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[TRILHA SONORA] Lista completa - SEASON 6 6x01 "The Kids Are Alright" "Fun" - Rose Falcon "Holiday" - Ariel's

Worm (dvd) "Love Is All Around" - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts "Right Place" - Lava Baby (dvd) "Bionic" - Melanie Doane "1000 Questions" - Laura Doyle "Goodbye" - Anna Waronker "Slide" - Sci-Fi Lullaby "Road To You" - The Tom Kitt Band "Mary" - Kristin Hoffmann "Found" - Jonah "As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun (dvd) "Your Love" - Laura Doyle 6x02 "The Song Remains The Same" "As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun (dvd) "Afterlife" - Rosey "Show Me With Your Hands" - Popup Boy (dvd) "I Wish You Well" - Anna Waronker "Black Peach" - The Elms (dvd) "Gimme A Sign" - Ryan Adams "What Do You See In Me" - Andrew (dvd) "Confessions" - Lea Longo "Here We Go" - Dispatch "It's Not" - Aimee Mann "Let You Go" - Laura Doyle (dvd) 6x03 "The Importance Of Not Being Too Earnest" "East Of Eden" - 60 Cycle Hum "When It Comes" - Plankeye "Blur" - Casual Blue "Hold It Down" - Lee Hester "High On The Sunshine" - Kelly Brock "We're At The Top Of The World" - The Juliana Theory "Tattoo Your Image (On The World)" - Pop Unknown "Above All This" - Lee Hester "I Love You So" - Laura Doyle "Now The News" Eli "As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun (dvd) "The Drifter" - David Poe "Stride" - The Bennett Cale Project (dvd) 6x04 "Instant Karma!" "Amsterdam" - Rubber Snake "Alive" - Rebecca Timmons "Superstar" - The Crash Poets "Over The Top" - Heavy Stud "Just Like Me" - Moxie "Judas" - Geller "Spike-A-Delic Groove" - Mr. Spike "Find Yourself" - Universal Honey

"Thinking About Tomorrow" - Beth Orton "Peace" - Monica Schroeder (dvd) 6x05 "The Impostors" "Bye Bye Baby" - Schnockered "Spaceshot" - Brian Sullivan "On 2" - Heavy Stud "Only Human" - Mike Freedman "Frustrated" - Catfight "California Dreamin" - Busy Phillips Annimo - 10/09/2008 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Busy Phillips "Bad Times" - Busy Phillips (dvd) "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - Reed Foehl "Come Around" - Lee Hester (dvd) "Lately" - Binge "Reunion" - Jonah 6x06 "Living Dead Girl" "Land Of Opportunity" - The Undecided "Put Me On" - The Kickovers "Dead In Hollywood" - Murderdolls "Move To Bremerton" - MxPx "The Corporate Enthusiast" - Dead Poetic "B-Movie Scream Queen" - Murderdolls "197666" - Murderdolls "Living Dead Girl" - Rob Zombie "Switchback (Detroit 2000)" - Celldweller (dvd) "Miracle" - Josh Rouse 6x07 "Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell" "Kind Of Girl" - Annie Minogue "On The Prowl" - Walter "Wolfman" Washington "42nd Street" - Jeff Lingle (dvd) "While You're Here" - Ali Handal "Bad Girls" - Nigel Mack "One Way Or Another" - Busy Phillips "No Signs Of Pain" - Azure Ray "The Seduction Of Mrs. Nielsen" - JP "Greasy Money" - Kenny Greenberg "Orange Sky" - Alexi Murdoch 6x08 "Spiderwebs" "I Can't Let You Go" - Love Candy "Right Here" - Fine Machine "Say It Twice" - Choo Choo La Rouge "Peek" - Anna Waronker "Supergirl" - Gina Young "Fall" - Lake Boone "Just A Boy (For Now)" - Nemochrome "Every Song On The Radio" - Pillbox "Hella Good" - No Doubt "Underneath It All" - No Doubt "Magic's In The Makeup" - No Doubt "Beautiful" - Josh Zandman

6x09 "Everything Put Together Falls Apart" "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge "Dancin' Nights" - Sonoton Music Library (dvd) "Gone" - C60 "Static" - The Figgs "Good Time" - Out Of Eden "Friday's Salvation" - River City Rebels "Get Down Tonight" - K.C. & The Sunshine Band "Bump And Grind" - Source In Synch Music Library (dvd) "Hi-Life" - Iffy "Whispers From Heaven" - Glenn Graham & Amy Graham "Green Tomatoes" - 45 Dip "Parting Shot" - No Knife "The Remedy" - Reed Foehl "Into The Light" - Alice Peacock "Break You Open" - Aruna (dvd) Annimo - 10/09/2008 6x10 "Merry Mayhem" "Love Came Down At Christmas" - Shawn Colvin "Christmas Magic" - Dee Dee O'Malley (dvd) "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - Lynsey Bartilson "The Bells" - Universal Honey (dvd) "Wild Christmas" - Chris Trousdale "Best Christmas Ever" - Universal Honey (dvd) "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Mary Beth Maziarz "Please Come Home For Christmas" - Tanya Anton (dvd) "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee "Windy Nights" - Shawn Colvin "That's What Xmas Means To Me" - Amy Sky (dvd) "Jingle Bells" - Booker T & The MG's "Jingle Bells" - Phil Sillas (dvd) "Like An Alien" - Bionica 6x11 "Day Out Of Days" "Lonely Day" - Phantom Planet "Crosstalk" - Our Friend The Atom (dvd) "Mona Lisa" - Eric Saulnier "Hole In Your Head" - Nemochrome "Only Got One" - Frou Frou "Complete" - Debra Davis (dvd) "How Long Will It Last" - Colin Hay "Ghost" - Tim Burlingame (dvd) "Crazy" - Brian Sullivan 6x12 "All The Right Moves" "Does She Walk On Water" - Jennie DeVoe "Lost At 22" - The Snaggs "Bad Times" - Busy Phillips "Fair Sky In Wichita" - Chad Lawson Trio "Something I Can't Be" - Kirsten Proffit "Zombie Lincoln" - C60 "Kozy Claustrophobic" - Failsafe "Love Is All Around" - Busy Phillips "Dear Dorothy" - Chad Lawson Trio

