INTRO I'm Dr. Gary Brodsky, This book is The Art and Science of life using the ACT AS IF method. By knowing how to Act As if you can say goodbye to phobias, fears and problems. You’ll discover that things that plagued you, bothered you, stymied you no long affect you, no longer prevent you form getting out of life what you want. Now your life will be joy, money, good relationships, great business and everything you ever dreamed of. You can custom make your life. All you have to do is know how to ACT AS IF. Follow these methods and you will have the world any way you want, guaranteed. It is foolproof, it is fail proof. And now, ACT AS IF. I have developed a program for those who suffer from, and that’s many of you, lack of love, lack of money, poor health, not having a feeling of power, and personal expression, and most of all low self esteem. With the ACT AS IF method I will illustrate a way for you to live your life with joy, love, lots of money, total health, power and freedom. With The ACT AS IF method you will make your life better than you could have ever imagined. And I will explain in detail how to ACT AS IF and make it all happen. And when I mean all, I mean all. I mean joy, love, money, freedom, success in any endeavor you may have dreamed of. Your dreams will come true. And I will show you how to ACT AS IF step by step. THE WAY OF ACT AS IF When you ACT AS IF, you turn away from any bad or unpleasant situation, Something could have happened a year ago, or maybe 20 years ago that caused you to create a belief, a belief about yourself. As long as you still have that belief, look at it as true, you will not overcome it. By continuing this belief and give it life of thought, you perpetuate it and cause it to grow so that ultimately it will be true. ACTING AS IF is the science of inducing within mind, the concepts of peace, joy, wealth, health, love, and self expression-or whatever your need might be.

To ACT AS IF you do not need to change your life by force of will.; To ACT AS IF I will teach you that it is within ourselves to carve an avenue through which life will flow. ACTING AS IF and believing so opens the venues of thought, expands the conscious and subconscious mind, and allows you to receive your indisputable reality. You’ll know how you shall live, it clarifies your mind, removes all mental obstacles, brings on the light; removes doubt and fear, and when this life force presents itself you will recognize the presence of spirit. Every problem is mental, and every solution can only be found in spiritual realization.

AS YOU SAY SO BE IT Once you make firm statements about yourself-declare your truth and understand that you are a divine being, complete, happy and filled with all good things in life, you are beginning to ACT AS IF. “I’m not someone who people like” you might say. If you are not happy hearing yourself say this, then that is not your truth. Free yourself from this condition, ACT AS IF everyone is your friend and see how true it becomes. THIS IS NOW THE TRUTH, and this is science. When people see you transform, and they will, they’ll think it miraculous. It is only a miracle as everything else is in life. When you ACT AS IF you have set a spiritual idea in motion in the definitive concrete world. A narrow world of people who mostly can only judge ideas subjectively. A world that increasingly embraces the material and has been losing its accordance with the divine. IF YOU DON'T CREATE YOURSELF, SOMEONE WILL CREATE YOU If you accept negativity from people you will become just that a negative unhappy person. Worries and negatives are given out like candy these days. Letting someone tell you over and over again you’re nothing – you

bad breakup. I am not feeling so well. GIGO is a famous computer axiom meaning Garbage in garbage out.I am -.will become nothing. whatever you program into it will reveal itself to be true. positive results will envelope you. If you feed your subconscious negative programs you cannot have positive experiences. I am not really ready for this. When you state negative. if you state I am tired. make optimistic outlooks your state of mind. headache. However you state -. whatever you are feeling that day.that is what you either are or will be. will become your life. That’s how the subconscious mind works. including. Keep in mind that your subconscious mind is like a computer. If you find yourself carrying dead weight drop it. This will manifest your life. You need to deny all the negative feelings that you have. That is how the mind works. So I am going to tell you how to ACT AS IF and you'll life will start changing immediately. An example. and I am expecting great things to happen you will change your “reality” and allow for the positive to prevail. If invalid data is entered into a system. Then all this about you IS true. the resulting output will also be invalid.and whatever you put after it. for example. When you state positive. You can state ‘I am a charming person and people like me. I am a failure. decisionmaking systems. I am …. whether it is business or romantic or personal.” Once you affirm the positive. you need to say “all these negative feelings that I have about myself are gone. This axiom holds true for all systems. toothache.’ Or ‘I am a dolt and wish I was popular’ 3 . I am feeling great. Find people who lift you up and back you up WATCH WHAT YOU SAY When you state the two important words --I am -. you will experience negative. GIGO.

Your subconscious mind is always at your service. You may become a casualty of complacency. The subconscious mind is impersonal. not creating. So to restate how to ACT AS IF so that’s it will engrain itself in your mind. Complacency is in fact a dangerous destructive choose the truth about yourself. And it we are so. THOU SHALT NOT BE COMPLACENT Being complacent is detrimental to your mind and to every area of your life. As I always say and I will say for the rest of my life because it is so true. If you ask negative questions. You have become relaxed in self-satisfaction of routines and have closed 4 . Why me? Why can't I find the right person? How will I ever pay these bills? Questions such as these destroy your subconscious power to create the good. for everyone is entitled. What you ask for you will receive. you will get negative answers." Same is true when you switch to positive questions like. never forget that. maybe your entire life. such as. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE One of the quickest and best ways to change your life is to watch what you ask yourself. body and soul you must take a strong positive stand and ACT that something already IS. it will come up with an answer. That makes all the difference. heart. "Because you don't deserve it. how can I make the most of this. You are drifting. ACT AS IF and it will be done on to as you believe. physically and spiritually living in a disaster unaware of your failing. So when you ask it. why can't I? The answer to a negative question will always bring the same dismal answer. Complacency has no space in the creative process that surely will bring you all good. It is the belief that something has happened before it ever does. when you ask yourself destructive questions. If this is true you are mentally. and whatever question you ask it. how can I find great success? Positive questions bring powerful positive directions that are real and well deserved by anyone.

Yet in your heart and soul you feel as though you are a failure. then visualize your work beautifully framed. And I guarantee that what you program into your sub conscious mind through conscious thought will become the reality in your life. This is true for every body out there. IT WORKS LIKE THIS Silently. Your life is subject to change the moment you make the decision that it can change now.has already happened. The infinite responds by corresponding resolve and determination. If you want 5 . For example. You have subconsciously eliminated yourself from participation in life. your colors. and then see in your minds eye the finished book. while sipping fine wine and eating fine hors d'oeuvre. There are no excuses. Soon the shape of your dreams will become a reality in your life. and you will arise to a new and great life. a word that frightens many. Nothing is impossible for anyone who decides on possibility. Become the thing that you aspire to and ACTED AS IF and so you became.yourself off from new ideas.IT -. hanging in a gallery where elegant patrons are complimenting your originality. I dare you to think. The important thing is vision before decision. There are no exceptions. no exemptions. this will happen when you ACT AS IF – now start writing and/or painting. you want to be a great writer. You may state all the great things you've done and all the value of your present life. will program your subconscious mind. The truth has been looking right in your face and yet you have closed your eyes. And why? GOALS. the people who ask you to autograph their copy for them. while daydreaming. Acting As If -. You want to be a painter. If this is what you want. your style. All you need do is put new and great ideas in your mind. I challenge you to dream. excuses are not going to help.

The more you put your mind and attention into those negative feelings. and people who feel powerless. People who are sick. that I am going to be a success. do not get trapped into the world of illness and sickness. So what you have to do is immediately go to the opposite. with family. Only by visualizing that “light” can you know what you’re proceeding toward. but proceed in the direction one step at a time. (Example here) If you are not feeling well. with work. for some new problem or some new disorder. And understand that when you deal with your life. If you are having money problems you have to state the opposite. And I can tell you these rights now STOP buying. Understand that sickness is an excuse for not having to deal with your life. You see it everywhere. It is all just feelings. ACT AS IF you already finished the journey. with love. prosperous love filled life.a better life you have to ACT AS IF you have to already happen and it will. KNOW OF WHAT YOU SEE You see this all the time. Visualize your success. is the biggest victim mentality consciousness going. And here is how to ACT AS IF. people who don't have good relationships in their lives. Victimization is selling at a wholesale level to anyone who is buying. Every television commercial is some new drug. in this moment. people who have no money. You may want success with money. Negate the negative saying okay my money problems are over. you will be dealing with a joyous. I am now a success. For each person success is different. If you hear this often enough you will start experiencing the symptoms that the advertisers need you to experience so that you will buy what they’re selling. If you’re not guarded your going to start having symptoms of 6 . and in this world. which does occasionally happen. the more negative outcomes will manifest in your life. I am now a success. and proceed through that channel toward the “light at the end of the tunnel”. in this country. create a channel for your success. AVOIDING VICTIM MENTALITY Right now.

I have life. SO SAY UNTO YOURSELF 7 . WATCH OUT FOR VICTIM PROGRAMING WHAT IS PLANTED WILL GROW If you were to plant apple seeds you would grow apples. love. I’ll bet you didn’t know you were broken. I am a winner. and all the good things in life will grow just as well and fast. and until then. it will let it grow. here is how you really ACT AS IF. The subconscious mind does not know nor care what is planted. this is also true of the subconscious mind if you plant a seed of misery. You have got to realize you are a born winner and start saying to yourself over and over again. Here is a great way to test yourself. I have joy. whatever you want and ACT AS IF you already have it and you'll start to see doors opening. dry eyes. Straightening up. Put good thoughts and the great expectations that you already have into your mind and guess what. I am joy. and loneliness they will grow. prosperity. same as if you planted any other seed. and they will grow in proportion to the amount of time you water and feed them by entertaining these thoughts. poverty. adult attention deficit anxiety disorder. just change your posture to a winning posture. the agony of fungus of the feet. say yes. thinning hair. Straighten up and bring your shoulders back and start feeding your mind positive thoughts. It seems almost forgotten but everyone is a born winner. force it if you have to. Until you believe that you in fact need to be fixed. I am one with life. Soon disorders you never knew you had feed into your mind consciously. then go into your subconscious mind and can soon consume your life. So pay very close attention to your garden. Same is true of positive thought. illness. peace. seeds of joy. AN EASY START An easy one. maybe less. I have love. Do not subscribe to the new trend of victim mentality. AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REEP. freedom. And here is how you start. positive things will start happening to you within an hour or two. peace. I have freedom and that will start programming your subconscious mind. and maybe it will happen immediately.

just for yourself. You did need it because it is setting you in motion for a much better life. There are no regrets. and it will show you what you are all about. not for the family. And into a positive way of living. Why would you be undeserving? It all comes down to self entitlement. See if you do not get a feeling of either guilt or non entitlement or I shouldn't have done that. I AM in a great relationship. yes you should do that and yes you deserve it. and you deserve it. next time I'm going to get myself something better you are pulling yourself out of that negative spiral. ACT AS IF you are in a good mood and keep saying to yourself. To test yourself. not for the house. I AM Joy. Keep doing this when you wake up in a bad mood. state that you are and so it will be done unto you. And a great way to get over that block is to go out a buy something for yourself and catch yourself when you start to feel guilty or regret that you did it. whatever you want. always remember to negate them. A SIMPLE TEST This is a very powerful test. 8 . I'm in a good mood and I'm feeling great when you aren’t in a good mood.Say unto yourself every chance you get I AM health. GO TO THE OPPOSITE AND THINGS CHANGE Now do this. not for friends. just for yourself. when you wake up frustrated or angry or miserable or mad at the world. At the same time say to yourself I NOW NEGATE ALL NEGATIVES in my subconscious mind. Oh yes you did. Unfortunately. the mind of most people has drifted into this type of mentality. You must get rid of negatives. I didn’t really need it. and do not deserve the punishment of self inflicted guilt and suffering because you did something nice for yourself. you deserve things for yourself. You deserve the best. The important point is watch. By catching it and negating it and saying yes I do deserve it. I AM rich. you did something good for yourself. because in 99% of anybody who does this there is a residual feeling of guilt or oh I shouldn't have or why did I buy this for myself. go out and buy something you want.

