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Published by Deepak Ashokan
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf

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Published by: Deepak Ashokan on Feb 26, 2013
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To size any electrical power system, one must estimate energy consumption by
appliances and other devices requiring electricity. After the total need is estab-
lished, it is easy to design a wind, solar, or other energy providing system. Te
typical energy amounts consumed by common appliances according to Pacifc Gas

Stand-Alone Wind Turbine Systems ◾ 171

& Electric of California are summarized in Table 6.1. Te electrical appliances are
categorized in terms of heating, air conditioning, and other household functions.
It is important to note that a stand-alone wind turbine in a remote location
will not have to support many of the appliances cited in the table. A remote loca-
tion will most likely require a 50-W lighting source, a security sensor not consum-
ing more than 100 W, and a small fan with a 50-watt rating. Terefore, the total
energy consumption at a remote location may not exceed 200 W. However, remote
energy consumption will certainly increase if other appliances are added to the
load. Te average energy consumption of a residence is about 5 kW if a window air
conditioning unit, a microwave oven, two fans, six 60-W bulbs, a refrigerator, com-
puter and printer, radio, and a dishwasher operate simultaneously. Note that most
high-wattage appliances such as toasters, washing machines, dryers, microwave
ovens, central air-conditioning units, and electric ranges usually do not operate
simultaneously. Terefore, sizing of a stand-alone power system should be based on
overall power consumption by appliances and the number of hours they operate.

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