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Jules Hedwig S. Dayrit 2008-67937 Q: How would you use music to glorify the Nation?

February 18, 2013 SEA 30: Music Essay

A: I would direct a flash-mob, something I think most of my other classmates would think of doing, and why not? Flash mobs catch everyone by surprise, attract the attention of bystanders, and when done right they can leave a lasting impact on those who saw it. Of course, the theme has to be Nation Glorification, which would instill a sense of pride and Filipino-ness not only on those who got to see it, but also to the performers and producers of this phenomenon. But unlike the shenanigans of the Ugnayan event, this wouldnt be all over the country. With technology like we have now, we can afford to have ultra synchronized performances in a few choice venues, with mine being the three metro cities, Cebu, Davao, and Manila, preferably in large city plazas where a lot of people are bound to be. Setting up would just have the respective keepers of the plaza-venue put hidden guards at precise locations to create a perimeter. Lights and sounds personnel, as well as the media, will also set up their goods clandestinely. Live television broadcasts can be shown to the other regions to make up for lack of presences, and with the internet, it is extremely likely people will get this to trend. Also unlike Ugnayan, this would not only include music, but dance and theatre too, which would be relatively easier to organize since people are more connected these days. As for the theme, Old meets New seems to be a great choice; with indigenous tribal dancers performing alongside contemporary thespians to the tune of both ethnic music and OPM to touch both the youth and the seniors of society. But by far the most important aspect of an event like this is the secrecy that must be kept until D-Day, and in extension the planning that should go before hand, making sure no information leaks out, so that when the event goes down, even without the buildup, it would still leave a permanent impression on what it means to be a Filipino.