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Published by: Brad Bergeron on Feb 26, 2013
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schallermusic: Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐‑ 4 (Forms & Key Relationships)


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Welcome to my music blog. Feel free to rip it apart if you find something that's ridiculous! I'm writing it to have fun so let's see if you know more than I do! HA!

T UES DA Y , DEC EMB ER 9, 2008

About Me John Schaller Denver, CO, United States

Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐ 4 (Forms & Key Relationships)
Hoday, The Fourth String Quartet composed by Belá Bartók, pays homage to the sonata form yet reveals a side of original thinking by uniting new methods of form versus theme, sound versus math, and new theory versus tradition. Quartet No. 4 contains five movements of which the first and fifth are related by allegro and allegro molto. The second prestissimo con sordino and the fourth, allegro pizzicato, with the third movement, Non troppo lento standing alone at its keystone of the arch form. The key relationship is also of the same symmetry in that the first and last movements are in the key of C, while the second is a major third higher in E, and the fourth a major third lower in A-‐flat. Also the central movement is in itself an A-‐B-‐A form. The entire piece is set for thematic development. The sonata-‐form movement begins with a rising half-‐tone and acts as a seed for future growth. Many of the beginning themes are not recognizable until the middle and end of the movements. The development and growth of the piece in fact makes sense out of complex mathematical process. (I have attached the first page of each movement) Before going into the many processes of the piece you may want to download it from iTunes under Belá Bartók.

Age 6-‐ Dad gives me drum sticks and introduces me to music! Age 13 -‐ Learned Organ and Piano at Mom & Dad's Music Store. Age 18 -‐ Joined first band. Age 25 -‐ Met my future bride! Age 30 -‐ Co-‐ Founded Minus Zero Contemporary Jazz Group. Age 35 -‐ Went Back to School. Age 37 -‐ Toured with Motown Review Show, Joseph Vincelli, Minus Zero, and Local Bands in Denver. Age 39 -‐ Began Second Degree. Age 40 -‐ Joined Dotsero as Keyboardist. Age 44 -‐ Graduated. Age 45 -‐ Working on Graduate Degree in Music Composition....Life's a process View my complete profile

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. I talk about general music theory.2/26/13 schallermusic: Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐‑ 4 (Forms & Key Relationships) Hoday! Thanks for Visting my Blog. roman numeral analysis. reading lead sheets. improvisation..com Later.. Posted by John Schaller at 10:24 PM Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐ 3 (An Introductio. Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐ 2 Bartók's Fourth String Quartet ►    2007 (29) ►    2006 (6) Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post No comments: Post a Comment schallermusic.. jazz.html 2/2 . and whatever the mood strikes! Please feel free to comment or send me an email at schallermusic@yahoo. composing techniques. classical.blogspot. This blog is about music.com Blog Archive ►    2013 (1) ►    2012 (1) ►    2011 (2) ►    2010 (2) ►    2009 (13) ▼    2008 (4) ▼    December (4) Bartók's Fourth String Quartet -‐ 4 (Forms & Key Re.com/2008/12/fourth-‐‑string-‐‑quartet-‐‑of-‐‑bela-‐‑bartok.com Schallermedia. performance tips. John Favorite Web Sites Schallermusic.

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