What could possibly be worse than having your car explode in the middle of a sweltering day in Wyoming.

Morgan Wilde kicked her car for a third time in frustration. Pulling her phone out of her back pocket she prayed that a miracle would occur and a bar of signal would appear. With a deep sigh she walked back around to the driver's door and reached in through the open window to grab her bottle of water. Just as she turned around to start her hike to town she heard a car approach. She felt exhilaration coursed through her body as she realized she was going to be saved. But, the exhilaration was short lived as the car got closer and she realized who it was. "Get in the car Morgan, or I will put you in it myself," Chase's voice held a warning that Morgan knew would lead to disaster if she chose to ignore. He lifted an eyebrow at her as if saying "care to try me." Morgan walked around the car to the passenger side and climbed in. She closed her door extra hard to grate his nerves. Glancing over, she saw that it had worked. His cold eyes met hers and his hands gripped the steering wheel a little tighter.

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