1. The length of a conference room is one and a half times its width.

A carpet that is twice as long as it is wide is placed in the centre of the room, leaving a 3m wide border round the carpet. Find the area of the carpet. h L

Let ‘L’ be the width of carpet.(without border) So, length = 2L Now adding the border, the length of room = 2L + 3 + 3 (both sides) =2L + 6 And, width =L + 3 + 3 (both sides) =L+6 But Legth of Room is one and half of the width, Then, 2L+6= 1½ (L+6) 2L+6=1.5L + 9 Solving the equation, L= 6 So, area of the carpet = 6 x 12 = 72m2 2. Two years ago, my age was four times that of my son. Eight years ago, my age was ten times that of my son. Find the age of my son. Let x be the age of my son now. Two years ago, my son’s was x-2 and mine was 4(x-2). Eight years ago, my son’s was x-8 and mine was 10(x-8). But, 4(x-2)should be 6 years more than of 10(x-8) So, 4(x-2)=6+ 10(x-8) Solving above equation, x= 11 years NB: For any problems like above two related to simple equation, take the unknown (say x), as the requested quantity.

If the boat go upstream. it should overcome river’s speed. . 4ms-1 upsteam. A river flows at 2ms-1. if the boat go with 4ms-1 upsteam.3. What is the speed through the water of a boat that can go twice as fast downstream as upstream? If the boat go downstream. Then. If the boat go upstream with 2ms-1. So. That is. no need to sail. it must be sailed with 6ms-1. it should be sailed more than river’s speed.

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