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Published by: Adriana Sandí Cascante on Feb 26, 2013
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B y Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, Linda Blum Huntington, and Eva Adrienne Anderson

inTroDuCTion: THe liFeboarD anD THe law oF aTTraCTion
One of the world’s greatest mysteries is the human mind. It appears that what we think . . . we become. In other words, our lives are manifestations of our thoughts and emotions. This universal principle is known as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has been actively practiced and used throughout history, dating as far back as 550 B.C. In the early 1900s, many great thinkers began exploring and popularizing the concept and science of Attraction. At that time William Walker Atkinson published a book called Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. According to Atkinson’s research and findings, “You are what you think, not what you think you are.” Due to the unprecedented popularity of The Secret (2006), the Law of Attraction has begun to gain mainstream popularity. Lifeboarding, also called vision boarding or dream boarding, has long been used by celebrities, sports figures, and top business people and is a cornerstone principle in practicing the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction affects each and every one of us, and when we practice with care and intention, we can attract all of our dreams and desires. We are all made up of energy. Simply put, if we send positive thoughts and emotions out into the universe, we will attract similar energy. If our thoughts and emotions are negative, the universe will respond in kind. Your Lifeboard is a tool specifically designed to activate, magnify, and accelerate the Law of Attraction by turning your thoughts into a visual energy collage that you can customize and update daily, weekly, or whenever you wish! This collage will serve as your personal travel


guide. Trusting it as your compass, you can journey to your personal pinnacle. Your destination may be a physical place, a place of accomplishment, or a place of contentment and peace. It’s a place where your dreams and desires can become your reality. To begin creating your Lifeboard, simply follow the guidance in this booklet. And remember: Only you can make your Lifeboard. Like your fingerprint, it is uniquely yours. Your Lifeboard reflects your deepest desires and will help you achieve your greatest dreams. This package contains all the materials for you to create your own unique Lifeboard. Starting with the basic board, you will: • determine your daily, weekly, monthly, and ultimate life goals; • prioritize your goals and desires; • focus on your innermost wishes; • overcome doubts and fears; • change your life forever


CreaTe Your liFeboarD
Lifeboarding is a methodical process of expanded awareness. It’s simple in concept but profound in result. You will convert your thoughts and emotions into a unique journal and then transform them further into images that, when assembled together on your Lifeboard, create a positive and vivid energy imprint of your hopes and dreams. As you take inspired action toward your goals, the Law of Attraction will match your vibration and the images on your Lifeboard can materialize into your reality. Make time for yourself and focus. Before you start making your board, it’s helpful to first identify and prioritize your goals through journaling (see page 8). Next, gather your supplies: your Lifeboard, board compass, adhesives, magazines, photos, charms, and anything else you deem meaningful and symbolic. Spend time clipping, capturing, and considering all representations that resonate with you. This package offers stickers of some inspirational words to get you started, but additional visuals to create your unique and personal Lifeboard will come from you and you only. Bring to your board anything that represents your hopes and dreams or desired destination. This may include, but is not limited to photographs, inspirational quotes, personal treasures, magazine clippings (words and pictures), and poems. Clipping from magazines and other sources should be a free and spontaneous process. Clip all images, words, and phrases that speak to you, even if you’re unclear about why you’re drawn to them. When finished, spread all of your clippings in front of you and contemplate their significance. These items should be arranged, rearranged, and then thoughtfully placed on the respective areas of your Lifeboard. Let your heart be your guide. Each of the nine areas should be decorated with images and words that clearly communicate what you want to achieve in that area of your life. You may also want to include a secret wish by writing it


down on a small piece of paper, folding it carefully into one of the provided Secret Wish Envelopes, and attaching it to the corresponding area of the board. Mark the outside of the wish with a special reminder so your thoughts stay focused on that private goal. You may have several goals per category, or you may focus on a singular goal—either approach is fine. You may even want to update or modify some of your original journaling. This process is different for everyone and should be done without judgment or question. Follow your instincts, without resistance, to a deep and authentic place of personal discovery. After decorating your Lifeboard, sit back, relax, and soak in the visual experience. Your completed Lifeboard will be unique and beautiful. It will embody a personal interpretation of all you desire. Meditate regularly on your Lifeboard and visualize your future. Each time you view or work on your Lifeboard, you will reinforce your determination to achieve your goals. Keep your Lifeboard close at hand. It can be hung on a wall, placed on a shelf, hidden in a special place, or left open in full view. Enjoy, create, and discover the life that you deserve as you transition out of your past and into your future. This is your life. These are your dreams. This is your time. Enjoy your journey.


embraCe Your emoTions
Essential to successful Lifeboarding is your ability to identify any self-limiting beliefs and negative conditioning that you may have developed. Fear of failure or success, the possibility of rejection and/or loss, as well as bad habits accumulated over a lifetime are all self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Willingness to change these belief systems is the first step in dispelling these deep-seated blocks. Your Lifeboard represents your new belief system and will help bridge your journey from old self-limiting beliefs to your most cherished dreams. Willingness leads to actions, and actions lead to success. • Embrace all your emotions. Expect to feel exhilarated, liberated, and excited. You may also feel doubtful, uncomfortable, or fearful. Let yourself enjoy the positive feelings knowing that you deserve complete happiness and contentment. Face all negative feelings as they arise by acknowledging, honoring, and then releasing them. • Recognize all thoughts and beliefs that limit you. Dissolve limiting beliefs and always be grateful for where you are at any moment in time. Practice forgiveness and be patient during this time of transitions. • Regularly imagine having achieved each specific goal and experience. • Be. Do. Have. Attract into your life all that you desire.


liFe CaTegories
The design and layout of your Lifeboard incorporates the philosophy of ancient feng shui color placement principles to further promote balance, harmony, and positive energy. According to Ancient Chinese principles, everything in the universe, including color, has vibrational energy. The use of color and color placement on your Lifeboard will help amplify the different areas of your life. According to ancient Chinese principles, wealth is associated with purple, creation and children are associated with yellow, and love is associated with pink. Use color and its transformative powers to further activate your Lifeboard. Open your Lifeboard and carefully review its unique and elegant layout. The center of your board represents harmony and unity . . . it represents you. It is the nexus of the surrounding eight areas, and it reflects who you want to be and where you want to go in your life. The eight surrounding areas are very specific and when contemplating them, it may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions: • What are my dreams for this area of my life? • What do I want now in this area of my life? • What do I want this part of my life to look and feel like in the future? • What would I like to add to this area of my life? • Am I experiencing blocks in this area? • Who would I like to emulate in this area of my life? • What are the things that create and prevent happiness in this area of my life?

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