Read an electronic document on screen or print it?

With the development of the electronic resources and interfaces of reading of the electronic document, the reader is changing his practices of reading. The reading of an electronic document is often described as interactive, fast, attractive. The possibility offered to the reader to annotate an electronic document, to add comments, to exploit it in order to produce other documents, are some advantages of the electronic document. The document itself in the electronic environment is changing statute. Which will be exactly a document in this environment? Is a message or an e-mail can be considered as a document? Can a comment on a document published on Scribd for example be regarded as document? The granularity of document is a problem in the electronic environment. The reading on screen often asks for the setting of this last in its context failing this it will be incomplete incomprehensible and sometimes without value. The hyperlinks are often enriching the electronic document and they facilitate this setting in context and the opening of the document on its environment. We can cite hyperlinks from the bibliographical references of a document for example. Nevertheless, these hyperlinks are often qualified by some readers a source of confusion and desorientation. These readers often lose the concentration on the background document and follow the hyperlinks and are consequently lost compared to their initial objective of reading. With this problem, some people qualify the reading on screen of tiring and of annoying. These people often make impressions of their documents on paper to read them quietly without being related to the machine and being obstructed by the constraints referred here. I think that the two modes of reading (on screen or paper) continue to coexist even if some people are spirit to replace their practices and to be directed to a reading 100% on screen. If we have the choice between reading on screen or printing, we choose the reading on screen? Or for the impression and the reading on paper?

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