Sci-Fi Radio Drama Oneira :- 2:17:10 This atmospheric sci fi series, was commissioned specially for BBC Radio 7.

Written by Robert Easby, it follows the escapades of Oneira, a museum attendant, and a 400 year old Dutch alchemist depicted in one of the museum's paintings, a s they set out on a daring quest to discover the secrets of the universe. Oneira is interrogated by a man from the Electrical Company - but is he trying t o help her, or is he an alien? Oneira ends up in the Texan Desert with a dead American comic and a 13th-Century Friar. When she forgets to pay for a coffee, Oneira is chased by multiplying android st aff. She eventualy ends up talking to herself, literally, and finds her other self ve ry rude. Directed by Liz Webb, the cast includes: Peter Marinker and Lyndsey Marshal as O neira.

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