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Biology 20 GATE

Biology 20 GATE


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Overview of the Biology 20 course from SHR Publishing.
Overview of the Biology 20 course from SHR Publishing.

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Published by: GavinMarchak on Feb 23, 2009
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Biomass is the measure of dry mass (usually in g/m2

) that an organism or group of
organisms have. Biomass has also been worked into the structure of the Eltonian
pyramid to properly identify the differences in mass be
also gives estimations on the total biomass of each tropic. A biomass pyramid is picture

r example,

while still resulting

An inverted biomass pyramid is generated in many undersea ecosystems. Fo
when you compare the biomass pyramid of the phytoplankton and the zooplankton the
biomass of the phytoplankton is, at times, far less then that of the zooplankton in the
tropic above it. How is this possible? The reproductive systems of the phytoplankton
give them the ability to be reproduced fast enough to be immediately consumed by the
zooplankton, and hence enough energy remains to
eep the ecosystem working,

in an inverted biomass pyramid.

Energy pyramids remove the exception of the
zooplankton, because there cannot be less energy
in a tropic lower then another tropic. Hence,
energy pyramids are always upwards, and never
inverted. An example of an energy pyramid is
shown to the right hand side of this page.

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