1. EMITEC client is maintaining different UOM for Goods Procurement (MT) and Goods Receipt / Issue (KL) a.

Please see the conversion factor they are maintaining in material master for above two UOMs.

2. The Client EMITEC has made ………. a. A goods receipt (movement type – 101) of 100 MT of the material RB016042 (IB 039K / T.O.B.S. 60N) against the batch TEST which has been converted to 123.001 KL and showing as quality inspection stock in Stock Overview of the material.

After the UD was taken the stock was released from quality inspection and posted to unrestricted stock. 3.S. Client needs the total process of goods receipt and quality inspection made so far in the material RB016042 : batch TEST to be reversed. Usage decision (movement type – 321) against the inspection lot created for the material received at quality inspection stock.B.O. 4.b. 60N) but system is showing an error “Change the inspection stock of material RB016042 in QM only” . We tried to make movement 322 in Transaction – MB1B against the batch TEST for the material RB016042 (IB 039K / T.

Inspection Setup in Quality Management for the material master data should be deactivated. a.5. We analyzed the error and found the prerequisite for the movement – 322 are like following……. We then went to Material Master Quality ManagementInspection Setup and unchecked the ‘Active’ Checkbox of Inspection Type – 01 and Saved the material. . We checked the stock of the material in Transaction MMBE and found the material does not have any stock in any of its batches in Quality Inspection. 6. 7. b. There should not be any stock lying in Quality Inspection for the material.

Then we tried to make movement 322 in Transaction – MB1B against the batch TEST for the material RB016042 (IB 039K / T.B.S.8.O. . 60N) and the document was posted without showing an error.

.9. 11. It was posted back to the Quality Inspection. We have undone the changes we made at material master quality management  inspection setup for the material RB016042 and saved it. 10. We have cancelled the goods receipt document generated during goods receive (movement – 101) of the material RB016042. We checked the stock of the material RB016042. batch: TEST.

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