Basic Spreadsheet Terms and Vocabulary

1. Active Cell: The spreadsheet cell the user is working on. (The cell is highlighted). 2. Address: Each spreadsheet cell has one. It is represented by the column letter followed by the row number. It is also called a coordinate. 3. Cell: Each space where a column and row intersect. 4. Column: The vertical spaces of a spreadsheet that are labeled with letters of the alphabet. 5. Entry: The data or information entered into a cell. 6. Formula: A mathematical expression that begins with an equal (=) sign. 7. Formula Line: A line below the menu bar that shows the formula or information in the active cell. 8. Grid System: A series of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines. 9. Grid Line: A horizontal or vertical line in a grid system. 10. Highlighted Cell: The active or selected cell. 11. Rows: The horizontal spaces of a spreadsheet that are labeled with numbers. 12. Selected Cell: The highlighted or active cell on the spreadsheet. 13. Status Line: Another name for the formula line.
14. Spreadsheet: A computer application that manipulates and calculates



For example. Parts of a Formula The building blocks of a formula are: Equal Sign: It is used to let a spreadsheet application know that you are entering a formula and not numbers or text. while a minus (-) sign indicates subtraction. such as B6. 2 . Functions: These are predefined. For example.About Formulas A formula is a set of instructions that a spreadsheet application follows to produce a value for a cell in a spreadsheet. named formulas provided by a spreadsheet application. An operand can be a constant value such as the number 3. the SUM function produces a total for a range of cells. a plus sign (+) indicates addition. Operators: These are symbols that represent an action to be performed. Operands: These are the elements that the operators and functions work on. B6:B12. You begin a formula with an equal sign. or it can be a cell reference such as a single cell. or a range of cells.

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