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Wind-Turbine technology.pdf

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Published by Deepak Ashokan
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf
Wind-Turbine technology.pdf

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Published by: Deepak Ashokan on Feb 26, 2013
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Te power generating capability of a wind turbine is based on windstream diameter
and the undisturbed wind speed in the vicinity of the turbine location. Terrain
studies performed by the author for the purpose of augmenting the average wind
speed at a turbine installation location indicate that well rounded-hills and ridges
are best suited for augmentation. Under certain circumstances, even a sharp peak
could be found suitable for such augmentation. Te studies further indicate that
hills or ridges with abrupt sides are not suitable sites for augmentation. Power gener-
ated in the windstream can be determined using the following empirical formula:

P (MW) = [(ρ π/8) D2




where ρ is the air density (kilograms per cubic meter), D is the windstream diam-
eter (meters), and V is the wind speed in meters per second. Computed values of
power generated by the windstream as a function of wind speed are summarized
in Table 3.4. It is important to note that the rotor diameter must be less than the
windstream diameter to capture maximum wind energy.

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