Job Title: PURPOSE OF JOB Dept: Date:

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: List duties in order of importance, the interval in which the duty is performed (daily, monthly, annually, etc.), and the percentage of time spent on each duty. Duty/Responsibility 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Interval % of time % % % % % %

SUPERVISION Supervisor Job Title: Department:

Describe the supervision this job receives. Does it receive close supervision? Nominal? By just the above supervisor, or by others as well? If there are others, what are their job titles?

Does this job supervise others? Yes No If so, who? List their job title(s), department(s), and number of such positions. Job Title Job Department Number

EMPLOYMENT HOURS Check all that apply: Full-time Part-time Full. fire. List any required experience (of what type.).). etc. etc. strength. Does this job have special time requirements. etc.). etc. Describe any hazards encountered on this job (heat. distance. typing. in what industry.). personality traits. certain aptitudes. rain. etc. licenses. List any required special attributes (vision. forest. machinery. heights.). such as odd hours or overtime? Yes No If so. etc.). outdoors. Lifting Standing Walking Climbing/balancing Stooping/crawling Reaching/handling Speaking/hearing . etc. for what duration. noise.or Part-time Temporary Summer Intern Other _____________ QUALIFICATIONS List any required educational attainments (degrees. underground. certificates. radiation. weight.). describe: List any required skills (computer. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Check all that apply and describe (duration. scaffold. WORKING CONDITIONS Describe the location of this job (indoors.

Seeing Touching/tasting/smelling Other_______________ ______________________________ Prepared by (print) ______________________________ Signature ____________ Date .

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