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MCQS on Sales Management


1. All of the following would be major sales force management decision steps (as shown in the model in the text) EXCEPT: Global management and marketing structures. Supervising salespeople. Designing sales force strategy and structure. Recruiting and selecting salespeople.

2. Which of the following WOULD NOT be a method of establishing sales force structure? Customer sales force structure. Product sales force structure. Territorial sales force structure. Lifestyle sales force structure.

3. salespeople spend most of their time doing which of the following activities? Face-to-face selling. Waiting and traveling. Administrative tasks. Telephone selling.

4. A company's compensation plan should reflect its overall marketing strategy. For example, if the strategy is to grow rapidly and gain market share, the compensation plan might include: Rewards for account management. Encouragement for team selling. A larger commission component coupled with a new-account bonus to encourage high sales performance. Incentives to manage the product mix.

5. After a salesperson goes through a prospecting and qualifying stage in the effective selling process, what does he or she do next? Approach. Presentation and demonstration. Pre approach. Handling objections.

6. What step in the effective selling process model usually follows the presentation and demonstration? Pre approach. Handling objections. Approach. Closing.

7. The step in the effective selling process model in which the salesperson asks the customer for an order is the __________ step. approach follow-up handling objections closing

8. Effective marketing begins with a good customer __________.

promotion price service database

9. Direct marketers are increasingly using all of the following customer contact forms EXCEPT: E-mail. Fax mail. Voice mail.
Two-way radio

10. An integrated direct-marketing campaign usually ends with which of the following? Direct mail. Face-to-face sales call. Outbound marketing. Continuing communication.