great ideas. no you must go to the opposite. I'm worried about this. great aspirations and most importantly. I'll get a better car. And when you program your subconscious your mind. DEALING WITH A BAD SITUATION So when a bad situation comes up you must immediately mentally embrace the opposite. so many ways. It's you let. IT will to start to happen to you immediately. As soon as something bad happens say to yourself. you let. I'll get it fixed. And what it accepts will manifest in your life. good things have to manifest because the subconscious mind is foolproof. Your mind will receive it. and you have complete and unlimited control in this area of what you let your mind accept. Straighten up. these things happen. I'm feeling really good about myself and watch how fast your mood will change. Your belief and your ability to ACT AS IF you already have something will prove itself a certainty in your life and quite quickly. Your subconscious mind does not care what you program into it but you will experience positive results if you put in good thoughts. walk around and keep thinking I'm in a great mood. and ever want to live. okay. And it will if you start visualizing the best all possible life you can ever live. Because it happened and you can't change it. Watch. things are going to be wonderful. There are many ways. great beliefs. if you accept oh I'm a bad driver oh I'm worried about my insurance rates going up. That is how it works.things are going to be great. CHANGING YOURSELF It is that simple. your subconscious mind will program it and your life will experience it. of taking a bad situation and turning it around. start acting as if you are in a good mood. what you are doing is reactivating and reprogramming you subconscious mind. lets say you smash your car. And keep thinking that you already have it. you can change the way you think about it and say okay. And so many of you are taking a bad situation and letting your mind accept it.immediately. SO you always must take a bad situation and 9 . So if a bad situation comes up. It's not as though you are tricking yourself. it happened.

How. You must fall in love with yourself first. you will become. your are healthy. (This is not narcissism) If you treat yourself well. Complaining is not going to bring it back. And the love you receive from others will come in the exact proportion to the love you give to yourself. and believe it and keep telling yourself that you are. given the circumstances am I ever going to have money or become rich? I will tell you how. and I am broke. if you ACT AS IF on this. well how. and wondering why aren't things working out. I'm using an extreme example here. LOVE THYSELF AND OTHERS WILL FOLLOW Now how to ACT AS IF in the situation of love. not by falling in love with any member of the opposite sex. if you believe and ACT AS IF. How am I ever going to become rich? I have no opportunities. You will have one. I have nothing going for me. A heartfelt acceptance of love is pleasure experienced by both the giver and the receiver. You have to start. and physically you can't be helped but be loved back in the same way. And this is just one example. If you treat yourself poorly how can you expect other’s to treat you well. I'll find a better house. mentally. (Giving love back) APPLYING THE ACT AS IF PRINCIPLE A simple example. If your house is burnt down. Look for the positive. you have freedom to do whatever you want. you have power. 10 . you are rich. Now you might be saying to yourself. and nothing is going to stop me because I believe I already have one.turn it around by not letting your mind accept the negative. If you feel undeserving you will never be able accept love that is given. But by believing. When you love yourself first you will feel deserving of the love you receive from others. kicking over garbage cans in the street is not going to bring it back. You just don’t have to worry about that anymore because I am going to tell you why things aren’t working out. you have joy. How ever much you accept and love yourself you will be loved in return by others. emotionally.

That is what this is all about. This is the power of knowing how to ACT AS IF. its great to hear from you. because it is that important. deserve respect. gives you a lot of personal power. And will bring respect back to you ten fold. This works because the subconscious mind will take immediate action on this. (Need example here) By focusing on and staying on what I said. Like good morning sir. They both cannot exist in the same space. every opportunity in the world will come your way. may I help you. hello ma'am. and they will. Find something about them and let 11 . centuries ago. that you already have good things. No matter what their rotten life is.If you ACT AS IF you are rich. Despite circumstances. its always great to see you. the positive will erase the negative. And one of the good things about it is once you become rich. you will be. The positive will always burry the negative. SOMETHING THAT WORKS A simple technique that never fails. if you convince yourself watch how the doors of opportunity begin to open.things like that where even if in some cases you don't mean it. -. So long as you believe you are. you won't even remember when you ever struggled. or everyday and in every way I get richer. As you are falling asleep keep saying to yourself every day and in every way I get better. Try this and watch how fast it works. and you will get good things. RESPECT UNTO OTHERS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE Here is another technique that will really help build up your self-esteem. It is a great feeling and people look forward to seeing you when you give them respect. That is the power of the subconscious mind. you must stay focused on the fact that you must ACT AS IF you already have what you don't. its great to see you again. and better. It's a simple easy thing to do. And people. richer and richer. all people. the negative seems like oh yea that was ages ago. Giving respect to other people. In reality you do already have it. So you must ACT AS IF and I will keep saying this again. its always good to have you around. you did a great job. better. as long you stay focused on the positive. But by giving respect to other people. and you will.

it will teach you self respect. anybody from the past. victimizations. would you like a glass of water? Are you sure you're okay? I'll take a glass of water. add to that enthusiasm. you just made my day. Well now there’s a pill to cure shyness. Start the enthusiasm going and it will build on its own momentum just because you activated it. To their life. I'm not completely sure. So when you see anybody. exotic vacations does not make you a victim. When you see somebody say HEY great to see you. designer clothes. you look fantastic”. if she was 12 . and for every new medication that can find FDA approval a new “disorder” will be recognized. The lifestyle sold to you through the media is designed to make you feel inadequate. BY the time the fifth person asked her. And they asked her again something different. Do not get caught up in this crazy media hype going on now about. ADD ENTHUSIASM Now. say “hey I haven't seen you in years.them know you respect something about them. If you think there’s something wrong with you because you cannot afford the most expensive cars. It is driven by the need of advertisers to sell you a “solution” to all your “problems”. Be it their opinion what have you. Give people the gift of letting them know what joy they bring to your life. to your life and you’ll be a hero because of it. isn’t as gorgeous as the magazine spreads who try to convince you that you are totally stressed out and in need of a makeover does not mean you are a victim. Do you have social anxiety disorder? A mental illness that once upon a timed was called shyness. A little experiment was done a while back. You're just hitting the button to turn it on. or what's up-. that’s how most people blandly communicate. Instead of how you are. send them the message that “you make me feel great being around you” you be the one to bring the rare gift of enthusiasm and joy to life. maybe a little off today. They took a few people out and they picked a victim and they said are you feeling okay today? She said yea I'm feeling find. Because your life doesn’t look like the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The positives are just as easy and you don’t need 5 outside agitators to do it. You don’t want that. You cannot allow this media hype. That is how you get caught up in letting the negatives take over your system. ACT AS IF you are not a victim and you will not become a victim. you put the idea of being a victim into your mind. Once you start getting caught up in the media’s hype. it can be done in the privacy in your own home and done all by yourself. Are we all supposed to be sedated or calm? Are you calm? Are you feeling relaxed? Well I’m not and I don’t want to be. So it is my life and it will be in your life. Here are some easy solutions. laugh it off the media desperation to snag you. find or create your own culture among friends who don’t buy into the culture of the media’s greedy self serving messages. not having the latest and the greatest or being the skinniest and the prettiest. What is good about this. Just by knowing how to ACT AS IF. the strongest or the buffest does not make you a victim. The important thing is to say to yourself I am not a victim I am a winner and I always will be a winner. change the channel. And there are more examples coming right now on how to ACT AS IF to improve your life.alright. she called an ambulance. you give them the power to convince you that those problems can be solved by separating you from your hard earned money. They got ads coming out daily with more mental illnesses. BE IN THIS WORLD NOT OF THIS WORLD See I think we are living in very crazy times these days. You are only a victim if you buy into the idea that you have no control of your own destiny and that you need to be fixed. why. I have my own opinion about sedation 13 . Where all of us are supposed to be on medication for something. your subconscious mind takes it in and it manifests in your life and soon you will become a victim. So long as someone else has the power to make you feel inadequate. again I'm going to address the subconscious mind here. I don’t want that. simply to sell medication for it and it will draw you in. Remember. is another one. I don't want that for you. . victimization mentality to enter in your subconscious mind.

and there are a lot of givens. whatever they are and know that I am indeed alive. gives you ways to actually ACT AS IF and see your life change. Not just understanding it. but what I’m talking about transcends the givens. but by doing it. Not just reading about it. it will become so. IT ONLY TAKES A LITTLE TO CHANGE A LOT If you only spend just a few minutes a day. Keep saying that to yourself.and relaxation. And that is a big difference. because no matter what. and believing it to be so. acting as if your life is going to change for the better. and more and more and more. life is enjoyable. has the same amount of power to make it their life happen. and it will become your life. does not come in pills. No body has more. and avoid all this negative reinforcement. Because the rewards keep getting better and better and better. Immediately. everybody. it will become true. you can't ACT AS IF you're taller or shorter. Life is wonderful. I want to feel wildly enthusiastic with the joy and experience all that life has to offer. I don’t want to be on medication. that’s how fast acting as if works. THE SOURE OF MOST PROBLEMS 14 . different than any other book on the market is simple. And If I were to take medication in order to never feel the downside of life I would also eliminate the means and perhaps the ability to feel pure pleasure and the kind of joy that can only be appreciated when one can feel the gamut of human emotions. Joy and the enthusiasm and the freedom to be who you want in life. You got to do these things and when you see results you will do more.that comes from you. True. How to ACT AS IF. And only from you. And everybody. You'll believe it. Life is great. We are all born with the same amount of power and ability to know how to ACT AS IF and make it happen in our life. What makes ACTING AS IF and knowing how to ACT AS IF. nobody has less everybody has their own.

despite all odds. Have you ever noticed a little plant. I will give you the answers right now. a little blade of grass in the midst of concrete. I have some clients who are billionaires. And because it is a plant. it will try to blossom. Now you might be wondering how could a guy or a woman who has billions of dollars be unhappy. It will grow. Here are some ways to use how to ACT AS IF to immediately you change the way you think and the results comes instantly. you will have. I don't need to do a 3 hour lecture here to say. No mysteries. No matter what you did in the past. And especially that you are entitled to have them. it does not have a feeling of non entitlement. Start by changing small 15 . I am entitled to great health. It is that belief of non entitlement and that all that one has gained is underserved. a little crack. and therefore felt guilty and had to impose punishment upon themselves. it will happen. Because I knew where their problems were coming from. I am entitled to…. I should say they were miserable. You are so much more than that and you are capable of so much more than that if you could only say to yourself. It will try to grow. But the way you think right now. cannot be changed. and they are miserable. into the subconscious mind and into the body. you will have it. yes you do deserve it. And you'll life will change. WHERE ILLNESS COMES FROM All diseases start first in the mind. I am entitled to a great financial life and entitled to enjoy it then you will enjoy it. I helped them change that. change the way you think. And this is the big core of why so many problems are manifesting in so many people. and whatever you add to that. That is like seeking the energy of life. When you start to say I am entitled to a great life. you can change. and you can. right now. PROOF OF LIFE SEEKING GROWTH Lets to take a look at concrete for a second. You got to say these things over and over again with the belief that you already have them. I am entitled to a great romantic life.Now I'm going to tell you where most of your problems comes from. They felt they were not entitled to what they had. Well. billionaires. in the concrete there is a little plant growing out.

