25 Feb.

13 Dear Sirs, I, Rekha Sah and my son, Rakesh Sah are writing this letter to depict that we know Bijay Jung Thapa and Sabina Gurung Thapa very well. We and Bijay have known each other since we came to UK about 2 and half years ago. We stayed in same house for a while and therefore, know each other nicely.While he stayed Sabina used to come and meet him frequently whenever he had free time, and I got to know her. We became great companions and began to hang out. After we moved out to current place, we are still in touch and meet them. They got married where we were invited. They make a great couple together and we wish all the very best for their future. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us. Sincerely yours,

........................... RekhaKumari Sah 07413011555 56 Longhurst Road Croydon CR0 7AS London

.................. Rakesh Sah 07427477613

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