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: lisa sanders book, column in the ny times

DOES A CHARACTER LIKE HOUSE EXIST IN REALITY? Similarities with Sherlock holmes

A doctor in needing of something to calm down the pain

Diseases in house m.d series: Diseases in the lisa sanders book Lisa sanders resume: Interviews with lisa sanders about the book Why did she became a physician? What fascinated her about becoming a doctor? Excerpt from the book Lisa sanders: To be a good diagnostician you have to read between the lines . 1.un citat la inceputul temei.diagnostician:definition 2.titlul temei:house m.d:fiction or reality? 3.o scurta introducere scrisa de mine 4.the real doctor behind house m.d.:lisa sanders,her column in ny times 5.the book which gave it all away: lisa sanders book,insipiration 6.sherlock holmes:what about doctors who .does a character like house exist in real life? .disease in house m.d series. definitii ale bolilor, simptome, The art of diagnosis