Harley-Davidson: Get Out and Ride

Jalon Turner

S.History of Harley-Davidson    Harley-Davidson was created in1901 and incorporated in 1907 1917 one-third of all HarleyDavidson motorcycles are sold to the U. military 1918 half of all the sold HarleyDavidsons were to the military .

History of H-D    1969 H-D merges with American Machine and Foundry (AMF) a producer of leisure products 1981 Senior executives buy back H-D from AMF 1986 H-D is listed on the American Stock Exchange for the first time since 1969 when AMF purchased H-D .

to have H-D dealers 1913 the first racing department was formed 1914 the company enters racing competition .S.Background of HarleyDavidson    1912 Japan was the first country outside the U.

Problems and Goals    Men made up 88% of all sales in 2007 Women made up 12 % that same year The goal of H-D is to get more women interested in H-D and to get women in the driver seat instead of being a rider .

Objectives   To raise the percentage of women riders from 12% to 25% by the end of 2010 To educate women .

Audience    External audience will be the primary focus for this proposal The wives of Harley-Davidson riders who traditionally ride on the back The women who are scared of motorcycles .

Strategies and Tactics    Harley-Davidson female employees will have to do lectures at event persuading females to “Get out and Ride” Harley-Davidson female employees will have to pass out flyers telling about training sessions Hosting garage parties .

Anniston Alabama  .Strategies and Tactics  Promote at Annual Events such as: Harley-Davidson Female Ride Day  15th Annual Teddy Bear Ride in Trussville Alabama hosted by Riders Harley-Davidson  Rumble on Noble St.

AL Annual August Annual September Annual November Annual . AL Teddy Bear Ride Trussville. Anniston. Leeds.Calendar May Harley-Davidson Female Ride Day. National Event Rumble on Noble Street. AL Ride for Kids: Barber Motor Speedway.

Hour.00 per. For an estimated total $432. 4 times a year at regular employee pay rate Total $ 800.Budget 4 Lectures @ $200.00 Est. $18.00 $1232.00 .00 per lecture 4 employees to pass out flyers for 6hours.

Evaluation   Harley-Davidson will keep track with all sales at local stores Employees will take surveys at events  .

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