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Benedicta Ward - The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Benedicta Ward - The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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desert fathers
desert fathers

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Published by: Nana Nana on Feb 26, 2013
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1. Abba Andrew said, 'These three things are appropriate for a
monk: exile, poverty, and endurance in silence.'


They said there was a certain old man in the Thebaid, Abba
Antionus, who did many good works while he was young, but
when he grew old he became sick and blind. Since he was ill, the
brethren took great care of him, even putting his food in his mouth.
They asked Abba Aio what would come of this solicitude. He
replied, 'I tell you, if when he eats even one date he does so eagerly
and willingly, God takes that away from his works; but if he re-
ceives it reluctantly and unwillingly, God will keep his works in-
tact, since he has to do this against his will. The brethren will receive
their reward.'

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