Name: Chapter 1- My Early Home A.




Look at the words on the left. They are things for horses. Match them with the sentences. Harness Bit Saddle Whip Reins Stable o o o o o o o o o o o o This part goes into the mouth. It is cold, hard and it hurts. This goes on the back. They need this to carry a man, woman or child. Horses sleep here. The rider takes these in his hands to ride the horse. This part goes over the head. Horses go faster when the rider hits

B. To understand the novel better, look into the following elements: 1. Setting i. Time ii. Place 2. Characters and characterization 3. Point of View 4. Plot - a flow of events in a story i. Introduction/ Exposition ii. Rising Action iii. Climax iv. Falling Action v. Resolution 5. Themes 6. Moral Values

Graphic Novel: Black Beauty

Prepared by Tang Chew Yong (2013)