all those love affairs were about homosexuals". 2 [9] "Gladys Calthrop". "The Playboy was a Spy" (http:/ / www. 2 May 1943. php?showid=324693). 527 [2] Coward. 2 [11] The Manchester Guardian. ISBN 1-85619-265-2. p. Pitman [10] Brown. Monica is "unmistakably Lorn Loraine".

php?showid=324693) .asp?id=7223) at the Internet Broadway Database • Present Laughter Broadway Revival Info & Multimedia (BroadwayWorld International Database) (http:// broadwayworld.com/shows/index.Present Laughter 65 External links • Present Laughter (http://www.com/show.ibdb.

played by Jessalyn Gilsig Samantha. played by Rylan Wilkie Felix. played by Jim Piddock Annie Nicole. Rosenthal and Joseph Matthew Smith. and the film's executive producers Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. and got to "play" the audience in the screening scene as it was being shot. played by Seth Meyers Larry Finkelstein. Miguel Arteta. and Jessalyn Gilsig. and directed by Rosenthal. Canada English See This Movie is a 2004 comedy film written by David M. played by Jessica Paré Todd Stone. and even programmed a screening for the film-within-a-film during which festival-goers screened an assembly cut of the film. with cameo appearances by Patton Oswalt. The entire film was shot in only thirteen days. 2004 (Aspen US Comedy Arts Festival) 83 minutes USA. played by Patton Oswalt . played by John Cho Martin Hughes. and also features Jessica Paré. in Los Angeles and in Montreal during and with the cooperation of the actual 2003 Montreal World Film Festival.See This Movie 66 See This Movie See This Movie Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by David Rosenthal Joseph M. The plot revolves around two inept filmmakers who con their way into the Montreal World Film Festival with a movie that does not exist. Festival organizers gave the filmmakers access to all festival events and locations. Smith David Rosenthal Joseph M. Cast • • • • • • • Jake Barrymore. Smith John Cho Seth Meyers Daniel Cage Cinematography Richard Rutkowski Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Conor O'Neill Slamdance On The Road Allumination Home Entertainment • March 3. The film stars Seth Meyers and John Cho. Jim Piddock.

Smith Co-Producers Anna Barber.See This Movie 67 Crew • • • • • • • • • • Executive Producers Chris Weitz.S. Paul Weitz Producer Joseph M. Rich Roll. & Andrew Miano Associate Producer Craig Conolly Editor Conor O'Neill Production Designer Beatriz Kerti Costume Designers Jennifer Levy & Debra LeClair Composer Daniel Cage Casting Erica Arvold Montreal Casting Nadia Rona Awards • • • • Winner of the 2004 Malibu Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Winner of the 2004 Malibu Film Festival Andy Dick Film Scholarship Award Official Selection of the 2004 Sedona Film Festival Official Selection of the 2004 U. Comedy Arts Festival References External links • See This Movie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0382966/) at the Internet Movie Database .

As their ship appears to lose its way. Carla Gugino and Rya Kihlstedt and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez .[1] The films in this tribute series reused the titles of old American International Pictures films. Angus Shaw (Rufus Sewell) and his wife Lillian (Carla Gugino).She Creature 68 She Creature She Creature DVD Distributed by Directed by Produced by Columbia TriStar Television Sebastian Gutierrez Lou Arkoff Colleen Camp Stan Winston Sebastian Gutierrez Rufus Sewell Carla Gugino Rya Kihlstedt Jim Piddock Reno Wilson Mark Aiken David Reynolds Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Thomas L. almost vampiric side. the mermaid begins to show a deadly. Callaway Editing by Country Language Release date Running time Daniel Cahn United States English • December 20. but are not remakes of the earlier films. Plot Circa 1900. two carnies. Cast • • • • • • • • • Rufus Sewell as Angus Shaw Carla Gugino as Lillian "Lily" Shaw Jim Piddock as Captain Dunn Reno Wilson as Bailey Mark Aiken as Gifford Fintan McKeown as Skelly Aubrey Morris as Mr. abduct a mermaid (Rya Kihlstedt) and try to smuggle her into the United States. 2001 91 minutes She Creature (originally billed as Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature) is a 2001 television film starring Rufus Sewell. It is the first in a series of films made for Cinemax paying tribute to the films of American International Pictures. Woolrich Gil Bellows as Miles Rya Kihlstedt as Mermaid . in Ireland.

