1. Why you had specifically chosen nandhi products ? o o o o Quality Price Brand Other

2. Are you satisfied with sales promotion strategies offered by nandhi dal ? o Yes o No

3. According to you which offer is useful ? o Discounts o Coupons o Others

4. How do you rate nandhi dals according to their sales promotion activities ? o o o o Poor Fair Average Good

5. which medium of advertising is so powerful ?

o o o o press radio television other 6.Till what extend these schemes let you buy the product ? o Completely . Does point of purchase helpful for you ? o Yes o No 9. what are you looking more different in our product ? o more quality o more quantity o others 7. Have they provide you price cuts offer during festival seasons ? o Yes o No 10. Did you get any samples of the product from our company ? a) Yes b) No 8.

o Average o Never o Other .

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