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Tutor Checklist

Tutor Checklist

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Published by David Duez
To be used by tutors during tutoring.
To be used by tutors during tutoring.

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Published by: David Duez on Feb 23, 2009
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Date: Tutoring Gradesheet Student Name Question 15 10 0

Tutor Name: Cornell Notes Reflection 25 15 0 30 15 0 On Task 30 15

AVID Tutoring Subject Binder OTAL T 10 Math SS EngOth(-10) Sci 100

Place the # grade in each column, do not simply check mark. Comments about the session by tutor:

Guide: Question Levels: 3: apply, applying a principle, predict, evaluate, hypothesize, imagine, judge, speculate (15 points) 2: analyze, group, if/then, compare, contrast, group, infer, sequence, synthesize (10 points) 1: define, noting, describe, identify, list, name, observe, recite, scan (0 points) On Task: Cornell Notes: 30 - Student actively engaged, participated, helped others. Heading - Name, Date, Period 15 - Student only engaged half of the time. Did some but not much Abreviate, Indent, Underline, Draw/Highlight if necessary 0 - Student refused to participate in the tutoring session at all. Left Column - questions & terms Reflection: What did the student learn during the tutor session. Two or three sentences. This can also highlightBinder: individual tutorial performances by their peers. Questions to guide reflection - "What did you learn?" "What will you do from here?" Take teacher, more tutoring), (see off 10 points if the student does not "How did your tutoring group perform?" bring their binder to the tutoring session.

“Socrates, you will remember, asked all the important questions - but he never answered any of them”


Tutor Name:

AVID Tutoring


ed, helped others. me. Did some but not much. tutoring session at all.

“Socrates, you will remember, asked all the important questions - but he never answered any of them”

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