Awards and nominations • Saturn Award (Best Single Television Presentation). filmfreakcentral.Television Mini-Series/Movies of the Week).com/sfw/issue271/screen3.scifi. References [1] She Creature .html) . net/ dvdreviews/ shecreature. • Hollywood Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Award (Best Special Makeup Effects . htm) External links • She Creature (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0274659/) at the Internet Movie Database • Sci Fi On Screen review (http://www.Dvd (http:/ / www.She Creature • • • • • • • • • Hannah Sim as Queen of the Lair Jon Sklaroff as Russian Eddie David Nott as Cook Dan Hildebrand as Christian Preston Maybank as Navy Captain Brian Sieve as Officer Dixon Matthew Roseman as Officer Jenkins Gabriel Gutierrez as Young O'Donnell Isabella Gutierrez as Miranda 69 Trivia The name and basic plot of this movie was integrated into a season 5 episode of the adult swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

However. starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as a couple whose relationship becomes strained when their engagement is continually extended. when he tells his boss. a psychology PhD graduate.[3] Plot Tom Solomon (Jason Segel). Their nuptials get interrupted when Tom's best friend Alex Eilhauer (Chris Pratt) gets Violet's sister Suzie (Alison Brie) pregnant at Tom and Violet's engagement party and the two marry before Tom and Violet. Tom agrees to move with her and delay their wedding until then. directed. and Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt). Tom and Violet's nuptials get delayed even further when Winton . are a happy couple in San Francisco who get engaged a year after they began dating. a sous chef at a fancy restaurant.909. he becomes disheartened when she states she was planning on making him head chef at a new restaurant in town. She bases her main thesis on people opting to eat stale donuts versus waiting for fresh donuts. 2012 124 minutes United States English $30 million $53. In Michigan. ends up working at Zingerman's and taking up hunting. Violet settles into her new job nicely under her professor Winton Childs (Rhys Ifans). Their nuptials get further delayed when Violet gets accepted into the University of Michigan's post-doctorate in psychology program which lasts two years. However.The Five-Year Engagement 70 The Five-Year Engagement The Five-Year Engagement Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Nicholas Stoller Judd Apatow Rodney Rothman Nicholas Stoller Jason Segel Nicholas Stoller Jason Segel Emily Blunt Chris Pratt Alison Brie Michael Andrews Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Javier Aguirresarobe Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office William Kerr Apatow Productions Relativity Media Universal Pictures • April 27. and produced by Nicholas Stoller. Tom. 2012[2] and in the United Kingdom on June 22. associating impulse-control problems with personal and professional instability.751 [1] The Five-Year Engagement is a 2012 romantic comedy film written. The film was released in North America on April 27. unable to find a suitable chef's position. 2012.

and they begin to reconnect while sharing an apartment and working side-by-side in the taco truck. A drunken Tom then runs into one of his Zingerman's co-workers and has the chance to have sex with her. Tom gets disillusioned about their relationship. Tom reveals the engagement ring he gave her initially. shows up at the funeral in England and rekindles his relationship with Violet. but that it shouldn't stop them from getting married. and he is taken to the hospital where the toe is amputated. while also starting a relationship with the hostess Audrey (Dakota Johnson). They agree to spend the remainder of the summer together in San Francisco. but becomes upset when she learns she got the job because she was dating Winton rather than her abilities as a researcher and breaks up with Winton. a drunken Violet and Winton kiss each other which Violet immediately regrets. In the meantime. grandparents of both Tom and Violet die. Meanwhile. to which Tom happily agrees. Everything goes well until Violet decides to confess to Tom about kissing Winton. While driving Violet to the airport. Violet starts a relationship with Winton and receives an assistant professorship at the university. stating they'll always have problems together. but opts out. which reaches a climax when Winton comes to Tom and Violet's rehearsal dinner to try to apologize. They both agree and head to a park where Violet has organized for their family and friends to be waiting for an impromptu wedding where Violet allows Tom to choose between various options for the officiant. Violet visits Tom at the hospital. enabling him to extend her program. where they call off their engagement. Tom's parents and Alex see that Tom is dissatisfied with his new life and motivate him to act upon this. Tom becomes increasingly disillusioned with his life. but Winton gets away after Tom insists that he run or fight him. Tom cleans himself up and they make arrangements together. Alex fires him. He wakes up half-naked in the snow with a frostbitten toe. While at a bar with colleagues. telling Tom that he is the better chef and should open his own franchise. Tom refuses his apology and starts chasing Winton away. stating he was planning on proposing to her at the airport.The Five-Year Engagement receives NIH funding with Violet's help. 71 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jason Segel as Tom Solomon Emily Blunt as Violet Barnes Rhys Ifans as Winton Childs Chris Pratt as Alex Eilhauer Alison Brie as Suzie Barnes-Eilhauer Jacki Weaver as Sylvia Dickerson-Barnes Jim Piddock as George Barnes David Paymer as Pete Solomon Mimi Kennedy as Carol Solomon Mindy Kaling as Vaneetha Kevin Hart as Doug Brian Posehn as Tarquin Chris Parnell as Bill Lauren Weedman as Chef Sally Tracee Chimo as Margaret Dakota Johnson as Audrey Randall Park as Ming . However. Tom launches a specialty taco truck. Tom. Tom says he can take his food truck to where she is and continue their relationship. with Violet trying to catch up. When Violet's last grandparent dies during the summer. clothing and music. and they finally get married. Tom moves back to San Francisco and becomes a sous-chef under Alex at the new restaurant. having broken up with Audrey. which becomes evident to Violet when she sees him eat a stale donut. She then visits Tom at work and tells him she wants to plan their wedding now. As years pass. Violet then proposes to Tom.

