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June 16, 2007 Dear Neighbor: ‘Your neighbor, owner ‘irearms, on Anderson Mill Road and N. Highway 183 (his mall sign reads: “GUNS"), living in the Brushy Creek Community near Ri ck, i 717. is sexual and a thief! Watch fou ‘s!_Read below so Ww. be prepared! Tam writing to report and INFORM you that your neighbor, JINN owner of Firearms, is a thief!! In late May 2005, after he had sold me a weapon, I stored all my guns (3) and many accessories at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage on McNeil drive, across McNeil high school. After the live-in manager of the storage facility left to another store, the new live-in manager, an ex-police officer, Keith Marsland, threatened ‘me, while I was in Europe studying German language for 2 years, that it was illegal to Store weapons at Uncle Bob’s (somehow it was ok with the previous manager), and, if I did not pick them up before he, Keith M., moved in, in a few days, he would sell all, So, I called NB of QRRMEMR since he had sold me a gun the year before, and asked if (a) he could pick up all the guns, and (b) store them at his store for a monthly fee, until Tcame back to pick them up. He agreed, and unilaterally decided to charge me only $20 per month. I thought “Great!” but now, come to think of it, he probably thought it was a lot, Immediately after picking my stuff up from Uncle Bob’s S. S., and, seeing all the ‘new guns and accessories (total value= $9,300), @jirefused and failed to ‘mail’ to my PO Box address in Austin, a receipt stating he was storing my guns. After a few months, he continued with his stealing behavior hanging up the telephone on me, when I called from Europe, and when I got back to Austin, he refused to give them back to me. Then, I called my American mother, Mary Ellen May Gonzalez, thinking she would somehow convince him to retum my stuff. Unknown to me, she tried to settle the situation by loaning him $3,500 with a written contract in which he agreed to give that money to me and buy the guns. Instead, he stole the $3,500 from my mother, in addition to my 3 guns and accessories stored there. That’s when we hired and paid a lawyer $5,000 to retrieve the guns and her money. After 4 months, and a few letters from Richard Welch, an Austin consumer lawyer (Tel. 512-231-8181), MR ‘stripped’ the guns of its major functioning parts (bolt carrier, charging handle and ammunition magazines) and shipped them incomplete, against his will, to us. He also returned the $3,500 to my mother, HOWEVER: he kept ‘all’ the accessories, and we are now still suing him for that, The stolen accessories are a Leupold, Long Range CompetitionVariex III Rifle Telescope with its rings and eye piece covers, an Armalite AR-10 Rifle Tripod, a hand gun holster, rifle cleaning steel rods and accessories and a few other small items. The total value of these stolen accessories, and stripped rifle parts, is $1,500. Currently, we have taken his deposition at Richard Welch’s office, and we continue to pursue him and sue him for the remaining items. In any case, I thought it was important for you to be aware of his gun dealing behavior with me! : He is an unreasonable, immoral businessman, who ‘only’ pretends to be law abiding: 44MM your neighbor, is a thief? ‘Unfortunately, I also found out, after a few telephone calls claiming my property back, that he is a HOMOSEXUAL, acting out right there in your neighborhood, and, at the mall where his store is located, at jon Anderson Mill Road! To see, in anger for not returning all the guns I had placed in storage with him, I called him a “fag!” and a “homosexual” without any evidence! Later, however, when I called again, he asked me on the telephone politely, (“seriously!”), if I wanted to date him. He said, and I quote him “Do you want to date?”: Only homosexuals say things like that, even if they are married with children, or pretending that. Therefore, I advise you: “WATCH YOUR YOUNG BOYS!!”: He could persuade them to engage in homosexual behavior and ruin them. Sincerely, Jose Ignacio Gonzalez May 1751 Babeock Rd, Apt 831 Austin, TX 78229 Cell 210-430-4262 Ps: We are still suing him for stolen items. You are welcomed to contact me or my Jawyer to help out. Ps2: I am heterosexuz Ps3: Lastly, MNINNNIEMBalso lied about shipping the telescope and other accessories through UPS. He gave me and my lawyer UPS tracking number 1ZR0514A345185960 and claimed to all (including the Austin Police Detective Whitney Plueckhahn of N.W. Investigative Unit) that he had actually shipped it. When one is logged onto the UPS website, and that tracking number is inputted, the website says “Exception”: When we called UPS, they said (1) the package was never paid for and it was never picked up, and (2) IT WAS THEREFORE NEVER DELIVERED to my home. Since it is ‘possible’ that it was picked up but not scanned, UPS decided to begin a trace, which turned out ‘package lost’! (They assume they lost it). UPS gavelillthe declared value for the package, which he only inputted at the UPS website. But now, since he is scared he will be caught for a FEDERAL CRIME again, he does ‘not’, as a responsible shipper business owner, claim or retrieve the money from UPS. UPS will only give that money to him, the shipper (whose package was lost 22). Again, he is trying to steal that money from us, and waiting now for 7 months, in the hope that we will quit, and he will later retrieve that money for himself: That’s a THIEF! The correct thing to do is to retrieve that money (IF HE REALLY SHIPPED IT AND IT WAS. LOST) and give it to us. But instead, he contradicts himself, by saying to all the package is lost in the mail, and not retrieving or claiming the money for the lost package. That's a thief (he kept the accessories.) All this is very inappropriate since I did nothing wrong to him (only yelled on the telephone, insulted, threatened, and put a PO Box address, years before, on an ATF form unknowingly. It seems I was only supposed to put a physical address but I ‘was moving between States when I bought that gun from him); I also had paid all the corresponding storage fees of $20 per month (1 year), plus $200 extra (according to him) for having called the ATF, which used up a lot of his time. He is a thief (in Spanish: un Ladron). Pst: T refuse to be abused by SSSIMIRber to have him steal my property or waste my time! He will not do that All this is very ugly, my mother tried to give/donate $3,500 tod_lllwith a ‘relaxed’ understanding on his part to pay whenever he could, Knowing her, she wasn’t going to bother to get her $3,500 back from MMB once he used that to pay me and buy the ‘guns in Storage. So, qi was going to receive $9,300 worth of guns and accessories (all those guns and accessories in storage), for free, as a loan/gift from my mother, Mary. My ‘mother is a millionaire with a Lear jet, and just wanted to settle the matter quickly, so that I could leave this area and not have to engage Summa in a lawsuit for my guns or hurt him! That was very generous on her part f and for me as well. Mary Ellen, ‘my mother, was then planning to give me the remaining dollar balance of those guns to me, so that I received the full value of my guns, and Wi could keep storing them Cindefinitely!). But instead, QIN (thief!) tried to rip her off the $3,500 plus all ‘my guns. Very stupid! That's also the neighbor you have around you! Tell him to return my $1,200 scope, including rings to fit it onto a rifle and eye piece covers, plus the other accessories, a tripod, a holster, 2 boxes of ammo, gun cleaning equipment, plus the stripped rifle parts, one bolt carrier, one charging handle and 2 mags!