Such as dressing differently. and there's no limit to where it is so you can go on forever. or driving home a new way. SO change patterns in your life. that the universe is unlimited and it is science has proven that. lack of health. THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE There's not the universe and there's you. Despite whatever situation you’re in right now. So do this. Start by changing the small patterns in your life. By knowing. It is the way the subconscious mind works that guarantees it. and then bigger things come. lack of money. When something good happens to you immediately say to yourself I deserve this and I deserve more. doesn't make a difference. . Believing yourself to be a winner. And you will become a winner. 16 .patterns in your life. Say it. it is the laws of the universe that guarantee this. but it gets bigger and better in all areas. By doing this you begin to change your life. And that grows. Start by walking and carrying yourself like a winner. Which means as the universe is always creating you can create your own life. I'm talking about simple easy things here. this will show you different. believe it and guess what you will get more and it will come fast. It is the way life itself works that guarantees it. just by knowing. Well those are ending right now. Becoming enthusiastic about little changes and soon you’ll make more and more changes and you’ll see your enthusiasm grow. it just shows you. Any pattern. If you put on your pants first. and then big things comes. This is an exercise to show you how flexible your mind really is despite what you may believe. and the enthusiasm grows. that means you are unlimited. change it. and shows your subconscious mind there's a new way to program your mind and change and you can start it now. You cannot have a positive life when you think yourself negative thoughts. There is the universe and you're included in it. and lack of personal expression. It's not that I'm personally guaranteeing it. start by putting on your shirt first. Doing things in a way you haven’t done before. The four main areas that people suffer from are lack of love. On the opposite you cannot have a negative life when you keep feeding yourself with positive thoughts and ideas. If the universe be unlimited then you must be unlimited.

you at least know that what you are doing with every complaint is pushing yourself down further and further. a lack of being able to express themselves or bad relationships. Don’t buy into the victim negative mentality. you can afford more than that. Get a pad and a pen. no body that I ever met succeeded in anything. Complaining believe me. Don't pay attention to what the have to say. because they are ignorant that life is to be enjoyed and enjoying the enthusiasm and you are entitled to it. wealth. does not make you money does not get you good relationships. everybody likes to pull someone else down. full of joy. And again it is foolproof. SO day one. They found comfort there why. LOOK UPON OTHERS IN A GOOD WAY It's that simple.Now mixing acting as if with enthusiasm you own the world. if you have 200 complaints in that list. What you are going to start doing is taking that list and stop complaining so much. whether it be health. They actually have groups where people can go and be negative and reinforce each others negativity and they become sicker and sicker but this is the path they chosen for themselves. That is how you can help other people while helping yourself. that’s fine. poor them. Look at them and treat them like that and they will start to change. wealthy full of love. great little how to ACT AS IF right there. but it does work and does have the power. go there by complaining. THOU MUST TEST THYSELF Okay. you may be astounded and astonished by how big that list is going to be. does not get you anything. So you take your list of 17 . Do not let them program you. Look at them as though they are healthy. You just haven’t learned yet. you made the list that you want. don't look at them and say Oh. If you see somebody suffering. full of power and freedom. Okay. here's the test you got to take. the system was setup by the subconscious mind and the way the human being is created and the system never fails. but right now just get a pad and a pen and take it with you and write down how many times a day you think you complain to yourself or complain to others. your mind. There are a lot of negative people out there. I don't care you can afford it.

because we think in words. And she lived in Manhattan in a high floor building. It is in everything you do. And that was done merely as a joke. 18 . I acted as if and became done onto me. that’s fantastic. Complaints are a path to the road to ruin. that’s all it will be. that’s okay. I thought it would be endearing. Think of much is done to yourself. That’s when it hit me. You catch them and you stop them. If you change the way you speak and say that’s great. that cannot be cannot be circumvented. Just like the list of complaints on how many times a day you say. And ill keep repeating this. ALL GETS BETTER FAST When you go. it was. started me on this new way of thinking. And keep them positive and throw enthusiasm every time and it will happen to you. it is a system that is built in every one of us. that’s good. Well. She met me downstairs. that’s fine. you should have blank paper and no need to take to book along with you. when will he or she cal me back. I was afraid of elevators. And it works all the time. I had no problem with elevators whatsoever. An 100 times more the negative effect or a 100 times more the positive effect depending whether your putting in negatives or positives in the way your acting the way you are believing. when it is done seriously.complaints. Oh I don’t know how I'm going to pay my bills. Things get better right there and then. The words you say to yourself. but I thought it would be kind of cute to tell her I am afraid of elevators could you meet me downstairs. Also the way you think to yourself. we express in words. by the end of the week. you cut them down. I'm really glad you did that for me. You've got to change the words in which you speak to others and speak to yourself. FROM MY OWN EXPRIENCE I'll tell you a story here. You are programming yourself for either the positive or the negative. I was a teenager and there was a girl I liked. as I stated it. that’s nice. and the next day. you know what happened within a few weeks. and then I realized. watch and guard yourself. And it all starts with words. or as a gimmick. how a joke yet a complaint. I can't wait to see what happens next. yea that’s normal nothing wrong with that.

It starts from acting as if. in struggling. And I'll say again. in bad relationships. I deserve great things in life and they will happen.AND SO GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN Just keep saying to yourself. and doesn't even matter if it's good or bad. Whether you believe it or not. and don't get upset about the small things in life. It is true. in direct proportion to what you believe you deserve. every time. that manifest themselves in poverty. It starts from knowing who you are and believing and knowing where you'll be. It is time for you to 19 . SO if you get enthusiastic. Knowing how to ACT AS IF. And it will happen to you. you might not know how they happen but the doors will open. knock and a door will be open and it will be open for whoever knocks that door opens. So you got to watch out for all the negative programming out there and it's on every channel right now. you can eliminate all unhappiness from your life. to anything you want. An old saying. There is no way around it. in illness and inability to express yourself. You can live free from self imposed guilt and the punishments that come along with that. Those people aren’t happy if they are made over because they are still them. doesn't matter what area. it starts from within. FREE WILL We are all living the life we choose. I'm talking about the door in your subconscious mind which is connected to the universe which is connected to the dynamic unlimited power that can flow through you. All these are needless burdens that you have done onto yourself. Every single thing that happens to you. You can't put paint over an old house and think it’s a new house. They are doing all sorts of makeovers on people and you know something. even about the smallest things in life. the good and the bad is dictated by your own subconscious thoughts and desires and belief in what you are entitled to. it is a foolproof system that works for absolutely everybody. Whether you like it or not. to freedom. where are you going to go? You're going straight up to joy. It will happen to you. When I'm talking about the door.

and anytime you see it coming. Just ACT AS IF it is already happened to you and it will happen to you. what you did. miserable lives because of one reason. techniques to knowing exactly how to ACT AS IF and how to apply it so everyday you are getting closer and it is a very short process and a very effective process. subconsciously. Say no. I don't care what your lot in life is. The system fails no make a change to every aspect of your life. One filled with wealth. Using and knowing how to ACT AS IF. if you simply know how to ACT AS IF. there is no reason to self punishment. You are in control. Because the things you say and do. is all you need for the set of ideas gives you absolute control over all aspects of your existence. If you're tired of living that way I am showing you how to use all your great gifts so your life will be exactly the one you always known you deserved. As I said. more positive more dynamic words. and acting as if and believing you already have it and everything you have ever desired and saying to yourself over and over again. love and personal power. THERE IS ONLY ONE REASON Most people do live unhappy. If can and does and will alter any situation you be trapped in. As I said the power of words use greater. And you will be able to recreate yourself the lifestyle that up until now you may have thought was impossible but very quickly you will see it is very possible and it will come falling right on your lap. The belief and a very important one that you deserve to have all the good things in life. many. They are squandering their own amazing abilities and turning away from the simple truth that will set them free instead they are punishing themselves for no good reason. And it will reward you equally with the lifestyle you want. they have programmed their mind to live miserably. just visualize and ACT AS IF you have the solution. And you will conquer any problem. the things you think control every aspect of your life. Knowing how to ACT AS IF. I already have that. And don't say 20 . those doors will open. the lifestyle you always dreamed of. they have chosen too. catch yourself and stop it. health. no more self punishment. this is not for me anymore. And there are many. and I will only accept good things in my life. I will not accept this. the belief that you already have something and you will have it. Done see the problem.

all stems from one thing. all horrors.Oh. We become what we think. THE KINGDOM OF THE WORD Here are some powerful words to remember. and it broke. Negative energy creates negative energy. That is the beauty of this system. it was a supermarket 8 dollar vase. Find the good in anything. There are no limits here to how far you can go. And you do. I don’t know if I dropped it or she dropped it. There are absolutely no limits. all illness. she's still carrying it that is how the accumulation of your life of negative thoughts starts building upon each other. no big deal. non-deserving. and your subconscious mind will start working the programming and things recover real fast. Don't think about the pain. the vase once broken is gone. And you know what happens your right arm starts to feel good. When you feel nonentitled. That are life is shaped by only one thing. I have seen people cured. I said no you're programming yourself in the wrong direction. well if I get something good will something bad happen to me. everyone does. she said well I'm clumsy. It is very simple. CARRY NOT THE THINGS YOU NEED NOT I was with a client and she handed me a vase for some unknown reason and it dropped. when you are carrying the past a very simple metaphor to get rid of a lot of past negativity. It cannot fail anybody. Accept the good things reject the bad things. I have seen so much by just people knowing how to ACT AS IF. Everyone does. Positive energy creates positive energy. all sadness. All wars. all poverty. If you hurt your right arm think of how good your left arm feels. The only ones you have are the ones that are imposed upon yourself. 21 . A belief that you don't deserve a good life. Suffering follows an evil thought just as the wheels of a car follow the mule that draws it. I said well why are you upset. Well she was really upset about this. The only obstacle is your belief and that you don't deserve it. our mind. Now to illustrate the metaphor. think about how you're going to feel when the pain is gone. no. it wasn't a dynasty vase. And I will tell you right now you deserve a great life. And applying it and the result work all the time.

a psychiatrist that has heard negative things over and over again. Because the chronic advice seeker has the inability to accept the responsibility of running their own life. otherwise. he is a very good psychiatrist. some not so easily. he told me you know if people keep hearing things over and over and over again. When I spoke to him.Our life is shaped solely and only by our mind. they are going to believe them. how to ACT AS IF is how to make the right decisions. it can always be activated. It a pattern that can be broken so it is not hopeless. They are going to start living that way. if you an indecisive person. But understand freedom of mind is your birth right. But you must realize that you can be you. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves. you are a mixture of everybody else's decision that was ever in your life. he was talking about absolutely everyone who is susceptible to hearing negative things over and over and over again and they believe it. Which is a major catastrophe. I have known many people who have done this. BUT EXPRESSION For example. SEEK NOT ADVICE. You were born to be you. he was talking about his peers. SO if that be true and it is. It is your potential. the same must be true of hearing good things over and over and 22 . Your consciousness is fully equipped to express you. some easy. And all things start and end with decision. take the chronic advice seeker. You are a second place person. We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them in life. you will believe them and start living them. Now this is a point of view of one man which is shared by many of his perfection. And he wasn't talking about his patients. BELIEVE YOURSELF AND NOT THE MULTITUDES I have a friend. That is a sorry soul. getting from life a small portion of good and learning the consequences and living the consequences of others. We become what we think.

