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Published by: Shweta Arya on Feb 26, 2013
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I am convinced that everyone can be the change one wants to see in the world. The very notion that no one but only a plenipotentiary can make a difference is making people paralyzed. Consequently, a situation of impasse has reached and people have become unvigilant towards the imperative need of “change” in the world. It is easy to blame others for what happens. But it won’t help. It won’t make a difference. People accuse government for the faltering economy and for the pandemonium that has been created in the country. If one has to pragmatically analyze as to where one’s woes actually emanate from, one would realize that much of blame lies on oneself. Though the leaders -be it military Generals or democratically elected ones- left no stone unturned to push the country towards decline. But what the citizenry itself did? Does one realize one’s responsibility as a citizen? Accusing and alleging will not bring the desired change. If I want to see miracles and see the world change, I of course must be content with letting the change begin in me. I must. I must be willing to engage the world – no matter how painful and messy it is . It has been beautifully quoted,

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -BARACKOBAMA

Change is a continuous process and cannot be seen instantly. It will take a long time but certainly, will come. Nobody is powerless or powerful. It is the power within beings .The power to badly want the change. The power to devote yourself to the change .The power to not lose the faith that the change is impending .Gandhi, a short, frail man was not powerful in terms of carnal or material power. But he had the power within. The power to be the incarnation of change .He brought the change he wanted, by being the change. Not only did he change his life, but positively affected the lives of millions. Mahatma Gandhi said :

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Honestly. “ If not me . But.Whenever people discuss social. that will be a more viable option. here conclude with an apt saying . then it might not be as ethically challenging to use this empty shell for whatever life extending purposes. I. which many religious people think is bad. for example if it was engineered to lack a brain and thus was not conscious or an individual with its own desires. It may be your clone.if I can. political or economic problems. There are legal concerns too. for instance. “WE” will then follow. Economically and ethically. when?” – Mikhail Gorbachev One use of clones could be the harvesting of the bodily organs that the clone ha s. usually.I you wish. No one seeks to find why do problems exist in our society? How can the existing problem be solved? Instead the question is "who will solve?" The answer is “we”. it would be unethical to take the body parts of a clone that is still alive and is a human individual. who? And if not now. that was not an individual in the normal sense. to avoid all these issues and grey areas that would stem from this discovery. Only God should play god. but it still is a separate individual from you and has its own rights as a result. their approach is superficial as they try to respond only the question "what". It's also "playing god". you will. Killing a clone would be equivalent to killing any other human. But we can . So there are a few legal questions and a few taboos we have to overcome before human cloning can be acceptable. Willingness is” sine qua non” of the change . First bring the change in yourself. Does the cloned human have rights? What's to stop us from creating a slave army of clones? Are we allowed to perform tests on clones? We have rules about human testing. . it would be much better to resort to tissue engineering (where you grow the organs when needed). If you were to however create a clone.

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