metacritic. [4] Hinds.boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2011-12-11. 2012). com/ article/ 20120426/ ENT01/ 204260353/ Ann-Arbor-has-starring-role-in-new-comedy-The-Five-Year-Engagement-).157. Jordan (Jun 4. boxofficemojo. Jen (2011-12-08). .com. [3] "The Five-Year Engagement" (http:/ / www. It grossed $11.068.com/m/the_five_year_engagement/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The Five-Year Engagement (http://www. htm). The Five-Year Engagement benefits from the easy chemistry of its leads and a funny. Reception The Five-Year Engagement has received generally positive reviews from critics. Ann Arbor. Elizabeth Weitzman. [6] http:/ / www. html). a top critic from New York Daily News wrote: "Blunt has never been more relaxed. . www. Michigan and it was filmed there as well as Ypsilanti.[6] The film was released on 22 June in the UK. Rotten Tomatoes reports that 63% of 130 critics gave the movie a positive review. and she and Segel have a believably warm chemistry".imdb.myvue. . As of May 20 it has grossed $27. "Ann Arbor has starring role in new comedy 'The Five-Year Engagement'" (http:/ / www.000 in Australia and New Zealand bringing to a total of $31. htm [7] http:/ / www. washingtonpost.rottentomatoes. The budget of the movie was $30.thefiveyearengagementmovie. "'Five Year Engagement' shoots nighttime scene in Ypsilanti" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 29 April 2012. and Canada and $4. The website's consensus is "While certainly overlong.com/title/tt1195478/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Five-Year Engagement (http://www. "'The Five Year Engagement’ trailer: Watch Jason Segel and Emily Blunt not get married" (http:/ / www. 2011 :). . [5] Griffin. Retrieved 2012-05-15. Julie (April 26. Retrieved 9 June 2012.[4][5] Release Box office The Five-Year Engagement debuted at number 5 in the box office.htm) at Box Office Mojo • The Five-Year Engagement (http://www. com/ movies/ ?id=fiveyearengagement.com. myvue.000. Michigan in June of 2011. com/ blogs/ celebritology/ post/ the-five-year-engagement-trailer-watch-jason-segel-and-emily-blunt-not-get-married/ 2011/ 12/ 08/ gIQAUiHefO_blog.com/movie/the-five-year-engagement) at Metacritic . Box Office Mojo.700. annarbor. com/ m/ the_five_year_engagement/ External links • Official website (http://www.com/) • The Five-Year Engagement (http://www. rottentomatoes. Vue Cinemas. com/ latest-movies/ info/ cinema/ leeds-the-light/ film/ the-five-year-engagement). Detroit Free Press. Washington Post. . com/ entertainment/ five-year-engagement-ypsilanti-emily-blunt/ ).S. [2] Chaney.768. Retrieved 29 April 2012.000 on its first weekend in US and Canada.000.000 in U. romantic script with surprising depth and intelligence". freep. com/ movies/ ?page=daily& id=fiveyearengagement.[7] References [1] "'The Five Year Engagement’ (2012)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=fiveyearengagement.The Five-Year Engagement 72 Production Parts of the movie take place in Ann Arbor.000.