It 23 . no matter what it might be and a smile. I am going to make money today. Say it to yourself. or yes I will accept that thought because it is beneficial to me. and if you look for the good you will find the good. say it anyway. Yup. And it does happen. We will start by giving gifts to other people. Small compliments like hey. every time. Even if you don't think you do. your building their self esteem and confidence at the same time building yours. it will happen. even if you don't have a lot of money right now keep saying it. even if you don't feel that great. great to see you. We are going to give gifts to everybody we meet. And never suffer again. It costs nothing. I look great today. All the time. you can be destroyed by the opinions of other people. Hey had a great time with you the other time. do it and you will see how fast you benefit just from giving compliments and smiles. That is something you must be on guard for 24/7. win situation all the way.over and over again. Try it. these gifts are free but the valuable to yourself and other people are unlimited and here what the gifts are a smile and a compliment. Everything. No vacations. And you begin to live a good life. And here's a bonus. where did you get that shirt it looks fantastic I want one like that. CAST YOUR BREAD UPON THE WATER Here is how we are going to start. any compliment you can find anything good to say about someone. I feel great today. SO here and now I am going to tell you how to ACT AS IF in detail so that you always stay on the positive on the powerful and on the strong path of life. Understanding how fragile the mind is until you are really centered in saying no I will not accept that thought. believe it and act as thought it has already happened. you'll start to feel good. When you give someone a compliment. SAY TO YOURSELF AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS Always say to yourself. Now. give compliments to yourself all the time. and smile. these gifts don't cost anything. Compliment people it will make your life better and it will also make their life better. I am going to have a great relationship I am going to find the person that is my soul mate and make me happy. Win.

trying to justify their existence and create resentment towards you. OPEN THE DOORS TO YOUR OWN KINGDOM Here is something else to do. are unlimited. foolproof. and it begins to happen immediately. you got to treat yourself like the king or queen that you are and the results. well guess what there is a secret method on how to do it. You can't change anybody again. Yea I did a good job. I will succeed in this. all it does is get you frustrated and gets the other person bringing up there defenses. It doesn't ever work. I'll tell you something to avoid doing. even better. there is only one medication I recommend and that is laughter and joy. Forget criticizism. GOOD MEDICINE 24 . Change yourself. That is not the spot you want to be in. or yea men love me depending on your gender. yea women love me. And you have heard a lot of negativity you have in the back in your mind. And actually is drawn into you to give you everything you have ever happened. JUDGE NOT So now we are talking about all this compliments and praise and stuff like that. As you treat you will see that you are worthy. just remember to start feeling good about yourself. And when you feel you are worthy the world opens up to you. it already happened. it doesn’t work. Treat yourself like the king or queen that you are. I am succeeding in this. Now if you are looking for medication to change yourself. That is the spot you want to lose. And then have no feelings of regret. I'll tell you what criticizing does. I can succeed in this. you've got to compliment yourself. Criticizing other people. throw yourself a party. You could direct by example but don't expect other people to change. and catch yourself doing it and see if you ever benefited at all from doing this. You want other people to change. as I always say. and other people will react to you in the light you want them to.

you just simply cannot feel insecure. everything you have ever dreamed of to come to you. there is no limit to how far you can go in joy and laughing. The reason is because is has so many medicinal effects. 25 . If you laugh and feel guilty that you laughed you are sort of breaking even. But joy will never start down the road that you want until you allow all your wants. laughter is the best medicine. REMOVE THE STONE AND LIVE Don't limit yourself to how much joy and laughter you can have. Even if you start to fake laugh. If you are having a really good time. The adult grows out of it. really laughter will come and already you are on the right track with using the ACT AS IF method and getting the life you want because when you laugh you bring out the child within. You got to learn to laugh.The old saying and everybody who knows me knows I love old sayings. So don’t overlook that. mentally. And it really is. Because when you are in joy with your life you cannot. If you see yourself stopping yourself from enjoying yourself as much as you can because you think if you well if I have a good time then I guess I got to get a bad time back that is just wrong believing. Laughter is the best medicine. their whole body is exploding with joy. Because you don’t have that energy there anymore. watch. You can heal yourself with laughter. guilty or inferior in any manner. ashamed unworthy. Yes you are worthy of everything you ever desired. as long as you stay on the path of joy all good things will come to you. your desires. You don’t have to explain your reasons to anyone. I am being serious here. Laughter was developed for a reason. physically and spiritually and no side effects. you just have to talk to yourself out of it. You don’t have to make excuses. your dreams. You have to laugh with the freedom and joy that flows with it. You feel like I can't go this far in joy. emotionally. Laughter alone is a great medicine. they are so happy they laugh their whole body laughs. That is how it works. And do you deserve it? Yes you do deserve it. You ever notice a little kid playing. it fills your body with all sorts of chemicals. unsafe. you will attract more good times. you don’t have to justify yourself in any way manner or from because you do deserve it. And you will not be attracting negative energy like lack or disappointment.

you don't need to reason at all. deny your very existence of your divine right to live as you want. the date. is to pretend. any higher or lower authority to have great desires and great dreams. you will get so much more by assuming you already have what you want and you will have what you want. If you call up with the assumption I hope I get the job. anybody. This is contrary to common teachings. or whatever you are calling about. 26 . you are going to ask for a date a job. you want. no explanation no excuses. And pretend and ACT AS IF you already have it and you will have it. Here are some things that you can do to create this powerful. odds are good you might not get it. Believe it because it is so. and wants is not a sin. Thus. Never again think you have to justify your wants. Remember all that’s required for you to have whatever you want whatever you dreamt of. Let's say you're going to make a phone call. And the best way to implement all those wants. you are going to ask for so many things you can ask for today. You cannot be justifying defending or rationalizing which is all negative energy. If you call with the idea I wish I could get the job it might be a little better.YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FREE Having dreams. All you need to do is want. To do so is to turn your back on your own higher energy. but if you call up believing you already have the job. But I think you get the point now. You need to make no excuses to anything. DARE TO FULLFILL YOUR DREAMS SO let yourself go and dream. Gaining happiness is your birthright. I'm going to say pretend. positive energy so that all good things come into your life. Why not create the person you want to be. I mean to ACT AS IF. desires. You don't. of every day by how you think and how you act so why not create a world you'd like to be in. you are going to ask for a date a loan. And ACT AS IF and you are already creating your life every moment. I will give you a good example right here. no apologizing. watch how the reaction changes. You are going to ask for a date.

Treat yourself great. the same mind that brought it to you will simply bring it away but just acting as if you don’t have it anymore and tricking yourself out of those addictions. driving and even had to do a lot of work on myself because people are loaded with phobias and I'm going to tell 27 . As you smoke. somewhere that you felt you needed some self punishment so you take up some bad habits to continuously do to yourself. you deserve to be proud and you never have to explain yourself to anyone. A lot of people come to me with phobias. just start saying to yourself I am not a smoker. Lets just use smoking as barometer for all substance abuse. I've dealt with people who are afraid of trains. cars. and means the universe will treat you great. Make yourself look great. etc. Is there a way to do this using ACT AS IF method? Yes there is. You are creating and aura and power of self respect by treating yourself well. I've dealt with agoraphobics that can't go out of their rooms. planes. I used to do this because you are creating a new program and your subconscious mind will act on it and all those bad habits that you may not like will go away. Because you got to remember there is something in your mind somehow. Some serious heavy phobias.One. you are using the ACT AS IF method. shower everyday. I used to do this I don’t do it anymore as you are doing it. alcohol. Everyone tried that. A lot of people come to me saying I want to quite smoking. don't quit. and does it work? All the time. I want to stop abusing drugs. Keep saying. You deserve to look good. A lot of people tell you just throw the cigarettes away and use will power. I use to be a smoker I'm glad I gave it up and you know what happens in a couple of weeks. LABOUR NOT AND YOU SHALL BE REFRESHED It's a very simple formula but it always works. Just keep saying. you stop smoking and you don' t even know how it happened. Same with alcohol same with drug abuse. That doesn't work. And I will explain exactly how to do this. it doesn’t work. When you respect yourself. Why? Because you are showing respect for yourself. means other people will treat you great. It is your birthright.

if you’re an agoraphobic say I love being outside I love being with people until your mind believes it. Or say to yourself I'm coming out of my phobia and acting as if a couple times a day like you don’t have it. when she said I can't. I have if you use words like I am a loser. You have to visualize yourself of being free of your phobias. I have a date I just 28 . One of my clients said to me. the universe does not care. lunch. Hell is not having what you want. she said I can't get a date. RELATIONSHIPS Now let's talk about relationships why some people get them why some people don't. I can. Like winner. And this applies to any phobia you may have. By using the ACT AS IF method you will always have what you want money. take the right now how to overcome your phobias. Do this all day and watch how fast things turn around to your benefit. you'll get that too. ACT AS IF does not care. she was right. I am. and your subconscious mind does not care whether you want a good life or a bad life. think I love this. Remember we are going to use strong words here to make ourselves better. the word loser will be gone from your vocabulary. I am a failure. And simply define heaven and hell. You can't fight them because they are in there already. It may take a little time but it will break out and you'll be free. champion. Go like I said earlier to the opposite and just keep staying in the opposite despite what the current circumstances are and you will be free. NO SUCH THING AS A LOOSER Remember a loser is just a winner that just doesn't know it yet. Using the ACT AS IF method. Because if you say I can or I can’t either way you will be right. I will. Heaven is having what you want. Give yourself compliments. So I simply told her instead of saying I can't get a date say I can get a date. By just saying to yourself and acting even if its just minutes a day like you don’t have a phobia. dinner and there is no suspicious strings attached take it. they are going to win but you can get rid of them. Now right there. Instead of thinking to yourself oh I'm afraid of this. Because the positive energy will knock out the negative.

great expectations. In a very short time she had a date. people will not victimize you. Now I tried this experiment myself. It's how it works. And that was explained earlier. if you tie two birds together even though they have four wings. why is all this happening? One. You cannot change other people. First think about this. You have to change yourself. if your life is great. but if you are filled with joy.haven’t found it yet. why do they fall apart? Because people start getting into pettiness. But what is they big destroyer of relationships. Okay I was just kidding there. it is human nature to go after weakness. If you become 29 . nonsense. The names change. but the statement is true. the fights. Now I can go on and on about this. But catch yourself looking for pettiness. Because you find people in bad relationships and I always find this to be true. JEALOUSY IS A BELIEF IN LACK And to add more power in great relationships. the domestic abuse. And this is universally applicable. losing self esteem. If you say you can your right. And here's how to keep it. SO you have to change yourself by not allowing yourself to be a victim. they always have the same repetitive bad relationship. no jealousy. Don’t be petty about anything. losing houses. You cannot tie two birds together and see them fly. Instead of seeing the person as great as they were when they met them you start looking for petty defects. WHY? Because jealousy is a belief in lack. they cannot fly. with everything. the way the people act towards them doesn't change. Now let's look at the divorce rate going on in America. Unfortunately. Change yourself and your next relationship will be a good one. sometimes we punish ourselves by virtue of other people in our life. Very simple. lawyers. This is how most relationships are destroyed. and it really looked silly in the backyard watching two birds trying to get off the ground. just do not have a victim mentality and people will not victimize you. if you say you can't your wrong. don’t be petty. It’s a trap and it leads to destruction on relationships. the little fights you had about nothing add up to divorce court.