"Prince Of The City" - Jacobstone "Rock 'n' Roll & The Teenage Desperation" - Loudermilk "One More Day" - Tommy Holmes "Are We There Yet?" - Chad Lawson Trio 6x13 "Rock Bottom" "Over The Top" - Heavy Stud "Move To Bremerton" - MxPx "Sour Mash" - The Gentlemen "Overdrive" - Foo Fighters "Eye On The Setting Sun" - The Elms (dvd) "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" - Busy Phillips "Tidza" - Big Bad Bollocks "Staging The Plaguing Of The Raised Platform" - Cornershop "Hey Now" - Bob Mair (dvd) "True (With You)" - Wild Colonials "Best For You" - Walkabout (dvd) 6x14 "Clean And Sober" "The Truth Is Out" - The Andersons "Drop Out" - Heavy Stud Annimo - 10/09/2008 Thanks Dave" - Nemochrome "Shining Stars" - Morella's Forest "Crazy" - Schnockered "Hole In My Heart" - Glen Echo "Find Yourself" - Universal Honey "Beacon Street" - Red Chord "Take It Off" - The Donnas "Suburbia" - Moxie (dvd) "Ragged Dick" - Choo Choo La Rouge "If I Didn't Have U" - Lava Baby "To Be Alone" - Danny Blitz "Don't Kiss Me Now" - Moxie "Sometimes" - Jay Hansen Project "Honey & The Moon" - Joseph Arthur "Always" - Robert Scheffler (dvd) "My Friend" - Annie Palmer 6x15 "Castaways" "You Do Something To Me" - Sinead O'Connor "In Spite Of Unrequited Love" - Joel Evans (dvd) "How Big Is Your World" - Universal Honey "Hot Damn" - The Salads "Big Blue Sea" - Bob Schneider "The Truth Is Lies" - Scott Laurent (dvd) "Juliette" - Vanessa Daou "Fate" - Alison Lorraine (dvd) "I'm All Right (Help Me)" - Michael Brandmeier 6x16 "That Was Then" "On My Way" - Off By One "Picking Up The Pieces" - Jeff Lingle (dvd) "Today Is Tomorrow" - Anna Waronker "Break My Heart" - Anna Waronker

"Blue Mind" - Alexi Murdoch 6x17 "Sex And Violence" "Without Sleep" - Cynthia Catania "The Beautiful Ones" - John Lardieri "Over You" - Straight Razor Seduction "Hear Me Out" - Frou Frou "The Race" - Deb Pasternak (dvd) 6x18 "Love Bites" "Paper Umbrella" - Shamra "Chevy Malibu" - The Dingees "Round And Round" - Bob Schneider "Meeting Hall" - Tim Burlingame (dvd) "Goodbye" - Nancy Weisler "She Will Return" - Ballistic Edna "Just Another" - Pete Yorn "You Are Not Alone" - Lee Hester (dvd) "The Blower's Daughter" - Damien Rice "Now" - JD Webster (dvd) 6x19 "Lovelines" "Jerk It Out" - Caesars "Brand New Day" - Wonderlife (dvd) "Oh No" - Grey Eye Glances "Would You...?" - Touch and Go "Superbad Girl" - Iffy (dvd) "Sex With Strangers" - Marianne Faithfull "Sex Junkie" - Lava Baby (dvd) Annimo - 10/09/2008 6x20 "Catch-22" "Just A Boy (For Now)" - Nemochrome "East Of Anywhere" - Lamya "Angels In The Wings" - Amy Sky (dvd) "Blue Streak Cadillac" - Katrina Carlson "Love In Vain" - Steve Tannen "Radio" - Crushing Velvet "Promised" - Brian Sullivan "Soda Jerk" - Buffalo Tom "Straight Into The Sun" - Meanwhile (dvd) 6x21 "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" "Hand In Hand" - Leah Erbe "Old Time Memory" - Josh Kelley "Home To Me" - Josh Kelley "Place Called Home" - Kim Richey "My Friend" - Annie Palmer (dvd) "Way Beyond Empty" - Busy Phillips 6x22 "Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption" "Void" - Red House Painters "Sit And Watch The Sky" - Crashpalace (dvd) "Nobody's Fault" - Phantom Planet

"Overrated" - Pilate (dvd) "Sins" - Glen Echo "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - The Wedding Present "I Know What You Don't" - Poxy (dvd) "Soundtrack Of Your Life" - A Girl Called Eddy "Blue Mind" - Alexi Murdoch "The Air That I Breathe" - The Hollies "Butterfly Girl" - Jaylene Johnson (dvd) 6x23 "All Good Things..." "The Art Of Losing" - American Hi-Fi "Always On My Mind" - Phantom Planet "If" - Dragmatic "Fall From Grace" - Amanda Marshall "I'll Be" - Edwin McCain "Reflections" - Painted Man "Have A Little Faith In Me" - Painted Man "Have A Little Faith In Me" - John Hiatt "Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman 6x24 "...Must Come To An End" "Angel" - Sarah McLachlan "Hand In My Pocket" - Alanis Morissette "Healing Hands" - Marc Cohn "Green Apples" - Chantal Kreviazuk "Hands" - Jewel "Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman