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Published by Deepak Ashokan
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf

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Published by: Deepak Ashokan on Feb 26, 2013
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Some applications of low-power wind turbines do not require storage capabilities.
One example is cathodic protection of pipelines. A micro wind turbine provides an
electric charge to the surface of a metallic pipe to counteract galvanic corrosion in
highly reactive soils. Furthermore, storage is not needed during calm winds because
corrosion is a slow process occurring over long periods. When the wind returns, it
protects the exposed metallic surfaces from galvanic corrosion. Tis protection is
best suited for remotely located pipes carrying oil, gas, water, and other nontoxic
liquids. At one time all cathodic protection in rural areas was provided by wind
turbines that generated few watts. Today most pipelines are protected by small PV
modules, but in cloudy environments this protection may not be efective.
Another application of micro wind turbine technology is charging automobile
batteries to power security lighting in rugged and isolated areas. It is interesting to

168 ◾ Wind Turbine Technology

mention that PV modules are currently deployed extensively for such applications
because of lower installation costs. Tere are few technical reasons why micro wind
turbines cannot be used if the installation cost exceeds $1500.
Some micro wind turbines have been designed to perform several tasks simul-
taneously, e.g., charging electric vehicle batteries, providing emergency lighting,
powering security sensors, and generating electric power compatible with utility
company specifcations. Some micro wind turbine are available capable of supply-
ing power for all-electric modern homes located in remote areas where utility power
lines do not extend.

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