Remember you are what you believe. See God as a good benevolent provider who cares for all of his children. Remember a strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles then any wonder drug. Try it. all the time. no side 30 . either is true or it will become true. Know there is really no such thing as security on earth. Not in the prophets not in the bible. But there is opportunity and opportunity wins. How you define God is how you define yourself. Your subconscious mind will take care of 90% of it. I let it go into my subconscious mind and my sub conscious mind will do the work for me. but God gives all good things to you because you already have them all you need to do is claim them. Too many people are thinking and living and worrying about security instead of pursuing opportunity. Watch how your views change the more you get to enjoy life the more your dreams come true. KNOWING THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU And here is the biggest piece of the puzzle. God does not specialize in anyone. THE MYTH OF SECURITY Here are some things to remember and put to work in your mind and in your life. Some of those people specialized in God. It is that simple. And it will. you only have to do 10% of the work.jealous you believe that there is only a limited supply of whatever it is you want and you are limiting yourself. Here is where you find your limitations and where you could unlimit yourself to everything. nowhere. it is a matter of knowing how to ACT AS IF. Do not define God as a harsh cruel ruler or you will be defined as your own definition of God. There is no security. Your definition of God is your definition of yourself. Because the power in your mind what you believe to be true. this makes them more afraid of life than death. I believe this to be true. Say this to yourself. If you think like that change it now. Don't allow yourself to become jealous because again we are talking about the subconscious mind. 10% of the acting as if on the good things. it works. And God is good and how you define God is how you define yourself. Jealousy of all things is the greatest curse and destroyer of all things.

is a prisoner of faith. WE ARE ALL FREE The greatest discovery I made in my life. He is the absolute be all and end all of all things. no one. no matter how you perceive God. Nobody. what you are putting into your mind goes into the subconscious mind and manifests right at this very moment as your life experience. always creating that knows all that was all that is and all that will be.effects. it's a matter of choice. forces you to grow beyond anything you ever were. And so it will. SO remember. no prescription needed. Holding on to anger. a sore jaw. Here's the chance to turn the key and walk away free. THE SOURCE OF ALL POWER The source of all power in the universe is God. God is the absolute intelligence. to ACT AS IF. as that which has no beginning and no end. Just by changing it in attitude in your mind you can change all other aspects in your life. 31 . resentment. remember it's impersonal but I would recommend going in the good direction. a really bad headache. Because whether you know it or not you're acting as if every moment of every day. Change the way you program your mind. from clenching your teeth. It is not a thing you sit around and wait for it is something you immediately go out no time wasted. God is all natural law and all determining principles. God is the living truth. as the never-ending creative intelligence. and your life experience has to change. For good or bad. Because I will say it again you deserve it. Destiny is not a matter of chance. While forgiveness on the other hand. is that by altering the way you think you will change your life forever. only gives you tense muscles. but we are all prisoners of our own minds. as the cosmic infinite. God is everything. God is power unequalled. Whether you think of God as an actual person. the greatest one. to know how to ACT AS IF you will get everything you ever wanted. and go out and achieve that. Abolish anger in anything you do it makes you smaller. every second of every day. and hurt. et cetera. while forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.

I am. so absolute is this law of the universe. neverending failure. or anything in between. whatever. It is not God's curse that afflicts us thusly. great riches. And. because you believed it so. What you believe is what will come to pass. IT IS DONE TO YOU … What is the "it" here? Of course. but they are also the words of dozens of great spiritual teachers who. It is the misuse of this power that has brought upon us all the conditions from which we suffer. if nothing much happens. should possess all the power He does. Let me simplify what this means. being free souls under God." "It" is your lot in life. we have ignored these abilities. So great is this power and our freedom within it. of fear and depression because we are free to do so. never-ending sex or success or torment. created in the unlimited image of his power. this is "it. we have cast them aside and have abused this highest of power we all possess and yet refuse to see. with free will given to us by Him. If you have unending success. if bad things happen. We chose to suffer. IT IS DONE TO YOU AS YOU BELIEVE These are the words of Jesus Christ. it is your doing yes it is 100 percent of the time.And we. How can this be. it is the power which He has granted us that has brought to us this suffering. you ask? We are bound to lives of suffering and poverty. And yet. that we could be like gods ourselves if we but lifted from our eyes that which blinds us. your subconscious mind accepted it and you are now experiencing it. this word represents everything that happens to you. If good things happen. Understand this and you will understand all. over the centuries. AS YOU BELIEVE … What does this mean? Am I saying that if you suffer. it is only the proper understanding and us of this power that can free us. have pointed the way to freedom for mankind. The power which binds is the same power which frees. I repeat it is our misuse of the free will granted us by God. it is our own misunderstanding of the power we all possess that brings us ruin and devastation. if your lot is eternal suffering. it is your fault? Yes. Many 32 .

These words are a perfect illustration of the law of cause and effect. and motives. 33 . What all this means is that we can not maintain two separate sets of rules in our lives--one for other people. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED We all recognize the above quote. The power to master the universe is always present. psychiatrists. have all agreed on one point over the centuries. The thought of criticism and condemnation will and must fall upon those who set it in motion. to be anything we want. And yet. I shall explain. What this means is that our life experience will return to us in the exact manifestation of our own desire. how many of us understand what it really means. then how can we now reach out and claim this power which is our birthright? We must learn to see ourselves as the center of our universe. This is common sense. Absolutely not. We have all heard it a million times. But. It is because we are ignorant of our true nature. and one for ourselves. and only because of this fact that we suffer to any degree whatsoever. What? Am I telling you that our suffering is our own fault? Isn't our suffering imposed upon us by God? No. We have been taught to not understand our true potential by those who did not understand their own. and yet we do not see it. As always. but it is essential that we understand that our universe is interconnected to every other person and thing. it is our own doing. God's greatest gift He gave us the power to make any decision we wish. doctors. if this is the case. whether they were intended for ourselves or others. our absolute power that we suffer. God gave us free will. the fact that we all create our own realities. It comes to us from everywhere and everything. our true potential. If we fail or rise. What ever you sow you will reap--no exceptions no exemptions.teachers. the Essence and balance of the Universal Law that governs all the world's religions. et cetera. We have been taught to be weak by those who are weak. many miss its actual meaning. Judge others and ye will be judged by the standard by which you impose upon others. thoughts. It is always within our grasp. And yet. In other words.

The laws we set in society must apply to everyone. or flies kites on Mondays. But. Worry is completely and utterly self-destructive. cheat the government. “WHY DO YOU TAKE NOTE OF THE SPECK IN YOUR BROTHER'S EYE AND NO NOTICE THE BEAM IN YOUR OWN? FIRST REMOVE THE BEAM FROM YOU OWN EYE AND THEN YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY. is not only a waste of our time. or fly kites on Mondays. Guess which one is usually the more understanding of the two? It has to be understood that we must praise others and not condemn or criticize when they are only doing things for which we would expect praise.if you think someone who litters is a slob. we have been taught by our parents. our societies and the ever-present media to always 34 . police officers and sports figures. And yet. But why? Why do we worry so? It is because we have been taught to worry. then it is wrong for you to rape. Judging others. or cheat the government. because in the present state of our world there would be no protection from those who seek to destroy the common good. It is critical for our own well being that civil and criminal laws are enforced. many of us do not seem to realize that in our daily affairs we often employ two sets of standards--one for ourselves and one for everyone else. personal judgments must be eliminated. then we must learn to be concerned with our own lives solely. Everyone agrees with this. when God has specifically stated that only he can judge others. From birth. everyone must be held as accountable as the man in the street. If it is wrong in your eyes for someone to rape. it is something we all do--usually to a far greater extent than we can handle. Celebrities and politicians. THE DESTRUCTIVE POWER OF WORRY Worry is a terrible burden in all of our lives. then so are you a slob if you litter. But. but counterproductive.” If we want to be able to use our unlimited power.

even though we laugh at many of these clichés when we grow up. one capable of blocking our ability to live as free souls under God. crippling beliefs--watch out. a love. ENERGY IS LIFE Science has proven to us that. as they find fault with those around them. We worry about how we dress and our relationships. on the subatomic level. Since they were trained from childhood to look for and to only look for what is wrong with everything and everyone that is all they can find--what is wrong with everything and everyone? But. what will people think? What if you fail. Does anyone make money by complaining. don't talk back. watch out for others. et cetera. What has happened in the world because of this is that far too many people have become petty worriers and critics of others. be good. on guard and alternately to always worry. and keep your eyes open. mountains. don’t act like that. what is the result of all this indoctrination on our subconscious? What happens to us is that a great stone in wedged within our subconscious minds. To worry about absolutely everything. Don’t act like that. they are themselves are a part of everyone. No one can complain themselves into anything good. study hard. you’ll fall. But. what will people say? Be careful. No all you do by complaining is push your desire further away. Thus. We worry about who will like us and who won’t and why and why not? As children we were brainwashed into following a series of misleading. rocks. Stand up straight. all things are made of energy. do you want to end up homeless? And on and on and on. everything in the universe. our automobiles and the weather. Everything--trees. there is danger out there. from the stars and planets down to our very 35 . We worry over our finances. does anyone ever attain a dream. subconsciously they find fault with themselves as well. or what ever by complaining and worrying.

It can be manipulated. is this important? Absolutely. No matter is ever destroyed. And. of course. but it can not be destroyed. or even into other human beings. It is only transformed. unlike the comets and stars and other celestial bodies that make up the heavens above. if you aren't attracting the kinds of people and good will and good fortune that you want to attract. they attract the emotions of others. if you aren't getting out of your life what you want. Everything that has come into your life. Coal can be burned to heat homes. The main energy. "Life is like a sewer. it will continue to come into your life. We can control our energy. the most detectible of human energies is that generated by EMOTIONS. we attract predators. Wood can be fashioned into homes. As the laws of physics have also proven. in exactly the same way. unlike everything else. again no exemptions no exceptions. then maybe it's time you change your thought process and your attitudes. SAME OLD STORY 36 . to melt iron ore. But. to move locomotives. When we emit emotions. Worry sent out into the ether only brings back those who live on worry. Physics has proven that energy cannot be destroyed it. As mathematician Tom Lehrer once said. Vegetables and meat can be turned into the energy that moves our muscles. what you get out of it depends on what you put into it." He was making a joke. Emotions are powerful attractors of both light and dark. has come to you because of the energy based solely on your beliefs. It is beyond important.selves is composed of raw energy. it is vital--the root and cause of all your problems and all your blessings. there are two kinds of energy in this universe--positive and negative. Science has proven that energy and matter are one and the same. No energy is ever lost. And that point is. unlike inanimate objects and the animals. we have an edge over the rest of the universe. If we send out emotionally weak signals. it can be changed. every minute of every day. but only to make his point all the stronger. Now. obviously.

even? What you have to understand here is that you are not actually mad at the bills themselves. you attract like negativity and only cause your problems to repeat themselves ad infinitum. be true. this is only frustrating because deep down inside. This simply must be. If dealing with these problems does not make you feel good the way you are doing it. But." If you are continuously experiencing negative feelings when addressing your problems. your best friend or your dog. your dentist. As Shakespeare wrote. Neither can your religious leader. week after week year after …? Let's pick one aspect of life that can often become filled with negativity for people.Have you ever noticed yourself becoming stuck in the same place day after day. but something that you actually resent? Does the thought of paying bills make you angry. I can not say. If you hate any portion of your life. You will still always have to pay your bills. They are harmless. since you don't want to be angry at yourself. How can you be? They are merely inanimate pieces of paper. lifeless. What you are upset about is not the bills. What your specific problems are. However. You can hate and loath your bills for the next million years and your situation is not going to change. you are sending out negative emotions and negative energy. When you do this. "To thine own self. of course. and powerless. you instead direct your wrath at the bills themselves. What you are actually upset with is the fact that you have incurred these bills in the first place. enraged. frustrated. but the fact that you have to pay them. your subconscious mind knows that your energy is being wasted. Have you always struggled with your bills? Has the paying of them become not just hard to accomplish. No one can tell you what you are actually feeling except yourself. and are feeling horrible emotions of dread when dealing with any types of problems then there must be something wrong with the way you are dealing with them. then you must be doing something wrong. FLEXIBILITY 37 . What you need to do is redirect your thinking.

