Macaroon Shield (Std)
Cooking time: 00h25 - Preparation time: 02h00

Caster Sugar Almond White Powder Egg White Icing Sugar Water (no drink) 300.000 gr 300.000 gr 220.000 gr 300.000 gr 75.000 ml

Tools: Spatula, Mixer, Thermometer To prepare about 150 shields: 5days before: Clarify 7 eggs, keep only the egg white (and do a pastry cream with the egg yolk if wanted) and leave them in the fridge. Between 5 and 15hours before: Put the egg white OUT from the fridge. (The important thing is to have the egg white at ROOM temperature for the recipe) Now: Sift 300.000 of Almond White Powder (gr) and 300.000 of Icing Sugar (gr) together to get at the end 600 grs in total. (If you don't have very fine powders, you may start with more quantity, the important thing, is to get AT THE END, 600grs). Poor all desired colors and flavors in it. Add 110.000 of Egg White (gr) without stirring. Set aside. Put in a pan, 300.000 of Caster Sugar (gr), 75.000 of Water (no drink) (ml) and a thermometer which goes until 120°. Put in a pan, 110.000 of Egg White (gr), ready to whisk with a robot. Start to boil the Sugar/Water until 105°. At this temperature, Start whisking the eggs. Your objective is to have the eggs with small bubbles but not too tight when you reach 118°. Feel free to slow down/speed up the mixer or the fire under the sugar/water to get this target, then poor the sugar/water slowly into the egg white, (mixer high speed). Mix until the egg white get at room temperature. Once done, stir a bit the almond powder/sugar/egg white until there is no liquid anymore and add this to the egg white. With a spatula, start mixing slowly and then "macarooning" by scratching the surface and liquify the mix. You stop once the mix is falling quite easily from your spatula. You are done. With a spoon or a piping bag, poor some on the baking paper. Once done, Pre-heat the oven at 150° and rest the macaroons on the baking paper until the shield is formed. After 1h if the shield is not formed, put them in the oven in any case. Bake for 12/14mins until the top of the shield does not move anymore. (Feel free to open the oven from the 10th mins to check). Set aside to cool down and put the ganache into a piping bag to poor some in the middle. Put your macaroon in the fridge 24H and bring them back out from the fridge 2h before serving.