PACO PARK Located in General Luna Street, Paco Park was built by the Dominican Fathers in 1820 for

the purpose of burying the dead of the Spanish elites. It was once the municipal cemetery of Manila for autocratic families who resided in old Manila or Intramuros during the Spanish colonial era. Dr. Jose P Rizal was interred there after his execution and was later exhumed and was buried back to Luneta a.k.a. Bagumbayan, where he was executed. It is now a recreational area where, when Friday arrives, “Paco Park Presents” feature the finest musical talents and chorales. Local and guest stars perform for an evening of classical and traditional Filipino music.

MALACANANG PALACE This is where the current Philippine president during his/her term. The palace is located along the north bank of the Pasig River in Manila. The name came from a Tagalog phrase, “may lakan diyan,” which means “a rich man lives there”. But the Spaniards said that the name came from “mama lakaya”, which can be translated as “the fishermen who laid their catch there”. Inside the complex of Malacanang Palace, you will find Bonifacio Hall. It is the Premier Guest house used by President Ferdinand Marcos, which later became the office of President Corazon Aquino. During the leadership of President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, this hall was again used as his residence. Aside from Bonifacio Hall, other places that you can see in Malacanang are the Kalayaan Hall, Mabini Hall and the New Executive Building. There’s also a Malacanang Park, which has a golf course.

FORT SANTIAGO Here is a citadel built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, for the newly established city of Manila. It was named after St. James the Great Santiago, the patron saint of Spain. Before the Spanish occupation, it was the settlement of Raja Sulayman, a Muslim Filipino. Fort Santiago was used as the base of power. Now, it has become a tourist attraction, where you will see the shrine of Jose Rizal. It is also the place where you will see the museum that showcases a replica of Jose Rizal’s prison cell.