is out of business. For these are the two trouble spots in your thinking. I have health. CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK AND WATCH YOUR LIFE CHANGE The universe has two sides to everything. Always leave no room for worry. or you find you have health problems. You must go to the positive remember the universal law dictates like attracts like. Always ACT AS IF and it will be done unto you. so are you”. You must say unto yourself at this moment I am fine. What do we do with this magnificent gift? Unfortunately most of us don’t do much.” In other words ACT AS IF AND IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU AS YOU 38 . Do this in the worst of times and you will become successful at anything. No matter how great any past traditions or wisdoms might have been there is a better one today.You must remain flexible. There is male there is female and most important there is positive and there is negative. So let’s say you find yourself in debt and business is bad or you find yourself in a relationship that is falling apart. It is the worship of the old. You must make yourself believe because “As you believe. To worship or believe in the past is negating the idea that the one spirit. there is dark and there is light. It is so simple and stated so many times in so many books. As you believe you shall receive. and yes so neglected. I have success. you must wash your reactions to both the past and the present. the past that have prevented the progress of millions from going forward. I have money. “As you believe it in your heart so shall you be. It is Gods greatest gift to the human race. even thought the potential is unlimited in everyone. If the thoughts are negatives of the past shall govern your decisions of new ideas and new thoughts you'll find the old pattern of negativity dominating your thoughts. the law of Polarity.” WHO BY WORRYING CAN ADD BUT ONE MOMENT TO THEIR LIFE?” FREE WILL God gave everyone free will. You cannot think Oh Woe Is Me. the eternal intelligence. there is water and there is air.

If you say I want or I wish it ruins the manifestation of what you desire. If at this moment you are living in a cardboard box in the street and you ACT AS IF and believe you are rich and successful it will become so. shoulding. Words are power. it’s the same energy. You wishing. CLUELESS No one knows how they get or got what they have in life. You will be surprised just how many negative words you will catch yourself saying to yourself and others. WORDS NOT TO THINK OF The words I should. work hard.BELIEVE. Negative words are the seeds of destruction of all lives endeavors. and hoping for things you already have. Dwelling on what you do not have. The same energy that is an impersonal God will and does always respond to your commands. I have said it and it is so. and a much longer list of things they don’t want. God is like any other form of energy. Everyone has a long list or so many things they want. watch the words you say to others and to yourself. It is only by our beliefs and attitude of self deserving and self entitlement that we will ever get anywhere in life. You can use the energy of God to destroy or to build. most of us believe in struggle. They are loser words and will cause you loss and confusion. you must say it and believe it and it will be so. and I wish at this moment remove them from your vocabulary forever. I hope. Most of us believe in antiquated ideas. It is that simple if you can in the midst of everything going wrong switch gears and go into the positive I am fine things are fine. catch and stop all negative words you say unto others and mostly what you say unto yourself. potluck. will it become what you desire. The programming that you feed into your conscious mind 39 . And if we go to school. Only when you believe it and know it. we will get a head if we are lucky. GOD IS IMPERSONAL God is energy. Unfortunately this is what has become people’s everyday life.

Most people feel they have to suffer greatly before any reward in life can be given to them nothing can be further from the truth. Therefore guilt reaps you nothing therefore it is a form punishment put there by yourself or accepted from others. The answer is simple you must focus on the positive. Your energy has now turned positive. All need is from fear and desire is inspired from excitement. Change your feeling. If you dwelleth upon smallest of good things in your life since like attracts like all good things will emerge. In sense this is a mental act between the conscious and the subconscious we can only receive what we believe we already have. Believe we already have the answer as we ask for it. Most people’s lives are not what they want because they feel that they lack entitlement or have low self esteem. The mystery is solved. If you’re down and out find one thing in your life that is good and positive keep reaffirming it to yourself even the most minute thing. TO BELIEVE A doubting person will get no where in life. since you are focused on the positive. When you want something that you don’t get doesn’t that make you feel bad? Because now you are clueless how to get what you really want. When you want something find a way to feel good about it don’t think about the lack of having. To create the energy to over ride the feeling of lack but you must never 40 . Instead thinking about having the focus must become one of joy and desire about having. Why is this? The infinite can only give us what we can take. Let me ask you this big question.the goes to that which is called the subconscious mind that becomes what your life is right now at any moment at any time. A way of punishing and limiting themselves based on their beliefs upbringing or society etc. positive changes can and will begin to happen to you the instant you change the way you think. THE MISUSE OF GOD Embedded in all of life’s struggles and problems that have plagued people since the beginning of time based on the beliefs of non-self entitlement and self judgment people have enacted with universal laws or god how ever you want to phrase it.

Because when we pray we must believe that we 41 . BELIEVING IS SEEING No matter what you want no matter what you desire if you can visualize it in your mind if you can believe and ACT AS IF you have it so shall ye have it.judge or impose upon yourself any form of self punishment be it guilt. PRAYING RIGHT OR CORRECT When we pray for things anything you desire we are to believe that we have received it. When your thoughts are constructive spiritual power which is always responsive to your thought will bring to you health joy and abundance.. lack. From which all things flow.. Must always go into the positive because like attracts like. Because when bad things happen your mind is focused on the negative and so the negative comes. So instead of seeing is believing you should now focus on believing is seeing. You’re just merely fulfilling a ridiculously overstated old saying that bears no fruit unless you water it. Because people have been told bad things come in threes you have set yourself to a negative sequence of events based on the belief. You must completely reject every thought of lack by instantly remembering the availability and unlimitless of the spiritual power of the infinite. WHY DO BAD THING COMES IN THREES FOURS AND FIVES Everyone says that and now I will tell you why they say that. WHAT DOES GOD MEAN TO YOU? God is just a name given to the one spiritual power the one source. poor health. It responds to your constructive thoughts and beliefs as quickly as it will respond to your destructive thoughts and beliefs because god is impersonal.

already have it. Prayer must accept its own answer as an image in your mind before the one intelligence will make it manifest. Negative thoughts happen when we fail to realize and focus on the things we want and make us happy. The reason is we are always in tune with universal law which creative it moves from a thought to thing. Negative thought of any kind even the smallest bit will remove you from the life you’re entitled to into a state of just existence. A THING ABOUT PRAYERS Emotion will win over logic every time. Knowing emotion always wins over logic and knowing that all your decisions in life are based on emotion and then justified by logic your prayer must be a unity between your emotion and logic and it will work. Unless there is first an image it cannot move without an image there would be nothing for it to move toward. saying to yourself or out loud knowing that the work will be done. any of the above. You must believe your prayers can be answered. Every negative thought you have and will ever have from the conscious to the subconscious has come from the lack awareness that you can prevent that from happening. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY THAT YOUR PRAYER WIIL BE ANSWERED When you are done praying. THE LAW. without fail. What prayer must be is a marriage between emotion and logic. A prayer must be an undisputed place of agreement. Taking your mental images and desires and wants to the one creative spirit and impressing upon the spirit those beliefs with positive beliefs your prayers will be answered. and the work will be done. UNIVERSAL ITELLIGENCE. You can not reap a harvest before you plant a seed. state I release this prayer to GOD. OR THE LAWS OF NATURE. Why 42 . A WORD ABOUT NEGATIVE THINKING The problem with negative thinking is most people don’t realize they’re doing it.

spiritual. Have no fear of tomorrow enjoy today. That is written in the history books or in your own life. physical and romantic depression. We justify and rationalize because we lack self esteem and approval including our own. Confidence casts out fear. To give us all we desire the one spirit the one intelligence the one god is more completely expressed thru people who live well and large than ones who live sick and meagerly. Confidence overcomes the depression of doubt. FEAR Fear has always been the greatest enemy of the human race. Depression which is rooted in lack and doubt will produce financial. Fear is nothing more than a mental attitude it is the opposite mental attitude to faith thus fear is the result of lack of faith. If it is God’s pleasure to give us the kingdom then it is surely our privilege to accept the gift. FEAR KNOCKED ON THE DOOR FAITH ANSWED. Remember the one intelligence or God is impersonal it will give you exactly what you believe you deserve in life be it good or bad. that simple. Fear brings limitation in its wake and is the destroyer of happiness and all things possible to those who suffer from it. Anyone who is depressed is depressed because they don’t have something they want even if that something is just feeling good. You must remember the one intelligence god is always there the constant source of sustenance and supply. that effective. Even if you hate your life condition somewhere in your subconscious mind you has decided this is what you deserve or all you can have. Blame is also placed on people or events that cause us to feel fear or bad about ourselves. Fear is a belief in limit. It is responsible for every war and every atrocity and every unpleasant moment. FEAR BLOCKS THE GIVINGNESS OF THE ONE SPIRIT Fear rising out from a mental attitude which denies the possibility and willingness of spirit. Who’s to blame? The harshest reality for anybody to accept is that where ever you are in live right now. To have a fear of tomorrow is to carry the corpse of a mistaken past do not carry the misery imposed by your yesterdays or 43 .are we fearful of thing? Because we lack the feeling of safety.NO ONE WAS THERE. Whether you’re in a mansion enjoying your life or a homeless shelter it’s because you and only you have decided that is what you deserve.

to short. You take over 44 . It is that simple. The solution is immediately as I have stated before immediately upon receiving a negative no matter how you receive it you must jump to a positive you must think I feel good I feel great you must stay I feel great it will negate the negative. to fat.entertain thoughts of a bitter tomorrow because the enjoyment of today with often get stuck between the misery of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. POWER OF WORDS With words you can make somebody angry you can make someone happy you can create romance you can create argument. Think about the great and joyous life you can have when you focus on the positive things. To accept the things you cannot change. For example is someone says to you hey you don’t look so good today do you feel alright? Most people will immediately start to follow that thought and begin not feel so well. to ugly. to tall. These are givens this is stated clearly in the statement. Once you have the wisdom to know the difference there is no limit to the joy you can have in your life. and to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference. Think of how many good looking and healthy rock stars that were so miserable they took their own lives? How many wealthy successful people who seem to have it all wind up in mental hospitals on drugs or committing suicide? The is all due to a lack of self worth. self deserving and acceptance of all the good things. THE FABRIC OF THE HUMAN MIND The fabric of the human mind can be so easily torn. GIVENS If your born handicapped. So no matter who you are if you accept and believe in the good and believe you deserve the good does it really matter if you have one leg or two? Remember don’t think about what you can’t have think about what you can have.

Self condemnation should not be indulged or entertained by anyone. Before the shining radiance of our exalted thought. There is no limitation outside of our own ignorance. far greater than we have yet experienced. THE POWER TO LIMIT US OR UNLIMIT US Do you desire to live in a world with friends with love. To do so is a big mistake. It is morbid. There is no question that all of us have done that which is not for the best for us. Then as the midst shall disappear before the sun so shall the adversity melt. We did so because we are ignorant of our true nature and because experience was necessary to bring us to ourselves. GOD KNOWS NO SIN 45 . Be careful how you speak to yourself always speak to yourself with confidence with desire and with joy and you’ll build a shield against negative words and thoughts that spring out of negative words. with joy. with health. From this view point all have fallen short of our connection with the infinite and the divine. But we shall never triumphant over them as we persist in going through the same old mental reactions. should have. If you can do this to other people with words what are you doing to yourself every second when everyone thinks in words. and self expression? There is but one way. WE MUST CONTROL ALL THOUGHT THAT DENIES THE REAL: AFFIRM THE DIVINE PRESNCE WITHIN US. would have. SELF CONDEMNATION This represents an idea which may be all too common for us. destructive. THE WORD OF GOD IS GOD.a country just with words people are sent to prison. One of self condemnation "Oh this is going wrong and that's going wrong. And since we could all perceive of greater goods and greater experiences. we all have the ability to transcend previous experience and rise triumphant above them. and this way is as certain as the sun will rise." all bear the seeds of self condemnation and personal distrust. could have. and is the road to self destruction and mental and physical illness.

