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When I was elected Vice-President of University of London Union last year, I said I’d work for “a ULU which is both a vibrant centre for activism and campaigning and an efficient and well-organised representative body”. I’ve made a big start in making that happen. Working with President Michael Chessum, ULU has gone from a virtual nonentity – maybe even a sinking ship – to an active, respected student union. But there is still a huge amount to do.

In 2013/14 I will:
1) Fight for decent, affordable housing: Campaign for universities to act as guarantors for international students and care leavers. Develop our new London Student Tenants’ Union to organise against high rents and cowboy landlords. Run a high profile public campaign making the case for decent, affordable housing in London. 2) Campaign to save our health services Link up with SUs, with anti-cuts groups and with medical and nursing students to establish a ULU-led campaign to organise students in defence of the NHS. Build on the start we’ve made by working with Goldsmiths SU and other students’ unions to mobilise students in defence of Lewisham A&E and other hospitals at risk. Support and defend health centres on campus; like the campaign against the closure of UCL’s ‘Gower Street Practice’ and run similar campaigns elsewhere. 3) Defend Education Campaign militantly against fees and cuts – no job cuts, no department closures on campuses! Build anti-cuts/student mobilising groups on every campus. Hold a London-wide student activist conference. Fight for students and staff at work: Campaign for the London Living Wage and rights for staff at ULU. Launch a University of London-wide campaign for the Living Wage – make students’ unions living wage employers! Continue to make ULU a centre of support for workers’ struggles, at University of London and beyond. Win sick pay, holidays and pensions for outsourced staff at the University of London. Support our sports players and societies: Promote women’s and disabled student sport across the capital. Organise a London-wide sports and society’s convention. Offer training and support to sports players and societies. Make ULU a centre of sponsorship and grounds-hire expertise. Run big pan London events: bring London students together!

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6) Liberate London Run a campaign to make our campuses and London transport accessible. - Campaign to secure prayer rooms & religious produce on ULU campuses - Strengthen the work of the ULU Liberation Network. Build on our successes at ULU, and successes at SUs like Royal Holloway and UCL, to extend liberation representation and campaigning.

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Transform ULU: Continue to be extremely active on London campuses: set up agreements with students’ unions that set out joint work and expectations and positively contribute to local campus projects. Open up ULU to students across the City. Establish an outreach program to London schools and colleges. Continue to expand ULU’s democratic structures, involve more students and make it easier to access ULU rooms and resources. **

My Record
Since I took office as ULU Vice President in August, 2012 I have: 1. Played a central role in the campaign to defend international students at London Metropolitan University, and won the campaign to stop international students having to queue through night for certificates from the police. Launched a ULU housing campaign: produced in-depth ‘Know your rights’ materials, organised with students in halls of residence, and began the London students’ tenants Union. Revived and rebuilt ULU’s struggling sports and societies department; set up an online sports & societies shop whereby the profits are used to fund student projects, run high quality cultural and sporting events, established a ULU Volunteering section, made it easier for clubs and societies to access rooms, organised successful intercollegiate sports competitions; provided development & training opportunities for sports players, developed sponsorship and grounds hire initiatives for sports teams. Supported the fight for workers’ rights, from producing ‘Know Your Rights’ materials for students to being central to the fight by University of London staff for sick pay, holidays and pensions, to building a thousand-strong student bloc on the TUC demo; Set up the ULU Small and Specialist colleges network: gave a strong voice to previously underrepresented small universities and students’ unions, greatly expanded the support and offering to students at small and specialist institutions; Been active on ULU campuses like never-before; radically shaken up the relationship between ULU and its college campuses: set up agreements with constituent college students’ unions that set out joint areas of work, and expectations of ULU. I have positively contributed to student work that is being done locally. We have also built strong links with non-ULU student unions in London. I have been an honest, accountable, available officer, publishing frequent reports, updating my blog every few days. Helped activists start a London student liberation network, hosted many liberation events and created fully autonomous LGBT, Disabled, Black liberation campaigns, including a full time women’s officer; Democratised ULU. We will now have nine new executive positions, including part time liberation posts, and a full time women’s officer. Developed ULU’s lobbying activity: in a city of many hundreds of thousands of students, with a large governmental body – the GLA - we have developed a ULU lobbying wing – built relations with MPs, the GLA and the Major’s office, released in-depth reports and briefings on key student issues, with a focus on housing, youth unemployment and international students.

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You can read a lot more about what I’ve been doing at

** I’m a former Royal Holloway student, where I was President of the Students’ Union. I’m a socialist, a member of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (, and a member of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty ( I have been active in the student movement since I was at sixth form. At university, I was president of RHUL People & Planet and active in many sports teams and societies. Please feel free to get in touch:, 07840 136 728 or

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