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alzheimer's disease

alzheimer's disease


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Published by: mvienne on Feb 22, 2009
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PET scan of the brain Neuropsychological Psychological of a person with AD screening tests, showing a loss of tests in the such as the minifunction mental state temporal lobe. examination (MMSE)

Acetylcholines terase

To assessop co degree of egies To devel the ping strat impaip ati ent of a patie nt of a rment suff eri ng from sufzheim er ’s Di Al zhei mer’ s Al fering from sease, the Di sease, the fol lo wi ng are fol low ing are the nu rsi ng the nurs ing acti on: acti on: Eval uate responsesresources, on Dete rm ine fami ly di agnosti ity and inati ons c exam wil lingness avai labil Deter ti ci pate i nety level in to par mine anxi meeti ng rel ient ’s to situati on cl ation need.  

cue the person with the disease When swallowing difficulties arise, or the use of modified daily life the use of feeding tubes may be objects.

The patient may also become Placing of safety locks. incapable of feeding themselves, so they require food in smaller pieces Labeling of or pureed household items to

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