If the one intelligence could know evil or sin then evil and sin would be an internal reality. is a living consciousness that is wholly good. the one intelligence and is sinless and perfect and nothing can reflect itself in the divine. And now think about how much you can help others not by feeding the negativity but by inspiring their unlimited possibilities. ONLY M ISTAKES. the one intelligence could know sin he would be a sinner. IN HIS OWN IMAGE Being created in gods image means you can create as well. And when you inspire another person you inspire yourself and never get caught in the trap of feeling bad about feeling good that’s limited thinking and has been the destruction of many people and for no reason at all. This power is bestowed on us by god so like god himself you are a creator. So think about this how much you can keep reinforcing yourself with positive words positive action and positive thought. If someone is thought of as a success and are constantly reinforced and told that they are successful they will believe it and they will receive it. If God. Every experience. What have you created? Your entire life. But because God. Why did God not answer? God the infinite does not know evil. 46 .Perhaps the most significant thing in the bible is that God did not answer his son when he talked about being a sinner. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SIN. and therefore cannot talk about it or conceive it in any form. It should be enough to know that this could never be. This is one of the most wonderful lessons in the bible. save a perfect image. Every bit of it. THE POWER OF REINFORCEMENT BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE A sick person because they constantly reinforce that their sick. God or the one intelligence or whatever you may call it. the more doctors the more medical treatments the more reinforcement they get that they are sick will keep them sick.

SO LET IT BE WRITTEN This works it also allows you to demonstrate the power of the written word. If you write down what you want your life to be as if it already was in detail this will effect an almost immediate change in your life for the better. God does not specialize. Many people have a great fear that god or the infinite intelligence favors one person over another. That is simply not true. God doesn’t specialize in people, people specialize in God it is that simple.

FORGIVENESS One of the good things about forgiveness that it is always available. Think of how much emotional garbage you can drop how ridiculous personal responsibility to negative attraction you can lose when you forgive because the eternal mind of god hold naught against anyone. Who are you to point a finger or scorn at your brothers or sisters? Any one who feels self righteous enough to point fingers at their brothers and sisters is living in a world of petty virtues and will surely live a life of self delusion. The mind which condemns, does not understand the truth of being and the heart that would slam the door to one has mistaken in doing so destroys their own good. Because the inability to forgive another person is the same inability to release your soul from the burdens of your past. When you forgive others you are freeing yourself and your subconscious mind to accept the good inline. Now to forgive and not to forget is a big mistake because what is not forgotten like a tree will spread branches and grow larger casting a shadow on all the great things you may receive in life. What mind can conceive you can achieve anything you can think of you can do. Never have any doubt in your ability to demonstrate this truth conceive of your words as being the thing you desire as an already accomplished fact. And take knowledge in perfect confidence never becoming worried. The subconscious mind is not conscious of time, knows neither time nor process it knows only completion and the answer.


WHAT IS GOD TO YOU God is never poor. God is never sick. God is never happy. God is never afraid. God is never confused. Perfect God equals perfect beings. Therefore the spiritual person is never sick or unhappy or poor nor afraid. Would it be logical would it make any sense that a perfect god would create within a force to work against you. No a perfect god would not do that only you can do that. In fact how you define God to yourself is how you define yourself. THE CONCEPT OF THE TRINITY The concept of the trinity can in one way be viewed as the holy union between your mind, body and spirit.

ABOUT LOVE God shows his love for you thru the love of other people and through your love for yourself. So you must love yourself to be loved, plain and simple. ABOUT MONEY Money is god in action, why? Because money can go places you cannot go and create of it, work for other people and by virtue of the infinite creates more money. Like the universe money is always circulating and since god has no limits on prosperity you should not limit yourself in you financial potential. Since God is not stingy neither should you be. What stops us is the thought that money must be fought for earned, struggled for and sometimes cheated or stolen. When you realize money like everything else in the universe is nothing but energy. Then money is nothing but a positive energy. Not having money is a symptom of a consciousness and a belief in lack, having money is a symptom as is demonstration in the true belief in abundance.


ABOUT HEALTH It is again you belief in self punishment that affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually it is a form of self punishment. Being over weight is self rejection by accepting yourself you can over come this. The body molds to the mind. If you look at mobsters, bikers or Wall Street executives and cops they all have a similar look to them. The reason is the mind went there first and body went there afterward. First the thought then the physical manifestation of the thought. This is true in all things, all things in life you want or don't want you will become just as you are acting like, this shows you the unbelievable potential we all have.

ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS Why most relationships fail is because of the exchange of negative beliefs being passed along to the person closest to you coming back to you as negatives like criticism and petty arguments. Losing perspective of yourself and fighting to get it back is the cause of why most relationships go bad. From petty arguments grow the destructive elements into monsters and destroy the relationships. The key to keeping all your relationships good is to see only the good in the other person and knowing that person is an individual with their own heart and soul under god that you have no right to change. By not holding to tight you will not crush the life out of your relationship. Most love doesn’t die it just gets buried under the soot of petty small thinking. Once you’re free you from thinking petty and small your potential in the relationship will be unlimited. If you truly love another person you must always believe in there freedom to be another person. When you go to a house of worship when you have no belief or conviction is like going to the bank when you have no money and trying to make a withdrawal it just won’t happen. Belief must start from with in, and then where ever you go you can transact it.


When we treat we do not wish. So. You do not expect that something is going to happen. It prospers and directs us and controls our life.True belief in the positive acting as if. This book is dedicated to helping you be directed by Divine Intelligence. YOU ACCEPT. and that the Spirit flows through us at the level of our recognition and embodiment of it. The All-Knowing Mind knows what to do and how to do it. The process of changing water into wine. you ANNOUNCE. Know that you are what you think all day long by your own individual thinking you have created your own laws of belief by repeating a certain train of thought you do establish definite opinions and beliefs in the subconscious mind. these teachings are dedicated to that Truth which frees people from themselves and sets you on the pathway of a new experience. 50 . Oh. we KNOW. All of your affairs are managed by Love.. and they cannot fail to prosper and expand. Changing thoughts of lack and limitation into abundance is as simple as acting as if you already have it and believing it’s so. in that vast realm of thought where the Soul meets God. The subconscious mind will accept these beliefs and direct and control them to all the outer actions of you life. for some Word to comprehend the boundless idea! Would that some Voice were sweet enough to sound the harmony of Life.. Do not hinder.. BELIEVE THAT IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. We should be careful to distinguish wishful thinking and day dreaming from really dynamic and creative action. that they are going to more and more completely open their thought to the realization that Spirit is an active Presence. and directed by Wisdom. of Love. People are so tired of looking for things where they do not exist. I will listen for that Voice and it will tell me of Life. we STATE.. But within. What the world needs is spiritual conviction followed by spiritual experience. YOU do not pray. the Spirit knows.Somehow there must come to each individual an interior conviction that we are One with the Universe. and of Unity. but let it operate in your affairs. We do not dream. which enables you to see through the mist to the Eternal and Changeless Reality. YOU do not hope. And in believing in your heart and your mind.

The problem is simple you are buying in to the endless media hype of what you should look like. If you spend time working on the inner the outer will show. in consciousness with the Infinite. and." That is. One. because so long as we look at a condition we cannot overcome it.WHEN ACTING AS IF WHEN ACTING AS IF. and who does not want to? There is nothing wrong with looking good. alone. Know this if you are filled with positive energy on the inside it will show on the outside. Treat yourself until you have an inner sense of unity with all Good.all arise from the belief that God is not all that we claim: Omniscience. But when the insanity for vanity takes over then there is a problem. when you starve yourself. When you are constantly getting plastic unnecessary surgery. The fear of loss of health. Omnipotence. when you live at the gym all day. ALWAYS EXPECT THE GOOD." "Look unto me and be ye saved. That is why the GREAT mystic said: "Behold my face forevermore. how you should age. work in perfect peace and calm.a radiant feeling flowing through your consciousness at all times. look up and not down. have a consciousness of love . above all. and how to buy their products. ABOUT VANITY It is great to look good. Knowing this in your thought. loss of friends. constitutes a complete majority. Have enthusiasm. The fear of lack is nothing more than the belief that God does not. wearing the best clothes and having great accessories. supply us with whatever we need. Do not let the media be your God. we turn entirely from the condition. when no matter what you see you don't like then there is a problem. 51 . and will not. The fear of death is the belief that the promises of eternal life may not be true. all the ends of the earth. and loss of property . BE NOT ANXIOUS FOR YOUR BODY OR LOOKS FOR HOW MUCH MORE ARE YOU THAN THAT. and Omnipresence.

On the other hand. Once you accept this label as being real you will become it. A dreamer acts with clear decisions on their dream. 52 . It is all in your hands. as Buddha said if you could label something you can negate it. anxiety disorder. Failure is actually being successful at being negative. MAKING DESCIONS Success and failure are direct results of the use of your mind.DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE CLASSIFIED Once you state to yourself. The universe has no limit. you are able to be what you chose. ACTING AS IF… By using acting as if. every failure is the result of an indecisive mind. Worry always brings indecision. Acting as if will allow you to achieve anything you wish. So whenever the situation arises and any negative labels are going to be affixed to you do the opposite and stay in the opposite. So. there are multitudes of places and people that would be more than happy to give you a classification whether it be attention deficit disorder. You are capable of whatever your heart desires. It takes as much hard mental work to fail as to succeed. nobody loves me and believe me as I am sure you know. bad relationships. or substance abuse. I'm poor. and in reality become it because your unconscious has believed you are already is what you have become. brought forth something knew and valuable. you will program your subconscious to be what ever it is you desire. You will ACT AS IF you are something. I'm sick. they will be more than happy to classify and label you. Every success motivated mind has been one that makes decisions. there are no limits.

