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BI security notes

BI security notes

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Published by Shiva Kumar

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Published by: Shiva Kumar on Feb 25, 2013
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HI all this screen shots for Bi query execution First log in to Bi system

Now enter the Tcode “RSECADMIN” .

Above select the maintenance TAB and create one authorization name .

Now give the default and some required auth objects…then save .

Now go to the RSA1 tcode and select the workbook wch one has the info cube. . info area and objects like below And write down those technical names of info cube and info area.

Now goto PFCG tcode for create the role .

Now goto auth. Tab and edit authorization button .

Then save and generate. .Then u will get like below image and here u need to manually add the auth objects and fill the query details like below.

And next do the user comparison .

And now enter the tcode” RSECADMIN” and select the execute as button .

Here give the end user name with log then start transaction .

Here u need to select the query from info area and then execute .

Finally u will get the output like below Thank you guys This is raju .

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