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Biology 20 GATE

Biology 20 GATE


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Overview of the Biology 20 course from SHR Publishing.
Overview of the Biology 20 course from SHR Publishing.

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Published by: GavinMarchak on Feb 23, 2009
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The Kidney’s maintain the excretory system by controlling the amount of water that is
bsorbed. Osmotic pressure refers to the force generated by water in the concentration
he kidneys ensure that enough water gets into the body systems by regulating
e osmotic pressure. When you are water deficient, osmoreceptors within your brain

the collecting

uct is increased, permitting increased water retention. It also works in reverse, with a
reduction in the production and release of ADH.

gradient. T
become aware of the situation and send ADH (antidiuretic hormones) through the
bloodstream to the kidney, where the permeability of the distill tubule and

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