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MARFAR" was founded with the intent of giving joyfulness to the people. This band, comprised of six respected, talented music industry professionals, presents a dynamic exciting show saluting the international cover songs, a super group whose music has proven to have a staying power that few bands lay claim to. Finally, audiences can once again experience the energy and magic of this timeless music. The group performs 80 - 100 high profile events every year, including special corporate functions, charity benefits, fund raisers, outdoor concerts, festivals, and fairs, playing many stages receiving top billing, as well as opening for some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry. Inviting MARFAR" to your event you can listen to songs from the repertory of artists like: Abba, Beatles, Queen, Gloria Gaynor, Blues Brothers, Brian Adams, Bon Jovi, Elvis, Robbie Williams, Donna Summer, Rita Ora and many many others. This timeless music is appealing to audiences of all ages, bringing back memories and touching the hearts of every generation. So join us anytime on a musical show that will satisfy you, indeed!

Toni TARNOSCHE lead vocal Vali NEAMTU drummer

George STATESCU keyboard

Andrei NEAMTU solo guitar Cosmin FARCAS lead vocal/piano Dragos PITARU bass guitar


Contact : Lucian Alexandroiu Manager Mobile : + 40722 209 888 Email: