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Procedure for performing automatic calibration on the APC 200 transmission controller For the TE 27 transmission

when the transmission is repaired. when the APC200 is replaced. When the driver complains about bad gear shift quality .Linde Service Training A Calibration has to be done when : when the vehicle is built at the OEM after each 2000 hours driving in gear (forward or reverse selected). when an overhaul of the transmission is done.

3 LEDs and to Buttons to select different functions SPICER OFF-HIGHWAY D E F M S APC200 The LED lamp labelled 'D' is yellow and is used to indicate test modes. The M button is selecting the different display modes/ function groups See the description of the APC 200 The S button is scrolling in the different Display modes / function groups . The LED lamp labelled 'F' is red and is switched on when the APC200 is in the reset condition. The LED lamp labelled 'E' is yellow and is used to indicate faults.Linde Service Training On the APC 200 we have a 4 digit graph display.

press and hold the S button for 15 seconds .Linde Service Training How to do the CALIBRATION S M To enter into the calibration mode Start the engine.

press the button S again .Linde Service Training The engine starts The display shows tran S M To start the calibration.

Linde Service Training The display changs to Go F Now select on the gear lever FORWARD The Calibration is now running in automatic mode The display will show the different stages ! .

Linde Service Training .

stop the engine and the new calibration will be saved in the APC 200 The machine is ready for work again .Linde Service Training When the calibration is done the display shows up Now .

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