he results will look something like this


Although it looks a bit daunting do not be worried. There are 5 values that concern the selection of one of the hypotheses. The F value (34.48005) is the calculated statistic from the mathematics behind ANOVA. The F crit (3.354131) is the critical value as extracted from the f-distribution in statistical tables based on two values of degrees of freedom df of 2 and 27 (No samples-1 and [n1-1]+[n2-1]+[n3-1]). If the F-value is greater than the F crit value you must reject the HO at the level of confidence you chose during selection of the test (normally 5% or 0.05). In this instance the HO must be rejected. However, this conclusion can be modified based on the P-value (3.67E-08). This is the probability, 0.00000367% in this case, of the differences occurring purely by chance. It is below the very highly significant cut-off level of 0.1% therefore the HO is rejected in favour of the HA and we can say "the differences between one or more of the samples is/are very highly significant". In this instance, you would have to go on to perform a multiple comparison test.

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