A girl I know once told a lie To her true lover, then he died.

In shock, she cried out to reverse The lie that had begun the curse. The wisened sage who heard her tears (he cant hear tears) Turned back away with deafened ears “Until a lesson can be learned” He said, “the curse cannot be turned.” She asked “What lesson should I seek?” - need to stick with the rhyme scheme “It seems to me my fault is clear.” “You’re right” he said, “You are at fault But that is just the lessons start.” She pondered this for hours in fear While sitting by his grave in tears. She realized then, with startled cry His death had not been from the lie. It had been subtle; it had crept And came from years of secrets kept For no true lover can remain When walls divide the lovers twain. “I’ve learned the lesson you have sent” She shouted at the seers tent. He came out and knowing her truth, He smiled as she told him proof, Explaining what she’d learned that night And begging for her lovers right To live again now that she knew How to treat him and be true. Her lover then, regained his life And they worked hard to live it right And keep the walls from building high

flesh out the girl and the seer.have the lie in detail. She shouldn’t just realize it.Between them so as not to die. possibly leave the lover dead. think edward sissorhands? this could be archtypical bluebierd except in reverse. what can correct this. . be like shel silverstein but adult. Its not complete because I am not explaining the personality of any of the characters build the situation -. Try a post modern fairytale? The barista? The drugee kid? play with the urban suburban landscape setting. what if she looks in a pond to find the seer but she realies at the end that the seer is herself (as an old woman?) Something could happen that could make her realize why her lover died. write a poem with a unigoat in it the seers entrance is abrupt. What if he is a tree that has been there all along? What if the girl goes in search of a way to get the lover back.

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