PlayStation 2000 Platform game Single player Media/distribution CD-ROM The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure is a video game based on Walt Disney Pictures's animated film The Lion King. Some of the animation for both adult Simba and cub Simba was recycled from the previous The Lion King video game. . During levels Simba has to collect a minimum of 100 colored paw print-marked tokens before progressing to the next level. The gameplay is very similar to the first The Lion King video game. During levels Simba can collect pawprint-shaped tokens which add to the overall score. The title was published by Activision in 2000. Paradox Development Crest Interactive Game Boy Color. Gameplay The game's gameplay varied between the two consoles. in which the player takes control of Simba and must leap and run between platforms while fighting enemies and avoiding pit-falls. and was released on Game Boy Color and PlayStation.The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure 73 The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s) Release date(s) Genre(s) Mode(s) Activision. it adhered more closely to the events in the film and the storyline carried on into The Lion King II: Simba's Pride with Simba having to rescue his daughter Kiara (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride) and battle Scar (The Lion King). Torus Games. Game Boy Color The game is mostly a side-scrolling platform game with occasional levels where the camera is top-down. This game was the only console-based platform game to involve The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Unlike the previous The Lion King video game. leap. All other games based on the title were educational or puzzle games and were released on the PC. Simba's capabilities are identical to the first The Lion King video game in which he can growl. Graphics and sound Game Boy Color In the Game Boy Color version of the game there was only one piece of music used on every level. PlayStation Due to the PlayStation console's 3D graphics capabilities the gameplay became slightly more varied. roll and run.

Reception The PlayStation release of the game generally received good reviews but was criticized for being too short and for repetitive level designs.The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure 74 PlayStation In the PlayStation version. Retrieved 2009-11-06. psillustrated. voices. Scar.[1] References [1] "The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure On GameVortex. Nala. music and sound effects from the film were used. Tress MacNeille and Jim Piddock). . Rob Paulsen. com/ psillustrated/ soft_rev. . Vanessa Marshall. php/ 713/ the-lion-king-simbas-mighty-adventure-playstation. Jim Cummings. Banzai.com" (http:/ / www. Shenzi and Zazu were dubbed by Cam Clarke. html). Clips from the film are placed between levels (although the lines of the characters Simba.

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LiteraryMaven. JayEll. Jsc83. The JPS. Swift Finch. Japanese Searobin. RyanGerbil10. Oli Filth. Rockss65.wikipedia. In Defense of the Artist. Treybien. ShippoIsHip. Ropers. The Rogue Penguin. Skier Dude. Tim riley. RunningAway. 4 anonymous edits For Your Consideration (film)  Source: http://en. 23skidoo. Hpfan1. Shaloha. Momoricks. Y2kcrazyjoker4. Wimt. AllGloryToTheHypnotoad. TrevorX. Treybien. Evanreyes. Dbart. Andrzejbanas. Nobigtuna. FigmentJedi. Iam4Lost. Gregmce. Sarc37. Dreaded Walrus. Nihonjoe. CobraWiki. Semperf. Theog101. Tyhopho. The dinkelous. TPIRFanSteve. Utcursch. Tesscass. Mcfly85. Jangeles2007. Pethr. Onorem. Immunize. Gridlock Joe. Rjwilmsi. Rojomoke. RA0808. Iainjardine1. Luna Santin. Ukexpat. Xiahou. RossPatterson. Twentysixpurple. Mclay1. Mathonius.X. Hagerman. Crablogger. ShelfSkewed. Iscariot. Hoshie. Riverstepstonegirl. Itxia. Caldorwards4. PrometheusX303. Kollision. Violetriga. Epson291. Whit Wordsworth. Hathawayc. Halo123spartan. DropDeadGorgias. TorbenFrost. 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Yowanoreo.wikipedia. Salavat. Freemenhardwick. TMC1982. Lord Opeth. Scalytail. Magioladitis. Colonies Chris. 21 anonymous edits 77 .Article Sources and Contributors The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure  Source: http://en. Anon von Zilch.php?oldid=537153719  Contributors: AnmaFinotera. CrystallinetheHedgidna. Holothurion. Tavatar. Mateussf. Vrenator.org/w/index. Grindor. Djlollyb. Bokan. Tailikku.

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