Today more than ever people are filled with all manors of anxieties. when you are in a state of fear or worry here is what to do. made the first scientific investigation of the psychological structure to prove people have a subconscious mind. A TICKET TO FREEDOM Today more than ever people are held back from enjoying life. Not a surprise that so many people's subconscious minds are a real mess. OCD. Knowing the human being is 53 . psychologists are having a field day with this. see it passed and done with. don’t worry how it will be solved ACT AS IF it is and it will be. Freud and let's give thanks to him. Since the discovery of the subconscious mind it has become the base of all forms of mental therapy. It revealed that a person is more a mental and emotional process and not just a body. ADHD. and why? Needless lingering guilt feelings causing neurotic beliefs to manifest and hold you back from the joys of life. It is no demon. The subconscious mind is not something to fear or ignore. psychiatrists. Few of these doctors can really define the terms they are throwing around and so many people still grasp for it like candy. See yourself out of the situation. ACT AS IF the problem is solved. it is because you have without intention placed them there through the years.SEEING TO THE END When you are in a situation that seems hopeless. It is something to be directed consciously for the production of beneficial results. To know you have a subconscious mind and at the same time being ignorant of how to control it is not advancing you a single step. Good news they can start changing into positives right now. and it has no negative tendencies inherent in it. If there are negative patterns there. and a host of other new psychological diseases that are given names daily. Not a surprise that so many people are on medication today. The reality is they banter these words around with little or no knowledge of their meaning. no matter what your life looks like now.

setting into action a law at the subconscious level. Each time you use spiritual treatment. it answers only its own demand out of its own nature and cannot help doing so. Everything you do. Spiritual treatment is an idea deliberately accepted by the conscious mind. to have your body accomplish them. The area of your conscious and subconscious and the inter action of the two is the whole cause and continuity of life. Your way of thinking and feeling is your primary problem or solution. THE LAW OF CREATION When intelligence makes a demand on itself. Your body does not make you do anything wrong. If you fail to direct your subconscious mind. When you do not decide any issue in your life with the conscious mind. It is your consciousness that determines what the body does. You must want to commit them either consciously or subconsciously. Your body does not cause you to cause errors in functioning. it will produce average or mediocre results at its best. Your subconscious mind is the main operating system in your life. you thought becomes a law of creativity and creative action. You decide to act and your body does what you decide. requires a new understanding of the spirit in people.more than just a body. you will produce with the subconscious mind. your subconscious takes the left over material from previous decisions and produces after its own kind. Treating this is using the adaptation of spiritual principles with psychological techniques giving you help the only place you will get it. The most important factor in your life is never what you are thinking of this instant. Spiritual treatment is a command to the subconscious to produce great things for you. This idea is 54 . which is in your mind. What you decide with the conscious mind. you do because your subconscious mind does the work no exemptions. It is the sum total of all you ever thought.

functioning normally. ACT AS IFS HEALTH There is one infinite mind. the answer to all problems right then are created in mind. Spiritually you are putting money in your spiritual coffer. My health is an action of an infinite intelligence that functions perfectly. and when you accept this statement as being true. There is a divine intelligence that knows the right answer. all ideas work perfectly. DROP THEM be it wife husband. don't ever say hey you doing that all wrong or worse I know better. for example if you see someone making a mistake or doing something wrong or self destructive. functions in the order of infinite mind. But that can only happen when the demand is in accordance with the universe. say may I help. lover or best friend. God is specializing in you through the law of the universe. FOR THIS IS THE LAW OF CREATION. they are one in the same. well the answer is simple what I mean here is simple. Because you are carrying dead weight. one universal perfect functioning of all ideas in mind. one energy. All this does is put you on a petty plane of existence. CARRYING WEIGHT When you are involved with someone in your life who does not ant will not stand behind you and encourage you. all ideas working 55 . And it is hard indeed to get anywhere constantly carrying dead weight. go to the opposite. Therefore. the person specializing in God. GIVE LIFE TO THINGS What do I mean by this. and will be sent through your intellect a soon as you are ready to receive. Whenever the universe makes a demand upon itself. functioning in order.called creation or evolution you pick. out of every demand is created fulfillment. or allow me to assist help anyone it does as much for you as them. the one who believes God is specializing in them is right.

a part of the eternal mechanism. We enter into this with joy. It is now working in divine order at this very MOMENT. these ideas now come together and become one. I praise it. I rejoice in it. It is without possession. My subconscious mind accepts this. which is the CAUSE and maintenance of my body. So my consciousness. normalcy of all functions. part of the eternal process. I ACT AS IF and it is so. Therefore I am not under the law of tension. The universe is never poor. Money is an idea in the mind of God. There is only the principle of ease. There is no principle of straining. The universe is and will always be abundant. It is now assimilating all ideas perfectly. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS Communication with people. therefore. I decree this in my own mind. neutralized and gone. flowing in. Money is life itself. harmony. It is that which unifies unites and maintains us as free people. This is my health and I rejoice in it. There is only normal action. Money is God in action. as part of the eternal system. AND I ACT AS IF IT WERE AND SO IT BECOMES WEALTH This is for total freedom in money. Money is good. Therefore I.perfectly. Money is God in circulation. so that there is neither over action nor under action. of ease and freedom. I am the idea in the mind of God. order. I am under the law of ease. because we are always dealing with the principle of eternal abundance. I am free in the freedom of money. without the need to control. of and created by the eternal system. Any and all limiting subconscious patterns regarding money in my subconscious mind that are limiting are now eliminated. always rich. I am the same abundance. completely and divinely. and flowing out. is now circulating its ideas perfectly. Money is great. income and wealth now expands. ACT: 56 . It is right here and now eliminating all ideas that have finished their course. are one. I appreciate it. and always productive. Every concept in my subconscious mind regarding money. I AM money.

It will do anything that you believe it can do. I love to love with the love of God. All of us have this need and are expressing it all the time. Therefore. beauty.Know that there is one infinite mind. one with another. I believe this and so they are gone. This is true. I ACT IT. Any and all subconscious conditioning that would hinder or obstruct my total self expression is now denied and of those difficult fields of life. There is one individuality . SELF Personal relationships-. always in an eternal emotional field through which ideas can communicate. GRADITUDE The illustrations given in the last chapter will have conveyed to the reader the fact that the first step toward getting rich is to convey the idea of your wants to the formless substance. I decree that I AM this great composite idea of the infinite mind moving in an arena of balanced emotions. in all avocations as well as vocations. Any and all subconscious obstacles are now and forever gone. one spirit. So be it. I accept this in my subconscious mind. The need of the soul to express individuality-. love. Therefore I now declare that I have full self expression. and you will see that in order to do so it becomes necessary to relate yourself to the formless intelligence in a harmonious way. This is balanced perfect communication. 57 . and success. love. It is definite in my consciousness now. This individuality includes the totality of intelligence. This is my individuality right now. ideas. all people communicate with me. I communicate with all people. I BELIEVE IT. I AM able to express my full and complete self. and truth. Therefore there can be no closed doors. All channels of communication between myself and another living soul--these channels are opened and the flow both ways.the eternal I AM that is God. And so it is. It has within it everything necessary for my full self-expression in all fields that I select. giving and receiving life. wisdom. and it operates and shall forevermore be. This is the oneness with God.which you are. This is love this is relationships.

and the more rapidly they will come. you believe that there is one intelligent substance. It is easy to understand that the nearer we live to the source of wealth. if you will follow them. The whole process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word: Gratitude. The good things you have already have come to you along the line of obedience to certain laws. First. consider it well. Gratitude alone can keep you looking toward the all. And third. 58 . and you will see that it is true. Second. Gratitude will lead your mind out along the ways by which things come. And the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come. Having received done gift from God. you believe that this substance gives you everything you desire.To secure this harmonious relation is a matter of such primary and vital importance that I shall give some space to its discussion here and give you instructions which. you relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound gratitude. and it is easy also to understand that the soul that is always grateful lives in closer touch with God than the one which never looks to him in thankful acknowledgment. and it will keep you in close harmony with creative thought and prevent you from falling into competitive thought. will be certain to bring you into perfect unity of mind with the supreme power. the more wealth we shall receive. the more good things we will receive. Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. they cut the wires which connect them with him by failing to make acknowledgment. The more gratefully we fix our minds on the supreme when good things come to us. from which all things proceed. and prevent you from falling into the error of thinking of the supply as limited — and to do that would be fatal to your hopes. If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the universe. or God.

and thinking substance always takes the form of that which it thinks about. the poor. The law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions. Father. And if your gratitude is strong and constant. Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the formless. “I thank thee. It cannot fail to reach that to which it addressed. that thou hearest me. the ordinary. 59 . the movement of the things you want will be always toward you. the reaction in formless substance will be strong and continuous. The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with power. Therefore it tends to become the best. To permit your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things. It takes the form or character of the best. the poor. you begin to lose ground. On the other hand. and the mean — and your mind takes the form of these things. too.” That is a statement of psychological truth. Notice the grateful attitude that Jesus took.” You cannot exercise much power without gratitude.There is a law of gratitude. We are of thinking substance. and the reaction is an instantaneous movement toward you. how he always seems to be saying. The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention. “Draw nigh unto God. and the mean will come to you. and to become the best. the squalid. and will receive the best. and he will draw nigh unto you. Without gratitude you cannot long keep from dissatisfied thought regarding things as they are. You fix attention upon the common. and it is absolutely necessary that you should observe the law if you are to get the results you seek. But the value of gratitude does not consist solely in getting you more blessings in the future. And the common. The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to the supreme intelligence is a liberation or expenditure of force. to fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best. the squalid.

Do not rage against corrupt politicians. penetrates. permeates. trust magnates.Also. but in the meantime. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and to give thanks continuously. God has worked a long time and very patiently to bring us up to where we are in industry and government. The person who has no feeling of gratitude cannot long retain a living faith. as we shall see in the following chapters. captains of industry. There is not the least doubt that he will do away with plutocrats. Do not waste a lot of time thinking or talking about the short-comings or wrong actions of those in power. Their organization of the world has created your opportunity. and expectation becomes faith. A SUMMARY OF THE ART AND SCIENCE OF LIFE There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made. Remember that they are all helping to arrange the lines of transmission along which your riches will come to you. all you get really comes to you because of them. This will bring you into harmonious relations with the good in everything. A person can form things in his thought. you should include all things in your gratitude. then. 60 . and politicians as soon as they can be spared. and the good in everything will move toward you. the infinite can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. and by impressing his thought upon formless substance. If it were not for politicians we should fall into anarchy and your opportunity would be greatly lessened. and fills the interspaces of the universe. in its original state. and he is going right on with his work. they are all very necessary. And because all things have contributed to your advancement. and without a living faith you cannot get rich by the creative method. and which. faith is born of gratitude. and be grateful. The grateful mind continually expects good things. It is necessary. The reaction of gratitude upon one’s own mind produces faith. and every outgoing wave of grateful thanksgiving increases faith.

a person must pass from the struggling to the creative mind. A person may come into full harmony with God. You must give to every person a use value in excess of the value they receive. A person can remain upon the creative plane only by uniting himself with the formless intelligence through a deep and continuous feeling of gratitude. The person who wishes to get rich must spend his leisure hours in contemplating his vision. They must keep in mind the purpose to get rich. In order to receive his own when it is ready to come to him. The creative energy works through the established channels of natural growth. find love or personal empowerment through realization of his mental image. Gratitude unifies the minds of individuals with the intelligence of substance. to do. This is the process by which the impression is given to the formless and the creative forces set in motion. What he wants will come to him through the ways of established trade and commerce. every day all that can be done that day taking care to do each act in a successful manner. and he must hold this mental image in his thoughts. and we 61 . so that a person’s thoughts are received by the formless. so that each transaction makes for more life. coupled with unwavering faith and devout gratitude.In order to do this. And he must do. Too much stress cannot be laid on the importance of frequent contemplation of the mental image. and in earnest thanksgiving that the reality is being given to him. the formless substance by entertaining a lively and sincere gratitude for the blessings it bestows upon them. which is always creative and never competitive in spirit. a person must be in action in a way that causes him to more than fill his present place. wealth. Otherwise you cannot be in harmony with formless intelligence. and of the industrial and social order. love. while being deeply grateful to the supreme that all his desires are granted to him. and whose faith does not waver. health and personal empowerment. or healthy. A person must form a clear and definite mental image of the things he wishes to have. the infinite. All that is included in his mental image will surely be brought to the person who follows the instructions given above. or to become.

must hold the advancing thought so that the impression of increase will be communicated to all with whom he comes into contact. The men and women who practice the foregoing instructions will certainly get wealthy. the fixity of their purpose. You if pick someone at random and say I love or hate this person over and over again to yourself watch what happens. the steadiness of their faith. and all they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision. you will find you will start to love or hate these people. and the depth of their gratitude. healthy love and personal power. The same is true about all the things in your life 62 .

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